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Special Delivery

Former Top State Dept. Aide Tells Impeachment Investigators He Quit Over Ukraine

Candidate's Debate Speaking Time

The last time AOC endorsed someone in a high profile race...

Adam Smith Seems To Have A Rather Cavalier Attitude About Trump

US troops bombed their own anti-ISIS headquarters as Turkey-backed fighters closed in


New poll shows Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear in dead heat in Kentucky governor race

So, when will Tantrump turn on the rest of the GOPers?

'You'll Never Take Me Alive!' Shouts Giuliani Jumping Onto Chandelier And Falling 3 Stories

What National Boss Day Looks Like in Live and Living Color.....

Ret. general: Syria pullback looks like an open door to disaster.

Laurence Tribe/Dahlia Lithwick: How Many Times Could Donald Trump Be Impeached?

'Digital Welfare State, Automating Poverty,' Big Tech Allowed To Target, Punish The Poor: UN Rep

May I begin an appreciation post for Speaker Pelosi?

Trump's treatment of the Dunn family was reality TV spectacle at its most heartless (Opinion piece)

none of this is funny. it's dangerous for the world. it's life and death for allies.

Some Democratic candidates support Medicare for All.

Watch Live @ 8:41 pm ET: Rocket Lab Launching Electron Rocket

We need to get this fucking moron out of the Oval Office ASAP.

Pelosi now owns Trump Tower and Melania is her wife

Son of Ron Ely, Actor Who Played Tarzan, Kills His Mother and Is Fatally Shot by Deputies, Official

Trump's extraordinary letter to Turkey's Erdogan: 'Don't be a tough guy'

Biden: 'It's fascinating that the person who has a plan for everything has no plan for the

I have a funny feeling that the dinner for Italian President.....

WATCH: GOP Leader Flips Out On Reporter For Remembering Manafort

Elizabeth Warren: Failing the commander in chief test..Washington Post

Biden: Trump - what a delusional man...

Nancy should just tell Trump to find some place else to deliver his SOTU Address

Not that long ago...

Fort Worth shooting exposes police training failures

Rare, and unapologetic, bipartisan congressional rebuke for Trump on Syria

""So if Russia wants to get involved with Syria that's really up to them....


Halloween Is Coming #81

Halloween Is Coming #82

Halloween Is Coming #83

Halloween Is Coming #84

Halloween Is Coming #85

So was trump's response to Nancy: "I'm rubber...

Tulsi Gabbard didn't vote.

Trump moves the target from Syria border to all USA.

How Bernie won a prized endorsement from his hospital bed

Trump Claims That Everybody Owns Stocks: 'It's Not Just Rich People, It's All People'

Today:Matthew Shepherd's family calls out Barr on his hypocrisy during DOJ event for Hate Crime Law

Trump says abandoned Kurds are "no angels" Gen. Wes Clark

M$M: Jay Inslee @JayInslee Not one single question about the climate crisis.

"Omg did you just copy my mom's homework and tweet it?"

Giuliani Proudly Announces He'll Keep Breaking The Law For Trump

Post that picture of Speaker Pelosi standing

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

WaPo: Winners (Warren/Sander/Klobuchar) and losers (Booker/Steyer) from the Debate

Famous last words

Trump criticizes Pelosi and whines about impeachment in front of St. Louis Blues players

Kentucky is paying $270 million to kick people off Medicaid. Where's the dignity in that?

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show regarding Isis:

I laughed so hard I cried at Josh Marshal's twitter thread's comments...

MAJ Gabbards comment in the debate

The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades

I was just wondering. Doesn't Turkey produce a lot of heroin? And isn't heroin a component

Vox: 5 winners and 3 losers from the October Democratic presidential debate

Trump meltdown intensifies: "what is going on? @LouDobbs Joe D & Victoria T!"

Just when you think that Trump get any lower?

How long until Giuliani gets charged and arrested by SDNY?

Amy McGrath raised more than Mitch McConnell so far this year but still trails him overall

If the Conservatives finish first, but the Libs/NDP have more seats, will the later block

Senior DOJ Lawyer Donald Kempf Resigned Amid Misconduct Probe, Sources Confirm

Trump: "What has happened here with the Anthony Wiener laptop, the Server, all of the Emails..."

Today: Trump's lies about his 'green light' CORRUPTION with Turkish President

Trump turns Pelosi's 'meltdown' criticism around: 'She is a very sick person'

BREAKING: Trump behind entire Ukraine scheme according to Rick Perry

Sondland Spends $1 million taxpayer dollars on EU home renovation

Tweet of the Day


The Editorial Board - NYTimes: Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell and Questions of Conflict

Letterkenny, season 7, now on Hulu

Is there a pic up yet on internet with all the people at the table labeled? Could be interesting!

Where are the Dynamic Duo this week?

NY-12: Progressive challenger raises over 100k in less than two weeks.

Trump's Impeachment Nightmare: Meet The Witnesses Who Could Decide His Fate

25th Amendment, anyone?

NY-17: Chelsea Clinton rules out running for Congress in 2020

The moron's decision to pull US troops out of Syria was not just to benefit Putin and Erdogan...

Arizona-ASU is the most intense rivalry in sports, per study

Election 2019: Virginia Democrats see gush of cash ahead of Nov. 5 election; GOP up slightly

Trump Calls Mattis 'The World's Most Overrated General' In Meeting On Syria Hardball MSNBC

LOL! Warren campaign says she's looking for other revenue options for MFA, won't say what

Don Junior has words for Hunter Biden

"Hard to construct a better metaphor than the fact that we're now bombing our own military bases"

The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the tRump Chaos Trades...

OH-01: Rep. Steve Chabot's campaign spent $57K for 'unknown' purposes

Bonus Tweet of the Day

"THERE IS DEFINITE HANKY-PANKY GOING ON": the president's talk has made some traders billions

Election 2019: Early voting in Texas' constitutional amendment election starts Monday.

Did Pelosi just make a major strategic move against Trump?


WTF is wrong with Mitch McConnell?

Feeling Good --- Nina Simone -vs- Michael Buble

Fourth person indicted in Giuliani mess. Wait, who was the 3rd?

Fearless Girl vs bull. Fearless Woman vs bully. Just me, really?!1

Does anyone remember this?

Monarch butterfly receives life-saving wing transplant

I love me some Lawrence O'Donell

Why Bevin's and Beshear's botched seizure of Grimes' computer is so troubling

190 lb mastiff got exhausted on hike. had to be carried back

Everyone - Especially Congress - Needs to pause - Take a deep breath - and ponder what just happened

Original, unretouched photo of Pelosi schooling Trump released

Trump's visit cost Louisville $9,000. He hasn't paid it back, and he's not the only one

Treating Alzheimer's with ultrasound

Sondland asked Ukrainians during private White House talk about gas firm linked to Hunter Biden

A GOP Congressman engaged to a Pence aide: Wow-We bombed our own base on purpose because of Trump

Patrick Day dies of brain injuries 4 days after knockout

So now Erdogan has declined to meet with Pence, Pompeo?

According to some

Who else watched Rachel's interview with Ken McCallion?

father featured on From Netflix's 'Living Undocumented' deported within days of it airing

Joe Biden, Bleeding Cash, Spent Nearly $1 Million on Private Jets

Maybe I'm just colorblind, but here's how I saw the photo

Texas A&M System employees were asked to teach office pet birds to say "howdy." It didn't go well.

"All roads lead to Putin." -- Speaker of the House Pelosi

Here's what could happen to Giuliani and others who defy congressional subpoenas

Julian Castro raised $3.5 million in third quarter, but his cash on hand dipped to less than $700K

How immature is Trump (his latest tweet)

Iowa Man to Florida Man - hold my beer

Can somebody give me the link to the private non partisan study that the

Well folks! It has a been a day filled with sad world affrairs.

Why tell Erdagon not to be a "tough guy"

Texas Tribune joining forces with ProPublica to investigate Texas -- and spending more than $8.5M

The 'Public Option' on Health Care Is a Poison Pill

Steve Sack FTW

Today is the 1,000th day of the tRump regime.

Big Kendzior fan

Beto finishes debate with highest Unfavorable rating 25.7%

OMGAWD.....remember Paula Deen??? She's hawking jewelry on a

Nancy Pelosi just made The Picture her twitter header pic...

Speaker at DOJ hate crimes event directly rebukes Attorney General William Barr

Signs are going up in black and white with no conservative blue or

Former Insurance CEO describes market failure of the private insurance model

Does anyone, anywhere, have confidence that if another serious, worse crisis

USA Today will reportedly phase out its print edition

Let's all change our Twitter profile header to

Yep, He said that.

US and Canada have lost 2.9 billion birds since 1970, study says

Not exactly a mic drop

Calls for Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen's resignation are limited -- but growing -- as his party

Hundreds of Migrating Birds Crash Into NASCAR Hall of Fame with 97 of Them Dying

"There Is Definite Hanky-Panky Going On": Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades

Bernie last night...

Sondland story collapses

PNHP: Financing single-payer national health insurance: Myths and facts

When the New Founding Fathers go on national TV during halftime Monday Night...

Plastic company set to pay $50M settlement in water pollution suit brought on by Texas residents

IQ45's Letter to Erdogan in a Star Wars crawl

Former CIA director and former CIA/NSA director

Go-eun gayageum duo- Shape of You (cover)

Amy Klobuchar killing it

Southern Baptists of Texas gathering scheduled for Odessa

VA-02, VA-07, VA-10: Virginia congresswomen each raise more than $1 million going into 2020

Just to recap: the Speaker of the House just stood up to the President, and called him

Trump rally in Dallas: What to know about the Oath Keepers militia group

Brian Williams is closing with a "First 1000 Days" gag reel of Trump's worst moments...

Gordon Sondland faces criticism over $1 million taxpayer-funded home renovation

Watch CNN's Tapper and MSNBC's Wallace's Stunning Live Reactions to Trump's Turkey Letter

The Code of Capital - How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality

Chicago teachers to strike amid no contract deal

In closed door meeting. Texas GOP express anxieties about 2020.

They've got no margin for error': Biden cash crunch raises alarms

graphic warning!

In response to a buddy about Antifa wanting a Classless free society

Big 12 fines, reprimands Tech athletics director Hocutt

Good Night, DU!

Wow. Lawrence O'Donnell on Pelosi standing up to Trump today -- and that photo

"To lack humor is almost inhuman. Trump's idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult,"

A Ban On Public Camping Would Return Under A Proposal Up This Week At Austin City Council.

Trumpy cant sleep he is tweeting right now

5 Facts You May Find Interesting

University evacuates campus after bomb threat Message leads to lockdown, patrol

Frightening tweet

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump Has Lied 13,000 Times as President

The Daily Show: Nepotism In & Around The White House

Jimmy Kimmel Live: 12 Democrats Angrily Agree with Each Other

Lis Smith: Buttigieg campaign not going negative - August, 29

Camilo: 'Concerto for Piano and Orchestra'-1,2,3/Torke: 'Winter's Tale' and 'West'/Larsen: 'Trio'

The Smithsonian exhibit of Nancy Pelosi's most iconic moments is gonna be lit.

Newlyweds Ask For Donations To Local Animal Shelter Instead Of Wedding Presents

Myke Cole stages a dramatic reading of trump's letter:

Study shows ancient Mayas had greater environmental impacts than previously believed

Study shows ancient Mayas had greater environmental impacts than previously believed

2018: Obama calls Medicare for all, a "good idea"

Sen. Klobuchar Used My Line (Posted on DU) in the debate


In a room full of men, she has the power.

In a room full of men, she has the power.

Pelosi publicly humiliates Trump with brilliant move

Pelosi dominates Trump!

Harry Dunn crash: Trump 'pressed bereaved parents to meet killer driver Anne Sacoolas'

Union: 30,000 AT&T workers could lose jobs or pay under activist's plan

Here's tonight's two photos.

Matthew Shepard's parents assail AGBarr's "hypocrisy"

Wendy Davis outraises Chip Roy in 3rd quarter

This is what we were like when the Ukraine thing broke and we knew we had him:

Lone Star Project Founder and Director Matt Angle Statement on Release of Audio Tape of Speaker

Hundreds of Migrating Birds Crash Into NASCAR Hall of Fame with 97 of Them Dying

Graffiti covers Democratic Party of Oregon office in NE Portland where known activist was killed

This letter from Trump to the president of Turkey is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life

WELL .... Donald Rump is a third-rate reality tv host. That is it. He is nothing more.

John Henry Newman has been canonized. How will church react to belief he was gay??

Trump 'Doesn't Know What He's Doing Or Talking About' - Brett McGurk - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Two petitions to recall Gov. Kate Brown fall short

Indian scam-caller threatens to call police on police-officer refusing to give personal information.

Oregon Labor Unions Vow Retribution Against Some Democrats

Your change to vote now: who won this encounter: Nancy or the Orange One?

Elizabeth Warren is running one of the best campaigns for the Democratic nomination ever

PBS: Traditional native foods are the key ingredient in the Sioux Chef's healthy cooking.

Breathtaking view of Io, Europa and Jupiter captured by Cassini spacecraft

Portland Police Officers Work Overtime for Private Employers--Sometimes Over the Objections of Bureau

Investors continue fleeing Camas firm after Ken Fisher's sexist comments

Any rallies planned for 11/3, 1 year out from Election Day?

Trump picks Colorado Springs author of Illuminati books for education board

Elijah Cummings has just died......

Elijah Cummings dead: Congressman key to Donald Trump impeachment dies aged 68

Elijah Cummings, esteemed longtime Baltimore congressman, has died at 68

DUP says it cannot support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

Elijah Cummings has died



East Bay water district considers buying giant cattle ranch that straddles four counties

My heart breaks when I think of how Rep. Cummings had to spend some of

The world is staring at Trump, mouth agape

Family Circle, a pillar of women's magazines, will shut down after 87 years

Los Angeles Times reaches historic agreement with its newsroom union

83-year-old might get kicked out of apartment for taking too many cookies, other violations

Erdogan threw Trump's letter in the trash... literally, per BBC

Elijah Cummings officiated at the wedding of Joe and Mica

How Bernie Sanders scored a coup and won the backing of Ocasio-Cortez and Omar

Christine Pelosi claps backs marvellously

Mika barely holding it together on MSNBC.

Elijah Cummings' closing remarks at Cohen hearing

Breakfast Thursday 17 October 2019

Senator Sanders: Support for Medicare for All Keeps Rising

The Fight for College for All

Criticism hounds Gov. Gavin Newsom over his plans for California gas tax dollars

Every Woman Knows

Text of new Brexit agreement published.

Turkish president Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin'

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees: October 16, 2019

"When we're dancing with the angels, the question we'll be asked..."

Barnier confirms DUP has lost its veto over whether new Northern Ireland arrangements come into forc

** Domain to Go On Sale, Who Will Be the New Owner?

Anaheim Union High School District Settles Kennedy High School Sex Abuse Case for $7.9 Million

Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings Dies At 68

See this picture? Aunt Crabby sez... "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth"

RIP Baltimore US Representative Elijah Cummings.

Elijah Cummings' statement to the press after Michael Cohen hearings

Two Waterbird techniques

J Street CONFIRMED: Bernie Sanders will be joining our National Conference in DC OCT 28

Democrat calls on Google to stop funding climate crisis deniers

John Lithgow on Trump. (and he gets it)...

New: Trump said several times in mtg he wasn't concerned about terrorists 7,000 miles away, BUT...

Congressman Cummings: "We've got to guard this moment...this is our watch."

"That Letter" as a Star Wars Crawl

Kremlin questions language of 'unusual' Trump letter to Erdogan

Anthony Scaramucci Predicts 20+ Senate Republicans Are About To Turn On Trump

They are English Nationalists who care not a jot for the Kingdom, BoJo's 'deal' makes it obvious.

Sen. Sanders is speaking 10/26 at 3pm at Second Step Presidential Justice Forum SC

Pre-Debate Poll Averages--2 versions, both more or less Biden 29, Warren 24, Sanders 15

Medicare for All will boost pay and benefits for workers across this country.

David Rothkopf: "...president's mental health is a national crisis-time to start treating it as one"

Grover "the Grouch" Norquist

2020 US Senate Election based on Trump's Approval Ratings.

New Yorker: Pete Buttigieg Talks Impeachment Health Care and the Political Spectrum

200,000 customers are without power here in Maine right now (half the state)

Why is M4A necessary to reduce healthcare costs?

Textbook vandalism

A CSPAN snip of Congressman Cummings 1st floor speech

Thursday TOONs - The Fall

County wipes clean $3.4M in inmate debt, County Council eliminated six jail fees in late August

Does Trump Realize the Trouble He's In?

OK Western and North Florida DUers - please pay attention

Elijah Cummings' Widow Pays Tribute to Her Husband: 'He Worked Until His Last Breath'

Memory eternal, Rep. Elijah Cummings

China detains 2 US citizens who ran teaching program

Who wore it better?

Its debatable..

"I am a member of the Congress of the United States of America. I am tired of this."

Erdogan Threw Trump's Bizarre 'Tough Guy' Letter in the Trash, Says Report

BBC: "President Erdogan received the letter, thoroughly rejected it and put it in the bin."

"And with that, this meeting is adjourned."

Drone swarm/light show (Intel)

Lucky Ducky

Startled Marmot and a Fox Lead the Way at Wildlife Photography Awards

Joe Scarborough on Elijah Cummings:

Sandy Hook father awarded $450,000 after suing conspiracy theorist

Pelosi Picture Just Latest In Trump's Optics Snafus

Oklahoma judge miscalculated how much Johnson & Johnson would pay for the state's opioid crisis

Oklahoma judge miscalculated how much Johnson & Johnson would pay for the state's opioid crisis

Will Representative Cummings' district have a special election

Hong Kong leader's policy address abandoned as lawmakers say she has 'blood on her hands' over prote

Does this make Norton the most senior Democrat on Oversight & Reform?


Jonathan Capehart: Man theatening to jump in DC

Erdogan, Pence meeting. NO ONE is happy

Taco Bell sued by NJ couple over $2.18 dispute.

Trump History Report...Bleah

Google exec: Nest owners should warn guests their conversations are being recorded

He did not write this.

Kaiser's biggest union, representing 57,000 California workers, ratifies four-year contract

Putin Sacks Russia's Chief Meteorologist; No Official Reason, But May Be Blamed For Extreme Flooding

Stop calling it Medicare for All and we will see a serious decrease in "attacks"

Joe Conason: A Mighty Voice: Elijah Cummings, 1951-2019

😃🇺🇸🍝☀️❗️And your favorite pasta is?

The Kremlin twists the knife on collapse of US/Turkey relationship, mocks Trump/Erdogan "letter".

iphone photography: "bullet hole" and takeoff at sun set

Prop 4: Ban on a State Income Tax Really a Stealth Move to Undermine the State's Business Tax?

Welcome To America's Next Destination City In The Century Of Heat - Duluth, MN

Donald Trump lives in fear that foreign leaders are laughing at him....

Here's the list of the 60 GOP House members. . .

Trump put on quite a show yesterday. Called the Italian pres "President Mozzarella"

Reminder. Gordon Sondland today

Trump keeps pressure on Republican senators as impeachment threatens

Things Aren't Getting Better for 2020's Most Vulnerable Senate Republicans

Vanity Fair: The fantastically profitable mystery of the Trump chaos trades

I'm so goddamned sick of Trump's "Peter Strzok and his lover, two great lovers" bullshit

Exxon's NY Civil Trial Hinges On Defrauding Investors By Manipulating 2 Sets Of Climate "Books"

"This is bigger than Trump. This is about the soul of our Democracy"

'No Quid Pro Quo': How US Legalized Corruption Long Before Trump

GOP joins Democrats in opposing Trump Syrian resolution

Can Canned Heat go bad?

"man walking with Sondland puts his hands on Geoff Bennett (NBC)" Updated w/ video

Morning Joe had some woman on warning that all the women

API: US "Leading The World" In GHG Cuts; Reality; Emissions Up 3.4% In 2018; More Fresh Lies On Tap

Professor Trump teaches world history

Brexit: MPs face choice between PM's deal and no deal after Juncker rules out further extension

Prepare yourself now.

October 17 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mike Quigley (D) IL-5th

Sondland: Rudy Giuliani, far from freelancing, was advancing Trump's goals.

Ernst in trouble in Iowa

October 17 - Happy Birthday Rep. Cheri Bustos (D) IL-17th

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) -- Dead or Alive -vs- Jimmy Fallon/Paul Rudd

Question. I have an asparagus fern that I brought inside last week.

MSNBC is discussing the prepared testimony Sondland will be delivering today.

October 17 - Happy Birthday Senator Martin Heinrich (D) NM

$1 million renovation of his government-provided residence, paid for with taxpayer money

Cenk Corners Biden Team on Student Debt

BREAKING NEWS: Another big day in impeachment inquiry.

Donald J. Trump was proud of his grammar school level letter to Erdogan.

Ambassador says Trump directed diplomats to work with Giuliani on Ukraine

DT tweeted a photo of Nancy Pelosi's "unhinged meltdown!" And she made it her cover photo.

Why Shep Smith No Longer Works at Fox News

Here's a safe bet

Dem Debate #4: Winners & Losers

This is dedicated to the resident of the White House

Elijah Cummings, a man of character, wisdom and pride.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The ridiculousness of the right wing male...

The reason VP Biden is the best choice.. he knows what is at stake.. his speech yesterday

No Nuke Left Behind!

Nancy Pelosi w/donald trump:

GIULIANI! (Here He Goes Again) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Nice work, numb nuts.

The blow to America's standing in the Middle East was sudden and unexpectedly swift

The House Should Entitle It "The Elijah Cummings Commemorative Articles of Impeachment"

Stephanie Kelton: ''Medicare-for-All actually works like a tax cut''

Ashley Parker why do you say the President and follow it up with Nancy Pelosi

Angry commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off trains during London travel disruption

Iowa Democratic Party to Propose Updated Delegate Selection Plan for 2020 Iowa Caucuses

Following death of Chairman Cummings, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, NY, will now be acting Oversight Chair

(which presumably means the Attorney General fed her these details after he returned from Italy)


Kurdish commander: Trump approved deal with Russia, Damascus

Giuliani's ukrainian associate Lev Parnas pointed a gun at his landlord and threatened to kill him.

It was the President of the United States who directed everyone to go through noun/verb/9/11

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, "I loved him deeply and will miss him dearly."

we are executing emergency "break glass" evacuation procedure reserved for an extreme worst-case sce

Headsup - Speaker Pelosi will be speaking in a few minutes

British family deported after saying they accidentally crossed US border

Pence/Erdogan Meeting - Maybe A Set-Up?.......

Trump - an AP English teacher corrected your letter and made suggestions for improvement.

And would you like a nice Chianti with your baleen?

Sondland's opening statement

10:00 a.m.: Ken Cuccinelli and Matthew Albence Testify Before House Oversight Subcommittee

The Speaker has ordered Capitol flags to be lowered to half-staff in tribute to a sharecropper's son

MSNBC NOW: Pence Erdogan meeting just breaks up

Nancy Pelosi's Shade Game

Day 1,000: Trump unbound, unfiltered

Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free

WV billionaire Gov. Justice's family farms received $125,000 from federal trade-war subsidies

"You don't want to get me mad!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

Yah, sure, Honey I'd love to go mall shopping with you

State Sen. Kai Kahele criticizes Tulsi Gabbard for missing House vote on Syria

And would you like to have a nice Chianti with your baleen?

The closed doors depositions of State Department folks was brilliant

People better start commenting

The Rundown: October 16, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 10/16/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/16/2019

Labour denounces the deal and calls for a public vote.

How it really went down in the cabinet room yesterday:

The Rude Pundit: The Madman and the Turks

Trumpkins World is Falling Down, Cause he's Shady

A Found Poem by DT

A Fraud Guarantee investor is wondering what happened to his money.

The big lie at the core of Trump's ugly meltdown at Pelosi

Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

Grieving Family Reveals Trump 'Henchmen' Were 'Snarling' to Pressure Them Into Meeting Son's Killer

Things Aren't Getting Better for 2020's Most Vulnerable Senate Republicans

Please God, spare us a photo of Trump on horseback!

I think the local trash collection employee might be a trump*ster.

Democrats donated more than $700 million in 2019 through ActBlue

Kitten Rescue Sanctuary LIVE in Los Angeles courtesy of @exploreorg

Watch Elijah Cummings' First Congressional Floor Speech: I Only Have a Minute... But Eternity is In It

30 Years Ago Today; Loma Prieta earthquake rattles CA

A silent thread for Elijah Cummings.

Past three months in Afghanistan have been the deadliest for civilians in a decade

probably the most disingenuous tweet ever from the orange bloat (Rump on Cummings)

A good question to push on Trump!

Here's 1 hadn't heard "Is it too close to an election to impeach?"

Torture Memo dude John Yoo

The Last Supper

Barney Kessel was born on this date-

50 shot bet - $1,000 and all not that bright

Twilight Zone: Trump is the ventriloquist who goes mad and becomes his dummy.

Scotty Bowers, sexual procurer for Hollywood's closeted stars, dies at 96

Biden's tweet and statement on Elijah Cummings' passing

Watch This Tiny, Fuzzy Bat Grow Up to Be a Muscleman

Viewing figures from the last debate

I remember a time when a US President's letter would not be thrown in the trash

CNN's Harry Enten: Endorsements & polling more predictive of primary outcomes than money

Trump calls Cummings 'highly respected political leader' after congressman's death

Dramatic reading of 45's letter, co-starring cat as Erdogan

Is labelling him an autocrat too complimentary?

Warren overtakes Biden in CNN rankings

Nancy Pelosi's comment re. Cabinet Room photo

Historians demolish John Yoo for claim Founding Fathers wouldn't want Trump impeached in an election

New California law bans 'no-rehire' clauses after worker lawsuits

Rep. Cummings's stand against Trump wasn't separate from his work for his constituents.

Every Woman Noticed That Infuriating Elizabeth Warren/Joe Biden Debate Moment

President OBAMA statement on @RepCummings

Festivities underway in advance of Dallas' dueling Trump-Beto rallies

Festivities underway in advance of Dallas' dueling Trump-Beto rallies

Updated White House schedule now includes this, which should be, uh, interesting: Press Briefing...

Trump's EU ambassador is using the 'Don Jr. defense' of being too dumb to break the law: national se

Homemade breakfast sausage recipe!


Here's why Sondland's testimony is devastating to Trump -- whether he wants it to be or not

There Is No Jennifer at This Number, Dammit!

Bracing. All I can say is Trump better keep Cummings's name out of his damned mouth

"Trump totally unfit and increasingly unstable"

California middle, high school students are going to get later start times? Workers should, too.

Did I Hear A Toilet Flushing On Andrea Mitchell's.....

"At that moment I was probably saying 'All Roads Lead to Putin'": Pelosi explains the picture.

Sondland is throwing Giuliani... and Trump... under the bus

Rep. Hunter votes against condemning Trump on Syria, saying 'You kick ass and you leave'

Dotard's *real" letter to Erdogan:

Agree with Tribe not Abramson. Trump has committed treason more than once.

100-year-old WWII veteran says thinking about Brexit makes him 'want to cry'

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts: 10-16-2019

New IRA says "Good Friday agreement is dead" and any Irish border is "legitimate target for attack"

Otsukaresama desu - The magic word in Japanese

More impeachment depositions next week, including:

Otsukaresama desu - The magic word in Japanese

Facebook donates $25 million to build Bay Area teacher housing

Moscow Mitch to have Senate take up resolution condemning Trump's withdrawal from Syria

I figured the far-right nutjobs would be at it before noon...

Impeach Donald Trump billboard pops up in SF's Fisherman's Wharf


Trump Donor Gordon Sondland Claims He Was 'Disappointed' By President's Ukraine Dealings

When the time comes, I hope Rep. Cummings's widow and partner Dr. Maya Rockeymore runs for his seat

Venezuela given seat on UN Human Rights Council

Venezuela given seat on UN Human Rights Council

Has the EU really ruled out another Article 50 extension?

New B+ rated Iowa poll, Warren & Biden (23) tied, Pete (16) passes Bernie (13) for 3rd, Yang (5) 5th

They must be completely defeated. No making nice. No reaching across the aisle. No mercy.

CBS News poll: Most Americans favor a national health plan

You know the meal was good when there's no leftovers

E.P.A. Bypassed Its West Coast Team as a Feud With California Escalated

BREAKING: The G7 will be held at Trump National Doral, the president's property in Florida.

Texts With Howard Dean: Elizabeth Warren Needs To "Hang Tough" And "Get Used To" The New Pressure

Former Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu launches CBD brand

Warren Left $30 Trillion Short of Paying for Her Health Plan

For the book, Presidential Quotes": "I captured Isis in a month"

Do blue jays have a peanut sensor in their brains?

Japanese phrases you can use (Phrases I have accumulated over the years.)

Trump has awarded next year's G-7 summit of world leaders to his Miami-area resort

Biden's Campaign Is Short on Cash When It Needs It the Most

Oklahoma judge miscalculated how much Johnson & Johnson would pay for the state's opioid crisis

Meltdown? Nancy Pelosi teases Trump after he posts picture of confrontational White House meeting.

G7 to be held at Trump resort in Miami, next year!

Japanese phrases you can use (Phrases I have accumulated over the years.)

They are abusing the emoluments clause in real time, live on tv.

Americans becoming less Christian as over a quarter follow no religion

'Hanky-panky?' Traders pocket 'stunning' profits after Trump's comments on trade talks goose the sto

Senate to try to override Trump emergency declaration veto Thursday

Trump side-gig

Mulvaney: G7 will be held at Trump's golf course, insists Trump "will not personally profit"

This is madness Mulvaney -Congress approved that money for Ukraine

Mulvaney sure is a fast talker. If he asks for change for a 20, close the cash drawer.

And in OTHER G7 news, Mulvaney says climate change WILL NOT be discussed next year.

Trump's Syria letter reportedly made Erdogan so angry, he threw it in the trash

New defense from Mulvaney - there was a quid pro quo, and it was fine

...from 2007 to 2017, the number of suicides ... ages 10 to 24 ... increased 56 percent ...

Bill O'Reilly said he doubts mom works 4 jobs. She says he 'doesn't have a clue'

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not know where that hand has been.

World leaders beware! Every "villa" at trump's Doral resort will likely have spy equipment

Trump will host G7 summit next year at one of his own properties

Military Exchanges Ban All Vape Sales

No words

Sen Warren is cut from the same cloth as Speaker Pelosi.

New Emerson IOWA poll has Sanders 4th in primary race, but the only Dem beating Trump in GE

New Brexit deal has been reached, E.U. and U.K. leaders say

Anyone else think all that's going down is the result of Putin calling in his markers?

Pelosi has last laugh after Trump posts pics of contentious meeting

Dem senator gives blow-by-blow account of Trump's meltdown

Manic Mouth Mulvaney-Sheesh!

Democrats prepare to block GOP-backed resolution to censure Schiff as another key witness testifies

Trump was embarrassed yesterday, so....

Obama endorses embattled PM Trudeau in Canadian election

The world's birds are in big trouble

caption Trump photo

Really Mulvany?

Cartoons 10/17/19

Mulvaney: Trump is "the most recognizable name in English language, probably the world"

I Spent 15 Years Servicing The Country Club And Golf Course Industry.

So, Trump said ...

Trump tweet: Thank you to @RTErdogan. Millions of lives will be saved! -Pence announces cease fire

So, if Trump gets a "cease fire", what did he promise Erdogan?

Now we have pious pence and pompous pompeo giving a press conference

OMG Pence is framing this takeover as a cease fire.

Oh FFS pence

Adam Schiff...

Big Cats and Fall Boxes!

Mulvaney said U.S. military aid for Ukraine was held up pending Ukraine's investigation of Democrats

'The centrist, Midwestern candidates went after Warren with a vengeance'

Was anyone else bothered by Biden's "clipping coupons in the stock market" line?

120 hours to get our troops out.

So they've taken Ukraine off the table for a few minutes

G-7 Meeting next year? Why announce it today?

Please K & R Adam Schiff's wise and kind words about Rep. Cummings thank you

Zuckerberg says in interview he fears "erosion of truth," defends allowing politicians to lie in ads

Puppet to the king...

The Nevada Caucus: The Basics

Jennifer Griffin: "We have not heard from SDF (YPG) leaders. Have they accepted this deal."


G-7 Summit To Be Held At Trump's Miami Golf Resort

Erdogan says...

The Nevada Caucus: Caucus Day

CORRUPTION ALERT: next years G-7 to be at Trumps golf course.

Rachel Maddow: "that's a "deal" like being mugged is a deal."

Who is fading?

Lawmakers prepping punishment for Tucson if voters approve sanctuary city law

My heart breaks for the nation and Rep. Cummings, but also for his staff and colleagues

White House admits to crime on cable 📺...and adds to the emoluments case

Rachel Maddow...

U.S., Turkey agree to 5-day ceasefire in Syria, Pence says, to let Kurds withdraw after U.S. pullout

Just how stupid do they think we are? Pence is up there...

A phony call away!

Now he wants to take free school lunches away from a million hungry children...

How Can a Star Be Older Than the Universe?

Wonder how our allies are looking at this betrayal thru selling out to Putin and Erdogan?

So now turks will dig in

In short

Barr to the rescue...NOT

Do tell.

Behind Closed Doors

The Con is not a fan of foreign aid...NoShit...

Trump: "This is a great day for civilization. I am proud of the United States for sticking by me"

Turkey/Syria/Putin got exactly what they wanted

But of course he did: "Paul blocks Senate vote on House-passed Syria resolution"

Wow! Erdogan threw Trump' sletter in the trash!

Shine a light on the tactics and not just on what's being said.

Trump: "Erdogan is a hell of a leader."

Republicans starting to wake up to the mad king...

About Trump's failing Doral Resort (the bedbug capital of the world):

He is super orange today and batshit crazy. That chat with reporters

Trump: "The Kurds are happy. Turkey is happy. The US is happy. Civilization is very happy."

Russia says it is starting to resume U.S. cyber cooperation: TASS

About the e-mails....

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to hold G-1 summit of leading economic power, at Pyongyang

TRUMP vs CUMMINGS (content of character)

Wo-He-Lo!! Any one here?

Rand is owned...

Russia says it is starting to resume U.S. cyber cooperation: TASS.

Real Clear Politics polling averages

Did tRump just claim that pulling troops out was a part of his grand plan?

Turkey says it's not a ceasefire...

Hey, Pence (putz). Turkey is not calling it a cease fire.

RIP Elijah Cummings

Had Congressman Cummings retired a year or two ago, he'd surely still be alive

538: The Fourth Democratic Debate In 6 Charts

WaPo: Who was in the White House photo of the 'meltdown' meeting, annotated

R.I.P. Elijah Cummings...

I'm sorry, come again?

Contrived obstruction much?

Richard Engel: ..."Tonight they were sold out by Trump..."

For those of you keeping score at home today, Trump and his administration have openly admitted to:

Hai,-sodesu! totemo!!

Republicans block Senate vote on resolution condemning Trump's decision on Syria

Nancy Pelosi is now using the photograph that trump released on her twitter home page:

How Beto O'Rourke became a conservative boogeyman

How Beto O'Rourke became a conservative boogeyman

At least 7 more people told the Vatican they were sexually abused as boys by Theodore McCarrick, acc

He may become the first potus to be arrested in office.

Talking Taxes

Alicia Alonso, the grande dame of Cuban ballet, has died

Trump picks Illuminati author / Newsmax writer / Trump donor for Education Board

AZ-01: Curt Schilling decides against running for Congress in Arizona

What Democrats Lost With Elijah Cummings' Death

I hope that Trump doesn't trash Congressman Cumming at tonight's rally?

So what did the Kurds agree to? Were they even

No confidence vote, delay shake up University of Alaska

Dizzy Dean told a young Jack Buck - It ain't bragging if ya can back it up

Ambassador Sondland Throws Trump Under the Bus

Today's "Notes to" (various peeps) :

Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors

What other illegal activity is the Trump administration hiding on secret servers?

GOP lawmakers call Pelosi's walkout "unbecoming"

Trump's Underage Rape Allegation, Book Alleges

Brexit deal lasted 4 minutes...!

It must be a sign of the apocalypse coming

Romney: Are we so weak and inept that turkey forced the hand of the United States?

What did Romney just say? I missed it. I gather he's not kissing ass?

From one mad king to another...he's a friend of mine

Where does trump and republicans think the Kurds should go?

Will Trump pull a Jimmy Swaggart ?

The vulture swoops in to pick the flesh off the mad king...

MRG Michigan Poll: Peters and James Show Close Race in US Senate Bid

HOW does he get away with this????

Experts calling what Trump gave Turkey a total capitulation

Nearer, my God, to thee...

Missing Dog Found 12 Years Later, and 1,000 Miles Away

In Iowa, Biden calls Trump a 'complete failure' as Commander-in-Chief

LOVE THIS!!! Nothing amazing ever happens here.

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Warren Soars, Blows to Bernie and Biden...and an Opening for Pete?

5 days was a Putin directive....

Come, Elijah. Your work here is done.

Jay Sekulow: "Legal team was not involved in Mulvaney's press briefing"

A snr US military official asked if ceasefire will hold, "I don't believe it." "no diplomatic coup"

Republicans new plot seems to be to throw Ghouliani under the bus

GOP colleague assails Lindsey Graham's sign-on letter to acquit Trump as 'dumbest' idea ever

Question: "Is President Erdogan still coming next month to the White House?"

Warren says hosting G-7 at Trump resort 'is corruption, plain and simple'

CNBC: Mulvaney Admits to Money For Ukraine Being Held Up !!!

Barr spotted in DC running (fast walking) for the bunker...

Just once I wish that when Donnie Shit for Brains

Like you, I wondered where the term, "throw under the bus" came from?

Mulvaney will be gone


this statement by Donald Jr. against Hunter Biden is making heads explode

Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies

I had my driver's test yesterday and got eight out of ten. The other two

Kurds reject the deal...

Adam Schiff....'Things just went from very, very bad, to much worse'

I have a dog that gives me unconditional love and a cat that reminds me that I

Revealed: rightwing push to ban criticism of Israel on US campuses

GM deal with UAW includes closing three US plants, $11,000 'ratification' bonuses

Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free

War is ongoing in Sere Kaniye, with warplanes, drones and ground assault from East and West.

When republicans do it, it's not illegal...Barr whispers to Bush/The Bigly Con

"As a respected attorney, I'm sure you understand how the free press works, Sir!"

Where will next year's G-6 summit be held?

Nice work Pence, give us your land or die

My wife says the boog the chocolate lab is my Rudy

Romney slams ceasefire deal, calls Trump's Syria move 'a bloodstain' in US history

Mulvaney: "Get over it," he said. "There's going to be political influence in foreign policy."

I just checked the map of That Part of Miami

You raised $585.00 on October 16, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

So if the Senate votes to remove T-Rump does he go quietly?

He wasn't named Elijah for nothing....

Half the bird species in NM at risk of extinction

SDF general commander Mazlum Abdi spoke now on local TV

Damn! Wasn't too familiar with Mulvaney until today

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 17, 2019

Vox: Trump's "Nervous Nancy" tweet shows his problem with powerful women

That damned bus is going to need some new tires, and ...

Rick Perry gives letter of Resignation to White House

Refereeing Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren on Public Support for Medicare for All

Conan Goes Apple Picking With a Special Guest

Dunleavy draws both protests and applause at Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention

The Devoted Friend by Oscar Wilde (1888)

Mulvaney: More evidence Treason and Climate Denial seem to go together

Mulvaney spotted entering local drinking establishment

People Seeds as a diet snack.

Walter Shaub: "participating in a contract award to yourself is different by orders of magnitude"

This week 38 years ago, October was released

DOJ throws stink-eye at Mick "Get Over It" Mulvaney..."that is news to us" #CircularFiringSquad

Beto O'Rourke Responds to Chicago teachers strike

Beto O'Rourke Responds to Chicago teachers strike

Trump Thinks He Bought America The Daily Show

The Kurds are accusing Turkey of using banned weapons

Tremendous: L. Tribe's coauthor of "THE" book on impeachment, Joshua Matz joins House legal teams

Trumpus orangus: "The Kurds along the Turkish border- they had to have it cleaned out."

Even Fox Admits Trump Is Violating Emoluments Clause By Holding G7 At His Golf Club

'It Is Really Sad': Sanders Rips Biden for Deploying Insurance Industry Talking Points Against

Morning, Pete Buttigieg

Oh no. Joe compares Bernie and Elizabeth to Trump on M4A.

Adm McRaven: Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President

How Melissa Benoist Got Ripped For Supergirl

Rand Paul just blocked a vote to condemn President Donald Trump's withdrawal of troops in Syria

Tiedrich: tell me again how a bunch of lifelong Republicans in the FBI colluded with Russia

Down to 1 amigo ....Rick comes tumbling down

NEWS: Sanders Statement on Biden Using Health Care Industry Talking Points

Romney is ready...

Insanity Hannity calls Mulvaney dumb

Question about G-7 summit at Doral

Facts about troop strength in the Middle East...

The real forces behind rising sea levels

"Mulvaney" is trending at #1 (even Sean Hannity is displeased, oh noes):

Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

2020 Iowa Head to Heads: Sanders 51% - Trump 49%

Elijah Cummings 'signed subpoenas from his hospital bed' for Trump impeachment before his death

New: prosecutor in Giuliani associates case tells judge that the government intends to produce "fair

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, 1 of the '3 amigos' on Ukraine, resigns

Al Franken Gets Frustrated Watching Senate Hearings - CONAN on TBS

Florida man jumps in swimming pool to remove nearly 9-foot gator

so if the same group of dead-enders are following trump from rally to rally doesn't that mean

"I want to thank the Kurds"?

After the so-called cease fire , Trump said the Kurds were happy.

Terrifying NEW Monster REVEALED! - Godzilla VS Kong NEWS

*Morning Consult* Post-Debate Poll: Biden 31% (-1), Warren 21% (-), Sanders 18% (-1), Harris 7% (+1)

Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President.


Mick Mulvaney just told House investigators everything they need to know about Trump and Ukraine

Even Andrea (But her emails) Mitchell is outraged!

Andrew Yang's 10-Hour Q&A Friday

"White Out: The Unrelenting Quest to Erase Kamala Harris"

Andrew Yang's 10-Hour Q&A Friday

for info, re: congressional succession

Rep. Elijah Cummings' Amazing Life In Photos And Videos

Elijah Cummings 'signed subpoenas from his hospital bed' for Trump impeachment before his death

man the smugness of Sondland

On M4A, I'd rather that be my starting point in the long fight than...

2 down, 18 to go

Our Mad king says 'strategically brilliant'...while we blow up our own bunkers

Retired Vice Admiral Mike Franken getting any traction in Iowa's US Senate race?

You realize there is a genocide coming, right?

Insane Tweet of the Day

Toxic levels of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals found in baby food!

'Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President'

How many do you reckon are on career suicide watch???

Trump adviser said Mulvaney did "far more damage" than Sondland's testimony.

Slate "Trump's G-7 Self-Deal Should End His Presidency"

rump is the human manifestation of the Wizard of Oz

Info needed about G7: can't they change their minds about location & host?

Pelosi and Schiff use the word 'sane' referring to our mad king...

Mulvaney, Mnuchin, Pompeo, Pence, on and on - you have to scrape the swamp pretty deep

2 Questions Answered. Case Closed.

ANOTHER child abuse scandal at Chandler's The Village Church Ft Worth!!

Muslim families were denied NYC ferry ride for phony "security" concerns

Mulvaney tries walking backwards...everyone else watching video

A letter to Kurdish soldiers from a US military wife

What is the policy in filling vacant US Senate seats in MD?

The day that shook the White House.

I don't think Ari Melber finished shaving

"Donald Trump did not shoot someone on 5th Avenue"

"Yeah so I broke into a jewelry shop ,

Kitten rescued by big brother during cat "fight"

I am URGING you to NOT use David Corn's new hashtag, #QuidProPOTUS, on Twitter. Please. Don't.

Journos: don't soft pedal what Mulvaney just said.

Perry's out

I think Putin gave Erdogan a copy of the Pee Tape.

Mick Mulvaney just threw Mick Mulvaney under the bus.

One thing though, if we do get Medicare for All, people will lose their right to choose

Devastated Adam Schiff Delivers A Beautiful Tribute To Elijah Cummings

Mulvaney walks back comments tying Ukraine aid to 2016 probe

Luckovich-Is there an Embarrassment Clause in the US Constitution?

Mick Mulvaney co-signed the Con's confession - Swalwell

You can not worry about the trump cabinet with guns because they will never shoot

BREAKING! White House admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid

Alberta truck convoy plans counter-protest to climate rally with Greta Thunberg

A Republican source inside the Trump-Pelosi meeting described attendees as "shaken" & "shell-shocked

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 18 October 2019

How is Pence polling against the DNC field?

Dog Helps Tiniest Rescue Kitten Learn To Walk

New South Carolina polling

Trump turns on Lindsey Graham with stunning remark

Howdy, folks! Meet your neighbors, the new GOP!

I just heard a funny thing!

Student loan fraudulent swindle

If we let people play us against each other... we will lose 2020

"Don't worry, this will all be over soon."

2020 US Senate Election based on the approval rating of the US Senators up for re-election in 2020.

Oy, Republicans - what part of this is unclear???

Behind the scenes at the meeting...

Exchange between Rep. Matt Gaetz and Reverend Al Sharpton

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says financial losses in China 'substantial' 'fairly dramatic '

WTAF?? Russia says it is starting to resume U.S. cyber cooperation: TASS

Lordy, there is a secret Ukraine activity log (Rudes')

Republican source: Attendees at Trump/Pelosi meeting unnerved by behavior

I doubt Mulvaney mis-spoke about Ukraine

Trump just pissed blood and money all EPIC FAIL

I'm watching MSNBC's "Deadline White House" that I DVR'd today

The Senate fails to override Trump's veto on its national emergency resolution

Is It Legal For Trump To Turn Our Military Into Mercenaries?......

Incoming US Senators from the 2020 US Senate Election.

Mulvaney acknowledges Ukraine aid was withheld to boost political probe

What "serving at the pleasure of the president" now looks like

Want some optimism? Here's why Trump will lose in 2020...

Speaker Pelosi said there was no "time limit" on impeachment inquiry.

Johnson & Johnson agrees to $117M settlement over pelvic mesh devices

Sondland Criticizes Trump Over Efforts to Pressure Ukraine

Plan to close notorious Rikers jail complex by 2026 approved

Heavy rock from down under - Neptune Power Federation

Doomed Alien Planets 'Polluted' White Dwarf Stars with Earth-Like Rocks

I am sitting here thinking a president would never sell pout our country,....

Look at what Q promised would be at Trump's Dallas rally!

France says foiled September 11-inspired attack

Loma Prieta 30th Anniversary: California Launches 1st Statewide Earthquake Early Warning System

Syrian refugee, 17, attacked on San Diego trolley by man shouting slurs, police say

Russia questions language of "unusual" Trump letter to Erdogan

Epic presidential troller and Speaker of the House, Pelosi is using fox news video to slay

Have Republicans had it with Trump?

Scientists Want to Make a 3D Map of the Entire World Before Climate Change Ruins It

Judges grapple with misconduct claims in Jodi Arias case

It's probably the third time I've heard this,

Majority of Americans Support Removing Trump Through Impeachment, Echoing Nixon Polls

Striking sanitation workers decry low pay as company makes millions for Bill Gates

This is why we need term limits, folks.

Beto O'Rourke, Rally Against Fear - Dallas, TX

4 tweets from Haberman on the backstory of today's Mulvaney clusterf*ck.

Wisconsin launches taskforce to face 'grave threat' of climate crisis

This Is My Life - Grassroots collaboration video amongst activists in NY, LA & Chicago.

The Senate Vote to REMOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP from office must be done via SECRET BALLOT

Scalise says Trump's Ukraine quid pro quo was about Hillary's emails

Alicia Alonso, Star of Cuba's National Ballet, Dies at 98.

Indigenous Mapuche pay high price for Argentina's fracking dream

Indigenous Mapuche pay high price for Argentina's fracking dream

For those that weren't around during Watergate...

1000 Days Of The Trump Presidency In Under Four Minutes The 11th Hour MSNBC

Miami grapples with rising seas and stifling heat. But climate change won't be on the G-7 agenda at

"Elijah Cummings Said He Was 'Living on Borrowed Time' in 2017"

Joe Biden calls out Trump