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VICE News: Dinesh D'Souza has a new film about how Trump is just like Lincoln.

Unabashedly Pro-Kornacki Thread

Follow Ohio 12th In Real Time Including Projection

Nerd Alert! What are your most annoyingly mispronounced words?

OK, who's winning in the 12th?

I Had Just Got Driver's License, Last Time Democrat Won In OH-12

Im so glad that the new blood

What should I interpret this to mean?

For those in the Los Angeles area on Sept 14 - great panel with 3 really smart women

Steve Kornacki Poll

Mike Dense can also fuck himself


Traditional ideas about life in retirement are being upended by a dismal reality: bankruptcy.

Abandoning Islam for a life in porn

trump loves watching his own rallies, cooing over the performances

The Great Distractor - By Robby Mook

I know it is a long shot but Go Beto Go

Climate Changes

Tucker must have blown an eyebrow....(Faux top o news upfate)

Columbus Dispatch: O'COnnor has the edge in OH-12 Special...

Oh-12 d57 r42. .. 9% in

Very interesting documentaries coming on tonight and this week on PBS...

Elizabeth Warren: 'Wilbur Ross is a cartoon stereotype of a Wall Street fat cat'

Trumps Chumps

Former Argentine Vice President Amado Boudou sentenced to over 5 years, despite lack of evidence

Obama Cabinet official: Trump doesn't want educated workforce

Proposition A: Keep Right-to-Work Law

With the recent acceleration of climate change it's time consider "deep adaptation"

No guts. No glory. I'm calling it for Danny O'Connor

Polls are about to close here in Michigan, I got my vote in today, people!

i believe that when drumpf met with Putin he told him anyone he seen campaigning with

Binging on Fargo Season 1 for the umptenth time! 📺

Compared to What." If this song isn't the most relevant to what's going on. Don't know what is.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Q Who?

William Lacy Clay way ahead with 1% reporting

Michigan Primary results: livestream

and yippie, she's back Rachel!!!!

I want to cancel and delete my account

O'Connor leads by 5%

what's that NYT website for up to the minute election results?? Thanks

American first, Democrat second...

OH-12 Special Election

John Kasich strategist: The Republican better see a significant turnaround in Delaware County

Special prosecutor investigating possible election fraud in Rep. Scott Taylor's race

If you missed the debate between Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens, Dyson just posted a link:

Close is good, but really not good enough......

Whoever "Rogue Melania is on Twitter, s/he is hilarious.

Kansas Primary results livestream

Fux Noise: FBI's handling of alleged Feinstein spy spurs claims of double standard with Trump

75% vote in... OConner up 1000 votes

Hmm...O'Connor v Balderson District. that's not gerrymandered at all, is it???

Facebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We'll Give You Our Users

I used to think Trump voters were the dumbest people on the planet but I was wrong

Looking for advice: Brother's shih tzu has become aggressive toward dogs since older dog died

OK, just here for a cocktail.......cosmo please.

Missouri "Right to Work" referendum LOSING...

The best news out of Michigan's primary today are the numbers.

Ted Cruz asks Trump to campaign for him in Texas

Anyone else have a problem with dubbed movies?

PREDICTION: There will NOT be a call in OH-12 tonight...

Question...Over the last 20 years, what margin have Republicans won the Ohio Disrict?

Asbestos from Russia .-Thank you Mr. Trump

The Ohio Green Party just retweeted this

Judge Ellis is inserting himself into the Manafort trial in a very juvenile fashion.

Putin helping his puppet: Russians "leak" a document on Helsinki private meeting to Politico

Despite crackdown, immigrants flowing through Arizona border

Right to Work Referendum Results in Missouri

Frontline in 5 minutes on PBS. CHARLOTTESVILLE

and again, early voting gets our hopes up, and they're dashed........

NYT calling MI for Whitmer.

OH 12 almost a dead heat Bladerson + 1,000 votes ..... 89% of the vote in

Doug Ford delivers on "buck a beer" in Ontario

I think Manafort and his criminal buds has compromised the judge.

Gretchen Whitmer wins Democratic nomination for governor in Michigan primary election.

Michigan, 27% of the vote in:

Sharice Davids is ahead of Brent Welder in KS-03! 33-29


Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

NOW, on PBS: 'Documenting Hate: Charlottesville' (2018)

That old saying is very wise and practical. "If you can't beat 'em...

Penn. Establishes Nation's First LGBTQ Commission

Fuck you, you Green Party voting motherfuckers!

A friend in need is a...

2017-2018 federal special election results as compared to the seat's partisan lean:

Missouri primary sets up McCaskill-Hawley Senate clash

If at first you don't succeed...

OH-12: This race gets fought again in November.

The Shadow Rulers of the VA

Otis Redding just fuckin around and killing it at Monterey Pop.

One fact..If Trump wins by 11 percent in 2016 in this district...(I was wrong on previous number)

Remains of unidentified boy found at New Mexico compound

Ed Albertson received 112,638 votes in 2016, which is more than enough to win Ohio's 12th today

Miserable & Suffering Trump Lovers Deserve Their Misery. Do Not Care If They Are Starving/Desperate.

Cornell Belcher says don't vote third party

Without provisional ballots, Balderson (R) finishes ahead of O'Connor (D) 101,566 to 99,800 in #OH12

Hey fuck it dude.

Don Lemon Calls Out Melania Trump: 'She Was A Birther, Too'

KS-GOV: Laura Kelly wins Democratic nomination

Missouri 1st District: Lacy Clay 60.8% Cori Bush 30.6%

Ban me if you want, Voting Green gives you

More divisive bullshit

Rachel Maddow: "Something important is about to happen"

Is Putin the head of the Green Party?

Balderson Will Spend His Entire Term Campaigning


Dog: "It's gonna take a lot to drag me awayyyyy from you, there's nothing that....."

So now trumpsters are wearing "I'd rather be a Russian" t-shirts? Really?

Why Does Betsy DeVos's Family Yacht Fly a Foreign Flag? Donald Trump's 'America First' Administratio

Balderson is claiming victory? Really?

MO-01: Lacy Clay handily beats Cori Bush

OH 12 loss - blame dems who did not turn out

MI-08: Elissa Slotkin wins Democratic nomination

William Lacy Clay defeats challenger in MO.

The early bird gets the worm,

Right To Work in MO FAILS...Labor Wins....

InfoWars wasn't really banned

We need to expand our electorate to rural people

Donald Trump: "Balderson was a loser until I showed up....."

2 Years Of Democrat In OH-12 Since 1938

OH-12 . . . . Not so fast.

Seth Meyers: The Check In: Andrew Wheeler and the Environmental Protection Agency

The Daily Show: Gates & Manafort: A White Collar Bonnie & Clyde

I think the Russians are active in our elections and hiding in plain sight.

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks LeBron James, Amish Uber - Monologue - 8/6/18

Two Texas election surveys in the past two days - some highlights

Seth Meyers: Guest Lester Holt on Trump Calling Journalists the Enemy of the People

From WaPo:

Will El-Sayed campaign ferociously for Whitmer?

If this don't make your arm hair stand up, you might be dead.

2018 Washington State Primary Results WA-3,WA-5,and WA-8

Another moral victory? Sorry, but the over performing thing does not ease the pain

Texas Governor Abbott Tweets FAKE Churchill Quote - Gets Bruised Online

Ain't It A Sin

Don't Turn Your Heater Down

Ted Cruz asks Trump to campaign for him in Texas

KS-03: It's going to be a long night

You Don't Know What You Mean To Me

**The AP has not called OH 12 and Ohio Sec of State says 8,400 ballots remain to be counted*!

I would have loved to have seen us win OH-12

Missouri Voters Deal Major Blow to GOP Union-Busting Efforts

'Right to work' Rejected in Missouri!

Serious doubts about Kangson North Korea alleged nuclear role

A letter to those who cry for small government...

The Great Wilson Picket!

Wanna Shake Yo Booty?

Abdul El-Sayed vows to take momentum from supporters into Whitmer's race in November

Freepers have an OP about DU alleged beatdown of Greens.

So did we do good in all the states that had elections today, or not???

Hoagensen wins primary MO-4

NSW Government says entire state in drought.

Should we be rooting for Kobach?

It's amazing Democrats do as well as we do.

The New Russian/Republican Narrative: Pitting The Left (Ocasio-Cortez) Versus Democrats...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who expresses himself in this way.

MI-13: Rashida Tlaib becomes first Muslim woman sent to Congress.

Gabbard instructed to take down campaign material violating military ethics rules...

KS-03: Update from Dave Weigel

Leaked document: Putin lobbied Trump on arms control

Does anybody know why Michigan took so long to report? They were saying it was a problem with the

An Underdog Reformer Just Unseated the Prosecutor Who Handled the Ferguson Police Shooting

Right To Work Goes Down in Missouri

It doesn't look good for GoodSpaceGuy

Results from St. Louis County Election Board on Voter Turnout for Yesterday's MO Primary

Cantwell, Hutchison advance in Senate race; Joey Gibson loses big

KS-03: Welder's lead down to 1.5%

Planet at Risk of Heading Towards Apocalyptic, Irreversible 'Hothouse Earth' State

Has anyone heard what the turnout was for the Ohio 12th election Tuesday?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/7/18

Cylvia Hayes' settlement talks put on hold in ethics case

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Cory Booker Is Running In 2020... For Something

The White Working Class (w/ Joan C. Williams)

Autopsy: Chicago man killed by police was shot in the back

Results of primary races in Ohio, Kansas come down to the wire

The faces of Treason ...

Marine Accused Of Marching At Charlottesville Rally Kicked Out Of Service

Navajo students to represent North America at robotics competition

Navajo students to represent North America at robotics competition

Funeral meal leaves at least 9 dead, dozens sick in Peru

Young Migrant Girl Reunited with Family in Guatemala After Months-Long Separation

Young Migrant Girl Reunited with Family in Guatemala After Months-Long Separation

Circle The Date

7,000-year-old Maya remains found in Mexico

7,000-year-old Maya remains found in Mexico

Sharice Davids takes the lead in U.S. House District 3 - Kansas

FBI agent on trial in Finicum shooting case takes witness stand

Missouri 2nd Congressional District

Gal Gadot Calls to Break Gender Stereotypes; Supports Boy With Wonder Woman Crown

Oregon businesses hit hard by cancellations due to smoke

Voting machine issues unacceptable in Johnson County (KS)

Washington Primary

Trump to visit Fort Drum Monday to sign "National Defense Authorization Act"

The Shadow Rulers of the VA

Ohio Special Election Shows a Blue Wave Coming

Off the rails on Ari Melber: Michael Eric Dyson debates Candace Owens

'If I don't have it, I die': College student describes the copay that almost killed her

Whitmer and Schuette Win Michigan Governor's Nominations

Michigan voters set new turnout record for August primary

House sitting?

''I'm glad to hear Prop A was defeated tonight in Missouri. ''

Riding in style.

Trump's Balderson victory lap tweet. "He was down in early voting. After my speech..."

Young thieves baffled by obsolete technology

Shaun wonders why things like this always seem to happen to him.

Northrop's new CEO adds to growing number of women leading defense firms

Morning Joe says Ohio election shows GOP will likely be crushed in 2018

Am I not the only one who thnks the judge in the Manafort case is tampering with the jury?

No toilet paper.

Some good news for Ferguson, MO in last nights election results

New Trial Testimony Offers Insight Into Paul Manafort Ties To Russia - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Cruz Asked for Trump's Help In Texas

Key red-state Democrat sides with Trump on wall funding

Poll: Majority says race relations have gotten worse under Trump

"super conservative" Trump supporter - wife is deported. "I'm eating my words"

Mea culpa. I let you guys down

Republicans Avoided Total Disaster

Populism: Why can't we use it?

Liberal Insurgency Hits a Wall in Midwest Primaries

Suburbanites Are More Fired Up than Rural Voters

The Rundown: August 7, 2018

All I want for Christmas is a Democratic House.

DNC chairman: Ohio special election 'gives me optimism'

White House of Lies

Now that Alex Jones is banned from Youtube and Facebook, you can listen to him here:

Court rules Mexican mother can sue over cross-border Border Patrol shooting

Kimmel Appeals to Trump on Climate Change With PSA Showing His Golf Courses in Danger

New Yorker : DJT and his White Nationalists

Trump Loses a Battle in His War on Truth

China to ignore Trump sanctions, continue doing business with Iran

Zebra cat.

Former GOP Colleague Trashes Ryan For 'Selling His Soul'

Is 'Q' The Greatest Hoax Of All Time? - by Joe Conason

What if Putin convinces Trump to unilaterally disarm, conventional and nuclear weapons ?

670 ballots in a precinct with 276 voters, and other tales from Georgia's primary

Ivanka Trump says her mother immigrated legally--that may not be true

Sharice Davids won KS 3!

Maduro pulls names out of hat, names conspirators... thanks virgin patron saint for saving Chavismo

NYT live updates on all the primaries:

I missed my prediction in Ohio's 12

Buried In CAFE Rollback Plan, Shitstain Admin Projects 790 ppm Carbon By 2100; "Horrfying" Outcome

Ohio Dem Danny O'Connor Takes on Pelosi As Race Too Close to Call: We Need 'New Generation...

Papa John's to shell out up to $50M to remake its image

China to slap additional tariffs on $16 billion worth of U.S. goods

Portland, ME named top food destination in the country

"According to the poll, 55 percent of voters say race relations have worsened under Trump "

Coal's Steady Decline Continues Unabated, Despite Steady Honking & Blowing Of Politicians, CEOs

New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

Trump did play a big role in the result in Ohio -- but not the one he wants you to think

History! Sharice Davids wins Kansas primary; faces Yoder in November

Morning Joe pollster saying Scott leads Nelson?

"America - Love It Or Leave It"

I've always known that Trump is an ordinary jock-sniffer.

Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Ousted in Primary by Councilman Wesley Bell

It's Over: YouTube Bans Alex Jones

Trump Has Already Admitted Collusion IS Illegal

Kansas Dems choose Sharice Davids to challenge Rep. Kevin Yoder for seat in Congress

Trump Voter: "The President is a Monster" First 10 seconds..CNN:

JPL Study; AK North Slope Soils Frozen 13% Less/Year; IOW, Carbon Cycle Speeding Up, More Releases

Jeanine Pirro officially breaks the irony meter.

Celebrating my 12,000th post on DU

Sharice Davids wins in KS 03.

Abdul El-Sayed vows to take momentum from supporters into Whitmer's race in November

Trump administration preparing to do away with Obama-era lightbulb rules, document says

GSA chief may have misled Congress about White House involvement in FBI headquarters, according to d

Has anyone seen "How it Ends"?

How is this a "witch hunt"?

Anyone has a link to that Ryan interview

If a house is engulfed in flames, you can always rely on the Green Party to

New York GOP Rep. Chris Collins arrested on insider trading charges

Breaking Chris Collins arrested for insider trading

***HUGE BREAKING NEWS*** Trump sychophant Chris Collins being charged with insider trading

Democracy is messy

3 Mar-a-Lago members act as shadow rulers of the Department of Veterans Affairs

You know what they say about cliffhangers,

Malcolm Nance live and in studio on Stephanie's show.

Isn't Karma just great

Sen. Rand Paul says he delivered Trump letter to Putin

NSW, Australia declared 100% in drought as farmers fear relief package 'too late

I'm filling out mail-in ballot - Shaw or Torrens?

Even the 72 win Bulls lost some games along the way to a championship.

Another round of primaries is done.

Very strange behavior indeed

You made me become a Nazi! by: Matt Bors

#International Cat Day


RUDE PUNDIT: The Trump Administration Wants to See How Racist It Can Be

Wednesday TOONs - Co-Conspiracy Theory Edition

The Manafort Case - an update

So, we are now learning that Jade Helm might have been a Russian Bot exercise

Joe Biden launches an LGBTQ family acceptance campaign

Insider trading at the White House, no less.

Hmmm: 10:09 am NJ, the WH calls a lid -- meaning we won't see POTUS publicly for the rest of the day

'What, me worry?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Laughing break!:HOLY COW: Car thief corralled by cows while running from Florida officers, police sa

The best meteor show of the year is coming to a sky near you

Jimmy Kimmel debuts climate change ad specifically designed for Trump

KS-03: Sharice!!!!

I have to admit I have not felt this good in years about where we are headed

Trump did play a big role in the result in Ohio -- but not the one he wants you to think

Lindsay Graham: Trump brought up ending the Russia probe about 20 times.

This is a prescient observation

5 Takeaways From Tuesday's Election Results

beware of being the general who fights the last war.

Pooty shares the tRump "letter" delivered by Paul!

I support Nancy Pelosi 100%, but . . . If not her . . .

Muslim Woman Could Make History in US Congress

*BREAKING* Missouri Voters Reject Anti-Union Law in a Victory for Labor

With Race Too Close To Call, OH Dem Slams Opponent For Flying Folks In From DC

Dear Mr Mueller

Nazi candidate draws write-in challenger in Chicago district

Kremlin-linked Twitter accounts are supporting GOP candidate Troy Balderson.

O.K. Stupid human- That's enuff

Meanwhile at the park the sheep try out the tire swing

Does Chris Collins have any dirt on Chump? Will he flip?

Amazon launches curbside pickup at Whole Foods stores

Birds of a feather...

Observations of an Ohio12 Poll Worker...

I say this is interest #2

Trump's crooked pal--indicted @GOP Rep. Collins--tells Rep Louise Slaughter she is on a witchhunt ..

Trump has caused an identity crisis for American militias

BLS report: Job openings (6.7 million), hires, and separations little changed in June

MI-GOV Tweet of the Primary

"Like a Duck" Kristin Lems on . . . well, we can guess.

BONUS! 6 Republicans are connected to the Collins insider trading scandal #LockThemUp

Border arrest data suggests Trump's push to split migrant families had little deterrent effect

Manafort's Former Accountant Fired From Firm After Witness Testimony

Dear Donald:

Abortion Legalization Bill Goes to a Vote in Argentina Senate

Pure, unadulterated, asbestos-laden evil.

House Democrats Seek New Probe of Sinclair

Cook Political moves KS-02 and KS-03 to "Tossup"

Just a reminder....the Jackass Radicals are not with the left and never were.

So "our" Dem O'CONNOR's first utterance is to *trash* PELOSI

It's official - spending time outside is good for you

Trump's "Great Deal" With South Korea Jeopardized by Car Tariff Dispute

Chelsea Clinton Tweets 'The Trump Administration is #MAGA or Making Asbestos Great Again Boom.

China Steps Up Crackdown on Christianity

3 members of Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club have been secretly running the Veterans Affairs Dept.

Trump: "If I find the time, which I must, we will have a giant Red Wave!"

We Are at the Limit": Trump's Tariffs Turn Small Businesses Upside Down

APB out for missing kitty!:

Why Florida's waters are fouled year after year

Ryan calls for Ethics investigation into Collins, strips him of seat on Energy-Commerce Committee

trumpy's buddy Congressman Chris Collins arrested & indicted for insider trading

Primary challenges provided record Democratic votes in these contested contests

Want to be happier? Stop scheduling your free time.

A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss and a money launder walk into a bar

U.S. vs. Christopher Collins et al

All Republicans have to sell you is bigotry, greed and hate

Do You Think That Trump Has Ever Engaged In Insider Trading?.....

So, the person who would oversee the recount of Kobach/Colyer? Kris Kobach.

MI-11: Clinton-backed Democrat Haley Stevens wins nomination for Congress

Gee- Wonder why they waited until after the august elections to make their arrest????

Stephen Gives A Presidential Makeup Tutorial

Watching the Collins charges, I thought I was watching "Billions"

Washington State Republicans are in trouble

All Bet(o)s Are Off: Cruz Begs 'Sniveling Coward' Trump To Campaign For Him

Rand Paul was "honored" to deliver a letter from Trump to Putin. GOOD little comrade!

The Senate Intelligence Committee Wants to Interview Julian Assange

I realize David Hogg has been through a lot but...

Judge Ellis to prosecutor

Does anyone have any answers?

Louie Gohmert on SPACE FORCE: "We have got to get back to where we can defend our country in space"

Tomi Lahren - Endless Source of Batshit Cluelessness

New House Ratings Changes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez congratulates and endorses Sharice

Trump administration cuts dozens of staff at financial markets watchdog: source

SC manufacturer says Trump tariffs have forced it to close, terminate thousands of jobs

Washington's last chance to save the endangered orcas - but is it too late?

Washington state's primary results paint a grim picture for GOP


Seth Abramson: "a whole summer of Trump collusion"

Bill Nye: Science Guy profiled on POV

The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party showed up in force yesterday.

What Does Gates Having Affairs Have To Do With The Charges Against.....

Bill Nye: Science Guy profiled on POV (XP)

Collins was calling for an end to the Mueller investigation.

Scourge of superbugs killing Malawi's babies

DFA's Neil Sroka at Netroots Nation 2018 says he expects good thing in 2018 (VIDEO)

Infowars' Terms Of Service Would Ban Its Own Content

Chris Collins' Alleged Corruption Took Place at the WH - Trump Cabinet Secretary Was Under...

The Lady Of The Dunes

The Case for Imposing Sanctions on Donald Trump and His US-Based Business Empire

Tesla's founder Elon Musk proves economic system & stock market gambling frauds

Washington state's primary results paint a grim picture for Deplorables

Mollie Tibbets and Sadie Alvarado - Two Young Women

Giuliani: "It's time for Office of Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay"

DOJ: Collins charged with securities fraud, wire fraud, false statements.

I think CNN may show Collins arriving for his arraignment within the hour.

11-Year-Old Girl Shot With Taser for Shoplifting

Silver Spring girl, 15, charged with murder in attack on man killed in hit-and-run

Trump's Lawyers Counter Mueller's Interview Offer, Seeking Narrower Scope

Here's what to expect as white nationalists, counterprotesters gather on Sunday

West Virginia House committee votes to impeach entire state Supreme Court

I consider myself a

Senate Dems make 'unprecedented' FOIA request for Kavanaugh documents

Senate Intel committee requests Assange testimony.

GOP Senate candidate praised Virginia's decision to secede in 2017 speech: report

Malcolm Nance: They will dismantle all opposition news. That's what Putin did

Trump Wants This Investigation To End But He Himself Is Holding It Up......

The Real Messenger - Sack Cartoon

Nunes suggests possible legal action against Twitter for 'censoring' conservatives

Dangerous Alaska White Water kills again

Trump lays of 40 at financial watchdog office just as Collins (and probably other R's) indicted

Texas Tech police: campus carry a good thing

Now *THIS* is how to properly market your city:

Another election stolen by the GOP: THOUSANDS of votes not counted or "stuck in the voting machines"

Oh boy; Sam Seder on Twitter: "Want to hear from QAnon Believers and Ohio Green Party Voters"

Latino candidates set to play most prominent role ever in presidential race

Mike Rothman: I'm ready to protect Minnesotans as attorney general on Day One - strib oped

Bernie and his army are losing 2018

How far down the line of succession would u have to go to find someone who'd return your wallet

A random thought about old Joe.

Democrats see opportunity in Washington congressional races

Post a line from a TV show and see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google

Trump's lawyers rejected special counsel Mueller's latest request for an interview,

NRA and others sue Edmonds over new gun storage safety law

DFL's Kelliher in Fifth Congressional District - strib endorsement

Ignatius: China mastering cyber tech while we build carriers

At George Washington's Mount Vernon, a luscious crop of cannabis nears harvest time

Republicans will love this: "If I find the time ... we will have a giant Red Wave."

Bill Nelson: The Russians have penetrated some Florida voter election systems

Pastor who founded America's largest Christian rock festival gets 18 yrs for child molestation

drumph's continuing undoing of various laws and criminal acts leads me to think he knows he

Army Sgt. Temo Juarez supported Trump, until ICE deported his immigrant wife, separating his family.

9 lives-plus! Cat found in pipe 3 weeks after Kansas house exploded

These 6 Republicans are connected to insider trading scandal that just exploded on Collins

Peace Of Mind

WA-05: McMorris Rogers is in deep shit

I Think I Like This Guy.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill (R) accused of sexual harassment

It gets lonely when you have no one to share your happy news.

Republicans Outspent Democrats in Ohio by a Hundred Million Rubles

Why is it when I talk dirty to a woman it's harassment, but when a woman talks dirty to me it's

Russpublicans or Republussians?

Alex Jones' Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents' Home Addresses Public

Court documents show compound suspect was training children to commit school shootings

Toddler's popsicle-by-air marks milestone in U.S. drone delivery

Immigration judge removed from cases after perceived criticism of Sessions

APNewsBreak: 1940 civil rights worker slaying case reopened

Kris Kobach won't recuse himself from a recount in governor's race. No law requires it.

Sen. Nelson: Russians have 'already penetrated' Florida election systems

Also bought stock Collins doled out -Rep Conaway of TX -Same 1 who shut down House's Trump-Russia

Governor Northam and City of Charlottesville declare states of emergency

Ted Lieu: More evidence the GOP base is shrinking. (This is quite a statistic)

Bill Nelson: The Russians have penetrated some Florida voter registration systems

Today's XKCD comic is very relevant with the upcoming elections.

Farmworkers protest treatment in Italy after migrant deaths

GOP strategist: Close race in deep-red Ohio district has me 'terrified'

Pierce: This Truly Is an Ominous Result for Republicans

**BREAKING NEWS POL** VA SENATE -Kaine (Democrat) 49% Stewart (All Russia People's Front) 26%

Charles P. Pierce: This Truly Is an Ominous Result for Republicans

U.S. to Impose Sanctions on Russia, Says Used Chemical Agent in U.K.

Will Trump still/keep saying publicly he wants to sit down with Mueller while he fights a subpoena

Just when you think Alex Jones can't get any more despicable...

I called the gambling addiction hotline and the operator said

How Did They Know To Get In In The First Place?

Diplomats: Chile's Bachelet to be new UN human rights chief

Diplomats: Chile's Bachelet to be new UN human rights chief

TODAY'S WINNER of the INTERNET is Russell Turns, responding to Trump's "RED WAVE!" tweet.

Police in Maryland seize cash, gun from car brought for driver's test

Store clerk called 911 on man for being 'arrogant' and 'black'

Packed room for @Ocasio2018 and @AdyBarkan tonight in the Bronx.

Yes, It is cancer in a spray bottle...

Chris Mathews is an Asshole

Crooks of a Feather Flock Together

Juanita Jean is happy that Culbertson may be having Chris Collins issues

Shy Congressman Wishes Other Lawmakers Would Include Him In Their Crimes

The FCC lied to Congress about an alleged cyberattack and didn't come clean until now

Crystal Ball Changes

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump--And Played the Audio for People, Sources Say

"Why did the mansplainer drown in the puddle?"

DailyBeast/Multiple Sources: Omarosa Secretly recorded conversations with Trump

Mueller Likely To Subpoena Trump If He Continues To Dodge Interview

Bummer man...

Father blames 'stand your ground' in son's parking-lot death

Just a note of appreciation for: YUI YOSHIDA

Only if China continues to buy our debt..

If you're getting Hulu Live Streaming be prepared for commercials, tons of them, even the on demand

Why Trump really wants his Mueller interview

Trump officials open door to fracking in California

In a Koontz book I am reading a truth

Poll: Trump's overseas 'chaos' gives Democrats an edge in midterms

Scandal brewing in VA...

Texas police arrest man for allegedly setting fire outside Dem lawmaker's office: reports


Domestic Abuse, Shown Blow by Blow, Shocks Brazil

LGBTQ seniors fear renewed discrimination in long-term care

Domestic Abuse, Shown Blow by Blow, Shocks Brazil

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump--And Played the Audio for People, Sources Say

Next up

Utah newspapers slam GOP's Mia Love for 'deliberately deceptive' mailers

How [Redacted] Radicalized ICE

U.S. refuses to back Canada in Saudi Arabia dispute

Rep Eric Swallwell: He's talking about Russia (re: Trump's tweet about "Red Wave")

Delaware County -- why the late returns?

How far we've fallen

Duh, because he is guilty.

Daniel Dale: Moments In Official Transcripting

One of the largest banks issued an alarming warning that Earth is running out of the resources to su

ACLU Sues Jeff Sessions for Removing Asylum Protections

Josh Marshall wins Twitter today.


Dem senator: Russians have 'penetrated' some Florida election systems

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 8, 2018

Violence Against Women Act Is About To Expire

Five ratings changes from COOK after last night...

Antifa on Trial: How a College Professor Joined the Left's Radical Ranks

These 6 Republicans are connected to the insider trading scandal that just exploded on a Trump-lovin

So if a dope like Omarosa was able to record Cheeto on her cell phone

haha @foxnews is making TRump the Victim!!--claiming Mueller is setting a trap if he lies.

Black man beaten with bike lock and called N-word in DC ...

Eight ratings changes from SABATO

ICE Crashed a Van Full of Separated Mothers, Then Denied It Ever Happened


Yes, this is later than usual. But better late than never.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-8: Wheel Of Corruption & The Order Of The Phoenix Edition

Russian Election Ad Maligns Gay People to Get Out the Vote

The Wednesday Dance Lives!

John Kasich is a tool...

Chris Collins tells his supporters he plans to keep them in the dark about insider trading charges

Senator Nelson: Russians have penetrated some Florida election systems.

China Just Tested a Hypersonic Weapon That Could Launch Nukes at 6 Times the Speed of Sound

A thought about how to fight election fraud. I wonder whether we could try this.

Stacey Abrams on her plan for public schools in Georgia

Law Prof Declares 'Second-Rate Intellect' Sonia Sotomayor Only on Supreme Court for Her 'Latinaness'

Another one bites the dust...

We already know all about the Trump administration...

Harris Faulkner, After Louie Gohmert Says A Bunch of Wacko Nonsense About Mueller:

Including the Big Con and family...

Ohio house 12 looks gerry mandered

🐦 Sept 3 - Sen. Sanders Keynote Address - Annual New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast.

Avenatti poses with protester who dubs him "Star of the Democarate Party."

Uber Hit With Cap as New York City Takes Lead in Crackdown

FINALLY - a gov candidates broadcast debate tonite 7 pm!!!!

Spike Lee Wants Us to Respect Our White Allies: 'White People Have Died For Justice'

Yes, but you would have to lock up thousands of our privileged entitled millionaires...

If you have a College Illinois! Saving Plan, read this...

Pompeo will return to NK to meet with Kim, unless...of course...he's out inspecting 'taters again.

Church charges against Attorney General Sessions are dropped

Man injured rescuing kitten trapped below steel grate in downtown Omaha

ACLU sues Sessions over 'illegal attacks' on asylum seekers fleeing domestic and gang violence

FYI - August 9th at 1PM Vermont - Ady Barkan Event Roundtable - 'TURNING THE TIDE'

AR District 3, a very uphill struggle...I'm volunteering for the first time.

Tonight Spell To Bind Trump...midnight EST; 9PM PST

Link to live feed of Chris Collins' response to arrest for 13 counts of securities fraud

Are six more Republicans about to go down along with Chris Collins?

Washington D.C. - Today President Donald Trump issued preemptive pardons for every Republican member

Joey Gibson Is Devastated In His Race For Senate, But It Was Never Really About Winning Joey Gibso

Happy Birthday, Edge

I keep hearing about hand counted paper ballots-- but they have been replaced for a reason...

Trump handed off the VA to three Mar-a-Lago fat cats who have been running it in secret

An articulate & accurate takedown of Donald Trump by @Rosie

A total what the fuck???

Federal Appeals Court Confirms Border Patrol Agents Can't Kill People Across the Border With Impuni

Chris Collins was a member of the corrupt Trump transition team led by Mike Pence and included Trump

Free Parking Aug 8 2018 Building the Wave

Alex Jones's lawyer seeks to make addresses of Sandy Hook parents public

Did YOU pay MY cable bill?

Milk anyone?

Why Does Ari Keep Having These People On

**BREAKING**Bob Mueller has Confirmed that Hillary met with a Russian Agent 2016

Democrats want answers about Mar-a-Lago members' influence over VA

Ari Melber has Randy Credico on

Chris Collins was the official "conduit" between Congress and the transition team.

Question to Ben Jealous: Do you identify with the term 'socialist'... Ben responds with the F-bomb.

It might just be me, but the MAGA movement seems to be loosing it's appeal.

BREAKING: Congressman Chris Collins will be speaking to the press shortly (7 PM)

Oh, yeah... I hope that Chris Collins told other congressional GOPrs to dump their stock

Babies are cute at 1 week old

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 9 August 2018

Netflix question.

Vampirecat claims another for its walking dead legions

BREAKING: Franklin County reports a counting error; they're reducing Balderson's tally by 190.

Why is Collins keeping people waiting like this?

Anyone who says the game ain't rigged...LMAO

Chris Collins is added to the long list of corrupt NY politicians

We killed the cigarette. What we got in return is mango-flavored nicotine in 'party mode.'

Remember then?

swimmer Brock Turner loses appeal to overturn sexual assault conviction

Exclusive footage of NY Rep Collins on phone at WH Picnic sharing illegal stock tip with his son

New Virginia Poll: Tim Kaine Up 23 Points; Dems Up 19 Points for Control of Congress

Is this the civility Huckabee is asking about? Janz town hall in CA22 today.

As emerald ash borer spreads, cities can't plant trees fast enough

Next: President subpoenaed

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Lorne Malvo is a serious mofo!

I had understood, perhaps incorrectly, that there was more or less a consensus here that

Collins is as guilty as sin

Chris Collins speaking now: defending himself? Resigning?

The number one issue in 2006 for voting AGAINST Republican candidates was CORRUPTION.

I brought Curly's ashes home last night.