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Did a "Killer Clown from Space" receive Miami Herald's GOP endorsement?

7 Things that Cannot Be Recycled (and What to Do with Them)

A beautiful writer, provocative thinker, and old friend, Tom Clark, has died.

Horrible news, there is a Russian oligarch named Valdamir Potanin who owns a contract...

McCarthy quietly wages the other midterm campaign -- for House speaker

Rough seas to pound Hawaii as Major Hurricane Lane nears this week

Question on the Manefort trial:

Netanyahu and Bolton discussions focus on Iran nuclear program

Drought reveals remains of German 'Atlantis' in lake

Hooters Is the Proudly 'Tacky' Restaurant Chain That Just Won't Die. Here's How It's Thriving!

BREAKING !! "Trump Threatens to Yank Security Clearance from Frederick Douglass"

So who's the bigger nerd?

Brian Klaas: The fate of hundreds of millions of people lies with a man under criminal investigation

McGahn seen as 'undercover operative' in Trump's White House

Hillary wrote a school excuse note for this student...

Michael Cohen's lawyer says he's talking to Watergate's John Dean

Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming Nick Hanauer

Trump's gag orders undermine the First Amendment

Adam Spickler makes California history as first trans man to hold elected office

'Time to start firing bullets into these f***ing monkeys': Racist NJ candidate withdraws from school

Kamala Harris prepares for moment in the spotlight

President Good Brain Turned a Veterans Meeting into the Dumbest Movie Debate of All Time

It snows here every Sunday.....

Omarosa: "(Betsy DeVos) does not care about your children."

Arizona Republican claims she doesn't know what the alt-right is as infamous white nationalist joins

Saw Blackklansmen today

'I ain't nothing without my wife': 98-year-old Luther Yonger walks 6 miles roundtrip to visit hospit

Heartless Florida high school cafeteria workers deny child lunch on first day over 15 cents

Never in my lifetime did I think I'd see a POTUS disparage John Dean

Listen to this. It is a smooth and strong groove

Should Burns' poem 'Such a Parcel of Rogues' be rewritten for T and his gang?

Explaining Trump's innocence is the equivalent to 14th Century astronomers trying to explain ...

Let's flip Issa's seat blue!

Rhode Island congressional candidate fills Facebook page with conspiracy theories

Sport or Sellout? Debate Rages Over Gold Medals for Video Games

Dan Rather: "Let's retire the trivializing euphemism "white collar crime." A felony's a felony..."

Day Lily at Dusk

Brennan says he's willing to take Trump to court as battle heats up over revoked clearance

The top search spot returns a "hit" site for Sean Casten

A tale of 2 headlines

Matt Brown ad brands Raimondo as 'Republican in disguise'

Im going to BurningMan!

FLIPPABLE: Ned Claxton for ME-SD20

When your cat is more thug than you

This is really quite magnificent, folks. Very significant.

Bill Maher Aug 17th

NYPD Officer Allegedly Broke Into Nashville, Tenn., Family's Home, Hurled Racial Slurs

Alabama Training Days Rolling With The Tide EP 2 - 2018

Swalwell running in 2020?

Margaret Atwood - so prescient. We are listening to Handmaid's Tale as a book on CD

Australian prime minister abandons greenhouse gas target

2 lawmakers vow to push -- again -- to raise R.I.'s limit on sex-abuse suits

You Are Taught To Hate, And Fox News Is One Of The Teachers..

Dems to challenge Kavanaugh for White House records

KKKobach is saying his platform is defunding schools. Please help us. We can't afford him

Democratic Nominee Wants To Talk About More Than The Economy

Mayor Orders New Manafort Drive Sign To Stop 'Fake News'

The Daily Show: Trump's Critics Lose Their Security Clearance & A TSA Agent Busts a Move

Reilly, Ace of Spies

Ghouliani's "Truth isn't Truth" is nothing new - remember Scottie Nell Hughes on Diane Rehm

Beijing basks in bluest skies in a decade as campaign against smog pays off

Are you ready to rumble?

State Democrats rally for unified cause

Tuesday hearing is first step toward federal concrete help

Maduro has a plan to fix Venezuela's inflation -- which may make things worse

CNN: Prosecutors considering charges against Cohen by end of August (NYT)

Markley, Sampson continue to fight SEEC fine after judge dismisses appeal

Beto O'Rourke and Willie Nelson!

Community gathers in Washington to talk Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

The Most Important Races of 2018

FLIPPABLE: Louise Valentine for OH-SD19

Galloway campaign calls McDowell's finances into question, McDowell says attacks are 'wildly inappro

Thank goodness trump never went to Viet Nam

'Hard-Rock Excavation' Begins for Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile

Cole County Prosecutor declines to file charges against Greitens, again

First science with ALMA's highest-frequency capabilities

A galaxy 11.3 billion light-years away appears filled with dark matter

The planet KELT-9b literally has an iron sky

Socioeconomic status may explain racial & ethnic disparities in childhood cancer survival

The Interior of Ceres

Chile's Congress Set To Indict Judges For Releasing Torturers

Chief Prosecutor Tries To Rush Lula's Candidacy Review In Electoral Court

GNS Science unveils new explanation for volcanic forms in the Tongariro National Park with new geolo

WSJ: Military Faces A Sweeping Turnover Among Upper Commanders (could be an ominous sign)

Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement

Missouri Ordered to Pay $113 Million to Prison Guards For Unpaid Overtime

"Georgia Elections Board To Close 75% Of Black County's Polling Places"

Ex-Fox News analyst: Trump is a danger to the US

This delicate little treeswift is the best mum

The Dems need to focus A LOT of attention on protecting our voting system--and making it THE NEWS.

A paper battery powered by bacteria

DDT Metabolite in Pregnant Women Linked to Autism in Kids

Great Barrier Reef hiding priceless tech treasures

Psychedelic Medicine 101: DMT and the near-death experience

Orthodox Christian: 'Feastday of the Dormition, The Repose, The Falling Asleep of The God Bearer,

St. Louis Area Company Rejects Black Women For Having "Ghetto Names"

MAGA - Many Are Getting Arrested

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Trade

Missouri Democrats Delete Platform's Pro-Life Welcome, Reversing July Vote

Wind energy potential dwarfs today's electricity use, report says

Is it possible that Trump is innocent?

Texas doctor found guilty of raping sedated patient. He won't serve any prison time

k-9 gets new toy

Dear diary day 576 of the magat shit show

Kansas race for governor poses a complex math problem with crowded ballot

Fast-food workers sue Overland Park-based firm, alleging misdeeds by managers, unpaid hours

Great personal speech by Peter Dinklage!!!!

Sanctions against KPMG and Senior Statutory Auditor in relation to the audits of Ted Baker Plc

Citigroup to Pay More Than $10 Million for Books and Records Violations and Inadequate Controls

Almost first call for day one of eighth grade

North Carolina acts deep blue with state worker minimum wage

Lawmakers, competitor, await answers from Missouri on questionable Medicaid bid

(Jewish Group) Islamophobia And Anti-Semitism Underline How Toxic The UK Is Now

(Jewish Group) Malaysian Prime Minister Defends His Right To Be Anti-Semitic

Gov. Parson ousts Missouri's top cop

***August Photography Competition*** Final Round - VOTES NOW CLOSED

***August Photography Competition*** - FINAL ROUND NOW OPEN FOR VOTING

Some ofthe Freepers are into "Pyramid Power..."

To the Coal Miners going on Faux News Today

Icon of civil rights visits state: Rep. Lewis campaigns for Democrat, urges people to vote

What exactly is trump accusing Hillary of? All I hear is "Hillary's emails" OK ..what about them???

Legislator stalls 20 University of Arkansas colleges projects

Hi this is my first time I've felt comfortable

Serious question

Michael Cohen is not looking well.

Blow: Nixon, Clinton and Trump - The more Trump is cornered, the more he mirrors Richard Nixon.

(Bootleg) Bill Maher with Malcolm Nance

I have a question for Attorney-General Rudy Giuliani:

Monday TOONs - Everybody has bone spurs Edition

More than 175 additional alumni of top national security jobs are joining the bipartisan outcry

"Truth isn't the Truth"!

The Rundown: August 17, 2018

I want my flag back.

The NY Times Endorses Zephyr Teachout for NY Attorney General

Finally we got a fighter to fight trump

Gretchen Whitmer announces Garland Gilchrist II as running mate

Report: Asia Argento Paid Her Own Sexual-Assault Accuser $380,000

Trump: "Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller is just someone....looking for trouble."

Shots fired at gate of US Embassy in Turkey; no one hurt

Trump Opens Fire on 'Discredited' Mueller and His 'Thugs': 'National Disgrace!'

Detained Dads: ICE Re-Separated Our Families as Punishment

Rudy Giuliani was Always a Fraud (IAFF Video)

'There is no happy ending': Morning Joe says Trump and Rudy have gone 'through the looking glass'

I would not fire Rudy G. as my lawyer.

Nancy Pelosi Mocks GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy for Not Knowing How Twitter Works

Trudeau shuts down heckler: "Racism has no place' in Canada"

Summer weather is getting 'stuck' due to Arctic warming

Happy 70th Birthday, Robert Plant!

A profound commitment - by Tom Tomorrow

Giuliani Clarifies 'Truth Isn't Truth' Comment: 'Not Meant as a Pontification on Moral Theology'

Barack Obama Shares Five of the Best Books He Read This Summer

Imagine the kind of sleep Trump gets.

Jake Tapper/ on claims about the Koch Bros funded study on health care costs

Trump blocks Wisconsin farm cat on Twitter

Did Donald Trump mistakingly think he had attorney/client privilege with Don McGahn?

"Rudy Giuliani, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

Glacier Park fire grows to nearly 8,000 acres, prompting evacuations and warnings

Strangest panhandling sign.

19-year-old Montana pilot faces danger to fight California fires

'Don't worry, Donald, prison isn't prison.'

Oh, Photoshop. You prevail as the great equalizer when we are told the truth is not the truth.

Has Trump made a statement about Kofi Annan? n/t

Trump, "Where's the Collusion?"

I woke this morning KNOWING my call to service for democracy. What's yours?

William Shatner has discontinued his new line of ladies lingerie.

Oh no.

If the Manafort jury does not come back with a verdict today...?

Deplorable behavior in Quebec

Trump has only himself to blame for 'boneheaded idea' to let McGahn talk with Mueller

We Now know the Source(s) of the McGahn Story

This meme never gets old

Endangered Species Act is Endangered

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Bacon 🥓 Lovers ❤️ Day 🌞!

We don't know who leaked what Trump said to the Russians in the White House about Comey.

"Is the president okay?"

Article: Donald Trump would deport Melania if she divorced him, claims Omarosa

I think that Manafort didn't defend himself because he expects a pardon before sentencing

Trump is in my prayers every day...

This makes me laugh & cry at the same time.

Pope Francis: 'No effort must be spared' to tackle Catholic Church's abuses

US Rejects Request To Trade Pastor For Relief From Fines Against Turkish Bank

Bannon: GOP Would Lose House If Election Were Held Today

Melanie says that social media can be destructive and harmful if used incorrectly

Avenatti Says He's Still Considering 2020 Bid During New Hampshire Visit

Combative spy chiefs cause permanent damage in anti-Trump crusade

The Blue Wave Is Obscuring the Red Exodus

Jane Fonda will be live in studio with Stephanie Miller today..

CNN Runs Segment Identifying U.S. Companies That Made Bombs Used to Massacre Civilians in Yemen

Here's the transcript of Trump's remarks at a New York fundraiser last week

The most intense and dangerous period of the Trump presidency is about to begin

When will the crudlicking gop defend Mueller from drumph's attacks?

Rose McGowan Reacts to Report Asia Argento Sexually Assaulted Underaged Actor: 'My Heart is Broken'

Avenatti Says Trump Not Intelligent Enough to Debate

Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

Team Trump Still Lying about Trump Tower Meeting

The 'Failing' New York Times

Jr. is in Deep Poop and Daddy Trump covered up for him.............

The next couple of weeks

Kirk, a female Border Collie, watches herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge.

Tears, hugs, arguments as Korean families reunite seven decades after division

Don the Con- Brennon is not the worst CIA head but you are

He still hasn't visited the troops

Facepalm Deluxe.

Republican Rick Scott sends a bilingual message in Florida race: He's not Trump

The world's biggest shipping company warns Trump's trade war will hurt America more than anyone else

New Single 'Fifi Rong x LO - The Crown'

Do we have a prison suitable for holding a former pResident?

Making a statement - Trump Bus in Europe

175 Former National-Security Officials Join Protest of Trump's Move on Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan

Coal vs Wind

Senator Sanders: ''What Does Democratic Socialism Mean?''

Manafort trial Day 15: Jury meets for third day as Trump-fueled political cacophony grows

We all live in a Yellow Submarine

Liberals crushed in SCOTUS spending war

Chump and his Ghoul lawyer are becoming more unhinged every day.

Sex, lies and DUIs: GOP dumps oppo on Dem House hopefuls

Report: Asia Argento Reached Settlement Deal With Sex Assault Accuser

''The Fact-Checkers Are Clueless''

Russia accuses US of torturing Butina.

Avenatti: "I am setting a personal goal of helping raise raise money for Dems in at least 20 states"

Republican who still owes taxpayers $84K for sexual harassment settlement lashes out at 'f-tards' fo

Yet again, Colombia vows to curb mass killing of social leaders

Judge Ellis has held two bench conferences with attorneys this morning, both put under seal

Is Melania a Troll or something??

Nathan's Hot Dog Honcho to Host Trump Fundraiser in the Hamptons

The Magic Trees Of Niger

Police: Man yells 'Jesus is coming' before stabbing toddler

Soybean and pea farmers scramble as China and European trade missions cancel visits

Shipping giant warns Trump tariffs 'could easily'

I've been retired for a dozen years, but those Dominionist Protestants were making waves

I've been retired for a dozen years, but those Dominionist Protestants were making waves

The fact is that victims of sexual assault tend to assault, and/or be assaulted again.

Name a contemporary movie that will count as an outstanding classic in 30 years.

'He won't sue!' Trump dares John Brennan to sue him over clearance revocation

Need a Private Investigator?

Rep. Eric Swalwell: I Am Considering Presidential Run After Midterm Elections

so this is what an oompa loompa looks like when it is old

"Part 2 of CONFOUNDS THE SCIENCE (SEQUEL)" Don Caron Parody Project

Tell Me Again How This Is Not Collusion

Johannes Brahms Symphony #1

Summer weather is getting 'stuck' due to Arctic warming

Kavanaugh said he opposed giving any 'break' to Clinton on Lewinsky affair (WP)

Someone has been peeping in my window!

How 'The Trump Virus' Weakened Ben Carson's Baltimore Legacy

Trump slams "the Jeff Sessions "Justice" Department...A total joke!" for not firing Bruce Ohr

'Truth isn't truth': Rudy Giuliani has an epic meltdown over Trump testifying

"MR FORTY-FIVE" Parody of Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel Don Caron Parody Project

Did she just pronounce poignant, "poy-g-nent" RE: Trump spokes lady...

TЯump sent 100 tweets last week -- none in honor of fallen Green Beret

Trump's disgraceful use of the word "disgrace"...

Former Calvary Temple deacon indicted on sexual abuse-related charges in Loudoun

"What has Trump done wrong?" Eric Garland responds.


The Fact-Checkers Are Clueless

Northam calls Aug. 30 special session to redraw House districts

Latest Attraction at French Theme Park: Crows That Pick Up Trash

What happened to Bill Finger?

Bret Kavanaugh Is A First Rate Hypocrite and Political Judge - By Josh Marshall

Eagles Greatest Hits now the #1 selling album of all time

Trump's Real Record of actual achievements within his first year in office as president.

Clarence Thomas' Wife Ginni Posts Far-Right Meme Mocking 'Radicalized' Parkland Shooting Survivors

Remember the good ole' days of Potatos and Tanks killing your Pres. hopes

Brett Kavanaugh memo detailed explicit questions for Clinton

Is anyone here a "councel"? And what does it entail?

Stone Kettle on Tomi "Insight Queen" Lahren's latest epiphany

We are literally being advised to stay inside in Seattle because of smoke.

GOP Plan & Goal. Lock Nation Into Irreversible Decline. Then Use Chaos To Take Total Power.

"SPACE FORCE!" ("Love Boat" parody from Sandy and Richard Riccardi)

Trump's trillion-dollar-plus deficits are putting America on a path to fiscal ruin

Trump Taunts Brennan, 'Worst CIA Director': 'I Hope' He Sues Me!

As Trump Dismantles Clean Air Rules, an Industry Lawyer Delivers for Ex-Clients

Backlash against Trump grows as almost 200 former US intelligence officials sign letter over Brennan

Ladies and gentlemen, the alt-right has formed a supergroup. Their first single: PizzaGate is Real!

My first gut reaction reading this thread of QAnon conspiracy followers was to laugh at ignorance

An unhappy IT marriage ends - state and Northrop Grumman split at midnight Friday

Our friend keeps borrowing money from me...

Walking Dead - Season 9 spoilers

Chris Christie feels Trump is getting "bad legal advice"

Catfucious says...

it looks like drumpfy is setting up his "I had incompetent counsel" legal defense, because,

Who will write our History - a documentary movie

Trump's Strange Tweet About Joseph McCarthy

Trump supporters aren't immoral or even amoral, they do have moral values

Issa and Gowdy conspired with Hillary to cover up her crimes

I will keep saying it, til I am blue in the face...CONSPIRACY...CONSPIRACY...CONSPIRACY

Hope this fact will not hinder Walz

Manafort Judge called out: 'Mr. Trump, you're here for what?' Journalists and lawyers were startled

Last month Trump started calling it "Muller's Rigged Witch Hunt" not just the "Witch Hunt".

How the hell do you eat, thru a straw?

First meetings don't always go as planned...

I would not bet on McGahn being the next John Dean....

Overlooked Friday News: Sources support Sen. Nelson's claim about Russians hacking Florida

It's the only way, otherwise they won't pay attention...

"Truth isn't truth"

About the "sex abuse" by the Catholic clergy

Gonna take a wait see. On this.

Pure speculative question. Was McGahn wired?

Florida Judge Throws Charter School Amendment off Ballot

We still have a majority with more than two brain cells....YEAH


Sequester this jury already.

Chavista prisons boss demands that El Pueblo rat out any economic counterrevolutionaries

Tom Steyer: Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill

Luckovich-New Book cover-A very Stable Genius

AOC: "The restaurant I used to work at is closing its doors. I swung by today..."

Could you imagine Brett Kavanaugh interviewing a rаpe victim?

They can crossover water but not with oil on top...

"I proved that Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States"

Man Who Sexually Assaulted Airline Passenger Convicted, Could Face Life In Prison

Trump Ramps Up Criticism of Fed. Chief Powell

I thank @jaketapper for admitting his "fact check" on Medicare for All was not factual ...

Because Cui Bono Posted that BT&H Crossroads

Trial lawyer: Giuliani's bumbling cable news spots have put Trump in 'significant legal peril'

Speaking of vintage recipes: Donut Prune Salad. I wonder why this recipe never took hold.

Father, son attempt to drive through wildfire

Watch the NFL's first male cheerleader make history

Takes more than two brain cells...

track change - heavy rain likely tropical storm winds more probable hurricane lane

'A smokestorm is imminent': Spokane's hazardous air now worse than Beijing and Delhi combined

Pick Your Side! You Have to Choose a Movement Name!

Question about Medicare 4 all, how would it cost more than the current system?

Man Arrested By CHP After Reckless Bay Bridge Sideshow

The world owes Sinead O'Conner an apology

Can I ask a question here? What in the world in going on in Florida with all the dead marine llife?

I was on the receiving end of a good news story.

'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Dire Climate Warnings

'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Dire Climate Warnings

Giuliani: "My client could not have murdered the victim. He was burying another body at the time."

Professional Women Are Coming for the GOP

Democrats say John Bolton worked with Russian Maria Butina.

I just early voted in Orlando

TRAFFIC ALERT: All southbound lanes on I-95 at MM158 in Prince William County is closed

No Free Gasoline (Ever)

I have been hearing, 'Hard to imagine that the jury will acquit on all counts'

Chicago police riot -28 August 1968

So, what would the officer candidates at the hypothetical Space Force Academy be called?...

If I was in a club, and I found out...

19 months into #TrumpSewer: Coal jobs have dropped in Eastern Kentucky. Income has followed, new rep

Following SPLC lawsuit, court strikes misleading Fla. ballot measure that would have eliminated loca

Top Democrats Seek Information On Bolton's Security Clearance

Black nurse sues Michigan hospital for honoring patient's racist request

"A blowhard duel to the death"

Melania Trump Calls for Good Behavior on Social Media. Her Husband Unleashes More Attacks on Twitter

Putin Reportedly Close to Firing Giuliani

Inside Trump's Judicial Takeover

Brett Kavanaugh Urged Graphic Questions in Clinton Inquiry

CNN airs a mortifying montage of team Trump waging battle against reality

TV characters that you found so annoying you quit watching the program?

Trump says DOJ official should be fired over role in Russia probe

Never in American history has a President been

"We have the people...and we're gonna WIN THIS FIGHT!" - @SenSanders #APWUnited

Signature count comes up short for recreational marijuana petition, Oklahoma secretary of state says

Miami Herald endorses House candidate who claims aliens took her aboard a spaceship

As @BernieSanders said, our election in Florida can change the entire course of the country.

"His Lies Are Truth!"

I before e except after c

Help Protect Pre-Existing Conditions and Stop Kavanaugh

Wife speaks out after ICE detains husband just before baby's birth

Trump: Bob Mueller is 'looking for trouble'

Baby Cheetah is not amused...

AP sources: Prosecutors preparing charges against Cohen

Sidelining Science Since Day One

Trump firsts...

"He speaks perfect English."

How Donald Trump made me love privileged men. LATimes

Pollsters: Trump and GOP are losing young, female voters permanently

World's Youngest to Backflip a Bike- Brody Ervin (Age 6)

Nuns on the Bus announce their 2018 bus tour itinerary.

President Prickly Pants

Funk so strong you can smell it on the laptop monitor

Is the Vatican still harboring known pedophiles?

NOAA: El Nino Forecast / Winter 2018 - 2019 (70% chance -- but there's a catch)

David Hogg, After Parkland

A new project is documenting the history of #LGBTQ people in the Deep South

New Jersey Principal's Purchase of Washers and Dryers for His Bullied Students is an Act of Love

Michigan health director will face trial on Flint water manslaughter charges

Trump's Base Has Become Too Delusional for the GOP's Own Good

How Guatemala is sliding into chaos in the fight for land and water

Wise words

Giuliani: 'Truth isn't truth'

Why do American CEOs get paid so much?

Nearly Three Days Later, Jake Tapper Admits CNN "Fact Check" on Medicare for All Was, Uh,

This Ben Wittes MSNBC segment on why Trump is upset is a real knee-slapper and MUST SEE TV.

Too many Americans die on the job. Are things about to get worse?

Exclusive: Pentagon raises alarm about sharp drop in Iraqi refugees coming to U.S.

Chelsea Clinton says she has not ruled out running for office

Bill Kristol to Rudy Giuliani--- (about John Brennan)--After a three-martini lunch?

Trump is guilty. He cannot win. Rudy and his other lawyers should tell him the truth.

WATCH: Trump Keeps Calling CBP 'CBC,' Says Officer 'Speaks Perfect English'

Sixth Mass Extinction Ushers In Record-Breaking Wildfires and Heat

Manafort jury to deliberate until 6:15 ET, then break for the day

Giuliani Attempts To Taunt Brennan Into Suing Trump: 'You're Not A Blowhard?'

Butterflies at the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles:

John Bolton worked with Maria Butina, Dems want to see security clearance info.

Bredesen rally tonight at Marathon Music Works!!!

"The pen is not mightier than the AK-47" NYT journalist tweets latest voicemail threat.

Trump on border wall: Democrats 'don't mind crime'

I had a minor traffic accident 3 weeks ago and have posted nothing on the net about it,

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #3 in E-flat Major, Op. 55 "Eroica": I.

Poll: Most Americans think Trump doesn't 'hire the best people'

A 'Fireball' 40 Times Brighter Than the Moon Shoots Across Alabama Skies

The moment America-hating Freepers realize they are clueless girlymen about NFL football

Another promising Democratic candidate from MA's 3rd district...

Brave Man take control of Killer Bull

Beautiful Portraits of the Standing Rock Sioux

Herbal Fireworks

Pakistan's new P.M. to scrap hundreds of staff and move to three-bed home

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 20, 2018

YAY! The Nuns On The Bus are back!!!! And off to Mar-A-Lago!

Automakers unite against proposed Trump tariffs

"We're in this together."

Falwell Jr. killed student newspaper articles critical of Trump: report

Judge: 'Corrupt' health chief Lyon heads to trial on Flint crisis manslaughter charges

Sources: Trump unsettled by McGahn's 30 hours with the special counsel

Priest's Facebook posts 'inappropriate and unacceptable,' Miami archbishop says

Prices are higher already at walmart. Went today and boy, did I notice the hikes.

Republicans slam Jason Isbell, Ben Folds as 'the unhinged left' ahead of Phil Bredesen rally

On MSNBC: Ali Velshi just reported Trump wanted to deny Obama briefings.

Typhoon Soulik moving toward Korea

Mueller's Plan Comes Together, Right On Time

Tesla starts expanding its massive solar array at Gigafactory 1

Calico Basin (Las Vegas) - a short hiking video testing out a $20 phone hung from a $4 neck bracket

NC-02: Republican incumbent claims he's trailing.

***BREAKING***Trump Told Reuters he could run the Mueller investigation if he wanted to

Of course he did it again. "My Hispanic" moment:

Guiliani, what a joke!

I flew back in to Denver from Milwaukee very early this morning...

Here it is! A leading Republican just admitted that they plan to cut Medicare and Social Security

Calico Basin (Las Vegas) - a short hiking video testing out a $20 phone hung from a $4 neck bracket

Trump is using Twitter to manipulate the country. Here's how to stop falling for it Read more here:

Las Vegas Calico Basin - a short hiking video testing out a $20 phone hung from a $4 neck bracket

Judge weighs decision on whether Nebraska voters will see Medicaid expansion petition on ballot

South Carolina woman walking dog killed by alligator

Trump Administration Moves To Penalize Immigrants For Using Government Benefits

I found a lovely, significant feather, today

It seems that the Trump crowd is worried about McGahn's testimony

Quote from my son

Something is off about the Manafort deliberations....

Trump mocks 'phony blue wave,' says immigration will carry GOP to midterm wins

Bernie Sanders and Jake Tapper Spar Over Koch-Funded 'Medicare-for-All' Findings

Exclusive: Some Arctic Ground No Longer Freezing--Even in Winter

"The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold"...Sept 18

Twitter Video: ''So I want to Congratulate all the People in Our Revolution''

Conspiracy of Silence, 1994. (Catholic Sex Abuse)

Trump: "That is really a dangerous thing because that could be you tomorrow..."

DFL campaign workers unionize

Catching up on The Americans after a couple of years. Forgot what total shits Phillip and Elizabeth

math problem

Groups call on Seminole Tax Collector Joel Greenberg to resign for 'Islamophobic' Facebook post

Again my friends, I try to respond to each and everyone who is kind enough to contribute to my

Blake Farenthold blames 'f-tards' and 'Me Too' movement for downfall from Congress

Tweety is destroying the Con and noun/verb/9/11

White-on-White Crime: Trump Calls Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Team 'Thugs' and a 'National Disg

"....I could run it if I wanted to."

US Wages Have Not Yet Reached Wage Parity With Global Economy As Planned.

Some more pics,

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Disney Channel star Garrett Clayton comes out as gay


President Trump won't rule out revoking Robert Mueller's security clearance, says he could 'run' the

Medicinal plant long thought extinct in Maine rediscovered in Bowdoin field

Trump: Mueller "played right into the Russians - if it was Russia - right into the Russians' hands"

Word-salad transcript of Trump's remarks at a New York fundraiser last week about coal and windmills

Alternative facts and truths that aren't truth and who are you gonna believe?

BTRTN Senate and House Mid-Term Snapshot: Still a Split Decision

BTRTN Senate and House Mid-Term Snapshot: Still a Split Decision

Obama's reading list is the respite we need

The Onion...or not.

BTRTN Senate and House Mid-Term Snapshot: Still a Split Decision

Has Trump and politics of the day damaged your family dynamics?

Pentagon contradicts Trump, says he wasn't given military parade cost estimate before canceling it

"Gesture of love": Photo of police officer breastfeeding malnourished baby goes viral

South Africa to Seize Land from White Owners

Brothers and Sisters! Show Robert Plant (& Ohiogal) some love on his birthday!

A deity that doesn't immediately strike down those who

Formulaic pop music played by young people that don't know what good music is