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Can the intelligence agencies just give Drumpf raw information with no sourcing or analysis?

Trump: If soldiers were 'real patriots,' they wouldn't take a pay raise

If Mark Burnett had the only copy of the trump N word tape

If you missed the Brennan interview earlier

"With every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist." - Former CIA Director John Brennan

#Brexit: A Titanic Failure (short Twitter movie)

Sanders: "The White House values diversity" & here are the official staff diversity numbers:

Breaking news! Trump gives security clearance to Putin.

Dems say they'll sue to keep Collins on ballot

What do you call someone who loves to dish shit out

Former CIA Director John Brennan: This Is An Abuse Of Power Deadline MSNBC

The Rascals "Good Lovin'"

would...could...trump revoke muellers security clearence?

Rascals "People Gotta Be free."

*** "Attorney wanted for George Papadopoulo, Pro Bono! Your biggest reward will be #History."

New Poll Suggests Attacks on Nancy Pelosi Won't Matter in Midterms

Grassley has unilaterally ruled 1/3 of the #Kavanaugh records to be "Committee Confidential"

What Was the Life of This Guest Worker Worth?

I support Nancy Pelosi

Not being able to keep copy of something you sign is prima facie evidence you're dealing w-fraudster

Kentucky Garnished $50M for Unpaid Tuition Without a Court Order

Today I heard that every American lost $70,000 income due to the 2008

2018 IN US Senate Election- Recent poll has Donnelly-D leading by a 12 point margin 51-39.

Time to shut this fucker down

Sam Adams brewery boycott gaining steam after Jim Koch praised Trump's tax cuts

Did any DUers hear Katy Tur mention

I'm no expert on the stock market, so I have a question.


John Brennan no longer has a security clearance but Jared Kushner does??? What's wrong with this

Alex Jones 😂😂😂

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism

please ja, let the jury take 10 minutes to deliberate.

Sean Lennon is now older than John when he died.

Were Pompeo and/or Haskell or Wray briefed on the hideous Brennan decision?

'How Many More Women Have to Die?" Days After Lawmakers Reject Legalization Bill, Argentine Woman Di

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Lost in Space!

The Traitor in Chief Must Go

American Airlines flight has engine trouble, traces *interesting* pattern.

Giuliani: ""If [Robert Mueller] doesn't get it done in the next two or three weeks we will just..."

Great Good News Story ...It belongs here, but the original poster put it elsewhere

tЯump gets his wish of a Яed Ameяika

Will drumpf lock up Americans for criticizing him? In that case he

Fox News host hits Giuliani: Dossier isn't why Mueller probe was started

Trump's lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court

Here is a post by another member...and it will make you smile...with link

how many/which congessional dems will attend trumps parade celebrating himself?

as BART train got crowded, giant dog-passenger, politely stood on two legs

Bannon Forms Group to Defend Trump

Who framed him? Putin? Roger The Rabbit?

John Brennan: I Found Out My Clearance Was Being Revoked From Sarah Sanders Briefing

So graceful. SPLAT!

Does Frederica Wilson wear hats while the House is in session?

Trump on Targeting Security Clearances: I'd Put a Republican on List if They Were 'Incompetent or...

Remember when?

History DOES repeat itself!

the pain of childhood abuse never goes away

BECAUSE OF COURSE. U.S. Immigration Agency Chief Spoke at Anti-Immigrant 'Hate Group' Event

Jury set to begin deliberations in Paul Manafort trial

EXCLUSIVE. Trump Staffer Tried to Recruit Lobbyists for Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich

Alex Jones' Flagship Pirate Radio Station Booted Off Air by FCC

Brennan fires back at Trump: 'I will not relent'

CNN: Trump intel chief not consulted before decision to revoke Brennan's clearance

At least 107 measles cases confirmed across 21 states

Naturalized Americans could lose their citizenship with thousands of cases under review

Not just land heat waves: Oceans are in hot water, too

It looks like someone hacked the hell out of Mike Pence's website.

Seattle's air quality 'worse than Beijing' as wildfires scorch eastern Washington

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains what got Alex Jones suspended

Trump told the WSJ today that he revoked Brennan's clearance b/c of Russia investigation

Dog "writes" op-ed blasting Trump for Omarosa comment: "You are not being a good boy"

Hillary to 12-year old letter to editor writer: "Fighting for what is right is always worth it."

And Fox is asking "Should citizenship be a birthright?"

Free Rocks! Get your Free Rocks here!

look for hurricane lane to be in the islands vicinity next monday/tuesday

I sent a tweet to DT and his followers.

Trump revoking Brennan's security clearance shows 'he will punish people who disagree with him

So there, pwfffft!

The cat packed up his shit and left town

CNN Daily Chris Cilliza E-mail: A Big Blue Wave is coming to wipe out lots of Republicans!

I think I now know why Trump hates John McCain so much?

Steve Schmidt: If Trump could send out secret police to arrest his enemies, he'd do it.

SHITLER thinks strategy of tiring us out will silence us. Daily outrage apathy his crap

Tucker Carlson attacks press as 'state media' after Trump strips ex-CIA chief's clearance

This man still has a security clearance:

Trump, Seeking to Relax Rules on U.S. Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive

Beyond Porridge and Boiled Mutton: A Taste of London

Who Is Your Favorite MSNBC Personality?

Sri Kulkarni congratulates Ilhan Omar on her win in Minnesota last night!

There is something which Trump, his enablers, Trump-humpers don't get about POTUS's legal authority

Video shows rapid growth of Howe Ridge Fire in Glacier National Park

VA: Race to replace Del. Greg Habeeb will be contested as Democrat Carter Turner files

Maduro calls young Venzuelans who have fled "beggars and slaves"... for cleaning toilets

Trump draws bipartisan fire over Brennan

Wonder how Rosenstein feels about

Had a power outage today

80% of Venezuelans want Maduro out and Chavismo GONE.

You always should plan for the worst case scenario

GOP senator: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan a 'butthead' who doesn't need a security clearance

When you want everyone to know that you're batshit crazy


DCA Experiencing 'Airport-Wide' Power Outage

Trump just tweeted to quote Hannity saying the entire list SHS read today should lose clearances

Boys And Girls, Please Get Under Your Desks...

Tomorrow is a day of reckoning...

Trump's up past his bedtime, tweeting talking points from Levin and Hannity.

Security clearances for retired intelligence personnel helps the USA more than it helps them

Wow. Lawrence's "Last Word" tonight is Aretha singing at Pres. Obama's 1st inauguration

Note to my dog(s) : My diabetic neuropathy of the extremities

Remember the old boring days?

'Dr BumBum' charged over death of patient after operation

Rachel is warning us about the Russians screwing with 2018.


Production Of Beef, Soy And Fishing In The Amazon Is Connected With Tax Heavens

Lula Supporters Demand His Freedom, Candidacy in Brazil

Hats off to Andrea Mitchell tonight on TRMS


How will we know if a coup has taken place?

Is Michael Cohen cooperating?

Kellyanne Conway Says

Rudy warns Mueller: "...finish it soon or it will come down on you like a ton of bricks."

Women accused of killing Kim Jong Nam could be freed

Just ordered "House of Trump, House of Putin" by Craig Unger

Shout out to 300+ newspapers running free press editorials Thursday!

***Judge orders Keystone XL pipeline review in setback for Trump

Trade war, tariffs threatening Seattle's construction boom?

Russia not happy with how Maria Butina being treated. Too bad.

Laugh! Funny tweet

Get your Texas School Report Card!

Where is the next outrage or attack comiing from?.,...there are dark forces at work

Mueller faces no deadline in probe -Politicalwire

Michael Avenatti posts his policy positions.

A Free Press Needs You

US border inspector is accused of choking a traveler

"I am mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore",

Rudy, those ton of bricks that are going to hit Mueller?

Largest US pedestrian border crossing opens in California

Bleak New Estimates in Drug Epidemic: A Record 72,000 Overdose Deaths in 2017

I have a new outlook on life after today

The Daily Show: Does the Trump N-Word Tape Exist?

Seth Meyers - Paul Manafort's Trial, Ancient Mesopotamian Beer - Monologue - 8/14/18

Woman dies from DIY abortion a week after Argentina's abortion vote

midterm election countdown... 82 days 11 hours

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren Talks About the Democratic Party's Shift to the Left

Seth Meyers - Omarosa Says Trump Knew About Hacked Emails in Advance: A Closer Look

Blame 'environmental terrorist groups' for severity of California wildfires, Interior secretary says

On NBC Insulin $1300 Per Month/Critical Medication Not Affordable For Many. Overpriced.

Murder trial to begin for Texas officer who killed teen

The Church of Trump

In The Future A Woman Who Survives A DIY Abortion Will Face Jail If Pence Has His Way.

Husband of pregnant Frederick woman detained, has confessed to killing her and 2 daughters

Gofundme for Peter Strzok reaches $416,380 in 2 days, 10K plus donors

MAJORITY MAKER: Lee Snodgrass for WI-SD19

Immigration agency chief defends striking 'nation of immigrants' from mission statement

Trying to navigate the Social Security Web Site...

Back at you Aretha, back at you..

Everyone needs to read this.

T White "Poke Salad Annie"

CNN 2020 Democratic Presidential Power Rankings (2nd edition): Biden, Warren, Harris

? Mark and the Mysterians. "96 Tears" 1966

Unlike Nixon, President Donald Trump Admin Pursues Enemies List In Public - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/15/18

Steve Schmidt: Trump's Actions Against John Brennan Are An "Abuse Of Power" - The Last Word - MSNBC

Edgewood College lands one of largest donations in its history

Stephen Colbert - Guest CNN's W. Kamau Bell: "Yes, He's A Racist"

Robert Mueller Prosecutors: Paul Manafort Is A Lying Criminal - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Large number of primary races, candidates led to election night crash of Dane County website

The Trump administration said weaker fuel standards would save lives. EPA experts disagree.

David Rothenberg, burned by father as a boy in 1983, has died.

How the humble cabbage can stop cancers

John Brennan: President Trump's Claims of No Collusion Are Hogwash

Trump and the Republican Congress are quietly using 5 strategies to destroy Obamacare

Trump and the Republican Congress are quietly using 5 strategies to destroy Obamacare

Ted Lieu: Actions & statements of @realDonaldTrump inconsistent with that of an innocent person

Public support for socialism is up... because Republicans redefined the word "socialism".

Sarah Sanders back in February on security clearances...

Time Magazine cover, 50 years ago today

Don Lemon calls BS on Trump claiming it was "hectic" to revoke security clearance while on vacation

Trump links yanking ex-CIA chief John Brennan's security clearance to Russia probe

Today we wish a very happy 60th birthday to the Queen of pop (Madonna)!

The Trump-Russia Facts Lead To Only One Reasonable Conclusion

Australia - Gov. Moves Start Of Bushfire Season In New South Wales Up 2 Months - Well Into Winter

Oder River Level Lowest On Record; Rivers Across E., Central Germany Withering In Drought

There is no meeting "half-way" - there is no room for compromise.

Thursday TOONs - To the tune of "Oklahoma" Edition

John Brennan Is a 'Butthead' Who Doesn't Need Security Clearance, Says GOP Senator

Philippines' Duterte could resign if Marcos Jr becomes VP: spokesman

Since returning to "work" in Washington Monday after the vacation at his golf resort:

Salt-Water Intrusion Beginning To Rot Rice Crops In Guyana As Sea Levels Rise

I hope Avenatti doesn't make a run...

Potential Buyer Of Navajo Coal Power Plant In Arizona Would Run It At 1/2 Capacity, If Deal Happens

Why won't Mark Burnett release The Apprentice tapes?

Federal judge orders environmental review of Keystone XL pipeline

Led by Boston Globe more than 300 newspapers were to publish Press Freedom editorials today

National Weather Service - May Through July 2018 Warmest On Record For Lower 48

'Trump Is Ours': Kremlin Media Fear Democratic Victory in November Midterm Elections

Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed

Roskam (R-IL06) W. LCV Lifetime Score Of 3, Has Joined The Climate "Solutions" Caucus

Trump Connects Decision to Revoke Brennan Clearance to Russia 'Witch Hunt' in WSJ Interview

A little help please. Yesterday on DU somebody posted a quote from John Brennan saying ...

Rudy: Trump insults people because "Maybe nobody has been as honest as him"

Trump Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Having 'Meltdown' After NY Gov Says America 'Was Never That Great'

The Church of Trump

Do We Need More Proof Trump is a Russian Asset?

Trump Allies Say They Welcome Attempt to Impeach

"Nixon Blasts 'False Charges'"--New York Daily News, 45 years ago today:

Everybody who was at the meeting in Jan. 2017 that told Trump Russia interfered in ...

Trump says 'Democrats give up when I turn out' on campaign trail

I have a bad feeling about the Manafart trial...

Republicans Don't Just Want to Win--They Want to Rig the Game

It's Indeed Hilarious That Don Jr. and Kim Reportedly Call Each Other "Junior Mint" and "Pooh Bear"

Bernie Sanders: Medicare for all's time has come

Corey Lewandowski has PROOF that trump* is just a 'regular guy' - no different from the rest of us

Bernie Sanders: Medicare for all's time has come

Hey Mike Huckabee - you think the russian probe is a joke?

A picture worth a thousand words.

Something that was over-looked in Trump's signing of the John McCain Defense Bill...

An African-American candidate running for mayor of Shreveport says a racially charged threat was lef

How Apropos: Nixon, Trump and Enemies

Trump: "Money is pouring into our cherished DOLLAR like rarely before!"


Do you need a good laugh? At Mike Pence?

No, Trump Voters -- Your Wages Aren't Going Up - by David Cay Johnston

Pigs in Space!

News Sources, POV

Brennan: Trump worked with Russians and now he's desperate

"Bad Match." Good stalker movie.

Brennan: Trump worked with Russians and now he's desperate

Putin pal Artem Klyushin tweeted out list of security clearances to be revoked 2 days before WH memo

Penn Jillette Confirms Trump's Wildly Racist Comments

Green Party Candidate Was on Republican Payroll

Trump and the Politics of Arf

The Freedom of the Press Is Yours


The Dow is merely a measure of how rich the rich are

DOOCY: "But shouldn't Obama get some credit for the strong economy?" KUDLOW: "No way."

If 70% in CNN poll think trump should testify, then Rudy's

Do you think John Brennan went "over the line" with his criticism of Trump?

Galaxy Note 9, 512 Gb storage $1249

Birds of a feather.....

Thrusday--Donald Trump's day so far:

Trump labels 'fake news media' the 'opposition party' as newspapers denounce his rhetoric

Breakfast With The Beatles

Omarosa to release secret recording on MSNBC at 1 p.m. ET

Midwestern Dems Look For Big Midterm Gains After Decade Of Electoral Disaster

Trump: "Sign This"

Breakfast With The Beatles 2

So, here's a question:

Senate Report: Government Is Putting Migrant Children At 'Significant Risk'

Angela Rye shreds Gina Loudin (trump apologist)! Beautiful takedown.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, prime minister who made India a nuclear power, dies at 93

Breakfast With The Beatles 3

Russian State Media: Pressure Trump to remove sanctions or withdraw Russian support in the midterms

MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two

trump google ad survey

Trump on Brennan Security revoke, isn't this Obstruction?

Breakfast With The Beatles 4. By request from brother TEB

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt: America is great because 'we defeated communist Japan'

New Malaysian government repeals law banning 'fake news'

Breakfast With The Beatles 5

Putin to be surprise guest at Austria minister's wedding

You just can't keep that Brennan guy down 😀

WaPo, Aaron Blake: Trump's WSJ comments actually more of an admission than the Lester Holt interview

and on and on #9

I recently bought Quaker Puffed Rice for the first time in ages. It seems to me

GOP super PAC hits Dem House hopeful as 'Pelosi liberal' in new Kansas ad

Breakfast With The Beatles 6

Philadelphia Inquirer front page and editorial today

Aretha is gone!

📈Searches are way up for 'hogwash' this morning.

If anyone is debating whether Dem takeover of House could benefit Trump politically, remember THIS:

Aretha Franklin dies at 76 after serious illness

The sad thing about this is someone may have written this for her

Rest in peace, Aretha. You were one of best R&B singer!

"The Don Ate My Security Clearance"

Breakfast With The Beatles 7

Coast to coast, and in between, local news is standing up to Trump's press attacks

'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has died

The Rundown: August 15, 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/15/2018

Breakfast With The Beatles 8

It's time for Donald Trump to fall back...

MSNBC Breaks into live coverage with 5-minute canned Aretha obit

Joaquin Castro: Trump revoking Brennan's clearance "a mark of an authoritarian dictator"

Somewhere in Hell, Nixon is proud of you, Trump. But he'll tell you when he sees you.

One black woman knocks another black woman off the front burner...

Aretha... damn

Breakfast With The Beatles 9

The remedy to all these clearance revocations:

Basic ceviche recipe!

Aretha has passed!!

Merriam-Webster tweeted yesterday about "probity" & "banana republic" - today: "hogwash"

Farewell to one of the greatest voices in music history....

As Venezuela crumbles, exodus reaches record level

Merriam-Webster just tweeted the definition of "respect: - with a heart

I just saw this tweet from Mensch's TL:

Wheel of Fortune Answers: What are you doing?

L.A. times sits out their excuse about having differing views from NY times doesn't sit well with me

Franklin Graham: Chelsea Clinton's views on abortion are like Hitler's views on 'killing the Jews'

Aretha & Duane The, Weight

M$NBC is replaying Aretha singing at the biggest inauguration

Trump administration plans to reorganize agriculture research offices, alarming some scientists

Trump mentioned Aretha yet?

trump tweets Hannity and a toon response.....

Liar-in-chief tweets that he wants nothing more than freedom of the press

Aretha Franklin has passed

Omarosa to be on MSNBC at 1 pm with another recording.

Today I Sing The Blues (Sister Aretha)

Aretha Franklin passed away. R.I.P., Aretha.

This poll is so unbelievable............

Prison riot

Chasing Spidey

California GOP Guv Candidate Compares DMV Wait To Holocaust

Listening to Aretha "like listening to the embodiment of a divine signal. She received it and she

Trump: "The Boston Globe is in COLLUSION with other papers on free press. PROVE IT!"

How I Got Over...The Queen of Soul

Breakfast With The Beatles 10 (Aretha)

Amnesty Int'l Leader: Trump Rolls Back Gains Made In Respecting Human Rights

Sorry, ladies. Crocodile Dumbdee is taken.

Chihuahua, wearing Super Man costume, on a tread mill. Cute overload!

Manafort trial Day 13: Jury deliberations begin

Aretha Franklin - How I Got Over

Breakfast With The Beatles 11 (Aretha)

GOP Guv Candidate Compares Wait at DMV to Holocaust, TPM:

Trump irks GOP by praising three candidates in one Senate race

Paul McCartney calls Aretha "the Queen of our souls"

Today's Front Pages: as many front pages as you're going to find in one place online

Pentagon punishes reporters over tough coverage

Does it seem possible that FOX news is an appendage of Russian intelligence service? Just asking.

Aretha singing the national anthem at the 1992 Democratic convention (C-SPAN video)

Aretha... Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

Aretha Franklin Kennedy Center 2015

Shipwreck found off Alaska dates from the only WWII battle in North America

The JB-Juliana Bus tour stopped in Decatur yesterday

I love all of magnificent coverage of Aretha!

Love is the answer

MN-GOV: Cook Political moves the race to 'Leans Democratic'

Aretha & Duane 2

Forests group halts plan to endorse Indonesian paper giant

Thank you M$NBComcast

Did the Russian mafia help Trump along his way to the Oval Office?

Dealing with maybe fake a/c but definitely inappropriate comments

Posture and Role of South Korean Assault Ships

'Weaponization of faith': Examples from clergy abuse report

KS-GOV: Kobach Primary Victory Moves Race to Toss Up

Hands Down, Aretha at 2015 Kennedy Center Honors

"He left out the confiscating puppies."

Outrageous sexual abuse by priests in PA

ISIS Member Arrested in Sacramento, U.S. Says

WaPo: Aretha Franklin's voice was the sound of an America we're still trying to become

"Murphy Brown" was a great admirer of Aretha Franklin

The Commitments.......

Animal shelter's animals rescued in Vacaville, Ca

D.C. couple killed in ISIS-claimed attack were cycling around world

It is our calling

When Aretha took the White House to church!

Hate to admit it, but I'm weeping hearing this... (Aretha)

Happy National Bratwurst Day! Heavens Yes 😋 or Hell No 🤢?

''I am also proud to announce all 9 candidates I endorsed in Vermont won their primaries ...

Portland Police Chief Says Protesters Went Off to "Whine And Complain" Last Week Because Officers "K

Steve Bannon is attempting a political resurrection, launching a 25-person pro-Trump rapid-response

Faith Hill: The choir of angels now have the greatest voice of all time

8-16-73: Nixon Blasts 'False Charges', Asks Public to End 'Obsession,' Get On With Nation's Business

How soon before Trump tweets

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

Hafta play this'n. Aretha in the, Blues Brothers.....

What can Democrats actually do?

It all boils down to those tax returns we are still waiting on

The medical lobby is already peddling lies about Medicare-for-all

The medical lobby is already peddling lies about Medicare-for-all

Real average hourly earnings down 0.2 percent over the 12 months ending July 2018

What in the world does this mean?

Trump just posted an insincere, formulaic tweet about Aretha, probably written by someone else

Shitler's military parade now estimated at $92 million - $80 million more than earlier estimate

Pierce: Newspapers Have Faced Down Dictators, So They Should Face Down This Obvious Clown

The King of Rock and the Queen of Soul.

Trump's military parade estimated to cost $92,000,000 ($80,000,000 more than earlier estimated)

Falwell says we only complain Trump isn't presidential because he doesn't act like royalty


She's home.

Tower of Power "What Is Hip?" on fishcenter (Adult Swim)

Rand Paul came back from Russia with an affinity for the Kremlin

We all hate Nazis - but the 1/3 Reich is funny

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats

''Aretha, thank you for all that you have given us. You will not be forgotten.''

Blues Brothers - remember this scene?

"Unprecedented"--a word we hear all over the place

WH press pool says Trump described Aretha as someone "he knew well and who worked for him"

The Omarosa Tape I'd Like To Hear.....

Aretha appreciation thread

idiots on cnbc. but what else is new?

Terry Gross is airing a 1999 interview with Aretha right now on NPR.

Aretha Franklin Sings "America, The Beautiful" for Eric Holder's Farewell

Trump told advisers that he wants Jeff Sessions to arrest Omarosa over her book

Hillary and others react to the news of Aretha's passing.

David Remnick: Trump and the Enemies of the People

Iron and Titanium Found on 'Ultrahot Jupiter,' an Exoplanet First

Silver Linings.

Omarosa will be on MSNBC at 1PM ET with a "new secret recording"

'In a famous exchange between a high official at the court of George W. Bush

Judge rules that 'gender' in hate crimes law includes trans people

President and Mrs. Obama's statement on the passing of Aretha Franklin

Your predictions about the outcome of the Manafort trial?

Phucker Huckabee jokes about sick passenger, straws, California. Asshole

Barack Obama: Aretha helped define the American experience.

To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data

Mills County Deputies Raffle AR-15

On the one hand, I celebrate independence in my students

How much does Brennan know about the members of Congress who remain faithful to Trump...

Aretha Franklin in The Blues Brothers.. RIP.

Trump thinks his tariffs are saving the US steel industry

I said months ago, still believe Today

Mills County Deputies Raffle AR-15

Cat claims another human for life

Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, Op. 15 Ludwig van Beethoven

KY-06: Andy Barr puts his record of non-service up against air combat veteran Amy McGrath


The jury should have been sequestered during the entire trial. eom

Congress needs to get off its butt

Take The Quiz: Which Famous Revolutionary Are You?

When we win and have a new Democratic President in 2020

I Just Realized Something ...

trump says Aretha Franklin 'worked for me on numerous occasions'

How to Get Alex Jones Off Twitter Once and For All

It's Twofer Thursday. Two members of NRBQ turn 70.

Craig Melvin's interview w/ Omarosa, with audio of new tape, about to start on MSNBC

Nate Silver (538) has his House model up

I don't usually agree a lot with S.E. Cupp, but she's 100% right on this.

300 Newspapers Editorialize about Trump's "Enemies of the People."

Trump doing a great job.

Trump ridiculously claims Obama said "We're not going to have any manufacturing jobs."

Roy Wood Jr. On The N-Word Tape

So glad Issa is about gone

Asshole running on (R)ussian ticket for Gov. compares Holocaust to lines at DMV

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, I'd choose

Hi, PC techies. I'm looking for ideas to replace my loathsome comcast gateway

So The Small Dollar Repug Donors Are Paying For.....

Earthquakes would be more fun if buildings were made of

Corey Stewart attacks Tim Kaine's missionary work with fake photoshopped image.

Just had a rather startling visit with a pharmaceutical rep. She laid it on pretty thick.

Putin Ally Tweeted Brennan's Security Revocation Two Days Before The White House Knew About It

Putin Ally Tweeted Brennan's Security Revocation Two Days Before The White House Knew About It

Eric Clapton's tribute to Aretha Franklin.....

One thing that is evident....

Omarosa releases secret tape of Lara Trump offering her $15K/month campaign job

"The Final Year" trailer of Pres. Obama's final year

Furious Trump told advisers that he wants Jeff Sessions to arrest Omarosa over her book: report

Nebraska soybean farmer says Trump is "gonna kill us"

LIMBOsevic's tribute to Aretha FRANKLIN: Reading off Motown stars (she wasn't Motown) from Wiki?!1

Watch Aretha Franklin perform national anthem before Lions-Vikings Thanksgiving Day game 2016

The Republican Creed

Trump, Seeking to Relax Rules on U.S. Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive

It's not just his hands that are small.

Gordon Klingenschmit: Liberals 'Who Have Trump Derangement Syndrome May Require An Exorcism'

The Queen and Her Crowns... love this, love this.

MSNBC: Full Interview: Omarosa releases tape of Lara Trump offering campaign job (video link)

Luckovich-Bow to the Queen

The Special Bond Between Aretha Franklin and Barack Obama

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and also possesses recordings.

"He's literally just translating Mein Kampf at this point" - on BLOATUS and the press

It hasn't even been two years since the editorial board of the Topeka Capital-Journal ...

Florida State Senate Rankings

The Dow is up over 400 points so far today.

Bernie Sanders: Medicare for all's time has come

Omarosa releases call with Lara Trump:

Erie Times News joined Boston Globe's Free Press Editorial Day

Omarosa On Report That Trump Wants Her Arrested: I'm Not Afraid Of Nixon, Er, Trump

New here

Putin Ally Tweeted Brennan's Security Revocation Two Days Before The White House Knew About It

Lara Trump says Omarosa's tape was "a fraud" because there were numerous calls about job offer

A question about the Space Farce

I have a provocative question regarding the Omarosa Campaign job

A guy walks into a psychiatrist's office wearing nothing but saran wrap. The psychiatrist says

Trump's military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million - $80 million more...

Paul ManaFraud jury deliberations

love is needed

Witting or unwitting, Donald is a Russian asset

TRUMP gets Himself some BAD JUJU!! XD

Stolen Elections, Voting Dogs And Other Fantastic Fables From The GOP Voter Fraud Mythology

Joyce Vance: Trump wanting Omarosa arrested should be grounds, by itself, for removal from office

for some reason this popped into my head today...

Lara Trump Responds To Omarosa's Latest Tape: 'Shocked And Saddened'

Bradley Moss shot down Lara Trump's claim she offered job to Omarosa w/out knowing why WH fired her

GOP Stands Aside While Nation Burns Ala Trump.

I love this idea re: punking the KKK.

Lock Her Up! Trump is Reportedly Telling Advisers He Wants Sessions to Jail ... Omarosa

Woman Fired for 'F--ing Mexicans' Comment Defends Remark as Normal Workplace Talk After Trump's ...

cops can't believe black man does not have drugs or a gun

Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Media Attacks: 'The Press is Not the Enemy...

Donald Trump Once Contemplated a Season of The Apprentice Pitting 'Blacks Against Whites'

Aretha Franklin's Record 20 No. 1 R&B Chart Hits, in Order

First, the ritual "high ten", and now ... wrestle!

Pick the Aretha song you will sing when Manafort

The water that the Venezuelan people drink, vs the water that Maduro drinks.

U.S. will prosecute makers of 'undetectable' plastic guns: Sessions

transparency report from Google on candidate ads, with tool to look up spending by congressional dis

No, Artem Klyushin didn't have inside info on Trump's enemies list; Yes, he still bears noting.

It is time for a second special prosecutor. Enough.

Re: Manafort... What is considered a fast deliberation timeline?

Trump accuses Boston Globe of 'collusion with other papers amid coordinated pushback to his rhetoric

In soybean country, Trump's trade war with China tests patience and nerves

Pelosi pulls in staggering sums for Dems despite facing opposition in the ranks

"Obstruction of justice squared -- in plain view."

Katy Tur: 'Is Omarosa the smoking gun' that takes down Trump?

The voice of American Soul

State Democrats -- No longer confined to Seattle, competing everywhere

A week without electricity. No comment from the Chavista hierarchy.

Never Forget

Omarosa hints she handed over incriminating evidence to Mueller

Having solved all the world's problems, we can now spend billions on space guns that go pew pew.

Breaking: Senate Democrats threaten to sue National Archives for Kavanaugh documents (NPR)

Security beefed up at Globe's downtown headquarters after threats

Judge Kavanaugh on work law

Will even ONE Republican

Austin City Council approves deal for an MLS stadium

Tuition Will Be Free for All N.Y.U. Medical School Students

Austin City Council approves deal for an MLS stadium

Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President

Remember these people?

Dionne: Trump support could cost GOP control of statehouses

Mr. President: We aren't enemies of the people. We're a check on government.

Trump Locked Out Of White House After Accidentally Revoking Own Security Clearance

retired admiral: Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President

Investigative Reporter Tells CNN How Russia Started Compromising Trump in the 1980s

How George P. Bush's agency stumbled in helping Harvey victims

Now that Minnesota's primaries are over, I'm watching

Trump wants to campaign for Washington State GOP candidates

Possibly Trump's stupidest tweet ever

Love is the answer

Adm. McRaven who oversaw Bin Laden capture says it would be an honor if Trump revoked his clearance

Love ya Joan!

Aretha's "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)"

'Lord, help me:' Omaha man injured while attempting to rescue a kitten has relied on his faith

I'm really confused by this official bloviation from the Madman. Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

"We defeated communist Japan"

So, since no one is talking about immigrant children anymore on TV, I assume they

Every Trump tweet and Fox story explained:

Lunch Ladies Accused of Stealing Nearly Half a Million Dollars from school cafeteria: Police

France is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!!!

I would like to recommend an original essay "Never Forget" in General Discussion. ,by Tiger Bright

Trump v. WWF tag team of Stormy & Omarosa

FLIPPABLE: Alberta Griffin for MI-HD61

Does anyone know the shelf life of Bud Light?

The Queen, The King, and The Babe all died on August 16th! 😢

Boston Globe receives multiple violent threats shortly after Trump attacked them in Twitter rant

Is this really an insult?

Watching Twitter for WH & RW-pundit reaction to McRaven's challenge. So far, nada.

Jim Crow alive and well in Georgia

FLIPPABLE: Angela Witwer for MI-HD71

In my little very red corner of East TN

FLIPPABLE: Dayna Polehanki for MI-SD07

And the moral panic slogs on: "3D-printed guns lead Broward libraries to suspend printers' use"

UT chancellor, commander who led bin Laden raid tells Trump: 'Revoke my security clearance, too'

Dan Rather: When we look back in disgust at those who've undermined the fabric of our democracy

FLIPPABLE: Dr. Sheryl Kennedy for MI-HD48

so when is the national day of mourning for our friend aretha franklin?

CNN Poll: Brett Kavanaugh nomination has lowest public support since Robert Bork

The hypnotic effect of "Chain of Fools" (smoooooth Aretha)

Things we export

FLIPPABLE: Henry Yanez for MI-SD10

Are there any plans for protest if Trump pardons Manafort? nt

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 16, 2018

A Federal Judge Reinstates the Clean Water Rule for 26 States

My new Medicare card arrived today!

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Suidan for MI-HD39

Ducey in Central Phoenix, no hello, goodbye Gov?

Dignitaries tout Houston in bid for 2020 Democratic National Convention

How the GOP uses the Green Party to win elections.

Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott on Asian opponent: 'Don't vote for the ching-chong!'

Forbes: To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data

Steve Schmitt just stated that republicans will burn down democracy

This one, almost true

Seriously Fox News? (Aretha Franklin is not Patti Labelle)

Chuck Rosenberg just said on Deadline WH he thinks Cohen is cooperating with prosecutors.

Forbes: To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data

Rep Rodney Davis' Field Director Charged With Assault After Crashing Londrigans campaign event

Jim Acosta filled in for Wolf today...

So Trump's "Small donors" are the ones footing the "Hush money" payments.

Post a line from a TV show and see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google

Trump Reverses Obama-Era Rules On Cyberattacks

Aretha covers Alicia Keys with a reggae version of No one

Omarosa Says Donald Trump Hit On Her, Too

GA county wants to close 75% of Black polling locations.

Luke Song: How I Made Aretha Franklin's Famous Obama Inauguration Hat

If anyone has "Prime" access to (Josh Marshall) can you comment on this?

Gotta say it! The Asset UPSTAGED! All day! By TWO Black Women!


LOL! - from the comments in an article on the dipshit

Schumer regarding Kavanaugh

Jury Has Sent Out Note To Judge In Paul Manafort Trial

BTW, This Is The Guy Who Just Published The WaPo Op/Ed Trashing Trump...

I am sitting here, crying. Nicolle Wallace just did a segment...

Congressman Demands Explanation For Stripping Ex-CIA Chief's Security Clearance

So, more power to Omarosa for anything she can do to amp up Dumpy's heartburn,

'Revoke My Security Clearance, Too, Mr. President'

"Pardon for Manafort? Who's Manadort?" . . . Please come CAPTION Paul Manafort!!!

Rep Rodney Davis' Field Director Charged With Assault After Crashing Londrigans campaign event

Trump's parade?

Florida Schools Ordered By Law To Display 'In God We Trust' Signs

No verdict after first day of jury deliberations

Navy Seal: Why Do I Succeed?

Trump wages war against New York

Education Department investigates sex abuse scandal amid Jordan allegations

A mic drop from Simon & Schuster right here - to Trump re: Omarosa's Book

Don't put soft hand on that toy

what is that annoying pop song i keep hearing in the bckground 10 times a day

The night Aretha Franklin brought the nation's first black president to tears

From Russian Roulette: Obama admin. feared the Russians were scheming to

Aretha Franklin inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame......The First Woman & Her Song

FLIPPABLE: Jim Haadsma for MI-HD62

Trump ties revoking Brennan's clearance to the Russia probe

Question for lawyers. So, Manafort. Worst case scenario, I think, is a hung jury.

China woos an Argentina neglected by American indifference

China woos an Argentina neglected by American indifference

FLIPPABLE: Kathy Wiejaczka for MI-HD101

For Bro Glamrock..."It ain't fair"...Aretha with Duane Allman

3 Senate Dems say they have new evidence Kavanaugh was not truthful under oath in 2006 confirmation

Can Elizabeth Warren Save Capitalism By Reforming It?

The Cake Controversy That Just Won't Go Away & Anthony Kennedys last SC decison history....

Fuck TRUMP He is the Enemy and His Lying - Worse So Called President in History!

Happy International Joke Day

Pelosi sees defections from an unusual quarter -- the left

The Media, For TWO YEARS, Gave Almost Limitless Free Time

I'm doing my radio show tomorrow

Faux news mistakes Patti for Aretha

Two Pa. attorneys fired after names appear in Catholic clergy sex abuse grand jury report

Better days...Aretha Franklin, Carole King tribute w Obamas

The past 48 hours have taught me my purposes in life.

oh oh, Washington Post has picked up the Rodney Davis story on his staffer attack on his oppenent

Well, Bill Donohue had to weigh in on the Pennsylvania priest scandal...

Some positive data about today's youth

How do I say this ?

Staffer for Rep. Rodney Davis arrested after altercation at opponent's fundraiser

What do DUers do to support Democrats other than post on DU? I'll start...

Colorado's oil and gas industry goes after reporters and signature gatherers in new fracking fight

Franklin Graham "No President in my lifetime has defended the Christian faith like Trump."

Why Are Millions Of Democratic Voters Missing From The Rolls?

Murphy Brown/Candice Bergen salutes Aretha...

A Year After Charlottesville Melee, Silicon Valley Still Profits Off Extremism

Leaked transcription of Manafort jury deliberations

Anyone converted movies/tapes/pics to digital?

Today on TRUMPRAVDA, we learned that...

When I was a kid in the late 50's and early 60's, news shows like

Must see UN TV

Rep. Keith Rothfus' constituents are fed up with his health care agenda

*Queen of Soul Also Leaves A Powerful Civil Rights Legacy*

Judge: Officer who shot naked man not entitled to immunity

Manafort Jury - Should we be worried?

Just bought a brand new smart TV...

D.C. Metro workers call for manager's firing after special trains provided to white supremacists

Tweety busy interrupting his female guest while allowing his male guest free rein

NY State Senator Wants to Make Calling 911 on Black Folks in White Spaces a Hate Crime

GOP senator says Kavanaugh should be confirmed because he's 'just a really nice guy'

Commander who oversaw bin Laden raid: It'd be 'an honor' for Trump to revoke my clearance

Mitch McConnell criticizes Republican senators for not showing up to work

FLIPPABLE: Matt Koleszar for MI-HD20

Omarosa's publisher knocks 'hollow legal threats' from Trump campaign

**WOW** Former commander who oversaw Bin Laden raid asks Trump to revoke his security clearance

I bet those cops got SCMODS.

Papadopoulos's wife wants him to scrap plea deal with Mueller: report

A Deep Dive Into the Deep State: Unpacking the Summer of Trump Conspiracy Theories

Scott Walker, Tony Evers aren't spelling out their plans for Wisconsin roads

FLIPPABLE: Phil Phelps for MI-SD32

Brown County to accept $70,000 settlement for courthouse dome, try again next year

Michael Harriot: Fox. Aretha, Patti.

Trump and Putin Agreed That Iran Should Exit Syria, Official Says