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Carl Gipson, pioneering foe of racial inequity, dies at 95

If You Had 'Nixon Got a Raw Deal' on Your Bullshit Legal Arguments Bingo Card, Congratulations

Protecting the Bay From Trump's EPA

The Kurds didn't help us at Normandy?!

Show us the money

So Trump has his next rally in 24 hours (as of writing this)

We are not on the verge of a civil war, we are on the verge of a revolution against tyranny.

Paranoid Trump Has Repeatedly Suggested Forcing Staffers To Take Polygraph Tests

The first musical act on late night TV after 9/11.

Murder at Yom Kippur services in Germany

That is one hell of a stretch!

Trump's IRS Audits Poor Black Mississippi County 51% More Than Richest County in America!

I hope the House has trump's doing Putin's bidding as an article of impeachment. The Kurds are

In summary: every single thing trump has done in office has been unethical and/or illegal

Turkey can take full advantage of Trumps stupidity.

This Cat's Obsessed With The Dog Next Door

The House and Senate are the HR department. They can fire his spray-painted orange ass.

Nice game Cardinals.

The polls on impeachment give me hope.

The ragings of a malignant narcissist. That's what we're witnessing.

Donald Fucking Trump is a morally depraved fool who should be in prison for his crimes.

Trump's broad claims of executive immunity lead to criticism he is acting above the law

Richard Engel: "Same tone. Same mood. Not frustration, but shame."

Well, what should I change my avatar to?

trump decision with Kurds will lose him the VFW

Putin realizes Trump's days are numbered

CNN: trump is calling MoscowMitch 3 times a day seeking to lock down GOP loyalty

Winners and Losers from Trump throwing Syrian Kurds under the Bus

Franklin Graham, you helped enable the Motherfucker, and now

Surprise! FEMA Flooding Buyouts Flow To Wealthy Counties Out Of Proportion To Risks, Damages

The White House Obscenity is misusing two minutes of Queen's "We Will Rock You" for new video

From Fox...Trump 'went off script' during call with Erdogan, senior military source reveals

Don't you just hate it when this happens.

Donald Trump and a cardboard stove

Ken Olin tweet, minutes ago, to Trump, re Fox News poll showing 51% favor impeaching/removing Trump

Interesting Radio Piece: MO Scientist Watching Clear Signs Of Warming In Ozark Forests

Is he the Antichrist yet? n/t

Mock Their Manhood

Election 2019: Giffords gun-control group spends $300,000 on ads targeting Va. Republicans

Strategically, when would be the best time to file Articles of Impeachment?

Russian Science Team Discovers Biggest Methane Seep On Record; CH4 Concentrations 9x Normal

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! October Surprise!

Wow! Donnie didn't call Vlady and wish the Russian president a happy b-day?

Trump thinks the Kurds should have helped us at Khe Sanh

Here is a perfect example of why I believe Trump is unbelievably lucky.

The impeachment inquiry committees

Dow futures drop in wild overnight trading after report that trade talks have stalled

Have any candidates expressed concern for our Kurdish allies?

Old Time Radio for Halloween - tonight: The inner Sanctum

"I am ashamed for the first time in my career."

Why weren't the Kurds with us at The Battle Of Saratoga?

Mark "Bruce Banner" Ruffalo on the "show kindness to George W Bush" debate

Greta Thunberg

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Trump's informal trade advisor says he asked about Hunter Biden in Beijing

Why would my IG be blocked?

Trump warns GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell about disloyal Republicans

GRAPHIC WARNING: Amy McGrath just retweeted this horrible image...

CNN: Matt Drudge is souring on Trump as he faces impeachment

Sanders says he 'misspoke' about scaling back rallies after heart attack

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look (Seth Meyers, Oct. 9)

Abandonment and betrayal of a U.S. ally who has lost 11,000 soldiers fighting ISIS

What is Trump's way out of the Kurd mess?

Call me crazy, I am starting to believe Trump has committed hundreds of crimes.

#TrumpGenocide is trending on Twitter

Lindsey Graham wants a loyalty oath to trump...that just makes you officially a cult. Cool aid at

Beto O'Rourke to stage counter-rally during President Donald Trump's visit to Dallas

Beto O'Rourke to stage counter-rally during President Donald Trump's visit to Dallas

Wendy Sherman just said the Turks will commit genocide in Syria.

Cards' Helsley, a member of Cherokee Nation, calls 'chop' chant 'disappointing, disrespectful'

Scheer delaying tactics on sharing his platforn in Fordnation.

Scoop: House Democrats want testimony from Trump's former Russia advisor

No foam tomahawks on seats at Braves ballpark after comments by Cards' Helsley; other changes

Dan Rather tweet:

Ecuador's streets rumble with indigenous wrath

Remember Armenia

"A single tune danced through his mind and all his attention rested upon it.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - BBC Proms 2015 - Full performance

He's back!

Republican anger grows as Trump disavows Kurds by saying they didn't help during WWII

Giuliani Sent Trump Off On A Wild Goose Chase With A Bunch Of Fake Internet Nonsense

Giuliani on whistleblower: "Poor little sissy... I hope he's in a mental hospital"

A bolt from the blue: the mysterious recovery of the Cerulean Warbler

Americans have more confidence in Biden's ethical standards than Trumps

A bolt from the blue: the mysterious recovery of the Cerulean Warbler

Madman continues demolition of U.S. while media just keeps yapping.

To women uneasy about trump, Karen Pence Reminds them of his respect for ivanka

Pompeo's not only a liar, but condescending and rude

Republican charged with human smuggling, sale of a child, fraudulent adoptions,

Fuck Erdogan. He really does look like a Smeagol clone.

Tuning element distribution, structure and properties by composition in high-entropy alloys.

Kamala Harris coming up on MSNBC! Heads up!

*Senator Harris coming up on Lawrence show.

Erdogan reportedly pushed Biden to fire Preet Bharara in 2016. Obama White House refused.

I must have fell asleep in history class when we covered the Saudi Arabians, and Kuwaitis ...

Are you ready for Columbo Day, October 14 2019?

Fear Defined

Daughter in law of Bernie Sanders died of cancer days after cancer diagnosis

Early humans stored bone marrow like tins of soup 400,000 years ago

HILLARY:How can you be tough on Iran-given your business p'ship w someone connected to $ laundering?

New giant predatory dinosaur species found in Thailand

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tells oil execs: We'll work with you

Rare Polka-Dotted Zebra Foal In Kenya

Seth Abramson: "people have said the very same thing for 5,000 years about both the Devil...."

The Daily Show: The NBA's Full-Court Drama with China

The Daily Show: Mark Sanford - Running Against Trump as a Republican in 2020

Two Bears Swim and Play in water near Navarre, Florida

Turkey is going to start to have major problems in its southeastern provinces.

MBS & SHITLER's henchmen, the 7 who covered the KHASHOGGI assassination

YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA Trump is a criminal and deserves impeachment YADA YADA YADA

I have a second drone...

Seth Meyers: Hey! Republicans and the Intelligence Agencies

Oath Keepers - Armed conspiracy group will defend Republicans at Minneapolis Trump rally

Regarding evangelicals, QAnon, civil war, End Times and a mad man

NYT: Trump wants a fight. Pelosi can hit back. With rules, rigor, and resolution.

The Impeachment of Donald J Trump should be narrow and focused

chart of bills McConnell is holding up from consideration

When Trump is no longer President, I don't want him arrested and jailed.....

something terrifying I made!

Seth Meyers - 58% of Americans Support the Impeachment Inquiry into President Trump - Monologue 10/8

Where the hell is Minneaonapolis?

PG&E Outage Darkens Northern California Amid Wildfire Threat

Early planning stage of future trip to Africa (2021 or 2022)

Jonathan Lemire: "The Battle of Bunker Hill...

Why is Trump still having a rally in Minneapolis?

What about the burritos? Allsup's sold after 60 years in New Mexico, West Texas

Fox so desparate to talk about Hillary they miss the troll name LOL

Seth Meyers: Guest New Yorker Editor David Remnick

He's our baby. All of us. 💔

Mulvaney "should have thrown his body in front of that phone call."

Off the coast of New Zealand, humpback whales sing karaoke

Happy Birthday John Lennon!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: As Impeachment Ramps Up, Trump Melts Down

My poem on racism

This blood is on YOUR hands, donald trump:

Humans Can Regenerate Cartilage, Study Finds, Offering Hope for Arthritis Treatment

Mark Ruffalo Slams Ellen DeGeneres'Comments About George W. BushDeserving 'Kindness'

the guy standing behind trump is trying real hard to understand

Seth Meyers - Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

Protecting Whistle-blowers from DFT and his minions

DNA study sheds new light on the people of the Neolithic Battle Axe Culture

LGBTQ sisters and brothers protected in New Mexico

Rising Inequality Is Literally Killing Us; Life Expectancy, Shorter Lifespans: Studies

Technology uncovers hundreds of ancient sites on Scottish island

Fox seems to be testing the waters of ditching Trump.

So Harris & Warren are Cougars who wear out young, fit men.

I got myself put on the mailing list of a sex offender

Why don't more military officers oppose the abandonment of the Kurds?

Trump Lump(s)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Thailand feat. Rip Taylor

Trump adviser: 'He should stop saying things that are untrue'

Picture this: it's the year 2035 - 16 years from today

Hard-Liners Upset, Iranian Women Celebrate After Buying Soccer Tickets For First Time

trigger warning: Donald Trump Killed This Child Today

Beto Gives Great Response to Stupid Question on Guns

Amid racism protests, CU Boulder moves toward reforms

Nationals-Dodgers: Howie Kendrick hits grand slam in 10th inning!!!

Woman Rescues A Grasshopper And Gives Her The Best Life Ever

In the Heart of Syria's Darkness, a Democratic, Egalitarian and Feminist Society Emerges

Colorado proposes running public health care option through private insurers

Tyler Perry's Historic Compound to House Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth

Guy Carries His Rescue Dog Everywhere He Goes

Why Abandon the Kurds Now?

The Kurds, as seen by tRump:

A text, chat line for LGBTQ youth contemplating suicide gets a boost in Colorado

I think Trump is batshit about impeachment right now because...

The KURDS Did Help The ALLIES In World War II

Turkey attacks US allies after Trump SURRENDERS

Who remembers Susan McDougal?

"The Republican Party and president has been treated extremely badly by the Democrats"

Greta Thunberg, Favourite For Nobel Peace Prize, Honored At Standing Rock

Lawsuit seeks suspension of drilling permits in Colorado until regulations are updated

House leadership needs to hire Academi (Blackwater) to assist The House Sergeant at Arms.

Corruption everywhere:

White Nationalists on Telegram Are Hailing the Germany Synagogue Shooter as a 'Saint'

Minneapolis awaits Trump, crowd of protesters downtown

Park County teachers set one-week strike deadline

Pence parsing words, roundabout says that while tRump admitted it, I'm not going to.

Cuba's Abandoned Nuclear City Is a 90s Time Capsule

Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator

They won't tag @realdonaldtrump. Watch. It's a sign as to whether they're serious, or sycophants.

Wow. 2 ISIS prisoners. We just have to worry about the other 9998 murderous

Hey, hey, D. J., how many kids are you gonna kill today?

Kurds vs Bone Spurs President

Trump Calls Mitch McConnell Three Times A Day To Freak Out About Impeachment

Inside CNN Benzos Report: The Next Big Drug Crisis?

Minneapolis business to don inflatable 'Trump baby' during president's visit

Joe Biden calls for Trump's impeachment for the first time

For Prevention, 98 out of 100 Doctors Recommend. . .

If Greta wins the Nobel Peace Prize, trump will go (even more) insane.

Greta Thunberg to strike with Denver climate activists Friday

So ask yourselves, Republicans ...

Rick Wilson to Lindsey Graham-- Your agony is delicious

Trump gives swing-district Democrats like Jason Crow new cause to back inquiry

Rochester Man Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Conspiracy, And Money Laundering In Rochester Federal Court

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/9/19

Genetic Testing Company and Three Principals Agree To Pay $42.6 Million to Resolve Kickback and

Happy Birthday, Vlad! Trump Announces U.S. Withdrawal From Syria on Putin's Birthday.

Fresenius Agrees to Pay $5.2 Million to Resolve Allegations that it Overbilled Medicare for

Reopening of Blackjewel mines possibly delayed over permit snag

Why Teens Are Creating Their Own News Outlets

New Muppet on Sesame Street, a little girl with an addict Mother.

Wyoming utility leading drive to expand wind and solar

One question to ask Trump

Wyoming Democrats set 2020 convention in Powell

Four Casper affiliates including KTWO-TV among 21 Wyoming TV stations to be sold to Delaware

Former Powell treatment center employees charged with multi-million dollar fraud

That Turkey/Cyprus nexus in the administration is looking worse and worse

"Pay your fines or we send you to jail. But we won't tell you how much you actually owe us."

Bernie gets a dog, sort of...

UW pushing dealership off 15th Street property

Trump Boasted That His Border Wall Was 'Virtually Impenetrable.' Then an 8-Year-Old Girl Climbed a R

Live stream of deadly German synagogue attack shows brutal yet bumbling assault

Trump reportedly offered to sell F-35 jets to Turkey in exchange for not attacking Kurdish forces

Talk Radio's America: How an industry took over a political party that took over the United States

Federal Government Was Investigating Blackjewel Prior To Bankruptcy

Great fact checking article on impeachment, whistleblower,trade war etc.

Regarding the terror-attack on the synagogue in Germany... A bit insight.


N. Korea threatens to resume nuke, long-range missile tests

Turkey says ground forces are advancing in northern Syria

Must the House Vote to Authorize an Impeachment Inquiry?

Montanore, DEQ to appeal decision blocking Cabinet Mountains mine

Wow! Trump describing a fallen soldier's arrival home?

"What have you got to lose?"

Democrats to Issue More Subpoenas

Navy Pilot Says 'Dark Mass' Made Torpedo Disappear

Ellen DeGeneres's George W. Bush Debacle Is a Lesson in the Drawbacks of Assimilation Politics

2 tribal leaders resign from task force to protest pipeline

He's declaring war on light bulbs

Beto O'Rourke to Democrats: Go Big on Impeachment

Beto O'Rourke to Democrats: Go Big on Impeachment

George Conway and other prominent conservatives call for 'expeditious' impeachment probe

Nobel Prizes in Literature Awarded to Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke

MAGA - "Make America Genocidal Again"

Opinion: Trump has no plan -- and is panicked and paranoid

NYT: Analysis: Trump's Audacious Move on Impeachment Tests Political Order

So, Trump has declared himself above the law...

Cracks in wings ground two Boeing jets

When is it too late for more Republicans to enter GOP primaries?

My daughter woke up this morning and she said she had a dream...

Shrinking glaciers: Mont Blanc from the air, 100 years on

Prominent Conservatives Call for Swift Impeachment

France says only 'political change' in UK would justify Brexit extension

How big is 51%?

Harry Dunn death: diplomat's wife will not return to UK, Trump notes say

Thursday TOONs - Operation Bone Spurs

Americans and Socialism: Some New Numbers

Planned Parenthood Clinic 'Sign Of Desperation' For Agency, Anti-Abortion Activist Says

Climate Science Funding For Phillipines On Hold After Germany Balks At 6,600 Dead In Drug War

Kansas And Missouri Farmers Are Sticking With Trump Despite The Hard Times He's Caused Them

St. Louis Exhibits Shine A Light On African American Abstract Artists

So I wanted to see how fox was covering Syria debacle

St. Louis Exhibits Shine A Light On African American Abstract Artists

St. Louis To Host Annual Pro Golf Tournament Starting In 2020

U.S. Weighs Currency Pact With China as Part of Partial Deal

I'm calling it right now. For whatever reason, Trump won't be the nominee.

Nancy Pelosi is doing her best to give McConnell and the Republicans time to make a decision...

86 Years Ago Today; United Airlines Boeing 247 destroyed in mid air by bomb


Indonesian Green Activist Dies In "Accident"; Ring, Wallet Laptop Taken, But Not Motorcycle

Erdogan Threatens Europe With New Wave of Refugees: Syria Update

On-the-ground reporting from Northern Syria

Crying My Eyes Out Right Now for Our Kurdish Allies

The Rundown: October 9, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 10/09/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/09/2019

Trump's Ag Secretary Uses His New Taxpayer-Funded "Farm" Podcast to Suck Up to Trump

Elizabeth Warren's campaign clarifies she'll raise big-dollar money for the party as nominee

Mark Meadows, are you happy now?

Richard Engel: "Here in Northern Syria one word on everyone's lips: betrayal."

Obama was an anti-American, anti-Christian President...

Fox News Fool Wants Trump To Be King

Trump Shits in His Own Kitchen--Violates the "Bandit" Code over Kurds/Turkey

October 10 - Happy Birthday Governor Gavin Newsom (D) CA

Well Look Here: The Kurds did help the Allies in WWII

Here's video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked...

October 10 - Happy Birthday Rep. Donald McEachin (D) VA-4th

FOX News is still 100% Pro Trump!

"Alliances are very easy".

October 10 - Happy Birthday Mayor Eric Johnson (D) Dallas

Transcript-Gate 4.0: The full trnscript of the Ukraine call Trump doesn't want us to know about.

Does anybody know if the Kurds came to our aid in the Battle of Tippecanoe?

Brexit's legacy for England will be politics as sectarian as Northern Ireland's

Shocker! Nats beat the Dodgers!

Trump to McConnell: Your LOYALTY is to ME !!!!!!


The Kurds was the final straw

Is he including Kellyanne?:

Not many people can upstage Kermit the frog.

How Canceling White House Press Briefings Is Now Helping Trump Fight Impeachment

Imagine a Conference Full of Conspiracy Theorists. Sponsored by a Prison Company. At a Trump Resort.

Trump loses popular vote *again*

Richard Engel: Here in Northern Syria one word on everyone's lips: betrayal.

Salmon Run Collapses On BC's Broughton River; Starving Grizzlies Being Fed By First Nations

Apple Removes App That Tracked Hong Kong Police

The 'I'm rubber, you're glue' presidency: Trump turns to schoolyard taunts in impeachment battle

Ousted Ukraine envoy expected to testify in impeachment probe despite White House vow

"You guys aren't embarrassed?" - GOP called out after Trump stonewalls congress

Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil.

Turkey's Erdogan threatens to release millions of refugees into Europe over criticism

Pence's distancing himself from tRump may get him pushed off the 2020 ticket

46 Years Ago Today; Agnew resigns in disgrace after no contest plea for tax evasion

Thousands Set To Protest Minneapolis Trump Rally, as President is Warned...

trump got an atrocity

Republicans bemoaning the fate of the Kurds have no one to blame but themselves

President Trump's comments regarding the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn are a disgrace.

Two Foreign-Born Men Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charges

*WSJ* Two Foreign-Born Criminals Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charges

IF there were enough gop senators on board with us, how quickly could he be physically removed?

Impeachment Support EXPLODES...from REPUBLICANS!

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Trump REFUSING to Cooperate with Impeachment

@KarenPence says she loves the way Vile #Trump treats young women

The Press Gets Utterly Snookered on the White House Rebranding of the Same Old Unrelenting Obstructi

Trump says Fox News 'doesn't deliver for US anymore' after poll shows rising impeachment support

Ukrainian President Says 'No Blackmail' in Phone Call With Trump

Adam Schiff: "America may not have a friend left after this presidency."

DOJ Holds Big Presser to Make It Clear It Will Use Title III Wiretaps to Prosecute Leaks

Becoming Whole: A New Era for LGBTQ+ People in America

Giuliani Pals Tied To Ukraine Scheme Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges

Both AF1 and AF2 are flying into MSP airport this afternoon.

Here is a great letter from the Biden campaign to the New York Times

Clinton moves into 3rd place in Primary betting odds.

At the end of the day, we have one life to live, and you ask yourself, what role do I want to play?

At the end of the day, we have one life to live, and you ask yourself, what role do I want to play?

Impeach and Belladonna update...

Mueller: Due to the DOJ rule I cannot prosecute the president. Therefore, due to the serious

Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs -- It's His War Crimes

Two Men Who Helped Giuliani on Ukraine Arrested

Two Key Players In The Ukraine Controversy Spent Lavishly As They Dug For Dirt on Biden

Too cool - a text generator

Theism is delusion

(NBC News) Apple & (N.Y.T.) South Park vs. China

Hey Lindsey, Fixed it for ya!

When talking about College and Education, our candidates should

Stephen Colbert made me laugh

Larry Sanders: ''Dear loving Bernie community - can you help us out? ''

Pic Of The Moment: Stable Genius Conducts Foreign Policy

Syria: This is murder, genocide. Trump tried to do his before, he backed down.

Social Security Administration announces lower COLA than the past two years

** Breaking ** Giuliani associates who worked to dig up dirt in Ukraine, on Biden, arrested.

Flashback: What kind of democracy does Bernie believe in?

I have long believed that democracy isn't just voting every four years

CNN 10/10/19 "Morning Briefing" Impeachment Inquiry

From Trump to Nixon: "Watergate" Film Explains "How We Learned to Stop an Out of Control President"

Boom-Giuliani Associates Indicted on Campaign Finance Charges

Trump to meet with top Chinese official as trade talks reach critical stage

What happens if China becomes the next Cambridge Analytica? Make our Internet a national utility!

The news media needs to go back and investigate Rudy's career in New York.

Gabbard says she may boycott next week's debate

You raised $175.00 on October 9, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

White House Shifted Authority Over Ukraine Aid Amid Legal Concerns

Forget about looking for a White Ford Bronco on Craigslist, it's too late for that

Trump adviser says China provided information about Hunter Biden days after Trump asked

Write your representatives.

Breakfast, sorry so late. I'm still sick & sleeping it off.

Spiced Canned Pears in Syrup Recipe

What does abandining the Kurds say to Ukraine

Beto O'Rourke tweets about suppression of free speech

Beto O'Rourke tweets about suppression of free speech

NBC News: Attorney General William Barr has been aware of the investigation into Parnas and Fruman..

CNN: Trump's Been Obsessively Calling McConnell About Impeachment

Ha Ha ha!

UPDATE: UAW strike negotiations. Day 23 of strike - Job security is #1 issue & fight for middle cla

I'm so bored with the NBA

Rudy's henchmen were trying to flee the country. Is Rudy getting ready to skedaddle also?

Giuliani associate embroiled in Trump Ukraine drama raised money for DeSantis Florida Gov. campaign

Parnas and Fruman on the right. Guy on the left looks familiar.

"Congressman 1" in the indictment of Rudy's Goons is Pete Sessions (REPUBLICAN).

McGrath raises nearly $11 million in third quarter for bid to unseat McConnell

Harbath is Facebook's head of global elections policy. She literally worked for Rudy Giuliani.

Radical Christian Militia To Escort Trump In Minneapolis

Extinction Rebellion stages climate protests across the world

Trump campaign manager admits he's getting help from man working for Russian media and hackers

Fruman&Parnas-Not just Giuliani BUT DiGenova, Toensing- they even helped with Trump-related legal wk

Florida man allegedly gave alligator beer, enticed reptile to bite him

Giant trump baby is the front page picture! Welcome to Minneapolis Trump and your Trumpsters!

Climate change has changed everything.

Democrat challenging Mitch McConnell raises $10.7 million in third quarter

US was providing intel to Turkey until Monday that may have helped target Kurds.

Joyce Vance: they (Rudy's crew) were arrested as they attempted to take a flight out of the country.

Seth Abramson: "Fruman, just arrested trying to flee the country met Trump twice in the days before"

Who tipped off Fruman and Parnas? (Two names which will soon be as famous as McCord and Liddy)

When did we start to say "take a meeting" instead of....

Word of the day: Obsequious

Mug shots are in:

Adam Schiff is wrong

Here's a pic of the 2 money launderers arrested today, and some other guys

As a child, my daughter rarely misquoted me. In fact, she usually repeated verbatim what I

Igor Fruman intentionally misspelled his name 55x donating $391k to the GOP

Did Barr allow this indictment today? If so why?

Save this picture (for when Trump tries to deny knowing these two men)

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Admin Posts: Oct. 9

In addition to Parnas and Fruman's arrests, a 3rd defendant, Andrey Kukushkin, has been arrested

Umhum. Pic of Pete Sessions meeting w Parnas & letter he wrote to get Ukrainian Ambassador Fired

I watched one episode of a series on Netflix that was put together by VOX.

'Upside-Down Rivers' of Warm Water Are Carving Antarctica to Pieces

American billionaires paid less in taxes in 2018 than the working class

Hillary Clinton: It's becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors.

A girl's best friend (?)

Should a Democratic group start running ads about Ivanka and Jared?

'Cosmic Mudball Meteorite' Smells Like Brussels Sprouts, Finds New Home at Museum

Boom. Kevin McCarthy (Minority Leader) got money from Parnas also.

Pence knows Lev and Igor, too.

A Second Interstellar Visitor Has Arrived in Our Solar System. This Time, Astronomers Think They Kno

Do you think the Trump and Melania have a playlist?

Trump is openly telling us he's above the law. Here's his next move.

Ted Lieu reminds the WSJ that "foreign born" citizens of America are STILL citizens of America.

A Supreme Court Abortion Case That Tests the Court Itself by Linda Greenhouse

Trump critics plan to protest William Barr talk at Notre Dame's law school

Electoral College


I bet you can't hula-hoop like this.

Corbyn and Sanders vow to crack down on fossil fuel firms

... Parnas co-hosted a DeSANTIS fundraiser the next month (Jr. and Pirro, as well).

Chicken processing company Tip Top Poultry recalls its meat from stores over Listeria fears mean to tell me that the guy who was ripping people off over a fake "university"....

Quick, over there...

I just saw a great line in a comment on a Twitter thread:

Scoop: John Bolton to write Trump book, pairs with top agents

C'mon.... you KNOW you have a photo to share that says....

Killer of black man over parking space get 20-year sentence

C'mon.... you KNOW you have a photo to share that says....

TODAY 6PM ET: @BernieSanders sits down with @drsanjaygupta to discuss his recent heart attack

Going to have start team rosters of the Trump scandals...

Splinter is shutting down.

Anyone in 94605?

Photography Tips from a professional photographer on my trip to Canada

TODAY 6PM ET @CNNSitRoom: BernieSanders with @drsanjaygupta to discuss his recent heart attack

Anyone here live in Harrison county?

Nita Lowey will not seek reelection.

$3,000 Nike "Jesus Shoes" Filled With Holy Water

The View's Sunny Hostin helps Meghan McCain understand why she should care about impeachment

Beware of Dog:

Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey announces retirement

Covered California rates going up for 2020

Giuliani Associates Subpoenaed in House Impeachment Inquiry

Puppy Decides He Can't Live Without This Stray Kitten

The Gift, the Silver Lining, the Bright Side

Crowd ERUPTS in laughter as Biden humiliates Giuliani

Deutsche Bank Does Not Have President Trump's Tax Returns, Court Says

World's cutest yawn 😍

Memory Card Found With Brutal Videos and Photos Leads to Murder Arrest

So what will Trump do now to knock out the current headline about the Guiliani-related arrests?

Beto O'Rourke -- Rally Against Fear

Beto O'Rourke -- Rally Against Fear

Pete Sessions Connected To The Ukraine Thuglies

Photo: If what Rudy's henchmen say is true, Don Jr. LOVES it!

Ever just have "one of those days"?

Metro East Congressman John Shimkus pulls Trump support after Syria decision

EBT card help.

Eerie photo...

SDF, w/ our SpecOps, happen to be sitting on 65-70% of Syria's oil reserves

Facebook's Public Policy Director for Global Elections is a trump supporter who worked for giuliani

Trump: " @FoxNews doesn't deliver for US anymore." thinks he is the US.

October 9: Yet Another Wohl, Burkman Press Conference

A snakehead fish that survives on land was discovered in Georgia. Officials want it dead

Official picture of the "Ukranian Five"

Do Nothing Donald #DoNothingDonald

Officials say 'snakehead' fish that can live on land may be invading Georgia

Jammed homemade guns appeared to stop Halle attacker killing more

Collusion Collusion Collusion ....

President Con is now double daring Nancy Pelosi

Xochitl Torres Small, one of the last remaining Democratic holdouts, comes out in support of inquiry

Social Security Admin dropping its cost-of-living adjustment to 1.6%

President Pelosi could inherit a major inevitable economic downturn

American railroads are already in recession with no end in sight

Trump lashes out over Fox News poll that shows majority support his impeachment

Kokanee salmon released in Lake Sammamish for the first time in 2 years

Reflections on "orthodox Jews" Jared and Ivanka on Yom Kippur

5 things to know about Seattle tunnel tolling

'South Park' Escalates Criticism of Chinese Government in Latest Episode

NY Prosecutors hold news conference on arrest of Ghoulianis Ukraine associates....with a chart

Who is this "Congressman 1" --now on msnbc the Rudy pals indictment

Anonymous Caller Gives Deep Details On Kurds In Syria

Teen Vogue: Why I Need a Woman of Color Therapist

Donald Trump is a clueless commander in chief

Pete Sessions' daddy, ex-FBI Director William Sessions was on Semion Mogilevich's payroll.

The Arrest of Giuliani's Ukraine Associates Shows How Much Trump Has Already Corrupted Our Elections

As Many As 100,000 May Have Already Been Displaced by Turkish Offensive in Syria, Rights Groups Say

Looks like foreign money was being laundered at both state and federal levels

Florida man who shot unarmed man in parking-space dispute sentenced to 20 years

Iranian women attend first soccer match in 40 years

Get used to seeing this everyday with Trump...

STD Rates On The Rise In Washington

Giuliani had lunch with these 2 men at Trump hotel YESTERDAY-then they tried to flee out of Dulles..

Trump's Syria Fiasco Is Part of Putin's To-Do List

Pete Sessions is "Congressman 1" in indictment of Rudy Guliani associates, reports say

It just appears to me...

Tutti-Frutti, Oh Rudy !

Crowd cheers as Andrew Yang makes surprise appearance at hip hop concert

Pete Sessions is "Congressman 1" in indictment of Rudy Guliani associates, reports say

Trump adviser gives conflicting accounts on whether Chinese offered information about Hunter Biden

Guys, I have to admit I was rather skeptical at first, but I have to say....

Lev Parnas was listed as a member of Donald Trump Jr's Executive Steering Committee for a DeSantis

Joe Biden's statement on trump's betrayal of our Kurdish allies

NY-17: Is she ready?

The sea is running out of fish, despite nations' pledges to stop it

Indigenous leader killed in Ecuador unrest, agency says

Playoff baseball comes to our backyard.

The swamp is draining itself...never seen that before.

Biden retakes lead in RCP polling average

If aerospace jobs decline, should tax breaks be affected?

Seth Abramson....System Freeze

Ex-Wisconsin Republican Party leader linked to Giuliani associates indicted and arrested

Rudy's indicted Ukraine henchmen gave thousands to Kevin McCarthy

This widow wants to add a 2nd bedroom. Richland says:

Bernie: Playoff baseball comes to our backyard.

Narco says he gave to Honduran president's early campaign

Trump's deal with Erdogan

Beto O'Rourke -- World Mental Health Day

Beto O'Rourke -- World Mental Health Day

Judge won't dismiss case on wages of immigrant detainees

This couple throws giant birthday parties for homeless kids that live on Skid Row #WorldHomelessDay

Cory Gardner will not say whether it's okay for a President to solicit foreign interference

Fantastic fall foliage ... and where to find it

I predict now ghouliani arrested before 9 est

Turkey's attacks in Syria could free ISIS prisoners

Some things I'm wondering about

'They Can't Arrest Both Of Us,' Says Giuliani Handcuffing Himself To Times Square Pikachu

Well, Donwald "Depends" Trump Must Be Sweating Today

Where's Barr?

Born on this day, October 10, 1924: Ed Wood

Betty Bowers:"boycotting next year's Academy Awards to bring attention to my failure to get the nom"

How Will Bernie Sanders' Health Scare Affect His Campaign?

Two Tickets to Paradise, Lev and Igor tried to fly away

Warren's Been Talking to Gillum, Sparking VP Buzz

Those 2 Ukrainian associates tried to sneak out of the country, right?

Have the oddsmakers issued an over/under on how many days til Trump pardons...

How Trump Made Howard Stern 'Sort of a Journalist'

White House aides try disappearing act amid impeachment talk

want to see the wheels completely come off this administration?

Let's hear it for the gunslinger! Happy 50th Birthday, Brett Favre!

Have a burning question about the arrests

So, I Guess Leningrad Lindsey WON'T Be Asking Rudy To Appear Before His Committee After all?

'Sesame Street' to Tackle Opioid Crisis With New Muppet

Fruman & Parnas had one way tickets to Vienna--home of an associate of Manafort (Trump polling data)

Friends of Mexico's 'Prince of Song' pay respects in Miami

$325,000 donation Parnas and Fruman made to committee-1... committee ID'd as America First

Cartoons 10/10/19

Trump warns McConnell about 'disloyal' Republicans

Retiring GOP Rep. John Shimkus won't support Trump after Syria pullout

Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He's Now 'A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut'

"Blatantly Disobey [GUN] Laws, If Passed"

The Supreme Court has to look in the mirror.

Let's talk about an interview with a Special Forces officer and one word....

To every lying Republican shitstain who claims that "The troops LOVE Trump":

poll results show how republicans morph their values to fit Trump's behavior

Biden Swipes at Warren With 'Planner' Remark

Colombia's government and ruling party go into apparent panic mode over Uribe trial

Aging in place symposium: planning, spacial justice in aging societies

Plot twist in Colombia's trial of the century: did Uribe babble himself into jail?

Crowd ERUPTS in laughter as Biden humiliates Giuliani

Just for you Rudy......

What we're finding out in real time is... everything in the Steele Dossier was true

Lindsey Graham dishes on Trump in hoax calls with Russians

Miners, Indigenous Groups Clash in Brazil's Amazon

Lindsey Graham dishes on Trump in hoax calls with Russians

Trump is simply using our Country as collateral.

I almost can't believe it's happening.

Lindsey Graham was pranked by the same Russians who got to Adam Schiff.

SCOOP: Lindsey Graham was pranked by same Russians who got to Adam Schiff. Says "wants to be help

Some excellent podcasts to track the Primary...

Important work of women surgeons highlighted in Cuba

Per Klasfeld: Lev and Igor case assigned to same judge who sent Cohen off to Camp Otisville

Let's Not Take Cues From a Country That Bans Winnie the Pooh.

White House Letter Distorts Both Law and History on Impeachment

The best part about Rudy Giuliani is that he doesn't realize he has the right to remain silent

I predict Kevin McCarthy won't be having any press conferences the next couple of days (or weeks)

Forget fans, we're talking wind turbine

On this day, October 10, 1973, Spiro Agnew resigned as vice president

Cars - My Best Friends Girl - live

Oh boy will the WH regret this:

I'm sure there a lot DUers out there..

Researcher fired lasers from planes and discovered ancient Maya farms

Researcher fired lasers from planes and discovered ancient Maya farms

Anyone got a take on who these Nevada politicians are?

Five days until Virginia voter registration deadline

Look at this photograph....

Trump's rumored pullout from Open Skies Treaty would idle Offutt jets

Colombia elections: Candidates face spate of violence

Down they go - ReTHUG swamp rats, come on down

I still have all my home built computers

Colombian unions call national strike against Duque's attacks on pensions and workplace rights

What's on your Halloween watch list? I always start the season with:

Ellen Weintaub: The independence of the US Federal Election Commission will not be compromised.

The Reason why Trump blocked US troops from helping the Kurds is to divert

BREAKING: Democrats just subpoenaed Rick Perry

Hamilton woman dies after horse riding fall at Morven Park

I have a family member we have expelled from our family.

BREAKING: Tulsi Gabbard threatens to boycott October debate

These idiots have to be labeled "the Keystone Crooks"?

FEMA Denies Dorian Individual Assistance In 4 NC Counties

The FBI had to be watching and listening to Rudy's associates.

Did Rudy tell these guys to leave the country at lunch in trump tower? FBI knows.

Rudy might get arrested. That would be good tv right there.

Tom Steyer raises more than $2 Million

(Jewish Group) RBG Wore A Collar With A Torah Verse On The Opening Day Of The Supreme Court

We did not let GOP pick our Speaker. We will not let GOP pick our nominee.

Trump attacks Sessions: A 'total disaster' and 'an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama'

Syria withdrawal was Trump's birthday gift to Putin

(Jewish Group) Backpack set alight on steps of Jewish center in Brooklyn over Yom Kippur

The judge gave bail to those two men

Elizabeth Warren open to decriminalizing sex work

Bette Midler is a national treasure, I tell you, a national treasure!

Proposed "Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP, since an impeachment "two-fer" won't work.

The entire Trump criminal enterprise is coming apart at the seams.

Rolling Out the Anti-Fascist Counter-Offensive: Impeachment, IC Leaks, DOJ Arrests (Coordinated?)

There'll always be an England...

(Jewish Group) Synagogue attack in Halle Germany (collection of articles)

So is Rudy hiding out at one of Trump Towers?

Breaking News......Rick Perry has been Subpoenaed by Congress.....

White House Shifted Authority Over Ukraine Aid Amid Legal Concerns

Parnas and Fruman to be released on $1 million bond

(Jewish Group) Stickers & posters described as anti-Semitic found at suburban NY Holocaust memorial

House Democrats subpoena Perry, Giuliani associates

Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' bill is back & it may be even worse

GLBT History Month: 1972, gay people spoke at the Democratic National Convention for the first time

This Isn't The 1st Time The US Abandoned The Kurds; 30 Million Population In 6 Countries

"Your next gig: America's Mayor pissing into a stainless steel toilet."

Holy Crap, I know why Trump encouraged Turkey to invade Syria. It's a campaign promise

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 10, 2019

Had a Democratic president behaved the way Whiny Donny has

Giuliani dealings with associates scrutinized as part of investigation

Top Commerce Department aides orchestrated NOAA's Hurricane Dorian statement

Tommy Christopher Slams Media Coverage of Biden, Warren, and Harris: 'Black Voters Are Being Erased'

Who remembers the Roger Stone and Michael Cohen saga?

My wife thinks Joe Biden is a man of integrity

LOL! Trey Gowdy can't begin work for WH until after January 1st due to lobbying laws...

David Axelrod talks w John Heilemann about Hunter Biden's impact

Top Commerce Department aides orchestrated NOAA's Hurricane Dorian statement

I just got my flu shot!!

We lucked out

Five guys in this photo, and every one of them could wear the "I'm With Stupid" shirt.

Chicago Educators Are Poised to Strike

"thump..thump... thump, thump... thump"

The Judge gave them bail, but I wouln't give you two cents for their

Trump says TreyGhazi can't start until after January because of lobbying rules

Man, the person driving the bus everyone is getting thrown under, will think


Man to Trump: The government crushed my family business. Trump to man: That's "very sad," but...

The trump administration is a shit show.

Repukes again going for ouster of FEC Chair (Weintraub)

Did the FBI listen in on Rudy's lunch with Fruman and Parnas at Trump Tower?

Ha ha ha. Trump just claimed he didn't know Rudy's two dudes with the money.

Surprise! Trump says he doesn't know those guys.

" I don't know would have to ask Rudy"..

LGBTQ rights are good and well but whatever happened to women's rights?

And Bill Barr finally shows up... at the home of Rupert Murdoch

We investigated the Watergate scandal. We believe Trump should be impeached.

Head of the Federal Election Commission, Ellen Weintraub, takes no shit.

The bottom line is Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff will get them.

Attorney General Roy Cohn met privately last night with Rupert Murdoch at his NY home

Clay Aiken: Why I support Joe Biden, our strongest ally

CBS Livestream of Trump's Minneapolis Rally Tonight

600 ex-EPA officials want Congress to investigate 'inappropriate threat of use' of authority

Washington Post goes after Elizabeth Warren with posse of establishment sources

Law Professor's Advice to House Democrats: Arrest Rudy Giuliani

Just saw this on FB - Lindsey Graham and the Kurds...

Tape with lobbyist and Texas speaker to be released

Dozens caged and shackled in Trinidad drug rehab center, police say

Dozens caged and shackled in Trinidad drug rehab center, police say

Unsolicited advice to Rick Perry: Ricky, Ricky, Ricky! A subpoena means you are officially

Just finished binge-watching "Peaky Blinders," Season 5.

Maybe I should stop for the night!

Whispers in the White House

Time to "adopt" a Republican senator

Warren used Republican attacks on her authenticity, a sexist trope in politics, to rally supporters

Trump just quietly cut legal immigration by up to 65%--Trump made his adviser Stephen Miller's dream

NEWS: OCT 13 - Sanders to LIVESTREAM into UFCW 2020 Presidential Forum in Iowa

NEWS: Sanders to LIVESTREAM into UFCW 2020 Presidential Forum in Iowa

U. S. Senate Oath of Office

And now we find "You Lie!" Joe Wilson got dirty money from the Bobbsey Twins

Biden is creating a generational divide among black voters

Breaking: Florida Governor DeSantis says he will return the $50,000 given to him by

Uh oh

The first round of Grammy voting ends today...The Mueller Report, "The Threat" by...

I roasted kohlrabi slices

BUZZFEED - July 22, 2019 Parnas & Furman dined with the president

Kevin McCarthy Is (Donating) the Cash He Took From Rudy Giuliani's Indicted Pals


Weird how QAnon never said anything about this... Maricopa County Assessor (R) bought and sold kids


Trump doth protest too much-he keeps repeating I don't about them (Rudy's indicted pals)........

Simple answer...YES

Kev, Igor, and Maralago

Scoop: Rudy Giuliani was also planning to head to Vienna tonight--

I can't watch or listen to Trump's rally tonight!

Chris Murphy...

US, Russia veto UN Security Council statement on Turkey's op in Syria.

Barr to Rupert...get your ducks in a row...Rupert to Barr...what's in it for me?

Say it ain't so Don Jr. Say it ain't so!

"Feel Good" by the legendary all-female band Ace of Cups...

Dog Can't Understand Why Guy Refuses To Play Fetch With Him

That ship has sailed...mittens

Yep, the chance is 51% in favor...

10/10 Fox News Poll: Biden 32%, Warren 22%, Sanders 17%. Biden & Warren beat Trump by 10,

The Mystery of Rudy Giuliani's Vienna Trip

'I have pictures with everybody': Trump denies the photograph of him w/ arrested Giuliani associates

Will Rupert squiggle his way out of a subpoena?

Damn! I step away for a few hours and the volcano of the WH corruption

Rudy Who?

Parnas & Fruman had one way tickets to Vienna--Giuliani also planned to head to Vienna today

Trudy the coffee lady:


Gonna get crazier every day...

20 years ago..."Vast right-wing conspiracy"

Luckovich- on the Upside, we got some judges and tax cuts for Billionaires

FBI and fed prosecutors are eying Giuliani's financials bigly, sounds like:


WAPO bombshell article about yesterday's Guiliani's friends' arrests

One made tennis his life. The other had a billionaire grandfather. guess who Georgetown recruited

From GOP bulldog to lapdog...Maybe..Jan 1st is a long way off

Russia & the US on the same side at the UN. Both refuse to condemn Turkey.

Fox News Poll: Biden and Warren gain ground in Democratic race

Poll: Independents Move In Favor Of Impeachment Inquiry; GOP Stays Firmly Against

Wondering how long before the two Russians arrested fleeing the U.S. will be found hanging in their

Trump-Friendly Lawyers Join Legal Team of Ukraine's Firtash

NEW: Trump tasks State Dept to "find common ground" b/t Turks and Kurds

just saw an advertisement for PLANT BUTTER!!!!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 11 October 2019

David Corn: We Found the Corruption: Giuliani Pals Making Shady Donations to Pro-Trump GOPers...

FOX news has little to none, Americans of color on any of their commercials

SDF/YPG Vet on U.S. Retreat

Getting Back on Track with the Dopamine Fast.


At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy

At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump

Trump distances himself from indicted Giuliani associates

Little Dog Can't Stop Thanking The Woman Who Saved Her

Kevin McCarthy Is Donating the Cash He Took From Rudy Giuliani's Indicted Pals

A double helping of John Prine to put things in perspective

AOC: Trump admin foreign policy, 2019 [Be Like]


Prediction: Something really ugly is going to happen at Trump's rally tonight

Peru's President More Popular Than Ever After Shutting Congress

Halloween Is Coming #51

Halloween Is Coming #52

Halloween Is Coming #53

Halloween Is Coming #54

Halloween Is Coming #55

Shit's getting deep tonight faster than I can type. Plenty of people knew, and sat there "unnerved."

The Dunder-Mifflin effect on believers and non-believers.

"Returned a library book as Elizabeth Warren today"

Warren's Been Talking to Gillum, Sparking VP Buzz

David Oistrakh plays "Labyrinth" Caprice in D Major

@MassAFLCIO Lay Down The M4A Gauntlet - All Or Nothing From Candidates For POTUS

CNN: Bernie Sanders explains what hinted at heart attack

At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump

CNN: Bernie Sanders explains what hinted at heart attack

Arrested Giuliani henchmen were 'frequent guests at Mar-a-Lago': Former GOP congressman

"I don't know them"

Past Presidents agree.

This is a picture I painted of President Obama before he turned gray

Supermagnetic Stars May Form from Mergers

Crowd chanting "Lock him up" outside Target Center as trump supporters stream in. #trumpminneapolis

The drip drip drip has turned into this

Barr Meets with Rupert Murdoch


A picture speaks a 1000 words and then some

Biden Needs a Better Message than "I can beat Trump"

Breaking: PA (R) Congressmen Lloyd Smucker (PA-11) & Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) received dirty money

Who Is Paying Rudy Giuliani?

2020 US Senate Election- Republican Senate seats that Democrats need to win in 2020.

Why does the media do their reporting at Trump's rallies?

Fiona Hill to testify to Congress that Giuliani, Sondland circumvented the NSC & WH norms

In my most twisted thoughts I never thought it would..

Here's the big difference between Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump...

Two-thirds of bird species in North America could vanish in climate crisis

I love a number of the various candidates for a variety of reasons.. and at another......

Lindsey Graham talks to the Moscow Radio Zoo Crew Just like Nikki Haley!

Stop It. PLEASE EVERYBODY STOP---- for 10 minutes

Giuliani's dealings with indicted individuals under scrutiny: law enforcement officials.

Everyone Is Obsessed With This Dog With A 'Human' Face

In these troubled times, count on Fox News to focus on the real issues...

Padres pitcher Jacob Nix arrested (tased kicked in face)after entering home through doggie door

"At least there's no video"

Y'all know/remember that Rudy's a mobster, right?