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Chinese family discover their pet dog is actually a black bear:

The President has colored his flag wrong.

Yep, it was all completely preventable...

Did Bloomberg and Paul Allen buy the Washington Supreme Court?

McCain Dead (RIP)

Someone on Kelly Ward's Senate campaign criticized John McCain's medical announcement...

Senator McCain has passed away.

Just announced on msnbc McCain has died

BREAKING: John McCain, American statesman and POW survivor, has died at age 81.

RIP McCain..

You Honored Our Deal, John McCain. I'll Honor Your Legacy.

RIP Old Warrior.

Good bye, John. I will always remember you as you were then

Say what you like, but McCain was instrumental in preventing the ACA from being completedly

John McCain has died

The three illegal acts that may have helped trump win the presidency

How to replace John McCain? Here's how the process works

illegal gun factory busted in Sussex England

RIP John McCain

A Maverick to the last!

The opposition is certainly not often admirable, but John McCain

Ted Kennedy also died on this day

I don't even want to hear Trump say McCain's name out loud

John McCain is dead. Traitor don is alive and well.

So what is the orange piece of shit going to say now......

White Portland woman side-swipes car and hurls racist abuse at Middle Eastern man she hit

Underpants hits pinch-hit solo home run for the SF Giants

As women's roles expand in Bolivian politics, so do attacks

McCain delivers last rebuke to Trump - Trump not invited to funeral.

As women's roles expand in Bolivian politics, so do attacks

Tonight many Americans are remembering President Trump bad mouthing American hero John McCain and

Trump just delivered a rather anodyne tweet

Ted Kennedy died on this day in 2009 of the same cancer.....

McCain was an Admiral 's son, he didn't have to join. When a POW, he could've been released earlier

Houston security guard loses job for not aiding police officer with arrest

Avenatti: I'll film Trump's, Cohen's depositions and make them public

Note to Spanky McShithole ...

Let the countdown til Diarrhea-mouthed Donald spews something awful about McCain begin

Trump pays tribute to McCain

Lethal injection or gas? Alabama's death row gets to choose

Barack Obama's statement on McCain

12-year-old girl who fought armed robber honored by city

Obama statement on the passing of John McCain

Here's Obama's statement:

John McCain was an American hero, a man of decency and honor and a friend of mine

Fellow DU Veterans, sign in and salute Senator John McCain.

They raised $400,000 for a homeless man -- who claims they spent it on vacations, casinos and a BMW

12-year-old girl who fought armed robber honored by city

You might as well bury the Republican Party along with John McCain. They are the Trump party now

Steven Tyler comments on Trump usage of Aerosmith music

Former President Barack Obama Issues Statement After Passing of Senator John McCain

It was a grape. n/t

Manafort, Cohen cases reveal weaknesses in enforcement of tax and election laws

McCain died exactly nine years after Ted Kennedy.

Al Franken on John McCain's passing

Mueller May Have Information on Trump's Tax Returns

Fox and Senator McCain

Melania's Dad: A New American Citizen with a Record in Yugoslavia's Secret Police Files

Ohio State opener nears, but the talk is not about football

Chile court orders seizure of $1.6 million from Pinochet

R.I.P. Senator McCain

'He can't get rid of any of this': Trump's wall of secrecy erodes amid growing legal challenges

Perspectives on 9.9 Military Parade in Pyongyang and Xi visit.

Florida's red tide crisis shows how climate change will make the world an ugly place

What to say to your Trump loving relatives and freinds

Stormy: object of disdain, and the player who's winning because she's telling the truth

John McCain was on the wrong side of a lot of issues

Ask Ethan: Why Were The First Stars Much Larger Than Even Today's Biggest Ones?

Your Moment of Zen...

John McCain's Last Service to America

McCain passed... Kavanaugh confirmation vote...??

China, South Korea respond to Trump's criticism on North Korea progress

Freepers had little love for Sen. McCain

Reminder: McCain delivered the Trump dossier to Comey

Senator John McCain.

McCain's mother is still alive - she's 106!

John McCain was critical of Donald Trump until his last day.

There are many things about John McCain that I didn't like, and there are many things...

Both Barbara Bush and John McCain died within two days

U can continue using aborted fetal tissue for research

John McCain Dead at 81: My perspective as a 250 combat mission survivor (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia).

45's Instagram account just reposted his tweet about McCain with a photo... of Trump.

Stephen King with a tweet on Senator McCain.

Some statements on Twitter about the passing of John McCain

Who gets to represent Arizona in the Senate now?

Mollie Tibbetts murder case in Iowa gets pulled into Minnesota Senate race

Someone In Colorado Is Putting Up The Funniest Signs Ever

Put "RIP Senator McCain" on my FB page. No response from Trumper friends.

Twitter responds to Trump's ghost written "deepest sympathies and respect" tweet

So what do all the trump humpers

When will the Arizona U.S. Senate special election happen?

Justin Trudeau:

Joe Biden's statement:


Humans are complex

The decency of John McCain

538 says 73% chance Dems take the house in november.

Dear Raw Story writer Martin are completely and pathetically full of shit.

"Both parties are corrupt", they say

Can We Also Get Rid of Caucuses in Large States?

So Trump's McCain tweet was basically

You KNOW Spanky's head will be exploding ...

On the passing of John McCain, WH pool reporters are advised by @PressSec to refer to Trump's tweet

Sam Wang (PEC) has dems with 90% chance of taking House.

No Andrea, John McCain was NEVER going to win the 2008 election

Don't Just Impeach Trump. Annul His Presidency

Statement by President George W. Bush on Senator John McCain

John Kerry trolls Infowars for claiming he used an 'energy beam' to control Hurricane Lane

Sen. Schumer Proposes Renaming Russell Office Building After John McCain

Here's How Much Money You Need To Buy Different Everyday Items In Venezuela


Trump's Instagram account just reposted his tweet about Mccain with a photo... of Trump.

If The US Thinks Cuba Is Too Dangerous For Diplomats, Why Did It Just Ease Its Travel Advisory For T

If The US Thinks Cuba Is Too Dangerous For Diplomats, Why Did It Just Ease Its Travel Advisory For T

Hillary Clinton on Sen. McCain's passing

Clintons pay tribute to McCain

Fox takes a swipe at president Obama on Senator McCain

Is there anyone to replace John McCain in the Republican party?

AZ GOP Senate candidate Kelli Ward accuses John McCain of dying to push negative narrative about her

Steyer to launch $1M ad spot targeting Cohen allegations against Trump

Has anybody been over to the dark side ?

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in Washington and Arizona (NYT)

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will choose John McCain's replacement

Judd Legum: One example of how screwed up things are right now

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in Washington and Arizona...

FLIPPABLE: Beth Liston for OH-HD21

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover:

We are better than them

I am not feeling so good

Which US President is *dis-invited* to Senator Combat Veteran John McCain's funeral?

Harry Reid's tweet about John McCain

Will the Christian Right forgive him if he is a pedophile?

Federal appeals court upholds Texas campus carry law

Picked up a bottle of Smirnoff's Vanilla Vodka today.

Has McConnell issued any statements about McCain?

McCain's death and Kavanaugh's vote

'Mr. McCain, who served for two decades in the Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy

If I could change my name, it would be Rhys

What are you hearing about the Arpaio gambit

A movie I can't recommend highly enough.

John Kerry's statement on the passing of John McCain:

Magnitsky Act author/champion Bill Browder pays tribute to his ally, Senator John McCain:

And the award for most despicable, self-absorbed Senatorial Candidate of 2018 goes to:

Trump is NOT invited to McCain's funeral. What will Trump do to steal attention & make it about him?

How do you post a youtube video?

New Mexico GOP governor hopeful: Toll roads for oil traffic

Excellent Documentary: All the President's Men, Revisited

Murphy signs school bus safety bill

Murphy beats the heck out of Trump

Mayor Sergio Varisco, a close ally of Argentina's Macri, indicted on drug-trafficking charges

Thank you Prime Minister Trudeau for properly honoring American hero John McCain.

I've got a theory about conga players

If You Want To Know How Low The Modern Republican Base Has Sunk, Check Out The Fox News Site.

Everyone loves Hypnotoad

He never became President.

Nuns Arrested After Years of Alleged Physical & Sexual Abuse At Scotland Orphanage

Cuban 'acoustic attack' report on US diplomats flawed, say neurologists

Slate: The Great McCain Story You've Probably Forgotten

Cuban 'acoustic attack' report on US diplomats flawed, say neurologists

John Brennan on McCain's passing:

Crushing on Tharaud 😍 playing Chopin's "Ballade No. 1" I danced this. (Who cares.)

Do we know when Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity?

Some great new music from the PNW

It's a national security issue

Nafta revamp closer as Trump drops 'sunset clause' demand, Mexico says

Nafta revamp closer as Trump drops 'sunset clause' demand, Mexico says

President Trump's wall of secrecy -- the work of a lifetime -- is starting to crack.

Orthodox Christian Prayer to the Holy Spirit in different languages/"Fountain of Immortality"-

john mccain chats about vietnam, trump, and more on the view...last year

Watch Lindsey Graham get slapped in the face with his own words

The Green party will be fielding at least 224 candidates against Dems and Rethugs in Nov.

Trump is going to get his military parade after all. It's called John McCain's funeral.

Donald Trump's Instagram post about the death of John McCain features... wait for it...

John McCain favorability ratings by party via Fox News poll --


If you are attending an event to STOP KAVANAUGH tomorrow

(USA v Russia 1984) Chess: Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Tim Rice

DC Tribune suggests McConnell may be under investigation by Mueller

Kirsten Gillibrand on John McCain's Passing

Neo-Nazis, Counter-Demonstrators Rally In Swedish Capital

Getty Images TV: Spinner Dolphins

John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account

Gov. Murphy rejects 5-cent fee on plastic bags in New Jersey

Ana Navarro on John McCain.....

N.J. GOPers also help cover up any Trump crimes and misdemeanors

New Jersey voters could soon decide on $500M in school projects

AZ-SEN: Kelli Ward suggests John McCain statement on ending treatment timed to hurt her campaign

New Jersey just became the first state to help revive local news

RIP John Sidney McCain(R-AZ) 1936-2018

Nearly 100 years after suffrage, New Jersey women underrepresented in public office

CDC approves nasal spray influenza vaccine for upcoming flu season

A pill that stops you feeling hungry? It could soon be a reality



Report paints bleak picture of conditions at New Jersey's psychiatric hospitals

Judge invalidates parts of executive orders on unions

Guardian link to an overview of McCain's career

Has there been a statement from Trump about John McCain's passing?

Steps up attacks on Sessions

Mueller might have ugly info on tax returns, Bush's ethics lawyer says

One of these people is not like the others.

Impeach Trump: why Republicans, not Democrats are talking up the prospect

Republican nominee for Michigan Secretary of State once tweeted out her own Twitter password

Tweet of the Day

8 Pop-Tarts and a cigar is a good breakfast, right? n/t

Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

Cooking tip: You can make an excellent breakfast sandwich with 8 Pop-Tarts.

In Democratic New Jersey, Senate race is surprisingly tight

This practical joke is very time consuming, but well worth it.

Apparently, this is a new and improved way to respect our flag.

His ego and narcissism made him run for the Presidency, even though....

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Paper View Edition

Rick Wilson absolutely scorches Trump and his supporters with the flames of a 1000 suns

5 1/2 years in a hole

Homemade tomato sauce

30 years ago Mississippi was electing our 3rd New Democrat progressive governor in a row

Craig Unger uncovers ties between trump, Michael Cohen and Russian mafia.

I relate

As I'm reading the tributes to John McCain, I'm imagining what will be written about trump*

Worrying must work cause most of the stuff I worry about

Good morning folks, everyone please have a wonderful week

Everything must die for Trump to live

Nah! The republicans wouldn't do that! Would they?😏

Trump Meets QAnon Kook Who Believes Democrats Run Pedophile Cult

Let's hope at least some Republican voters are paying attention

WSJ Reporter on MSNBC: It's 'Very Likely' National Enquirer Would Have Collapsed if Pecker Didn't...

Do you think Melania took Dirty Don's smart phone away ?

TYT: Cenk Uygur sums up the complicated record of John McCain

Preet Bharara: "Nobody wants to hear from Donald Trump today"

John McCain funerals and tributes planned in Phoenix, Washington

Wow! Kelli Ward said that McCain hurt her campaign...

Has anyone seen the movie, "Solo" The latest Star Wars Movie? good, bad, outstanding, puke??

BTW Sarah Palin wanted to play the race card (Reverend Wright) against Barack Obama BUT...

Is there a secret Trump child? CNN discusses once-taboo topic...

Sick Freepers said McCain has been dead for months and his family kept him on ice.

If I could change my name, it would be Mxyztplk

An Avett Brothers Breakfast

I hope Trump doesn't say a word today

Chicago 1968: When it all changed

An Avett Brothers Breakfast 2

An Avett Brothers Breakfast3

Any chance that AZ governor Ducey might appoint John McCain's wife or

An Avett Brothers Breakfast4

GOP divided over midterm threat posed by Trump's legal travails

Today Mr. Shraby and I have been married 57 years!

Besides Twitter is there an official statement from Trump

An Avett Brothers Breakfast5

Insomnia sucks! But on the plus side,

In desperation, Venezuelan woman turn to prostitution to eat

How long before Trump trash talks McCain?

An Avett Brothers Breakfast6

John McCain's mom, y'all

An Avett Brothers Breakfast7

Be ironic though if Trump finally got his military parade past the White House...

Some people are sooo stupid. How stupid are they?

McCain, Beau Biden, and Teddy Kennedy all died from the same brain cancer.

Tune Trips: Post a Destination from a Song and How to get There

An Avett Brothers Breakfast8 What an amazingly beautiful song

Drain The Swamp!?

An Avett Brothers Breakfast9

Thanks to everyone today for not attacking

An Avett Brothers Breakfast10

Not counting Westboro Baptist

Has Lady Blah Blah weighed in yet

McCain requested Obama and George W. Bush deliver eulogies at funeral

Hyperbole's Champion, Master of Hypocrisy. . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump:

On the day of John McCain's funeral

Love how they used to write in the old newspapers!

An Avett Brothers Breakfast11

An Avett Brothers Breakfast12

Did Trump delete his cold tweet "honoring" McCain's family?

An Avett Brothers Breakfast13

I would say Lindsay Graham ought to be horsewhipped

listening again to Trump puzzling over why Sessions didn't warn him

ha ha, ESPN a sports network, so why not play the National Anthem if you don't want to be??

A man who asks the two men who defeated him for the Presidency to deliver his eulogy is...

Oy vey new polls from NBC/WSJ hope it changes soon:

Fire in Chicago apartment building kills 8, including 6 children

Things that made you a liberal

He was cantankerous, a hawk, and more often than not was on the wrong end of votes...

China 'developing electromagnetic rocket with greater fire range'

An Avett Brothers Breakfast13 Hope y'all dug it! Off to cook breakfast for me beautiful wife!

Joy just played this in its entirety - out of this world impressive Beto

A look at the life and fortune of John McCain

I thought we all told you to STFU!

Eric Trump says his father 'tunes out' criticism so he doesn't kill himself

Robert Schumann Symphony #3 "Rhenish"

Great Barrier Reef headed for 'massive death'

"Passed". "Passed away". "Passed on". When did it become verboten to say 'died"?

Well done, Rachel. Well done.

@HillaryClinton: People are mobilizing across the country today to #StopKavanaugh. Find an event n

For John McCain, it was always country first

Do we really have to dictate to each other what to post and what not to post?

FIFA bans Palestinian soccer chief for inciting violence against Messi

North Korea newspaper blasts 'double-dealing' U.S. after Pompeo's trip canceled

UPDATE: Neil Simon, Broadway's long-reigning king of comedy, dies at 91

Zephyr Teachout for attorney general: A standout in the Democratic field

Trump is re-tweeting himself so that the McCain tweet gets pushed W-A-Y down his timeline.

Wonderful anecdote about McCain from Obama speechwriter Cody Keenan

Disturbance brings early end to Salt Bowl football game in War Memorial Stadium

If I throw you a safety line, will someone report back on how Faux news is covering McCain's death?

Would you choose to "pull the plug"?

To honor Sen McCain requires 2 #JillsPins. One honoring him & all veterans & one honoring the countr

538 What John McCain's Death Means For The Senate

Russ Feingold: John McCain Was a Committed Leader. He Was Also Really Fun.

Aspirin disappoints for avoiding first heart attack, stroke

**BREAKING** Mollie Tibbetts no longer on Fox News (website)

Legendary Playwright Neil Simon Dies at 91


Happy 100th Birthday to Katherine Johnson!

Which Is Worse, The Bark Or The Bite?

Trump Still Has Not Acknowledged McCain

So with all the things that went on this week.,...

A Dum Groupie Shot - Ignorant and proud of it

I have a friend dying of lymphoma. He's in a long-term care facility.

Frank Conniff on McCain's death

Scranton, Pennsylvania, university building will now bear the name of Australian nun Mary MacKillop

Individual-1 is the polar opposite of a mob boss

(Not) A funeral for a friend - great meme ironically.

Iran lawmakers fire finance minister as economic woes mount

What a beautiful morning!

McCain's passing is going to be quite a problem for Trump.

Neil Simon has died, and I'm not feeling so good myself.

Fox news has disabled comments on EVERY YouTube

What exactly was the point of the DNC rule change for superdelegates?

"I will not take the low road to the highest office of this land"

Boxer walks out of ring seconds after fight starts

Lucinda Williams (Live), Car Wheels on a Gravel Road tour, 1998, Austin City Limits

'He is burning in Hell': Fox News commenters trash John McCain hours after his death (Raw Story)

Stevie Wonder Honors Sen. John McCain with Touching Tribute Tune: 'God Bless His Soul'

My Favorite Band Did A Tribute To Aretha Franklin Yesterday

Trump's Love Child - Wouldn't it be delicious if.......

Australian rent-a-grave law to be reviewed

John McCain will lie in state Wednesday, his birthday, at the Arizona Capitol

NBC/WSJ poll: Trump approval 'remarkably stable' after a stormy week of bad news

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 26, 2018?

What's for Dinner, Sun. Aug. 26, 2018

Symphony #7 Ludwig van Beethoven

My Little 2 Cents

Rosa Parks, the unsung heroine of #MeToo

If Donald wanted her locked up

I've looked at several sources but have not seen a condolence from Palin.

Al Smith Dinner 2008 (Full Video)

Woke up this morning with earworm: Sia, Chandelier

November is going to answer all the questions I have about the American people.

Sen. McCain to lie in state at the US Capitol (CNN)

hi,new here but curious

2020 US Senate Election Rating.

Destino - Walt Disney & Salvador Dal [1945 - 2003]

Huqoq Mosaic Depicts Israelite Spies from Numbers 13

NASA's OSIRIS-REx Begins Asteroid Operations Campaign (i.e. approaching target now)

Exxon Seeks Wind, Solar Power Delivery in Texas

GOP legislators seek to take power from North Carolina's Dem governor

Prison Reform

GOP legislators seek to take power from North Carolina's Dem governor

Avenatti: I will get to the truth and bring Trump to justice.

John McCain is exhibit one in my theory of Americans love for this country

Looks like the Northwest Passage Project research voyage will have to be put on hold

As liberals and Democrats we showed here the RESPECT due to a fallen hero, Captain (Senator) McCain

Sheriff reports "mass shooting" at Jacksonville Landing complex

TRUMPRAVDA, er, Fox News disables McCain stories comments on website & You Tube

Funny how Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric and Jared are rarely

I like presidents whose brains weren't captured by InfoWars.

Do you think you've ever been taken in by a false Russian narrative?

Sources: Mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing Sunday causes casualties

Transition Sunday

What will Trumpy Troll be doing on the day of John McCain's funeral?

Kelli Ward

Kinda at the U S OPEN.....

John McCain did something I can relate to as an American, It has become rare.

TX-SEN: Win or lose, Beto O'Rourke will help Texas Democrats

Hillary Clinton: John McCain Understood in the Marrow of His Bones What It Meant to Be American

Baltimore Sun Columnist Wants Reverse Fact Checks on Trump: We Should Just Assume He's Lying

US Embassy in Vietnam announces new fellowship in honor of McCain

Mollie Tibbetts' death being used to spread 'racist, false narrative,' relative says

Flake: McCain's voice was 'never more important' than in Trump era

Flowers, tributes offered for McCain at Vietnam War crash site

Oh No! Just now - a mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL at a video game tournament!

Duncan Hunter Jr on FOX throwing wife under the bus

Texas is going green: 86% of future capacity solar or wind, zero coal

Dear Jeff Flake; go fuck yourself

No More Billionaires

This is not going to be a good week for Trump?

Mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Symphony #9 "Choral" Ludwig van Beethoven

About that alcohol study.

Donna Brazile: GOP talking about impeachment more than Dems

Watching Bowie 5 Years

S.African farmers 'furious' over Trump land reform tweet

2020 is a better year for Democrats to regain control of the US Senate than 2018.

Mass Shooting at Madden in Florida. Live audio. Go to 26s. Very disturbing!

For your Sunday listening pleasure, I give you:

American nightmare continues unabated

Re: Jacksonville. How to arm gangs and criminals.

A brief history of Gov. Rick Scott doing jack shit about Florida gun violence

On the one hand, we have a War Hero. On the other, there is a Whore Weirdo.

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election cycle could be similar to 2006 and 2008 US Senate Election cycle.

So about Trump and genocide

Happy Second Amendment Martyrs Day!

Now he's a problem because he is telling the truth....

What if Ben Quayle gets appointed to the AZ US Senate seat?

I see the Con has dropped the

The world that we live!

Fact check: Under no circumstances is a 44% presidential approval rating 'remarkably stable'

Experiencing the Presence of God

What do they want?

Allen Weisselberg, the Man Who Knows Donald Trump's Financial Secrets, ...

Jacksonville natives

Jemele Hill, a vocal Trump critic, is reportedly leaving ESPN

Arizona governor to wait until after McCain burial to announce Senate successor

I Just Hacked a State Election. I'm 17. And I'm Not Even a Very Good Hacker.

CNN - Jacksonville Mas Shooting. One Shooter. Shooter Is Dead

Need help....a clock radio, with large numbers, and easy to set up.

FLIPPABLE: Debbie Katt for FL-HD57

Ipad videos I took won't play on PC

Some anchors on Fox News say President Trump is lying about Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels

Tweet wins the Internet ....

Just returned from a Resist gathering to protest appointment of Kavanaugh. There were only

I just unsubscribed/unfollowed a Political Opinion "personality" because of negative shit...

Horrible realization

North Koreans Complain about US Military Exercises

Daily Reminder: you know who didn't get indicted?

Anybody else hearing from "Dave, your local carpet cleaner guy" multiple times?

Afghanistan Islamic State leader 'killed in air strike'

video surfaces of Trump commenting on baby Tiffany's breast size. prepare to cringe

Symphony C Major Georges Bizet

American Priorities on Gun Violence, per Mrs. Betty Bowers.

President's self-approval ratings remarkably stable

Scoop: Republicans secretly study their coming hell

Congratulations, Hawai'i!

McCain Death More Important To Media Than Mass Shooting

Police find a mannequin suspiciously wrapped like a dead body

New Python Hybrid May Spell Future Trouble in Everglades

This historic moment

Repuke Spreadsheet meticulously previews investigations that Dems will launch when they flip House

Politically wise, people born in the 1930s were truly the lost generation.

"Sign those NDAs kids...don't make me put you in cages with the others"

From the New York Times today. Well thought out.

WAPO OPED: W/o Mccain and Bob Corker, congress loses any checks on 45's corruption

This is both good and bad for Dumpster

LePage hospitalized after 'experiencing discomfort'

We were talking about State Fairs,

The Trump Crime Family

Red Don tweets condolen-oh wait

Bill O'Reilly gets owned (RE: Molly Tibbets):


Senate candidate Kelli Ward suggests McCain timed pre-death announcement to hurt her campaign

From 'not a war hero' to 'sympathies': Trump tweets on McCain's death, but feud continued to end

The crime: Working on your car while black

Once, Baltimore institutions were proud of Ben Carson

NYT: Kremlin sources go quiet leaving CIA uncertain about Russian plans for midterms.

Not enough evidence to impeach Trump?

Cohen pleaded guilty to felonies. Trump falsely said they're not crimes

Jacksonville shooter was a gamer who lost.

We often hear lies about women who cannot do a job..Choose Hillary or Drump..

This Train

In New Mexico, where life off the grid is common, compound suspects struggled

So which ex-Presidents will speak at the Orange One's funeral?

Student gun control advocates protest outside Smith & Wesson

Police: Driver damages dump truck protecting Trump motorcade

Former CIA Director Takes A Big Shot At Trump While Honoring John McCain

Woman accused of leaving kids home alone in house that had no food

Racial slur found at black culture center at Duke University

Wrong-way golf cart driver stopped on Phoenix-area freeway

If your skies are clear tonight you can see the full moon and Mars

Norwegians are funny

Melania Trump Hails Park Service Birthday. Guess How Well That Went Over.

'He is burning in Hell': Fox News commenters trash John McCain hours after his death

Stormy Daniels says she's willing to testify before Congress

Would it be a crime if Donald Trump was on a secret phone line to Vladimir Putin...?

If true, nothing would please me more.

Thousands of People Across the Country United to Protest Brett Kavanaugh

Jacksonville councilman on shooting: We've got a problem with guns and faith

Reporting in from the STOP KAVANAUGH protest

Giffords slams Congress over inaction after latest mass shooting

Yeah, but how do you *really* feel, Drew?

6yo boy assaulted, hospitalised after trying to protect friend from bullies

Senator McCain's body will lie in state at the Capital Rotunda on Friday

Chickpea pasta? A review.

Meet an ivory trafficker's 'worst nightmare'

Tommy Chong Talks Weed, Bernie Sanders, and Smoking with Snoop While Eating Spicy Wings Hot Ones

Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain

Number of mass shootings so far in 2018 per country:

Nancy MacLean *Democracy in Chains* The Right's Plan to Rule