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FLIPPABLE: Matt Eidson for ND-HD43

Eddie Huang Gets Destroyed by Spicy Wings Hot Ones

Bag of Garbage POS fake President, nixed WH statement praising John McCain..

****SIGH**** Monster Trump Reportedly Nixed White House Statement Praising McCain After His Death

Dershowitz says New York probe, not Mueller, is greatest threat to Trump

Chris Cuomo: Trump has transitioned into 'mob boss mode'

Donald Trump's brevity on John McCain speaks volumes about their strained relationship

FLIPPABLE: Braden Medenwald for ND-HD41

Oct 6th HBO, "Flight Of The Conchords": live special from UK

The NRA needs to dig into the vault for a strong counter-argument

Hard Partying and a Corruption Scandal: Duncan Hunter's Political Life Unravels

After Trump dissed McCain's captivity Stephen Hayes asked him if he knew what it was like.

Here's a lousy photo of my 2018 Fair Cake. Won for 8th. year.

I'm sorry if I missed them but has there been much mention of the Prison Strike here.

John Fugelsang SLAMs Trump HARD

Manafort verdict strengthens Mueller's hand for round two

FLIPPABLE: Bill Bolton for NH-SD02

Discuss: Odds Ducey appoints Joe Arpaio to fill McCain's seat

McCain was the last high profile Republican to be truly anti-Trump

Axios: GOP circulating spreadsheet ahead of midterms listing potential Dem probes

What is the difference between Trump and a bag of human refuse ?

Meet the Women Poets Preserving Indigenous Languages in Mexico

Meet the Women Poets Preserving Indigenous Languages in Mexico

Who wants to bet that McConell finds a reason not to rename the Russell Senate Office Building?

Pretty much ANY congressional GOPeer who shows up at McCain's ceremonies is a massive hypocrite

I just found this fake news on the internet.

Leonard Cohen's "Democracy" is coming to the USA

Why Does the Earth Rotate?

Here is another name to add to my wishlist to run against Trump in 2020?

Looks like Trump just couldn't make it through a day of praise and remembrance for someone else...

Apart from his tweet about McCains family

Trump just tweeted about how high his approval rating is among Republicans

Could be a busy week for federal prosecutors.

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967

Neil Simon died today, too

Trump just claimed he has 52% approval. NO poll has that. Latest poll has 52% DISapproval.

Agent Orange can report 'Mission Accomplished'

Both Macron and Trudeau have statements honoring John McCain

He's watching people praise McCain and he can't take it. So pathetic.

Poll: Did President Trump commit an impeachable offense?

What state and what city right now,,,have the cleanest air in the country?

WTF Is Wrong With This Damned Country. Trump Approval Should Be Underwater.

I have been seeing the promos for "The Purge"

FLIPPABLE: Sue Mullen for NH-HD Hillsborough 7


Trump's instagram post on McCain features a picture of Trump

FLIPPABLE: Mark Vallone for NH-HD Rockingham 9

FLIPPABLE: Harrison Kanzler for NH-NH Carroll 2

McCain to be buried at US Naval Academy on Sept. 2

Colombia anti-corruption referendum fails to meet quorum

Colombia anti-corruption referendum fails to meet quorum

20K post: Thank you, DU.

Has Anyone Seen These Folding/Unfolding M.A.D.I. Houses?

October 2017. McCain is asked if he's afraid of Trump. He laughs for about 15 straight seconds.

The family that made a difference.....💓

FLIPPABLE: Day Hochman-Vigil for NM-HD15

Hawaii blanks South Korea to win Little League World Series championship

I finally got my STAR back!! Yay!! ...nt

No wonder there was no official statement from the WH about McCain's death.

Thank you, Senator McCain.

My wife us torturing me!

The GOP is terrified that the Democrats will retake control of House

Saw the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Time for The Preacher baby!

Judge cuts $453K from $1.5M jury award to 'whistle-blowing' Morristown police officer

Has anyone bought a Baby tRump balloon yet?

Madden shooter identified by police may have been upset he lost in tourney

Gov. candidate Scott Wagner says trans people must use bathroom of gender they're assigned at birth

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 27 August 2018

Pedro Palacios Almafuerte - Pui Avanti! - Omage to John McCain

Today is National Dog Day...don't forget to

I must have a HUGE one

Powerful point (on All In with Chris Hayes)

the ramblings of a very sick person

Kansans drank contaminated water for years. The state

What are the odds that Sessions gets fired Friday or Saturday???

Trump, Jr. to be indicted this week?

We can actually fix that problem in November...

NK Jemisin's Powerful Hugo Award Acceptance speech

Wow. Col. Morris Davis responds to news Trump rejected WH statement praising McCain

Analysis: As Nation Mourns McCain, Trump Is Conspicuously Absent (NYTimes)

I can't lie... this makes me salivate...

No safe level of alcohol: Research

State House candidate Michele Knoll and the momentum of female politicians in Pennsylvania

National reports show some insurers still violate law banning discrimination in addiction treatment

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 28: Summer Under the Stars: Lew Ayres

Antifa protesters arrested in Philadelphia after clash with police

Sunday Night Loner Thoughts

Former Dover man charged with embezzling $880K

In a way McCain's death was a gift.

CNN, MSNBC covering John McCain....FOX covering their Willie Nelson interview

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 29: Summer Under the Stars: Lauren Bacall

Baron Cohen interview of Palin didnt air?

The adulation McCain will receive will be about a lot more than just him.

NASA launching advanced laser to measure Earth's changing ice

Local municipalities shouldn't renegotiate with Scott Wagner's Penn Waste

Verdict in trial of Reuters reporters in Myanmar postponed until Sep 3

Willie Nelson - A Woman's Love !

GOP candidate will not be defined by alien abduction

What's up with this?

Anybody aware of the new "Laws and Sausages" comic?

Texas oil companies want feds to pay for climate protection

cartoon -- "been there"

New permission to discriminate?

NYT Charles Blow on Trump "Opera of Demons" great read.

Nealon to become longest-serving federal district judge in U.S. history

Review: Citigroup's 2008 bailout won't be its last

DHS Policy Downplayed Dire Conditions in War-Torn Nations to Return Protected Immigrants, ACLU Suit

Former Jehovah's Witnesses protest outside convention in Reading

Florida Democrat "disheartened" to be asked to denounce GOP attacks on her primary opponents

I'm a mother again! Here is my new rescue puppy with my sweet girl:

McCain's Most Noble Act Outside Of His Service Was His Vote On Obama Care. Otherwise He Was GOP.

FL-GOV: Graham, Disantis poised to win party nominations.

If Donald Trump gave the eulogy at McCain's funeral.

He's OUR Hero Now

Victim's parents 'disappointed' in judge's ruling in Penn State hazing hearing

What We Know About John McCain's Funeral Services....

Private sector behind mass killing of Colombia's social leaders: prosecution

Private sector behind mass killing of Colombia's social leaders: prosecution

Escalator From The Top Floor.

Nothing like hearing the tornado siren going off at 1 am

Guilliani Note from Charlie Wilson's War

What a gallon of gas cost the year you were born

Being Bombarded With Thousands Drug Ads Aggravating As Hell.

Alabama man fined for touching endangered Hawaiian monk seal

Reverse Mortgages Are An Egregious Scam. Seniors Were Set Up By GOP Policies For Decades.

Wolf agrees to one debate with Wagner, event to be moderated by Alex Trebek

Wagner says his tax returns could be used by unions to recruit his employees

A NAFTA deal between the U.S. and Mexico is said to be near

Concerning Trump and his coloring of the flag.

I must go - my people need me! (cute video with dogs)

McCain question

After New Jersey candidate said 'diversity is a bunch of crap,' his campaign donations tripled

First snow of the season is now in the northern Rockies

First snow of the season is now in the northern Rockies

Finally achieved a Pink Brandywine Tomato goal

Republican, Democratic Senate candidates Harris and Truono debate

John McCain I told a maga clown

Trump Tongue Twister found on FB

Southern California Muslim Charter school is shut down

Biden, Ocasio Cortez join the fray in First State's Democratic U.S. Senate primary

Pieter Hellendaal: "Concerto Grosso No. 5"/Strauss: "Wiegenlied", "Oboe Concerto" and

Can I sign the boog the chocolate lab up for match .com


Sarah Palin feels "betrayed"

Towson pharmacist guilty of federal drug charges after admitting to trading sex for pills

My butchers comments what are you feeding a army

Hogan Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Jealous

Crab cakes, cookies and steak: Taxpayers paid $260K for judges' annual conference on Eastern Shore

"The paternity test is complete. You are a father."

Republicans compile list of oversight obligations they have abdicated for nearly two years

Baltimore Del. Curt Anderson stripped of leadership, ordered to undergo training over harassment

Too big to sanction? U.S. struggles with punishing large Russian businesses.

Weight-loss pill hailed as 'holy grail' in fight against obesity

First guy to walk out on Sasha Cohen and his garbage...

First call people let's go eighth grade is waiting

Flooded trails and full toilets: Storms wreak havoc on D.C.-area parks

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive): Retractions - 8/26/18

Dana Loesch blames "gun-free zones" for videogame shooting...

Tom Arnold nails Trump about respecting McCain. Yes, that Tom Arnold .. Wow ..

In small-town Virginia, Muslim residents face a crisis of sheep and zoning laws

(Jewish Group) If Trump Falls, the Testimonies of Cohen, Pecker and Weisselberg Could Spark an anti-

The battle raged, and when it was over.....


(Jewish Group) Neil Simon, A Yiddish-Influenced Wisecracker

Letterman and Carters launch Habitat project at Notre Dame

Vice President Pence Faces Heightened Scrunity

Sarah Sanders Calls McCain 'American Hero,' Won't Say if Trump Will Attend Funeral

North Korea accuses U.S. of plotting invasion while talking with 'a smile on its face'

Washington school districts have the money for educator pay raises

Macron's education cuts deny admission to thousands of French university students

Is this an omen of how the week is going to go?

'America's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio struggles in Senate bid

Trump Jr. claims CNN covering for 'leftist hack' Carl Bernstein over Trump Tower story

House GOP efforts to increase female lawmakers falling flat

Post-Trump, the GOP will say that they were the victim all along.

Turkey's Erdogan to visit Iran on Sept. 7

Hans Nichols from MSNBC reports this am that WH Flag is back to Full Staff

Loyal Democratic donors: We're done with the DNC 'until they get their act together'

If this is true, it's beyond disgusting. Does anyone know for sure?

John McCain's Epiphany About Paul Manafort

Fox & Friends on McCain this a.m.?

Myanmar's military accused of genocide in damning UN report

I believe I know why Trump so envies John McCain

Maybe when Trump dies...

How online money is reshaping the Democratic Party

MAGAts and Deplorables wanted a prick as Prez, and got what they wanted

You know what wouldbe great? Have a really nice

To every news source in this country - Huge Story you should be reporting

Trump's first campaign list skips Texas, which shelled out for his 2016 race

"Look, I like war heroes who didn't die." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

John McCain quote on the value and power of Character

Sometimes you just have to let Aunt Crabby say it for you ....

Will Miami be the first to elect an out gay African-American lawmaker in Florida?

"I Like People Who Weren't Narcissistic A******s..."

Dear Trump: The media's not out to get you.

Garry Wills: The Priesthood of The Big Crazy

"Jack the Ripper seems like a pretty decent guy compared to Vlad the Impaler"

How do we explain?


Vicious, toxic, unstable--what Murdoch has wrought in Australia, Britain, and the U.S.

Kentucky senators McConnell and Paul find themselves on opposite sides. Again.

Thieves replace Paraguay police rifles with toy replicas

Another typical week -by Tom Tomorrow

Jon Meacham is truly a treasure. He has added so much to the conversations and statements

WH flag at half-staff less than 48 hours

Fox 's relative silence on McCain's life and death indicates how bad this really is and can get!!!

It's going to happen again folks

White House flag no longer at half-staff days after death of John McCain

I found this

Donald mean and vicious an asshole as there is.

Republicans caught in voter fraud in Virginia

The Rundown: August 24, 2018

Russ Heath, Dead at 91

(NAP)Not Anyone's President has demonstrated once again just how infantile, stupid, and gross he

The Press and the Presidency-- George Washington almost didn't go for a second term because of...

Trump voters suffer from what I call the Jonestown Syndrome.

What kind of a poll did NBC/WS Journal do?

The problem that I am having is

"That time I met John McCain."

Jacksonville Shooting: Student Activists Plan Protest Against Senators Linked To NRA

Is Pam Bondi auditioning for Fox News while still working for Florida taxpayers?

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Banana 🍌 Lovers ❤️ Day 🌞!😃

Don't let Trump's crappy flag trick make us take our eyes off the ball.

Fired-up Democrats close ballot gap with GOP; turnout nears 1.9 million

Delivery driver seen launching parcels from his van

"Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself." -- Napoleon

And the White House flag is at full height again

John McCain on SNL - "To Love, Honor and Stalk"

If we win back the House, then the presidency...

Graham, Levine, Gillum sprint to the finish in Florida Democratic governor primary

Another reason the midterms are so critical is if we are able to take at least one House we can

MEANWHILE, in Texas...

(Posted without comment) Tiger Woods on Traitor don "We all must respect the office"

'We Are Winning'

So, out of pure spite, Donald Trump orders the White House flag

I like people who weren't captured*

Don't worry Donnie!

'We Are Winning'

BTRTN: Dear Donald, Junior...

BTRTN: Dear Donald, Junior...

Monday TOONs - Stone Cold Guarantee Edition

'We Are Winning'

Banned from two funerals and a wedding: Starring Donald Trump

Scoop: Republicans secretly study their coming hell

Defending the indefensible-where does it end?

28 shot in Chicago over weekend

BREAKING NEWS: Trump reverses course, orders "American flag" flown at half staff.

Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen kills 22 children

This made smile and cry.

House Democrats Are Preparing To Unleash Investigation Hell On Trump

"That senator who I will not name." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

SNSA Group Pays $100k for Illegally Clear-cutting Trees in Dallas

The difference between ignorance and apathy?

538 article title - rhetorical? Satire? "Is Trump's Legitimacy At Risk?"

It does feel a little empty with McCain gone from the Senate.

The flag. The military. Respect

Increasing security as a defense against mass shootings

Macron Says Europe Can't Rely On US For Security

I so hope Beto beats Cruz

I go on Facebook this morning and....

Is there any chance Arizona will elect a Democratic Senator?

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez to invite Mexico's president-elect to the Rio Grande Valley

Has anyone ventured over to FR to see their reaction to McCain's passing?

U.S. and Mexico Agree to Preliminary Nafta Deal

I suggested on FB and will do so here:

NY-19: Nominating petitions of actress Diane Neal, fellow independent Dal LaMagna ruled invalid

Phil Hendrie on Trump:

NBC: W.H. flag back to full-staff after McCain's death, Capitol flag remains lowered (1 hour ago)

TX-SEN: Cruz leads by 1 point in new Emerson poll.

I accept I cannot change things so I'm changing myself.

Cats successfully herded

Good for a start

Well, I believe that Michelle Obama

Trump's message to a nation mourning John McCain with coverage on all three major cable networks.

Can You Spot The Difference?

tRumphole making trade announcement at 11:00 a.m.

What do you want to bet that now that McCain has died Trump will push for another Obamacare vote?

Bill Sienkiewicz on Comicsgate

Fuck You Tiger Woods...

Randy Rainbow strikes again: If You Ever Got Impeached

Wherin Alan Dershowitz and Fox News lament that law-enforcement investigates wrongdoings.

APNewsBreak: Nation's top student loan official resigns

I wonder what the President's flag orders were to public entities like

Can you spot the difference ?

Many years ago, I had a girlfriend

When history looks back on Trump's life, it will be a life not worth remembering.

Let Kids Play.

My mom just called me: "Trump is having a fight with a dead man!"

Incredible Headline at CNN: "Fox anchors says the President isn't telling the truth"

Another slap in the face to John McCain (flag):

So where is John Kelly hiding?

FBI alleges bribes, extortion by ex-Ohio House speaker

Lonely dogs chocolate lab and golden retriever

Private prison company moves annual conference to Trump-owned golf resort

I wish John McCain could and would drive the Dotard crazy haunting him 24 hours a day. nt

Monday cat Overload - Cats on the bud

is there fighting bob fest this year?

Borderline Personality Disorder

Paul Manafort has asked the judge in D.C. if he can stay put (in jail) and forgo attending any.....

'I blame Duncan Hunter's wife'

Laurence Tribe WAPO Op-ed: "Put Kavanaugh On Hold"

Well did Mexico agree to build the wall or is...

McCain on Trump:

WH flag at full staff in foreground, flags at the WA Monument lowered to half staff in backgground

NYT: The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump

While the traitor in the WH goes out of his way to show disrespect to a fallen American icon

Blah, blah, blah!

Idiot live on call to Mexico call to take away from McCain coverage

'Sleeper' case could torpedo Mueller report

Can't stop watching Trump trying to get the President of Mexico on speakerphone. (via CBS)

Pic Of The Moment: Snapshot Of The Trump Presidency, 8/27/18

Trump just tried to use speakerphone on live TV - it did not go well.

RIP Stevie Ray Vaughan 10-3-1954/8-27-1990 🎸

Cleveland Indians' Carlos Carrasco and the American Dream

Need a laugh? Watch Trump try to use the phone to speak to the Mexican President.

Arizona GOP Senate candidate compares political correctness to cancer days after McCain's death

Cleveland Indians' Carlos Carrasco and the American Dream

What the hell?

Russia doesn't want us divided, because it's just a means not an end

As John Kelly sits neutered

Battle of the Beasts - Baby Elefunt vs. Raging Goose Goose

If it's wrong to "politicize" Parkland, FLA, isn't it also wrong to "politicize" Mollie Tibbets?

Hillary as Prez would have used McCain's death to bring the country together

Jonathan Karl, ABC News Chief WH Correspondent: "He heard me but did not answer."

It's OUR FLAG and OUR WHITE HOUSE and WE DEMAND the flag be FLOWN at 1/2 MAST...


The Current Mexican President is a Lame Duck and the Mexican Political Landscape is Complicated

When you live in Carnival it seems rude not too....

Tombstone of a beloved cat

Don't Impeach Trump. Annul His Presidency

'The Enemy Is Dead': Russia Reacts to U.S. Senator John McCain's Passing

Is Trump's Fascism part of the Reason for Cohen's Willingness to Indict Him?

NBC's Chuck Todd attempt to blame Fox News for our current state projection? (VIDEO)

Charles P. Pierce: We Deserve Better Than This

'Crazy Rich Asians' is just called 'Crazy Rich' for the German Release

I cannot fucking believe it. Trump announces another imagined deal and people fall for it.

Vincente Fox is far more presidential & healing than Traitor Tot could ever hope to be.

With South Africa Conspiracy Theory, Trump is becoming Dylann Roof

Analysis: Trump's not-so-subtle denigration of a dead man

I am starting to believe that perhaps people deserve to pay for the consequences of their actions or

Monday cuteness overload- Rooster runs to school bus for a greet hug

I now believe the republicans will keep control of congress for this reason.

Trump Threatens to Kill NAFTA After U.S., Mexico Reach Preliminary Trade Deal

John McCain's former Vietnamese jailer gives him the heartfelt tribute that Trump has refused to...

Try to Impeach?

Why is Lanny Davis walking back claims re Cohen and Twitler and Russia?

Flag full staff at my local Post Office.......

These African American Pastors Who Sucked Up to Donald Trump Are a Disgrace - By Roland S. Martin

Gallup Trump Weekly Job Approval 41% Disapproval 54% (- 3)

Ted Cruz Now Running Against Beto O'Rourke's Viral NFL Comments

NAFTA another distraction away from Senator McCain's death.

Are the Mexican people going to let Nieto do a trade neal before Amo gets in

U.S. judge extends ban of online 3-D printed gun blueprints

Russia Today Editor: I Forbid Myself to 'Gloat' Over John McCain's Death

Tom Brokaw tweet to trump...

tRumphole to speak later today

Dumpster, pouting with his arms crossed, kept repeating "thank you" to the press in the Oval Office

Trump Ending NAFTA

Sen. Sanders⁩ remembers late @SenMcCain⁩ as warm, friendly ... More tonight ⁦@MyNBC5⁩

There's gold in them thar fills: New York City Garbage Raises a Stink Upstate

"Respect for the office"

Archbishop's claims against Pope Francis "like an earthquake for the church"

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer Request U.S. Flags at Half Staff After White House Flag Raised

In defense of King Cove deal, federal attorneys argue swap legal under ANILCA

The ignorance of Superdelegates is astounding. We lost 49-1 TWICE in little more than a decade

21-year-old rock climber from Virginia falls while climbing at Smith Rock without rope

Donald Trump's "white genocide" rhetoric: A dangerous escalation of racism

And some people tell me I lead an unboring life

John McCain was offered a release from imprisonment...

Nothing Donald Trump can do will drive his voters away: If last week didn't do it, what will?

Tim Conway's Wife and Daughter Are Fighting Over His Medical Care as He Battles Dementia

ASD teacher accused of abusing autistic student

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Mollie Tibbetts's father thanks Latino community for help in search for her

Governor ordering United States flags and State flags be lowered in honor of John McCain

After mass-shooting at gaming-event, NRA says that headphones are "deadly".

One thing nice about Trump's White House is how polite they are!

Congratulations to courageous workers and their unions at Disney World for their historic victory

Terrible shooting Winners shot by envious player that lost

Harvard Harris Poll * Generic Ballot -Dems 45% Crooks 38%

The media's not out to get you. The media's out to get ratings. America's out to get you. The media

Smash rooms are breaking their way into Orlando area

Abba - Dancing Queen

Chic - I Want Your Love

Shocking graphic, to me..."Trump Owns a Shrinking Republican Base" - Brookings Institute

What if you could live "forever"?

White House occupant* "takes a knee" with Flag Up disrespect

Description of SHITLER

Thousands submitted DNA to police to help solve a 1998 Dutch boy's killing. One man was missing.

The Guardian: Roger Stone says he may soon be indicted.

Sister Sledge - He's the Greatest Dancer

John McCain, in final message before death, says 'do not despair of our present difficulties'

That moment when you get mocked by the same Russian troll who bragged about helping you get elected.

The Guardian: Watson demands answers about alleged Russian Brexit plot.

Change - The Glow Of Love

Terrible shooting Winners shot by envious player. Cross posted in Gaming

Seth Rogan's "Sausage Party"

Young & Company - I Like [What You're Doing To Me]

It Would Only Take a Single Senator

Federal government files new regulations that will impact way migrant families are treated


Denroy Morgan -- I'll Do Anything For You

The word for my amount of respect for Trump is:

If you could go back in time and prevent the birth of one person who would it be?

SOS BAND - Take Your Time (Do It Right)

Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise & greatness of America

The American Legion urges trump to lower the White House flag:

Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

McCain refused to let Manafort run 2008 convention due to Russia ties: report

What to make of this indictment in Utah?

President Trump will not attend John McCain's funeral, family spokesman says

White House Releases Moving Statement Honoring Woman Who Called Obama An Arab In 2008

I Wouldn't Put It Past Comrade Trump To Try & Crash That Funeral

Best take I've read about the ambivalence of celebrating McCain.

Attend the Westmoreland County Democratic picnic yesterday.

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

"Undocumented immigrants commit crimes at a considerably lower rate than the election campaign staff

Jimmy Carter lives in a $167,000 house, shops at Dollar General

Well it should be official by now... the Republican Party no longer exists

Some here post excerpts of articles. Others post their own thinking

There are not enough words to describe the loathing I have for the Con...

Twitter: GOP candidate Kelli Ward "Political Correctness is like Cancer"

Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a winner

'Like a State Dinner': Trump to Host Huge White House Event Honoring Evangelical Christians

Duncan Hunter's Political Promise Foiled by Hard Partying and a Corruption Scandal

MSNBC just showed film of Trump being besieged by reporters asking him about McCain

Veterans Groups Call Out Trump's 'Outrageous' Response To McCain's Death: AMVETS, also AmLegion, VFW

So the Trumps are meeting with the Ambassador of Kenya?

Using the flag to literally disrespect a decorated war veteran.

Veteran groups tell Trump to lower flag to half-staff to honor McCain

Blondie - Heart Of Glass

Cat vs. dog 😹

John McCain's Final Letter to America


The Human League - Don't You Want Me

McCain and a few other Senators, notably Ted Kennedy, maybe Moynihan,

Animotion - Obsession

WATCH: New Film Exposes 'Monstrous' Child Deformities Caused by Agrochemicals in Argentina

GOP pollster: Policies with Trump's name tend to lose support in polls

The Rolling Stones - Miss You

At World Meeting of Families, Catholic leaders address sex abuse scandal, LGBT inclusion

Trump hates America and everything it ever stood for. It could not be more obvious. And, he

GOP pollster: Policies with Trump's name tend to lose support in polls

Trump Is Doomed As His 'Wall of Secrecy' Is Crumbling Around Him

Trump is a MASTER manipulator

Mueller probe plunders New York tabloid swamp

Vanity Fair: "Trump Is Nuts. This Time Really Feels Different."

Who is the ultraconservative Bishop who is calling on Pope Francis to resign?

Ladies and Gentlemen please enjoy these 10 minutes of inspired music

Sarah Palin says McCain surrounded himself with weird people.

observation from Bill Kristol

Details Spill Out About Hunter's Partying, Life In The 'Bros Caucus'

"The Ghosts of Langley" reveals John McCain was a hero in ways most of us don't know

Oversight Dems Confirm: If We're In Power, Trump Admin Should Expect Subpoenas

Someone didn't want a new FBI headquarters across the street from his hotel

Rick and Ann Scott's financial trail leads to Cayman Islands tax haven

(Jewish Group) State Senate Candidate Julia Salazar Claims Racism After Jewish Identity Questioned

Hillary Clinton shares favorite memories of John McCain

Hey @glamrock I haven't posted a straigt Blues guitar player in a while

Trump is asked for his thoughts on Senator McCain:

Per Acosta the WH flags were just lowered to half mast.

Spurs' Manu Ginobili announces retirement after 16 seasons

Today, Glenn Greenwald enters the goalpost-moving Hall of Fame:

Pompeo hasn't been straight with us on North Korea

Spurs' Manu Ginobili announces retirement after 16 seasons

What set McCain

White House Flag Just Lowered to Half Staff---CNN

I need bookface remedial help. My comments won't post.

Former Alexandria student dies in Arizona

Trump's farmer bailout will cost $4.7 billion

Researchers No Closer To Understanding What The Fuck You're Talking About.

The History and Evolution of Godzilla

'No more apologies': Pope's visit fails to soothe Irish fury over abuse

Why didn't Ted Kennedy lie in State?

Talk about "sad, weak & pathetic"?

Is the flag at the WH back at full staff again?

Madly Speculating on What the WH Staff Had to do to Accomplish This...

Mitch McConnell is the most insincere sunnuvabitch talking about McCain - second only

My niece's U.S. high school graduate son has just moved to France,

"Trump Is Nuts. This Time Really Feels Different": Trump Rejects "War Council" Intervention, Goes It

Bernie Sanders: "Trump Is Actively Destroying the Planet In Order To Enrich His Billionaire Friends"

UPDATE: Flags at White House return to half-staff in tribute to McCain

Hey Mitch!

Literally, Oh SHIT! (NSFW)

Many of the problems in Congress can be redirected for the good of the people of the United

Any Comment RE: race and sports..."No. I just finished 72 holes and am really hungry." Tiger Woods

No you fucking don't and you said so

whoa... he was a new shade of orange this morning.

the word is... NOT internment

"What is Populism" by Jan-Werner Muller, explains how Trump keeps his base


Does anyone else seem similarities between what happened in Myanmar and Rump?

Video Link: SenSanders didn't always agree with SenMcCain, but counted him as a friend ...

I have a question about blind trusts...

Drumpf wants people to stand for the National Anthem and the flag, but he cannot honor the flag that

Yup, I'm an Atheist. Yes, the Jesus Myth is just that: A myth. But this brings tears to my eyes;

Thousands of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers march in Chemnitz, Germany

A YouTube video was taken down in the middle

45 just endorsed Doug Ducey

Yeah, but why are WE honoring John McCain?

The People Speak...

McConnell demurs on renaming Senate building after McCain

The stages of leaving the house

Roger Stone is fundraising about his probable Mueller indictment.

The Vietnamese are showing more respect to McCain then Trump is ....

Sanders on authoritarianism....

Because they are deplorable, Trumpists are now attempting to Swift Boat John McCain.

Why The FUCK Do Vets Still Support This Stupid Racist FUCK And The GOP? Really Pisses Me Off.

Bad News for U.S. Papers, but Tariffs Are Paying Off for One Rock Capital

It Is So Ironic Even Absurd That John McCain Was In A Party They Supported None Of His Values.

My husband just got a push-poll phone call against our Democratic candidate in VA05.

Heads up! New Yorker story coming on Roger Stone

Who's really the disrespectful one?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 27, 2018

CNN: Trump implies he's 'ditching' NAFTA. That's not happening.

President Trump is so eager to pardon Paul Manafort he's reportedly considering hiring a new White H

Awesome CNN trolling chyron.

Well, Trump did run something up the flag pole

How the Repukes have corrupted the "L" word

US boy, 9, killed himself after homophobic bullying, mum says


As Trump struggles, his allies point to...Al Capone?

The media is to blame for Trump's failure to address John McCain's death with any dignity

**NV SENATE** Rosen (Democrat) 48% Heller (Trump Poodle) 43%

Could some really smart scientific type DUer develop a study to determine whether there are

Ted Cruz Now Running Against Beto O'Rourke's Viral NFL Comments

GOP Sen. Inhofe: McCain 'Partially to Blame' for Flag Ordeal Because He Was Mean to Trump

Anyone else think these NAFTA negotiations were purposely dragged out to this date?

Cameras stay on Melania while reporters ask Trump "Do you have any thoughts about John McCain?"

Donald Trump is citing a positive poll that doesn't appear to exist

Manafort Sought Deal in Next Trial, but Talks Broke Down


Every day we're reminded that Republicans are scumbags...

Ari just said Maya Wiley will have an announcement.....

Pssssst Breaking

In Defending Trump, Is Giuliani a Shrewd Tactician -- or 'Untethered'?

Bernie Sanders Voters Helped Trump Win and Here's Proof

Catholic LGBT group rejected by event pope will attend in Dublin

Randy Rainbow nails it again

Milo Yiannopoulos apparently triggered by his own fans in ranting FB essay

4 Civil Rights You Lose By Using Legal Marijuana

Sanders Applauds 'Courageous' Workers for Standing Up to Disney World and Winning $15 Minimum Wage

As Planet Warms, Advocates Urge U.S. To Set Rules To Protect Workers From Heat August 27, 20183:36 P

The ONLY clear way Out for the Big Con...

Roger Stone says he may soon be indicted in Trump-Russia investigation

Lying sack of shit's statement and proclamation about McCain

Michael Cohen accused of faking documents to flip rent-stabilized apartments

The new definition of "Chutzpah":

Is this an SNL skit?

WSJ: Manafort tried to make plea deal for next trial but talks broke down.

NYT - Krugman Op Ed "It Can Happen Here - we're close to becoming another Poland or Hungary"

cross post: 4 Civil Rights You Lose By Using Legal Marijuana

Trump tweets about white farmers while indigenous peoples face annihilation

Trump tweets about white farmers while indigenous peoples face annihilation

Judges say N.C. congressional districts unconstitutionally gerrymandered to help GOP; new districts

San Angelo police make arrest after child shoots toddler

Poll: GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter up by 8 points despite indictment

There is one thing I really appreciate about Donald Trump.

The Mercatus Center's Estimate of the Costs of a National Single-Payer Healthcare System: Ideology

Maine's attorney general threatens to sue LePage administration for cutting off office's funds

Dan Rather's take on today (image added by me.)

Farmers hurt by trade wars to get $4.7 billion in relief payments starting next month

Why is there a ceiling on wages subject to SS & medicare withholding?

Now this is funny

Pierce: When Trump Acts 'Nuts,' His Aides Should Do More Than Whisper to the Media

Number of Democratic US Senators after 2018 and 2020 assuming Democrats win the White House.

What is your favorite designation for trumphole?

LOL - RW morons circulating this meme

Trump praises Tiger Woods, Jim Brown for supporting him

Kushner Cos. fined $210K by New York for false documents

Roger Stone again. WTH is he up to?


Kasich is splitting words as he takes up for trump as far as raising the flag is

OMG - did I just hear Kasich quote Lou Reed.

Hold the Mayo! Florida town is changing its name temporarily

**BREAKING NEWS** Court strikes down North Carolina congressional map as unconstitutional

48 hours too late, Trump!

"The nun has an arm"

In 20-30 years, humans will evolve to have pouches...

The Conman really has blind followers

Jacksonville shooting suspect underwent psychiatric treatment, purchased guns legally in Baltimore a

Vatican removes Pope's remarks on psychiatric help for gay children

ETMC, Paramedics Plus, Oklahoma agency agree to $21 million settlement

Meanwhile at the US Open on day one -spoiler

When Polly's in trouble, I am not slow ...

UT System officially appoints James B. Milliken as new chancellor after McRaven's departure

Would Trump's impeachment crash the stock market?

Randy Rainbow @RandyRainbow Newest TRUMP Parody (If I only had a brain)

So why did the market like Trump's trade deal today?

23 trips downtown and why we honor John McCain

It would be so awesome if Jimmy Carter & George Bush Sr. could both make it to McCain's funeral?

Pallbearers at McCain's funeral

Dilly Beans - Heirloom Recipe - Yum!! (canning)

Do people post recipes in the Lounge?

Can a VP who takes office because the pres leaves it...

Really evil people are very rare.

The Stoneman getting scared?

He called their town the "armpit of East Texas"; San Augustine ISD cut ties.

Trump welcomes president of Kenya to the White House

I like presidents who aren't under investigation.

GOP senator says Mc Cain is partially to blame for White House flag controversy.

Is CT turning from Blue to Red?

Valdez agrees to debate Abbott on Sept. 28 in Austin

McCain appears to criticize Trump in farewell message to the nation