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Rubberband Man

@AbdulElSayed & @BrentWelder ran in what we knew from the start would be difficult races ...

Grieving orca still carrying her dead calf more than 2 weeks later

America's own Little Rocket Man!

Mueller to subpoena Roger Stone associate: report

'I'm thrilled to share that Sen. Bernie Sanders has endorsed my candidacy for Vermont House ...'

Second bank says it wouldn't have loaned Manafort money if not for phony income figures

Queen - Flash

U.S. built Mercedes-Benz SUV's held up by Chinese customs

White Trash Jesus Faces Crucifixion for Holy Fire Today

How a Blacklisted Russian Firm Won (and Lost) a Break From Trump's Tariffs

Hothouse Earth Is Merely the Beginning of the End


Space Force to Fly on Wings of Prayer.

Chris Collins' Upstate New York Congressional District was previously represented by a Democrat.

The Blue Wave

Michael Avenatti in Iowa: 'I'm exploring a run for the presidency of the United States'

Getting to "second base" with your car

My Ohio brothers and sisters, I discovered a gem in your state!

Aqua Boogie

James Brown & The JB's

My favorite Lone Ranger story:

This Is the Way Paul Ryan's Speakership Ends.

Black and White at the Bay

2018 US Senate Election- Will Democrats gain seats, lose seats or break even?

Dems Like Leftism, Not Bernie Sanders

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Q Who?

Finally, the explanation why Trump is orange...

Brother Stevie

GOP chairman set to issue Steele dossier subpoenas

cop fired for telling black men, "you don't belong in my city"

Improperly recorded vote counts found in Kansas


So when does Melania release her taped conversations of Trump?

NASA Spotted a Vast, Glowing 'Hydrogen Wall' at the Edge of Our Solar System

The TV ads for Kavanaugh are from the NRA -- perhaps with Russian funding

The Noose Tightens As Robert Mueller Likely Has The NRA's Tax Returns

How to make your CAT COOL!

Rachel: GOP wants Kavanaugh confirmed before trying to impeach Rosenstein in case it goes to SCOTUS

White anxiety finds a home at Fox News - CNN article by Brian Stelter and Tom Kludt


You know what would be really nice?

Photo/video of Trump at his golf course today

I swear

I voted today in the AZ Primary.

TN executes killer with controversial drugs that Justice Sotomayor said could inflict 'torturous...

Change One Word And You Have Your Space Force Theme

U.S. Officials Scrambled Behind the Scenes to Shield NATO Deal From Trump

Brock Turner Still Guilty of Rape, Judge Rules

Michael Avenatti in Iowa: 'I'm exploring a run for the presidency of the United States'

One More

Women Form Insurgency to Topple Dave Brat

Melania Trump's Parents Become U.S. Citizens, Using 'Chain Migration' Trump Hates

So will "Space Force" be as successful as Reagan's Star Wars?

"Hey, Girl..."

Rachel is so cute when she does her bad acting reading transcripts

When I hear of dumpster's "space force" (space farce?), I think of this

Over 550 Migrant Children Still Separated From Their Parents

Brazil suffers record murder tally in 2017, ahead of election

All I want

Angry 'Trump supporter' calls police, reports black Brooklyn state Sen. Jesse Hamilto

Now this is clever!

The real 'Space Force'

"Hey, Girl..."

Marcus Miller-Trip Trap

Trump Suggests FBI Kept Carter Page's Russia Ties Secret to 'Spy' on His Campaign

U.S. census citizenship question panned by scientists, civil rights groups

Stray Cigarette Burns Down Monterey Marijuana Farm -- Blaze Started at 4:20 p.m.

"Hey, Girl..."

MARRS - Pump up the Volume


CNN - NFL players kneel, raise fists or sit out National Anthem (tweet storm ahead?!)

Arkansas officer fired after being filmed telling two black men, 'You don't belong in my city'

Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand will ban plastic bags

Russia Doesn't Need to Change Votes -- Just Sow Confusion!

I wish there was a Trump filter.

Napa to earn $1 million by selling off surplus state water reserves

AOC's policy knowledge

The HUGE scandal.

Spike Lee: Racists in America have been given "the green light" by the WH..

Talented street performer plays Despacito on violin in Santa Monica

MI-GOV: Whitmer should pick Flint Mayor Karen Weaver as her running mate

It's looking up folks

'Can you feel that pain?': Families of Ghost Ship victims tell of anguish at sentencing hearing

Abby Huntsman, daughter of Jon, signs on as new co-host on The View.

John Delaney Will Complete 99 County Tour Two Years Before 2020 Election

So the Dude, Walter, and the Beaver watch cheetolini's rally speech .....

Union City police chief 'embarrassed, dejected' after son's arrest in attack on elderly Sikh man

Our last great President........and his First Family:

Keke fail could worst for you

Democratic PAC ads attack California GOP congressman McClintock over wildfire spending

Puerto Rico cites storm death toll of 1,427 in damage report

Rachael Crooks (one of DJT's accusers) won her primary for a state house seat in Ohio

The Daily Show: Guest Stacey Abrams - "Minority Leader" and a Historic Race for Governor in Georgia

Seth Meyers - Orange Privilege, Pornhub's Awards Show - Monologue - 8/8/18


Seth Meyers - Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

Broadcom tech billionaire Henry Nicholas arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of drug trafficking

The attacks on the Clinton Foundation are so evil.

clerk - "I want him out of the store right now", "Because he's being arrogant, because he's black."

Download or Listen to the podcast "The Wilderness" by former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

Trump buddy *Tom Barrack* seems to have had a hand in pivotal events re: Manafort & Gates

Fahrenheit 11/9 Trailer

Nuns on a Bus call to action over deep concern about Kavanaugh

There's a man with a gun over there

It's pre season football night.......

Drunken, bawdy behavior at California Lottery alleged in letter, photos to Jerry Brown

Kheris Rogers: The 11 year old girl who beat the skin colour bullies

How on earth have we let Trump get away with hiding his tax returns?

Catch The Best of This Year's Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Teeth of ancient mega-shark recovered from Australian beach

California unions win another pension lawsuit. Will their streak continue?

Carnival Cruz calls Beto a triple meat Whataburger

Montana governor visits locked-out union workers

BART riders, board members push back against surveillance proposal

Tweet of the Day

*Grannies Caravan for Peace, Immigrant Activists Traveling to the Border

NASA Langley's 'Hidden Figures' nominated for Congressional Gold Medal

Jewish students renew efforts to sue SF State leadership, professor over alleged anti-semitism

Coastal Commission votes to tear down illegal seawall, double recommended fine on Laguna Beach home-

Kobach plans to recuse self from vote count process in face of pressure

Silvery Towers labor woes draw accusations of human trafficking and slave labor

Stanford's incoming swimming superstar upsets newly-pro Katie Ledecky

Billionaire Drops Quest To Split California Into 3 Parts

"To infinity and beyond!"

Late Night with Seth Meyers; Trump's week of corruption scandals

Kamala Harris now betting favorite among Democrats for 2020 election

Democrat poised to snag House seat says it's unlikely she'd pick Pelosi

J.S. Bach: "English Suite No.6" played by Mark Farago/ Traditional Folk: "She's Like the Swallow"/

San Diego City Council says no to putting convention center measure on November ballot

A FB discussion about the MJ Biz...

Lawsuit alleges widespread sexual harassment of workers at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

The Trump people I have marginal contact with are backing off.

I'm selling political T-shirts.

Sacramento to help launch minority pot businesses in struggling neighborhoods

Back and full ready to haunt DU again! 😍

Trump administration moves to open 1.6 million acres to fracking, drilling in California

Ken Seddon died this year.

Blue light from phone screens accelerates blindness, study finds

2018 US Senate Freshmen Class.

Blue light from phone screens accelerates blindness, study finds (xpost from Health)

Laura Ingraham condemned after saying immigrants destroy 'the America we love'

Lawyer drops defamation suit against Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/9/18

Samoan minister of revenue defends loans

And yet another Anti-Semite won a republican primary. Congratulations.

"TRUMP IS NOT ON THE BALLOT THIS YEAR", RE: DOJ investigation guidelines....

US EPA permit approval needed for expansion plans at Starkist in Samoa

2018 US House Election- States which Democrats will pick up more than 1 seat.

****Jewish Group*******: Neo-Nazi wins Republican primary in Missouri

'A new beginning for NMI Democrats'

Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles


2019 Guam budget bill defeated by a vote of 9 to 6

CNMI House passes proposal to legalize marijuana use

Vote 2018 - Be It Resolved ...

MS US Senate Special Election Runnoff

Colorado Republican Party calls Jewish, gay politician a 'Brownshirt' Nazi

NFL Players Kneel, Raise Fists During National Anthem in Preseason Games

Republicans Have a Big Suburban Problem

Senators OK amendment to pay past-due Guam Memorial Hospital retirement debt

2018 VT Gubernatorial Election- Ethan Sonneborn-D

Ohio's tight race shows Democrats are ready to do battle everywhere

Succinct and too the point!

Lawsuit: Former Archbishop Apuron raped student on weekends

"But how are we going to pay for the Space Force?"

$6 million sitting idle in Guam child support account, some dating back to 1991

Pharmacy Owner Pleads Guilty As Part Of Largest Health Care Fraud Case Ever In Mississippi

GovGuam health insurance uncertain

Joni Ernst. recipient of $3 million from NRA: "They do not give us money. That would be illegal."

Fearing 'blue wave,' drug, insurance companies build single-payer defense

Joe Scarborough is doing his ode to Ronald Reagan this a.m. I find it most nauseating..nt

Presidential voting rights for veterans on Guam, other territories sought

Winner of the online Space Force Badge contest

RZZZZZ! Released on this day in 1970, Frank Zappa & The Mothers, "Weasels Ripped My Flesh"

Hurricane Hector's swell keeps Honolulu lifeguards busy

Ainsley Airhead on fox and friends

Psst - Your Vote Matters!

State Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Telescope

Friday TOONs - Affairs Edition

INTERACTIVE MAP: Hate, white supremacist propaganda at high level since Charlottesville: Experts

PGV to remain offline for at least 18 months

Nuns on a Bus call to action over deep concern about Kavanaugh

Wasteful arms spending to militarise space contributed to the economic collapse of the Soviet Union

NFL players kneel, raise fists or sit out National Anthem as they kick off slate of preseason game

False missile alert plays key role in Hawaii governor race

Former OSU wrestler who accused Rep. Jim Jordan of ignoring abuse changes story

Someone asked how we allow Trump to refuse to release his tax returns

Populism is simply Socialism with a more acceptable name

The Rundown: August 9, 2018

The Rundown: August 10, 2018

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 8/9/18

The Only Way to Save the GOP Is to Defeat It

The origin of Superheroes: Plastic Man

***BREAKING NEWS POLL - CA 39 Cisneros (Democrat 53%) Kim (All Russia People's Front ) 42% *

How is it that all 4 of my Grandparents were considered non-white, but I'm considered white?

Some Truth:

Post an anagram of "space force"

Cables Detail CIA Waterboarding at Prison Run by Gina Haspel

Hundreds of polling place volunteers still needed for primary election

I have two questions about Space Force:

UPDATED: Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word - and claims there's tape to prove it

some of these responses

Republicans love physically threatening the opposition

Did anybody see the Neo-NAZI on CNN who said he won the culture war ?

UN chief calls for investigation into Saudi-led strike that killed Yemen children

State filings: Mysterious PAC spent more than $176K on Hanabusa

Torch in hand, our brand new Statue of Liberty. . . . Come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

Trump: "Be happy, be cool! Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!"

Mar-a-Lago: A monument to Trumpism.

Record 63,880 people murdered in Brazil in 2017

Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word - and claims there's tape to prove it

"Whites Only"

Ocasio-Cortez Brings Her Star Power To Hawaii To Boost Kaniela Ing

Trump Trashes NFL Players For Anthem Protests: Most Are 'Unable to Define' What They Are Protesting

**OMG-Trump's Approval among African Americans has plummeted to 3% !!! **

Preparations underway in Fairfax County for increased ridership Sunday at the Vienna Metro Station.

and on and on #7

North American Diets Require More Land Than We Have: Study

Yikes! Bolton and others got the NATO agreement done before Trump could fuck it up!

Several Democrats have joined the bandwagon calling for Nancy Pelosi

Laura Ingraham Responds to Demographics Controversy, Disavows White Nationalists, 'Racist Freak'

Finally, Devin Nunes admits what his charade is all about--Protecting TRUMP (not our Constitution)

Red Cross warns of food crisis in North Korea as crops fail in heat

Begich visits Homer for governor campaign visit

"My Happy Family." Interesting Georgian slice-of-life movie.

Is Donald Trump likely to be impeached? - BBC Newsnight

CNN Panel sounds the alarm on Laura Ingraham leading 'avalanche' of white nationalism

Let's go Mr Mueller

Space Force-It's all about the merchandising!

Enough With the Shit, Green Party. The Coming Midterms Are Too Important for Your Shenanigans

RUDE PUNDIT: Laura Ingraham Fears White Genocide...Well, there's always Russia.

UPDATED - Trump takes aim at Turkey, announcing doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs...

Laura Ingraham should read "Who moved my cheese 🧀?"

After Being Destroyed, Trump's Walk of Fame Star Multiplies

racism in cooking

Ayanna Pressley's Fierce Urgency of Now

Lou Dobbs: Are you in favor of mandatory recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance?

Donnie Deutsch calls for advertiser boycott of Fox's Laura Ingraham

Is DU worthwhile? Does it matter? I answer "Yes" to both questions.

Ex-KKK member who marched in Charlottesville denounces hate groups

Russia tells Washington curbs on its banks would be act of economic war

I'm not saying all of Trump's supporters are stupid...not that I couldn't

Slogan for Lebron's I promise School:

Air Pollution Denial Could Become EPA Policy

I can't help posting this

Kobach caves, says he'll recuse himself from conducting recount of his own election

Melania's Be Best ripped off Michell Obama

Paul Manafort trial Day 9: Judge seals discussion of Rick Gates, Trump and the ongoing Mueller...

How do you prefer your racists: Open or anonymous?

Missouri state GOP candidate as a radio host once said 'Hitler was right'

Come on, buddy - he's not worth it.

No Donald, you're the only one that can't define it.

Space Force/Mars Awaits

The 'Steely-Eyed Killer' Who Became a Star on Fox News - Then Lost It All

Smart phones

Trump Predictably Rages About Renewed NFL Protests

Hannity Slams MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for Pushing 'Bizarre Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories and Lies'

DOT crackdown on political campaign signs stirs up complaints, fury

Chula Vista, CA declares Sept. 8 to be LGBTQ Day

Thank you, MIRT

Mueller request signals Gates may still be cooperating

As much as Pooh missed Piglet, he really did enjoy that

The making of a judicial phenomenon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg marks 25 years on the bench

VenezuelaAnalysis, Chavismo's English language online mouthpiece axed from Facebook

Mueller to subpoena Randy Credico.

Wilbur Ross - colossal crook

Premier League Football is back!!

2 Police Officers Killed among 4 Killed in Canada Shooting, Suspect in Custody

Businesses with LGBT managers perform better than those without

Arkansas pastor convicted of having child porn in 2000 faces new charge

It IS a witch hunt! Isn't it obvious?

I mentioned Randy Credico last month, it's subpoena time for Randy.

Trump's Legal Team To Guest Host Hannity's Radio Show

Heightened law enforcement draws concerns from U.Va. students

Gov Walker barfs again.

Cohen's Taxi Business Associates Come Back To Haunt Him In New York Probe

"Europe's summer was so hot."

Trump administration proposes further dismantling of Affordable Care Act through Medicare

New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency (WP)

It's time to stand up for our core-values!

Time for Mueller to bring out the big guns

Avoiding Defeat in 2020

Russian state TV warns Trump to 'do what we say' if you want 'Russian support in the elections'

Trump's Space Force is a Star Wars Rerun

Russian Embassy mocks Trump's Space Force logos

DeVos rolls back rules aimed at low-performing for-profit and career colleges

RATINGS: On Wednesday, @maddow was the #1 most-watched program across all cable TV.

GOP And Media Use The Hillary Playbook To Go After Nancy Pelosi (Another Strawman/woman distraction)

Essay: The Last Train To Grand Canyon: How Amtrak Fails The National Parks--And America

Challenging the Electoral College's winner take all system in Massachusetts

Do not be distracted

Trump praises Texas AG's lawsuit to repeal DACA

Kung Pao Chickpea and Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry...

Mystery surrounds former sex-ring operator's Mueller probe role

Pence Calls Space Force Necessary to Protect U.S. from Gay Aliens

Oh deer !

Oregon Governor Moves to Lean Democratic

Died, on this day in 2005, George Scurlock. Who was George Scurlock?

George Conway casts doubt on Omarosa's allegation Trump used racial slurs against him

Trump-Baby balloon . . . animated

Nancy Pelosi is like the term "Liberal"

This made me laugh...........from Facebook.

Witness (Roger Stone aide Andrew Miller) in Mueller probe refuses to appear before grand jury

Obsession--and I don't mean the cologne!

Sharp Objects on HBO

"This is why we kneel" Cop tells black men to leave the city

Treasury say's banks are not financial services so they get pass through tax cut!

Here's one candidate I won't be supporting.....

The password is..."CHICKEN!"

The GOP's biggest problem going into the midterms is the face of the party; President Donald J Trump

Russian state TV warns Trump to 'do what we say' if you want 'support in the elections'

UNC textbook claims about cancer and Holocaust caused controversy

Cameroon: New video shows more brutal killings by armed forces

NFL player wallops Trump for attacking black athletes more than neo-Nazis marching in DC...

Evangelicals are not black.....according to the news.

Just think: In the next few weeks, it's likely that Roger Stone will be indicted.

Judge holds Roger Stone associate in contempt for refusing to testify before grand jury in Russia in

D.L. Hughley to Chris Cuomo: 'White men don't decide what racism is'

Ocasio-Cortez scorns Ben Shapiro's debate offer

Laura Ingraham's racist rant: Fueling fears of a changing America is GOP's midterm strategy

Grandma Jumps Into Buick For Emergency Birdseed Run

The "60 day policy" before an election

Hank Kunneman: Trump Is 'A Man Of War' For God's Agenda

In one hour I will be seeing "Black Klansman"

White House, and Kushner, Dig Into Higher Ed

KNOW WHEN TO HOLD 'EM Trump Will Fold if Mueller Calls His Bluff. Giuliani Is the Tell.

On August 10 Trump tweets about this kneeing for the anthem thing..or..

BlackkKlansman movie

Exclusive: As Trump cracks down on Pakistan, U.S. cuts military training programs

UPDATED Facebook LIVE: Be a Hero - Brattleboro VT

Bill Kristol is "getting out over his skis"...way too much

Трамп - марионетка Путина (Trump is Putin's puppet according to Google)

Paul Manafort trial: Judge abruptly recesses trial, reminds jury not to discuss the case

Mueller scrambling after spilling Big Gulp all over Russia evidence.

Pentagon Officials Listen In Silence As Pence Details Plans For Angel-Guided Defense Weapons System

Who is Andrew Miller?

Recruitment poster makes its debut

Multi-Millionaire Tomi Lahren: Homelessness Is a 'Choice'

Summer's Almost Gone

When I was little my dad would wash the car with me. After I grew up he

ONION: Mike Pence Details Plans For Angel-Guided Defense Weapons System

Watch: Defiant White Nationalist Laura Ingraham Tries to Walk Back Racist Rant - Fails Miserably

Kansan Sharice Davids gets boost from national Democratic 'red to blue' program

Happy 75th 🎂 Ronnie!

Currently, the United States has no vehicle capable of taking people

An example of lawyer humor from the Manafort prosecutors

A New Right-Wing Veterans Donation Scam

A Recipe for Summer: Fresh Fish, Spicy Chiles, Loads of Corn

Meme of the day!

Top Trump administration immigration official to appear at hate group event

Arizona ruling sides with developer in San Pedro River water-use dispute

Omarosa book claims there are tapes of Trump using N-word on 'Apprentice' set

Off on another bs investigation. I couldn't get a link but the story is up on DK by Mark Sumner an

There's something happening here; What it is ain't exactly clear

The dark conspiracy theory that helped create QAnon

U.S. Officials Scrambled Behind the Scenes to Shield NATO Deal From Trump.

Suspect behind massive California wildfire was steeped in conspiracies

Why Betsy DeVos Shuns The American Flag On Her $40M Yacht

When newspapers cease to exist in paper from, what will

Feel good moment: Click if you don't watch msnbc. It's awesome.

Ex-aide says she refused hush money, pens White House memoir calling Trump racist

Trump's lawyers guest hosting for Hannity's radio show.

I found this bit of info interesting.

Dereliction Of Political Duty In A Tweet

Since we're talking about respect for the American Flag

What is your favorite trail mix?

Omarosa Manigault Newman says she refused hush money

Joni Ernst Plays "Cute" with Her NRA Backing

Ashley Parker did an AMA on Reddit, if anyone is interested.

sweetheart, I'm happy to talk about our marriage, but two subjects are off-limits:

Mark Burnett's hush money paid thru unreported campaign funds..

We have to keep her grave hidden': Slain activist Heather Heyer's mom fears neo-Nazis will destroy d

A little-noticed Trump rule would give $2.5 billion tax cut to big bank fat cats

Trump Releases Images of Planned Future Space Force Projects

Bette Midler: I guess #FLOTUS was too old for her husband to be able to enjoy taking her away from

Children Are Still Hostages, Corruption Is Rampant & Yet The Topic Du Jour Is

UChicago Law Prof Says Sotomayor Got on Court Because She's Latina, Wipes Twitter

What Republican attacks on Nancy Pelosi are really about

Trump's former bodyguard hired by RNC for $15,000 a month

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise; Core Posts Biggest Gain Since 2008

Actual farmer sues Devin Nunes for claiming to be a farmer on ballot

Florida's plan for bullied LGBTQ kids? Send them to Christian schools.

A Hefty Steak That's Light Enough for August

Trump blows up GOP's formula for winning House races

DC church encourages 'shaming & shunning' LGBTQ people as loving 'Christian response'

How come nobody ever told me about Crabbies Ginger Beer before?

In honor of Dipshit Don's new "Space Force":

Sarah has a sad, because Omarosa's book isn't about how Trump is making America safe and prosperous.

Omarosa Claims She Walked In On Trump Eating Paper In Oval Office

And court is back in session

What's happening in the Manafort trial? First, this morning, there was a long recess,

Another Comstock Lode scandal.....

Charles P. Pierce: Trump and Sessions Never Had a Plan--Except Cruelty

Jim Jefferies Show: 3-D Printed Guns

A conservative PAC against Tina Smith

Hell, I can photoshop better than that and I don't even have Photoshop.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Friday Morning, August 10: Lady And Man, Little Joe and Mary

Algae crisis explodes into leading campaign issue in Florida

Convenience fee: right.

The Pragmatic Left Is Winning.

Former Top KGB General Says Trump is a Russian Asset and he Likely Knows it

Petition asks Trump to name LeBron James new education secretary, replacing DeVos

There is only one Pelosi question that matters

Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram

'State of the Race': Dems seek GOP wipeout in California

Has anyone been watching "Dietland" on AMC? (No spoilers)

At Carrier, the factory Trump saved, morale is through the floor

Colbert: Trump Library will consist entirely of tell-all books written by people who worked in WH

Just a reminder...

Mattis originally opposed creating space force over budgetary concerns

NAACP: Trump 'is a racist'

Trump's Tariffs on Canadian Newsprint Hasten Local Newspapers' Demise

Omarosa Claims She Walked In On Trump Eating Paper In Oval Office

CNN: Mueller has subpoenaed Credico

D.C. Restaurants Can Legally Shun White Nationalists This Weekend

"Trillion dollar deficits" political leverage for Dems

Sir, this is a Wendy's

Funny thing about Pelosi supposedly being so widely disliked

The Space Force, Like Trump, Is a Consummately American Grift

Anyone else in the L.A. Area ...Notice

Corey Stewart blames 'ass hurt' Republicans for negative press coverage

Russian Embassy trolls Trump campaign with its own Space Force logos

Michael Brown's mother announces run for Ferguson City Council

Anti-abortion group launches ads against Manchin over Planned Parenthood

Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist - GOP Cut S S in Half Screwing the Disabled

Trump's job performance approval DOWN!, Rasmussen poll released today says,

Hothouse Earth Is Merely the Beginning of the End

Hothouse Earth Is Merely the Beginning of the End

North Korea rejecting US proposals in diplomatic standoff

Grassley will soon announce confirmation hearing dates for Brett Kavanaugh (early September)

Since we are all adults here,

If Kris Kobach ends up winning KA-GOV-R, COOK POLITICAL moves the races to "TOSS UP"

Godzilla is not bound by gender stereotyoes.

I'm almost beginning to wonder if buying Season Tickets is some form of money-laundering,

Single black female seeks male companionship

poll - Black voters angry at Donald Trump - 81% angry with something he said or did

DNC serves WikiLeaks with lawsuit via Twitter

A few questions about SPACE! FORCE!!

Links about Sunday's demonstrations:

Might be going to Portugal this fall. Any suggestions?

Facebook LIVE: Be a Hero - Bennington VT

Visiting London. Any offbeat things to do?

This pepperoni pizza is nearly tasteless.

Researchers Find Source of Strange 'Negative' Gravity

Trump's former bodyguard is being paid the exact same amount that was offered in Omarosa hush-money

Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary(live in Stockholm 1967)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 9, 2018 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Walter Matthau

When they bring up Pelosi, why don't we bring up Paul Ryan?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez torches CNN's Chris Cuomo for slamming Progressive Agenda (VIDEO)

I want to cut defense overall

Trump Jr. Tweets doctored 45 job approval

German police save man from baby squirrel terror

Fricking raid MGM!!!

Grassley Announces Kavanaugh Hearings To Begin Sept. 4

3 injured in severe collision on Rockville Pike

Elderly man rescues drowning boy, discovers he also saved the kid's father 30 years ago


UT regents approve $175 million upgrade to Longhorns' football stadium

President Trump's divisive and racial rhetoric is becoming the new normal. We can't let that happen

Now it makes sense why FumpTruck wants a "Space Force" (tm)

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 10, 2018 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Dorothy Malone

A Few of My Favorite Jill's Pins 🎶

When Did Ajit Pai Know?

20 Brutally Hilarious Memes Mocking Trump's Space Force

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Racist Rant of Luara Ingraham (starts at about 1:55) entire rant..11 minutes

Having SOME success w/ house-training the dogs

I signed my husband up for SPACE FORCE

New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency

I'm sitting in the railway station,

Political argument on Facebook ends in shooting

Trump's Paper Eating May Explain A Lot

Trump behave "like a dog off the leash" at Mar-a-Lago events when Melania was not around

Meanwhile, in Brasil...

Here's the Republican response to the release of tapes with Trump using the n-word (original parody)

Repubs preparing to blame Obama for coming "massive recession"

Nancy Pelosi is the new HRC: A banner the gop can wave. It's open misogyny.

Boston Globe calls on US newspapers to target Trump in coordinated editorials

Did She Fall Asleep in High School History Class?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 10, 2018

'White Civil Rights' Aren't a Thing: Why Black People Are Protesting Unite the Right 2

Stocks Fall Dow -196 Trump's proposed tariffs will lead deep recession', say World Trade Organiation

The 'Alliance for Jobs" sure hates Tim Walz (candidate for Gov of MN for you out-of-staters)

Desert Views Road Trip Part Four: Ruddy's 1930's General Store Museum

For those who use Roku - do you have service interruption with MSNBC?

Turn off bluetooth when not using

Trump's new communications director [Bill Shine] just settled a lawsuit over outing a gay man

GOP Operative Made "Suspicious" Cash Withdrawals During Pursuit Of Clinton Emails

Trailer for Michael Moore's new movie

GOP Operative Made "Suspicious" Cash Withdrawals During Pursuit Of Clinton Emails

Go fuck yourself, troll.

The PR campaign by Trump and Giuliani could be construed as "obstruction of justice".

A new movie about Freddie Mercury is coming out. What other rock stars should get their own film?

Jeff Sessions spoke at a hate group summit & told them 'You are not a hate group'

Democratic National Committee Proposes Reversing Its Ban On Fossil Fuel Donations

I love it that YANKEES BASEBALL tickets might doom Paul Manafort.

Cartoons from Europe. Missed them ? 🙂

Democrats take a new look at Collins' opponent - NATE McMURRAY

WI DEM Primary..Folks have been asking me who to vote for...this is my list..

In Trump's America, wage growth is getting wiped out entirely by inflation

Gordon: Wyoming closed for business to Bank of the West following divestment announcement

UVA closes The Lawn for the weekend

Here's Wikileaks getting served via a tweet by the DNC's lawyers

WI DEM Primary..Folks have been asking me who to vote for...this is my list..

Black Woman with Motorcycle

"The person I'd thought I'd known so well for so long was actually a racist."

Served via Twitter. Is this a first? nt

Associate of Roger Stone held in contempt

New polling place to open on University of Texas campus

God, Roger Stone looks like an extremely ugly Dickens character

Florida Gov. wants proof from Sen. Nelson over hacking claim

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Meltdown at the Iowa State Fair

Still insist?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 4, 2018 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Gary Cooper

The Ministry of Propaganda is Working Overtime

GOP operative made suspicious cash withdrawals during pursuit of Hillary Clinton's emails

Russian state TV warns Trump to 'do what we say' if you want 'support in the elections'

Roommate Wanted

Odd baseball trivia (add your own)

Wages drop despite economic boom

California man accused of stealing from a Wichita Falls Walmart goes back for his Bible

Bunny gets ready to take a photograph

Geaux Saints!! - Cam Jordan calls on Red Don to denounce Unite the Right rally

U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps

Former Wichita Falls PD officer sentenced for theft and money laundering, family goes free

Cabbie charged in wild NYC road-rage brawl

So Omarosa says the N word tape exists

Manafort Trial: Mueller Brings in FBI, IRS as the Case Nears the Finish Line

Vicente Fox's helpful Spanish phrases if you visit Mexico before Trump "builds that fucken wall"

Light Rail in the Rio Grande Valley is a great Return on Investment

Mexico's Ban Advances Broader Fight to End Fracking in North America

Mexico's Ban Advances Broader Fight to End Fracking in North America

Man who tied up, sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl will serve no jail time

The Russian "Treasure Ship" Was Likely a Fraud Meant to Boost a Cryptocurrency Scam

Studies underway to find out why Rio Grande Valley has highest rates of liver disease

Kanye West on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' talks porn, sex and Kim Kardashian

Bring back the "Misery Index"

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway Pleads Guilty to Federal Corruption Charges

Nancy's 'ignoring Trump's trash talk'

Kavanaugh Hearing Date Set for September 4 in Senate

The unimpeachable integrity of the Republicans

Another of those covers I prefer to the original.

Trump's Space Force faces trouble getting off the ground

California Wildfire Suspect Posted About QAnon, Other Conspiracies

HRC would be POTUS except for conspiracy against the United States.

What do you do when your neighbor is a Neo-Nazi?

Paris Dennard on CNN right now

Beto O'Rourke campaigns in Victoria

If Turkey implodes, here's who else will get hurt

Judge dismisses case against suspected LA 'Skid Row Stabber'

Chris Cuomo's response to Laura Ingraham's white power speech was exquisite!

Stocks close lower as financial crisis in Turkey spooks markets

CA US House Delegation is 39D 14R

Judge rules against 3rd trial for US agent in fatal shooting

Why are we discussing House speakership now?

I applaud the Boston Globe for taking a stand, re: Trump thuggery.

Liars liar, lying...

Judge rejects plea deals in deadly Oakland warehouse fire