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Archives: August 31, 2018

Thanks To Gillum, Pam Bondi Will Probably Be Spending A Lot Less Time Hosting Fox News!

G'night Du. Midnite shift. Gotta nap. At least it's me Friday!

Airplanes in WWI. I know they were pretty new then,

Okay, one more while I finish dis smoke.... Jellyfish!

21 years ago almost to the hour, the world shook

Al Gore Has a Message for Trump: 'Resign'

Virginia House of Delegates refuse to act on redrawing Racially Discriminatory Maps

Yes, Mac can be attacked (long)

Anyone just hear David Cay Johnston on Chris Hayes?

Ahhhh piss on it. It's me friday!

Trump Says Mueller Investigation Is 'Illegal', Trump-Appointed Judge Says He's Wrong

Monster Galaxy Churns Out 1,000 Times As Many Stars As Our Own

David Cay Johnson...talks abortions...on Chris Hayes now

Judge Rules Against Alex Jones and Infowars in Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Canada Trans Mountain Expansion Halted By Federal Court Of Appeal

CNN Had So Many Trump Tapes to Air in One Segment They Mixed Them Up

the bulk of Texas police dept wiped out by indictments for abuse of power

Glenn Greenwald Thinks Criticizing Rachel Maddow Got Him Banned from MSNBC

Der PeePeeFuhrer sure seems ripe for a juicy media-dump friday.

The King Is Half Undressed

First time in a while: having some Greek food at my local hangout.

Female protester at trumps rally

Fox News meme of the week !!

Ohio State Trustee Resigns, Saying Urban Meyer Punishment Was Too Soft

Debris/Oh La La

Trump administration to end U.S. funding to U.N. program for Palestinian refugees

Oregon construction company requires attendance at Bible Study

Here is the 2009 settlement after the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of citizens denied passports

(trump et al) is masterminding the next holocaust right here in America

Former press secretary of anti-immigrant hate group FAIR alleges he was discriminated against...

WI-SEN: GOP Candidate Holds Event for 'Above Average People'

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Me!

Have you ever experienced your recently deceased pet's spirit

Trump at rally: He assumes they did polls in Lincoln's time "so we can say we're beating Honest Abe"

'Great Victory for Indigenous Communities Everywhere': Canadian Court Rescinds Trans Mountain...

I agree with Frank Schaeffer...and Joe Biden

Trump at rally: Democrats "want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism."

Trump's Coalition

So trump says media will write tomorrow

Trump in Interview: 'I Have Greater Patience Than Any Human Being in the World'

Tune in now....Abigail Spanberger I'll be joining the The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC tonight. Chec

The crazy things Trump has said today alone would get anyone else locked up for a psych evaluation

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee field staff, volunteers knock on 3 million doors

Gillum today: "Healthcare is a right."

Trump staffer physically blocks lens of photographer trying to take photo of protester at rally

I know this is redundant, but Spanky is delusional.

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 2 - Screwball Revival

Bloomberg: Trump says he didn't miss a chance to unite the country after McCain's death

Voting Is NOT A Right In The Constitution. It Is A Privilege Given By Government For The Qualified.

I Wonder How Many Federal Workers Voted For Trump. Does Freeze Include ICE

Sane Republicans have to know by now that Right Wing Media is driving the Trump MAGA train

So, what do you think? Any indictments tomorrow? I'm leaning toward "no."

Maddow reporting that Repug Barbara Comstock, Virginia. not pleased with Trump's no pay raise for

Now it's Federal Workers

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Sought To Cap 9/11 Payouts To Victims' Families at $500G

TCM Schedule for Monday September 3 - AFI Life Achievement Award

Thanks Lawrence

NYT - Goldberg - "Trump's Assault on Google"

I am 72. I want to say this to younger voters.

Andrew Gillum releases behind-the-scenes footage of election night (VIDEO)

"Federal workers are not here legally you know...

Heavy traffic through Dragoon tonight. Edited to add better graphic.

"Quite a striking image from AP's @evanvucci from tonight's Trump rally..."

While voting in Nov 2016

Fuck Scoreboard, Fuck Drumpf & Annul 2016

Hawaii Man Surfs Drainage Canal 'Like Ninja Turtles' After Record Rainfall

Trump Broke All the Cardinals Sins of Campaigning

LOL!! Fake Time Magazine Cover Found On Twitter..

Norm Macdonald, Still in Search of the Perfect Joke

the monster puppy turns 1. yes, i still have him.

Nelson Mandala.

EA Donates $1 million to victims of Madden tournament shooting

60 years...

I cannot believe that Drumph is doing a hate rally during this solemn week.

Trump looks like Hitler giving his speech tonight.

Apparently not enough to call out the Big Con...

KS congressman: Farmers are 'such great patriots' they'll ride out Trump trade woes

The Super Fantastic Hilariously Absurd Part of Trump's ignorance of all things related to the law

We are living in an insane idiocracy.

Maybe Trump Will Die To Upstage John McCain's Funeral..

Doing it right, Translated....Doing it my way.

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Pawlik for AZ-HD17

New Horizons Just Sent Back The First Images of The Mysterious Object It'll Reach on New Years

Arizona Supreme Court Removes Tax Incentive From Ballot, A Blow To Teachers

'Major transformation' ahead for Earth's ecosystems: study

Postulated Role of Special Forces in Japan

'Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy' Review: A Beloved, Troublesome Household - Book review

Why hasn't this cretin been charged with being the creep that he is...?

A Tiny Fish Just Passed a Classic Self-Awareness Test With a Mirror

Religion can provide a sense of increased purpose in life for people who are socially disconnected

Political Cartoon Of The Week!!!

Freaked out when you see clusters of bumps and holes? You could have trypophobia

Gene editing technique halts Duchenne muscular dystrophy in dogs

FLIPPABLE: Bobby Tyler for AZ-HD06

It's Obscene to Pay $180 for a Steak Sandwich--But It Sure Was Yummy

A late night chuckle before bed. There are TVs in Federal Prisons.

OK, I CAN NOT STAND MARIA SHARAPOVA's Screaming/grunting........

FLIPPABLE: Hollace Lyon for AZ-HD11

This Boutique Type of Dog Food Has Been Linked to Heart Disease

I have been ill today.

No Ecosystem on Earth Is Safe From Climate Change

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Jemaine for AZ-HD18

Chuck Todd Says Mueller May Drop Something Big: 'I Wouldn't Miss Work Tomorrow'

Lanny Davis: How James Comey covered his ass and elected Donald Trump

FLIPPABLE: Chris Gilfillan for AZ-HD20

FLIPPABLE: Aaron Lieberman for AZ-HD28

What Is Trump Getting for Sucking Up to Saudi Arabia? experts have never seen such groveling

Trump Says Democrats Can't Impeach Him Because He's Doing A 'Great Job'

FLIPPABLE: Ralph Atchue for AZ-SD11

Does anyone has a link to Don Lemon interviewing Andrew Gillum?

FLIPPABLE: David Perez for FL-SD38

FLIPPABLE: Jim Bonfiglio for FL-HD89

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Webb for FL-HD69

"They want to raid Medicare"

FLIPPABLE: Alex Heeren for FL-HD66

FLIPPABLE: Fentrice Driskell for FL-HD63

10 Yr Old Modern Marvel Reported How Bad Infrastructure Is. GOP Making Sure Won't Be Fixed.

FLIPPABLE: Debra Bellanti for FL-HD60

FLIPPABLE: Adam Hattersley for FL-HD59

FLIPPABLE: Cindy Polo for FL-HD103

FLIPPABLE: Tracey Kagan for FL-HD29

U.S. Probing Whether Malaysian Fugitive Laundered Funds to Pay Chris Christie and Trump Lawyer

FLOTUSFriday - Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The Kremlin is co-opting Angry Young Men

Representative Eric Swalwell On GOP's List Of Trump Scandals: 'They Know' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained

Pipeline fund battle continues: Lawmakers seek further review of Governor's deal with Dominion

Jakub Jozef Orliński- Vedro con mio diletto (Vivaldi)

Clinton blow job Impeachment; Trump and his obstruction - GOP is Crickets.

"Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its 'Intolerant' Liberal Culture"

FLIPPABLE: Javier Estevez for FL-HD105

FLIPPABLE: Jeffrey Solomon for FL-HD115

Elections do not fix people

FLIPPABLE: James Harden for FL-HD116

The Daily Show: DiscrimiNATION

The Daily Show: So Much Winning

FLIPPABLE: Steve Friedman for FL-HD120

Laura Ingraham Says Ron DeSantis Should 'Demand Apology' From Opponent

Rachel Maddow Show 8/30/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Trump Says He'll Keep Sessions Until November Despite 'Illegal' Probe

Why sex assault survivors are fuming over DeVos proposal

3 people arrested as supporters and opponents of Silent Sam gather at UNC

Gillum: DeSantis should apologize to voters, not me

'Totally dishonest': Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and 'fake news'

Trump said to back $200B in China tariffs as early as next week

Trump Is Determined To Turn FBI & DOJ Into His Gestapo. Wants Hillary Arrest & Jail.

Officer's tattoo causes chief to 'question his ability to function effectively'

So The Democrats Are Going To Raid Social Security To Pay For Socialism. WTF.

Arrests at Trump Rally as Supporter Punched Protestor In Front Of Police

Life-size Bugatti Chiron made from a million Lego pieces ... and it actually drives

Fayetteville man charged in bomb threats against 3 Cumberland County buildings

Godwin minister charged with enslaving children dies

A President Donald Trump Exposed To Blackmail - All In - MSNBC

Stan Brock (1936 - 2018) Remember "Wild Kingdom"?

Remembering Stan Brock

UNC Asheville plans improvements at dorms deemed fire safety concern

Trump the pariah to sit and sulk as Washington pays its respects to McCain

President Donald Trump's 10-Tweet Tirade Gives A Peek Into His Mindset - Deadline - MSNBC

After pleading guilty, Wake Co. Register of Deeds Laura Riddick to lose some pension

Skilling out of prison; sent to halfway house in undisclosed location

Post-primary Dem poll shows Gillum leading DeSantis in Florida

Hundreds of immigrant kids remain separated from parents

Gillum's campaign raises over $1 million the day after winning Democratic nominee

Poll: Pennsylvania Democrats surging with double-digit leads

Poll: Pennsylvania Democrats surging with double-digit leads

Live Stream Aretha Franklin's funeral today (sure to be a very special "send-off"

Bush Ethics Chief: Trump Tweeting His Way To Obstruction Charges - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump: "Throwback Thursday! #MAGA" (tweets video of his escalator ride)

Trouble for Trump: Disapproval at a high, 63% back Mueller, half favor impeachment

Poll: 60 percent disapprove of Trump, while clear majorities back Mueller and Sessions

Amid abuse scandal, 90% fewer Irish Catholics attend Pope Francis' Mass than Pope John Paul II's

Trump in Interview: 'I Have Greater Patience Than Any Human Being in the World'

Where Are You From? The Game

Friday TOONs - Who needs Russians when... Edition

Mitt Romney, After Mocking Climate Science In 2012 Run, Now "Believes" Warming Is Real

E. Australian Drought Likely Now To Intensify Well Into Summer; All Of NSW In Drought, 1/2 Of Q'land

36% equals America's Backwash

Andrew Gillum raised $1 million in 24 hours after winning primary

For Every 1C Increase In Temperatures, Insects Will Consume 2.5% More Of World's Rice, Corn, Wheat

A way-too-early look at which 2020 Democratic contenders are overrated

A Meteorological Summer Of Extremes; SW Heat, Western Fires, Wetter (By Far) Northeast

McCain's not even buried yet and GOP is gunning to repeal ACA

Thank you Rep. Castro - Court should appoint a special master for border separation crisis.

Why Mark Penn Is Sounding Trumpy

Has it been common practice in the past to buy ads for a supreme court nominee?


Brutal summer for Republicans

People Are Calling For An In-N-Out Boycott Because Burger Chain Donated To GOP

Sick fuck.

Two prosecutors leave Mueller's office

Trump: Well Over Half of Women Want President to Be Impeached, Says Poll

Catholic bishops in Australia reject compulsory abuse reporting, defying new laws

Trump Warns Rallygoers Dems 'Want To Raid Medicare To Pay For Socialism' (A Lie)

Mob Protests in Chemnitz Show New Strength of Germany's Far Right

Update: Judge Declines to Move Fields' Trial Out of Charlottesville Court

Former CIA agent candidate who was doxxed by GOP thinks Dems may not run after what happened to her

I'm surely will miss Trump when he is gone!

National Enquirer Protected Trump -- And Lost $72 Million Last Year

SAD and UNFAIR! GOP "deciding which lawmakers are worth trying to rescue" ahead of Midterms

Trump Is a Snob Who Secretly Despises His Own Supporters

The Rundown: August 30, 2018

Marie Severin, Co-Creator of Spider-Woman, Dead at 89

Gary Friedrich, Ghost Rider Co-Creator, Dead at 75

Trump Administration Ignores Supreme Court Order On Deportations

The origin of Super Villains: Hobgoblin

Comic-Snips: Ebony Blade

"Why would you ever listen to what you're telling yourself?" . . . Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

How low will he go?

Brett Kavanaugh's History as a Judge Has Organized Labor Very Worried

Exclusive: Iran moves missiles to Iraq in warning to enemies

Michael Cohen, Whose GoFundMe Is at $165K, Sells NYC Apartments for Millions

Carr Fire is 100 percent contained after 39 days and 8 deaths

California Passes New Bill to Support LGBTQ Seniors

Robert Chain: "America was saved when Donald J. Trump was elected president."

Mike Allen on Mueller Probe: Roger Stone and Wikileaks 'Might Happen Today'

Can you imagine if this happened at an Obama or Hillary rally?

Happy 73rd 🎂 Van!

Mike Huckabee: Unless 'Smug, Arrogant People' On Other Networks Look at FBI Corruption 'We've Lost..

Thousands of Vietnamese, including offspring of U.S. troops, could be deported under tough Trump pol

BBC: The Long Read - 1968 Democratic National Convention: A 'week of hate'

'The walls are crashing in on him': Ex-DNI Clapper explains Trump's latest attacks on Mueller

Southern Rock

This Pulitzer-winning cartoonist once loved spoofing Trump. Now he's ready to move on.

Why is Paul Ryan retiring?

San Diego County home prices rise 8 percent in July

Catching the clips of Draft Dodging Donnie from last night.

'Tough decisions have to be made': House Republicans prepare for pain

Carl's Jr., Hardee's add Fruit Loops mini donuts to its menu

Has this picture of Cruz been posted?

Thousands of San Diegans waiting for rental assistance

****WAPO POLL**** Trump's disapproval ratings skyrockets to 60%

Greg Gutfeld Brags: President Trump Was 'Radicalized' By Fox News

This morning, R-E-S-P-E-C-T during Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace:

Hyatt Hotels is happily hosting an anti-Muslim hate group, even as competitors close their doors

Tucker Carlson: ''Why is only Bernie talking about it?''

Does something like this go too far, or not nearly far enough?

Trump jokes Sarah Huckabee Sanders is 'having a nervous breakdown' over his behavior toward John McC

Pink Cadillacs to line Detroit's streets in honor of Aretha Franklin

The fight for Donald Trump's tax returns is heating up -- again

CA Teacher Caught Allegedly Soliciting Sex from Boy in Sting


The Rise and Fall of the Bone-Crushing Dogs

Wondering what kind of suprises we need to prepare for

This vile, unadulterated racism - By Eugene Robinson

Is there live TV or cable coverage of Aretha's funeral? Update HLN

Trump gives himself an 'A+' due to 'the level of love' at his rallies


Pathetic humans can't do anything without feline assistance.

Ex-DOJ spokesman explains why Mueller may not keep quiet after Labor Day

Catholic church in Australia rejects reporting of child abuse discussed in confessional

4O years in the making. Orson Welles - "The Other Side of the Wind"

The Real Reason Russia Is Rooting for Republicans in the Midterms

Chumpy got to play dictator for about two years.

As Ex-Aides Face Prison Time, Crowd Chants 'Lock Her Up' At Indiana Trump Rally

Galveston County, TX: Where critical thinking and rational thought go to die

Panicked GOP cutting off cash to highly vulnerable candidates as they face midterm bloodbath

Trump Making Plans For His Funeral Says He Is.....

Why do Republicans prefer a racist Democrat to John McCain? Because they're craven hypocrites

I know it's an overworked analogy, but: the bus we're on is being driven toward a cliff.

Today's aeronautical anniversaries: Arthur Godfrey's birthday, and the first CAB crash investigation

Manafort associate Sam Patten charged with Foreign Agents Registration Act violations

Gerson: GOP needs to stop burning incense to the emperor before Trump's lunacy becomes operational

Poll: Nearly half of Americans say Congress should try to impeach Trump

The Moon in the Morning

Alert. ATM cash-out-scam

Kavanaugh could offer the decisive vote to uphold Trump's crusade against affirmative action

A Proposal: Remove All Privileges of Religious Organizations that Exceed

'Birtherism Is Now Federal Policy'

Russia aims to help GOP in midterms and warns it would be 'suicidal' for Republicans to oppose Trump

Sandy and Richard Riccardi strike again, this time with "Weisselberg"

Manafort Associate Sam Patten Is Charged With Lobbying Violation

Pay Attention!

Trump's poll numbers take a dive. How worried should the GOP be?

ATM cash-out scam. Original post in Economy Group.

Trump rejects EU offer to eliminate auto tariffs

LOL! Preview of Giuliani's counter-report against Mueller

Any word on the woman kicked out of trumps rally?

Hillary is at Aretha's homegoing.

Looks like Barbara Comstock will stop getting funding from Repug Party..............

Manafort associate Samuel Patten has signed a plea agreement on FARA violation,

tRump can't handle John McCain being the better man...

Today's aeronautical anniversaries: Arthur Godfrey's birthday, and the first CAB crash investigation

Trump's attacks backfire: Big majorities back Mueller and Sessions, while president's disapproval

Charles P. Pierce: John McCain May Have Given Everyone the Last Laugh

MSNBC analyst Natasha Bertrand explains how National Enquirer scandal 'substantiates' two key parts

Judge Rules Against Alex Jones and Infowars in Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Just a few reminders of who trump is and what trumpers are

President Obama still inspires! Here he is with young coders....

FYI YouTube is live streaming Aretha's funeral.

No hearings on Puerto Rico?

something we've not seen in nearly two years - look at the CNN front page

Trump asks for NY AG lawsuit on Trump charity be dismissed because NY AG is mean

****Trump is at 3% approval among African Americans at A + rated WAPO poll****

Sen. John McCain's Casket Arrives at U.S. Capitol

After Escaping a Cult, She's Helping Others Embrace Their Freedom

If you believe Trump truly represents America then you've swallowed the Big Lie

Bombshell leak to Toronto Star upends NAFTA talks: In secret 'so insulting' remarks, Trump says he

Speculation Swirls Over Possible Robert Mueller Announcement Morning Joe MSNBC

Transcript of President Trump's Interview With Bloomberg News

Pink Cadillacs to line Detroit's streets in honor of Aretha Franklin

Senator TURTLE lacks the most common of grace.

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun

Loudoun NAACP president moves to establish historical markers memorializing local lynchings

Putrid Pence is on tv praising McCain

McConnell, Ryan, and Pence. Fuck the three of you.

Another neglected electric substation erupts into fireball. Parts of VZ in darkness... again

Call someone who gives a sh*t

McCain didn't want Trump at his service

Fact-checking Republican attack ads in tight House races

TV watching in the WH

Megyn Kelly says Obama administration protected sexual assault accusers to much

Juncker pledges to boost auto tariffs if Trump reneges on agreement

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll Shows Americans Support Mueller, Are Thoroughly Sick Of Trump

BET is showing Aretha's service.

AP sources: Lawyer was told Russia had 'Trump over a barrel'

Starting Sept. 4, Venezuelans who are party loyalists (PSUV) will get Chavismo gas discount.

Nazi Sympathizers Running for Mayor in Hilton Head

1 of 3 killed in Greene County crash on U.S. 35 identified

Anybody giving Odds on whether,,,

Water supply to Caracas interrupted again. Filthy water trucked in.

Name something you will not eat, under any circumstances, at a potluck dinner or picnic

Ohr says Christopher Steele told him Russian intelligence believed it had Trump "over a barrel"

The treatment of Bridget McCain by the media continues to be shameful

Keep the dream alive!

BREAKING: Satire Officially Recognized as Valid Political Commentary

Piano Concerto #1 Johannes Brahms

Beyond the deep state witch hunt, Hunter defense could focus on campaign rule 'gray areas'

Must-read Media Matters article: How the Facebook right-wing propaganda machine works

Howzabout a few animal selfies -

Trump must be loving the cable tv news coverage

Bette Midler to Trump about Dem Violence: "What are we going to do-Throw our PBS tote bags at them?"

A lifelong dream washed away

Homeless man row: US couple ordered to hand over Johnny Bobbitt money

Trump's "off the record" remarks on Canada trade negotiations made it onto the record. Ooooops.


Arianna Grande couldn't find a whole dress to wear?

President Trump is considering Washington litigator Pat Cipollone to replace WH consel Don McGahn

Stan Brock, Amazon adventurer who became a health-care crusader, dies at 82

Trudeau says he'll fight for Canada's interests after Trump comments he won't compromise on NAFTA

The three "top stories" that just came up when I did a Google search on "Trump"...


Rev. Al scorching 45 at Aretha's home going!

Vice President Pence expected to visit Vermont today

On this day when we are Honoring Aretha Franklin, let's not forget trump's tribute to the Queen

A Cajun Seasoned Boil for a Big Party

***Aretha Home Going Thread***

❤️ Car 🚙 and 🐄Cows ❤️

I'm just going to leave this right here...

Ford cancels Focus crossover for U.S. due to tariffs

A Hollowed Out Trump Head Has Appeared In Sydney

Trump's not going to like this..."@KellyannePolls is here"

I guess Al Shapton is not too happy sittng next to Louis Farrakhan

Ukraine crisis: Blast kills top Donetsk rebel Zakharchenko

Trump seeks dismissal of New York state A.G.'s Trump Foundation lawsuit

Daily Life in Maine, as Photographed by Robert F. Bukaty

From Rooftops to Algae Pools: Orlando's Vision for Carbon-Free Energy

President Trump is considering Laura Ingraham's godfather Pat Cipollone as new WH Counsel.

TPM must read - Josh Marshall "The Coming Crisis"

Trump's approval among black Americans in ABC poll is 3. Not 3%. Just Kanye, Diamond and Silk.

Another Manafort pal just flipped

El Salvador: 3 kids separated in US were abused at shelters

El Salvador: 3 kids separated in US were abused at shelters

President Trump's Disapproval Rating Has Hit an All-Time High (ABC news/Washington Post Poll)

The most corrupt administration in America's history

Nicaragua to expel UN team after critical report

Today in Charlotte: "$1,000 per head to get in the door" or "$25,000 to mingle with Trump"

all this Aretha coverage proves the US is over racism

Manafort associate Sam Patten's guilty plea could help Mueller nail Cambridge Analytica for rigging

Today's mantra (everyday's)

Loaded gun found in classroom of San Jose teacher arrested in road rage robbery, police say

Trump is coming to Texas to campaign for Carnival Cruz

Senate cancels postal service hearing; Trump's Amazon crusade delayed

Pastor just gave a shout out to Maxine Waters

He is our president and we should support him!

First Yellowstone-area grizzly hunt in 40 years blocked by federal judge

Trump's latest rally rant is much more alarming and dangerous than usual

"Robert Mueller, Baby - Parody Song (Trump Christmas Impeachment)"

Trump's bad hair day

Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko killed in explosion in Ukraine

what are Trump poll numbers with Hispanic Americans? He's going after them with everything he's got

Gladys Knight disturbing reveal at Aretha Franklin funeral (update: spokesman denial)

For being a fake and phony witch hunt...

The Economy's Not Booming. Predatory Capitalism's Eating Itself

Goofus Vs Gallant

Sam Patten was an associate of both Manafort and Kilimnik (has tiies to GRU).

The fight for Donald Trump's tax returns is heating up -- again

You know Aretha may well have been the soul of Democratic Party

Washington consultant for Ukraine party pleads guilty to violating lobbyist disclosure law

Ted Cruz's alter ego . . .

Manafort Ally Admits to Helping Foreigners Donate to Trump's Inaugural Committee

"Love and Justice, Women's Anthem"- Victoria Women's Trust Chorus

"no difference" between Dems/Repukes? -GORE turned election cheats to FBI; SHITLER & GeoWILL used'em

If we started a GoFundMe campaign and used the funds to pay Trump to resign the presidency

Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin memorial: "I wonder what my friend's got on today?"

Fake photos in Myanmar army's 'True News' book on the Rohingya crisis

Now THIS is how you play fetch with a cat;

White House tries to recover after leak of Trump's off-the-record slam on Canada

President Clinton giving a lovely tribute to Aretha.

Trump packs foreign policy team with Cuba hardliners from Florida

My cat is an edge-walker

Political Scientists Reassure Americans That Stripping Minorities Of Citizenship

Trump Inaugural Committee Got Foreign Money, Plea Deal Shows

If John, Paul, George, and I suppose Ringo as well, had never been born,

From 'Judeo-Christian' to 'Potluck Nation,' Eboo Patel pleads for religious pluralism

RAISE CANCELLED: Federal employees to pay after Trump's budget busting tax cut scam

Don't allow the rich to commandeer a fix for the economic mess they created (VIDEO)

As Corporate Profits Soar After Tax Cuts, 40% of Americans Can't Afford Basic Needs

'Cleansing the office' of the presidency, eh?

The Village Voice Is Shutting Down

Ex-Bush Admin Official John Yoo Likens Mueller's Investigation to Colonoscopy: 'Painful' But Good...

Trump at 36% approval and 60% disapproval?

One Billion Rising for Justice

What to say to that 10-13 percent that may still not be sure about Trump.

Reverend Al Sharpton's Blazingly Soulful Eulogy For Aretha Franklin

Hillary looks radiant!

Twitter image threatens shooting Meghan McCain; her husband blasts Twitter's CEO

If Trump's approval rating is at 36%, who are these people?

Happy second anniversary, my first cowboy hat.

Mueller Makes Major Connection, Tying Secret Ukrainian Money to Trump Inauguration


Seth Abramson's new book "Proof of Collusion" is out soon..

Ron DeSantis' Spox Claims Candidate 'Was Completely Unaware' He Managed Racist Facebook Group

RED ALERT from Democracy for America: CALL CHUCK SCHUMER

Judge presiding over Manafort's next trial taking Patten's plea.

'I made OFF THE RECORD COMMENTS!' Trump confirms that he insulted Canada in furious rant...


Are we all becoming more gullible by the day?

And then there's Chaka Kahn.......tribute to the Queen....

'US workers will suffer massively': Canadian union leader taunts Trump in blistering CNBC interview

Racist robocalls tied to neo-Nazi group target Andrew Gillum

Rev Al Sharpton Shades Trump at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a big steaming pile of horseshit?

Trump Volunteer Caught Blocking Photographer's Lens From Taking Photo of Rally Protester

Bill Clinton Pays Moving Tribute to Aretha Franklin: 'She Has Sung for America'

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a cockroach?

Tim Conway 'Unable to Communicate' and 'Suffering from Fluid on the Brain,' Says His Lawyer

Stocks struggle as US-Canada trade talks near deadline

Want To Know Where We Are Going? Watch Movie "Metropolis"W/O Happy Ending. Throw In Handmaids Tale"

We should all watch the news closley over the next few hours

OMG, y'all! This is awesome in exactly the OPPOSITE way they intended it to be!!! Cruz: Wanted

Mike Pence and His Talent for Being Absent

Why I'm Raising My Kids Without Religion

Trump cancels pay raises for almost 2 million federal workers

Senate Intel Committee Made Referral To DOJ Due To 'Concerns' Over Patten Testimony

John Fuglesang on Aretha (and that time she was at the Sexy Liberal tour!)

The most important line of the celebration

Canada appeals court halts Trans Mountain oil pipeline to BC

Ready To Take Chance Pence. If There Is A God. Please Intervene.

Tofurky Has a Right to Free Speech, Too! Real news or satire?

Lines from Evansville speech

Philippine President Duterte Blames Rape Cases on 'Beautiful Women'

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a bag of Cheetos?

US ports fear tariffs could reduce ship traffic and jobs

EU plans to abolish daylight saving time and make summer last forever

Kavanaugh's role in championing a segregationist

Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams, Ben Jealous: Breakthru Year for Black Candidates, FL, GA, MD

Jessie Jackson has Parkinsons?

Manafort associate pleads guilty to illegal lobbying

The Giulianis Break Up & Rudy breaks down? How Judi diagnoses her ex's new "dissembling" condition

I survived my second round of cancer, and now...

Political consultant steered illegal foreign donation to inauguration

"If you leave here today and you don't register to vote you are dishonoring Aretha"

United States 2025

U.S. Consumer Spending Rose 0.4% in July

"Neutral" - a short film by Nathan Barnatt

Ford cancels Focus crossover model, cites Trump tariffs

Tacos El Gordo, a fast food chain, closes a site because they can't find skilled taco chefs...

Am I taking a new tone in the Religion Group?

Pollster: Undecided independents unlikely to vote

After Gladys Knight seemed to announce her own pancreatic cancer, publicist quickly denies....

Judge rejects Texas request to block DACA

Upcoming Trump Nightmares

Judge rejects Texas request to block DACA

Reverend Jesse Jackson...

Beto O'Rourke yard signs are everywhere. Where are Ted Cruz's?

Canadian union chief: Trump auto tariffs would make US workers suffer

Trump makes 67 false claims in 5th-most-dishonest week as president

White House Tells Congress it Aims to Keep Canada in Nafta

AR State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson (R) Indicted on Wire and Tax Fraud Charges

Lawmakers were widely panned for being out of touch when they grilled Mark Zuckerberg in April.

For what it's worth, something I just found out today.

Trump fan angry Google or Facebook execs won't meet him ...

new photo of Trump looking weird becomes meme

Friday Stumper: What ties these three songs together

For fans of Phil Hendrie - favorite character?

At a Catholic Orphanage in Vermont, Sex Abuse and Torture Ran Rampant

Catholic League: Priests Deserve Credit for the Sex Abuse They DIDN'T Commit

Attempted email hack (?)

I can't tell any difference...

From NY AG's office:

The NFL is BACK!

Donald, what does that mean @BetoORourke is weak on 2nd amendment? Does it mean he supports keeping

Guy Pets Chihuahua to Relax

This is a big deal. If Mueller is investigating whether witnesses in the Trump-Russia scandal lied t

Cat's inelegant water-lapping stance

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 31, 2018

Trump Disapproval Rating Reaches An All-Time None Of This Matters.

The summer of disappearing White House press briefings

Boundaries (2018 film) Any info when I get to watch?

Please join me in supporting Donald Trump!

Trump Supporters Explain Why They Love Him

Trump says he'll 'study' his decision to cancel federal pay raises

Al Franken: Is Trump smart and courageous enough to fire Sessions before the midterms?

Aretha's celebration shows big reason to GOTV in Nov

A very brief statement from @SenSanders on @VP Mike Pence's trip to #VT

All my synced Opera browser bookmarks vanished...and lesson learned, I think

Need one more fantasy football player

Heads Up, Charlotte!

Grilled Cheese Bacon and Tomato Sandwich 🥪🥓🍅 On Garlic Bread

"What's happening is a disgrace"

Hyatt Hotels Defends Hosting Anti-Muslim Hate Group, Even As Competitors Shut Their Doors

Holy Fuck..Michael Eric Dyson is preaching now at Aretha's funeral!!!

Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House policy meetings

Holy crap! Michael Eric Dyson

Holy Shit Michael Eric Dyson is tearing the Con a new one

GOP nominee exposed as moderator of racist Facebook page

Does anyone know if Aretha's memorial will be re-broadcast tonight or tomorrow,

Michael Eric Dyson @ Aretha's services: " honor to President Clinton and her husband Bill

Cicely Tyson is a goddess!

AP sources: Lawyer was told Russia had Trump 'over a barrel'.

Democratic House candidate Abigail Spanberger suffers the kind of election year smear John McCain wo

Mob Protests In Chemnitz Show New Strength Of Germany's Far Right, NYT

Dotard is about to bring Canada to its knees, the closest US ally

"You lugubrious leach. You dopey doppelganger of deceit and deviance. She ain't work for you. "

How the Dutch View Americans? Amsterdam

Michigan Child's Death Puts Spotlight On Clash Between Medicine And Religion

Trump's stripping of passports from some Texas Latinos, explained

According to "House of Putin, House of Trump" , at least 21 states had parts of their voting

Must read: 200+ national security veterans demand investigation into release of CIA operative's file

Cicely Tyson's amazing hat (worn to Aretha Franklin's funeral/memorial)

CNN panel says it's very possible Trump leaked his own comments and whined about it

How Ron DeSantis won the Fox News primary

Texas judge says he'll likely kill DACA -- but not yet

Congress gives McCain the highest honor

Republicans 'cherry-picked' Russia probe documents to quiz U.S. official: Democrats

"Rudy Colludy" is composing a rebuttal to the Mueller report that...well, doesn't exist yet

***BREAKING*** Manafort's foreign pals helped pay for Trump's inauguration

GRAPHICS: Trump impeachment poll numbers vs. other impeachees

The kiss of death from Gym Jordan...

Funeral For Aretha Fills Church With Prayers And Stars

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World": IV

Gladys Knight is singing now!

Andrew Gillum - Behind the Scenes: August 28, 2018

If you could observe one historical event, what would it be...?

Stevie Wonder

man takes down robbery suspect with punch

McCain Lies In State In The Capitol And....

Trump DHS appointee attended "judenfrei" dinner party

For my 50K post: Miss Me Yet?

Records: More than 40 pipe bombs found in Arizona man's home

US rejects request for information on Idaho wolf attacks

Bill Donohue, the heart and stupidity of the Catholic League, is still at it...

UNC head: Confederate doesn't belong at campus 'front door'

Copying other will destroy your career

Cynthia Nixon shows how to answer Republican gotcha question on tax hikes on the rich & corporations

Guilty plea in threats made to family of FCC chairman

'Cleansing the office' of the presidency, eh?

Video - ME Dyson speaking at Aretha Franklins funeral

Trump jokes about taxpayers funding "political event" in which he plugged his golf course

SCouple ordered to turn over funds raised for homeless man

Tweet of the Day

Alabama ban on yoga in schools questioned

High school football - 15 players show up. Playing 5 games.

From the Pulaski Bridge to donald......

MI-GOV: Michiganders are pissed Gretchen Whitmer won't stop saying 'damn'

**WHOA, NELLY** Trump's Approval Number Nose-Dives, Dems' Blue Wave Might Be Building: IBD/TIPP Poll

Did anyone hear NPR this morning tear Twitter a new @#&hole?

Another senseless cop killing

We Are Not a 'Cabal,' Just Critics of Trump

**WHOA, NELLY ** (REDUX) Dems jump out to a eleven point generic ballot lead in second poll today

Fucking shit

Do you think the focus on John McCain is contributing to Dirty Don's poll decline ?

Hillary re: Aretha - Sweet

Yippie, it's fun size candy bar time........

More Polling Shows Trump Tanking (other than the ABC/WP poll)

Arkansas GOP dynasty: nephew of Govenor, son of former US Senator indicted, resigns

Patten worked with Cambridge Analytica?