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Archives: August 7, 2018

Florida bystander shoots gunman who opened fire at festival

In WW2 when my dad was in the Philippines, the navy wanted breastfeeding native women to cover up...

Rocker Janis Joplin's lesbian lover talks about their relationship

Kris Kobach won't accept report that Trump's voter fraud commission found no voter fraud

Civics test grad requirement starts this year

Runaway car slams into rural Kentucky Baptist church in Sunday service

NJ US House Delegation will go from 7-5 Democratic to 12-0 Democratic by 2022.

Study warns of looming potential for runaway global warming

Is Rachel back tonight? God, I pray! Need some sanity back!!!!!

Criminal sabotage of our elections

Russian television features 'rather Russian than Democrat' tshirt.

History-making Senator Mitch McConnell tells Fancy Farm faithful he intends to run again in 2020

Andrew Gillum: The endorsement of @BernieSanders means a lot because we have a shared vision ...

Obama to receive RFK Human Rights award

as a rule, how important is it that spouses back up their significant others???

Looks Like Mueller Is Only One Capable Of Taking Down Nunes

Charles P. Pierce: This Was as Grave an Attack on Our Democracy as the Russian Meddling

Tues. Aug. 7: *Documenting Hate: Charlottesville* Film Premier, PBS Frontline

OH-12: Troy Balderson: "We don't want someone from Franklin County representing us

New Documentary From ProPublica and Frontline Chronicles a Year of Reporting on Violent

Can any Kentucky DUers tell us if Rand Paul is getting blowback from his Russia trip/promotion?

My F.U.B.A.R. It won't delete.

Video: Rick Gates rolls on Manafort

Tues. Aug. 7: *Documenting Hate: Charlottesville* Film Premier, PBS Frontline, ProPublica

I just can't wrap my head around this

Hell Yes. This!

When I'm Sixty-Four - MonaLisa Twins

At Fancy Farm, Democrats vie for influence ahead of 2019

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Q Who?

Rachel not here again....

staffers no longer try to trick "the president into doing his job", because nothing hurts him w base

Rosie O on CNN now!

I live in Congressman Dana Rohrabacher district. got call from research company trying out messages

Someone Is Going to Get Killed

As if we didn't have enough to terrify us

Mike Pence makes the moral case to remove the President:CNN flashback

Suggestions, please.

Grimes dismisses GOP complaints about her Rand Paul 'beaten' joke

OK it's time for M$NBComcast to tell us that Rachel is on vacation or out sick

Trump's latest missive: California wildfires caused by.....ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS

Manafort Trial: tensions between Judge Ellis and prosecution team "boiled over" again late Monday

Should Melania be worried about Hope Hicks? She is much younger...

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said:

Tammy Baldwin attempts to put single-payer health care price tag into context

Klu Klux Klan flyers left with candy in suspected effort to recruit children in New York

Climate Scientist: California Wildfires Are Faster, Stronger, Deadlier & Will Continue to Intensify

Tweet of the Day

Rosie O'Donnell on The Beat with Ari Melber Pt. 1

Rosie O'Donnell on The Beat with Ari Melber Pt. 2

Happy Flush Alex Jones Day, Everybody! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Ari Melber interview with Rosie O'Donnell (8/6/18 - full videos)

Watching the Rachel Maddow Show

Primary Canvassing Tweet of the Day

Did Lido miss the boat that day he left the shack? n/t

Rand Paul invites Russian officials to visit US to improve relations

Kentucky's effort to screen medical malpractice claims falls flat

Margaret M. Heckler, former US health services chief and ambassador to Ireland, dies at 87

I hope Kiki dumped that guy's ass for writing such a lame-ass song

Sessions rips judge's decision to restore DACA program

Margaret M. Heckler, congresswoman, HHS secretary and ambassador, dies at 87

I am sick of hearing the phrase "dirt on Hillary Clinton".

Feminist. Progressive. Barr attack ad says those qualities make McGrath too liberal.

This Unusual Meteorite Flew Around in Space Before Earth Was Born

OH-12: Balderson doubles down, insults Franklin AND Delaware Counties

From Kyle Kondik, Larry Sabato's race rater....

In Honor Of Comrade Manafort's Tacky Jackets.....

670 ballots in a precinct with 276 voters, and other tales from Georgia's primary

Man. I wish I could say this about Comrade Combover....

OH-12: Cell phone video of Balderson trashing one-third of his district.

Recall of valsartan, common blood pressure drug, spreads with new tainted supplier identified

Mike Pence: The President's repeated lies to the American people are grounds for impeachment

This is fun

My friend thought HRC would face many problems

John Heilemann details Trump's long history of racism

Appeals court revives Empower Texans lawsuit seeking to gut the Texas Ethics Commission

Emmett Till Sign In Mississippi Vandalized With Bullet Holes -- Again

Definitely had worse earworms than this....

When will Jill Stein be subpoenaed....?

Fox News has aired live over 11 hours of Trump rallies since April 28

Hes a racist and awful person but Joe Arpaio isnt that stupid

Meme Of The Day!

Remember those tax cuts for the middle class...

My thinking, the Trump Tower meeting was not about new dirt on Hillary Clinton

The most destructive administration in America's history...

T.S. Ellis/judge is creepy, has been lauded as "respected" here

How to care for a baby as a first-time parent.

The Daily Show: Trump Slams LeBron James on Twitter & Crashes a Rally in Ohio

Canada urged to monitor Colombia's fragile peace accord as killings of activists mount

Seth Meyers - Trump Confesses on Twitter; Rick Gates Testifies Against Manafort: A Closer Look

Bertram boys' home has long history of dubious activity stretching into Alabama and Missouri

Steve Reich: "Duet"/Saint Saens: "Fantaisie" for harp

The solution to our problem is to,

GOP Nominee for Dallas County Judge Quits the Race

Trump can prove the "Witch Hunt" is fake

Charles Blow on Don Lemon tonight...

Portland Protest Points to a Deeper Divide Over the City's Identity, NYT

Rage Riders

A bill to censure trump for his abuse of the free press is needed

A penance is due us liberal/left/progressive/moderate/Democrats

Houston developer to break ground on $78 million resort in Hill Country

Murray Energy backs opposition to offshore Ohio wind farm

Emerson Quartet plays Schumann's "Piano Quintet"

Guess I'll cut cable TV - $$$$

Guess I'll cut cable TV - $$$$

Post an Anagram for a Member of the crime family!

DT and Jr. text exchange

West Hollywood City Council Approves Resolution Urging Removal of Trump's Walk of Fame Star

Trump sit-down talks stall. (again)

San Antonio Researcher Finds a Potential New Weapon Against HIV

The Rachel Maddow Show August 06, 2018 [FULL]

Jim Carrey "I'm doing cartoons because I can't just watch this nightmare unfold"

tЯump Confesses on Twitter; Rick Gates Testifies Against Manafort: A Closer Look

find a lover who gazes at u the way Mike Pence gazes at Trump

"Strikingly Ignorant" Trump Tweet blames wildfires on "bad environmental laws"

Rosie O'Donnell and Hamilton Stars Sing Show Tunes Outside White House to Protest Donald Trump

graph of people Trump has called stupid by gender and race

Texas resident shares senior portraits with alligator, goes viral

The Masterpiece

"Kyle Driver" Pounds It On Fox News - THIS is how you do it

23 straight days of protest and counting

San Antonio student activist under investigation by FBI now in detention, facing deportation

woman demands that black family leave pool

Juarez murders reach nearly 200 a month as Mexico's next president prepares to face the violence

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

woman high on something calls cops on black woman waiting for Uber

Judge rejects suit by parents of slain Democratic staffer that named Dallas-area Fox contributor

"Soft ball sized hail" in Colorado Springs this afternoon. Can anyone check in for report?

Pete Sessions, Colin Allred race rated a toss-up by second analyst

The likelihood that Jim Jordan, creep protector, will be House Minority Leader is appalling

nail salon turned away woman with cerebral palsy because her hands shake. walmart cashier steps in

A Change in Direction for the Texas Civil Rights Project

Smoke and ash drifted over my neighborhood all day today.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/6/18

2018 US House,Senate,and Governor Prediction.

Lawsuit Accuses Dallas City Council Member of Some Pretty Bad Corruption

Stephen Colbert: Guest Chris Hayes Unpacks Rick Gates' Testimony

Here Are 5 Better Reasons Not to Like Rep. Pete Sessions

West Hollywood City Council: Remove Trump's star from Walk of Fame

''I'll be doing 3 events with a great progressive leader this Friday in Vermont. ''

A County Clerk in Texas Still Won't Sign Same Sex Marriage Licenses

Keep Calm And Vote On

Can't wait until election results come in tonight......

Don Lemon's blistering on-air response to the LeBron James tweet

(Jewish Group) 'Resist Israeli Anti-Semitism,' Roger Waters Announces At Poland Concert

BBC is reporting that "Trump warns trading partners over Iran, and that anyone doing business with

(Jewish Group) Stanford Student Who Threatened to 'Physically Fight' Zionists Steps Down as RA

On Fox, Terrence K. Williams Calls NYT's Sarah Jeong 'Ling Ling' And 'Crazy-nese'

So will Joe Scum cover Rosie from last night?

Portland Police Suspend Use of "Flash-Bang" Grenades After Reports That Several Protesters Were Seve

QAnon obsession deepening

Who benefits from a voting system that can't be trusted? The Losers

Missouri Primary Today.

Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants

A somewhat jingoistic song:

Can you imagine the tweet storm this would unleash?

The Democratic Party Has Entered Its No Bullsh*t Phase

the perfect 14-second video

The "hidden" rainbow flag at the World Cup in Russia

Report: Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing Over $120 Million

Video shows deadly explosion on highway in Bologna, Italy

Scientist Peter Gleick Offers Comment On Shitstain Tweets: "Pandering"; "Ignorant"; "Doesn't Care"

Shitstain's Superfund Nominee Must Avoid All Decisions On 170+ Sites Created By His Old Employer

Trump Base WANTS California To Burn Down. And Likely Even Celebrate It. They Hate Cal.

West Hollywood City Council votes to have Trump's Walk of Fame star removed

Pence "is the living symbol of hypocrisy."

After Years Of Whining, Lying, Lobbying, Automakers Get What They Want On MPG, Now Don't Want It

Shitstain And Co. Want To Cut CAFE Standards Because . . . Because . . . It's Safer! That's It!

"Cocaine's a hell of a drug." This explains EVERYTHING.

Just voted for Claire McCaskill and NO on Prop A!

Giuliani preparing letter to Mueller expressing 'real reluctance' over obstruction questions

Tuesday TOONs - The Internet is for RW Rage Porn Edition

Trump: Iran Sanctions Are 'for WORLD PEACE, Nothing Less!'

Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants

New Details About Wilbur Ross' Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting

Rand Paul Discussed on Russian State Television

Ohio's 12 District..............Special Election........Get Out and Vote..............

Primaries To Watch: GOP Fears Ohio Upset, Trump And Ocasio-Cortez Back Challengers

"Robert Mueller will eat his lunch"

Silly pic to start your day.

Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants

A Democratic Socialist Could Beat Trump

Trump's Wall of Defense

A Top Syrian Scientist Is Killed, and Fingers Point at Israel

Fox host asks how Trump is supposed to talk to Mueller if he can't lie

Report: Maine will net just 94 jobs from 2016 to 2026

Time lapse and slo motion of 747 Super Tanker attack on California wildfire

Here's Donald Trump Jr. six weeks after the Trump Tower meeting:

Why aren't all voting systems like my city?

Fund for Trump aides drawn into Russia investigation raises $200,000

Minor league team wins with no BBs or hits thanks to new extra-innings rule

David Tennant speaks to Cheeto on behalf of the Scottish Nation on Twitter video

The P-Town Carnival Celebrates 40 Years

Only one other president has ever acted this desperate - By William D. Ruckelshaus

Konstantin V. Kilimnik had signatory authority over some of Mr. Manafort's accounts in Cyprus.

No, it's not the ACLU's job to reunite the families you sundered, Mr. President - WaPo Ed. Board

This teen was auctioning his pig to fight cancer. Four bidders in a row had their own plans.

Things that aren't interesting.

The Rundown: August 6, 2018

ask me if I'm surprised

Who Will Last Longer: Trump or Iran's Theocrats?

Morning Joe guest reveals why 'repulsive' Ted Cruz is rushing to the defense of Alex Jones

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

I'm not a all images below that include a racist

Fox & Friends to Bolton: "Did Putin lie to Trump about election interference?"

Reminder: Natalia Veselnitskaya is a confirmed russian agent, not an independent lawyer.

Happy Birthday Robert Mueller!

fascists protecting fascists

Sarah Huckabee Sanders CONFIRMS Press Is "Enemy of the People"

NRA Claims Deep Financial Trouble, May Be "Unable to Exist"

Bill de Blasio: Murdoch's media empire is behind Trump's election

"less talk, more action"

Cruz Attacks Backfire As Small Donors Flock To O'Rourke

Why Is Buying Pet Food So Hard?

So, Trump is on vacation at his N.J. golf club

Mother Jones: From A Mysterious Conspiracy Site To Trump's Campaign In 4 Steps

The GOP Has Evolved into Grifters Of the People

LeBron James praised by Ohio school district after Trump attack

Oh, my. This had me laughing out loud.

5 States Are Voting Today (8/7/18). Here's What to Watch.

For first time, federal health officials agree radioactive waste and cancer may be linked

We Are Headed For Hothouse Earth? Huffington Post Article.

"All Other Americans, 29%"

Manafort is who we have become. by Juan Cole

Tonight's race and the Rocky saga.

Incredible Hulk? Nah, This Glowing, Green Light in the Night Sky Is a Comet

Photos: Trying to Keep Cool

Trump Raising Money But Mostly for Himself

How bad are the Mets?

We Know.

"Star of the Democarate Party" - Avenatti warmly greets his protesters in Ohio

'We Don't Want Someone from There Representing Us'

Heller Says GOP Made 'Big Mistake' on Obamacare Repeal

Vaping Draws Strong Support - From Bots

Jared Kushner Used To Personally Order The Deletion Of Stories At His Newspaper

Britain Is Preparing For a 'No Deal' Brexit. Here's What That Means

Greg Abbott Tweets Obviously Fake Quote From Winston Churchill Warning of 'Anti-Fascists'

Identity politics/demographics

Blue is not the exclusive color of Democrats....

Well at least he didn't blame Obama Hillary or the deep state.

Chump told by advisers to STFU about Trump Tower meetings.

In Broad Daylight, The Smoking Gun: Tweeted from Trump Tower on May 11, 2016

My email password has been hacked again! This will make the fourth time I've had to

We are all Danny O'Connor today.

"Haha, take that, liberals."

GOP fears steep losses in state legislatures

Article: Expert on Nazi Germany Explains How 'Average' Citizens Enabled Hitler Just Like Trump:

Steven Seagal and Joe Arpaio

What does Sadist Steve Miller do in the Post Trump Era?

Biden launches LGBTQ family acceptance campaign 'As You Are'

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! SC TV-maker closes plant, citing Trump tariffs...126 jobs

Only the best people...

Ryan talks about handling Trump, avoiding 'tragedy'

Article: Here-are-7-public-figures-who-have-received-death threats criticizing the president

Handmaid's Tale

MAGA: EPA now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

Wait.... WHAT?!?

Ford unveils exoskeleton vests to lighten the load for workers

Former chief of staff to Colin Powell: Trump violated the Iran deal

Putin's new special envoy to America has a new book .... this is not from the Onion

Martin O'Malley on Bernie, Hillary, the Democratic debate and what went wrong in 2016

Trump Voter Apologizes to the Nation on CNN: 'It Was The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made'

Developer: Jared Kushner deleted 'critical' newspaper stories

Manafort trial: Judge Ellis is historically anti-special council/independent prosecutor

Radioactive presidency: Trump is poison for brands

UnBelievable - Russian asbestos giant is using Tump's image to promote product.

Russia warns of 'horrible' conflict if Georgia joins NATO

Facebook to banks: "Can we pretty-please have financial data of your customers?"

Watching "Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler" documents Hitler's rise to power is eye opening

First Lady Melania Trump finds NO LOVE on Twitter......

Fairfield losing another 126 jobs after TV-maker closes plant, citing Trump tariffs

The nightmare scenario (WashPost)

They need to stop talking about Ryan as if he is a deep thinker because he read Ayn Rand in HS

Subpoena for app called 'Discord' could unmask identities of Charlottesville white supremacists

Will the Birthplace of the Modern Right Turn Blue?

What is last bail-out timeframe for all the

For the first time, Italy arrests far-right Italians who fought in Ukraine

Dammit Barletta Pennsylvania trump sycophant

Betsy DeVos's summer home deserves a special place in McMansion Hell

Trump's base starts to erode as he digs himself deeper and deeper into trouble

At the direction of my attorneys. . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!!

Taiwan contemplates retaliating against airlines that refer to it as part of China

Michigan, today is the day. Let's make history and vote for @AbdulElSayed ...

Let's see the highest voter turnout in Kansas history today ...

Don't Let Them Hijack The Narrative, Edition #434140640

Jersey GOP Senate candidate's company slashed price for cancer drug in Russia while raising it here

White House adviser Bolton urges North Korea to act on denuclearization

MSNBC forced into 7-second delay after GOP strategist's expletive-filled rant The Hill 21 hours ago

Vintage Japanese Movie Monsters - Pre computer generated monsters

The Argus

Where Trump incites crowd against CNN for error. Turns out it was his own mistweet to blame

Ohio 12 - just heard back from Text the Vote

Trade War Target Practice: China Will Punish These American Businesses Next

Mountain of Ride-Share Bikes Left at Dallas Recycling Center After Company Leaves City

Such a disappearing act! Something disappeared right before our eyes, and almost no one noticed.

The question that we are asking each other today in Ohio's 12 district.

BTRTN: Ohio's 12th District Special Election: Do the Dems Make Another Statement Tonight?

BTRTN: Ohio's 12th District Special Election: Do the Dems Make Another Statement Tonight?

BTRTN: Ohio's 12th District Special Election: Do the Dems Make Another Statement Tonight?

Symphony #5 Ludwig van Beethoven

'Facts develop': The Trump team's new 'alternative facts'-esque ways to explain its falsehoods

Don't close the barn door if you can't take the heat.

First Confirmed Longhorned Tick Found in Maryland.

Dilemma? What dilemma?

Does anyone have any questions?

True or false?

Saudis Threaten Canada With Another 9/11

MS-13 and Russians

Any on the ground reports of voter turnout in OH-12th?

Mr. Rabbit

The best news

Excess pork supply, tariffs mean losses for Illinois pork farmers

Need a break?

Need a break?

Punctuation Nazi smirks at Trump

Important trial info about Manafort, Gates, $$ laundering, Cypress, Ukraine, Russians, Grenadines

White Nationalists men are so angry

Ex-Trumpers Confront Supporters: Lots Of 'Idiots' Voted For Trump, Including Me

Black Lives Matter activists crash wedding of officer involved in Stephon Clark shooting

45 MPH Speed Limit Signs in Vegas May Instead Read 'Impeach 45'

EU issues warning to European companies that comply with new US sanctions on Iran

Birds, turtles, humans.....

Big day...Oh geese..cheetox indorsed kohack

Stephen Gives A Presidential Makeup Tutorial

The latest of bizarre and shady pro-Trump social media figures on parade: An0maly

New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

The Ultimate Betrayal of Paul Manafort

ICYMI, AMC is streaming last night's Season 4 premiere of Better Call Saul for free.

Violin Concerto Felix Mendelssohn

Trump's Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has allegedly stolen more than $120 million

Last night I freaked out...

To Count Is To Vote

I heard Steve Kornacki was coming up on MSNBC and changed the channel

Vermont Democratic Party Unity Rally...

SWEET INDICTMENT - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Happy Birthday, Robert Mueller!!!

Stopped the presses, 37 years ago today, The Washington Star

Californians Puzzled by Trump's Failure to Blame Wildfires on Hillary

Tidal change? Trump voters on CNN: My biggest mistake. We were idiots (VIDEO)

Something more profound is happening to the Right Wing and its not Fox News

National Nurses United details why single-payer Medicare for all is a must (VIDEO)

Cynthia Nixon, NY Gubernatorial Candidate knocks Cuomo's failures at Netroots Nation (VIDEO)

BOROWITZ: Californians Puzzled by Trump's Failure to Blame Wildfires on Hillary

The Greatest Upset in Quiz Show History

Today's daily cartoon from The New Yorker:

If you think immigration is a Problem Watch this (UK)

EMILY's List endorses James for NY attorney general

What's your electricity rates?

May I predict the Ohio 12?

Nancy MacLean: The GOP's Long Game Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

How is Bob Mueller celebrating his 74th birthday?

How about this slogan for Dems??

Feds eyeing Cohen's taxes; ex-accountant subpoenaed:

Re: Trump's Tweet about Calif. diverting water into the Pacific.

Did you know what a trump voter gets on their SAT

Your One Piece of Advice to a Regretful tRUMP voter

My daughter stood up against Trump related bullying today

Everything Trump Touches Dies-on sale today. This should be good!

Decent Job, Health Care, Clean Environment, Good Retirement Way Too Far Left For GOP. Want Misery.

Breaking: Michael Cohen under investigation for tax fraud.

Protesting still works. (NJ edition)

Protesting still works.

Regina Spektor Performs 'Samson'

Alex Jones Returns To Humble Roots Of Screaming Conspiracy Theories Through Megaphone

Defiant Manafort Enters Trial Wearing Coat Made Of Live Puffins

Voted in the Michigan primary, this morning

Oil and gas up 40% in trumps second year not enough for him.

Sen Tammy Baldwin: We need to stop Trump's #JunkPlans and #ProtectOurCare.

I watched a part of a baseball game on TV..liked the commercials more than the game..

All of Metro's new 7000 Series rail cars need wiring replaced

"Make It Plain"

Why can't we just STOP immigration?

It's going to come down to Congressional Rs saying if tRump is above the law or not

REVEALED: Ex-Trump 'fixer' Cohen now being investigated for tax fraud

Voltaire Today

PSA: The Right to Free Speech...

Ex-Manafort aide Gates testifies on Cyprus accounts, shell companies

Kelli Ward melts down over Arizona Republic's support for Martha McSally


Trump asked her [Hope Hicks] to come to his rally for old time's sake.

Big Election in Missouri

Charlottesville Isn't Playing The Media's 'Both Sides' Game Anymore

OHIO 12 - More of THIS please

For Months, GOP Promoted Porn Twitter Account Rather Than Maryland GOP Page

I know there is a lot of important news to cover, but while the

TheFerret/ShowerCap's voting guide is hilarious and informative

Kansas Man Who Murdered Indian Engineer In Hate Crime Gets Three Life Sentences

How was it Trump was able to commit crime after crime, year after year

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross accused of swindling business associates out of more than $120 mil

De Blasio slams Murdoch, Fox News: 'We would be a more unified country' without them

Sacha Baron Cohen Interview With Sarah Palin May Not Air On 'Who Is America?'

I heard Steve Kornacki was coming up on MSNBC and tuned in, Steve is the best analyst there is

These popular brands say Trump's tariffs will force them to raise prices

Skater boi

Rosie O'Donnell Blasts Mainstream Media for "Giving" Trump Presidential Win

Presidents' children can be indicted


Kris Kobach won't accept report that Trump's voter fraud commission found no voter fraud

Misha Better Hope He Has Some Big Big Goods on Trump

People lost their minds when the Obamas showed up on Martha's Vineyard!!

From PeeDF to Word to

Judge: App Can't Hide Identity Of Woman Accused In Planning Charlottesville Rally

A Little Boy's Grave Has A Window

I heard this on the radio this morning

What do I do?

Life In The Stupid-verse

Tick, tick, tick.....

What Teenager Is Not Highly Sexualized?

It's a lovely day to go vote...

MailChimp confirms that it terminated accounts of Alex Jones and Infowars

Why look - Steven Calk's name was just uttered in court!

To Don the Con from MLK

Tesla suspends shares after Elon Musk tweets he wants to take the carmaker private

It's not safe to be openly racist...a tweet & article

More Americans approve of refusing same-sex couples service, per new poll

Dershowitz argued last night that the Trumps are not in violation of 52 U.S. Code 30121

Dem senator defends social media platforms deleting content: 'Not the same as government censorship'

Will removing his star make tRump angrier with CA?

As the walls close in, Trump is making the midterms about himself. The GOP deserves what comes next.

New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

7/23/18 3:14pm Alex Jones threatens Muller & reaction is a HUGE warning to Trump.

Alex Jones Warns Fans Quitting His Supplements Cold Turkey Can Lead To Homosexuality, Judaism

Well, it was bound to happen.....

Again, I say, Manafort is truly FUCKED

CNN's Don Lemon responds to mean tweet from 45.

Verified Russian Troll.

Robert Muellers' Birthday

New study on the collapse of Mayan civilization should be climate wake-up call

Michael Avenatti tweet: Michael Cohen is screwed

In 'Everything Trump Touches Dies,' Few Are Spared

InfoWars reporter tries to 'fact check' claim that Facebook is a private company -- gets owned!

Justice companies failed to pay coal transportation fees, PSC says

Trump and Miller going after legal immigrants...

A 71-Year-Old Sikh Man Was Beaten And Spit On During His Morning Walk


Truth Is Whatever Trump Dribbles Out When He Dribbles It

Daily Beast says 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

Some ideas for Flash Cards to use when "talking" with trumpsters

Fox Host: How is Trump Supposed to Testify to Mueller Knowing He Can't Tell a Lie?

Jared Kushner Ordered Deletion Of Observer Articles Critical Of His Friends

'Plastered Peggy' Lists Reasons Why Cop Shouldn't Arrest Her, Claims She's a 'Very Clean, Thoroughbr

I started volunteering at the DEM headquarters today.

MI-GOV: Ocasio-Cortez hoping for 25% turnout or lower

Balderson commits huge gaffe before Ohio special election

I was really concerned that my mechanic was going to rip me off. Thankfully he said all I needed was

Happy Birthday, Robert Mueller

It's been so hot in NYC for the last few days....

Rick Gates has met with Muller *20 TIMES* since he struck his plea deal in February.


Manafort secured $16 million in loans from Stephen Calk in exchange for a job in Trump Admin

Another dumb Trumper

Mike Pence Once Argued a Lying, Cheating President Should Be Removed from Office -- He Probably

Wall Street Journal: Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen under investigation for possible tax fraud

Does Anyone Here Watch The Bachelor?? Is Garrett a Bigot?? SPOILER AHEAD!

This is Bender (a doggie). He got a rain jacket to protect himself from the sky droplets....

Southern Poverty Law Center: Ten Ways To Fight Hate


In Detroit, power outages have knocked out 14 polling locations and they are turning voters away

A handy guide to the INFOWARS terms of service...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 7, 2018

Does Anyone Here Watch The Bachelor?? Is Garrett a Bigot?? SPOILER AHEAD!

This is an actual real screen capture from one of Trump's recent rallies.

EFF: "Internet Publication of 3D Printing Files About Guns: Facts and What's at Stake"

Post a line from a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Google

Repost: "Internet Publication of 3D Printing Files About Guns: Facts and What's At Stake"

Trump is going to freak - Gates met with Mueller 20 TIMES since his plea deal in November!

Ronna Romney McDaniel's big post-midterm priority is more infrastructure weeks

If I read or hear "perjury trap" one more time I'll chew nails. There can be no such thing

NYT, August 8, 1974: "Vice President Shuns Transition Talk, But Says He's Ready"

Internet Publication of 3D Printing Files About Guns: Facts and What's at Stake

Hey Ohioans, any turnout reports especially from Franklin County?

Steve Schmidt just spit some truth on MSNBC.

Alex Jones should read his own Infowars terms of service!

So Donald is too dishonest to be allowed to talk to Mueller. But he can be trusted to be President?

Mueller has a laugh at Trump's stupidity

Deep State Democrats Begin Rigging Ohio's 12th

Alex Jones wasn't "taken off the Internet", he self deleted his content.

Some clowns are just too dangerous for the Media Circus...

Between Sound and Silence

Any word on turnout in OH-12?

Birmingham mayor chastises a Pa. mayor for suggesting police 'bring the hoses' to protest

Rick Gates admits extra-marital affair...paid with money embezzled from Manafort

How does your vet handle emergencies

NASA's Planet-Hunter Caught Stunning Video of a Distant Comet

Apparently Heller (NV-SEN) and Laxalt (NV-GOV) are uncomfortable with an endorsement...

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Banning Muslim Veils Tends to Backfire--Why Do Countries Keep Doing It?

Dennis Hof plans billboard campaign naming Heller and Laxalt -- after they disavowed him

Senators ask Mnuchin to probe Russian investment in state election tech

Michigan Primary Tweet of the Day

And she's calling us "libtards"

Group says US energy panel stacked with industry supporters

Ever discover a band with a large catalog that you never even knew existed before?

'Why Elect Progressives? THIS': Shredding of Social Safety Net Blamed as Bankruptcies Soar

Donald Trump may have delivered us another win.....(KS-GOV)

Ocasio-Cortez and DU

Assuming, as I do, that Democrats win the House in November, what

Paul Laxalt, Senator From Nevada and Reagan Confidant, Dies at 96.

Limits of the visible spectrum

Blackhawks Hall of Famer Stan Mikita dies at 78

''Please read this article about the incredible life and activism of my friend, @AdyBarkan. ''

George Takei points out Alex Jones is really just the King of Cucks

Lawyer: El Salvador ex-prez Saca to plead guilty to graft

Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys Are Rallying in Seattle on August 18

Better Call Saul question. What does the black and white parts of the program mean?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Paul Ryan claims he personally stops Trump from creating 'tragedy'

Ex-Uruguay diplomat detained for killing London neighbor

Illinois farmer won't blame Trump for tariffs, says it's like dealing with droughts or pests

It's so strange that Citizens Bank didn't run a check on Manafort's property to look for mortgages.

I see MSNBC has Corn yakkie doing his big-board shtick already. LOL

North Carolina GOP Candidate Preached Extensively on Wives Submitting to Husbands

Ex-Uruguay diplomat detained for killing London neighbor

Cleveland paper identified the rather be Russian duo

Is It Southern Food, or Soul Food?

New release shows how fake Russian tweets pushed Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Vote From Your Phone? West Virginia To Test Blockchain-Based Voting In 2018 Election

Lindsey Graham: Trump brought up ending Russia probe 'about 20 times'

The worm is turning...

So everyone in Washington commits crime...

The vote hacks, facebook, russians, scl etc connect the dots.

A Voter In The Ohio Special Election Delivered The Message That Terrifies Republicans

trump: "Asbestos got a bad rap." So let's bring it back!

Manafort's former tax accountant fired by firm after testimony

Zucchini is coming fast and furious

Is there a Walk of Shame?

Given the historical events, are there any people who are afraid to fly on 9/11?

Post a line from Google and see if anyone knows where it's from without using movies or tv shows

Trump to hit China with $16B in tariffs on Aug. 23

ACLU lawsuit accuses US of wrongfully denying asylum

Bolton: US still 'waiting' for North Korea to start denuclearizing

Oops, looks like that computer simulation that we're all living in has crashed...

Mattis and Trump in "complete alignment" on establishing Space Force

Anybody watched "Ugly Delicious" with David Chang?

Anyone watching right-wing Candace Owens on Ari Melber right now?

Dear gawd, why is this Candy Owens person on Ari? Why does he have cons like her on? She's rude,

Joe Biden launches "As You Are" initiative to promote LGBTQ acceptance

Mark Hamill Wants Carrie Fisher to Replace Trump on the Hollywood Walk of

Jesus, did you see the Michael Eric Dyson/Candace Owens segment on Ari?

Conservative Candace the guest on Ari, wants to blame the Democrats

Eugene Robertson: Trump's Rally Rhetoric Is Going to Get Somebody Killed

Started volunteering in Madison today!

EU threatens counter sanctions against EU companies that cut ties with Iran under U.S. pressure

Special prosecutor to probe possible forged signatures tied to Republican congressman's campaign

How Mike Pence personally contributed to Chicago's gun violence epidemic

Why does the media use the wrong reference point on OH 12 ?

Happy Birthday Robert Mueller!

Special Counsel attorney *Greg Andres* has been tangling with mobsters for years now:

If you happen to be republican, and you happen to live in the 12th District don't forget to vote

In 2011, Robert Mueller gave a speech that laid out the transnational horror show to come.

Spike Lee has a new film. BlacKkKlansman, that he hopes sinks "Agent Orange."

Seriously, "I've Pet That Dog" has to be one of the most endearing Twitter accounts ever!

Climate Wake-Up Call: *Mayan Civilization Collapse & Extreme Drought* New Study

A man and his dog

Who else is getting telephone polls daily?

Pretty revealing about the kind of relationship Manafort and Gates had.

There's so much wrong this this, that I don't know where to begin...

Alabama beach goers used the eggs of protected birds as sand decoration

OH-12 polls close in Seven minutes....

This gif was included in a comment on "Mediaite" about Elon Musk.

I voted!

This gif was included in a comment on "Mediaite" about Elon Musk.

GOP poll workers in Missouri got lost during their lunch break -- and voters were turned away

The Coen brothers' movies, in order of goodness. Fight me.

NYT: Ohio Special Election Results: 12th First results expected around 7:45 p.m. Eastern.

Where has Warren DeMontague gone?

Caption this photo

Hey, New Yorkers! The Primary election is September 13, 2018

"I was living beyond my means ... I regret it ... I'm taking responsibility for it. I made a mistake"

Former US President Bill Clinton will be in St Lucia this week

I've figured out what a Conductor (orchestra) /Band Director is good for

Let's caption Jared!

Steve Kornacki is on now reporting Ohio results, don't miss him.

I just wanted to remind everyone that Orange Julius uses an un-secured phone.