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Can someone tell me what options the Democrats have to stop confirmation of

CNN Scorches Trump & Defends Carl Berstein

Do you know what rhymes perfectly with "Donald J. Trump"?

Good news for Alaska Democrats

#1 on the U.S. charts on this day in 1970...

Both houses of the AZ legislature are up for grabs

Oklahoma Democrats poised for more legislative gains in November.

FBI prevents $100 million painting from being shown

Election Judges With Guns? OK by Ken Paxton.

Senior executive of steel plant in Russia, Bruno Charles de Kooman, falls out of window in Moscow

I recently posted Bruch's "Violin Concerto No.2" and remarked this one is more pleasing than the

Steele: DeSantis' 'monkey up' comment 'is how white folks talk about black men who are successful

An Open Letter From Harriet Tubman Asking You to Keep Her Name Out Your Mouth

FL-GOV: What is Gillum's path to victory?

Can a room temp be sexist

Liz Crokin has a surfing accident, blames it on a "spell..."

Media Matters: We checked. No record of DeSantis having used "monkey this up" phrase publicly

how many seats have to flip

BREAKING : McGahn pushed out by Jared & Ivanka

L.A.'s newest street: Obama Boulevard

Free Parking August 29 2018

The "mystery woman" in TX who was ringing doorbells at 3 am, with a broken restraint

Sweet Indictment/Randy Rainbow

Trump slaps CNN...CNN slaps back

7th Circuit rules that Fair Housing Act protects against LGBT discrimination

Bosworth Field is under assault posts definition of 'dog whistle' in response to DeSantis's 'monkey' comment

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Me!

Lots of magic in the air, tonight

Warning, shit being flung. That is all. n/t

Republican Voter Registration Challenge Has Several of Houston's Homeless Shelters On It

Thucydides vs. Herodotus

So crazy Louis Gohmert is the source of the latest conspiracy being pushed by the Con

Castle Rock on Hulu

Metallica Live at the Lyceum In London December 1984 ..

The new Democratic plan to protect preexisting conditions ahead of the 2018 midterms

Last Highland Charge - Battle of Culloden

Dispute over State Senator Sylvia Garcia's Intent to Resign Continues

Scarecrows & Crop Art at the State Fair

Manafort wants DC trial moved to Roanoke; cites 'sensationalized' media coverage

When will this Trump nightmare end?

Cough!Cough! Are you watching Rachel

Texas Nurse Loses Job After Apparently Posting About Patient In Anti-Vaxxer Group

Glenn Greenwald Wants To Be Kinder, Gentler Russian Stooge White Nationalist Fucking Moron

Why Trump Will Never Lose Evangelical Support

What if this is Hell, and we are all condemned to an eternity of President Trump.

WH Counsel for ETHICS leaving too...

GOP lawmakers who opposed teacher pay bill voted out in Oklahoma runoff elections

The GOP controls all 3 branches of the Federal Government.

WH ethics lawyer leaving Tomorrow.

Corporations Can't Make Medical Decisions. Doctors Say A St. David's Contractor Is Doing Just That.

Trump heightens attacks against CNN, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein over Trump Tower story

2 most useful tools (brand name don't care here) : 1- Reciprocating saw, 2- square front spade

Spanberger campaign responds to leak of security clearance forms.

GOP uncovers humiliating evidence suggesting nation might be interested in dating Beto O'Rourke

Mueller fights Russian firm's attempt to 'intervene' in Roger Stone aide's appeal


Obama, Bush surprised by McCain eulogy requests

Drug overdose in Ohio jail in Chillicothe

Can Trump pardon his way out of Hades? Will he get a few mulligans?

Any thoughts on who McCains replacement will be?

Always good to remind people of this tweet out there

If I were Don McGahn I'd leave tomorrow.

Cuomo says he'd serve full term, not run for President in 2020

Amid a financial collapse, Buenos Aires mayor earmarks $14,000 for astrologer

Amid a financial collapse, Buenos Aires mayor earmarks $14,000 for astrologer

Democrats just confirmed lots of Trump's judges so they could skip town

I think they are running scared

Immigration raid targeting employer near Paris nets 160 suspected undocumented workers

FLIPPABLE: Terrence Everitt for NC-HD35

This is a first: Willie Nelson onstage with Sen. candidate BETO O'ROURKE singing pro-pot songs.

Prophetic 1983 video from a KGB defector

Trump tried to convince GOP senators to turn on Sessions: report

I Expect The Next Election To Be Racist In The Extreme From GOP All Across The Country.

Gillum on MSNBC right now

McCain's 106-year-old mother expected to attend memorial, burial services in Washington

I'm a tad nervous that this Florida Governorship is IT FOR 2018......

Judge Dismisses GOP Effort To Block Nebraska's Medicaid Expansion Ballot Measure

Gillum on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight. Very impressive. Hope he wins.

After court order, 3D-printed gun pioneer now sells pay-what-you-want CAD files

Tuesday's primaries saw more victories for LGBTQ candidates

Tuesday's primaries saw more victories for LGBTQ candidates

NAFTA Has Been A Disaster For Democrats. Hartmann Said It On His Program. Sadly True.

Child-abuse charges in New Mexico compound case are dismissed after prosecutors' lapse (WP)

Rational vs irrational

Gillim's good. I'm impressed.

If it is the ACLU job to find the kids and the parents

'Winter is coming': Allies fear Trump isn't prepared for gathering legal storm

The Mob and judges (Yeah, Kennedy included.)

D'you suppose Trump's Southern supporters will figure out that Trump despises Southerners?

AZ-06: Anita Malik wins Democratic nomination

Mike Love and the Full Circle - Be Thankful ..

Fishing - Ahh, so relaxing

Is the Andrew Gillum Governor race a referendum on trump and the republican agenda? Would that be a

Papa John's scorches Papa John in 800-word response

As 'Lula' Sits in Brazil Jail, Party Nominates Him for President

Why do we always hear the word "Articulate" used to describe African Americans, but we have Trump

Got a Colorado toll road bill

Introduction To Tangzhong

Facebook Reportedly Targeted LGBTQ Users with "Gay Cure" Ads

Ted Lieu: "For folks wondering why Donald Trump is obsessed with FBI official Bruce Ohr..."

Finally getting help

Will we ever know the truth about the Russia investigation...?...

"The president does not appreciate the magnitude of what could be in store next year..."

More from Rachael...

Democrats will be violent?

08/30 Mike Luckovich: And he made Puerto Ricans pay for it.

At this point, who's left in the WH (other than Twitler) who's been there from the start?

In & Out burger joint donates $24K to republicans in CA, not their first or smallest

I haven't been donating, but I am going to donate to Andrew Gillum's campaign.

Oklahoma legislators who opposed teacher pay bill are voted out

Federal Official Boosted Use of Private Prisons; Now He Has a Top Job at One

Lions and Tigers and Leopards oh my! Man-eaters and history

Could This Be the Year Montana Sends a Democrat to the House?

FERC allows work to resume on Mountain Valley Pipeline, two commissioners voice concerns about decis

VA-02: Scott Taylor Called Constituent In Effort To Bury First Allegation Of Signature Forgery

These are posted in recalcitrance to the inARTiculate boor in the offal office.

After Hawley voices support, Missouri Baptists opine on repeal of ban on church politics

Mizzou 'reply-all' email snafu follows Missouri Democrats' recruitment attempt

Tweet of the Day

Ari Melber's Full Interview With Senator Elizabeth Warren - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

During special redistricting session, will Republicans stall, play ball or both?

Jeff Flake: Nice tweet regarding McCain

Mr. Bojangles - performed by David Bromberg

The Florida State Senate is up for grabs

Long hours, low pay and constant turnover: Social services agencies in Virginia struggle to keep sta

FL Democratic nominee for Gov Andrew Gillum talks about his stunning primary win - The Last Word

"I felt like he was trying to intimidate": NEW REPORT reveals Scott Taylor's personal involvement in

(Jewish Group) The fight against rising hatred and bigotry must begin with teachers and students

In-N-Out donates $25,000 to California Republican Party, angry Twitter users call for boycott

Barbara Underwood, NY Attorney General, delivers a powerful message. Do not despair.

Colorado journalist threatened with jail for not acting "like a lady"

Malice factor: Judge denies Huguely habeas petition

I used to smoke a lot of weed.

The Rachel Maddow Show 8/29/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Seth Abramson Tweet: Mcgahn fired to clear the decks to fire Sessions and try to end Mueller probe

Kanye West apologizes for saying slavery was 'a choice'

California closer to making colleges offer abortion drugs

Florida's high-stakes race for governor quickly turns nasty

U.S. Postal Service looking into how Spanberger's records were released

Fourth MS-13 member pleads guilty in Woolen Mills killing

BMW's South Korea headquarters raided by police

Court filing: Democrats say Shaun Brown's listed address is not her residence

Former Pennsylvania Treasurer Robert M. McCord Sentenced To 30 Months' Imprisonment For Attempted Ex

Service dog company 'bamboozled' Virginia Tech student, judge says

President Donald Trump's List Of 'Good Guys' - All In - MSNBC

Vendors, Consultants,School Administrator Charged In Wide-Ranging Scheme To Defraud Federal "E -Rate

Former FIFA Executive, President of CONMEBOL and Paraguayan Soccer Official Sentenced to Nine Years

FL Gov Candidate Andrew Gillum Is Focused On Issues Of 'Everyday Floridians' - MSNBC

Ex-Virginia police chief accused of abduction, sex assault

John McCain's mother, now 106, a maverick in her own way

The Dog I Brought Home From Afghanistan Actually Rescued Us

I know it is childish....BUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!

Republicans try to tie Charlottesville protest images to Democrat Leslie Cockburn in Virginia congre

Woman caught on video attacking neighbors with yard signs arrested

🐦 Sept 3 at 1PM - Bernie's Labor Day Rally in White River Junction, Vermont

Why is DeSantis still running for governor? He must quit. Not fit to run.

Trump lying on Twitter again:

🐦 Sept 3 at 4PM - Bernie's Annual Labor Day Rally on the Middlebury Green, Vermont

National Enquirer Had Decades of Trump Dirt. He Wanted to Buy It All.

Thursday TOONs Gillum! Plus: The Flabton Menace Edition

Satan Refuses To Accept Any More Catholic Priests In Hell

Trump knows something is about to break.

Wait, what? Come again now?

John McCain Sounds the Alarm on Trump and Russia in New Documentary 'Active Measures'

What happened to Omarosa and her 100 recordings?

As his isolation intensifies, WikiLeaks' Assange faces possible threat of eviction, extradition

Trump rips CNN boss: 'His ratings suck & AT&T should fire him'

Child-abuse charges in New Mexico compound case are dismissed after prosecutors' lapse

Move to ban Chelsea Manning from Australia a 'political stunt' to appease Trump


San Juan Mayor Rips Trump's Puerto Rico Boast: He's 'Lying Through His Teeth'

Ron DeSantis helps run a Tea Party Facebook group that promotes racism and 'deep state' conspiracies

Like Superman & Clark Kent

China slams Trump's 'irresponsible and absurd logic' on N. Korea

Trump falsely claims Lester Holt 'got caught' faking interview where he admitted to firing Comey...

How to Forgive Someone when They Are NOT Sorry! Stephanie Lyn Coaching Stephanie Lyn Coaching Ste

McGahn And Trump Rift Formed Over McGahn's Failure To Quash Russia Probe

Trump: I am very excited about the person who will be taking the place of Don McGahn as WH Councel!

Trump: "Fake News Media portrays chaos in the White House when they know that chaos doesn't exist"

National Enquirer Takes A Hit In Circulation

NC legislative leaders to ask Supreme Court to halt judges' order to redraw districts

2018 Now Worst BC Fire Season On Record 5,000 Square Miles Burned (BTW, 2017 Was The 2nd-Worst)

We are facing a clear and present danger named D J TRUMP.

+/- 3,000 Dead In PR; Shitstain: "I Think We Did A Fantastic Job In Puerto Rico"

Does anyone else think that criticism of Nancy Pelosi seems more "acceptable" here

KY Governor Gives Staffer A $215K Raise Amid Lack Of State Gov't Worker Raises

The Rundown: August 29, 2018

Do you sense that panic is starting to set in at the White House?

Art of The Week: Week of 8/29/18

trump sure is busy on the twitter this morning. Wonder what

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/29/2018

A Nation Without Real News - Joe Conason

"Aides hope he will contain his anger at the attention being lavished on Mr. McCain, even in death."

Arctic Ocean Surface Conceals Far Warmer Water Layer 50 Meters Down: "Ticking Time Bomb"

Trump Administration's 'Birther' Assault On Mexican-Americans

"The Ornithologist". One crazy movie!

3 Fecal Content Swimming Warnings @ Popular Miami-Dade Beach In Just Over 1 Month

Flynn tapes: A new Tell reveal the White House had knowledge

Trump says daughter, son-in-law played no role in departure of White House counsel McGahn

Here's the entire, unedited 13 minute exchange between Lester Holt & Lying-Trump.

Carl Bernstein's Awesome Reply To Trump: "I stand by my reporting"

What time does CNBC announce economic #s ?

8 tweets this am....his screws are looser than ever.

Trump says joint military exercises are still off the table

So, why did Javanka want to fire Don McGahn so badly?

Anybody else starting to see frantic anti-socialist posts on your Facebook?

Have you noticed petty crime is up since Trump was elected?

China rejects US lawmakers' sanctions call over Muslim camps

Cynthia Nixon and Andrew Gillum ROCK. We need more like them.

Nice Joe Stalin talk by Trump ..... "(the) Enemy of the People."

Farmers' Almanac: Get Ready for 'Teeth-Chattering' Winter

Trump: "Wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr's wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian. Collusion!"

Trump's continued indolent response to Hurricane Maria is our worst fears about him come true

Serious question (not trying to bait anyone). What do you make of the rise of Independents?

Trump is now revoking the passports of American citizens. It's straight-up racist.

Trump can't stand Sessions' Southern accent. I wonder what his base thinks about that.

DNC rips reported crackdown on passports: 'This is a disgrace to our democracy'

Trump: "The Rigged Russia Witch Hunt did not come into play, even a little bit, with respect to..."

How the black vote carried Andrew Gillum to victory

Is it okay to put a foot in Romney ass during Senate run

WaPo's Robert Costa: WH Advisors Alarmed by 'Isolated' Trump Relying More on 'Gut Instincts'

NJ billboard calling President Trump an 'idiot' sparks outrage, praise -- and lots of P.R.

Since we're bringing back asbestos: Dr. David Sugarbaker, Mesothelioma Treatment Pioneer, Dies at 65

EXCLUSIVE In Tacit Rebuke, U.S. Embassy in South Africa Rejects Trump Tweet

David Cay Johnston: We are seeing the GOP die right before our eyes

Yeah, Yeah, Course Its Rigged...

🐦 Sept 3 at 11AM - Removed from Events Schedule

Two Years After Being Dropped by MSNBC, Duke Alum Melissa Harris-Perry Isn't Going Away

BREAKING NEWS.....Marco Rubio wants to rob Social Security to pay for New Paid Leave Bill......

ACTIVE MEASURES [Theatrical Trailer] In Theaters August 31

So who is the other insider in the Con Org that approached the investigators for immunity?

McCain vs. Trump

Democrats Look Solid In Pennsylvania

Yogurt Saffron Chicken Recipe

Joe Arpaio framed an innocent man for a non-existent assassination plot to boost his campaign

Didn't realize Trump actually fired McGahn

John McCain and the death of perspective

** NY CD 22** Brindisi (Democrat) 46% Tenney (White Nationalist) 44% *

Photos: Examples of the Presidential Aging Process

Trump's prescription for the McCain media coverage blues? An adoring MAGA rally tonight in Indiana.

I'm tired of the humidity

U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question

Happy Birthday, Senator McCain...on what would have been his 82nd Birthday.....

My neighbor is stalking me. She's been googling my name. I know because I

Ohio, New Jersey Pension Funds Invested $625M in Hedge Fund That Controls National Enquirer Parent

''Thank you Senator! Once again we've shown that money is not everything. ''

The problem with the right wing - they have no sense of humour!


For months, Driscoll failed to disclose his ties to Butina to faux news' viewers

Four of five KSU cheerleaders who knelt during anthem "disappointed" they weren't picked for season

Aretha's last ride: The vintage hearse that carried Rosa Parks will now bear the Queen of Soul

Howard Dean: "It's a little scary to see the president of the United States become psychotic."

CA GOP candidate for state attorney general faces numerous charges of judicial misconduct

Why is he blaming Lester Holt for what he said in that interview

Iran is complying with nuclear deal restrictions: IAEA report

Students suing Harvard over affirmative action policies they say discriminate against Asian-American

David Hogg: young voters are rejecting wealthy politicians...

Enemies of the American People

36 Hours in the Dolomites

White House ethics lawyer Stefan Passantino leaving administration

I'm guessing SNL faked this interview too?

California Man Charged with Making Violent Threats Against Boston Globe Employees

How Donald Trump spent his morning (HINT: He watched TV)--Executive Time...........

Sorry you didn't make the top 50, but there is still time!

De Blasio knocks Cuomo debate performance: 'A little desperate'

The desperation . Yes everyone sees it unfolding this AM

The Low FODMAP diet?

Trump protege arrested & charged with making violent threats against Boston Globe employees

Did anyone catch the CNN panel laughing at Trump yesterday?

Lindsey Graham: "It pisses me off to no end" when Trump says things about John McCain

TX-07: Culberson Bought Memorabilia with Campaign Funds

Papadopoulos Decides To Stick With Plea Agreement After Weeks Of Public Waffling

NASA spacecraft spots next destination beyond Pluto

De Blasio and Parkland survivor David Hogg announce new 'Mayors For Our Lives' initiative

Did Kanye really say Trump will be a better pres for African Americans than Lincoln, Johnson, Obama

Love this young man-our future

New rightwing flag I made

Got a few minutes to look at some amazing pixs?

Slyvia Plath's poetry, an index. Free and fun to use.

"To All The Little Girls"

Lego Built A Fully Functioning Bugatti Veyron Out Of Technic Pieces

PRAISE the Lord and keep your job - Fired for not worshipping

Paul Taylor, a Giant of Modern Dance, Is Dead at 88.

Beto gaining more non-voting votes!

China spends big in Tibet to avert a crisis when the Dalai Lama dies

Ron DeSantis Was Reportedly an Admin of Racist Facebook Page

The Silver Lining to the Trump Presidency

How God Confirmed The Legitimacy Of QAnon Via A Prophetic Dream

Trump claims 'fantastic job' in Puerto Rico

How would pardons help Dump?

Pressure leak detected aboard the International Space Station

I think Cynthia Nixon is going to surprise everyone in the NY Governor's race.

FL-GOV: Interesting note heard in today's NYT podcast

Active Measures Documentary - Filmmaker Interview - REVEALING!

Florida restaurant ends bring-your-monkey night after 8-year-old bitten by monkey

Netflix flashback:

NYT: National Enquirer had decades of Trump dirt...

"To All the Little Girls"

'Christ almighty, someone call social services'

Judge denies LePage motion to dismiss lawsuit by women blocked from his Facebook page

*Trumper in custody after reading Trump's "enemy of the people" tweet and threatening journalists*


Someone tell me this is FALSE!

UN: Ortega's Nicaraguan govt behind widespread repression

Mob. Mob. Mob. Mob and Judges all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Huffington Post has an interview with Greenwald, and I don't recommend it, but if I were to


Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata #8 "Pathetique"

I had a patient come in requesting a lab panel to test "for everything".

Don't hold your breath about Roger Stone, like I was,

I think I've figured out why Dotard went off the deep end today re: "fake books."

I'm having a moral dilemma (Facebook used SUV)

Joyce Vance: "Trump is now telling the Chief Justice and Fisa court what to do..."

Why do networks insist on narrating funerals and memorial services? Thankfully....

Excellent observation about the "liberal" media

Trump says he's eliminating a pay raise for civilian federal employees slated for 2019

A prophet - Almost 100 yrs. ago

New study: Cheese prevents death (seriously)

no matter that some

Three theories about Trump's plan to build an entire village in rural Scotland

Discussing Religion Is Hard, Sort of Like Presidenting...

Trump says government won't give civilian employees raises in 2019

Sorry Glam - Can't let it go unremarked

Former McCain rivals Obama, Bush surprised with eulogy invite

I'm excited to announce I'll be doing two rallies in Vermont this upcoming Monday for Labor Day ...

Ron DeSantis Moderated Racist, Conspiratorial Facebook Group

Jailed NSA leaker Reality Winner on Trump "so unfair" tweet: "I can't thank him enough"

Poke: Heavenly 😋 or Hellish 🤢?

Bernie Sanders called out Jeff Bezos for poor treatment of Amazon workers. In a rare move,

Money Laundering - Huh?

California moves towards 100% carbon-free electricity after landmark vote

On Sept. 5, we are going to intro legislation to end the absurdity of subsidizing billionaires

"LOSE YOUR HEAD - Inspired by Black Sabbath War Pigs Prody Project Don Caron

Calliphora Vomitorie....

"The Lonely Dotard"- Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Trump Presses Supreme Court Chief Justice For Action On Russia Dossier

++YARD SIGNS! Get your yard signs early. They are already going fast.

Can someone explain this?

Larry Fitzgerald

''I am fully convinced that the success of Amazon is actually created by the sheer terror of ... ''

Joe Biden speaking at McCain memorial now

dimwit's scots mother

Kavanaugh hearings to begin Tuesday despite Trump scandals

TPM - Marshall - "Tough, Dark Times Ahead"

Barack Obama to give a speech on authoritarian politics next Friday

Florida sheriff backs Uber driver who killed 'goofball'

This is how you conduct yourself to show that hate doesn't belong here.

"My name's Joe Biden. I'm a Democrat. And I love John McCain."

Boy swept in sewer sticks finger out of manhole and is saved

Do presidents have way too much power?

New ad featuring Serena Williams: "Mama Said Knock You Out."

I nominate John Fugelsang for Tweet of the Day.

New poll finds even religious Americans feel the good vibrations

Muhammad Ali vs trump. A stark, and sad, contrast.

Amicus Brief In Mass. Gun Ban Case

Joe Biden's words soothe the soul

Buenos Aires

DAYUM but I love Joe Biden.

Microsoft to business partners: If you want to work with us, offer paid family leave

Bank of America freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being US citizens

The charge against Vigan must now be investigated

Why Firing Sessions Could Be the Dumbest Thing TЯump Has Ever Done

Black Power during the other '68 (1868)

I think Robert Reich has it right.

Lindsey Graham: Trump's stand on McCain 'p----- me off to no end'

More Than One-Third Of Wisconsin Households Can't Afford Basic Necessities, Report Says

The White House has an Ethics Lawyer???

Celebrated dancer and choreographer Paul Taylor dies aged 88

Richard Blumenthal: 'There's a credible case of obstruction of justice right now' against Trump

Biden Appears To Rebuke Trump In Eulogy For McCain

Down-on-his-luck veteran suing couple that raised $400,000 on his behalf

Argentina's central bank hikes rates to 60% as the currency collapses

Update: Tropical Storm Florence could form soon in east Atlantic

If Trump slaps auto tariffs on Canada, here's what it'll cost the US

Record/historic #flooding of the Kickapoo River in Readstown, WI. Forecast to crest today around 2

Obama to urge rejection of 'authoritarian politics and policies' in speech

Voter Fraud Alarmist Group Blames Election Officials For Its Own Misleading Report

The History and Evolution of Godzilla (KING OF THE MONSTERS)

And she did it wearing white gloves!

Toxic algae sludge seeps into Florida Senate race

some paul taylor dances

Scott-Holes Dead Ahead! Grassroots group campaigns against Walker's transportation policies

Diet Day One: I removed all the fattening food from the house.

Senate Democrats urge Boeing to negotiate with union in SC

NRA Praised For Decreasing Stigma Of Mentally Ill Acquiring Firearms

Fire kills 10 children at slumber party - no adults were home at the time, officials say

For Florida Governor: The racist vs. the black guy

Good for a laugh?

Do they stand a chance?

one of my favourites from "cat shaming moments"

Howard Kurtz Sets Fire to Trump's Claim Lester Holt 'Fudged' Interview: 'Absolutely Not' Credible

The strident desperation...

Not trusting Craigslist, but.....

Tx CD 22-Pete Olson is too busy to debate Sri Preston Kulkarni

NBCnews: Stone again saying he expects Mueller to charge him.

Argentina hikes interest rate to 60% as its currency plunges

French investigation opens after Gerard Depardieu accused of rape

Austin judge allows Sandy Hook lawsuit to proceed against Alex Jones

Misconduct Allegations Against 'Keith Ellison Reportedly Include 'Narcissist Abuse' & 'Soul Rape

The day I have dreaded is coming up this Saturday @ 1:00 PM .... Gotta say good bye to my buddy

R.I.P. Gary Friedrich, Marvel Comics writer and "Ghost Rider" co-creator

Is anyone tired of the media saying we need to get along, we need to reach across the aisle and

FACT or ALTERNATIVE FACT? Lindsey Graham says Trump called him after McCain Senate tribute speech

Judge scolds four men who raped drunk teenage girls in Myrtle Beach instead of giving them jail time

Postal Service Accepts Blame for Release of Candidate's Security File, and Asks for It Back.EDITED

''By and large, the Congress is owned by big money interests and the largest corporations in America

Here's the first post-primary poll of Florida Governor race

The Atlantic peak season is here

Oregon construction worker fired for refusing to attend Bible study

Trump cancels pay raise due federal workers in January

"Plus-sized model 'cried when asked to be cover model' "

Will Cindy McCain be offered and accept her husband's Senate seat?

Orrin Hatch asks FTC to examine "potential antitrust developments in Google's search & digital ads"

Nonbelievers win suit over Pennsylvania House prayer policy

Looks like McGahn is the next to go in "The Hunger to Leave Power Games"!

The Con believes fact free opinions are equal to fact based news

"An empty man is full of himself!"

Protester: Toppling UNC Confederate statue was 'righteous'

Every few months I post this Evelyn Waugh quote

Take a break from the Trump Circus - part one

Trump's latest criticism of Sessions: his Southern accent

***Breaking: First post primary FL poll out with Gillum and Nelson both jumping to early leads**!

Please, if you post Onion pieces say so in the title!

well, trumpf voting federal employees, enjoy your tax cuts along with the cancelled pay raises

Ex-Wisconsin inmate sues over shackles during childbirth

Utility to close coal power plants in Ohio, Pennsylvania

New here with questions

Man invokes 'enemy of the people' in threats of violence against newspaper

Judge: Government can end housing for Puerto Rican evacuees

Do we have a "national emergency or serious economic conditions .."that Trump invokes to

This young man can have a future in public service if he wants

Latest: Assault charges still pending for convicted ex-cop

Trump-loving GOP official in Pennsylvania raged against black NFL 'baboons' and told them to go back

The Latest: Advocates to seek order blocking grizzly hunts

Do you allow your pet to decline treatment?

Federal prosecutors replaced in Aaron Schock case

Maryland's highest court upholds juvenile life sentences

Chicago officer's interview before trial sparks legal fight

Minnesota House candidate uses N-word to describe himself in campaign ad

Beto vs Cruz is reminding me of Trudeau vs Harper

Ex-Trump chauffeur drops suit over unpaid overtime claims

Rubio's New Paid Leave Bill Threatens The Very Idea of Social Security, Report Finds

No going home for many Hondurans deported back to brutality

Trump's Deadly Message to America

Red Cross bashes Colombia for still not searching for its 80,000 missing persons

On Subversion, Disinformation, and Propaganda-- And Why We're Losing the War

Pablo Escobar's former army reiterates offer to dismantle Medellin crime syndicate

Overlooked in Bidens speech was his reference to the loss of comity in Congress

Mueller Barred From Presenting Tons of Evidence Against Manafort in Upcoming D.C. Case

Sessions Is Safe at Least Until November Elections, Trump Says

The U.S. planned to get into the fake Facebook game in Cuba

The U.S. planned to get into the fake Facebook game in Cuba

Prediction: Trump will tweet something highly newsworthy right as Obama starts speaking on Saturday

In case you missed it...Full McCain Memorial Services

'It should alarm all of us': John McCain issues warning about Trump and Russia in documentary set to

No Gun Rights Rally for You, says Kent State

Flyer being circulated in Tennessee - It's Okay to be White

No Gun Rights Rally for You, says Kent State

First post-primary poll: Gillum vs DeSantis!!!!

Rudy Giuliani Is Putting Together a 'Counter-Report' to Question Robert Mueller's 'Legitimacy'

Texans being denied passport renewals

What's up with this "60 days before an election" BS?

Arbitrator sends Kaepernick's grievance against NFL to trial

Ok. So if you insist on posting Onion without a notice

Colin Kaepernick Wins a Ruling to Continue His Collusion Case Against the N.F.L.

Trump reportedly wants to hit China with tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods, which would be a ma

So trumpy wants the head of CNN Fired

U.S. Top Court Rebuffs Catholic Agency Over Same-Sex Foster Care

FBI arrests man who threatened Boston Globe reporters over editorial critical of Trump

President Trump Threatens to Withdraw U.S. From the World Trade Organization 'If They Don't Shape Up

Trump/GOP Dangerous Rage $200B Tariffs China Dow - $137 STOP Supreme Court Nomination

Ex-Budget Director Stockman Calls Trump a 'Neanderthal on Trade' and an 'Ignoramus'

Maine DOT says no to lobster tombstone, but PETA not giving up

Rudy Giuliani Is Putting Together a 'Counter-Report' to Question Robert Mueller's 'Legitimacy'

'He lies all day': Former Mexican president slams Donald Trump for trade rhetoric

*The Federalist Society* Judicial Pipeline & Megadonors That Changed The Nation

Fox News host takes credit for 'radicalizing' Donald Trump

I feel so disgusted with myself...

How This Will End - Sooner or later, tyrants are always abandoned by their followers

John Lennon's death affected me more than the death of any other celebrity did.

Boston Globe foulmouthed telephone terrorist.

How scared is Scott Walker of being associated with Trump with Wisconsin voters? Walker didn't even

Shithead is gonna screw up our COLA isn't he???

Ted Cruz divulges that he hasn't raised enough money to compete with Beto O'Rourke's TV ads

Anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders cancels Muhammad cartoon contest

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 30, 2018

One of Senate Democrats' outside witnesses for Kavanaugh hearing next week: Mr. John Dean

Vengeance-is-mine. Be it new and contrived or old and simmering. 45 never forgets.

A revealing quote about Manafort/Trump from "House of Putin, House of Trump"

Seeks to backtrack on 2017 comments on Comey firing

Planned to buy National Enquirer 'dirt' before election

Colin Kaepernick's N.F.L. Collusion Case Can Continue, Arbitrator Rules

Pierce: It Turns Out Mike Pence Has Been Working on Being Unlikable for Decades

How to prepare for ex-President Trump

Construction worker files lawsuit after he was allegedly fired for not attending Bible study

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet?

Luckovich-Fake Message in Bottle

Anyone remember "anal retentive" as a descriptive term.

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 2

Al Hirschfeld Illustration/Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

Liz Corkin says that her fingers were cut off because Hillary Clinton put a spell on her because she

What is the difference between Bob Ehrlich and Larry Hogan?

Attacks on the Media Reaching Dangerous New Levels

Girl can ride horse batter

Ozark Season Two begins tomorrow on Netflix.

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 3

If it's not OK for Russia to spread fake stories, why is it OK for trump to do the same

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 4

I'm saying it again. Please do not forget how brave candidates are!

Can I get a "#F---Trump" ?

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 5

Trump: "Read the great scholars, the great legal, there should have never been a special counsel."

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 6

Nixon was paranoid. No question. But this guy?

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 7

The full-of-crap Bob Corker

Anyone else dig on Mathew Sweet? 8

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 31 August 2018

New: 🔥🔥🔥 Trump's Top Targets in the Russia Probe Are Experts in Organized Crime 🔥🔥🔥

Driver in fatal crash accused of stalking victim's wife

Link to Livestream... Aretha Franklin Musical Tribute

The propaganda is live. Is anyone watching?

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction!

McCain's 'Lakeville moment' became his defining legacy

Chuck Todd Warns of Possible Mueller Bombshell: 'I Wouldn't Miss Work Tomorrow'

John Lennon would be PISSED..."Revolution" is playing at Trump's effing rally.

Woman convicted of illegal voting ordered to federal prison

Beto O'Rourke, Punker

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction! 2

"Her classroom doesn't have a closet. A closet for her to hide in in the event of a shooter."

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction! 3

Is Putnam more gaffe prone than DeSantis?

Trump rallies in Indiana as GOP tries to preserve Senate majority

Coincidence? Legal Weed States Have Great Donuts

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction! 4

Gulf of Mexico Folks Pay attention

"There are THREE official merchandise booths on the second sure to grab your Trump gear"

I got Facebook to remove content from the Tea Party Facebook page that Ron DeSantis

Today I got a letter from a company that claims to extend auto service contracts..It is .".A SCAM "

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction! 5

And now for something completely different.... Jane's Addiction! 6

What's on the back of Meghan McCain's navy coat? I can only see it from the side,

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Oh crap. In-n-Out contributed $25,000 to the CA Republican Party ...

What about Trump's statement yesterday that the power system was down before