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Rep. Adam Smith On Trump's Meeting Meltdown: 'Very Dismissive And Very Insulting'

John Brennan On 'All Roads With Trump Lead To Putin' The Last Word MSNBC

Everyone should be this kind to animals 💚


10/17 Morning Consult POST-DEBATE poll: Biden 31%, Warren 21%, Sanders 18%, Harris 7%,

NOAA calls for mild winter but one with big mood swings.

Hairless 'Alien' Puppy Grows Up To Be The Cutest Dog

Turkey's Amb to U.S. Trashes Trump's Erdogan Letter: 'I Hope History Will Not Record it'

Quick question: Does anyone know how the G-7 agenda subjects are determined? I have no idea. Thanks.

That Nancy Pelosi pic shutting the idiot down is now on a coffee cup!! Smackdown! nt

Meanwhile on Faux News

I changed my support to Amy Klobuchar. I've changed? Have you? If so why?

Guy Rappels Into Canyon To Save Abandoned Dogs

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: Lights Out episode Sub Basement

This little guy catches a huge fish then does the unexpected. 👏 👏 👏

Can more than one impeachment inquiry go on at the same time?

Deposition tomorrow: Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Secy of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia

They're heeeere! Photos from the Texas rally

Every Republican Senator needs to be asked if they are okay with Trump awarding himself the G-7

My argument against term limits in two photos

Trump just said that he won the greatest election of all time!

Halloween Is Coming #86

Halloween Is Coming #87

Halloween Is Coming #88

Halloween Is Coming #89

Halloween Is Coming #90

Klobuchar raised $1.1M for presidential campaign post-debate

'You'll Never Take Me Alive!' Shouts Giuliani Jumping Onto Chandelier And Immediately Falling 3

Just want to say

The Giant Life of Elijah Cummings

What to do in Tucson, October 17,2019

Crime After Crime a song dedicated to President Donald Trump

GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

When is the Republican Party going to go Coyote Ugly on Trump?

A thief would clearly steal more stuff if he knew he had a "get out of jail free" card.

Hannity's sources??????

Trump's Turkey deal hands power to Ankara and leaves Syrian Kurds for dead

Republicans worried by Mulvaney's confirmation Trump sought exchange of favors with Ukraine

WTF does Putin have on Trump?

A Mick Mulvaney tweet from Dec. 14, 2018 that HAS NOT AGED WELL. #ThoughtsAndPrayers #WompWomp

Greenland's melting ice may affect everyone's future

So "Dumb as Dirt Ben Carson" is the only member of the cabinet

And now for something completely different


Just saw that clip of Andrew Yang saying we had interfered with other countries' elections.

Tweet of the Day

?!? In IA, basement of family home fills with blood from meat locker next door ?!?

Letter to the Kurds from a military wife.

Now Trump is kissing Ted Crusty Cruz up!

Can we stop pretending like the GOP is confused...

Fastest ants in world found in northern Sahara, researchers say

Was changing channels during Rachel's show when ads were on......

Puppy asks, "Is this seat taken?"

Puppy asks, "Is this seat taken?"

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Nancy Pelosi did something Donald Trump's parents apparently failed to do..."

Beto O'Rourke -- Rally Against Fear

Beto O'Rourke -- Rally Against Fear

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Dark web: Largest ever online child porn bust leads to 337 arrests

17 Basic Differences Between Dog People And Cat People

Barneys New York closing all stores after bankruptcy filing

Ex-special ops commander: 'Our republic is under attack from the president'

Will he bring out more voters???

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 18, 2019

Is Elway Supremo still a Broncos fan? The "Chefs" seem to have the game under control.

China and Iran are rumored to be preparing to meddle in the 2020 election.

Democracy can be hard, here's a little of

The Daily Show: Trump Thinks He Bought America

Another news dropping day from the lunatic, but.....

The Daily Show - Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition

John Kerry's Boston Globe op-ed on Trump's betrayal of the Kurds

Mattis Zings tRump....

Mattis: "I earned my spurs on the battlefield; Trump earned his spurs from the doctor".

When is the next Democratic Debate and the 4 who arent qualified yet, have until when

Active Measures

Faux News is talking about Adam Schiff!

McGurk: "This is an obscene and ignorant statement. 200k innocent people displaced. 100's dead"

Repuks not doing anything to protect our elections, just might backfire on them.

How world powers rationalize ethnic cleansings and genocides when they bear responsibility

The Daily Show - So Much News, So Little Time: Trump Scandal Lightning Round

Thank U Nancy

Mattis responds to Trump criticism: 'I guess I'm the Meryl Streep of generals' (VIDEO)

El Chapo: gun battles erupt in Mexican city after arrest of drug boss's son

2020 and 2022 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 67 seats.

The Yankees are leaving a lot of runners on base.

Seth Abramson: "What the *Hell*?"

Impeachment Trial Could Hurt Presidential Campaigns

El Chapo's son has been captured by Mexican Authorities!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: This Donald Trump Letter Proves He's Crazy

"Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President" - Admiral William McRaven

Rachel is exasperated. Watch her show tonite if you haven't already. She is trying to sound the

With no real effort to thrawt election interference in 2020

President Trump jokes about Harvey funding at Dallas rally

The Senate is likelier to remove Trump after impeachment than you think

Syrian refugee, 17, attacked on San Diego trolley by man shouting slurs, police say

Most overrated? Mattis laughs off Trump barb at charity gala

Just thinkin' out loud about where we might be going . . . . .

Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors

Nancy Pelosi is learning some new tricks.

Maybe Russia is corrupting the polls to show Trump remaining popular

Good one in today

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Balloon Boy - 10 Years Later!

On a day of chaos, sorrow, and more stress upon our institutions, can I remind us of a better time?

"Put a Woman in Charge"

Uribe lawyers file charges against journalists and NGO in reaction to fraud and bribery probe

Canada's transition from natural resource based economy to digital

Romey's good brief senate speech about kurds/turkey/trump (link)

Bolsonaro Signs Decree to Privatize The Brazilian Mint

Prison workers under investigation for allegedly mocking transgender inmates in private Facebook gro

Violence against indigenous peoples explodes in Brazil

Fierce gun battles as El Chapo's son arrested in Mexico

This tune! (so cool)

Kobach's campaign paid Kansan known to post racist comments on white nationalist site

The magnitude of what Mulvaney confessed today is far beyond anything we have faced as a country

Peru: Gold mine operating without license destroys primary forest in protected area

How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half -- And Saving Money

Is Obama creating a precedent for transparency the autocrats will have to follow?

I got to flip Trump's helicopter AND plane the bird tonight in Dallas!

2022 US Senate Election cycle can get us more African American US Senators.

The only thing that matters wrt impeachment and removal

TX-28: EMILY's List endorses primary challenger Jessica Cisneros

At a rally, Trump - he was smart to let Turkey attack Kurds, comparing them to kids on playground

Wow. From Rep. Elijah Cummings' first floor speech, April 25, 1996 ...

I don't think we see Mulvaney resign. Remember when Giuliani went

Question about Oversight Committee now.

Remind me again why she is running as a Dem?

Can a group of Republican Senators convince him to resign?

What, if anything, is there to do about American ignorance?

Smh.. BS.."I get a little bit tired of Democrats who defend a cruel, dysfunctional health care.."

Adobe Announces Plan To Essentially Steal Money From Venezuelans Because It 'Has To' Due To US Sanct

Adobe Announces Plan To Essentially Steal Money From Venezuelans Because It 'Has To' Due To US Sanct

...5 days... more like 5 hours....Pence and Pompous P choking on there steak...

Crosslinking ionic oligomers as conformable precursors to calcium carbonate

The grifters hugging...

Mulvaney sez there WAS a quid pro quo. Then he walked it back saying

Simple answer...You are rude and racist...

Fighting in Kurdish-held Syrian town despite cease-fire

The Trumpiest Governor in the Country Is Tied for Reelection in Kentucky

Trump needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.

Trump Saw Turkey as Friend to ISIS Years Before Syria Pullout

First visit to the DU Lounge. Is it always this playful in here?

Storm threat for NW FL tomorrow

Breakfast Friday 18 October 2019

Has Putin sped up the timetable ? Rachel asks an excellent question

Circuit attorney appoints Captain Ron Johnson as law enforcement liaison

Donald Trump's sanity is not the question. The real issue is how he got into office

What is it with Don the Con's latest hairdo?

Can you guess the news-story Fox News still isn't reporting on?

NY1 News Interview: Why did Bernie Sanders want Rep. AOC's endorsement in the race for president?

Grassroots created video: ''Assemble''

Joni Ernst: The Trump Years

Haha...CNN this morning: "Hold the impeachment hearings at Trump's Doral golf course!"

It's a being mugged is a deal

Why don't we just buy him out? Quid Pro Quo

The newest electric vehicles with the most range

Give it up to General James Mattis for what is, IMHO, the quote of the year.

REMINDER: Trump's prized Doral resort is in steep decline, according to company documents...

Beto O'Rourke stages counter-rally to President Donald Trump's Dallas event

Beto O'Rourke stages counter-rally to President Donald Trump's Dallas event

NOAA's 2019 winter forecast shows it will likely be warmer

Union proud

President Donald Trump headlines mega-rally in Dallas, slamming Beto O'Rourke, impeachment

embedded tweets showing "link to tweet"

BREAKING Turkish bombardment violating truce: Kurdish spokesman

Trump's shout-it-out-loud strategy

Kurds report Turkey has violated cease fire; resumed bombing

Trump takes credit fo getting himself impeached

Former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis roasts Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner

You People Made Me Give Up My Peanut Farm Before I Got To Be President

I'm leaving tonight for two weeks in the Middle East...

Kellogg joins GLAAD for anti-bullying campaign with All Together cereal

NASA's all-female spacewalk will make history today. Watch it live here.

Fighting continues on Turkey-Syria border despite U.S.-led cease-fire

Fighting continues on Turkey-Syria border despite U.S.-led cease-fire

To the other six nations of the G7: please suspend the US until Trump is gone.

The Divine Miss M has a suggestion for language lessons for Mulvaney.

More abuse of power, with the Navy SEALS

Trump's "Major talking point bit the dust"

Fox's Judge Napolitano: G7 at Trump Doral Is as 'Profound a Violation' as 'One Could Create'

American diplomacy is crumbling under Trump, top diplomats warn


ISIS eyes breakout opportunity as Turkish forces batter Kurds

Oleg Deripaska-Linked Firm Was Raided for Undisclosed U.S. Inquiry

Friday TOONs 1 - Letters and Meltdowns and Emoluments, Oh My!

Friday TOONs 2 - RIP, the Hon. Elijah Cummings

GOP 2020 ticket will be Romney/Haley

Congressman says "Democrats are ready to vote"...

We Need to Fight Implicit Bias in Health Care

UK news this weekend..hehehe

Billionaire Trump-loving governor took $125,000 in bailouts meant for struggling farmers: report

PA Refinery Blast Released 2.5 Tons Hydroflouric Acid; Failed Pipe Half The Thickness Of Credit Card

If they are throwing Pence out to yammer about cease fires

Winter 2018 Extreme Snow Caused Multiple Species' Breeding Failures In NE Greenland

Syria: "We want a corridor to be opened so we can enter, and reach the wounded."

Elizabeth has a plan to make sure that no president is above the law:

It has dawned on me that we are living through a real life 'Hudsucker Proxy' presidency

Cook Island Marine Park Director Fired After Email Supporting 10-Year Seafloor Mining Ban

Ancient 'lost city' of the Khmer Empire discovered in Cambodia

graphic warning-Turkey is suspected of using white phosphorus against Kurdish civilians in Syria

Am I the only one who thinks we WANT to run against Trump?

Photos from Richard Baer, Commandment of Auschwitz, May44-Jan 45

Strong evidence Turkey using chemical weapons against Kurds

I do not think 2016 was a fair or legitimate election

Kurds say Turkey is violating hours-old 'ceasefire' in northern Syria

"Why Spain Hates the UK"


Why does Rep. Gym Jordan, in his many, pro-trump appearances look like...

Can anyone stop the G-7 from going to Trump's Doral?

Are you too scrawny? Weak? Nervous?

Diplomat tells investigators he raised alarms in '15 about Hunter Biden's Ukraine work **UPDATED**

Hong Kong court rejects legal challenge for same-sex marriage

Giuliani's work for Iranian group with bloody past could lead to more legal woes

Republican whataboutery and cognitive dissonance be like..

Quid pro quo is a sneaky straw man

Helpful doggo

The Navy Wants to Push Out Problem SEALs. But Trump May Get in the Way.

Easiest Way for Trump to Make Money in the Final days of His Term of Office

An obscene and ignorant statement

Road Rage Rita: woman attacks man on camera, screams "Go back to your country!"

With a due resect, Warren is NOT the new frontrunner!

My fave Mattis line: "...And I think the only person in the military that Mr. Trump doesn't think

If You Didn't Already Think Trump Was Unfit for Office, Syria and Ukraine Should Change Your Mind

Your daily deposition reminder. Today, Laura Cooper (edit: resched to next Thursday)

"I am tired of seeing Democrats defend a dysfunctional health care system"

ICYMI:Russia and China swallow up strategic businesses in the US heartland

Anderson Cooper Reacts to Trump National Doral Being Chosen to Host G-7 Summit

"Tough Love" 300,000 displaced, our allies sprayed with bullets w hands bound behind their backs,

Secret Service dog Hurricane just won a medal for protecting the Obamas during a White House...

Sunrise Movement:Yes with media and fact-checking like this I'm sure we'll all be fine ( lol )

Trump thinks war is okay for someone else, but for himself? Never!

#BedBugSummit is trending on Twitter.

Congratulations to our neighbors to the north

This is why they pander to his nonsense... He is simply a means to an end.

California: July earthquake caused fault to move for first time on record

"This statement is a lie. . . . True or false?" Please come CAPTION Mick Mulvaney!!!

Erdogan says won't forget letter: "When the time comes necessary steps will be taken"

Hey Kids! Let's Play Pik-a-Poll!

Turkish president threatens US over Trump's insulting letter: When the time comes necessary steps...

Edwardsville Approves Shopping Bag Fee. Will Other Metro East Cities Follow Its Lead?

October 18 - Happy Birthday Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D) MI-14th

Edwardsville Approves Shopping Bag Fee. Will Other Metro East Cities Follow Its Lead?

General James Mattis (Full Speech)

Scientific integrity bill advances in U.S. House with bipartisan support

Scientific integrity bill advances in U.S. House with bipartisan support

On Chess: Not Particularly Beautiful

On Chess: Not Particularly Beautiful

"I don't like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!"

my fave Bible story is the one where Jesus allows Rome

St. Louis-Area LGBTQ Workers Prepare For 'Terrifying' Supreme Court Rulings In 2020

"Never enough lies for one day." . . . Please come CAPTION Mick Mulvaney!!

Headline on - "The guardrails are off the Trump presidency"

How Forai Handicrafts Help Refugee Women In St. Louis Make Friends, Money

Midwestern Farm Runoff Creates Headache For Louisiana Shrimpers

Missouri Redesigns School Report Cards -- And It's A Lot To Digest

Missouri Redesigns School Report Cards -- And It's A Lot To Digest

This is amazing to watch live. First all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station

ok brain trust- who are the toadies at the sec?

Andrew Yang 10 hour Q&A Live now on Facebook

Andrew Yang 10 hour Q&A Live now on Facebook

Why haven't we seen Melania, or any of the lunatic's children and their families?

I'm finding all this fuss about the all female space walk sexist

Kyiv Post. Friday, Oct. 18, 2019: SHADY CAST OF CHARACTERS-Engineers of Trump-Ukraine Scandal

They continue to strike Syria!

Smelling pretty dank in here...

And now for something completely different. 🎺🔔

Fox News graphic busts beloved Press Secretary Steffi DUI Grisham for lying about Syria cease-fire

Democratic Debate Draws Smallest Audience

If we make lunch free for all kids, kids do better in school.

The Rundown: October 17, 2019

Ricardo Tercio, Marvel "Fairy Tales" Artist, Dead at 43

Pick of the Week: "Superman Smashes the Klan!" #1

Rooney (Republican) Foreign Affairs Cmte just said...

Is Mulvaney that dumb in publicly admitting to the Ukrainian quid pro quo...

Hillary Clinton predicts Russia propping up dem 3rd party candidate

Hillary on Tulsi Gabbard

The origin of Superheroes: Moon Knight

Yes it is a distraction - but damn it media do your friggen job, make them define "COST"

A song to celebrate today's historic event in women's history:

UNHINGED....Trump goes off on Nancy, Schiff, Democrats, and the Whistleblower...

Mattis's best line about Trump hasn't been posted yet, so here it is:

Hundreds didn't make it to DC "March for Trump" . . . due to series of declined credit card payments

Tropical storm warnings issued from Louisiana to Florida as storm takes aim

US military will no longer use 8" floppy disks to coordinate nuke launches

what's with the ny post? it produced all those hardhitting Trump covers, now supports trump?

Mick Mulvaney Confesses OMB and DOD Are Withholding Evidence of a Crime from Congress

Ari Fleischer whines about the "partisan impeachment, which we've never had before" Uh, no...

Deadly Turkey air strikes shatter Trump's hours-old 'ceasefire' deal

Clinton suggests Putin has kompromat on Trump, Russians will back Tulsi Gabbard in 3rd-party bid

Why Does One White House Lawyer Keep Coming Up In The Ukraine Scandal?

Here's How Mitch McConnell Could Sabotage an Impeachment Trial

Can someone explain the background to the 1 mil Sondland home renovations?

Trump explains his decision to let Erdogan commit genocide

Kamala Harris: "This is not a matter of free speech."


About fund raising

Even if Trump had done the right thing and placed all his properties in a legitimate blind trust....

Dead man pranks funeral-goers by screaming from coffin ...

"Plaintiff in Chief - A Portrait of Donald Trump in 3500+ Lawsuits"

Perry Unfazed By Directive To Consult With Giuliani On Ukraine: 'I Trusted Him'

"This fed bailout of Trump's failing bedbug-ridden Doral Resort violates both Emolument Clauses"

Uh-oh for trump. This is a never-trumper, repug ad. Cracks are showing in...

Never underestimate the stupidity...

You raised $200.00 on October 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump's Latest Tantrum May Be Craziest Yet

Trump Tried to Ambush Grieving Parents with Son's Killer

Hillary warning us again

Please Congress Demand trump and his whole administration

Of all the shit-words that spilled out the other day - this one really pissed me

Run!! The Godless Gay Socialists Immigrants are coming...

School Security Officer Fired for Repeating Racial Slur Aimed at Him

Should I be worried?

Rick Perry stares down subpoena deadline in Trump impeachment probe, one day after resignation

Former White House ethics chief on Trump/Doral/G7

How much should I spend on booze?

Diplomat tells investigators he raised alarms in 2015 about Hunter Biden's Ukraine work

"Let them fight?" d. trump

NOAA attempts to educate the con about cones

Friday testimony before the impeachment inquiry could highlight a fracture inside the Defense Dept.

(Jewish Group) After watching the USA and Trump, now I understand how Hitler gained power

Anita O'Day was born on this date.

NOAA attempts to educate the con about cones

(UK's only) Chick-fil-A outlet to close in LGBT rights row

The "Up Hill Climb" of Elijah Cummings

Chuck Berry was born on this date.

Laura Nyro was born on this date.

Morning Consult's Senator Approval Rankings

Luckovich-Nixon is no longer the most corrupt POTUS in US History

Hillary warning that not only does Putin had kompromat on Trump

Eighteen Nominations Sent to the Senate: October 17, 2019

On this date in 1977

Tiedrich: "Mulvaney, bring me another baby"

Klobuchar now has the endorsements of both former Republican Iowa legislators who left their party

Trump's Remarks at the Opening of the Louis Vuitton Workshop, Rochambeau - Alvarado, TX

Jonathan Pie - Trump's Great and Unmatched Wisdom

Remarks by President Trump Upon Arrival of Air Force One Fort Worth, TX

GOP Senator compares Trump to Jefferson re: Jefferson had Burr investigated

Federal investigators still after Deripaska.

Comparing Health Insurance Reform Options: From "Building on the ACA" to Single Payer

"we don't do a very good job of judging electability."

He's an emblem of free-market, white supremacist nationalism...

Watch Live: The World's 1st All-Female Spacewalk!

Identical twin babies were delivered by identical twin nurses at a Georgia hospital

I was 1 years old when this aired

Dozens killed in Afghanistan mosque bombing

"Regardless of whether anything is wrong, it looks terrible,"

Press Briefing by Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney: October 17, 2019

Turd45 was right (wash my mouth with soap here) ...

Remarks by President Trump During Tour of the Louis Vuitton Workshop-Rochambeau Alvarado, TX

Buttigieg emerges as new threat to Biden after debate

Trump's motivations to not go to war,

Governor John Hickenlooper holds a 53 to 40 lead over Gardner in Colorado Senate race.

Hello. I'm a new poster here at DU..

Another Friday, another Mr Scorpio's HOUSE FIRE!

Reading Chick-fil-A outlet to close in LGBT rights row

Speaking of scrawny, weak, and nervous. And brilliant!

World leaders know how to manipulate Trump; break any deal since Trump can't admit he's wrong

"Secured the oil"? What?

Trump uses "ultimate solution" in reference to turkey and the Kurds...

Right before our eyes!

Mulvaney's words on Ukraine upend impeachment strategy, rattle allies

Can you imagine if Obama did that? I can't.

Barf. I was watching the spacewalk and now Trump has pissed on it.

Trump Gives Turkey Exactly What It Wants, Claims Victory

Lebanon paralysed by 'WhatsApp tax' protests

Lebanon paralysed by 'WhatsApp tax' protests

Don, Mike, and Ivanka discuss going to Mars, and you can almost hear the sound of crickets.

Medicare for All cost studies: PERI vs the Urban Institute. Vuld Edone Community

Shells fall in northeast Syria despite five-day ceasefire agreement

Trump is suing CNN

Mulvaney revealed Trump's strategy for escaping impeachment.

The buses not showing up to take Trumpers to their rally is more insidious than even they believe

Not looking good for Trump

Hundreds of Trump supporters rally for embattled president on Capitol grounds

UN investigates alleged use of white phosphorus in Syria

UN investigates alleged use of white phosphorus in Syria

Trump's Response to Broken CeaseFire?

King County will no longer accept plastic bags, wraps in recycling starting next year

I've been watching Evil on CBS. It's wonderful.

Sam Waterston Arrested - 1st time offender

2 arrested Giuliani assoc dropped 50k into DeSantis' campaign account day before Trump endorsed him

Netanyahu voices hope for Syria ceasefire in Pompeo talks

Sen. Mitt Romney raises a troubling theory about Trump and Turkey

Big Cracks in Trump's Stone Wall

Skinhead riot 1982.

Another anti-Muslim group wants to hold event at Trump's Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago

I don't care about the voter. I don't care about the damage that is left behind, I don't care who...

Trumpus orangus: ' the Kurds want it (ceasefire/surrender) and the ultimate solution to happen.'

Victory for the Birds: Judge Blocks Trump Plan to Lighten Bird Protection on Oil Fields

Rick Perry stares down subpoena deadline in Trump impeachment probe, one day after resignation

Nancy Pelosi vs. Donald Trump

Cancel all student debt.

No, This Charter Bus Company Did Not Sabotage the Trump Rally

Rename the Cannon House Office Bldg to Cummings House Office Bldg?

Trump is surrounded by flippers, rats and snitches! I'd like to see that be the talking points for

Security Guard Asks Student to Stop Calling Him N-word, Gets Fired for Saying It

Rick Larson comes out against I-976

"Impeachment is too important to leave to Congress--it's going to take mass mobilization"

So how is Saudi Arabia paying for our troops?

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter just became the longest married presidential couple

Cartoons 10/18/19

Trump says Europe now willing to take IS prisoners in Syria

Just had a patient claiming a 'needle phobia' who had a tattoo you could see from orbit.

Coal-producing states don't have to die with coal

Most Americans now back Trump impeachment investigation, with young people the strongest supporter

"Why Can't A Democrat Be More Like A Republican?"

Announced on this day, October 18, 1954: the transistor radio

I thought Dallas was now blue

Trump's base is his buffer to keep from being convicted in the Senate.

Watch this guy use up all his luck for the year:

Beto O'Rourke fan adds candidate's name to peace sign crop formation in Orford

Beto O'Rourke fan adds candidate's name to peace sign crop formation in Orford

Fox News Apologizes for Confusing John Lewis for Elijah Cummings

Major NEW Trump Bank & Tax Fraud Uncovered in ProPublica Reporting!

It's a little disheartening that here at DU....

CNN put their thumb on the scales again and Warren paid for it

Wow-GOP Rep Rooney: Pelosi "has a point" when she said that with Trump, all roads leads to Russia

Boeing Pilot Warned of 'Egregious' Problem With 737 Max in 2016, Messages Show

Everything Hillary said in 2016 has come to fruition

Kyiv Post. Friday, Oct. 18, 2019

3 Art Experts Analyze That Historic Nancy Pelosi vs. Donald Trump Photo:

Russia-Ukraine gas disputes

Hey, everybody! Long time poster and short time lurker here, just stopping by to say, "High!"

What the G-7 at Doral next year should tell you about Trump's expectations.

I am waging Psy ops warfare against our Golden retriever

Billionaire Michael Novogratz Says Rich Worried About Warren Should 'Lighten Up'

Alaska leads nation in chlamydia, second in gonorrhea

TS Nestor may wear out people from FL to Atlantic Canada

Trump betrayals (Kyiv Post - Ukraine)

Patrick Mahomes Avoids Ligament Damage in Knee Injury; Absence to Be 'Brief'

It's like World War Two reversed but America's the Nazis.

Trump claims to control the oil in the Middle East...?

Cummings words were so powerful.

Hillary Clinton Suggests Russia Is Grooming Current Democratic Candidate To Run as a Third Party Nom

NO ceasefire in Syria....

Ted Lieu: "We now see the swamp. It's called Doral."

If you were a World leader, would you stay here...?

Guardian on Brexit...Bin this bad deal

Citing James O'Keefe Video, Trump Campaign Sends CNN Notice Of Intent To Sue

Erdogan says 'lack of respect' in trump's letter..

Eric Trump whines about "cheap shots" while discussing the fine art of stiffing contractors.

Season 3 of "The Crown" to be released on Netflix 11/17/2019

Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow .

Kasich on CNN Just Said He'd Support Impeachment

3 Ukrainian lawmakers doing Trump's dirty work in scandal

Hillary Clinton appears to suggest Russians are 'grooming' Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run

FAA response to Boeing re: 737 MAX revelations

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES @ The Sound Of Revolution 2018 (full set)

Stock Market Grifters...

How to make Plutonium .

Biden unveils 51 endorsements by supporters in Massachusetts

Joyce Vance tweet regarding inconsistencies in trump state tax returns and bank loans

Bill Macy, who played Bea Arthur's husband in 'Maude,' dead at 97

The Onion can't compete with this release (G7 Summit)

This Quiet Fault in Southern California Hadn't Moved in 500 Years. Now It's Slipping.

The Milky Way Stole Its Cosmic Neighbors from Another Galaxy

Brexit extension unavoidable...


What Is the Cryosphere?

Corruption in plain sight...magats yawn

Game Over: These Monkeys Just Crushed Humans on a Computer Game

Adam Schiff on early warning system for earthquakes...

Virginia is planning an east-west rail route connecting the Blue Ridge Mountains to the beach

House Judiciary Just Added an Impeachment Scholar as Trump Inquiry Ramps Up

Trump's "ultimate solution."

Seth Abramson...

Laura Ingraham says Mulvaney shouldn't be taken seriously because he's not a lawyer (he is)

As he bombs defenseless civilians and hospitals...Today

We need to take back our Republic...

WATCH: Republican Group Airing BRUTAL Anti-Trump Ad Calling Out 'Corruption' During Fox & Friends

These people standing behind Trump at his rallies are they

Is it 20(?) repub senators needed to vote for removal in the Senate? If so, strategically, then,

Let's have a cease fire, but you go on with what you are doing!

Euro model - Nor'easter repeat and threepeat next week????

Of course it's illegitimate potus commits fraud...

Wow. Nancy Pelosi tweet, minutes ago, with #TruthExposed video

Save the Date: March 3, 2020.

So...was Trump's genius strategic move in Syria to genocide the Kurds...

Neal Katyal-Trump is threatening to sue CNN

There is really nothing left to discuss. There is nothing left to be decided except HOW we get

30 Impeachable offenses....not 1 or 2...THIRTY (30)

Donald Trump's "perfect" letter to Santa.

Virginia Dem: State will ratify ERA if they win Legislature this November 5th.

Buy a pickup, you get a bible, a gun and an American flag...

Man we're in a deepening stink hole .....

Lots of folks are trying to get their hands on Trump's tax returns. Here's how I did it.

In my hometown Newspaper of N.E. Ohio

Pompeo feels frustrated and victimized amid impeachment controversy

In Dallas, talking to a CBS crew about impeachment

Trump's grasp of reality is questionable...

We need a million + people

Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) announces support for impeachment inquiry

62 persons were killed in a Mosque in Afghanistan today

Turmoil at University of Alaska takes its toll

Jagmeet Singh goes viral with Tik Tok video

"I guess it's easier to be corrupt when everyone is distracted by their crippling diarrhea."

What? Trump doesn't have a rally planned the rest of year?

Trump campaign sells 'Get over it' T-shirts

Trump is a winner!

🐦 OCT 24 at 5PM - Marshalltown End Corporate Greed Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

Pretty sure Melania meant the impeachment, not the KKK rally.

🐦 OCT 24 starts 8:20PM - LULAC Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Des Moines

John Kasich calls for impeachment

🐦 OCT 25 at NOON - Newton End Corporate Greed Press Conference with Bernie Sanders

Welcome to Anchorage, where NFL stands for No Fucking Liquor

🐦 OCT 25 at 3PM - Toledo/Tama End Corporate Greed Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

🐦OCT 25 at 6PM - Iowa City End Corporate Greed Rally with Bernie Sanders

The Trump campaign is now selling "Get Over It" shirts.

For a lawyer, Elie Honig (CNN Legal Analyst) is pretty damn funny.

George Conway tweet- Simple math:zero empathy + zero remorse equals narcissistic sociopath

Picture album found of Auschwitz Nazis (very long Twitter thread)

BREAKING: To win Rudy Giuliani's help with a legal fight, associates of a Ukrainian oligarch pursued

If a rank-and-file civil servant steered a federal contract to himself as Trump has done....

1 passenger dead in Unalaska crash of PenAir plane flying from Anchorage that injured 10 others

Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle, dies at 62

I know Trump's base is solid. but how can they be broken?

Reps Lieu and Rice Call For Investigation into Suspicious Futures Trading around Geopolitical Events

Trump makes the front page of Kiev newspaper

"God will get you for that, Walter"

I hate it when I lose things at work...

Bill Macy, who played Bea Arthur's husband in 'Maude,' dead at 97

Some people are like "Slinkies"

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 18, 2019

Why Warren is considered a front runner

Another way you can help with the environment, and it's easy!

Trump's controversial decision to host the G-7 at his golf club creates awkwardness for world leade

The recall campaign against Gov. Dunleavy, and the defense, are accelerating even before

Trump to nominate Energy Dept. deputy Dan Brouillette to succeed Rick Perry as secretary

OMG. They're selling "Get Over It" t-shirts.

Since before I was born people left small towns and rural areas to "make something of themselves."

First Republican (Rooney-FL) calls for Rick Perry to answer House subpoena

Secretary Clinton is OUT OF FUCKS

Gabbard responds to Clinton

Dunleavy wants White House to consider fast-tracking Prince of Wales rare earth mine

Gov DeSantis shown hugging w/the Gulilani thugs on election night

38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe

Something is fishy about this?

Injured Hard Rock Hotel worker held by immigration authorities after speaking to media, attorneys sa

TPM Breaking: And there it is, the other quid pro quo.

Rota official pleads guilty, gets suspended sentence

As the shit show moves forward who among us could've been more effective than Nancy Pelosi

Federal Judge blocks Florida "poll tax" law that is preventing thousands of Floridians from voting.

Petri: Trump's Doral resort for the G-7? Yes, please! (Satire)

If Trump gives a foreign government incentives to dig up dirt on his adversaries...

WOW. I am CONVINCED that Mitch's sternly worded WaPo op ed will turn Trump RIGHT around.

Mayor Buttigieg sees surge in polling numbers after Dem debate, especially in Iowa

Clinton vs Gabbard

#BedBugSummit Trends After Allegation of Infestation at Trump's Doral Resort Resurfaces Ahead of G7

The late Rep. Elijah Cummings will lie in state in National Statuary Hall

Big victory for voting rights: Federal court blocks Florida Republicans' modern-day poll tax

Monty Python's The life of Brian - I want to be a woman

Just start the Impeachment Process already

Tulsi Gabbard's House Primary Challenger Kai Kahele

38 People Cited for Violations in Clinton Email Probe

David Corn: Here's How Mitch McConnell Could Sabotage an Impeachment Trial

Hillary trolls Tulsi without naming names. Tulsi flies off the handle and outs herself

Tomorrow: I'm so excited to be joined by @MMFlint and @AOC in New York ...

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Ready ... aim ...

Tulsi has harsh words for Hillary Clinton: 'You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption

Diverted patients, broken elevators, costly fixes: Senators hear GMH's pile of woes

Chuck Schumer: "President Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to..."

Bernie Sanders To Hold Comeback Rally Across From Nation's Largest Public Housing Complex

Supreme Court will rule on expedited removal of those denied asylum requests

As long as he doesn't sharpie this, we should miss NESTOR

'We have reached the bottom'

Chick-fil-A's first UK location will close after pressure from LGBTQ rights group

Bill Macy, a Memorable Sitcom Foil on 'Maude,' Dies at 97


Energy Department won't comply with impeachment subpoena

Gabbard's response to HRC is f*****g weird...

Thousands on Guam could lose Medicaid

How much should I spend on screws?

Gabbard Unleashes On "Queen Of Warmongers" Hillary

I want this car! It would make a hell of a camper...

Funeral services set for US Rep. Elijah Cummings

Bookers' media person is excellent

Late Representative Cummings to lie in state in U.S. Capitol

Best responses to Gabbard

Rescue Dog Completes His New Family So Perfectly (Tissue Alert)

Former Sen. Chris Dodd endorses Joe Biden for president

Freeze on annual increments for locally funded positions in American Samoa is lifted

Proof our system of elections suck: Got 2 letters today asking for money for elections in 2024..

Hmm, Tulsi Gabbard is the topic of the top 8 threads...

Police: Three armed robberies in Seattle early Friday likely connected

WOW. Buffalo: 1 Lions: 0 Crocodile: 0 (Warning: Intense nature, buffalo okay)

Michael Moore endorses Sanders

'Moscow Mitch' McConnell rips Trump for 'grave strategic mistake' in blistering Washington Post op-e

State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information

Trump campaign embraces Mulvaney's explosive 'Get over it' comment

We Need To Check This Right Here. Who On DU is STILL Support Tulsi Gabbard After This....and WHY?

Donald Trump will blame everyone else for impeachment

Marshallese president applauds arrest in human trafficking and illegal adoptions case

Rest in peace, Governor Milliken.

It was never about 'America First.' It's always been Trump first.

Rare JFK letter released 😁

Guiliani's associates sought cannabis licenses in Florida before arrest

General discontent: how the president's military men turned on Trump

The IMF Is Utterly Indifferent to the Pain It's Causing

The Navy Wants to Push Out Problem SEALs. But Trump May Get in the Way.

Tampa Bay Times has video of Governor Desantis hugging Giuliani's Goons on Election Night

Randy Rainbow offers a song for Rudy Colludy--"GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again)"

Disregarding Pence Deal, Turkey Launches Deadly Airstrike

Just in House and Senate Dems just introduced the "THUG Act" which would block funding for the G7

'Let's put a gag on him': Retailer buys controversial Trump-themed billboard in Times Square

Ominous warning from Seth Abramson: "Our democracy and rule of law is collapsing."

Giuliani pushed Trump administration to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt

Coming Out in Uganda Was a Death Sentence. The U.S. Border Was a Trap

English Learners Make Gains; Achievement Gap Persists For Missouri's Black Students

2020 US Senate Election- How many Republican US Sen. seats Democrats need to win to regain control?

Trump's G7 gambit isn't like his other emoluments problems (it's worse)

Walter Schaub is not msnbc talking about Trump giving the G7 summit to his resort

Robert Reich: Total student loan debt: $1.6 trillion

Halloween Is Coming #91

Halloween Is Coming #92

Halloween Is Coming #93

Halloween Is Coming #94

Halloween Is Coming #95

Florida Can't Block Former Felons From Voting

Pierce: Hillary Clinton Is More Than Qualified to Judge the Effectiveness of Foreign-Influenced Stra

Trump suffers rare international rebuke in a withering statement from multiple European countries

Letter from JFK to Khrushchev

Mapping 123 million neonatal, infant and child deaths between 2000 and 2017

Kamala Harris will be on Anderson Cooper's show tonight n/t