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Archives: August 11, 2018

Absolutely Insane...

Wow! Jury rules weedkiller caused man's cancer - Monsanto ordered to pay $289m

The Beatles - It's All Too Much

Man says he killed city worker over yard rule 'harassment'

FBI agent found not guilty of lying about gunshots

20,000 American Nazi's in Madison square garden....1939

3 members of Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club have been secretly running the Veterans Affairs Dept.

Trump, if he didn't have his phone.

5th lawsuit filed against EPA over 2015 mine waste spill

So much for the Michigan Republican Unity Dinner.

So much for the Michigan Republican Unity Dinner.

Sable the kitten has a new chance at life after being rescued from Nova Scotia boat

Russian PM strongly warns US against ramping up sanctions

Have you noticed Trump ads like EVERYWHERE?

Colombia peace tribunal summons ex-soldiers for youth deaths

Colombia peace tribunal summons ex-soldiers for youth deaths

Monsanto found guilty of selling cancer producing Roundup...289 million award

Do you think Trump will address his fellow white nationalists assembling in D.C. this weekend ?

The Oscar best actor goes... hilarious !

Colombia to request extradition of alleged child sex tourists

Uribe turns against Colombia's anti-corruption referendum

Indian percussionist takes on the Fibonacci sequence

Friday Talking Points (495) -- Lost In Space

The Ghost Of Tom Joad

CNN: Trump Nominates Director of Space Force & Two Assistant Directors. Senate Approval is Expected.

Police in Germany rescue man being chased by baby squirrel

How 911 calls on blacks are a new twist on something old: white flight

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Q Who?

New Red Dead

So Don Jr. Got Busted..Spreading Fake News BigTime..

Fellow white people: we need some practice in saying " That's racist bullshit!"

Washington's Legislature: Democrats could pick up 4 GOP seats in Senate

For Ohiogal....

Good gawd Rachel-Get to the NEWS!

Rashida Tlaib very impressive on Chris Hayes


TCM Schedule for Sunday August 12 - Summer Under the Stars: Doris Day

TCM Schedule for Monday August 13 - Summer Under the Stars: George Brent

Pistol Grip Pump

With friends like this we don't need enemies

We all snuggle together!!

Kick Out The Jams

I've had too many margaritas. Suddenly I love Trump

Monsanto ordered to pay $289m damages in Roundup cancer trial

Just got polled by informed electorate

Glamrock got me going

It's Glamrock's fault

Tourists exchange blows over perfect selfie at Trevi Fountain


Colorado Republican Party calls Jewish, gay politician a 'Brownshirt' Nazi

Loud Love (RIP Chris, RIP)

If These Are the Best People, God Save Us From the Fourth Best

Klansman in Chief Looks Like the Fat Particles in his Fat Head Are About to Explode.

Bill Maher: 'We've gone from hope and change to hope and change your story'

Portrait of a Perjury Trap

Hands All Over

'Baldo' cartoon


Trump Secretly Signs Into Law...

We Die Young

Do you ever just not get racism?

Rivers of Babylon

Anyone gonna buy Omarosa's book?

Before there was Pearl Jam Jeff & Stone were in a better band

Has anyone had thoracoscopic atrial fibrillation ablation?

The Daily Show: Venezuela's Assassination Scare & Alex Jones's Media Exile

Seth Meyers - Trump's Space Force, Auntie Anne's Pumpkin Spice Pretzels - Monologue - 8/9/18

Trump administration calls endangered species protections a 'regulatory burden'

New Horizons Spacecraft Sees Possible Hydrogen Wall at the End of the Solar System

Seth Meyers On Late Night In The President Donald Trump Era - All In - MSNBC

I think Omarosa is telling the truth on this one. Inauguration Day.

And Traitor Tot's "relationship" with Ivanka is just as sick & creepy as we all suspect it is.

Trans artist activist Casey Hoke has died at 21

US budget deficit totals $76.9 billion in July

DeVos ends Obama-era protections for students of for-profit college

Stokely Carmichael. Time to revisit American heroes in the 60s. I challenge you to watch Stokely

U.S. Government Targets Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners Who Have Overstayed Their Visas

Bill Maher "is Q"_ and telling Q followers to lock them selves in the trunk on Nov 6

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

I want you to scrape me from the walls and go crazy like you made me.

my thoughts on Joe B.

Reports of a stolen plane halt air travel at Seattle airport

I love Tool, but judging from their videos

Passenger - Deftones w/ Maynard from Tool

Mother of Slain Youth, Michael Brown, Running for Ferguson City Council

Feds halt work on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

It's JDC's fault!

Prison Sex

JDC Got Me Started

Justice defends increasing highways construction costs, slams critics

This legal tactic can keep neo-Nazi protests out of your city

Public Display of Green Sparkle Frog...

Blankenship takes ballot fight to West Virginia Supreme Court

Why So MAD, Trumpsters?

White Hs. Plans to House Immigrants at *Toxic Waste Sites*, Probed By Advocates

LA Times says Holy fire arsonist is a QAnon believer

Trump thanks Kanye West, threatens to "tax (Canadian) cars if we can't make a deal!"

A guy stole a Horizon Air plane from Seattle airport.

Lawrence O'Donnell on Trump in 2020: "The Secret Service will physically remove him"

Gov. Justice still owes at least $2.5 million in Kentucky

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/10/18

Why do you think Avenatti is running for POTUS?

Sparklefrog by Adam Silverman...

West Virginia House committee approves 14 articles of impeachment against justices

Holy Shit

old white grandma pretends to be an immigration attorney to harass people

Space Force: In space, no one can hear you lie

Californians in the fire zones, please check in. I may have missed it, but have not heard from some

Jefferson County Residents in Uproar Over New Insulation Plant

"minimum wage... maybe that'll grease the gears with the higher-ups"

Avenatti is starting to grate on me

Laura Ingraham Know-Nothing US Immigration; Polish Ancestors 'Undesirables'


Paul Manafort trial: Bank fast-tracked loan as Trump chairman discussed cabinet posts for CEO

New Rule: Bill Maher is "Q" (HBO)

Sen. Nelson : Russians have penetrated Florida election systems

Little-known Democratic 2020 hopefuls make early Iowa visits

2 from Grandjany/Vaughan Williams: "Symphony No.3, A Pastoral Symphony"

Close encounter of the 3(g) kind

Rick Scott's Solution to Bullied LGBT Youth? Legal Bullying by Church and State

Audio of tower talking to guy in stolen plane

We Can't Let Them Take Over Our Streets

Crazy Rich Asians -milestone for Asian-American representation. But that's not what makes it great

Why I don't want to let this become Trump's America

MOVIES BlacKkKlansman Allows You to Laugh at the Ridiculousness of White Supremacy, Then and Now

Ryanair pilots stage European-wide strike

Space Force official portrait


Photo: Bernie and Ady

VPR Audio Interview: Campaign 2018: Bernie Sanders Makes His Case For A Third Term As Senator

Looks like they scrubbed the mission to touch the sun until tomorrow because of a fuel leak

McCaskill says Trump tariffs could affect business beyond farm, even price of beer

Nevada inmate charged in 1984 hammer killings near Denver

Wrong Letter box...

In South Carolina, Democrats try forgiving a candidate with abuse in his past

The Way To Go Shall Glimmer In The Mind ...

Republicans threaten Paul Davis with ads about years-old strip club incident

Stephen King tweet has fun with the Space Force.

2018 US Senate Election- 50/50 US Senate

Tesla's Elon Musk faces investor lawsuit

Demonstrators halt plan to demolish massive mosque in China

Man wears dress, holds sign in fantasy football punishment

🐦 August 14 - Senator Sanders - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

No fighting allowed!

TGIF. n/t

Memo to Mueller: America cannot handle the truth

I'm in Alberta, in the smoke.

2 women accused of smuggling arrested at border; 81-year-old allegedly had 92 pounds of heroin

Meat and dairy companies to surpass oil industry as world's biggest polluters, report finds

How to Kill a Presidential Scandal (Depressing look back at Iran Contra)

State approves rezoning 700 acres in Hancock County for use as a solar farm (100 MW, Maine)

Links to 2 very recent podcasts and one vid clip showing/discussing my tomatoes - tomato talk!

Containers of Hurricane Donations Found Rotting in Puerto Rico Parking Lot

I Love THIS Nick Anderson Toon: "To Infinity & Beyond!!"

Trump-loving Kanye West speechless when Jimmy Kimmel asks him this question about Trump

The August 12th Doonesbury is perfect! (And, yes, I do know where this is headed)

2006 Brett Kavanugh / Bybee Memo / Grassley does not want the National Archives to release

MSN poll needs DU help re kneeling players.

Seattle: stolen plane crashes after rogue flight from Sea-Tac airport

Hackers accessing PayPal via voicemail? Security expert says it's possible

TWS Editorial: "Republicans ought to be castigating the president over the Trump Tower meeting, not

They accepted the racism, the misogyny, the clear corruption & lack of fitness to lead- all for THIS

When decidng who we should elect, I usually try to detect

The word, from Alexander Hamilton, 1792. It never gets old. (FITS #Trump-@GOP)

Does anyone else have the fear that in the midterms

'Space Force' Looks Like A Campaign Fundraising Scam

***BREAKING NEWS POLL*** Democrats 45% All Russia White Nationalist Front 36%

Councilman accused of child sex assault can't be forced from office

A new report shows the audience for Fox News is 94% white. The other 6% are tan because it's summer.

Councilman accused of child sex assault can't be forced from office

Blame Rupert Murdoch for Trump Calling Journalists 'Enemies of the People'

I just have to put in another plug for Black Klansman.

China: We Might Help Assad with the War in Syria

Larry David: What Really Happened at Trump Tower

Newspapers Plan Coordinated Response to Trump

Blues Stay Away From Me

NPR Is Criticized After White Nationalist Ranks the Races by Intelligence on Air

Trump may tank the dollar

Trump: "I may have to get involved" in "FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch"

Stephen King Invites Comments on Space Force: Twitter Responds...Hilariously!

Trump threatens to 'get involved' in watchdog group's efforts to obtain McCabe text messages

Trump, October 2016, On Accepting Election Results: I Will Look At It, "I'll Keep You In Suspense"

Good Morning DU

This is the way the court system should work.

Running While Indicted Usually Doesn't End Well

Trump's clearly ghost-written tweet: "The riots in Charlottesville a year ago..."

Trump says he condemns 'all types of racism' ahead of Charlottesville anniversary

Progress with North Korea stalled over Korean War declaration

Trump, at golf club, intent on projecting he's hard at work

I may get flamed for this, but women should not have children after 35.

Trump's Not Afraid of Lying to Mueller. Just Telling the Truth

Democrats all but acknowledge Kavanaugh is headed toward confirmation to Supreme Court

"Turn that plane around! Now!"

Congressman Chris Collins is retiring

People are donating their frequent flyer miles to reunite families separated at the US-Mexico border

Trump tariffs have forced us into bankruptcy and liquidation, says PC case maker CaseLabs

The problem isn't religion, per se...

A Democrat was passing out fliers on a city sidewalk. A Trump supporter called police.

In Trump's White House, Charlottesville was a moment that wasn't

NY GOP Congressman Chris Collins suspends campaign amid insider trading allegations

Getting ready to drive by Charlottesville. Looks like rain.

Rep. Chris Collins, fighting prosecution, seeks to end reelection bid

Put Trump on Space Force One and Send Him on

This is what Congressional Democrats need to run on. Not over-reacting to Nancy Pelosi

Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. The results are unsettling

Fuck is it humid!

Nancy Pelosi: "Has anyone asked whatshisname, the one who's head of the Senate?"

Lawrence O'Donnell predicts how Trump's reign ends

North Korea has rejected multiple "gangster-like" US proposals on denuclearization #ArtOfTheDeal

At Carrier, the Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through the Floor - NYT

Harold was fired, his work load kept escaping him

Traveling While Muslim: The Case of the Exploding Chocolate

Science and Religion co-exist in the Simulation Hypothesis

Vox: "Don't call all American white supremacists "Nazis." Their ideology of hate is homegrown."

Night sky above a Lava field and cat contemplating the moon

Protesting the Anthem

If Mueller owned a cat

Trump's resume is rife with mob connections

A Judge Blocked a Medicaid Work Requirement. The White House Is Undeterred.

Trump's inner circle gets whiter

How to Stop Your Smart TV From Tracking What You Watch

Thank God he wasn't the center - Could've put quarterback out for a year

In awkward appearance, Governor Rauner drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate his belief in diversity

Trump, at Bedminster, says he "misses" the White House: "I would like to be there. But..."

MN-05: Alexandria and I finally agree on a candidate

There is a real "Deep State"

My response to Trumps Space Force.

Franklin Graham is bringing his shit show to Tacoma WA

After last night's Bill Maher show, Lawrence O'Donnell takes one more jab at Trump 2020

Space Farce One

The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views

Exiting 'Fox & Friends' host could be headed to 'The View'

It's about that time: Christmas Island's Red Crab Invasion That's Amazing

The Grifters last Con.

Sanders Institute: total 2017 donations:$459K. Total spent on salaries for Jane's son and 2 other

There is a striking contrast between the scoldy, condescending tone of coverage of @Ocasio2018's

"How can this illegal presidency stand?"

Former Top KGB General Says Trump is a Russian Asset and he Likely Knows it (new book out on 14th)

"There's a new filing in the Manafort case"

Space Force Commander in Chief (former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin)

Wet supremacists to march in DC

Trump doesn't "believe" what he is saying, and a bunch of the Trumpies know he is lying.

Hand guns are not on the list (Charlottesville)

Why are Hilary, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren so hated?

British Actress & all around smart person Gemma Chan speaks to me

is Avenatti the "White Knight" this country needs?

Florida Woman Runs Naked Because of 'Giant Spider'

Not all religions or denominations actively seek converts.

Closure of "Tent City" for unaccompanied migrant children delayed for second time

Weekend TOONs - To Insanity and Beyond! Edition


University says GOP Florida House candidate faked her diploma: report

Report: Cuba turns over suspected 'domestic terrorist' to US

white people Civil Rights rally

New Zealand to ban foreigners from buying homes


Ocasio-Cortez Slams Conservative Commentator

Space Force cadet ready for duty

woke, I am

MSM hard at work normalizing Trump today.

Could Omarosa be mistaken?

Trump campaign advisor brought alleged Clnton emails from 'dark web' to FBI.

UNpatriotic #Trump said that revving the national anthem debate.."will help Republicans win votes."

Sick of the "make your abusers comfortable" arguments from "liberals"

Meet the researchers designing the death of plastic

Baby squirrel chases man so relentlessly he calls police

NY-27: Prominent GOP elected leader in Erie County announces plans to replace Collins as GOP nominee

Scientists find how blue light from digital devices speeds up blindness

Why is Crooked Collins retiring a good thing for us ?

NY-27: Collins' potential replacement is a homophobe

Pennsylvania wild life,

Avenatti..."When They Go Low We Hit Harder"

NY-27: Ethics Board called Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw into question

What Republican attacks on Nancy Pelosi are really about

You claim Perjury Trap Rudy?

Atlanta Landscape Designer Denies Service to Gay Couple

Charlottesville's GOP Rep: FBI said Russian meddling led to last yr's fatal 'Unite the Right' rally

2020 possibilities?

Instant Karma's coming for Chris Collins.

Activists plan Big Gay Dance Party to disrupt white supremacist rally in DC

These 1950s experiments showed us the trauma of parent-child separation. Now experts say they're too

the 8 hour work day

R A I N !!!!!!

Trump Tweet on 'Racism' Ripped By Victor Blackwell, CNN

Robert Mueller's investigators just keep questioning Roger Stone's associates

Space Farce uniform model.

1 year after Charlottesville SHITLER says he condemns ALL racism. On BOTH sides, all sides.

Anti-Semitic crimes increase dramatically in Germany

My response to Trump's Space Force

Wanna buy a windmill?

Think Confederate Monuments Are Racist? Consider Pioneer Monuments

Charlottesville anniversary puts Trump and race under microscope

Ted Cruz parody ad by Martin Scorsese

'Bikers for Trump' founder says Trump shirts made in Haiti, American-made products are too expensive

Schrier likely Rossi foe in 8th, Smith vs. Smith in 9th

Former Trump campaign spokeswoman blasts 'disloyal' Omarosa over tell-all book

Trump: "THE DEPARTMENT OF "JUSTICE"...I have never seen anything so Rigged in my life."

McMorris Rodgers: Probe Russia now, maybe impeach Rosenstein later

Two Koreas to discuss 3rd Moon-Kim summit on Monday

Trump Goes After Jeff Sessions Again: 'Scared Stiff and Missing in Action'

Donations sent to Puerto Rico were found rotting in parking lot

Republicans attack strengths. That's why they're attacking Democratic women leaders, both

Poll: Trump is as strongly disliked now as Nixon was before he resigned

Good Dog ...Get your butt back here cat

Man Being Pursued By Baby Squirrel Calls Police For Help. It was the squirrel who needed help

To All DUers

'Text Massages' Typo Turns Donald Trump Into A Twitter Laughing Stock "What do those feel like?"

It's Your Thing

Ex-Ohio State coach encouraged wrestlers to walk back allegations against Jordan

Who's That Lady

Everyday People

Hot Fun in the Summertime

And one more

Brian Kemp, Enemy of Democracy

I still believe , as a campaign strategy, when Trump goes low we go high, is effective.

Trump "responded to one shouted question from the pool, which was about Omarosa..."

You Angel You

"At my grandpop's funeral, I learned that he was a professional welterweight boxer...."

Me mum's surname is Quinn:

Trump misspelled, "messages" and wrote "massages." Does that mean anything?

NJ Transit and pay

So we been opening cans the wrong way our whole lives?

Any caterpillar aficionados in the house?

Every citizen of the US should be required to watch episode 19 of season 3 of the West Wing

Should Dems brag more, whether or not they are campaigning?

Bernie Sanders "Strongly Supports" Trump's Tariffs

2018 TX US Senate Election will determine which party controls the US Senate next year.

Uh huh.

Ex-spy reveals what he's discovered about President Trump and Putin

DC Restaurants to White Supremacists: Yes, We Will Kick You Out

The evolution of the Trump defense...

Here is a handy spreadsheet with contact info of advertisers Laura Ingraham's Show

APNewsBreak: Green Party candidate was on state GOP payroll

The Conspiracy in Plain Sight

When I was young, most of the time I didn't listen to lyrics.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 11, 2018

It wasn't always easy for Superman

Earth, Wind and Fire - September

oh my...

Poll: Trump is as strongly disliked now as Nixon was before he resigned

Northern Plains to sizzle in brief but intense heat wave this weekend

Republican held US House Districts that are less than +7R PVI

Madison WI: Pride parade organizers withdraw permission for local law enforcement agencies to march

China May Be Holding 1 Million Uighurs in Camps, UN Experts Say

Charlottesville's GOP congressman reveals FBI told him Russian meddling led to last year's fatal...

Primary turnout looking bad in Hawaii

Woman Dies After Dog Saliva Leads To Rare Infection, Family Says

David Corn on Trump's "Peace to ALL Americans!" / "Omarosa is a lowlife" remarks

Losing Faith: Why South Carolina is abandoning its churches

Shaun King: This Baltimore Police Officer needs to be fired immediately (disturbing video)

Trump Wanted to Be Sworn-In With "Art of the Deal"

Dems seek stronger social media presence to guard against potential Russian interference in midterms

WATCH: Trump Calls Omarosa a 'Lowlife'

What is the most horribly slick and commercial pop music that you actually like?

Twitter Now Admits Infowars Did Violate Company Rules

Falwell Jr. Says Dems Should Join GOP to 'Lock Up' Comey, Clinton, Obama... & 'Maybe Even' Sessions

Democrats attack 20 years of one-party rule in Jacksonville forum

How'd he get that plane airborne?

Cost of living rises at fastest rate in decade

Trump: 'Manafort this, Manafort that'

Florida Republican who tried to abolish EPA says toxic algae crisis is 'horrifying'

Essential voting info from Joyce Vance

Dismissing Ben Shapiro's Debate Offer as 'Just Like Catcalling,..............

How soon before he comments on her low IQ?

Reports of Donald Trump Taking a Knee During the National Anthem

VS Naipaul, British author, dies aged 85

Entities join Pawnee ISD in protest against proposed dump

I just thought of a way to get honest presidential elections. It would be easy and it would work.

Transgender demonstrates Zenith table radio restoration

Russian meddling contributed to last year's conflict and violence in Charlottesville.


Vicente Fox continues Twitter-trolling Trump, this time with a Game of Thrones reference

'Bikers for Trump' founder says he sells Trump shirts made in Haiti because US-made products...

To the lawyers out there.

Election officials' concerns turn to information warfare as hackers gather in Vegas

Poll: Trump disliked as strongly as Nixon before his resignation

Trump heightens attacks on Sessions: He's 'scared stiff and missing in action'

Avenatti is right: Democrats need to fight fire with fire

GOP lawmaker: Russian meddling fanned the flames in Charlottesville

Pence condemns 'racism and violence' ahead of Charlottesville anniversary

I finally figured out why tRump want a Space Force.

GOPus delendus est

Collins' Exit Sends New York Republicans Scrambling to Find Replacement