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Why is this scene in so many movies?

Car prices projected to jump under Trump trade agreement with Mexico

Still Life

I'm looking forward to Obama's eulogy at McCain's funeral. America needs a great speech from him.

Toddler died after contracting infection at ICE family detention facility

Luckovich-Filling McCain's shoes

Love how Soledad O'Brien called Ivanka on her BS.

Scientists Find a Strange New Cell in Human Brains: The 'Rosehip Neuron'

Mollie Tibbetts Murder: Family Members Push Back on 'Racist, False Narrative'

John McCain issues subtle rebuke of Trump in farewell letter before his death

Divers Find Enormous, Creepy Squid on New Zealand Beach

California close to banning NDAs, mandatory arbitration

85 Miles of Atlantic Coral Reef Stayed Hidden Until Now

Hi Everybody!

The Pacific Northwest's Southern Resident killer whales are dying. And it's our fault.

House Republicans Have a Secret List of Trump Scandals They're Covering Up

The US is now 'worse off' on North Korea than it was before the Trump-Kim summit, expert says

Seattle judge blocks online plans for printing untraceable 3D guns

What does everyone think of Manafort going for a plea deal? Surprised or as expected?..n/t

Tennessee man confesses to burning a black man alive because of his race -- and cites the Bible as an


Deaths from drugs, alcohol and suicide now outpace diabetes, study shows

was polled in Indiana. Not a push poll. Emphasis wasn't congress...

(He's willing) Manafort Engaged In Unsuccessful Plea Talks With Mueller To Avert DC Trial

The Incredible, Rage-Inducing Inside Story of America's Student Debt Machine

McCain's ex-chief of staff blasts Trump statement: 'You don't want to put a small man in a big job'

This. Just This.

sooooo an ex employee of trump ( sorry forgot name) stated when trump got mad he got 'white'..

Bill Maher tweet: I feel like we've been invaded by a culture that doesn't share our values

Donnie Short Fingers working the White House phone system

God is not dead.

You know that beautiful feeling of accomplishment when a plan comes together?

This is what happens when we nominate Our Revolution candidates in otherwise competitve districts

Ever call out your own name during sex?

UPDATED: Outside the Phoenix mortuary where John McCain's body is being protected.

Argentina: Three hospitalized by toxin in Cristina Kirchner's home the day after a police raid

Has anyone noticed that Myers Briggs personalities are the hot new thing on social media?

Manchild sulking in the Oval Office

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Me!

The insightful Rick Wilson:

1992 ND US Senate seats vs 2018 AZ US Senate seats.

Choice and voice

People to be handing out towels in the bathrooms at McCain's funeral:

Hi, everyone..

Pence 2020/2024


YES!!!!!! Rachel FINALLY mentioned that the Cohen plea deal


Who has researched why the rules were changed in 1968 for Democratic primaries?

Manafort "does not wish to attend any hearings in his case held in advance of the Sept. 17 trial"

City Pages article on Doug Wardlow Republican candidate for state Attorney General & bigot for Jesus

Poll: John Katko holds 15-point lead over Dana Balter in race for Congress

The Mexican avocado business has been taken over by cartels...I will not buy Mexican avocados...

Weird Al Zings Trump At Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Poll: GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter up by 8 points despite indictment

Legacy of Orphans

Uh.... that's not Kevin Smith.

Petulant Pissant President Proves Pusillanimous, Poops Pants

37 dead as measles cases spike in Europe

The official #MAGA flag.

UPDATE: BuzzFeed story........Following Seth Abramson tonight? TruePundit has outed himself.

Something so normal about it...

Trump retreated when the American Legion stood up for McCain

Jim Bakker: I couldn't wear a MAGA hat without concern about being murdered in the street

Love both the women AND men's winnings at the US OPEN are

CNBC's Wilkie hearing from vets who say Trump's done "irreparable damage" to their opinion of him

Alaska elections officials report voting 'irregularities' in East Anchorage Republican primary

October 3, 1954 - August 27, 1990

Dan Rather: "Watching the American flag go up and down the White House flag pole..."

We are going to call it: The Bullshitters agreement

Cartoon: Welcome to Heaven You Old Sinner!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 30, 2018 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Marcello Mastroianni

Look, Daddy!

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 31, 2018 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Joan Crawford

Sen. Ernst, husband announce plans to divorce

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 1, 2018 -- What's On Tonight - Pirates of the Caribbean

My students have started watching the news because I have led them that way. They are paying attent

Trump Was Involved in FBI Headquarters Plan, Watchdog Says

Rick Wilson: "239, my ass."

That spray tan is as hideous as his evil soul

Trump was forced to take a knee today.

Why did YouTube change the screen size in their videos?

Spectacular aurora over southern skies, even with a full moon - then a meteor

16 Republicans would have pushed for a rich man's tax cut

Radar images show subsurface Martian lake

Shape-shifting material switches between forms in response to heat and light

THIS Is What Passes For A RW "Response"?

Trump administration surprised that Americans cared about immigrant kids being separated

WH releases moving statement honoring woman who called Obama an Arab in 2008.

John Fugelsang may not own the INTERNET after this tweet, but he definitely owns Jim Jordan.

Why the rock art of Murujuga deserves World Heritage status


Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife (VIDEO)

Geologists uncover new clues about largest mass extinction ever

Blue Image "Ride Capt. Ride"

Traffic noise may make birds age faster

This upside-down jellyfish lives life a little differently

There could be hundreds of planets covered in oceans up to 1,000km deep, scientists say

Our son had his DNA tested through 23 and Me and it showed that he had a small percentage of

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Researchers Reveal Previously Unknown Tiny Channels Between Our Skull And Brain

Trump Caved.

This is really happening, isn't it? nt

I think Trump may be, in addn to other things, a sadist.

Bruce Ohr Fought Russian Organized Crime. Now He's a Target of Trump.

Environmentally friendly farming practices used by nearly one third of world's farms

I would not remember past the 3rd student...I am gobsmacked...

Colombia releases leftists after prosecution blunder in Bogota terrorist attack probe

UNM pays $800K in settlement, still secretive on other details

NY AG Underwood tweets: Close the loophole so tRump can't escape....

John Goodman Says Roseanne Barr Will Be Killed Off In 'The Conners' Spin-Off

Analysts predict big state budget surplus, urge caution

There Are Two Things I Really Agree With John McCain About

Did anyone else catch what Rachel said regarding Nikulin (awaiting trial)?

New Mexico prison bosses lift statewide lockdown as activists claim protests by inmates

9-year-old boy commits suicide after being bullied.

DE-SEN: The difference between "revolutionary" and the "establishment"

Giuliani: Trump's lawyers have not heard from Mueller's team in 3 weeks.

Dan Patrick will not debate Mike Collier but will debate Geraldo

Tea Pain: Trump is most likely a "target" now.

Duncan Hunter Jr will probably win

Tweet of the Day

In wake of priest abuse scandals, few bishops resign

John McCain's 106 year old mother will be attending his funeral

What will Republicans say once Trump is disgraced? "He was always a Democrat, never a Republican."

Inhofe Needs To Be Called Out For His Stupid 'McCain "Partially To Blame" Comment.

Critics Trying To Stop A Big Study Of Sepsis Say The Research Puts Patients At Risk

Spohr: "Concerto for Two Clarinets", Academy of St.-Martin-in-the-Fields/

Music Appreciation - Bob Marley would be proud- Continuing the Tradition - Skip Marley - Lions

Plante cartoon says it all

GOP senator praises McCain but says he's 'partially to blame' for White House flag controversy

2020 US Senate Election- seats likely to switch parties.

MGM does the Handmaid tale????

Early Voting In Florida Tops Past Years

President Donald Trump Caves On Honoring Senator John McCain - The Last Word - MSNBC

Record voter turnout expected in Arizona for Tuesday's primary election

Russian Politician on McCain: The Enemy is Dead

Stephen King on McCain vs Trumpty Dumpty

The Separated Kids Will Never See Their Parents Again. Trump Admin No Intention Of Reunification.

AZ election analyst: Early Democratic turnout is "gangbusters"

Bombshell: Paul Manafort Sought Mueller Plea Deal - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Lanny Davis was anonymous source for Trump Tower story???

New Mexico asks union workers to waive First Amendment rights

Want some Cream with your coffee?

Officials cite 'terrorist attack' document in New Mexico compound case

FL-GOV: Republican Bruce Nathan threatens to run as independent if not placed on the ticket.

The Rachel Maddow Show 8/27/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

The Daily Show: Jake Tapper - How CNN Is Taking on the Trump Administration

The Daily Show: Anthony D. Romero - How the ACLU Is Taking on the Trump Administration

2 US-Mexico border communities fight may create new city

Couple wins $74M for baby's brain damage caused in delivery

Protesters rally outside Albuquerque courthouse over death of transgender immigrant

History gives Democrat edge in governor race

Whistleblower lawsuit against Las Cruces District Attorney moves forward

One race I will be watching closely from Florida

Climate change threatens crop nutrition, puts millions at risk

Trump's Splashy New NAFTA Deal Doesn't Actually Exist - Vanity Fair

All Confederate markers gone from Interstate 10, New Mexico says

'Apocalyptic threat': dire climate report raises fears for California's future

Veterans can now file class-action lawsuits against VA

Trump's EPA just released its version of the Clean Power Plan -- and it's not very clean

The Other Federal Investigation Worrying President Donald Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ambulance Company and its Municipal Clients Agree to Pay Over $21 Million to Settle Allegations

Duncan Hunter spent $3,400 in campaign funds at In N Out Burger!? How is there space in his arteries

After years of drought, Colorado water bosses face uncertainty

Bernie Sanders Statement on John McCain

Top interior staffer who backed shrinking national monuments to join BP

What Happens If Democrats Take The House - All In - MSNBC

Bernie led the recent fight to retain the caucuses, instead of shifting to primaries everywhere.

JFC, he's up tweeting at 5:24 am

PRIMARIES MATTER: Incumbent Dem candidate is a right-wing bigot who "Thanks God for slavery"

How Hancock's Sexy Texts Apology Could Cost Taxpayers More Than $300K

Trump Accuses Google of Rigging Search Results Against Him

Trump quotes Lou Dobbs praise on minorities and rants about "very serious situation" with Google

'They have it rigged!' The president takes aim at search engine results after googling 'Trump news'

New progressive candidates aren't afraid to talk about the intersections of climate and injustice

President Donald Trump Vs. Speakerphone!! - All In - MSNBC


Meet Dianne Primavera, Jared Polis's Lieutenant Governor Pick

Rauner Pulled A Silly Publicity Stunt In My Town Sunday

Can we fix the DREs? Interesting article...

But he still gets the Nobel, RIGHT? "North Korea tells U.S. denuclearization talks may fall apart"

Russia to hold biggest war games in nearly four decades

After the Jacksonville Shooting, We Need to Talk About White Male Rage

Fact check: The true cost of 'Medicare for all'

An ad I wish Pritzker would run

Fox: "we will show you!"

Denver International Airport Workers Will Ask Voters for a $15 Minimum Wage

It is election day here in Florida...

Time Magazine leaves out the part about WHY "President Trump will not attend McCain's services"

We should be surprised that the trump's polls are not lower?

Trump v. Speaker Phone With Veep Credits - Hilarious!

Trump Resisted Lowering Flag Because He Thought McCain Coverage Was Excessive

Steve Irwin honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) rips Trump a new one on the floor of the Senate

In Howard County, parents of Jacksonville shooting suspect had been desperate to find psychiatric ca

New cardinal: Abuse victims should be 'ashamed' to speak due to their own failings

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Into the sunset (McCain)

Tecumseh, OK, police sergeant arrested after allegedly choking son

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: This experiment is a success.

Atheists Urge People to Quit the Catholic Church in Full-Page New York Times Ad

KRUGMAN: Why It Can Happen Here

Donald J. Trump has new Oval Office phone installed after snafu with Mexican Prez.

An observation for future GD posts...

EXCLUSIVE Democratic Party's Biggest Outside Group Is Launching an Ambitious Ballot Research Project

South Korea's New Political Darling Is Kim Jong Un

Narcissists are always the victims in their minds and nothing is ever their fault.

The Rundown: August 27, 2018

Ivanka Trump Smiles With Pastor Who Thinks Marriage Equality Is Satan's Work

Teen battling cancer was told to take off hat during picture day

Here Are the Worst Abuses by Catholic Priests from the PA Grand Jury's Report (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Looks like it's getting to him huh?

Ducey aims to please Trump with McCain fill-in

Pence thought God was calling him to, now, be vice president and function as a president-in-waiting

McCain family: Trump not welcome at any event honoring John McCain

Chavismo requires pensioners in Venezuela to get party loyalty card to get retirement funds

Trump Takes Over McCain's Week

Lindsey Graham!

Trump era is igniting a new wave of Muslim-American candidates

Attention: critics of NFL players

Did the last remnant of the Republican Party die with John McCain?

"Congratulations to the Trump administration ..."

Spineless Lindsay Graham sides with Trump over friend McCain

How the opioid crackdown is backfiring

Republicans find a new target in fight to discredit Russia probe

Without justice, there is no democracy.

Red-state Dems face blowback from Planned Parenthood vote

Utah woman's same-sex partner of 50 years died. Then a judge declared them legally married.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "This experiment is a success"

Today's pic of the day.... (choke on coffee warning)

President non grata: Trump often unwelcome and unwilling to perform basic rituals of the office

Michael Cohen's lawyer has done real damage to the case against Trump

Now Trump is going after Google!

Photo of Trump when he could not figure out how to work his desk speaker phone........

Pane Bianco

Germany reels as far-right 'mobs' go on rampage

It occurred to me this morning that, given the incredibly persistent

How I Get It Done: Kamala Harris

Graham: Trump, Sessions relationship is 'beyond repair'

Is it too soon for RUDE PUNDIT's "Dead Senator"?

Exclusive poll: Americans believe Cohen, don't want impeachment

North Korea warns Pompeo denuclearization talks are 'at stake,' sources say

The Great Pretender

CNN reporting that trump thought TV coverage of McCain was over the top....

History will not be kind to the Trump family.

Church Offers 'Free Mom Hugs' To People Shunned By Their Families For Being Gay

45 years ago today, Marvin got it on.

"He thought it was always about him." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

40+ Origins Of Commonly Used Phrases ...

WHY is our justice system so weak that decades of corruption goes unpunished?

Trump's rant against Google was inspired by a Fox interview with YouTube stars 'Diamond & Silk

LePage joins court brief asking to make discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identit


On this day in 1963 ....

🔥 Let's get out the vote today to transform Florida and this nation by electing @AndrewGillum

A Tale of Festering Rage and an Insane President

Let's also elect many terrific down-ballot candidates who will play a pivotal role ...

Hellooo! Mars are ya there?

Devin Nunes's Curious Trip to London

Wall Street Journal condemns Trump's 'half a NAFTA' as 'notably worse' -- and loaded with 'nonsense'

Blink if you're in pain Melania ? Oh I forgot , I really don't care !!

Democrats question $50k in books and collectibles that Rep. Culberson bought with campaign funds

Lindsey Graham says any new attorney general must let Mueller finish his job

Great op-ed by Beto on Criminal Justice system

Please don't be this guy... Or the guy who re-tweeted this bullshit:

Rep. Swalwell: "If they know, why won't they investigate this shit?"

David Corn on Lindsey Graham: "He's been flipped."

Trump opposed lowering flag because he thought McCain's TV coverage was 'more befitting a president'

Net Neutrality was killed under Cheeto Face

Toyota Investing $500 Million in Uber in Driverless-Car Pact

The Trump we know

Elizabeth Warren has bold ideas about how to drain the swamp - By Katrina vanden Heuvel

FBI and Capitol Police want to talk with Rep. Maxine Waters' 2018 Republican opponent

Cruz Passes the Hat for Campaign Funds

Pretty simple, really - when none of the news of the past new two years moves the needle -

There's a popular expression used in Trinidad and Tobago

Trump's economic adviser: 'We're taking a look' at whether Google searches should be regulated

States consider investigations into Catholic Church abuse

Lindsey Graham

John Brennan coming up on M$NBComcast

What do you do if you see an endangered animal

A little shade from the Secret Service

What the hell is Lanny Davis thinking?

Here is what the Trump side will be arguing to eliminate in Oral arguments 60 days before midterms

BREAKING NEWS: Evil Queen blasts magic mirror as biased, unfair.

John Fugelsang responds to Jim Jordan. Classic!

Police investigators say 5 Arizona officers were justified in beating man

****The Trump Administration is exploring censoring Google ****

John Dingell is a Twitter Treasure!

Manafort wanted a plea-deal for the second trial, but Mueller said no

Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare May Come In The Form Of Rep. Elijah Cummings

Pirelli closes in Venezuela. Next step? Another "nationalization" failure story

I Would Be Ok With Trump Being Taken Out Of White House In A Straightjacket. As Good As A Keel Over

McCain's love affair with the press would have vanished if he stopped being a Republican.

Crutchez Cuibono posted a cool old tune and it sparked a memory, a false memory it turns out...

BLS Report: From 2015 to 2017, 3 million workers displaced from jobs they held for at least 3 years

U.S. Constitution??

The Vile GOP Base Would Feed John McCains Body To The Coyotes They Hate Him So Much.

'The Whole World Is Watching': The 1968 Democratic Convention, 50 Years Later

Devin Nunes's Curious Trip to London

MAP: The 2016 Election if Abstention from Voting Counted as a Vote for "Nobody"

JUST IN: Google responds to Trump

Please STOP with all the Gloom and Doom about Lanny Davis

Heads up- President Jimmy Carter will be on

Melania Trump has chosen to sign her name to a letter attacking the Free Press....

John McCain sent his assistant to Europe to hand-carry the Steele dossier

Giant Monster (Kaiju) Movie from the 1950s

Japan says North Korean threat remains despite summit pledge

Breaking: Google statement in response to Trump tweet

No humanitarian aid for Venezuelans unless... it is filtered through the military first.

TOON: "I like people who haven't been captured"

Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are the two most infuriating individuals in politics today.

Google responds to Trump: Denies favoring ideologies in search results

The Former Chairman of Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Senator John McCain of Arizona Passes On

Only in America....🇺🇸

Elizabeth Warren's Theory of Capitalism

Devil Nunes went to London seeking dirt on Christopher Steele and was rebuffed

What Are Devin Nunes Chances Of Retaining His Seat....

They didn't go after the Jehovah's Witnesses or Amish - but ----

Share Your Experiences Working at Amazon

Serena Williams told not to wear her "Black Panther" catsuit - So she showed up in a tutu. 💯

Axios poll significance isn't that 56% don't want to begin impeachment but that 44% (& 49% Ind) DO

Why It Can Happen Here -We're very close to becoming another Poland or Hungary

Tuesday TOONs - Respects, Disrespects, and Reminders Edition

Some suicidal nimrod put three well-child checks on my schedule for today.

***BREAKING*** North Korea warning DOTARD nuclear talks can fall apart

Wyoming Wildfire Reveals 'Massive' Shoshone Camp, Thousands of Artifacts

much as i generally avoid sports analogies,

Stormy Daniels On Her New Liberal Hero Status: 'I'm Just The Lesser Of Two Evils'

Does Louis CK deserve another chance?

Trump Tweets 'Google Search Results for "Trump News" Shows Only the Viewing/Reporting of Fake New Me

Wishing Sack good health

Sooo... Drumpf deleted his Google tweets, then posted more:

Bones in Yukon Cave Show Humans in North America 24,000 Years Ago

John Goodman ends career ((with me))

Why the President Must Be Impeached... The Swamp is Not Going to Drain Itself

Evangelical Purity Culture Taught Me to Rationalize My Sexual Assault Then I discovered #ChurchToo.

Evangelical Purity Culture Taught Me to Rationalize My Sexual Assault Then I discovered #ChurchToo.

Evangelical Purity Culture Taught Me to Rationalize My Sexual Assault Then I discovered #ChurchToo.

Evangelical Purity Culture Taught Me to Rationalize My Sexual Assault Then I discovered #ChurchToo.

Time Talks : Stephen Colbert talks about his show and more...

Stormy Daniels Isn't Backing Down

AG Shapiro: 'The Vatican had knowledge of the cover-up'

Net Neutrality is gone. Today, The Asset attacked Google.

Far-right media misidentifies Jacksonville shooter as Trump-bashing Reddit user

Lindsey Graham is kompromat....

Paul Manafort's trial in D.C. federal court delayed until Sept. 24

Putin's playbook...

This morning my wife asked me if I remembered what today is, she

POST THREE TRAILERS of by your top three movies of all time!

Trump tells PM Abe "I REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" (which happened before he was born)

This Made Me Chuckle

Updated info on Apple's project to adapt Isaac Asimov's Foundation series to TV

The 100 Evangelicals At Dinner Are Public Enemy #1. Won't Quit Until Get Theocratic Dictatorship.

Hot, hotter, hottest...

Released 40 years ago today: "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" Happy 40th anniversary

Breaking - nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricne Maria

Trump has blood on his hand: PR Hurricane killed nearly 3000 people..

Narcissistic rage...

Report: Nearly 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico linked to Maria

We all knew that was pure bullshit...

Bob Newhart tweets RE: Tim Conway ("he is receiving the most devoted care")

We lead Mexico catching up to Brazil...

When the capitalists rag says your trade deal sucks...

John Kelly Has Gone Completely Silent in Public

A copy of my birth certificate...

Guys, I just Googled the phrase "Donald Trump sucks" and all that came up were...

Next we will be required to watch Fox News.

But, but her emails...

Okay, WHY ON EARTH would Concord Catering (Yevgeny Prigozhin) get involved in Andrew Miller's

Fight Drug Abuse, Don't Subsidize It.

Devin Nunes's Curious Trip to London

So Trump doesn't like the results of Googling his name?

No political sense getting in the way of this

AT&T-backed robocalls tell (California) seniors net neutrality raises phone bills by $30

Dine College Celebrates 50 Years (Tribal College Journal)

Once-loyal Alabama delegation gives Sessions the cold shoulder

50 Year Vision: What Does the Future Hold for Tribal Colleges and Universities?

When is coverage of a death too much?

Isn't today the deadline for some close special congressional campaign count? It was from

Deeper and deeper we go...

Alan Grayson's Last Stand

League of the South Blames 'Mentally-Ill Young Jews With Guns' For Jacksonville Shooting

Friedman NYT "What if Trump Did Actually Shoot Someone on Fifth Avenue?" (a GOTV op ed)

Weird Al Yankovic on his Hollywood star: "please don't pickaxe my star ... unless ..."

This is a cool mid term projection tool

What the ban on Serena Williams' catsuit says about the sexualising of black women's bodies

Evangelicals to Trump: 'History Will Record the Greatness That You Have Brought'

ME Dem candidate attacked for having tattoo -- of his Marine unit.

Three new tools to evaluate the 2018 Midterms...

Hurricane Season's Other Damage: Rising Inequality

みな さん、 おげんき ですか?

2017 average manufacturing hourly wages in U.S., Canada, Mexico motor vehicle and parts industries.

Trump invoked Pearl Harbor during tense meeting with Japanese prime minister: report

Ramped up attack on Pope Francis part of intense move to purge gays from RCC

This black capitalist, BET's Robert L. Johnson, proves a race/class point

Number One August 28, 1966

Beto O'Rourke will appear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' But will he dance?

Here is why ancestry tests may be dangerous for society

Stormy Daniels: 'Generous' to say Trump lasted two minutes

The Flag is Trump's Mood Ring....

Sam Nunberg Blasts 'White Trash Scumbag' Corey Lewandowski: I'll Report Your 'Swampy' Lobbying

How do you convince people that...

Alleged 'Dine-and-Dash Dater' Faces 13 Years in Prison

Let's see your fur babies!

GOP governor compares Dems to 'dogs': They're 'really nice' one-on-one but 'dangerous' in a pack

Stormy Daniels: 'Generous' to say Trump lasted two minutes

Today Donald Trump is whining about Google search results making him look bad and how something...

Firefighters on Mendocino Complex endangered by Verizon move to limit data service, fire chief says

Rep Sandy Levin: #Trump has not consulted effectively with Congress or shared the existing text....

Morning Joe Posts Highest Ratings Week Ever As MSNBC Dominates During Trump Woes

The corrosive goal of the Kremlin's disinformation barrage on the West and a way forward

Did Hitler think that after the invasion of Poland, Britain

One of Paul Manafort's primary bankers had his Manhattan penthouse burglarized overnight

Attorney for crack dealer tries the President Trump defense: Don't trust snitches

Texan Says He's Selling 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints Despite Court Ruling

Who is killing Yemen's clerics? Mystery murders are sending a chill through the mosques.

Manafort DC trial delayed - he could be flipping...

Did MD once have a no waiting period for marriage? Was a goal for couples in old novels

Arpaio Manages To Turn McCain Comment Into Trump Gush

GSA IG report finds Trump involved in scuttling plans to rebuild FBI HQ across from Trump Hotel.


Sofia Sanchez had two wishes for her 11th birthday. The first came true earlier this month when...

Interesting news: why faith is becoming more and more popular

Wanna be Russians

notorious "dine & dasher" facing 13 years in jail. Ate expensive steak dinners & fled dates

Lindsey Graham initially seemed more nervous rather than emotional as he speaks

The School Shootings That Weren't (NPR)

GOP Senator says McCain is "Partially to Blame" for White House Flag Drama

Jimmy Carter: Trump statement on McCain was 'at the best, adequate'

New Ted Cruz Campaign Ad Features His Kids Begging For Beto O'Rourke To Be Their New Dad

Hurricane Maria caused an estimated 2,975 deaths in Puerto Rico, new study finds

a must-read book: The Darkening Age

"All I Want For Christmas Is This Douche Impeached" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

An interesting thought about those who accept the confession of others.

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage

Two funerals and a wedding: The shunning of Donald Trump

Let's stop pretending Facebook and Twitter's CEOS can't fix this mess

Dem pollster: Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing may not hold same weight as Gorsuch's

Thirty seven percent or so approval is probably Dirty Don's floor.

Canada and U.S. Meet as Trump Moves Ahead With Mexico Trade Deal.

My new explanation on why Trump supporters still stand by him...

Democratic Florida absentee turnout is 62% female

How relative is this?

John McCain Was a White American Hero

woman who started GoFundMe account for homeless man is living large with new BMW

Should presidential pardoning power be limited?

Maker of 3D-printed guns begins selling blueprints, despite court order

28 August 1968 Protests at Democratic National Convention in Chicago

The Democratic party has found the sweet spot in the impeachment debate.

1968 Democratic Convention (a very interesting doc)

69, people. 69.

Aretha lies in State today...

Why it's so hard to hold priests accountable for sex abuse

New kitties:

Donna Shalala Isn't Done Yet.

One-Time Paul Manafort Banker Robbed of iPad, Briefcase in Mysterious Overnight Break-in at His NYC

Lindsey Graham is crying & I'm not buying it.

I hear that Veterans seem to be turning against the cheeto chancre - At last

Russia Hated John McCain, and Will Miss Him Dearly (NYT)

The Onion crushes Ted Cruz in one tweet

Chicago '68: The 50-Year Lessons America Still Hasn't Learned The internecine war for the soul of A

Stop doing shitty things and you won't have to 'fix' Google

Guess tRump's complaint about Google rigging the search results means he's net neutrality....

And, For Mr. Scorpio!

Trudeau asks Canadian government to study full ban on handguns and assault weapons

Here's Melania, planting a tree in a $4,000 skirt just like you do

Poll: Scott Walker trails Democratic challenger by 2 points

Wall to wall squee! Live Cam Puppies!

Dallas County jury finds officer guilty of murder

Ariz. officials knew of issues with voting machines a day before Tuesday's primary

Maybe pass this around in TX -- this unidentified woman might be in trouble.

Accept no substitutes for the truth

Ann Coulter "Actually, the Dutch (Afrikaners) were there first." referring to South Africa

Puget Sound's air quality could dip back to unhealthy during the week

My doctor said I had to add supplements to my diet, so yesterday I ate about a third of the

Trump's pump priming is helping companies make prices higher again

Republicans ready to grill Bruce Ohr as Trump-DOJ feud escalates

The world is rigged against Donald Trump! The media, the election, google?

Just threatening Google with regulation

Ex-Texas police officer found guilty of murder in fatal shooting of black teenager

Official Number : Hurricane Maria caused 2,975 deaths in Puerto Rico

Utah firefighter adopts dog he found near California fire

Prosecutor in Inaug. Protest Trial Sanctioned for Due Process Violations Made Head of Her Department

Trump Planning to "Regulate" Google Searches

Former President Jimmy Carter: Trump 'is very careless with the truth'

Why isn't Google entitled to the same freedom of the press as the sites they refer their users to?

McConnell cut a deal w/ Senate Dems to fast track 7 Trump judges

Republicans Experience "Backfire Effect" in Study on Exposure to Opposite Views

White House Flag Now Moving Minute To Minute To Indicate Trump's Mood

Abby Huntsman officially joins 'The View,' releases new cast photo

Trump's EPA is selling out people of color

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging petition to put Medicaid expansion before Nebraska voters

Forecasting the race for the House (fivethirtyeight - nate silver)

Trumps warns evangelicals there will be violence instigated on the right if Dems win midterms

Hey Pissant! Guess what Google can do?

Every state has one, if you have a dirty mind :-)

In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law. He didn't.

Indigenous Environmental Network announces anti-capitalism/climate change protests 9/10 & 9/13/18

Archaeologists dig Native American fort found in Connecticut

This is going to be the president's message in 2020 -- vote for me or the left will murder you.

Lindsey Graham - You don't honor John McCain by genuflecting to Donald Trump

Estimated Contents of Kim Yong Chol's "Hostile Letter," to Donald Trump

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating California's cash bail system

Almost half of Americans can't pay for their basic needs

Devin Nunes got the cold shoulder on his "curious" trip to see intelligence officials in London.

Trump Privately Urges Pastors to Help Him From the Pulpit in Midterms

'We saw nuns kill children: the ghosts of St Joseph Orphanage'

Trump doubles down on Google attack

Trumputin's Mob Masters Own the White House, but for How Long?

New Wisconsin poll shows Tammy Baldwin in better re-election shape than Scott Walker

Can we honor someone before they pass for a change? Post your favorite Tim Conway clip.

A Question Regarding tRUMP, The Man-Child

Somebody voted for the first time today.....

Germany's Merkel Condemns Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Protests & Attacks, 2 Days of Violence

I finally pinpointed what it is exactly that I resent the most about Trump voters

**Breaking: Trump craters to 40% in new Ipsos Poll as Democrats surge to 46-34 Congresional lead**

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 28, 2018

Bill to make California first state to end bail before trial

Man held in Paris following vicious slapping of woman

Americans rank Barack Obama as best president of their lifetimes

Esquire: The Courage of Mollie Tibbetts's Family Amazes Me

Just drove home in a tornado warning.

Arizona Secretary of State calls for extended hours amid primary voting problems

Chuckie Toad: If Ds Can't Legislate As A Minority, How Can We Trust Them to Do So As A Majority?

Mattis on Afghan war: 'Privatizing it is probably not a wise idea'

Lanny Davis says he was wrong about Trump Tower meeting and Cohen

Fire Stick

CAUTION: Do not try this at home.

Overnight Energy: EPA tells Supreme Court to not take up an appeal on earth warming chemicals

On the Life Of Brian (Dedicated to brother Mineral Man)

RUDE PUNDIT..a memo Kavanaugh wrote urging prosecutors to attack President Bill Clinton in 1998

Shady things are happening in Miami with the ballots in the vote for governor.

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Woman tried dissolving body of husband's ex in acid before tossing remains to alligators, police say

Michael Avenatti Could Force Trump To Go Under Oath As Early As Next Month

Duncan Hunter on campaign funds indictment: 'Leave my wife out of it'

If 9/11 Attacks Can Spark Trillions in War Spending, Asks Ocasio-Cortez, Why Can't US Find Funding

The Gulf of Mexico is Full of Unexploded Bombs and Mustard Gas

Google Responds To Trump's Accusations * NSFW

Mexico's foreign affairs secretary pushes back against Trump: "We will never pay for a wall"

Mexico's foreign affairs secretary pushes back on Trump: 'We will never pay for a wall'

TPM - massive projection "'These Are Violent People': Trump Warns Evangelicals Dems Will 'Overturn

Record High Number Of STD Infections In U.S., As Prevention Funding Declines

Slate "Two Years Into His Presidency and Donald Trump Still Doesn't Use Computers"

Hey, Donald

Ted Cruz forced to beg GOP establishment for money as opponent surges

Trump's looking at the "man" in the mirror

Breaking: Manafort's banker claims his briefcase and iPad were stolen last night

Just voted in AZ's primary. Turnout is very light in my precinct.

Ari BREAKING: Trump ousting Sessions looking possible now....

It's a job

There Will Be Blood

"That's not Alec Baldwin."

Heads up, Rump CALLING for VIOLENCE if he loses in November

Whatsis I'm hearing all day? Nunez goes to Merrie Olde England and the Brits say...

Sick and tired

I have a "trump" subfolder in my "images" folder that now has...

Big oil asks government to protect its Texas facilities from climate change

Luckovich- Trump (I look gross, the Mirror should be punished)

There is a Roseate Spoonbill in Dover-Foxcroft Maine right now

If Trump Fires Sessions - Doesn't He Risk Sessions Testifying Against....

found a good one, Adele - Hello (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Ok, love the Ted Danson advertisements for Smirnoff Vodka........

Mueller asking witness about Michael Cohen involvement in Trump campaign.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 29 August 2018

WTF is up with all these Kavanaugh ads lauding him as a wonderful person to be a Supreme Court

15,990 posts Isn't that a nice round number???

We might remember that Nixon's re-election was the biggest landslide in history, and...

Despite Windfall Profits, AT&T Continues Employee Layoffs, Outsourcing Jobs

U.S. judge gives partial win to prosecution ahead of Manafort's second trial

lindsay graham is a bucket of puke

Devin Nunes's Curious Trip to London

Can't Help But Wonder ...

The White House Tried To Hold An Intervention For Trump Before He Destroys Himself

Susan Collins: "Sessions is an old friend of mine," but I think we can all read between her lines.

I went to costco today, they love America more than the white house!

Trump privately revived the idea of firing Sessions this month

Holy Moly! Have any of you checked on the price of crab?

Early voting results from Florida...

Utahn threatened mass school shooting using 3D-printed gun, police say

Texas Officials Aim to Shutter Driver's License Offices in Black, Hispanic Communities

Vladimir Putin Fires Russian Military Generals

If you can watch the evening news and not be at least tempted to

Texas Officials Aim to Shutter Driver's License Offices in Black, Hispanic Communities

'Unexploded' device floating in Puget Sound off Bainbridge Island (Really strange!)

Republicans resist plan to rename Senate building for McCain

C.I.A. Officer-Turned-Candidate Says GOP PAC Obtained Her Security Application, & released to media.

Ex-RNC chief Michael Steele: 'You get to Stupidland by getting on the Trump Train'

Democrats Reject Fossil Fuel Money and Super Delegates, DNC Chair Tom Perez Frustrated By Rumors

How U.S. Soybeans Can Skirt Trade-War Tariffs to End Up in China

Secret recording catches Trump instructing pastors to campaign for Republicans from the pulpit

America's Voting Machines Are Extremely Vulnerable to Hacking

Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating money bail in California

Krugman *Why It Can Happen Here, NYT

Dan Patrick is as yellow as mustard but without the bite