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Archives: August 4, 2018

I am seriously worried that division within the party is being caused by Not Democrats fucking . . .

Big Oil cheers quietly as Trump moves to ease auto standards

Oppose the Census 2020 Citizenship Question (Courtesy of the Sikh Coalition)

Senators request Kavanaugh's work on Clinton probe

Even the NRA Disagrees With Florida Sheriff Who Cited "Stand Your Ground" in Parking-Space Killing

US targets Russian bank for violating North Korea sanctions

Interior to publish Zinke calendars weekly

What Is Prison Abolition?

7 Historical Facts About the Gay Games (4 August to 12 August, 2018)

Trump's Government Shutdown Would Be a Catastrophic Self-Own

China is quietly relaxing its sanctions against North Korea

I think this "NRA is Broke" thing is bullshit. Total bullshit with a purpose.

When you'll see it, it,ll blow your mind.

Poll: Majority disapproves of Trump, GOP's handling of deficit

Why Did Budget Deficit Narrow When Economy Grew Under Clinton and Obama?

HRC updates rainbow flag to include brown & black stripes

08/05 Mike Luckovich: Flesh the press

OH-12: A personal GOTV anecdote

MDMA Official Trailer (2018) Crime Movie

CRAZY RICH ASIANS - Official Trailer 1

Kamala Harris blasts critics of 'identity politics'

Zambia convicts two men for same-sex relationship

Six Party Alignment at Singapore ASEAN FM Meeting re: North Korea

Donald Trump is making Medicare-for-all inevitable

That's the sound of millions of voices shouting "Hallelujah".

Obama created 272,000 more jobs than Trump in the same amount of time

The new GOP logo

I wonder when the next shooting of journalists will occur because of this administration

You just knew this was coming...

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Q Who?

Give Me One Reason

You know, of course, that the MAGATs would all claim that they aren't racist, right?

Andrew Cuomo broke the NRA

Someone Like You

"LGBTQ+ San Diego Stories of Struggles and Triumphs"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Guitar Shorty

Cool music video - song is Weird Fishes by Radiohead

Ari subbing for Rachel, CORN blowing up the NRA/Ruskie honeypot thing (n/t)

Battleground US Senate Races in 2018,2020,and 2022.

I know that a lot of people like to blame the Russians, but the truth is America did this to itself

I would have to ask Siri...

Ask an Atheist: Are prayers at city council meetings constitutional?

DNC warns candidates: Don't use ZTE or Huawei phones

Federal judge rules Trump Administration must fully restore DACA

Toto was sending us all a message...

Gotcha Америка

Send lawyers, guns and Russian money...

J D Gordon socialized with Maria Butina in the closing weeks of 2016 campaign

Tonight, again, my family mourns.

Court lifts intervention order against leading Argentine opposition party

US trade war will add $3,000 to price of some Toyota pickups, minivans

Remember those republicans that visited Russia....

The News is Like, We're in the Matrix, but a Horror Film Asylum Within the Matrix, Right?

Interesting twitter thread from Alan W. Silberman ...

Yep, Jim is a reporter of facts, which you the dipshit entertainer obviously are not...

Some day, I'd love to have "Fuck-it, I'm-going-go-live-at-Lake-Como" money...

Can someone give me the HTML string for

gritchfest, aka Hotmail Hell

The Lying King

Seth Abramson on J. D. Gordon:

meeting tonight to oppose cash bail - debtor prisons system in Honolulu

So why did the FBI cut off relations with Chris Steele when he spilled to David Corn?

Why did the media ignore this???

You know, there is getting ripped on dope...

The Daily Show: Team Trump Plans Another Tax Cut for the Rich

German Tourist Shot In Canada Road Rage

Sam Nunberg tells Ari Melber he expects Stone to be indicted on charges of conspiracy

I watched the Hall of Fame game last night 8/2/18

Seth Meyers - Paul Manafort's Suits, Alf Reboot - Monologue - 8/2/18

Notice that trump's BS voter fraud commission report of no fraud gets released today around 5 pm.

Jonathan Pie: Brexit, Tories, Bannon, Britain in Vegetative State

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Groovin' on some Smirnoff Lime. For precisely this reason:

NYT columnist Bret Stephens warns of attacks on media

The Pope's Passive Hybristophilia

MI-GOV: El-Sayed's sister-in-law funneled contribution though PAC after maxing out direct donations

Trump is coming to Central OH tomorrow for a congressional special election (and they lie)

Jim Jefferies: James Gunn Vs The Internet Outrage Machine

"Better Together" J Johnson

Sen. Orrin Hatch - major hypocrite

Team Trump Plans Another Tax Cut for the Rich The Daily Show 8.3.2018

Can Manafort's property be auctioned off

Teen anti-gun activism is killing the profitability of NRA TV

3 Dog Night "Mama Told Me Not to Come" 1970

Bill Maher on Traitor Trump and his traitor party

Stealers Wheel "Stuck in the Middle With You" 1972

I'm contemplating spending the next couple of days working on a gawd awfully long rant

Dusty Springfield "Son of a Preacher Man"

In Iran Protests, Women Stand Up, Lift Their Hijab, For Their Rights

Trump & Base For That Matter Care NOT If Blood Is On Their Hands.

I swear I just heard tRump vs Labron........

Trump tweet about Lebron James.

India to impose delayed tariffs on some U.S. goods in September

Yellowstone visitor that taunted bison arrested, officials say

More graphics

Assange fears extradition to the US -lawyer

Don Lemon calls out DT's lies on CNN tonight (video)

Kansas Democrats accuse Yoder, dark money group of meddling in primary

The Children at the Trump Rallies. What is it like to see young people exposed to so much anger?

President Trump bashes LeBron James over CNN interview: Don Lemon made him 'look smart'

This one is probably old but I just saw it yesterday

Kushners Unload 666 Fifth Ave. to Brookfield in 99-Year Lease

Boston Clothier The Tannery "I do not want your kind in my store"

Jiving Sister Fanny

Broadway performers plan protest outside the White House

이선희(Lee Sun Hee) - 인연(Fate) [Kor&Eng Lyrics]

Monkey Man

So-called "feel-good" stories that "ought to make you throw up."

Fuck the Fuck Trump!

Florida Democrats take off the gloves in final debate before governor primary

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/3/18

Rocks Off

If Lebron ran for president against Trump, Lebron would win.

J.S. Bach: "French Suite in B minor", Gavrilov on piano

Torn N Frayed

Sister Morphine

The NFL Pro Bowl is coming back to Orlando in 2019

It's True: Trump Is Lying More, and He's Doing It on Purpose, lies are his political "secret sauce"

Baby Blue

Zagreb Guitar Quartet plays Rameau: "Gavotte with Six Doubles"

Turd On The Run

All Down The Line

Kushner advocated elimination of UN Palestinian refugee agency

Live With Me

You Got The Silver


Mamma dog fostering kittens prefers to do things herself, thank you.

Jim Jordan...named in a new class action sexual abuse lawsuit.

Hide Your Love

Star Star


Florida Democrats push for repeal of 'stand your ground' law

Cocksucker Blues

Bill Maher: Nancy MacLean, *THE GOP'S LONG GAME*, 'Democracy in Chains'

Rick Scott ad seeks to blame algae disaster on Bill Nelson

Finally, a GOOD Jon McNaughton painting

Belen Jesuit ordered to pay over $680,000 after violating wage and child labor laws

Arkansas Wage Hike Supporters Turn in Additional Signatures

Obstruction of justice bombshell will explode before midterms

I am so damn sick of the way this country treats it poor

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/3/18

Texas Chemical Plant, CEO Indicted for 'Reckless' Release

Nigel Farage: Jews should concern Americans more than Russian influence

Effort to Tighten Arkansas Term Limits OK'd for Ballot

🐦 Aug 10 at 4PM - BE A HERO! BENNINGTON, VT - Ady Barkan and Special Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders

Stephen Colbert: Guest Rob Reiner Has Some Acting Notes For Trump

57 Awesome Photos of Barack Obama on His 57th Birthday

🐦 Aug 10 at 12PM - BE A HERO! BRATTLEBORO, VT - Ady Barkan and Special Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders

🐦 Aug 10 at 7PM - BE A HERO! BRISTOL, VT - Ady Barkan and Special Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders

Athens man gets 46 months for trying to make ricin

Too much Trump. Let's see how a much bigger man would act.

Portland prepares for right-wing, anti-fascist rallies

Twin Peaks defendant asks for postponement of Aug. 27 trial

Federal judge OKs emergency motion to pay Reagor-Dykes auto group employees

Trump has built a pyramid scheme of public fraud. It's a taxpayer-backed cash grab.

11 found dead in Juarez, Mexico, home; Chihuahua officers seek motive in murders

Kudlow: If you doubt my expert statement, that's class-warfare.

Senators Propose New Russia Sanction Bill Targeting Oil

Virgin Islands Governor Mapp Extends State of Emergency Declaration for 7th Time Since Storms

Florida governor denies healthcare coverage to Puerto Ricans living with HIV/AIDS

Avenatti has an interesting spin on Trump's "MAGA" slogan.

USVI governor signs off on refinery agreement ratified by the Legislature

Manafort expected a payment of $2.4 million in Nov 2016 - from where?

Vermont Primary Preview: Can anyone beat Bernie Sanders?

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election prediction. Max and Min # Democratic seats each cycle.

Puerto Rico governor announces lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years

Like Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls, James Comey sees his role as lukewarm water in the MAGA wars.

Trump health office lies to millions with fake reports and data

'New World Record': Imperial, California Felt Rain at 119F

Trump administration lifts ban on pesticides linked to declining bee numbers.

Will blood accompany a "Blue Wave?"

goes along with denial

This Corpus Christi Dog Had a Quinceera And We're Sad We Weren't Invited

goes well with

This Hacker Party Is Ground Zero for Russia's Cyber spies

Rick Wilson: Trump Fans Are Suckers and QAnon Is Perfect for Them

A clash over Catholicism

couldn't help posting

Here is another type AA

UN experts: NKorea hasn't stopped nuke and missile programs

NRA Gets Trolled With 'Thoughts And Prayers' Over Reported Financial Woes

Joe Biden: Happy birthday to my brother, my friend, @BarackObama.

Trump 2020

Elizabeth Warren Hints at Possible 2020 Run? 'I'm Going Up That Hill'

Invasion of big, voracious lizards threatens U.S. South: study

A great solution for people who object to anti-trump* posts

What if Donald Trump is in the same boat as Paul Manafort?

We Are On the Road To Segregation/Separate Public Services WCop Calling Stunts.

Police Need To Arrest, Charge, Ticket Or Fines People Making Racist Emergency Calls On Blacks.

Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama!

How to report a lost credit card?

Federal agency grants Trump D.C. hotel rental credit of $534,000 for maintaining clock tower

another good one, to me

All that glitters is not gold.

U.S. actions regarding pastor Brunson disrespectful to Turkey: Erdogan

Man in suit drags unconscious man off Long Beach Metro train

David Corn connects the dots on why the NRA president stepped down before Russia scandal broke

In easy to understand terms, here is why the Republican Party has no credibility on any issue

The Newseum is selling MAGA hats and 'fake news' T-shirts

Where are the white athletes???

Georgia election officials knew system had 'critical vulnerabilities' before 2016 vote

Dear 'Other Networks' keep up the good work

Fox on the Run

3D Printer...If only...

If you won the Megabucks...


LeBron builds schools for children, he doesn't lock them in cages.

Dan Rather unloads on racist trump : "this is the president"?

Peanuts in Coke: Blessing 😋 or Abomination 🤢?

Democrats See an Opening in Kansas if Trump Ally Wins Primary

Eastern Pacific Hurricane Hector

Johnny Manziel's CFL debut a DISASTER!

Souza Shade!!!

NRA leader Oliver North draws protesters in speech near site of high school shooting

MAGA - Minions Are Getting Anxious

GOP grumbles as Trump reshapes midterm campaigns

double down racism

Illinois celebrates first annual Barack Obama Day

A flat tire started the deadly Carr Fire and days of devastation in California

TSA considering cuts to air marshal program: report

Media... stop going to these stupid rallies!!!!

TSA looking at $300 million in cuts, including air marshals and employee benefits

Weekend TOONs - No Fear! (total, quivering, bowel-loosening fear) Edition

Donald Trump has lied and cheated his way out of everything.

U.S. court orders Trump administration to fully reinstate DACA program

Manafort's Courtroom Sketch As a-ha's 'Take On Me'

Manassass morning?


Manassass morning? 2

North Korea says US isn't keeping its end of nuclear deal

Exclusive: Fired-up liberals raise $1 billion on website for candidates, causes ahead of midterms

The insidious plotting of some to disrupt elections.

Quick and easy white clam pizza! 😋

Manassass morning? 3

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall's last poem was about Scott Brown

I have a cookout planned for today and there are tornado Warnings

The Stock Market Is Shrinking. That's a Problem for Everyone.

Manassass morning? 4

Manassass morning? 5

It is power, greed or other factors?

Funny bumper sticker meme

Tornado warning issued for central MA

Orange Man Dissed The King

Some of the female Democrats running for office - 2018

CNN mocks Trump for tweeting about CNN interview: Sounds like Melania had the remote

Melania Trump Gets Trolled By Statue Of Liberty Protester For 'I Don't Care' Jacket

Warriors coach mocks NRA financial trouble: 'Don't send money, thoughts and prayers should suffice'

Isn't kidnapping an impeachable offense?

This won't end well, I'm afraid... King Kong on Broadway

Manassass morning? 6

UPS Teamsters Take On Two-Tier

UPS Teamsters Take On Two-Tier

East Coasters; tired of the rain yet?

Special report: America's greatest threat is a hurricane-force cyberattack

Turkey slaps sanctions on 2 US officials in retaliation

Sacha Baron Cohen As Erran Morad How To Trap A Mexican Who Is America? Funny Moment!

His goose is cooked!

The CongressTraitors who slithered over to Russia to receive

First step; A world wide tariff war. 2nd step; World wide economic damage. 3rd step;

What's the "I like Mike" reference at the end of the tweet?

I don't know, I just don't know.

The Wall that will "Make America Safe Again"

65 races will decide the House. Here's how Democrats could take control.

One Man Paid For A School In His Home Town

NRA alleges financial difficulties on NY lawsuit.

Do you ever think

The Q. Are these Star Trek Next Generation fanatics?

"A revolutionary act"

Don Lemon responds...

Clinton Center at the Head of the Class

Hawaii volcano eruption: 'Just a matter of time' before Kilauea lava swallows beauty spot

Trump Will Have Blood on His Hands

Good Things Happen When Bread Meets Eggs.

CA Wildfire Relief Helpers Must Be Anti-Gay to Work With Franklin Graham's Group

Constitutional Convention true threat or right wing pipe dream?

Rick Wilson: "The real Donald Trump displays the dignity, intelligence, and honesty of...

Name Your 3 Favorite Stones Tunes!

Trump's name has 17 characters if you count the spaces. What could it mean? Come CAPTION the spud!!!

From beauty pageants to martial arts - Trump's ties to Russia in chart form

With all this talk about Russia and the elections, Who else would want to effect 2018 and 2020

Sign at trump rally, promises made promises kept? Mexico will pay for the wall?

KGOP republicans select 2018 election theme song

Reasons for asylum commitment late 19th Century

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: While-U-Wait (GUNS)

Going Out on a Limb Here

Astronomers discover a free-range planet with incredible magnetism

What if There Were Pretenders Working to Harm Democrats' Chances?

Trump hates America and Americans.

DC Metro considers giving separate transportation to white supremacists attending rally

Seth Abramson on J. D. Gordon + Maria Butina story.

Denver Riggleman Is Our Duke Of The Week

WTF is going on with Choice Hotels and their stupid Badda-Book-Badda-Boom ad campaign?

Some of the female Democrats running for office - 2018

Koch BS - ALEC

The Dream

The 'Accidental' Tweeter: Florida GOPer Baffled By Own QAnon Postings

J D Gordon. Wasn't he involved with the change that happened at the Republican convention

How long before the NRA gets behind outlawing 3D printed guns?

Doug Ford Supporter Devastated By Basic Income Cancellation (Rational National)

'It's an absolute disgrace': tears and anger as wife of US marine deported to Mexico

Ex-CIA chief criticizes Russia policy

Revelations of suspected spy at US embassy in Moscow could be tip of the iceberg

Trump wanted ACLU/nonprofits to locate DEPORTED parents of separated kids--JUDGE SAID 'UNEXCEPABLE"!

Death, Diamonds and Russia's Africa Project

The Best Pork Temperature Is 145F: USDA Recommendation Lower Than Many Think

Trump campaign associate invited Butina to Styx concert

Riding with Native Americans - in pictures

The Forest and the Axe - A Metaphor

If wages are stagnant of what benefit is GDP growth to workers ?

Looking at a photo of Barack Obama. (Birthday Boy)

Photos: Possible tornado causes damage in Connecticut, Massachusetts on Saturday

Kitties on a porch - REALLY BIG KITTIES ON A PORCH

Cool Twitter thread shows pictures of LGBT people from 100 years ago

U.S. report: Greenhouse gases surge to new highs worldwide in 2017

Trump against the world. I wonder who's going to win?

When will the "Russian coincidences" stop being coincidental?

Michael Jordan to NBC: "I support LJ. He's doing an amazing job for his community."

I know it's petty, but I miss having a President who can wear a suit

Happy Anniversary! Thirty-One (31) years ago today...

Contradicted his top aides on Russia

'Hazardous' smoky air shuts Yosemite in peak tourist season

Do Trump's tweets contaminate 9/11 trial? War court judge to decide.

Take a few practice teacher exam questions--

"Science Fiction Cities: How our future visions influence the cities we build"

Lord, please take up Jimmy B - or IRS tax the ass

Trump's Approval Ratings so far are Unusually Stable - and Deeply Partisan

$20.99 to see trump at his Ohio rally at Olentangy Orange High School

their Quaziness makes me Queasy

Kavanaugh was behind Ken Starr's inquisition about oral sex (NYT)

Live stream - run by local media in Portland (

New bumper sticker

Weapon checks, bomb-sniffing police dogs to greet protesters Saturday in Portland

Let's just call drumpf's immigration policies by its real name

Stand Up & Win - Jerry Seinfeld SNL sketch

Don Lemon responds to Trump: 'Who's the real dummy?'

Vlad Putin has "work done"? right? 65 not a wrinkle. Getting less wrinkles as he ages

18 Dead LGBT Magazines Worth Remembering

Michael Jordan pushes back after Trump attacks LeBron James, Don Lemon

Found a terrific opinion piece - under the general category of "VOTE, DAMMIT!"

BUILD THE WALL!!!! Make America

KS-03: Republican group runs ads to promote Our Revolution's Brent Welder

Boom! Keith Boykin - In Trump's World

NBA players, other athletes come to defense of LeBron after Trump tweet

Mueller 'May Be In A Stronger Position' The Longer Trump Waits On Interview MTP Daily MSNBC

'The most bizarre thing I've ever been a part of': Trump panel found no voter fraud, ex-member says

Restraint Chairs and Spit Masks: Migrant Detainees Claim Abuse at Detention Centers

Protester who scaled Statue of Liberty references Melania Trump's infamous jacket at her hearing

Does the Trump standard allow for a LeBron Presidency?

The Trump Administration Was Ordered to Stop Drugging Kids in Custody

After '08 Meltdown, Banks Still Play With Financial Fire

O'Connor for the WIN...

Looks like a walking ad for narcissism...going to jail

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 67 seats.

Who the f--k allowed the Newseum to sell those obscene t-shirts

Melania backs LeBron after Trump insult: He's 'working to do good things'

"I get the best ratings" -- let's help Trump become #1 all-time!!!

Florida lobster fishermen fear trade war amid Irma recovery

After Trump Tweet, Melania Spox Credits LeBron James for 'Working to Do Good Things' for Children

Long term Lifetime Weight Watchers Member here.......

Just filled out my primary election mail-in ballot.

Lawmaker lists fake Sacha Baron Cohen award on campaign site

Reminder to change your passwords today. It's national Change your Password Day...

Rob Reiner on Trump: We have Archie Bunker in the White House

The serial liar even lies about the Queen...

China announces $60B of US goods for tariff retaliation

SPOTTED at Morristown, NJ airport ahead of Air Force One departure for Trump's Ohio rally: Hope Hick

Putin murders again...

Could this tweet be a set up by Russians? They say it is Antifa but it is

Why lie? More importantly, why keep swallowing lies?

Gov. McMaster removes SC mayor from office for domestic violence

Gov. McMaster removes SC mayor from office for domestic violence

Just Do It

Even Tulsi Gabbard is promoting dangerous conspiracy theories...

Trump has been out-conned.

Does Men's Wearhouse carry ostrich jackets?

DC subway workers union refusing to staff special cars designated for white nationalists...

South Carolina has spent millions of dollars to arrest immigrant landscapers, housekeepers

Whatever the state says is official...officially wrong.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 4, 2018

Portland protests live stream:

North Korea: US acting with "alarming" impatience on the issue of denuclearisation

Plus 27,000 steel jobs, minus 400,000 other jobs...yuge win...

Heavy Police Presence As Right-Wing Rally Begins in Portland

Super Cat


OK, before we start celebrating Remington declaring bankruptcy...


Source: Hate group to be provided 3 private Metro rail cars ahead of Unite the Right rally

Kris Kobach's gubernatorial campaign reportedly employs 3 white nationalists


Haunting photos of California wildfires

Fake news says Illegitimate President....

What's German For: "For Those About To Think We're Too Old To Rock

Trump threatened punishing tariffs. So far, Canada has shrugged them off.

Which previous US Senate Election cycle the 2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election cycle resemble?

It's called witness tampering...but it is our czar

GOP Grumbles as Trump Hits Campaign Trail

Russia appoints actor Steven Seagal as 'special representative'

South Park here I this real?

572 and counting...

Trump defends tariffs: When we use them 'foolish people scream!'

A Dictatorship Is Rising in My Country, Again (Nicaragua)

Dinosaurs talking...

The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY): "Letter to the editor: Let Trump be known as the fake president"

Ortega: ISIS has arrived in Nicaragua, and is behind opposition protests

Republicans Are Throwing Everything They Can at This Ohio Special Election--and It's Still Close

Cuomo on the are in my thoughts and prayers

Counter protestors being attacked by police NOW

I beieve this is a repost from July 30. Anyway hope it happens!

And 18 other crimes....

Wonder what the legal level is?

Is it just me, or has Kushner been really quiet these days...

2018 TX US Senate Race is going to be the race that puts Democrats back in the majority.

Tweet of the Weekend

In the wake of the LeBron story, let's revisit Trump proudly posing with "Trump Foundation" swag.

Maria Butina song (Sandy and Richard Riccardi)

Time for America to stop thanking veterans for serving then deporting their wives

There is no feud between LeBron James and Don the Con

Man DRAGS unconscious man off train "to avoid being delayed"

LeBron James... all you need to know.

Raise your hand if you were doing this LONG before there was a 'name' for it:

Trump's worst political nightmare? Democrats with subpoena power (WP)

"As a Muslim, I think Canada should ban the Niqab and Burqa in public."

"Sorry to Bother You" (spoilers)

Hillary's tweet on LeBron.

Trumpism: Borrow from China to pay our soybean farmers due to trade war with China...

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Q

Outside of the Olentangy Orange HighSchool where trump is speaking tonight


Curious......what's worse medically......smoking, or drinking.

#REDAlert. The time has come to Make it so!

When I went to the drugstore today ...

Ashna Rangappa explains "Manhattan Madame", key to collusion charges/STONE?

Up is Down...Right is Left...4 can be 1

Justin Beaver:

Man Arrested For Allegedly Taunting Yellowstone Bison In Viral Video

"Happy birthday, Mr. President..."

Kamala Harris: 'We won't be silent about race.'

Some Good News....

Thieving golden retriever and his kitty pal:

Melania issues a statement in support of LeBron James, offers to visit his school

Picard is coming back!

LeBron James Tweets Positive Message To Kids After Donald Trump Attacks Him

New Documents From Kavanaugh's Time In The Bush White House Show He Worked On Key Questions Of...

Waiting for Superman

Predictions for Aug 7th Primaries/Special Election

The School of Life: Auguste Comte


Post a line from a novel or short story & see if anyone knows where it's from without using Google

Anti-semitic graffiti on Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel's house

Credit Card hacked for the 4th time in as many months....any ideas??

Hope Hicks spotted boarding Air Force One

Congo health officials link Ebola to 33 deaths

Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World

Trump at a precarious moment: Privately brooding and publicly roaring

Donald Trump (in his own words) thinks traitors should be given the death penalty.

Federal judge invalidates Trump FEC regulation to allow donors to dark money groups to remain


This is why Trump attacks black athletes.....

Happy Birthday President Obama

Now I remember...

DNC Warns Democrats: Don't Buy Chinese ZTE or Huawei phones

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders talk to Sarah Smarsh ...

Europe Heatwave: Spain and Portugal Struggle in 40C+ Temperatures

Trump is drawing a crowd in Ohio

Republican operative who is screening Judge Kavanaugh's records actually worked for him in the WH

Has "When they go low, we go high" been abandoned?

Airline pilots protest a study on allowing cargo planes to be operated by only one pilot with remote

Kris Kobach's gubernatorial campaign reportedly employs 3 white nationalists

VI Gov. Mapp Slams Camp: 'Why is a Day Camp for Children Teaching Children To Make Pipe Bombs'

Seriously. Giuliani is the worst lawyer ever:

If Democrats regain majority control of the US Senate in 2018, it will mean

Base Pay for VI Teachers to Start at $44K from August 1, Gov't Minimum Wage Rises to $13/Hour

Parkland Shooter Asked for Help, but Was Denied Before Shooting

I think our judiciary is the only thing protecting our democracy now.

So 8 guys of mixed colorization, Spanish/Spanglish/English

Patrick Stewart to reprise role as Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard

Sign President Obama's Birthday Card

Ai Wei Wei's Beijing Studio Destroyed By Chinese Authorities

I don't see how Obama kept his sanity Having to deal with the

Michael Jordan responds....

Man enters Puerto Rico hospital, shoots patient 12 times

Melania's comments on Lebron

Transit Union Refuses to Bring White Nationalists to 'Unite the Right' Rally

I just bought a ten-pound bag of russet potatoes at the Aldi for 99 cents.

Puerto Rico company fined $3M in raw sewage discharge case

LIFE's 25 Most Meow-Worthy Pictures of Cats

When Is The Public Going To Strongly Confront GOP/MSM On Global Heating?

Russia Names Action Movie Star Steven Seagal as Humanitarian Envoy to U.S.

Another blatant lie: