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All this in the news, Mueller knew about a loooong time ago

First Term US House Members running for the US Senate in 2020?

Madame President

Re: Kavanaugh----We said "what about Judge Garland?" They said: (crickets)

Juno, the story of my Cat

AZ and TX could have 2 Democratic US Senators in the next 2 years.

OMG, Hill,

Your Moment of Zen...

Washington plans to sue Trump Administration over Clean Power Plan rollback

Adelsons shell out $25 million to keep Senate in GOP hands

Congress, Do Your Job

Cohen's lawyer on Trump Tower meeting: Cohen was 'present at a discussion with' Trump and Trump Jr.

Lawyer: Cohen witnessed Trump's 'awareness' of hacked Dem emails before they were released

I love this! Let's make it viral!

Mueller investigation gains new momentum

Cohen Wasn't Alone: Records Suggest Others in Trump Circle Had Role in Hush Money Arrangements (NYT)

All the Damning Allegations Against Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter


To drink, or not to drink....

Flake backs effort to rein in Trump on security clearances

Let's just end the speculation, he isnt talking to Mueller

Rick Wilson: Manafort, Cohen, Omarosa: This Is How It Always Ends for Trump's Scuzzy Friends

Can Mueller Indict the Trump Organization?

Tonight's Number

I wish I had a big bowl of Polish Salad

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Lost in Space!

Today, DU is brought to you by the number Eight........

These Republicans Co-Wrote A Bill To Protect Mueller: Now They Won't Push For It

At a time when Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a crime, we shouldn't confirm ...

Lawyer: Suspect in anti-gay killing struggled with sexuality

Donald Trump starts petition pushing ESPN to show national anthem on 'Monday Night Football'

Poll: Mueller approval rating jumps 11 points

Trump claims he's innocent, no collusion, done nothing wrong, "Witch Hunt. We will find out!

Bottle Of Red Wine

Who is your pick to take the next fall?

Officer suspended for using stun gun on man holding baby

Wait a second. So Cohen gave a "tech firm" money, right? Trump blamed a "400 lb hacker" in debates.

Trio of Tropical Cyclones in the Pacific take aim at Hawaii, South Korea and Japan

Rachel tonight. Fascinating.

Urban Meyer Is Suspended for 3 Games by Ohio State

Good samaritan intervenes when fake Uber driver offers teen a free ride

2 tweets, and no mention of Rigged Witch Hunt 17 Angy Conflicted Democrats no collusion No Collusion

WTF? The Black Crowes do disco?

Catholics seek encouragement as World Meeting of Families opens in Dublin

Don't miss Rachel on her re-run tonight.

What does Michael Moore mean by "The Last President of the USA"

Georgia school superintendent placed on leave

David Frum: The country now faces a choice between the Trump presidency and the rule of law.

Sean Hannity depletes global supply of tinfoil fashioning himself a lovely bonnet for tonight's show

Aimless Peacock

Big oil asks government to protect its Texas facilities from climate change

New satellite will bounce light off air to measure winds

Trump doubles down on Tibbetts case, it is now political strategy for November.

Another shoe drops: Nat'l Enquirer providing details: "INCLUDING MR TRUMP'S KNOWLEDGE OF THE DEALS."

Space Force news! From the Department of Satire

"Wonderful" Paris Dennard was fired from his previous job for alleged sexual harassment

Maybe Trump can flee to Russia and phone in his resignation


Trump's I Am Not A Crook tweet: "The only thing that I have done wrong is..." #TickTickTick

Anti-Trump billboard put up in New Jersey: 'Our leader the idiot'

What's your top 3 Floyd tunes?

Apologies for this Super-Dull Recap of the Week's Exceptionally Boring News (Ferret/Shower Cap)

"Cohen's father urged him not to protect potus-saying he didn't survive the Holocaust to have his...

hurricane diary - the queasy feelings you get when disaster may be imminent...

*** WOW- National Enquirer's Pecker says Trump knew of payoffs to Stormy and Karen in advance ***

50 years ago - and I still remember like it was yesterday.

Trump is going to be brought down by sex addiction.

Trump Administration Is Using Federal Disability Law To Disenfranchise Minority Voters

8 hour Turkey gestation/Jedi Mind Trick

Meanwhile, onboard the "Trump Train..."

Trump having a problem with his Pecker.

Slate "Donald Trump Is Losing His War on Truth"

What are the chances that Pence would doublecross tRump?

CNN Suspends Contributor Paris Dennard Following Sexual Misconduct Report

There's cosmic justice that Trump's Pecker might culminate in his demise.

Okay, this gone sound crazy. But if Pink Floyd and Gram Parsons had a baby.......

'A new low': Conservative robocall tries to exploit Canadian MP's cancer diagnosis

NYT "Donald Trump's High Crimes and Misdemeanors"

Hatch...good riddance you f'ing piece of shit.

Dear Trump Humpers, Please Continue To Follow Him...

Okay, this gone sound crazy. But if Pink Floyd and Gram Parsons had a baby.......2

Maine moose observes yoga class

The lies, distortions, and confusion of the facts ...

Trump: American farmers can suck my big trade war and shove their soybeans up their ass. But..

Trump: Who is Michael Cohen?

Door #2....

Okay, this gone sound crazy. But if Pink Floyd and Gram Parsons had a baby.......3

Trump cornered

Impeachment is like a bowl of Quaker oat meal.

Pic I am stealing from Bette Midler

Okay, this gone sound crazy. But if Pink Floyd and Gram Parsons had a baby.......4

Trump is STILL a racist.

Cohen paid unnamed tech company $50K

Former Bush Speechwriter Elise Jordan on MSNBC: Trump's Base Knows "tRump is indeed a scumbag"

For Donald and his Cult

Speaking of Gram Parsons....

Lawyer: Cohen witnessed Trump's 'awareness' of hacked Dem emails before they were released

So where will the extra $16 trillion come from to pay for Sanders' plan?

CLASSIC picture of Cohen leaving the court building yesterday.

Speaking of Gram Parsons....2

When the National Enquirer is talking to the Feds about your mistresses, you're pretty well hosed.

BREAKING: Betsy DeVos Is Said to Weigh Letting School Districts Use Federal Funds to Buy Guns

Aug. 23 Senate Vote, New CFPB Head: Nominee,*Family Separation Immig. Policy OMB Chief

Pay Per View....GOLF. _____Tiger and Phil 11/23/18

this election is no longer about D vs R

Dan Rather: Trump - Flock of Felons

Wondering: If Rump does pardon Manafort,

NEW: In an interview on Fox News, Manafort juror says there was a SINGLE holdout for the 10 counts

Trump Sure Did Pick The BEST Crooks, Liars & Thieves And It Includes The GOP & Its Leadership.

What did D.U. know and when did it know it?

Hilarious. Fox News insists crimes aren't crimes.

Manafort juror: One juror prevented jury from convicting Manafort on all 18 counts

Far Away Eyes

Australia (Liberal Party) Government on verge of collapse

Beto got a fresh new do!

Don't Bogart That Joint. Always time for Little Feat

Wow...Beto O'Rourke..This young man has something.....(running against Ted Cruz in TX)...

Trump is tweeting about the supposed oppression of white farmers in South Africa

Hawaii hurricane not currently covered by the weather channel. Praying for their safety.

Always time for Little Feat 2


Always time for Little Feat 3

G'night DU

Wooden Spoons

Poll: Mueller approval rating jumps 11 points

Tweet of the Day

Democratic U.S. Reps from Texas call for impeachment

Dogwhistling to alt-right, Trump - cued by Tucker Carlson - tweets about South African farmers

In my mind, this is what his daily routine has turned into

(Jewish Group) Trayon White paid back constituent fund for 'inappropriate' Nation of Islam donation

It's kind of fun to ask a question one day, and the next day to hear Rachel saying she knows

Magpie Salute - Color Blind

I need to buy an air conditioner or two.

Construct a joke, using the words: Astronaut, Pecker, Tang, Trump & Uranus

Jeffrey Epstein civil trial set for December 4th.

Looks like Donnie is losing a little sleep over all this...

Donald Trump is Developing a Pecker Problem.

TNR's Jeet Heer responds to 5-word Trump "WITCH HUNT!" tweet by quoting Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"

FLIPPABLE: Allison Russo for OH-HD24

Jim Carrey tweet

Florida GOP maintains lead over Democrats in early primary voting

Manafort Juror: One Holdout Blocked Conviction on All 18 Counts

Rachel Maddow And Lawrence O'Donnell Just Became The Top Two Shows On Cable TV

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull digs in

Trump to the rescue of white South African farmers.

Guess who cannot sleep tonight

Harris County Republican Party Challenge to Voter Registration in Minority Areas Deepens

Federal Court Orders IRS to Repay Texas for ACA Tax on State Medicaid Programs

Undocumented Workers in Houston Awarded Thousands in Wage Theft Settlement

WSJ: Donald Trump Friend Pecker Provided Details On Michael Cohen Payments - The Last Word - MSNBC

San Antonio Researchers Find Potential New Defense Against HIV Virus

Trump Considering Pardon For Paul Manafort, Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt Says

Some Slovak selections by: Mucha Quartet and Josef Suk

After Michael Cohen's Plea, 'How Many Other Smoking Guns Are There?' - The Last Word - MSNBC

"Quiet City" by Copland, LSO performing

Uruguay awaits ex-president Mujica's next political move

Demographic Shifts And Inadequate Cost Reimbursements Spell Trouble For Rural Hospitals

Mexican negotiator suggests there is no need for Canada to rejoin NAFTA talks after U.S.-Mexico reac

Drug tunnel to Mexico uncovered in kitchen of former KFC

Drug tunnel to Mexico uncovered in kitchen of former KFC

The Rachel Maddow Show 8/22/18 - MSNBC Full Show

Vincente Fox Gets Heated in Interview With Eric Bolling: 'Mexico's Not Going to Pay for That F***ing

Vincente Fox Gets Heated in Interview With Eric Bolling: 'Mexico's Not Going to Pay for That F***ing

Konni's 25 Percent Sales Tax on Texans

Trump calls on Republican leaders to fund US-Mexico border wall following the death of 20-year-old c

Trump calls on Republican leaders to fund US-Mexico border wall following the death of 20-year-old c

New drone shots show isolated Amazonian tribe in Brazil

New drone shots show isolated Amazonian tribe in Brazil

Rio residents allege abuses by military and 3rd soldier dies

Rio residents allege abuses by military and 3rd soldier dies

Japan fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt

Jailed Lula's Brazil presidential poll lead increases

Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs

Crowds surge beyond capacity as Beto visits Lampasas

Steven Tyler sends cease-and-desist letter to Donald Trump for playing Aerosmith at rally

Trump asks Mike Pompeo to look at South African land seizures and 'large scale killing of farmers'

Poll closures in mostly black Georgia county galvanizes civil rights groups across USA

Paris knife attack: Two killed, one seriously injured

This shit show fox and friends trump "interview"

Link to live discussion on no-deal Brexit planning

Police: Man urinated on black girl, called her racial slur

Coconut oil is 'pure poison', says Harvard professor

SEC charges venture capital fund founder with fraud

Michael Cohen's clumsy payments provided prosecutors a crucial paper trail

In spite of what you have heard, the people working in the White House are actually very polite.

The Clock is Ticking on Florida's Mountains of Hazardous Phosphate Waste

Thursday TOONs - Admiral Crackedbar Edition

Trump whines in interview that it should be illegal for a defendant to "flip" on higher-ups.

Ohio State suspends coach Urban Meyer, AD Gene Smith

Water Levels Hit Record Lows On Danube River; Hungary Shipping Snarled

Manafort juror says 'one holdout' kept jury from convicting on all counts

Trump, make yourself a nice warm glass of burger grease, sit back, and watch this all day.

Why Trump has to pardon Manafort?

Senator Chris Murphy On Impeachment And Delaying The Kavanaugh Hearing - All In - MSNBC

Trump on Impeachment: 'Markets Would Crash' and 'Everybody Would Be Very Poor'

REPUBLICAN ad running this week!

The Republican Party of my parents' era would've stood up to this tyrant.

3 GOP Candidates For FL Ag Commissioner Have Taken $1 Million+ From Big Sugar, As Blooms Foul Coast

Seven Casualties- The Politicial History Of Australia's Utter Inability To Deal With Warming

I thought at the time a mistrial was declared very quickly. Now I think we know why.

Ari Fleischer: If Trump Pardons Manafort, 'I'd Consider Impeachment'

Trump: 'I don't know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job'

Trump says Jeff Sessions 'never took control of the Justice Department'

Trump tweeting at 1 AM:

Trump's racism and promotion of white supremacy knows no bounds (South Africa)

Crazy Candace Owens, defending Paris Dennard, warns of media "lynchings" of black Trump supporters

Last nights final Trump tweet of the day...simple, yet powerful, eloquent and presidential.

Trump: Michael Cohen Flipping Against Me Should Almost Be Made Illegal

Racism keeping minimum wages down? Alabama ruling could help poor Texans. [Editorial]

Lie After Lie After Lie About Coal, Energy As Shitstain Talks To "Real Americans" In West Virginia

US declines invitation to Russia-led talks on Afghanistan

About "flipping"-- the pumpkinfaced wankmaggot has it half right...

Trump rally supporter: "Get used to it. Trump for 8 years."

Court Ruling Makes It 3 Straight Losses For Shitstain In Ham-Fisted Attack On Environmental Law

There Is No Bridge That's Too Far for Trump's Republican Party

Lol. Trump: 'I Think Everybody Would Be Very Poor' If I Got Impeached

if the R's were smart, and of course, they are not

TIME cover: In Deep

Don't Expect Much In Southern Congressional Races As Far As Environmental, Energy Policies Go

Exclusive: Michael Cohen told Congress he doesn't know if Trump knew about Russia meeting

Hello from Europe DU friends

Betsy DeVos is reportedly considering letting schools use federal funds to purchase guns

Biden "incredibly proud" of former admiral who rebuked Trump

Treason within?

Feared DNC hack was actually a security test

Slate "We Already Know Trump Is Betraying His Country"

On FOX: Juror, a self-described Trump stalwart. Didn't want Manafort to be guilty. Decided he was.

'He's Unraveling': Why Cohen's Betrayal Terrifies Trump

slate "The Kavanaugh Rule"

Senate Could Be Tied up For Weeks Voting on Trump Nominees

TPM "Dems Will Stay Mum On Impeachment To Avoid Galvanizing GOP Base Before Midterms"

China slaps back at latest United States tariffs in trade war escalation

FOX News is a disgrace!

Trump on Legal Issues: I Get 'Good Information by Watching a Number of Shows'

You know what will be fun about the post-Trump GOP?

Microsoft Bug Testers Unionized. Then They Were Dismissed

South Africa Hits Back at Trump's 'White Farmers' Tweet: He 'Seeks to Divide Our Nation'

Former FBI agent on Manafort: Flipping on Trump is nothing compared to double-crossing Putin.

A hostage situation.

A Tweet from the Wall Street Journal: Re: Cohen

Trump gives himself a grade of 'A+'

I'll tell you where the collusion is. It's right in front of us.

TIME Magazine's New Cover Shows Trump Drowning Behind Oval Office Desk

Noah Rothman is insufferable

Trump: Cohen was "not somebody that was with me that much. I would see him sometimes." #CoffeeBoy

BTRTN: It's My Pardon and I'll Try If I Want To

Report: Betsy DeVos May Allow Schools Use Federal Funds to Buy Guns

BTRTN: It's My Pardon and I'll Try If I Want To

David Duke praises Trump for tweet about 'large scale killing' of white farmers

Duncan Hunter indictment scrambles California election plans

Russian media report: Russian made telecommunication equipment w supplied encryption installed in WH

Trump: "Without this thinking you would would see numbers that you wouldn't believe."

Trump reassures Fox's Ainsley Earhart that neither she nor her colleagues are enemies of the people

Convicted Trump Lawyer Claims Trump DIRECTED Mistress Hush Money Payments

Trump-Russia Dossier Author WINS Libel Case in Court

Trump bitching how hard he works on econony but: Fed signals it won't flinch on Rates...

Anatomy of a Crime: Sex, Hush Money and a Trump Fixer's Guilty Plea

Iguana with mad photobomb skills

Say Nope to the Pope: Irish snap up tickets to see pontiff - with no plan to go

Maybe eating biscuits and gravy was cheating on my diet! Then again, maybe the diet was


Kitten trap.

Pentagon cafeteria company investigated for wage theft

Mueller ready to move knight into checkmate?

Rudy Giuliani Calls on DOJ to Investigate Hillary Clinton: 'Wake Up. Where's the Indictment?'

Kroger, America's largest supermarket chain, bids farewell to the plastic shopping bag

Preet talks with Joyce Vance - must-listen podcast

Catholic church covered up abuse. Can RICO laws treat it like organized crime?

Morning Joe with Mika?

Catholic priest beaten by man saying 'this is for all the little kids'

They're forming in a straight line. Rudy's losing his mind. Hey, ho...let's go, DOJ.

South Africa tweets show 'morally debased' Trump 'will do anything' to change the subject from Cohen

"Come and Find Me." Excellent thriller.

Can you smell me now?

The Trump Rally Drinking Game.....

3 men accused of sexually abusing animals 1,460 times

Paris Dennard, alleged sexual harasser!

Cyclone Lane On Course to Hawaii

Get your FREE GOTV postcard kits from Tom Steyer of Need To Impeach

Mika mocks Trump for tweeting 'no collusion' at 1 am: 'Something keeping him up at night?'

The way the payments were made is probably not as important as why and how they were made?

Step right up, take a spin on the felony wheel

Get your FREE GOTV postcard kits from Tom Steyer of Need To Impeach

'A new cherry put on top': Trump scandal fallout hangs over midterms


Trump cartoon from USA Today

"Manafort's face should be on the $20. How's that hyperbole?" Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Twitter Video: What are the Koch Brothers Hiding?

The End Is Coming, Mob Style - by Joe Conason

Giuliani And Trump As Hall And Oates: "Truth Isn't Truth"

Statewide Investigation on Priest Child Abuse Called for in Minnesota

Hong Kong doctor 'killed wife and daughter using gas-filled yoga ball'

Ainsley Earhardt Walks Back Her Earlier Report That Trump Considering Manafort Pardon

Russia says 63,000 troops have seen combat in Syria

Trump- snitches get stitches

Michigan mom says 911 refused to send help with 2-month-old trapped in hot car

Trump: I was just the coffee guy

D-Day veteran, 94, has home ransacked by thieves as he returned to Normandy

Is there anyone who didn't secretly record Trump?!?!

Doed anyone here use a vape pen or e-cigarette?

Just approach this entire scenario as if we have a mob boss running the Oval Office

Lyft to offer 50 percent off on rides to polls on Election Day

Sears is closing another 46 stores. Here's where

Chayote, beet, and celeriac slaw recipe

Trump gives himself a grade of 'A+'

Our government was designed to function with three equal branches.

Advice for Cohen:

Manafort juror reveals lone holdout prevented Mueller team from winning conviction on all counts

How soon until junior gets frog marched?

Can one of her suporters tell me, what is this???

1st sweep in Dodger stadium since 2006


The beleagured Attorney General. (sniff, sniff)

"Early this morning the president drew a handgun on his former lawyer Michael Cohen & shot him dead"

Republicans in heavy voter suppression mode in Texas

A Republican Congressman Was Accused of Using Campaign Money to fly his pet Rabbit

Don Lemon on the Republicans' silence about Manafort and Cohen

Denmark embarrasses Fox News for report full of lies that backfired (VIDEO)

Not just misleading. Not merely false. A lie.

Musk, Trump, and the Second Gilded Age

People of color have reason to consider police at best suspect

Time's long game with these covers is pretty epic

This image suggests Trump is really starting to feel the pressure:

What to know about South Africa

Duncan Hunter embraces the smash-mouth tactics Trump learned from Roy Cohn

DNC Says Attempted Cyberattack Wasn't Russia. It Was A Test From Michigan

So apparently they were selling Mueller Ain't Going Away hats ...

"Insatiable" on Netflix

Seven years ago today, the Middle Atlantic states were rocked by an earthquake.

Falsely says Cohen's actions weren't crimes

Duncan, Republicans, and the truth

If it comes to it, who would Pence pick as new Vice Prsident?

Trump Brings Up Clinton, Podesta, Cohen, Strzok, Sessions To Avoid Manafort Pardon Question

Was A Country Destroyed, Too?

A chyron for the ages

And here is the Trump administration in a nutshell:

Time: Nothing to See Here, Stormy, In Deep

If I was DJT, I would be planning my way out now. I

Ex-prosecutor stunned by Trump's new Fox interview: Only 'mob bosses' hate witnesses who flip

Mark Taylor: Trump Hired Omarosa As Part Of A Brilliant 'Reverse Op'

Let's get something straight; The Economy is Not Doing That Well

Should and could there be another election before 2020 if election was hacked?

John Brennan shares some inspiration

Great Read- Trump's Nuclear Option

Do we have confirmation that the killer of Mollie Tibbetts is a legal immigrant, yet?

WISCONSIN..537,000 people voted in the DEM primary, compared to 456,000 on the R side.

Here's Donald Trump's brilliant strategy to sell his dirty-coal plan: Troll the libs!

It's a good day to remember that Donald Trump would rather see a black man kneeling in protest

The Rundown: August 23, 2018

The Rundown: August 22, 2018

The Democrats must rebrand themselves as the "Law&Order"-party to voters. Now.

Art of The Week: Week of 8/22/18

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/15/18

Seventy percent of Americans support Medicare for all in new poll

More store managers arrested for not catering to Chavismo "fake low prices"

Reality Winner, Who Leaked A Secret Report On Russian Hacking, Gets 5 Years

I'm going to post this here so I don't step on toes in GD

Funny this comes out after Trump euphemistically called Michael Cohen a rat...

Avenatti Files Motion to Expedite Depositions of Cohen and Trump

Discover local Dem activities & sign up

GOP Waits On Collins Replacement, Fearing Domino Effect On Ballot.

NYU's Move To Make Medical School Free For All Gets Mixed Reviews

Taoiseach to discuss abuse scandal with Pope Francis

That Juror Would Probably Vote To Convict Drumpf, Then She Would Vote For Him

This bad air quality is playing havoc with the health of my patients.

I don't want a President Pence. I want to keep Trump around as a pinata. *

Ohoopee River Bottom land seemed to be a hit yesterday, so here's some more Larry

Moonrise Kingdom

Murphy investigating NRA-branded firearm insurance that critics call 'murder' coverage

I received my tRump Baby Balloon!

Pic Of The Moment: Felon Convicted On Multiple Charges Deserves "Such Respect!"

It's All Downhill From Here

Here's what Trump has done during the last (roughly) 12 hours.

Brash, Confident and Democratic: How Bernstein Symbolized America

McCaskill, Hawley walk tightrope in response to Manafort and Cohen

Brash, Confident and Democratic: How Bernstein Symbolized America

The politics of the Mollie Tibbetts murder and immigration is one example of why...

Using The Americans With Disabilities Act for Voter Suppression.

He Stopped Loving Her Today

A perfect question for Ken Starr

Senate shouldn't confirm a justice who believes that presidents "are virtually above the law"

GOP Believes They Cannot Be Stopped From Creating A GOP Dictatorship In US.

Reality Winner sentenced to 5yrs. & 3 months...

Trump: 'Flipping' should be illegal

Going for Broke - The story of the One Puka Puka

Happy National Sponge Cake Day! 😋

Graham Says He Expects Trump to Oust Sessions After Elections

Cheerleaders cut from squad after taking a knee

silence is not all that Cohen appears to have purchased

Alabama pastor asks church to pray for Trump, against witchcraft attacking him

Pierce: No One Should Need a Tape of Him Using a Racial Slur

The Seattle smoke condition has dissapated....

On this day in baseball in 2012, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee took to the mound and....

NELSON - Wake Up for Christ's sake

Avenatti renews motion for jury trial naming Trump and Cohen as defendants.

Oh there is a "deep state" alright

Time to Clean Out the White House Litterbox...

Pecker flips on Trump in exchange for legal immunity, corroborates Cohen's accusations.

Any updates on typhoon heading to Hawaii?

CNBC **BREAKING** Feds Gave Immunity To Pecker In Cohen Probe

More parallels to Hitler's Germany

Let's talk about homicides!

Oh, g*d, now they're doing parkour

I think the new uniforms for the Space Force

National Enquirer boss David Pecker gets federal immunity in Michael Cohen case

WashPo: If Trump was illegally 'elected' can he be indicted?

The "RATS" are jumping ship...

Looks to me like Rod Rosenstein saved America

I tried explaining to my three year old niece that it's normal to accidentally poo your pants. But

Pence was chosen by Manafort

Connecticut Governor - Democrat Lamont holds big early lead

Pretty Please

A falling out among thieves.

Symphony #6 "Pastoral" Ludwig van Beethoven

CNN: South and North Korea want a peace treaty. What happens if the US doesn't?

Immunity For Pecker Means Charges For Trump

NYT Charles Blow "Search Your Souls (What's Left of Them), Republicans"

Jeff Sessions fires back at Trump: 'I took control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn

Sessions "Improper influence" sounds like obstruction of justice to me.

Let's make this an epic thread.

How many sealed indictments are there already. Please.

Infrastructure Week is now officially Demolition Week

Sessions responds to Trump

Fox News Talker Runs for Al Franken's Senate Seat

Hawaii braces for Hurricane Lane

So the Con says you can't impeach someone who is doing well with

Republicans today remind me of The Iraq War in 2006-2007

Buoy report near Lane

Way out at sea. I just posted this in response to the Pecker immunity article on the Hill.

"Lock Her Up...Lock Her Up."

It was the third of June, another sleepy dusty delta day!

Republicans Show Their True Colors

How can anyone look at our military spending - & say we can't afford Universal Healthcare?

Lock Them Up! Lock Them All Up!

I think one of the threads Mueller is following is almost completely dark to the media and . . . .

How we get no Kavanaugh vote.

Dick Cavett's Watergate : A great telling of how Watergate developed.

In the end, no one can really state exactly how much Medicare for All will cost or save money.

Manafort Jury Verdict Released-deadlocked 11-1 in favor of conviction on 10 of the charges.

Duncan Hunter and wife plead not guilty; released on bond

Trump just doesn't get it at all!

Sade - Jezebel

Nominee for HuffPost Headline of the Year.

Duncan Hunter walked into the courthouse this morning to chants of "lock him up." (via ABC)

Virginia Dare's unwanted legacy: A white nationalist-friendly website called Vdare

Bette Midler Tweet: "Looks like we are close to the season finale"

So when will Sessions flip on Trump?

This whole devolving babblefest of tRump digging himself and the GOP a hole

Trump's interview with Fox's Ainsley Earhardt following the indictment of Don Jr (yes, I wrote it).

Robert Reich's proposal: ANNULMENT of Trump's presidency.

Apparently there are tapes of American Media (Pecker) and Trump


WBUR, Here & Now & Paris Dennard

Who says "If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash" if there is no chance....

Read into this what you will...

Duncan Hunter and his wife plead not guilty to charges they misused campaign funds

ReTHUG leadership is not merely complicit,

Trump attacks aren't working: Support for Mueller probe jumps 11 points

Tea Pain for the Twitter win today, August 23...

Nine out of 10 doctors agree that one out of 10 doctors is

Some people ain't no damn good. You can't trust 'em, you can't love em

A little reminder of what contributed, at least in part, to us ending up w/Capt. Cockroach.

Immigrant Parents Coerced By DHS, Signed Away Rights to Reunite With Children

...every Trump action is tainted by the crime that helped propel him into office.

Trump is being taken down by Pecker, a Porn Star and a Playboy Bunny...

The Manical Misery Tour

The Bad News for Trump is Accelerating.

Pro-Trump Manafort Juror: 'Overwhelming' Evidence; Didn't Want Him to Be Guilty 'But He Was'

Tell me someone interesting/not in the headlines to follow on Twitter

Trump Put a Low Cost on Carbon Emissions. Here's Why It Matters

Can Trump afford to free Sessions to flip by firing him?

Top Republican Shoots Down DeVos' Idea to Arm Teachers

Pecker is Deep Throat

Wow, the jokes are writing themselves today.

Medicare for all, doing the math....

Ed King, former guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd who co-wrote 'Sweet Home Alabama,' dead at 68

Dillahunty vs D'Souza -- November 28 -- NYC

Rick Wilson flattens Trump after his rambling Fox News interview: He's a 'terrified old man'

What's Missing From the Medicare for All Debate

Michael D'Antonio pitches; tRump hits a Triple.

David Pecker granted immunity in Cohen case (CNN video)

NYT: Cohen did not act alone in Trump hush money payments.

It's a Federal Grand Jury indictment

Seth Abramson: Sessions will end up being either a cooperating witness or a target in the Mueller

White House blocks bill that would protect elections

"Holy Shit, I Thought Pecker Would Be Last One to Turn":Vanity Fair & Trump's desperation to deflect

Pecker Rolling on Trump Is the Least Surprising Thing In the World - By Josh Marshall

Trump under fire for claim of 'large scale killing' of white farmers in South Africa

To the right wing lurkers who think I'm celebrating convictions and guilty pleas with glee.

BREAKING: Court Again Thwarts LePage's Attempt To Slowroll Medicaid Expansion

Gov't Report: Trump Admin Actions Depressed Obamacare Enrollment

University faculty on strike in Argentina

Seventy percent of Americans support 'Medicare for all' in new poll

University faculty on strike in Argentina

The moron gives himself an A+ grade

Rudy Giuliani: Impeaching Trump would mean 'people's revolt'

Dr. Dena Grayson: Cohen wants to tell Mueller Trump discussed release of Podesta emails...

Has anyone else gained weight since November 2016?

White House Press Briefing - Bad Lip Reading

I'm not saying the machines are rising, but ...

Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio's New York home is vandalized with hate speech and pro-Trump political

Updated-Charlottesville: Jacob Scott Goodwin gets 8 years for beating of DeAndre Harris

"There are 'vote for Brown' signs all over the wheat fields".

Trump's own EPA reveals his entire attack on the Paris climate deal was a fraud

Arrgh! Ali Velshi keeps misdefining what Impeachment means

1st Annual Trump Family Special

House and Senate Republicans are all complicit

Hey, Donwald! While You're Fretting over the Bad News This Weekend,

Coming to Virginia: National Debate On *Death With Dignity*


What a week... any guesses of what's left for the Friday news dump?

Trump biographer: Donald Trump is the third generation head of a white-collar criminal family

New York City road sign made to read 'F--k Trump'

Remember he said that he had no relationship with either Stormy

Did everyone here read the Vanity Fair article about Cohen and Pecker?

Trump sought his lawyers' advice weeks ago on possibility of pardoning Manafort but...

OMG! Have you seen this? Talk about "fake news".

The Definative Story Of A Trump Lie

GOP Plan.Let Trump Shut Down Mueller/Fire Sessions. Do Zero.The Invite Russians To Help Win 2016

Move over, Musk: Kalashnikov unveils 'electric supercar'

Mueller Needs To Act Soon And Decisively. War Drums From GOP Beating Loudly.

My doctor just told me to kill some people! Not in those exact words. He said "You've got to start

Will trump be President on January 1, 2019?

The trump administration has a new mascot:

Trump believes the ends justifies the means in all situations.

Senate Republicans have message for President Donald Trump:leave Att. General Jeff Sessions alone

White House blocks bill that would protect elections

I Was a Lawyer for Spiro Agnew. President Trump Should Consider Resigning.

IMHO, The Most Hilariously Ironic Thing About Trump's Fux & Friends Softball 'Interview.'

Latest Buoy reports on Lane- buoy appears to be in the eye.

Just stumbled over a great facebook page on Blum: Cardboard Rod Blum

70 percent of Americans now support Medicare for all ....

VP 'Uptighty Whitey' Pence is in downtown New Orleans forking up traffic right now.

37 percent of Trump voters think there have been fewer scandals under President Trump

Nicole about to air/discuss Beto's great rant on the NFL players

NSA contractor gets more than 5 years for leaking info about Russia hacking attempts

"Deeply disturbing": Citadel Military College officer charged with sexual assault

Now that the Truth has it's pants on and has Shitler on the run, how much longer until the Lies

Trump rips Cohen for 'flipping,' praises Manafort in exclusive FNC interview

US and China raise tariffs in new round of trade dispute

The GOP needs Boner to come back and team up with Pecker.

There is probably a somewhat new take on the term

No, Mr. Trump, a Chevy Camaro Doesn't Cost $119,000 in China

Is it time to start building the Guillotines yet?????

Bill Maher Contributes $1 Million to Democrats' Senate Majority PAC (EXCLUSIVE)

Finally watched Beto's speech

slate "Could this week's Manafort and Cohen developments finally do real damage to the Trump ..."

Anybody remember the Vice President name?

Andrew Janz, Devin Nunes opponent for Congress, is still being outspent nearly 2 to 1.

Hunter protesters: 'Nobody is above the law'

Both Don the Con and noun/verb 9/11 realize

I think I'll take a pass!

Rude Pundit for the win. Again.

I'm going to ask a question,, please be kind to me :)

Charlottesville: Alex Ramos gets 3 years for beating of DeAndre Harris

When The U.S. Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers

So when Trump says "best people" I think...

My husband is funny....

What do you call a doctor who graduated medical school 399th out of a class of 400?

Trump tells Sessions fentanyl dealers should get the death penalty

Highly unconventional ice skater

Two new books on New York Time's Top 5 Nonfiction Bestsellers List

First discovery of an ancient-human hybrid

Exclusive: Bill Maher Contributes $1 Million To Democrats' Senate Majority PAC

China Russia Joint Military Exercises

Fox not attacking the pecker?

***August Photography Competition*** Results. Yay!

Cuomo backs allowing state law to apply to those with federal pardons

Truthful Tweet about Reality Winner's sentence

***August Photography Competition*** Results. Yay! Posted

Why the US has campaign finance laws that Michael Cohen broke, what their history means for Trump

First discovery of an ancient-human hybrid

Trump Admits to Federal Crime on Live Television

Donald Trump is Going to Pardon Paul Manafort

Can a speaker of the house who's been appointed president via succession choose her own

hurricane update - not much going on yet in most areas

BREAKING: Randolph County elections consultant fired over proposal to close 7 of 9 polling places

DU gets noticed by a GOP Senate campaign.

NYMag's The Intelligencer: The Endgame for Trump Comes Into View

Everyone Who's Been Charged as a Result of the Mueller Investigation

Sought his lawyers' advice on pardoning Manafort

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 23, 2018

Muslim Woman Says TSA Forced Her To Show Her Bloodied Pad During Airport Screening

With everything that happened this week, almost forgot about Allen Weissberg!

She pegging him

**BREAKING** AP National Enquirer's Pecker Hid Trump's Secrets In A Special Safe

Best dress-down EVER of Dump and why he should be impeached IMMEDIATELY

AP: National Enquirer's safe held damaging Trump stories

Senate passes measure to require disclosure of drug prices in TV ads

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 24 August 2018

The Blue Wave Rises, Con't. Beto O'Rourke has a real shot against Ted Cruz, and this is why.

Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

Teacher charged with having sex with eighth-grader on class trip

MeToo - another one bites the dust - CNN ReTHUG. Paris Dennard

Lyft Announces Half-Price (And Free!) Rides To The Polls For Midterms

49ers trade away their last original anthem-kneeler

Fired Texas cop testifies he had no choice but to shoot car

Has anyone else started sniffing glue since November 2016?

Jo-Ann Fabric creates online petition over tariffs

Number of Monsanto Lawsuit Plaintiffs Jumps To 8,000

Breaking: DeAndre Harris beaters, Sentenced

Abortion opponents lose appeal in fetal tissue research case

Speaking of sniffing glue!

If someone was to slip some Odor Eaters inserts into Sean Hannity's shoes---

Great job by Tom Steyer on MSNBC just now. He will make an outstanding president in 2021. (eom)

**They're insane ** The Trump White House Circulated A Memo That An Obama Cabal Was Out To Get Them

The fact Deplorables still support Trump demonstrate they hate us with the heat of a thousand suns

Scientists find perfectly preserved ancient foal in Siberia

Before Norman Bates, Leatherface or Buffalo Bill there was Ed Gein!

Rights official: Italy is unjustly holding migrants on boat

Why is Mrs. Papadopoulos on tv right now?

Trump's pick for consumer agency, 'has no qualifications for this job'

Most startling statement by Shitler...that prosecution witnesses should never get immunity.

To The Greatest Page-Donald Trump's Mafia Mind-Set

The Conspiracy Memo About Obama Aides that Circulated in the Trump White House

Massive Pyramid, Lost City and Ancient Human Sacrifices Unearthed in China

Retailers study shows more Trump tariffs could cost consumers $6 billion

Twitter Bots and Trolls Fuel Online Discord About Vaccines

"Flipping" people was a tactic often used by a federal prosecutor back in the 1980s in NYC...

Gamma-Rays Spewed As a Black Hole Forms Might 'Reverse Time'

A 55-Foot Fin Whale Washed Up on a Massachusetts Beach. What Killed It?

Woohooo! Season 2 of Ozark drops on Aug 31.

As SummerForPA and Innamo have demonstrated in Pittsburgh, we can win seemingly impossible campaigns

Luckovich-Stars and Stripes

What's in the "SAFE"?

Senate Committee Narrowly Confirms Kathy Kraninger To Head CFPB

Brazilian presidential candidate weighs attending debates

Dylan Howard of American Media...

Argentine authorities carry out raids at Fernandez's homes

The Scathing Atheist

I know it's wrong to objectify people, but I love a good pair of knees...

Mexican poppy producing state pushes to decriminalize opium

National business group goes after McCaskill in new TV ad

Yep, seems legit...

Donald Trump talks like a mob boss -- and reminds us he has no idea what he's doing

Have you seen Jim Carrey's latest?

Man charged with hate crime for his disturbing outburst at Delaware Pride

My former urologist is a dick! For a couple of years he was pushing a procedure he helped develop.

Geraldo Rivera just found out how racist

Old article on fear might be appropo for the WH:

Standing up to Airbnb's lies to protect housing in California

Colombia arrests organizer of 'narco holiday' that killed 24

Scientists Stunned By a Neanderthal Hybrid Discovered in a Siberian Cave.

Airbnb is trying to stop California's cities from protecting their housing supply

A porn star, playboy bunny, and a Pecker bring a pussy grabber to his knees.

In Colombia, bullfighting is okay again

Prediction: New Indictment Coming

Michael Cohen's dad helped persuade him to flip

Casey & Wolf maintain double digit leads in PA


(Rep. Duncan) Hunter blamed his wife for anything amiss.

Donald Trump, David Pecker, and Michael Cohen walk into a bar


Christian Right Up in Arms Over the Gaying of Musical Oklahoma!

Movie "monsters" you felt sorry for?