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FOX news channel. Showing campaign rally. Is the gym air conditioned cause he looks

FLIPPABLE: Phil Robinson for OH-HD06

Venezuelan president Nicols Maduro survives drone assassination attempt

Let's face it, Twitler is the greatest president ever!

Are Republicans Covering for Trump, or for Themselves?

"Last Rampage'. Good movie streaming on Netflix.

Trump voicing concerns about son being entangled in Mueller probe

Charles Dickens novel title anagrams, the definitive ranking: 10) BANNED SODOMY 9) SOVIET TWIRL ...

Orange pie hole, flapping in the wind, Twitter finger waggin', Justice Obstructin'...

Trump bear hugs Jim Jordan While Ignoring OSU Sex Abuse Scandal

So, I hear the NRA is in deep financial trouble.

If The Building Fell On Top Of These Trump Assholes I Would Not Care.

Local NGOs repair Puerto Rico's coral reefs in Maria's aftermath

Marsha Blackburn: Women 'Don't Want' Equal Pay Laws

Trump: I 'destroy' careers of Republicans who say bad things about me

Wells Fargo May Have Accidentally Foreclosed 400 Homes

Venezuela's Maduro survives drone assassination attempt

Ninja Turtle?

Hmmm... discord at Fox News (tweet):

Horse-riding and gun-owning Democrat Paulette Jordan shakes up Idaho's race for governor

Imran Khan's First Test: Pakistan's Troubled Economy

Look what happened when we tried to play with Kaepernick in an old version of Madden (tweet)

Time for traveling Dem political doctors to work their way around the country.

A 'Rainbow Wave?' 2018 Has More L.G.B.T. Candidates Than Ever

Athletes and politicians erupt at Trump after he takes aim at Lebron James on Twitter

It didn't work with Paterno, Gym, it didn't work with De Nasser, it didn't work with Hastert. Gym,

Some arrested as right-wing rally, counter-protesters clash

Senators Introduce Bill to Cancel Puerto Rico's Debt

Oct. 2017 Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Investigation Closed, No Motive Found.

Kids to try hacking US election systems in new DNC contest

Protesters including Parkland students rally at NRA offices in Virginia

New Study Finds 1,139 Died as a Result of Hurricane Maria

Clarence Thomas' influence (as with most things today depressing but true)

*Boom: CNN Breaking News: Trump becoming increasingly concerned about Don Jr. legal woes**

Legislative Assembly to Pass 3 Bills Aimed at Keeping Doctors in Puerto Rico

Has anyone in zone 4 started an asparagus bed by directly sowing seed?

Malcolm Nance is on c-span2/BookTV's After Words, from 10-11pm ET

Maine Lobster Festival Strips Sea Goddess, 18, of Crown Over 'Inappropriate' Social Media Photos

Hope Hicks

Massive dust storm rolls through Phoenix, AZ

How the American left is rediscovering morality

'NRA has got to go': Protesters, supporters rally outside gun organization's headquarters

P.R. Gov. Rossello Announces Initiatives to Improve Insurers Response in an Emergency

Driving Ms. Saudi

Advice to Putin

Just watched the movie Hair, 1979. Very good. But wondering...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 7: Summer Under the Stars: Harold Lloyd

Trump Reacts to Iran Snubbing His Offer to Meet: 'It Doesn't Matter - It is Up to Them'

Remember Hurricane Harvey? Chemical company Arkema indicted for toxic cloud

Murdered Russian Journalists In Africa Were Onto Something Dangerous for Putin

OH-12: Some turnout info from Franklin County (Columbus and suburbs)

The Trump Slump Hits U.S. Tourism

At the Ohio "MAGA rally"..."President Trump will protect your Social Security and Medicare"

OH-12: Many Trump supporters came from outside the district.

The 2020 Election if an Economic Depression Occurs

Laughing and hugging as Trump brings Jim Jordan to his Ohio rally stage.

Venezuelan president Nicols Maduro survives drone assassination attempt

*The Far Right's Aim To Control the European Union, Next Year; Orban in Hungary*

ROAD by the band Road-Noel Redding's band after Hendrix & Fat Mattress...

George Takei's favorite Patrick Stewart story

I just watched Midnight Cowboy for the very first time.

1/2 rebar for plant supports

"White Man's World" Jason Isbell

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 8: Summer Under the Stars: Jeanette MacDonald


Alleged securities fraud defendant arrested in Moldova, extradited to Baldwin County

NRA Thoughts And Prayers Thread

In a town where 51% voted for Trump, one official takes a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance

Last night: vodka. Tonight: bourbon on the rocks.

I decided to resume reading "Russian Roulette" (had paused it some time ago).

Trump. "a ravenous maw of grievance and invective", "attacking perceived enemies w intensifying fury

Obama's 'first wave' of endorsements for midterm elections includes 3 Maine Senate candidates

Russian Police Detain 25 LGBTQ Activists in St. Petersburg

American Nightmare

Officials warn about potential for uncontrolled breach of Cascade Lake Dam.

Rep. Randy Davis Indicted Amid Bribery Scheme

FUX News does segment decrying NYT editor Sarah Jeong, and proceeds to up the racism on Asians

Justice cannot take root amid rage.

Fascinating old photos of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

FL-GOV: Democrat Phil Levine Relying On Vocal Trump Supporter

Takehiro Kishimoto Food Carving

Sen. Jones continues bipartisan effort against new tariffs

Haney agreed to pay Cohen $10 million if Bellefonte Nuclear Plant funding was approved

Poll shows Maddox numbers stronger than anticipated

I heard that the competition for votes was, uh... Stiff.

Government-Sponsored Scholarships Might Be Interrupted in 2019, According to the Capes

Brazil Has 66 milllion People Out of the Workforce

Groundbreaking poplar study shows trees can be genetically engineered not to spread

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Not Dead Yet, May Even Have Another Exoplanet Survey Left in It

San Jose man shot in remote jungles of Peru during spiritual retreat

San Jose man shot in remote jungles of Peru during spiritual retreat

Brazil must put human rights before austerity, UN experts warn as child mortality rises

Brazil party names jailed leader Lula as presidential nominee

Bolivia: Evo Morales 'First President To Publish Bank Accounts'

So who tried to kill the President of Venezuela?

Two-fifths of straight people think homosexuality is a 'moral detriment'

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Apple Joosh Edition

Could Beto O'Rourke(D-TX) be the Democratic version of John Thune(R-SD)?

We need a President...

March 11, 2011: Trump calls for a Geico boycott over their "terrible, terrible" ad

Sunday TV opens with "Melania is spatting with Don"...why is their soap opera news?

Trump's Nat. Inquirer bud staying clear & now TMZ is writing scorching stories on him--Tide Turning?

A Strong Society Makes Successful ...

Nebraska-born sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack to be buried Wednesday

This is why I love DU. You would never see this on FR.

UK Labour deputy leader calls for quick action to end anti-Semitism crisis

CNN just showed Trump's new 3 min old tweet...

Democrats' 2020 presidential fight gets an early dress rehearsal

At 6:38 this morning, Donald Trump finally has crossed over into full Mussolini.

Trump tweets "dangerous & sick" news media can "cause War"

Future of unions hangs in the balance with Missouri 'right to work' vote

Trump, GOP make last-ditch push to avoid another costly special-election defeat

'He's way too conservative': Freedom Caucus members on the hot seat

Corporate America hikes contributions to key Democrats

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

Are Nordic countries really socialist?

Hamza bin Laden has married daughter of lead 9/11 hijacker, say family

Internal shift towards fundamentalism threatens to rip NRA apart.

Venezuela's Nicols Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt

Happy National Oyster Day! Glorious 😋 or Ghastly 🤢?

Ummm... interesting fashion choice!

Lynching memorial draws 100k visitors in first 3 months

Hillary tried to warn us

So Trump confirms the Tower meeting was about getting info and not "adoptions" He admits conspiracy.

How do you know when other people perceive you as being old, or at least

Actor Steven Seagal appointed Russian ministry's 'special representative'

Hardline U.S. 'gundamentalists' pressure NRA from within

Mock court-martial for Star Wars character Poe Dameron. Held by real lawyers.

Keep tweeting, keep tweeting, oh Lordy, keep tweeting.

Rally in Clearwater, FL today (8/5) Against Stand Your Ground

"It isn't treason if you are really stupid!" - Rudy, soon

Trump claims tariffs are 'working big time'

Manafort - Trump gift shop receipt...Toon

Midterm 'Mini-Me': is copying Trump a winning strategy for rightwingers?

I'm trying to figure out why this site is called the Democratic Underground

I made up a new word this morning,

So, what's up with Hope Hicks?

Trump Says Report He's Worried Don Jr. Broke Law With 'Totally Legal' Trump Tower Meeting is 'Fake N

Newsflash: Potus Told The Truth About Trump Tower Meeting...

Trump Lawyer: Our client has been lying to us when he claimed he wasn't involved in the conspiracy

A meeting held by his "wonderful son," with Russians, "to get information on an opponent."

Ochko123 - How the Feds Caught Russian Mega-Carder Roman Seleznev

Trump: "This is the most one sided Witch Hunt in history! The facts are all coming out, and fast!"

My take

Heartless Meghan McCain Lies About Medicare-For-All And Canada On The View (Rational National)


yeah sorry

After 60 years the school bully is still taking my lunch money! On the positive side, he does

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change

When does FOX News address the issue about "enemy of the people"?

Powerful Twin Earthquakes Strike Off Coast of Indonesia

A recent post pointing out that DU has a rather smart base of members has me wondering--

Funeral for a Turtle

Switzerland crash: Twenty dead in WW2 plane crash

I've been diagnosed with a pretty bad sleep walking problem...

What was your most memorable birthday?

Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy's cars amid protests

How many astronomers would it take to screw in a light bulb?

Joe Conason - Is It Treason Yet?

Sekulow just run a mile from Trump on ABC.

What happens when a rabid Trump supporter takes his "Enemy Of The People" accusation seriously ?

Barack And Joe Solve A Murder Mystery (a book by Andrew Shaffer)

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 5, 2018

Mitch McConnell announces his 2020 re-election bid

Deval Patrick: 'I'm not ready to be a candidate for 2020'

2018 Vote. One Gets Old Because ...

DT45 is beginning to look like the way Nixon went out, he got off but

25 shot in mass attacks over 2.5 hours in Chicago

Fox News's Wallace presses Bolton on Trump tweet: 'What wars have we started?'

Sekulow: Obstruction of justice by tweet is absurd

Sekulow tries to undo the damage of tRump's tweet admitting the campaign conspired with Russia

Bolton: No disconnect between Trump, administration officials on Russian interference

Iran receives more airplanes ahead of renewed US sanctions

I should have known then that I might have been a little messed up.

the beginning of the end

Rubio: 'Best thing' for Trump and country is to allow Mueller investigation to finish

My campaign criminally conspired with russia to defraud America and we've lied about it!

Ohio Dem: Trump always interested in 'finding a black person or a brown person' to call 'dumb'

Eider Duck Reproduction Collapses In Arctic Bird Sanctuary; Polar Bears Ate The Eggs (No Sea Ice)

Any DUers have the clip with the Con going after Maxine Waters last night

Tokyo Rose Conway on Face the Nation right now

"We Could Have Continued For Weeks"; Norway's Coast Guard Finds Plastic Swamping Remote Svalbard

"Collusion is fine and everyone does it"

Trump's family is at war and he is throwing Don Jr. under the bus to save his own ass.

I always thought my SecretPornStarName was unbeatable

Tougher Russia sanctions face skepticism from Senate Republicans

Record-Smashing Arctic Heat In Sweden Makes Nation's Tallest Mt 2nd-Tallest As Peak Melts

Man behind 3D printed gun designs says 'social costs' necessary to protect Second Amendment

Paul Ryan and Maxine Waters

7/26 - Fire Tornado From Carr Fire Estimated By NWS At EF3; Windspeed Greater Than 143 mph

Trump and His Attorney Change Story on Trump Tower Meeting

Recently I got into yet another discussion

President Trump Embraces Embattled Jim Jordan at Ohio Rally, Crowd Chants 'Speaker of the House'

GOP Senator Defends Maxine Waters Against Trump's 'Low IQ' Attacks: 'The GOP is Not Anti-Black'

A friends daughter-in-law told to "cover up" while feeding her baby, so she did!

GOP Strategist Mocks Midterm Candidates Proving Loyalty to Trump: 'It's Like a Stalin Trial Now'

This week 1974

Did Trump Just Admit Attempted Collusion? These Reporters Seem to Think So

The Truth Finally Comes Out Of Donald Trump's Mouth. Well not the legal part!

What was the appeal of Alicia Silverstone?...

Kasich: Ohio candidate didn't invite Trump to rally

Kasich: Ohio special election 'doesn't bode well' for GOP

"I'm your favorite president and don't forget it, sh*thead!" Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

they're having a field day on AM Joy

Congressman Adam Schiff destroys Trump

SHITLER's ignorance is not about just government & history, here about birds & national dancing

This two-year period is going to be studied for decades.

Maria Butina Putin's fake niece.

Schiff: There's 'plenty of evidence' of collusion 'in plain sight'

Who, on the entire planet, doubted that Trump would throw his own children under the bus to . . . .

Some great stuff on MTP this morning

Why does the President now refer to "17 angry Democrats?" . . . The answer: Q!

Rauner And His Friends

The Bull Moose Party meets in Chicago in 1912 on August 6th

He's a Superstar Pastor. She Worked for Him and Says He Groped Her Repeatedly.

Rare nickel worth millions up for auction

CBC - "Some Of The Biggest Fires That We've Seen Worldwide Are Now Occuring In The Subarctic"

We're off this afternoon to see "Eighth Grade."

Boycott looms for Boston landmark named for slave owner

Trump at a precarious moment in his presidency: Privately brooding and publicly roaring

Russia Names Actor Steven Seagal Goodwill Ambassador To U.S.

Carter Page from the Economist 7-28-2018

In Cold Blood

Hardline U.S. 'gundamentalists' pressure NRA from within

Shoe camera explodes, thwarting upskirt-video plan

Blind Cow Is So Happy To Be Reunited With Her Sister - The Dodo Reunited

What happens if this??


Tougher Russia sanctions face skepticism from Senate Republicans

Only a special kind of psychopath throws his own son under the bus.

Until he's dragged from power, we're in deadly danger

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1

I swear to dog, the world is upside down (Bill Kristol):

Jennifer Rubin: Trump should consider resigning and accept Pence pardon after collusion admission

22 former Justice Thomas clerks have jobs thanks to Trump (AP)

Time for launch

The GOP has been at this for decades

Hate, Hate, and more Hate. True Trumpers live to "Hate"

Choose your Proudest Boy Fighter!!:

Trump: I 'destroy' careers of Republicans who say bad things about me

Pentagon identifies Tuskegee Airman missing from World War II (WaPo)

Jay Sekulow: 'Bad information' in false statements on Trump Tower meeting

The graves are dug, the coffins are built, waiting for the hangman to arrive.

Trump attacks the intelligence of African-American public figure

Can we clone Laurence Tribe? He is so right on so many things:

GOP senator pushes back on Trump's attacks on Maxine Waters's intelligence

Trump attacks the intelligence of African-American public figure

Look who Mango Jr. was mugging the camera with...

Junior admitted publicly over a year ago that the meeting...

Tougher Russia sanctions face skepticism from Senate Republicans

Ted Lieu separates fact from emotion regarding Wonderful Don Jr's Russian "adoption" meeting

McCain did the right thing

Bizarro World (oldie but goodie)

Beyond the N.R.A.: Maria Butina's Peculiar Bid for Russian Influence

Isn't it obvious that Hope Hicks got on Air Force One yesterday

SO...Trump attorney Sekulow confirms what we've know all along about why Trump wants Kavanaugh.

Palmer Report speculating that Hope Hicks was on Air Force One b/c Mueller signed off on it

Trump Jr: Liberals are Nazis. Actual Nazis: We love Trump! D'Souza's latest lie.


Big Lebowski Fans

THIS - Sums up the Republican party right now.

T-shirts seen at the Ohio rally: "I'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat"

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 5, 2018?

Presidential Indictment

CNN's Brian Stelter airs clip of C-SPAN caller threatening to shoot him and Don Lemon

Well, at least he's looking healthy and rested. #MuellerTime

OH-12: Is it a good or bad thing when your campaign office cannot hold all the volunteers?

Dems did not party with Austrian Nazi Party at the innaugural. GOP did. And proudly posted pictures.

I just watched Rob Reiner on Colbert.

Not surprised by the strib endorsements: Walz and Pawlenty

WA-08: Labor backs Jason Rittereiser for Congress

The Stones on the Mueller investigation....

French toast

Violent Proto-Fascists Came To Portland. The Police Went After The Anti-Fascists.

Ron Perlman on Rand Paul's upcoming trip to Moscow

MI apprentices enjoy career experience sooner, no college tuition debt

Albert Bryan and Tregenza Roach Win Virgin Islands Democratic Primary

Adam Schiff--Possible Presidential Candidate?

11 children rescued from New Mexico compound; 2 men arrested

White Nationalists Love Corey Stewart. He Keeps Them Close.

Trump acknowledges, defends 2016 meeting between son, Kremlin-aligned lawyer

Queen Anne's Lace (Wild Carrot)

Portland police say 4 were arrested in protests

From Trump Funders to Pals of Putin, Here Are 10 Politically Intriguing Eastern European Art Collect

It is in the data: Daily Count of Anger Words, Trump on Twitter-- You Mad, Bro? (!)

Four sentences that outline what happened at Trump Tower meeting.

Bill Kristol, re polls, to his "fellow white men over 55: You're a great disappointment to me."

Big Lebowski Fans reprise

I was at a Art Festival in L.A. Yesterday..

Trump lawyer Sekulow downplays potential Trump Tower meeting violations

Dem governor: 'We will rescue America from the grasp of an unhinged narcissist'

May wishes come true.

Steve Bannon gets a facial

Wells Fargo blames computer glitch for customers losing homes

Infowars-linked protesters "ransack socialist bookshop in London"

Kushner Companies finalizes deal on troubled office tower

Indictment charges Decatur doctor, Rep. Ed Henry with kickbacks and bribery

Con man vs. LeBron man

Alabama university grappling with housing after twister

Maddox matches Ivey in July fundraising; Vance tops Parker

Facebook Live Link: Detroit Rally Abdul hits the stage at 3:30 and Bernie will join shortly after.

The King - Official Trailer

Randy Moss's tie last night - NFL Hall of Fame induction

If not "socialism", what should we call "spending tax dollars on things that help everyone"

The Progressives' Plan to Win in 2018

Have some lead, folks

Islamic State says it carried out Afghan Shi'ite mosque bombing

So we found out during the Manfort trial

Texas Republicans squelch 'red flag' gun law prospects

Marijuana found in Alabama police chief's car, home

Hey! The log-in page advertisement today was for Koch Brothers Industries!

Better Call Saul begins its new season tomorrow, Monday, on AMC

Why do some think Medicare, Medicaid, Social security, etc. are "socialism"?

Freya Ridings Lost Without You

CA fire started by a car's flat tire's sparks on the road.

Earth's CARBON Concentration Levels Not Seen in 800,000 Yrs; NOAA Report

Affidavit: Congress threats suspect had ammo, gun receipts

University of Alabama to receive $15 million gift

Navy seals get expert advice on sea training

Transit Union Refuses to Bring White Nationalists to 'Unite the Right' Rally

Purdue University removes John Schnatter name from building, offers to return $8 million donation

WTF... Is this a media hate crime?

Oliver North Vows to Raise Money for the N.R.A. by Selling Arms to Iran

Social justice monument balances Alabama's Confederate history, organization says

Lisbon Breaks Record For Maximum Temp, Hits 44 C-(111.2 F)

A spam message on my smartphone from the Jeff Greene campaign

Argentine group IDs 128th person taken during 'Dirty War'

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate election- Democrats will have net gain of seats each cycle.

"Check the muffler while you're down there." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

HI-01: Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez to campaign with Kaniela Ing

pastor prays for God to protect "lion-hearted" Trump from "Jungle journalism"

Ted Cruz says it was President Obama who was 'Russian bootlicker'

The Day Trump Told Us There Was Attempted Collusion with Russia

Mexican president-elect vows to improve public health care

Guatemala: Mayan Ixil Activist Juana Raymundo Murdered

Man Arrested After Threatening to Stab Gay People

Man Arrested After Threatening to Stab Gay People

C-SPAN caller threatens to shoot Don Lemon, Brian Stelter.

Trump: "Approval numbers are very good. Better than Obama, by far. There might be a Red Wave!"

Letter from Chief Seattle to President Franklin Pierce

John Kasich: GOP Candidate Said He Didn't Invite Trump To Ohio Rally

This would be a good time for Junior to save his own ass and rat out the old man

Trump administration lifts ban on pesticides linked to declining bee numbers

Emmett Till Sign Vandalized Again

Every Democrat NEEDS TO SEE THIS

Facebook Video: On the road to Ypsilanti with Bernie Sanders!

Massive rogue planet with unexplained aurora glow discovered drifting far beyond our solar system

Lighting the sky with rainbows

Wow, I asked for, and got, instant repayment of a karma debt that I had no way to enforce

If this Kochtopus judge gets on our Supreme Court, kiss your ass goodbye...

I cry for my country. What oh what are they teaching their children?

Has trump been quiet since that damning tweet this morning or have I missed some?

This is a can of floor wax

Qatari linked company from Canada bails out Kushner...

Ignorance personified

found this interesting

Buried by the McConnell gang...

Trump ignores candidates at rallies to brag about himself

Bernie Sanders,El-Sayed Draw 1400 at Detroit Rally

He is a creepy deviant...

On a Sunday in August

Sneak preview of the next movie in the Purge series!

In other words...We are in this boat together

Help me out of my pessimism. I think that convictions are going to be very difficult.

Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans

Facebook LIVE Link: Ypsilanti Rally

Can a sitting President be indicted?

Gonna binge on "The Mist"! 📺 No spoilers please!

Howard Dean tweet wins the Internet tubes today

David Corn clearly not foolin' as he sends Trump back to schoolin' on the subject of "collusion"

In Senate race, Deb Fischer wants health care choices, Jane Raybould wants tax credits

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley: "Let's be 1000%'s called TREASON."

Which Southern State is going to follow VA and have 2 Democratic US Senators in 2020 and 2022?

25 shot in multiple-victim shootings over 2.5 hours in Chicago

tRump loves a challenge!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 6 August 2018

OH-12: Early voting date points to razor-thin result.

Facebook LIVE Part 2 - Ypsilanti Rally

100% gas lighting ... NY Times; Steven Seagal Appointed by Russia as Special Envoy to the U.S.

Keke Dance challenge cause to Car accident

Head of alleged Syrian chemical weapons facility dies in bombing

UK home secretary Sajid Javid accused of 'buying silence' of Windrush citizens

Hawaii keeping an eye on Cat4 Hurricane Hector

CA fires are bad because water flows into the Pacific. No joke.

It's Unfortunate - Trump Had The Opportunity Only 44 Men Before Him....

Aug 5, 2018. "A day that shall live in stupidity."

Trump's Economic Claims Are Overblown

LeBron is a great human! tRump a small creature lacking the most elemental qualities of humankind!

Venezuela 'drone attack': Six arrests made


I want each of you to watch this now...4 mins 49 seconds.....(PLEASE)

Trump: Environmental laws making California wildfires 'so much worse'

So when do they start calling Fox News TREASON TV?

When New Yorkers hear a violin 🤣🔥🎻

Trump wants a Space Force, but Pentagon has different idea

Apple iPhone chip supplier says virus will delay shipments

BREAKING: The SITTING son of a SITTING president CAN be indicted.

"The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things; of ships and strings and sealing wax

MI-GOV: El-Sayed"s field intern splits and endorses Gretchen Whitmer

If you're going to play the violin, play it 'Despacito'

'While Rome Burns', Michael Mann Calls Out Dire Climate Change Inaction

Oregon police chief orders review of use of force at protest

Most Of Yosemite Still Closed; Hazardous Air Quality From Fires Shuts Valley, Hetch Hetchy, Wawona

White House issues open casting call for Christmas entertainers. I HOPE Lee Greenwood is available!

I'm thinking Mueller not only CAN indict a sitting president

Carr Fire Grew By 10K Acres Overnight; 7th Death Attributed To Blaze, 16 Other Major Fires Statewide

Intra-GOP Squabbling Dominates Senate Speeches at Neshoba Fair

Can we please, please use the correct words in describing Trump and the Mueller investigation?

Europe's Fast-Forward; Cows Dying Of Thirst In Switzerland, Heat Buckles Runway In Germany

60 shot, nine dead in Chicago since Friday

The "Liberty Amendments"

Steel Giants With Ties to Trump Officials Block Tariff Relief for Hundreds of Firms

Post a line.

Amazon removes Nazi-themed items after complaints

Don't go door-to-door for the Democrats...

Is there a real possibility that the 1st CD could turn over to a Democrat?

Anyone else feel like I do about this commercial?