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California fault capable of 8.0-magnitude earthquake shows unprecedented recent movement, study

The terrible day of the wisecrack.

The last time Republicans won a US Senate seat in-

Tweety returns on Monday

Says Texas 'made a fortune' on Hurricane Harvey

Mayor Kim reassures protesters that TMT equipment won't be snuck up the mountain

The World's Largest Geode Formed When the Mediterranean Sea Disappeared, New Study Reveals

Bin Laden raid chief Adm. McRaven slams Trump and claims 'may be time for new President'

Political Turmoil in South Korea

Fat Can Build Up in Your Lungs

Major Controversy in Jamaica over Kanye West showing up

If MD Governor Larry Hogan-R is to run for the US Senate, what seat is he likely to run for?

Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria

An Asteroid-Smashing Star Ground a Giant Rock to Bits and Covered Itself in the Remains

Trump's afraid of Romney

krystal ball at the hill

State Dept. finds no 'systemic' classified violation in Hillary Clinton private-server emails

Was tRUMP the inspiration for Shel Silverstein when he wrote the song Boy Named Sue?

Somebody thought it was a good idea to put a large propane tank next to this playground

Brother of Honduran president convicted of drug conspiracy

From bomb to Moon: a Nobel laureate of principles

Does social security beat the stock market?

The EB hotel has 133 luxurious rooms

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: The Whistler

Wind Farm Protesters Arrested As They Blockade Road For Construction Vehicles

Something really strange just happened

Bolsonaro Administration Suspends Eduardo Bolsonaro Nomination as Washington Ambassador

Michigan just lost a great and good man. I'm talking about a Republican.

Trumpocalypse Now? Ranking the Republicans Who Could Replace Trump on the 2020 Ticket

Income Gap between Rich and Poor Reaches Record in Brazil

Guys: the new wide angle lens on the iPhone 11 is a game changer.

Steve Schmidt is on All In. Where has he been haven't seen him

Something Strange from Mike Pompeo

Hillary Clinton really is completely out of forks to give

Cuban president Miguel Daz-Canel makes history with Irish visit

New Satellite Imagery Shows Rapid Pace of Andean Glacier Melt

AZ-SEN: Mark Kelly raises astronomical sum in bid to snag Senate seat from GOP

New Satellite Imagery Shows Rapid Pace of Andean Glacier Melt

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! October Surprise!

List of republicans voicing support for impeachment

Biden expands his edge in democratic nomination Reuter's/IPSOS poll

State Finally Gets It Right With Much Higher Fees At Public Harbors

John Fugelsang has a message for Tulsi

Actor Bill Macy dies at age 97 (Maude's husband)

They've become self aware............

Tulsi Gabbard appears on Fox News (Tucker Carlson) to attack Hillary Clinton

Giuliani Pushed for Visa for Ukrainian Promising Dirt

Trump tweets a batshit crazy ad attacking Mitt "Democrat Asset" Romney

Friends With Benefits: Donald and Rudy's Long, Strange Partnership: For decades, the two ambitious

Louis Kealoha Files For Divorce From Katherine Kealoha

Cat Sees Rain For The First Time And Loses Her Mind

Friday Talking Points -- They Just Don't Care Anymore

Rachel just stitched the whole thing together ( video added )

The US Military Is Pouring Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Into Tiny Wake Island

Rudy Giuliani Was With His Now-Indicted Ukrainian Friend At President Bush's State Funeral Service

Dog Finds The Perfect Hiding Spot To Sleep In

Increasing "concern" chatter at Trump Events...

Meghan reveals intense media spotlight has left her struggling to cope as a mum

Gabbard is getting rave reviews from republicans:

Men I Trust - Say, can you hear

Giuliani Mixes His Business With Role as Trump's Lawyer


SCOOP: Rudy Giuliani represented a client in a "very, very sensitive" foreign bribery case w/ Justic

How Much Money Is Trump Getting From Russia Related Sources?

To Win Giuliani's Help, Oligarch's Allies Pursued Biden Dirt

37 year old rated "unqualified" by ABA to be given lifetime Federal judgeship by GOP

You know, it just hit me:

Justices to Consider Consumer Finance Watchdog

Hillary Clinton tweet on the all-woman space walk today. She is truly amazing!

Pre-Order my New Album, "High Crime Confessions & Jokes About Bone Spurs" on Spotify (Ferret/SC)

Who is going to make the the

Chile students' mass fare-dodging expands into city-wide protest

Chile students' mass fare-dodging expands into city-wide protest

Carlyle Group pulls out of South Texas oil terminal project

Diplomat tells investigators he raised alarms in 2015 about Hunter Biden's Ukraine work

Steve Sack FTW

Steve Schmidt is back on MSNBC.

nbc has story suggesting Tulsi Gabbard is being supported by Russia as third party candidate.

Important read, on Slate "Mark Zuckerberg is Defending Letting Politicians Pay to Lie"

A new aspect to this impeachment investigation.., "withholding aid to Puerto Rico" in Latest News:

NYT Op Ed "The Crisis of the Republican Party"

Tulsi runs to FOX's Tucker and is welcomed with open arms

Nancy in Wonderland.....a perfect pic

When I liked the Republican Party......

Why do DU and the DNC still consider Tulsi a Democrat?

Getting tired of Michael Moore

Michael MOORE is an a-hole still crapping on Hillary, so if voters didn't vote/like her

Beto O'Rourke to return to Iowa, with stop in Mount Vernon

Trumpy tweet an hour ago (sleazebag)

Beto O'Rourke to return to Iowa, with stop in Mount Vernon

Please tell me Trumpy just made this up on twitter (half an hour ago)

Kurdish journalist, wife and son assassinated

as I was lurking, a little spider flew past my screen, buoyant on a silk thread

Cornyn: I did not know how badly underfunded IBWC was

Hillary Clinton Backs Out of Fortune Event Co-Starring Kirstjen Nielsen

Chicago's mayor says top cop drinking before incident in car

Are the Baltics next?

Florida GOP lawmaker says he's 'thinking' about impeachment

David Frum re: Tulsi.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Doesn't Care Anymore

Trump is hanging Israel and Netanyahu out to dry


State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information.

Dubuque to Decorah

Bill Maher offers Twitler $1 billion to resign

tomorrow Honolulu pride festival and parade in waikiki...

Susan Rice going after Trumpski on Twitter right now, post-Real Time.

I've come to realize that Trump supporters are mamon worshippers

New Rump tweet attacking Susan Rice over Syria, he is feeling the heat

gollum Theresa May

'Go back to work': outcry over deaths on Amazon's warehouse floor

The Daily Show: Leo Deblin's Family Fill-In

Belgium to evacuate Isis suspects from Syria detention camps

The Daily Show: Rand Paul - Embracing Honest Capitalism in "The Case Against Socialism"

Melbourne Anglicans vote to express 'sorrow' over blessing of same-sex marriages

One phase of winnowing down has begun.

Tom Petty - Running Down A Dream

Watch commuters in Argentina help save woman who fell onto the tracks

New Verbs

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

1 dead after plane landing on Alaska island went off runway

Orthodox Christians remembering all who have departed...

Riverside rezoning passes Austin City Council, developers to begin construction in 2023

The Eastern Orthodox Church Prays for the Dead...

Biden sought to avoid conflict of interest before 2008 campaign: Court records

An interesting discussion today with a Republican friend

OH FFS...Jill Stein is trending on Twitter, 75,000 tweets.

Wee kitten comforts by continuing returns to a lap..

Trump: "Many of those voting in favor" of impeachment "will be beaten in 2020!"

David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Whyz Czarina Ivanhoe sitting on in this here...

Michael Jordan spends $7 million to open a clinic for the uninsured in Charlotte

The greatest thing Jeff Bezos could do for this country is to allow his employees to unionize.

sharon van etten - seventeen (studio-2019) song you didn't know you need to hear right now ...

I do love Kathy Griffin.

Louis Vuitton welcomed Trump to the opening of its new factory. And yes, it was odd.

Election 2019: Texas LGBT Caucus could gain a member in November

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 17, through Saturday, October 19, 2019

Campaign to recall Co. Senate Pres. Leroy Garcia fails, decides not to turn in all of its signatures

Former Osteo Relief Institutes and Their Owners to Pay Over $7.1 Million to Resolve Allegations of

Kurds' Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory Rivals

Manhattan Beach Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud Offense in Movie Investment Scam that Cost

GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Electric Hummer could be part of GM's move into EV trucks, SUVs - sources

Southern California Doctor Found Guilty in $12 Million Medicare Fraud and Device Adulteration Scheme

$3.1 Million Judgment Entered Against Five Rural Home Health Providers in Iowa and South Dakota

Digital Advertising Business Owner And Operator Arrested For Defrauding Investors Of Over $5 Million

Pittsburgh International Airport To Build Mini Power Plant Dependent On Natural Gas And Solar Energy

Long Island Chiropractor Sentenced to 18 Months' Imprisonment for Multi-Million Dollar Health Care

Friday night soother, fun with chemistry ....

Serious Question about the Trump bots on Twitter

Ron DeSantis downplayed ties to Giuliani associates. Then we found them hugging.

Asheville Man Is Indicted For $13.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

When did this storm sneak into the Panhandle of Florida

Biden goes after Warren and Sanders on M4A

Jane Fonda Arrested Again At Climate Change Protest; Sam Waterston Also Arrested

"The Laundromat" on Netflix

Philadelphia Bookkeeper Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Embezzling Almost $1.6 Million from

Jury Convicts Businessman of $1.4 Million Fraud Conspiracy

T-Mobile and Sprint approve $26.5B merger

"Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Presidential Election"

Chicago Teachers and Staff Walk Out for Community Needs

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/18/19

Seth Abramson....

Democrats Need to Tackle Trump Administration's Empty Promises on Infrastructure

South Korean Students Break Into U.S. Ambassador's Residence

Dam Collapse at Siberia Gold Mine in Russia Leaves 12 Dead

Black Woman Wins $205,000 Settlement After Charging Texas Cop Yanked Out Her Tampon in the Middle of

Why is Bill Maher parroting GOP talking points

Mark Kelly raises astronomical sum in bid to snag Senate seat from GOP, "SPECTACULAR" fundraiser

Judge hits Florida law limiting felon vote in limited ruling

Yesterday, HRC showed she was a total badass

Allowing off-highway vehicles in Utah's national parks is a mistake

This Illinois Synagogue Can Be Yours For $150,000

Jane Smiley Wants America To Get To Know St. Louis Better

St. Louis To Crack Down On Large Building Owners Who Don't Report Energy Use

Feds give Navajo uranium contract to firm with sketchy past

Kobach's campaign paid Kansan known to post racist comments on white nationalist site

Saturday Parliament (first time in around 40 years) live streams

Saturday Parliament (first time in around 40 years) live streams, (Brexit deal votes)

The week Donald Trump's presidency crashed and burned -- and Republicans have noticed


The Fourth Trimester: Postpartum takes on a new meaning for new moms with history of opioid abuse

Boom!(Pelosi be like) shake-shake-shake the room

Physicists discover new stable form of plutonium

Bernie Sanders: ''more and more names you're familiar with'' are lined up to endorse campaign

Rome's Legendary Caffe Greco est. 1760 Fears Closure: Patrons From Dickens To Diana

Richard Engel: ..."U.S. could one day be held responsible for Crimes Against Humanity..."

Sitting thinking about my son when he came to us through foster program

Barnaby Joyce says Government should protect Julian Assange from extradition to the US

Can Pete Buttigieg, cool and cerebral, connect with voters?

Rudy's date - who else did these goons finance

A question about Tulsi Gabbard

95% sure

Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria

How often did DFT and Ivanka

Watching the commons debate today and the level of deceit and self-deception is off the charts.

Rachel Maddow 10/18 - Criminal probe overlaps with Trumps impeachment inquiry (edited)

If you're watching BBC - update - Bojo loses - - MPs vote for delay to Brexit

Buying car this morning and a 4-4 defense in the kitchen the furry team scored

Breakfast Saturday 19 October 2019

What Clinton put out there makes no sense politically.

What Would You Do With an Extra $500 a Month? A financial experiment in five true stories.

What Would You Do With an Extra $500 a Month? A financial experiment in five true stories.

Trump veterans see a presidency veering off the rails

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses TULSI GABBARD 2020

Trump Writes Unhinged 'Legal' Letter Demanding That CNN Pay Him Money

Trump is reaching into the Treasury and taking your money for himself.

One of the Founding Fellows of the Sanders Institute:

Weekend TOONs 1 - An Inconvenient Truth

Weekend TOONs 2 - All Systems Go, All Lights Are Green

Heads up! Bots are in full swing pushing #IAmTulsi on Twitter

Well, he has been draining that swamp. The swamp of his own making of course.

The Marcus King Band - Where I'm Headed (Official Audio)

October 19 - Happy Birthday Mayor Ethan Strimling (D) Portland, ME

October 19 - Happy Birthday Rep. Kurt Schrader (D) OR-5th

New Hepatitis-Like Virus Found in Bald Eagles Across US

The Rude Pundit: Christ on a Crackpot: A Pair of Dangerous Speeches...

Greta Thunberg Calls For Climate Action In Canada's Oil Heartland

CNN's Van Jones: Clinton playing 'dangerous game' with 'conspiracy theory' about Gabbard

A new documentary series about Clint Lorance pits the infantry officer convicted of murder against h

The dream ending

Chile president declares state of emergency as riots grow

Court Refuses to Block Netflix Release of 'The Laundromat'


Nunes Tries to Use Steele Dossier to Defend Trump During Closed-Door Hearing

NE Syria News: heavy fighting resumes

Chicago Teachers Strike Continues For 2nd Day, But No Deal Reached

32 Years Ago Today; Black Monday - Dow loses 22% of value

Almost a month since Lady Freedom Returns was on DU. 2 of her last posts.

We defend democracy in the name of Elijah.

Is Soupy Sales still alive? If he is, maybe CNN could hire him. I'd much rather hear his

Does Moscow Mitch plan on slow walking the Senate trial?

Trump's Evangelical Base Is Cracking Over Syria. Now He's Scrambling to Keep His "Mandate of Heaven.

Drunken deputy pulls gun on men in profanity-laced confrontation

"I am alive and Tay is not. And that's white privilege."

➡️ Today's the day! 🏙🏭🌅

My small, impoverished town still loves Trump

History Repeating -- Propellerheads featuring Miss Shirley Bassey

That Kirstjen Nielsen homeland woman is speaking at "Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit"

Letwin amendment passes

How evolution builds genes from scratch.

Parliament votes to withhold full approval of Brexit deal, postponing Boris Johnson's moment

Trump Claims to Have Taken Control of Mideast Oil

Wasn't the Iraq war a "regime change war"?

Biden Seeks to Keep Presidential Air as He Picks Away at Warren

Hillary Clinton is not a 2020 primary candidate.

In ruling on Trump finances, court finds broad authority for impeachment inquiry

Blacks, too, judge each other by the color of their skin. How sick is that?

You raised $423.00 on October 18, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Boris Blocked! - MP's vote against him

Do you remember when Barack Obama diverted US Military planes so that they could buy gas ...

It's likely Giuliani is banking on a presidential pardon

Bill Barr's prosecutor pursues expansion of probe to discredit Russia investigation: report

Just not a discussion': How paralyzing group-think led to six deaths at FIU bridge

Saw Randy Rainbow last night

Bernie Sanders Adds New York Endorsements Ahead Of Comeback Rally In Queens

I'm getting a little nervous about Warren and find myself turning to trivia.

In other news from yesterday.........................

US proposed helping North Korea build tourist area amid nuclear talks: report

Linkin Park - Krwlng

Trump advertised he would be a corrupt president in the first hour after he was sworn in -- here is h

Best thing Bill Maher has EVER done! And responses! 😂

I miss SOS Clinton and SOS Kerry.

And in another News from Yesterday......................

House and Senate Dems just introduced the "THUG Act" which would block funding for the G7 at Doral.

Trump keeps make his "deep state" hashtags trend on Twitter.

183 Republicans vote against requiring companies to disclose jobs moved overseas

Unrolled twitter thread on "non-linear warfare"

Post-Debate (3) Poll Averages: Biden 28.3, Warren 18, Sanders 17

Trump is now retweeting videos of his supporters harassing Dems on Capitol Hill,

All roads lead from Russia to the Republican party.


GOP congressman claims Democrats are like 'leaders of a military coup'

Which version of "Bowling For Columbine" will be on MSNBC tonight?

U.S. Republicans plan vote to censure Democrat Schiff, face of impeachment inquiry

Engineering Decision Flow Chart

Hillary responds to Booker tweet re.'s perfect

Richard Engel: US-Turkish ceasefire is NOT holding

University students break into U.S. ambassador's residence in Seoul

RT just defended Tulsi on twitter.

Veteran: "Tulsi Gabbard is a fake"

Do you think Drumpf will invite Putin to G7 @ Doral?

Warren now has the 2020 bull's eye on her back - Washington Post

PBS NewsHour Shields: Klobuchar the most humorous

Abdus Salam Documentary (Netflix)

The Guardian: Trump the predator - book release

For Grandpa Mason, on his 3rd gotchaversary

Idiot MAGA crowd sings YMCA at Trump rally - Village People must love the irony

Hillary Clinton Backs Out of Fortune Event Co-Starring Kirstjen Nielsen

Supreme Court to weigh constitutionality of financial watchdog agency created by Elizabeth Warren

Repugs Will Pretend To Hold A Real Impeachment Trial

Just curious: can a Democratic member of congress run as a third party candidate?

Kimberly Atkins' Interesting Observation About Tulsi This Morning

Dumping garbage in the Amazon River

Pompeo Trashes Impeachment Inquiry, Says Benghazi Probe Was Fairer

To the Game of Thrones fans who were upset about the way it ended...

What would DU be without some daily cat stuff?

Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the nomination of a 37-year-old Brett Kavanaugh defender who was

Listen M$Greedia - stop repeating shit like he's calling it a coup

Holding the G-7 Summit at a Trump Golf Course Is Blatant Corruption

For the record: I Do Not Believe In Magical Thinking

Giuliani Mixes His Business With Role as Trump's Lawyer

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush- Don't Give Up

That's not Adoption, That's Kidnapping

I found something today that I thought I had lost forever

I just learned how the Spanish word for Republican.

(Asuka) [KANA]Cabbage camp[カナ] Kana-chan TV

Ted Lieu tweet in response to GOP support of using Doral for G7 summit

Nero Emperor Trump

Syria: Trump may have cracked the only wall that was protecting him, The Senate Republicans.

MLB Proposal Would Wipe Out A Quarter Of All Minor League Affiliates

Don't let Barr off the Hook

🔥 Bernie's Back Rally with AOC in New York

As long as Tulsi Gabbard is given credibility as an actual Democrat

I said this before, Pelosi knows how to handle a narcissist. Attack their ego, apply pressure

"Your" President

I just realized that Gabbard and Yang still haven't made public their tax returns.

Elijah Cummings's widow, Maya Rockeymoore, expected to run for his House seat

Michigan Gov. Whitmer rolls back Republican measures that punish the poor

"when Americans woke from a slumber of apathy and acquiescence to reclaim the ideals of the nation"

Trump feuds with Susan Rice over Syria

A reminder from Hillary Clinton:

As Inquiry Widens, McConnell Is Said to See Impeachment Trial as Inevitable

Clark Bars To Make Long Awaited Return Nationwide

Review of Russia Inquiry Grows as F.B.I. Witnesses Are Questioned

Orca Recovery Day Events In Washington

A Conspiracy Against the United States of America?

Video shows Oregon coach disarming student then embracing him before police arrive (WOW!)

C-Span Livestream:

Rolling slowdowns planned on I-5 at night next week in Seattle

Trump outstripping Obama on pace of executive orders

Another reason why I hate the NYT.

Ted Lieu: "Dear @CongressEthics: My good friend owns some hotels in CA. Can I..."

Live Sanders Rally

DUH! Francis Rooney

Elijah Cummings Was Not Done

I hope the Trump administration ends like the final scene in Reservoir Dogs.

Bothell-area man donates land worth $1.5 million to county

Military weapons seized from suspected neo-Nazi in Arlington

I'm sure Mulvaney is comforted by the fact that no one would touch his job with a 10 ft pole.

WATCH: Coach disarms school gunman with a hug

Take your pick of concerns about Trump's actions; his supporters are bothered by none of it.

Two Words I Hate To Hear Journalists & Pundits Use

Beto O'Rourke calls for urgent responses to gun violence, climate change

Beto O'Rourke calls for urgent responses to gun violence, climate change

Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria

Meghan Markle: "Not many people have asked if I'm ok..."

Cartoons 10/19/19

Everything you need to know about @realDonaldTrump in one image...

Mitch McConnell: Republicans are gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare next

This is what happens when you remove everyone who can say no to you.

Marianne Williamson defends Tulsi Gabbard

Giuliani Insists He Tries 'Very Hard' To Be 'Super Ethical And Always Legal'

Nancy Pelosi: Elijah Cummings was our North star

Mulvaneys neuralyzer ....

Here's a red hat I can appreciate

PKK letter to the American people and President Trump


Can someone please from the G7 stand up and say no to Trump. WTF!

David Duke endorses Tulsi Gabbard.

Has this trump pic been posted yet?

Where is Trump today?

Meanwhile, Jill ties her ballon to a known Russian asset...

If Trump Is Impeached With A Majority Vote In The Senate.....

A new book uncovers fresh allegations of the president's inappropriate sexual behaviour

Another week of Apprentice...

Florida GOP Rep. Rooney says he won't seek reelection

Watching Sanders rally on Cspan

If Trump is impeached and removed from office does he still get secret service protection?

This rescue opossum's mom cooks him mini portions of whatever she's eating 💗

Democrats Request FBI Investigation Into Trump Insider Trading

There are two ways to "fight" corruption...

82 impeachable offenses...

GOP Congressman Who Said He'd Look At Impeachment For Trump, Suddenly Retires

In New Orleans, waiting for blasts to take down cranes


Republican corruption...

Trump's mythical justice system and the whistleblower's disguise

Presidential Proclamation on National Character Counts Week, 2019

Artist uses 'historic' markers to raise climate awareness

Francis Rooney open to impeaching Trump?

The patriarchy in one iconic photo

Court finds broad authority for impeachment inquiry

Democratic voters concentrate on candidates, not impeachment

Stocks would rally if Trump quits, Wall Street firm predicts

How can Barr's special counsel call people to testify and he and the

70,000 California wildfire victims may miss out on payments

The Movies! TV Network is pulling out all the stops.

It's even worse than kidnapping ... its text book Article II Genocide defined by the UN

Move over, Honeycrisp: New apple to debut at grocery stores

Elijah Cummings's widow, Maya Rockeymoore, expected to run for his House seat.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married longer than most presidents were alive

Black high school security guard fired after telling student not to call him the n-word

secret vote for conviction in impeachment in the Senate?

These are the questions we asked the White House about the meaning of "at cost."

The beauty of Elizabeth Warren. It's not just about politics.

I want a recipe for a GREAT apple butter I can give as a gift.

This dad is determined to find his missing best friend 🐶❤️

Democrats turn an unconventional cold shoulder to New Hampshire

Republicans are definitely in another universe...

Silver Key - Dim Carcosa

Another one bites the dust...

Guy finds a hurt baby bat on his way to work 💗

Born on this day, October 19, 1945: Divine

Photo: final crowd count: 25,872 - not a radical idea to say #BerniesBack.

Hi, foodies! I'm here in search of the best apple butter recipe I can find to give as xmas gifts to

Joyful Joyful (Sister Act 2) -- Lauryn Hill (Ft. Whoopi Goldberg)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi....

Today I am endorsing Senator @BernieSanders for president.

Trump just (30 min ago) still attacking that poll released by Faux news

Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

After Menopause, Killer Whale Moms Become Pod Leaders

Do you have a favorite movie made in San Francisco?

UK Parliament says NO to Johnsons brexit....

Peak Shale: How U.S. oil output went from explosive to sluggish

They came to L.A. to chase a Hollywood dream. Two weeks later, they were homeless

So you humans consider this thing comedy, huh?

Here's a look at the 10 proposed Texas Constitution amendments

Didja ever wonder what's gonna happen...

" I've been Republican for 50 yrs & you've got my vote"

Photochemical Reduction of the Soluble Radioactive Pertechnate Ion to Insoluble TcO2.

I think I'm in love with Eddie...

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

For you pizza nuts....

NYC right now: Massive march calling for the immediate removal of Trump and Pence.

Apprentice cancelled...

Rick has definitely got fleas...lawyering up⬆️

What's for Dinner, Sat.. Oct. 19, 2019

Good God Above...

AOC: Today I am endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for president

Houston mayor's election -. I'm confused

US military wife writes an open letter to Kurdish soldiers

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 20 - Ozzie and Harriet

dollar day at one house, new shovel, which I need $1, new gas can $1, Echo chain saw $1 would not st

TCM Schedule for Monday October 21 2019 - Star of the Month: Paul Muni

Self delete--wrong forum. nt

Rand Paul distorting really!!...

We've Reached the Smash-and-Grab Portion of Trump's Presidential Grift

LOL. David Frum tweet about Tulsi and Trump.


Look at what Van Jones retweeted today.

I had the pleasure of being offered an original Milton Avery painting

One of the worst parts of the Trump era

Beto O'Rourke: Congress should block Trump from hosting G-7 at his Doral resort

Beto O'Rourke: Congress should block Trump from hosting G-7 at his Doral resort

Is there an easy way to get rid of urine odors?

Chik-Fil-A Lasts A Grand Total Of 8 Days In The U.K. After LGBTQ Groups Tell Them to 'Cluck Off'

Meet the next Senator from Arizona...Strong, Steady, Intelligent, Reliable

I just can't imagine what this thing's Presidential Library or Museum will look like.

help! any railroad buffs or workers around?

Ames Department Store Video

And the genocide begins....

Video shows high school coach disarming and hugging suicidal student

Oliver REED's multi facets: Nephew of Carol REED, descendant of Peter the Great, misogynist, drunk,

Why does everyone assume that Trump will be the Republican nominee?

BUT HER EMAILS! Now this is where it ends. Buried in the paper. Page A16.

Grifter Don grifted Ireland

Susan Rice hits back

Nina Turner just said it on the Rev's show.

Elijah Cummings will lie in state. Swing low, sweet chariot coming forth to carry him home.


Photo: AOC ⁩brings ⁦Bernie Sanders ⁩to Ellie's Diner in the Bronx

Confronted by impeachment, adds to the chaos

Photo and VIDEO: AOC ⁩ brings ⁦ Bernie Sanders ⁩to Ellie's Diner in the Bronx


Once again, Lucy pulls the football away from Wisconsin, college football's version of Charlie Brown

Eric Holder...We must count every vote

Giuliani pushed administration to grant a visa to Ukrainian promising dirt on Democrats

Kurds are more unsafe now. No, they aren't more threatening than ISIS

Richard Engel...

25k+ of our close friends welcoming @AOC to the #BerniesBack rally today

'Bribery' is right there in the Constitution

Raptors cornerstone Pascal Siakam gets $130M extension

Neal Katyal...

Emoluments: Just a constitutional suggestion?

Trump the predator

WaPo: Trump in "the most challenging stretch of his term, weakened on virtually every front"

PLEASE stop talking about Tulsi. That is exactly what she wants. Ignore her so

Party Colors

Obama Official Susan Rice Slams Trump for 'Totally Gross' Hug

Old video slamming Tim Eyman

Great reply by AOC to save the Billionaires mentality

Boris Johnson sends unsigned request to Brussels for Brexit delay

A real quote from a real Republican Senator. You might want to sit down first.....

Who didn't have the guts to run in 2016?

Awarded G7 to resort in Doral - without telling anyone in Doral

Our government upgrading Doral...!!!

I am not opposed to anyone becoming a billionaire.

25k+ of our close friends welcoming @AOC to the #BerniesBack rally today ❤️

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Misty Zone featuring vocal : mictim Music Video

Down-&-to-the-left, Bin Salman lies to Norah O'DONNELL about the murder

WaPo: Add risk of government shutdown to impeachment and other legislative logjams

Strongest moment: ''I am more than ready to assume the office of President of the United States!''

Column: As a new mom, I found Meghan's interview gut-wrenching

Hillary ALREADY WARNED us once!

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: The Inner Sanctum

Do we have another SNL tonight?

In Packed Counter Trump Rally, Beto O'Rourke Calls for Unity

In Packed Counter Trump Rally, Beto O'Rourke Calls for Unity

Real Time Bill Maher Oct 18th.

Joan Baez for our times...

Billionaire governor's family farms get subsidy

The French Economist Who Helped Invent Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax

Democratic donors are breaking small-dollar records

I just got my new laptop cord, so I can post again.

The Unhinged Meltdown That Wasn't - Delish!

Mokpo's tears - Lee Jung-pyo

Thread: Manhattan DA (Cy Vance) may get Trump's tax returns soon.

Donald Trump Flips off Female Astronaut After She Fact Checks Him During Press Conference

It's awesome seeing all the

Pit Bull With Dwarfism Finds The Perfect Dad

"Those are not senior moments...those are Joe Biden moments"

The AG actively trying to undermine the FBI and intelligence agencies is surreal. But...

What did Professor Rachel Bitecofer mean when she said this about Bernie Sanders?

2019 budget deficit was just under $1 trillion, highest in 7 years: CBO

Monitoring whale strandings via satellites from space

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