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Archives: October 13, 2019

State Outlines New Rules For Washington Vape Shops

Environmentalists have a new target: Charmin toilet paper

Trump: "Impeachment. I never thought I would see or hear that word in regard to me, impeachment"

UW Badgers rock.

Hillary Clinton: This sickening horror is one man's fault.

Jimmy Carter, fresh off fall and Habitat build, to host Atlanta summit

Rudy Giuliani says he's unaware he's under investigation for Ukraine involvement

The Dead South perform "Spaghetti" on DittyTV

Jets waive Luke Falk

I think Warren would do well against Pence. Biden not so well. Am I wrong? N/T

Legendary Bassist Derek Smalls says Jobs for Yobs!

Bed Bath and Beyond Insanity

Syrian Arab Fighters Backed by Turkey Kill Two Kurdish Prisoners

Beto O'Rourke to call out Trump's 'racism and bigotry' at Alabama campaign stop

Beto O'Rourke to call out Trump's 'racism and bigotry' at Alabama campaign stop

I like Harris & Castro

Impeachment has put Trump in a different place. He's showing it every day.

With redistricting in the offing, battle for the Texas House heats up

CNN reports DOJ was considering replacing the US attorney who charged Michael Cohen, Jeffrey Epstein

Is this what MF/they WANT?!

The President's Joint Defense Agreement with the Russian Mob

He says it out loud. Biden is being attacked by the mob

Fierce battle over rare Democratic governorship in South

Trudeau wears bulletproof vest after security threat delays campaign rally

Support grows for a new Brexit poll amid fears over Johnson's plan

Support grows for a new Brexit poll amid fears over Johnson's plan

Chuck Todd goes VIRAL with perfect response to Trump rally.

Another Trump "joke" about more than 2 terms as president

Question for Warren supporters: If she watered-down MFA, would you feel differently toward her?

California Democrats pay $800,000 in sex-misconduct cases

Elizabeth Warren CNN Equality Town Hall

2014 photograph shows earlier ties between Trump and indicted Giuliani associate

FYI: Trump and Fox Lady to Yell at the Camera @ 9:00 on Fox Tonight

MI6 accused of thwarting effort to solve 1961 killing of UN chief Dag Hammarskjold

Trump's envoy who denied quid pro quo now says he isn't certain

Howard Dean: I'm beginning to think Barr is not only a Trump flunky but mentally unbalanced.

SCOOP: Trump's EU envoy who denied a "quid pro quo" in a text message now says he isn't certain.

Tonight on Saturday Night Live:

Typhoon Hagibis: four dead in Japan as 'worst storm in 60 years' roars through

Denison Mayor declares Main Street a local emergency + video

Twitter video showing more protesters along the route to Trump's golf course today

People are absolutely losing their shit about "Oklahoma allowing male nudity".

Trump on his tax returns: "Generations of Americans before us ... did not work. They fight. They..."

LA-GOV: The polls are now closed in Louisiana

Halloween Is Coming #61

Halloween Is Coming #62

Halloween Is Coming #63

Halloween Is Coming #64

Halloween Is Coming #65

Isis 'Beatles' should face trial in UK, says former director of public prosecutions

Los Angeles Angels employee details team's knowledge of Tyler Skaggs' drug use to DEA investigators

California becomes first US state to ban animal fur products

Garland vs The Supremes...

So...WHAT have we learned tonight? It's simple...DICTATORS be DICTATIN'...quid pro HO HO HO.

You have more than 2 brain cells, so the answer is obviously YESSIR EE

Scheer's close ties to Rebel Media and the alt-right

They call themselves "values voters'.

Harry Dunn crash: US diplomat's wife 'devastated' by his death

California governor signs bill limiting oil, gas development

Howdy gowdy to the rescue....

America's Mayor to Mob lawyer...Karma's a bitch

BREAKING: Sondland will throw Trump under the bus.

Rising old used car prices help push poor Americans over the edge

Agency eyes big revamp of Wall Street whistleblower program

The NYT is broken.. JHC!


Scrub a dub, dub...Justice Kennedy's son and Deutschland bank..

Four dead, more than a dozen missing after Typhoon Hagibis drenches Tokyo

Cop Killed A Black Woman Inside Her Home After Her Neighbor Called Police Because Her Door Was Open

Seth Abramson...

Trump threatens to sue top Democrats Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi amid impeachment inquiry

Saturday Night LIE: "I know nothing about (Rudy) being under investigation," Trump said.

Erdoğan has managed the unthinkable: uniting all the other Middle East rivals

Erdoğan has managed the unthinkable: uniting all the other Middle East rivals

are we sure Trump doesn't drink? sometimes he sounds drunk

LA-GOV: Edwards at 46.7% with most of Orleans still out

deNIRO tells Graham NORTON: (SHITLER) "thinks he's a gangster. Isn't even a good gangster."

On a BOMBSHELL news night, Jeanine Pirro's final question in Trump interview PULLS NO PUNCHES.

In campaign stop with evangelical Christians, Trump defends his actions on Syria

In campaign stop with evangelical Christians, Trump defends his actions on Syria

Saudi king approves U.S. military deployment: SPA

Saudi king approves U.S. military deployment: SPA

Mexico military police halt migrant caravan on its way to U.S.

Members present!!

She's a baller

Graves desecrated at Commonwealth war cemetery in Israel

Sen. Harris-You wouldn't know a joke if one raised you.

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately 'bracketing' American troops with artillery fire in Syria

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately 'bracketing' American troops with artillery fire in Syria

Trump on Turkey: It's like, some people go to lunch. That's what they do, they fight with the Kurds.

Melody vs lyrics again, a qualifier: Willie NELSON, "I'd Have to be Crazy"

Jury: Leader of Dallas-based anti-Muslim group must pay ex-Minnesota sheriff $600K for assault

Four dead in shooting on Utica Avenue; possible illegal gambling involved

Damn. Gov John Bel Edwards (D-LA) must go to run-off.

"Talk to Rudy ..." because his calls aren't officially recorded or transcribed ??

WAPO OP ED: Why Trump is flirting with abandoning Fox News for One America

Democrats have an easier time regaining control of the US Senate in 2022 than 2020.

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

Democrat Edwards will face runoff in Louisiana governor's race

Electoral College Overwhelmingly Favors Republicans, Abolishing Entire System Only Remedy: Study

SNL cold open up next:

Did you know Al Franken has a radio shhow on Serius? Ch. 127. I'm listening now.

Preet Bharara: Hahahahahaha

SNL: Is it just me?

The economist polling model now shows Warren's upward trend line crossing Biden's...

The Turk and the President - WSJ Editorial

Here's that Oscar the Grouch SNL skit we're all talking about.

Echo & The Bunnymen - People Are Strange

Fox News' Chris Wallace Calls Out Newt Gingrich For Impeachment Hypocrisy

Analyst reveals secrets of White House 'situation room'

China's Breeding Giant Pigs That Are as Heavy as Polar Bears

Tweet of the Day

Help butterflies, bees and birds with a pollinator garden in your yard

NY Times tries to characterize political instability in South Korea

He's not Orthodox, but he could be. Andy Stanley: 'Your Move'

Brilliant, whomever came up with Elizabeth Warren's Fb ad campaign!!

Rep. Harley Rouda (D-CA) says Barr's reported meeting with Murdoch should be investigated

Guiliani associate, Igor Frumman's, Mafia Rave club in Ukraine does look pretty dope.

SNL: CNN Equality Town Hall Cold Open

2014 photograph shows earlier ties between Trump and indicted Giuliani associate

Indicted Giuliani associate attended private '16 election night party for 'friend' Trump

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: Grouch (Joker Parody)

Trump's axis of evil felt Giuliani's free-wheeling monologues were hurting the president.

This Barn Owl Baby Just Heard Thunder for the First Time

SNL: Father-Son Podcasting Microphone

Drip, drip of revelations damages Trump

This can't be good news for Ghouliani. I predict Rump cuts him loose by Tuesday.

Smooth R&B and Classic Old School

In Just 12 Hours, Russia Bombed Four Syrian Hospitals. We Have Proof. (NYT)

McConnell challenger Amy McGrath raised nearly $11 million in Q3

Breakfast Sunday 13 October 2019

Nobel Prize reminds us that one person has the power to unravel a system of corruption

Republic employees vote to unionize

The Republican powers that be aren't crazy, at least not in a clinical sense.

Dear Great Pumpkin...

Cop shot unarmed black woman in her own home THROUGH WINDOW. After 4 seconds.

I'm worried I see Repubs

JLBC: State has an abundance of cash

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2019 Edition

US nuclear, uranium mining industries hope for Trump bailout

Corbyn rejects idea of public vote on Johnson's Brexit deal

As president, I will guarantee housing as a right.

Arizona HOA to build wall to block elementary students

2 dead, 1 missing, dozens hurt after Hard Rock Hotel collapses on Canal Street

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump's Recent Attacks, Calls Him A "Potty Mouth"

Three Indiana judges face discipline after May shooting outside Indianapolis White Castle restaurant

Kurdish human rights activist raped and stoned to death by Turkey backed Jihadists

Classic Boondocks - It didn't start at the escalator.

Doonsbury - Forswear

Kelly continues to dominate McSally in U.S. Senate race fundraising

Labour Party risks bankruptcy over antisemitism investigation, executive members fear

UK Labour Party risks bankruptcy over antisemitism investigation, executive members fear

Bennet walks the middle, hoping to catch fire in presidential race: 'I have a chance to win'

Post Office would become a bank under Beto O'Rourke plan

Post Office would become a bank under Beto O'Rourke plan

Elizabeth Warren at the Unions for All Summit

SNL: Cut for Time: Giuliani & Associates

Hope I'm Stoned (When Jesus Takes Me Home)

Trump Releases $50 Million in Aid to Syria After U.S. Troop Withdrawal

SNL: Dog Court Show

St. Louis Art Museum Acquires Work By Famed Black Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett

Rural School Districts Look To After-School Programs And Teacher Training To Expand STEM Offerings

Trumpty, Trumpty

Climate Change Could Decrease The Number Of Bugs In Missouri

Hunter Biden Steps Down from Chinese Board Amid Trump Attacks

On Chess: Mizzou Hosts Its First Chess Tournament

Missouri Medicare Patients Could Save Money This Enrollment Season By Switching Plans

Q&A: St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson On Airport Privatization

Impeachment inquiry? WHAT impeachment inquiry???

A Trump joke; did I read this on DU?

St. Louis Region Has Third-Fastest-Growing Foreign-Born Population Among Major Metros

MAX FRUSTRATION: Cards stymied again, this time by Scherzer as Nats open 2-0 lead

Secrets, scandals and little-known stories about the 1904 World's Fair

Secrets, scandals and little-known stories about the 1904 World's Fair

Trump's envoy to testify that 'no quid pro quo' came from Trump

St. Louis County Library argues judge should dismiss Frontenac suit to block new complex

U.S. troops withdraw from another Syrian town as Turkish forces block supply lines

October 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) NY-14th

Luckily, Trump Is an Unstable Non-Genius - NYT

October 13 - Happy Birthday Senator Maria Cantwell (D) WA

St. Louis County Executive Page urges Council to pass prevailing wage law

OPINION: The news media's blind spots covering the working class

Rally for transgender workers' rights set for Oct. 13 in St. Louis

Did Trump just waive attorney-client privilege?

The volcano is real and its name is AGOLF TWITTLER (saw it, stole it, using it)

At least 750 Isis affiliates escape camp after Turkish shelling

At least 750 Isis affiliates escape camp after Turkish shelling

Diplomatic immunity no longer applies to Anne Sacoolas, says Foreign Office

Diplomatic immunity no longer applies to Anne Sacoolas, says Foreign Office

Army deployed in Ecuador as protests descend into violence

Only four days into Turkish attack and one week after POTUS-Erdogan call:

Donald Trump: xenophobe in public, international mobster in private

Simone Biles: Gymnast wins record 24th World Championships medal

This perfectly sums up why we are where we are on Brexit...

Simone Biles makes history by winning her 24th world championship medal -- the most for any gymnast

Rudy just got Trump Impeached?

Joe Sestak campaign ad: "United"

Am I wrong to say this article feels like a trial balloon?

Zeppelins could make a comeback with this solar-powered airship cargo mover

Trump speaking to his flock.

Justa headsup - The Euro model is forecasting a Nor'easter for the Gulf of Maine this Thursday

Hagibis - Direct Hit On Tokyo Metro; Biggest Typhoon For Region In 60 Years; Millions Evacuated

Cardinal John Henry Newman declared a saint by the Pope

Francis Thompson has flipped HD-19 for the Louisiana House in a district that Trump won by 43 points

NBC: Turking-basked militias are summarily executing Kurds

Gosh, How Could Anyone Have Predicted The Environmental Crisis That We . . . Oh, Wait . . .

Destroying the world one tweet at a time.

The White House: illegitimate effort "to overturn the results of the 2016 election." 2018 BABY!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Burke. 1770

Happy National Yorkshire Pudding Day! 😋

Transcript-Gate: The full Ukrainian transcript exists & is even more damning!!!

Sturgeon to request fresh independence referendum 'within weeks'

Sturgeon to request fresh Scottish independence referendum 'within weeks'

Quid Pro meet Quo...but we never needed it to prove their crimes

Army National Guard Major advocates nuclear civil war...

Trump's mounting troubles in Iowa could spell doom for Republicans

Trump brags he's renting out U.S. military to Saudi Arabia: "They're paying us for everything!"

Urgent: US official - the situation on the ground is deteriorating rapidly in Syria. Extremist...

What the "pro-lifers" are saying about the slaughter of Kurds:

U.S. forces set to withdraw further in Syria, Esper says

U.S. says reports of killing of Kurdish politician in northeast Syria 'extremely troubling'

They say they are pro life but we all know they are telling porkies

Do you hate them yet?

He's "monitoring the situation" closely

You raised $105.00 on October 12, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump's mew excuse: Kurds don't deserve our help because they kept quitting...

Looks like we now have to obliterate Turkey's economy, unless of course Trump doesn't consider

Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes

Please all Democratic candidates all elected Democratic officials and

Full page ad this morning in the Portland Press Herald: Senator Collins, you said I was rude

OMG I just saw El Camino!

NEW ThisWeek: "I'm feeling very well. I look forward to the debate

Don the Con is about to discover that all those NDA's are useless

Drug stores sure have changed

I don't know if what Trump has unleashed on the Kurds will matter next November,

More Than A Year After Michael, FL Panhandle Residents Feeling Forgotten; Federal Funding Stuck

Gerrymandering, explained

The abandonment of the Kurds in Syria IS an impeachable offense.

See, not all my posts are political

A profound comment and poem on Mental Illness

We need to stop playing by the patriarchy's rules and lean all the way out

If I steal a loaf of bread.....

**BREAKING** As Turkish forces advance, US soldiers might be marooned...

Lunch with a Co-worker.

"A Statement on behalf of Hunter Biden"

Statement from Joe Biden's son (Hunter Biden), through his attorney

The Twit tweets: downright Orwellian version

CBS Poll: Which candidate best able to handle Trump attacks?

The great Art Tatum was born on this date.

"Gunpowder Plot"

Cat Siblings

"..those same militia, the ones that include al Qaeda and ISIS are advancing close to U.S. forces"

Russia has succeeded in bringing the US to its knees

Fancy a sing-a-long?

Harry Reid-"do not underestimate Trump"

CBS NEWS: Warren leads in Early States Delegate Projection

Kurds offering to ally with Russia and Syria against Turkey

Dubai Utility Gets Record Low Bid to Build Solar-Power Plant

Vibraphonist Terry Gibbs was born on this date-

Trump threatens to sue Schiff and Pelosi

Mormons to the Rescue

Bassist Ray Brown was born on this date.

On abandoning the Kurds (Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin)

Personal disaster in Calfornia's PG&E power shutoff

Rudy Who?

I Was Protested At Bard College For Being A Jew

tRump's genocide continues...

Who wanted Trump to withdraw U.S. troops and abandon the Kurds?

Pharoah Sanders was born on this date.

You need some spices, right?

Gen McCaffrey: "Vital we withdraw nuclear weapons from Turkey."

When I reflect on how this country passed Social Security in 1935 and Medicare in 1965

More Bill Barr Dominionism.

Paul Simon has a birthday today.

Republicans are so far down the rabbit hole that even if they wanted out...hhhmmm

Did anyone see the player on the S. Carolina football team at the end of the game..

Trump impeachment: Esper indicates Pentagon will co-operate with inquiry

The amplitude and origin of sea-level variability during the Pliocene epoch

Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better

Syria: Is this finally the mistake that spins out of control on Trump?

Are democrats treating the Trump administration as a criminal enterprise or not?

I did not know Barr was a religious zealot. I just thought he had insane political views.

Propagandists now saying FoxNews poll showing 51% for impeachment was "misinterpreted"

Sierra Hull & Justin Moses - "Cattle In The Cane"

Raw, angry, uncensored: Welcome to Trump's impeachment-era campaign

Let's open a hot-box topic--- Christopher Columbus day Oct. 12

As the world watches the atrocities unfolding in Syria in horror, a sociopath goes golfing.

Now we can stop tip-toeing.

US Lawmaker Just Filed Papers Asking For William Barr's License To Be Removed

The protests in Ecuador

Paul Manafort: I am volunteering to work as Trump's campaign manager for free.

Heavenly Sword & Dragon Slaying Saber - [Chinese Wuxia Drama Series]

Trump is targeting Minnesota to flip it red

Kinky Boots: If it's available to you, RUN don't walk, to get your tickets!

House Democrats are thinking of detaining WH officials who do not comply

In the wake of Syria, Trump bleats about how we're using our economic power "for WORLD PEACE!"

Ducks in the back pew

Officers Assaulting Artist Washington Square Park

Trump orders withdrawal of U.S. forces from northern Syria, days after Pentagon downplays possibilit

Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action

Adam Schiff says whistleblower may not testify in impeachment probe

Now a Crime to Leave Your Front Door Open While Black

Beto responds to Trump's insults.

Beto responds to Trump's insults.

The future of power for some Utah cities? Nuclear energy

Just saw 'The Lehman Triology' - A brilliant dramatic telling of the Lehman brothers story

Sen. Van Hollen torches Trump's Syria response: 'For God's sakes, what are they waiting for?'

The Last Thought You Will Ever Have

This blood is on your hands Trump (Warning:graphic)

RIP Stephen Moore - the original Marvin in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

NowThisNews: Why Trump Is Not a Great Dealmaker

I'm watching s discussion on MSNBC and the consensus is that Democrats not only

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

I was mistaken about the timing and magnitude of the 2019 Mauna Loa CO2 minimum.

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority with a POTUS Warren/VP O'Rourke-D

As I listen to Bill Neely reporting from Iraq, he details how the assault on the Kurds

Californians, do you think

Beekeeping, Day 159, "Just A Quick Inspection"

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 13, 2019?

House Democrats: On tax reform, let's be clear on our values

Tapper calls out hypocrisy of Giuliana, Pompeo, and Graham

Joe Biden Is Right About The New York Times


Mitch Albom: Price for the NBA in China? Its soul

Ivanka clothing factory: 'poverty pay' so bad workers have to live away from kids

Open Borders - inviting other countries to ratf*ck our elections

La Guajira's desert and its legendary Wayuu people

Trump's extremely dangerous/ tragic strategic move in Syria?

La Guajira's desert and its legendary Wayuu people

The University of Utah will host a vice presidential debate next year

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 15: Rags to Riches

Ron Perlman-Brought To You by Trump Towers Istanbul. Standing Proud for the American Way.

I want the Democrats to give No Quarter to all the traitors.

If you can stream Al Jazeera English, do it.

ThisWeek: One-On-One with Senator Sanders

ThisWeek: One-On-One with Senator Sanders

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 16: TCM Spotlight: Short and Sweet

White student spit on black visitor at African American History Museum on school trip

California governor signs measure banning 'lunch shaming'

Kurdish Human right activist Hervin_Khalaf ,has been raped & then stoned to death (graphic warning)

India's Narendra Modi's litter picking 'plog' on beach

Monument Valley Utah has something to do with modern films (last 75 years)

Does anyone have an exact delegate estimate BY STATE, including CA, of the Battleground poll?

12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia.

Next week is going to be another very bad week for Trump.

Esper: Turkey 'appears to be' committing war crimes in northern Syria

Urgent msg for #rance plz can anyone call pres @EmmanuelMacron On our behalf

Any dot-connectors out there looking for work?

Syrian government forces are moving north to counter Turkish forces: Al Jazeera.

Should the hearings be made more public?

Texas Sheriff Blasts Immigrant 'Drunks'--Then Son Is Busted for Public Intoxication

Sam Donaldson speaks!

Tlaib says Democrats have discussed detaining White House officials who don't testify

George helps with the chores:

Molly Tuttle & Sierra Hull - "Salt Creek"

Is the U. S. military going to leave these soldiers to slaughter by Turks?

Jonathan Karl: I played a little backyard baseball with Bernie Sanders after I interviewed him

W O W - "never been more ashamed of US foreign policy than I am now."

Can anybody recommend a credible source

Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston is suspicious of CBS not reporting NV results in new poll

UK says fatal crash suspect doesn't have diplomatic immunity

Weird question - isn't Bashir al-Asad still president of Syria?

"hey hey hey ho the m* f* got to go"

California governor signs measure banning 'lunch shaming'

The Latest: France, Germany push to stop Turkey offensive

Farmers Sticking By Trump Even As Trade Wars Bite

A new lawsuit describes a violent gang in LA County. Its members are deputy sheriffs.

Just to watch heads explode, the question I'm BEGGING someone in the media ask...

Two 2020 presidential debates will go head-to-head with Thursday Night Football

Trump orders withdrawal of U.S. forces from northern Syria, days after Pentagon downplays possibilit

Kremlin relishes US pullback from Syria, turmoil in Ukraine

Buttigieg has the best response to the GOP smear. Anything less from other candidates disqualifies

I was conflicted posting this bc of the media source, but felt the warning surpassed that. 'Child

Arizona Republican in federal custody on child smuggling charges.

Media bias: MSNBC host just described Warren as frontrunner in RCP average, though

Gov. Herbert is fundraising to launch a policy center in his name at Utah Valley University

Buttigieg pushes back on O'Rourke threat to strip religious institutions of tax-exempt status

Trump Can't Rely On Cable News Running His Rallies In Full Anymore

Need to change Constitution - Executive Power

Murdoch tosses Fox News polster under bus after meeting with William Barr.

powerful toon

We not only need to win in 2020, we need to humiliate Trump and all who stand with him.

In front of the White House today:

A neighbor kills 4 people eating dinner in a Chicago apartment, police say

Son of Texas Sheriff Who Called Immigrants 'Drunks' Busted for Public Intoxication

Car tabs and Sound Transit in cross hairs of voters again

Trial aims to explain how a polygamist used alleged Armenian gangster to launder biofuel $ to Turkey

'We Knew This Would Happen' Say Kurds in Nashville, Tenn., Kurdish Capital of America

Diagramming making bad coffee.

Don't Vaccinate Yo' Baby!

"I didn't know we were hated like that."

Richard Engel: Kurdish forces just called for Syrian army to take control of Turkish border.

Four Directions All Nations March Converges on Colorado State Capitol

Sheriff: Fired deputy broke policy in shooting Edmonds man

Blown transformer prevents printing of Sunday Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune

'Broken system' starves U.S. oil boom of immigrant workers

This story is already forgotten even though it broke on Thursday

Former Japanese PM pays respects to Korean victims of forced labor

In 2016, Hillary Clinton Warned Trump Might Abandon Kurd Allies Over Turkish Business Interests

After raising $4.5 million in third quarter, O'Rourke says he needs to "break through" now more than

After raising $4.5 million in third quarter, O'Rourke says he needs to "break through" now more than

Canada's Trudeau vows to forge ahead with campaign after security threat

Unprecedented Blackouts And $6 Gasoline: California's Energy Crisis

Openly gay HS senior bullied after homecoming king nomination

who is writing a Nanowrimo novel

Need a Laugh?, One of the funniest toons ever. Wiley Coyote, Fast and Furry-ous (1949)enjoy

Boca Raton Police: Shooting at Town Center Mall

Brexit talks fail to yield breakthrough with timely deal feared 'impossible'

Brexit talks fail to yield breakthrough with timely deal feared 'impossible'

Viewpoints: The Supreme influence on 2020 campaign

Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Escape

Impeach the unstable, insensitive, vulgar SOB...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Mayor Pete Decries Trump's Decision to Withdraw Troops from Northern Syria

On his command in a moment's notice...

Cartoons 10/13/19

Lindsey, is it true?

Democrats Move To Make Republicans Pay For Not Standing Up To Trump On Syria

The Guardian view on Syria and Trump: a disaster, still being made

The Guardian view on Syria and Trump: a disaster, still being made

Best "love" song of all time?

Pakistani PM Imran Khan in Tehran to broker peace with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Attorney General Barr Rages Against Secularist "Assault" on Religion

Syrian state media: "We are moving north to counter the Turkish aggression".

Create chaos to tell your flunkies to figure an out and then tell your magats how great thou are...

Brian Mast of Fl, making it obvious who he is

Sanders draws contrast with Warren: She says 'she is a capitalist through her bones; I'm not'

The Con has started his War...

Why is the US Attorney General meeting with a media mogul to craft their "message" re-Trump?

Barr blames "secularists" for decline in religious values, why not blame religious conservatives?

Has the amoral pig started a war that will spread in the ME and threaten Israel?

Trump's Minneapolis Rally Was a Demonstration of the Suicide Pact He's Made With His Supporters

We are going to defeat Trump because we will mobilize the most progressive generation in history.

Your Neighbor's Christian Education, Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars

Why Russia is the big winner in the Cons war...

Impeaching Trump needs to be the first battle in a war against American corruption

The Trump-Blessed War in Northeastern Syria Is Already a Full-Blown Disaster

Ten Times More People Healthy Over Age 100 Than The Average United States Community - Blue Zones

Breaking: convoy of civilians and foreign journalists attacked in N Syria

Here's what Trump saw on his way to cheat at golf:

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 13, 2019

A question for DUers

America's troops are pissed off..

Putin offers to help .... Himself

Racists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons.

🎀 Former Panthers RB (NFL) DeAngelo Williams covers 500 mammograms in late mom's honor

Old time radio for Halloween: tonight - CBS Radio Mystery Theater "Dracula"

Tiniest, Cutest Puppy Grows Up To Be SO Handsome

Nate Silver: Biden doing better than conventional wisdom suggests.

Watch This Scared Crocodile Get A Second Chance At Life

video of Pete's appearance on CNN October 13

Tiny Little Hedgehog Is So Snuggly

Seth Abramson...

This baby needed a mom -- and these women said YES 💗

Giuliani LOSES IT On Fox News

Tapper nails Lindsey and Pompous P...

"The Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe

Democrats to offer resolution demanding Trump reverse Syria decision

Why I am not a Republican

Democrats Move To Make Republicans Pay For Not Standing Up To Trump On Syria

Trump has been clobbered by the courts -- and there may be more ahead

A real Presidential tweet:

Let me get this straight...

U.S. Forces Leave 'High-Value' ISIS Detainees Behind in Retreat From Syria

Popovich blasts Trump's 'cowardly' approach to dealing with authoritarian figures

The Toolbox Fallacy

12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia.

Sometimes LESS is MORE. Case in point, "Jason's" reply to Trump's all-caps China tweet.

Biden praises Pete: "That's a good man, that's a good man".

Hong Kong protesters use new flashmob strategy to avoid arrest

Uh oh---Is Ted Cruz sniffing around for a shot at Trump's job?

I'm still waiting for the Democratic leadership and

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army

I got a comeback for Biden when Trump

Jenan Moussa on the ground in N. Syria

Ted Cruz: 'Of course' Trump was wrong to ask China to probe Bidens

Trump fakes a Middle Eastern accent to the guffaws of noted hate group, Family Research Council.

Sunday Night Blues Show-Blue Collar

Photo: Rudy took Lev Parnas to the funeral of former President George H. W. Bush as his "guest"

trump, just like W bush, ... 'has opened the gates of hell'

Monster catfish: 43-pounder pulled from Ohio River

As Harris declines in the polls, her voters are shoring up Warren's position

"Why can't we live together"

Well VP Biden has done it again, and his son Hunter has jumped right in ...

S. Korean army to curtail forces by 100K amid shrinking population

The Twit just tweeted that China is already buying

Alexandria, Va Ranked Among Best Small Cities In U.S. For 2019

Ohio Dem Party's State Dinner live, now:

I miss Frank

Far-Right School Board Member Rants Against Beto, Soros, "Liz" Warren, "globalism," Maddow, etc.

NH Democratic Presidential Primary Poll

Turkish-led forces film themselves executing a Kurdish captive in Syria

How much better would this world be if Donald Trump hadn't pulled out---

Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus

Trump and Lev Parnas stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling at the camera

Biden/Ukraine" hoax

Facebook Fined For Artificially Inflating Video Views, Bankrupting Companies, Mass Job Losses

As often happens, started listening to one thing on Youtube and an hour later I

Chicago Trib: Illinois GOP got money from one of Rudy's henchmen:

Trump Didn'T Notice The Fall Of Saigon, So He Insisted On A Do Over. And Like Everything Trump Does

US counter-terror initiatives were derailed by the chain of events set in motion by Trump's decision

U.S. Forces Leave 'High-Value' ISIS Detainees Behind in Retreat From Syria

Wait - so Trump is claiming to be smart because he has an uncle from Oxford/MIT?

House Democrats' Impeachment Roadmap

Joan Brennecke Returns in Triumph to her Alma Mater with a 2.5M Grant.

The Most Talented Cat in the WORLD lives in Australia

Poland's right wing secures decisive win in parliamentary elections, exit polls show

For His Fucking Wall This is what he did

Schiff Says Secret Testimony Aimed at Keeping Trump in the Dark

King County wants your input for the 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan

Cruz denounces Trump's call for China to probe Bidens

Melting Ice Redraws the World Map and Starts a Power Struggle

Dog Refuses To Leave Mom's Hospital Room After Saving Her Life

The great bacon shortage of 2020? China's pork crisis could hit US supermarket shelves

U. S.-allied Kurds strike deal to bring Assad's Syrian troops back into Kurdish areas

Biden destroys Trump and his crooked privileged offspring: