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Archives: August 1, 2018

Dems suspect Russia in new Facebook influence operation

NKorea provided just 1 dog tag with 55 sets of war remains

"Many people are asking," but there is no comment from the Republican Party

🐦 August 5 - Bernie Sanders set to campaign for Abdul El-Sayed in Michigan

Oh look, it's Sessions' Religious Liberty Task Force.

Day one of the Paul Manafort trial: Jury selection, first witness called and a $15,000 ostrich jacke

US on track to borrow most money since 2008 financial crisis: report

Forget collusion; conspiracy's the watchword in Mueller's filings

Trump claims picture ID is required to buy groceries

Anime Thread : What To Watch

Ex-Trump Organization exec: 'Impossible' Trump didn't know about Trump Tower meeting

Mallard Filmore is back to his old dickish self today

Athens police use of force against 10-year-old child prompts internal investigation

Owner surprises his group at their meeting

Collusion is not a crime? Not so fast.

'Crops go unharvested and animals go uncared for.' Concerns about farmworker shortage grow

CBS CEO Les Moonves Could Lose Up to $315 Million If He's Fired

U.S. Considers Higher Tariffs on $200 Billion in Chinese Imports

intruder breaks into home. Police arrive and kill homeowner

Networks Ignore Trump Florida Rally As He Brags About The Number of Cameras Present

The tale of Sgt Melvin C. Anderson of the 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion

Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Told American CEO: Send Cash to Moscow

Bloomberg: US considers raising tariff from 10 to 25 pct on $200B worth of Chinese goods.

He is mistaking our press with RT and the FBI

DE-SEN: Tom Carper leads Kerri Harris 51%-19%

Theresa May must push for even softer Brexit, says thinktank

Nick Ackerman: There's No Doubt In My Mind Robert Mueller Has Trump's Tax Returns AM Joy MSNBC

My Trumper cousin transferred to another state and guess what?

NRA Statement on 3D Guns

FYI: PBS Frontline tonight - Separated: Children at the Border.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

Funny. Nicole Wallace is subbing for Rachel and wearing all black

Russian journalists killed in Central African Republic while investigating mercenary group

BLS: Compensation costs up 0.6% Mar 2018 to Jun 2018 and up 2.8% over the year ending Jun 2018

RIP Ron Dellums: The Radical Congressmember Who Fought Against War, Apartheid & Poverty


'Everyone talked with Woodward': Trump White House braces for new book

Joffery King of Westeros

Police fatally shoot Colorado man in his own home, moments after he killed an intruder

Can Manafucked still strike a plea deal?

What it was like to be CNN at Trump's Tampa event:

Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa

Meanwhile, ex-Playboy model, Shera Bechard, would like $200,000 from Elliot Broidy

Background on Trump-Pence Domestic Gag Rule

Justice Dept. Investigating Claims That Drug Companies Funded Terrorism in Iraq

It's unclear when the president last purchased groceries or anything else himself.

If you're going to dip it, wrap it !!

I was thinking about the USA and population growth. A question about that..

Times Almost Up!!

Police fatally shoot Colorado man in his own home, moments after he killed an intruder

This little girl is so sweet

"Deleted Families" Yep, that's what the US government calls seperated families

Better luck next time, republic.

George Takei on Lawrence shortly to talk about family separation and interment camps.

Republican Supreme Court justices have ties to Michigan gerrymandering group is a useful site for tracking Congress and Legislation.

Anyone else love this song? 'Ride Across the River'--Dire Straits

Giuliani's recent statements indicate "something is up".

Do plastic gun bullets have a ballistic signature?

BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court rules 4-3 to keep redistricting proposal on the November ballot.

The Future of the Irish Travelers

Video shows local GOP leader embracing white nationalist -- a week after she disavowed him

Video shows local GOP leader embracing white nationalist -- a week after she disavowed him

I like to think I'm a good roll model. n/t

Jim Acosta: sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I'm very worried that the hostility whip

I was very lucky in having some excellent teachers in my small town

Trump's Crony Capitalists Plot a New Heist

MI-GOV: El-Sayed accuses Whitmer of racial bias.

Ooh Child The 5 Stairsteps 1970/3

CNN: FBI investigating odd computer link between Alfa Bank and Trump org.

Michigan Supreme Court says let voters decide gerrymandering proposal

Slate "Observe Melania Trump Trying to Look Like She's Ever Been in a Garden Before and Despair"

WikiLeaked: Over 11,000 messages from private WikiLeaks chat released

MI-GOV: El- Sayed raises spectre of 'all-white' Whitmer Administration

Danny O'Connor, OHIO12th is scaring the GOP. Trump is coming to campaign

Trump at Rally: 'Polls Are Fake Just Like Everything Else'

2 things that most wont like, but I think directly led to the America's of today

Collins Sides with GOP Leaders on Kavanaugh Documents

From Ecuador:

PA doctor molested over 2 dozen children over the years

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time: Beyonce, Lebron, Zimbabwe, Iran!

Seth Meyers - Lindsay Lohan's New Reality Show, National Cheesecake Day - Monologue - 7/30/18

RW Call To Arms To Shoot Trump Adversaries. WTF. Alternet.

Beginning To Think That The Police Are On The Side Of White Supremacists/Militia.

Imformative MSNBC Rachel Show 9:00 pacific.

1 in 37,249 chance that the same nation Trump asked to hack Clinton, then hacked Clinton.

Jeremy Bash, Fmr CIA Chief of Staff reported on Rachel tonight that Conspiracy will be one of the

Trump thinks one must have an ID to buy food!

Trump supporter holds homophobic sign outside Orlando man's home

Help posting website link to twitter

3D gun guys claim it's "Free Speech." I guess they want to literally fire in a crowded theater.

The American mental sickness spreads internationally, as a sad individual in India worships Trump

A vaguely unsettling thought comes to mind re. Trump's followers

Two friends kicked out of taxi for being gay

10 of Donald Trump's Business That Completely Failed

Funny twitter article translating online dating profiles

Top 10 of the Stupidest Things Donald Trump has Said -- TopTenzNet

Some Graphs Showing why there are Trump Supporters

Georgia Lawmaker Makes an Ass Out of Himself--Literally (With Video)

DO NOT POST events that are not legit and verified please!

Hellendaal: "Sonata in A minor"-Sosnowska, Baroque violin/Dowland: "Piper's Pavan"/Grieg: "Solveig's

State Representative Jason Spencer Resigns After Fallout from 'Who Is America' Episode

So Stephanie Ruhle called tonight on MSNBC for Facebook to be shut down now.

There are reports a child died in ICE detention due to possible neglect following a respiratory inf.

Michael Stipe's Brooklyn Art Show Reflects His Ties to Athenian Jeremy Ayers

Rimsky-Korsakov: "Symphony No. 2, Antar", Rotterdam Philharmonic

Georgia jet fuel tax halted, months after Delta, NRA fight

George Takei On U.S. Government Holding Kids In Camps - The Last Word - MSNBC

Yeah...that's possible...sure it is

House Speaker Paul Ryan Uncovers Jewish Roots on PBS Show

Ethics charges filed against Georgia judge accused of theft

Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Know If Colluding Is Crime

Glynn County Democrats holding monthly brainstorming sessions

Which wing of the Democratic Party do you feel fits you the closest?

Ex-Bibb deputy arrested, charged with aggravated stalking

Fists fly, and so does a megaphone, as refugee crisis inflames local politics in Toronto area

Goodbye Republican Party, hello Biigfoot Party

Rockdale deputy allegedly smuggled cocaine into county's jail to give inmates

Film, vigil mark anniversary of Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado's disappearance

Trump's Endorsements

Film, vigil mark anniversary of Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado's disappearance

Facing criticism, GOP governor nominee Kemp removes links from official app

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/31/18

If you live in Michigan, are you really concerned about the Dem primary for governor?

Trump's trying to normalize the totalitarian idea of requiring picture ID to buy FOOD.

Six arrested at ICE protest?

Donald Trump Says You Need A Picture ID To Buy Groceries In America

Florida Trump supporters say they'd believe him if 'he said the moon is purple'

More Taxpayers Will Owe The IRS In April Due To Under-Withholding, Report Says

Georgia Democrats build a history-busting slate of women candidates

Drag Queen Storytime Sees Largest-Ever Turnout After Anti-LGBTQ Attacks

Sen Durbin ( & Nancy Pelosi--) calls on Sec Nielsen to resign b/c of family separation Trump Policy

Lockheed Martin to add 400 more Fort Worth Workers in F-35 Hiring Binge

Manafort put himself above the law to fund his expensive tastes, court hears

As Possible Border Wall Looms, a State Park Hangs in the Balance

Join us Aug 9-12 for a 72 hour #OccupyLafayettePark protest!

This is the reaction to CNN at Trump rally. Frightening.

Swedish crown jewels: Speedboat thieves steal priceless treasures

Don't count your (Democratic) chickens until they're elected

Dont install or upgrade to CCleaner 5.45

"Honey, guess what, I'm President of the United States, President of the United States.'"

Special Election: Republican Pete Flores, Democrat Pete Gallego set for runoff for Uresti seat

Where Are The Bugs? Number Of Callers On Hartmann Saying Seeing Fewer Bugs. Anyone Else Notice.

On the campaign trail, Democrat running for agriculture commissioner reckons with her past

So, how 'bout them Mets?

Alex Jones Seeks $100,000 in Court Costs From Sandy Hook Victim's Family

A Wealthy Opportunist Is Playing Michigan Progressives For Fools

The Madman retweeted a video from his idiot son (no, not that one, the other one)...

Wednesday TOONs - Doublspeak Entendre Edition

Biden leads trump in poll for 2020

The first black speaker?

Juror's problems with English prompts mistrial for sex assault suspect

ICE, Border Patrol testify at Senate hearing on family separations (could be DISTURBING to read)

New Republic - Charles Koch's Bipartisan Delusion

Ag Commissioner Sid Miller tangles with Texas cattle raisers

Procter & Gamble, in a Strategy Shift, Moves to Raise Prices

Fire Scientists Are Really Sure Of Only One Thing: It's Going To Get Worse - Wired

P.Ryan on " Finding Your Roots"/PBS

Coming Soon!! Summer Camp for Adults!

Womp Womp! Shitstain's Solar Tariff Devolves Into Farce, With 35% Drop In Prices Expected

Illinois lawmaker accused of releasing nude photos of ex-girlfriend

North Korea provided just 1 dog tag with 55 sets of war remains

And that man is coming to campaign against Danny O'Connor Ohio 12

"11% of people who identify as Republican or lean Republican say it's "appropriate" for Russia....

Last night

'We are Q': A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump's 'MAGA' tour

Trump and his supporters are "quislings". Norway effectively dealt with theirs in their way.

NYT, again...geez"How to talk to Racists"

I Am SO Done With Being Civil

I Am a Member of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

Carr Fire Now 7th Worst In CA History; Fires Sprouting Elsewhere, Yosemite Closed Through Weekend

pitiful, whining idiot racist

Caption TrURmDp crossing swamp!

The Trump Administration Was Warned Separation Would Be Horrific for Children, Did It Anyway

Health alert issued for salads, wraps from Kroger, Trader Joe's, Walgreens due to parasite concern

'I'm proud to endorse Tallahassee Mayor @AndrewGillum in his race for governor of Florida.'

Trump's son is actively encouraging Trump supporters to direct more rage and abuse at journalists

Michigan Anti-gerrymandering proposal WILL appear on Nov. ballot

Families of 9/11 victims look to seize Iran assets in Britain

Rachel Maddow's show is being guest hosted by George W Bush's former communications director

"March for Our Lives" continues Southern tour!

The Rundown: July 31, 2018

Let's face it

Rising Seas Drowning The Internet: Study Projects 4,000 Miles Of Cable Underwater Within 15 Years

CNN - I've had enough of the weepy grandfather who's kids were killed in the fire!!!

Good Lord, watch this. We're going to be at "Collusion is Awesome!" by next week.

Rudy Giuliani Admits to SECOND MEETING, Immediately Denies It

Uh-Oh: Republican Dined with Indicted Russian Agent

Remember this woman when you vote in November.

3-D Printer...

Seditious Conspiracy


UK Met Office - Spain/Portugal May Face 48C (118.4F) This Week, Would Be All-Time European High Temp

68 luxury cars, motorcycles valued at $5.2 million destroyed in smuggling crackdown

Paul Manafort's trial is not about tax evasion, it's about Vladimir Putin

530.8 days since Trump had a press conference

City has to pay $65K to white cop who says he was taunted for saying he was part black

HEARTWARMING: This grocery store employee helped an autistic teen and is being praised for making...

White House Weighs Another Reduction in Refugees Admitted to U.S.

Anybody else using a Navage for chronic sinus infection?

Don't you just hate it when in the middle of the night you

Former FBI Chief of Staff: 'The Pieces Are There' for Mueller to Charge Trump Campaign...

Republican's Mistress: Cohen Was Recruited to Solve Problem

"Trump wants GOP to lose in 2018 so he can win in 2020"

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 219,000 Jobs in July

Democrats should make this a commercial for the Fall. Is this the America you want ?

As Budget Crunch Approaches, House Republicans Are In Total Chaos

Trump calls on Sessions to end Russia probe 'right now'

Here we go...nice obstruction you got there..

Ex-GOP Rep After Attending Trump Rally: 'The Most Homogeneous Environment I've Been in in Decades'

Kavanaugh in 2000: Congress had 'constitutional duty' to investigate president

Trump deliberately throwing midterms "to spend the next 18 months haranguing against Nancy Pelosi?"

Colin Kaepernick, not Donald Trump, is the true patriot

The Last Barrier to Inner Peace and the Compassion Machine.

The swimming pool scene in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life".

Morning Joe says Trump's attacks on press show he knows he's in deep trouble

MJ panel stunned by Trump supporter who believes his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama's

Hoppy National IPA Day! 🍻😋

Trump administration widens availability of skimpy, short-term health plans

Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last...

Their ignorance is the reason they are people without hope, it drives their anger.

Thank God for Uncle Rudy

Off to the gym! Not bragging, just want you to know where

Trump administration widens availability of skimpy, short-term health plans

Trump rallies are starting to give a German Beer Hall feel circa 1932.


This wins.

Koch network warns of 'McCarthyism 2.0' in conservative efforts to harass professors

North Korea gave only one dog tag for 55 boxes of war remains, US official says

Party of Traitors

Voting on November 6 is not enough

Train strikes car outside Atlanta, killing 3 women

Boy, that was one ugly Traitors Rally tRump threw yesterday in Florida

Trump's Tampa circus proves you can't reason with his base

Koch network warns of'McCarthyism 2.0 in conservative efforts to harass professors

Fact Checker: President Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days

The Trump/Koch Charade: Pretend to feud while simultaneously teaming up to loot the country

Remember how Jim Acosta stood next to Putin and said he believed him over our intel agencies?

The hypocrisy of evangelicals....

Manafort, Stone, and Black started a lobbying firm in the 1980's.

Trump: Sessions "should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now"

White Americans support welfare programs -- but only for themselves: new research

Happy Wednesday, my peoples!

Jerry Jones callled out for the Trump toady/hypocrite that he is

Time for a Wednesday dance!

Generals from rival Koreas end talks with no agreement

David Corn schools Trump: "That is collusion. You're lying."

How Insurers Can Send Patients To Religious Hospitals That Restrict Reproductive Care

Trump: Strzok and his lovely lover Lisa Page used phony dossier to begin the disgraceful witch hunt

Man Finds Books Owned by Thomas Jefferson Inside a Dumpster

Seen at the Unique Thrift Store yesterday afternoon: Halloween costumes.

Yeah, this guy is a con man.

The media needs to stop covering tRump's hate-filled Traitors Rallies

The only stain is you

White House held just 3 daily press briefings in July

I'm your puppet..

Political consultant Daniel Rabin takes the stand to speak about his work in Ukraine

36,000 yr. old bison steaks/other oddities on the internet

Donald Trump vs. the Koch brothers: A major rift -- or a stunt staged by Steve Bannon?

Oh WTF pardon me a ramble

Clinton to executive produce TV drama on women's suffrage with Spielberg

Jeff Sessions' ludicrous "religious liberty" task force is the real threat to liberty

Frontline Careers - Customs and Border Protection Recruitment banner ads on eBay

I don't know what, but there IS something wrong with Trump's mentation.

Gun shop owner compares access to 3D gun blueprints to online porn

The flaw in the oinkment.

Clinton to executive produce TV drama on women's suffrage with Spielberg

Although I agree with Rick Wilson on virtually nothing, his tweets these days are solid gold.

***BREAKING NEWS*** AZ SEN Sinema (Democrat) 48% Mc Sally (All Russia People's Front) 44%

Happy little heatwave graphic

Tesla Weighs Chinese Funding for $5 Billion Factory

Gun rights activists post plans for 3D firearms after judge's order blocking them

Tourism collapses in Cuba

2 things I want to say....

There was a 2 week waiting period for congresspeople to get into the child detention facilities

Microsoft just bullied me

Did you ever wonder if the Progressive Democrats need a more progressive symbol than a donkey?

Rachel Maddow Unloads On The NRA For Going Into Hiding After Being Exposed As A Tool Of Russia

Pic Of The Moment: A Tale Of Two Headlines

Eric Church spoke out about the NRA and politics. The reaction shows why country stars stay silent.

WOW! It's THREE of your FAVORITE people in ONE photo that you'll treasure for many decades.

Manafort trial update: judge just banned the word "oligarch" from being used

"Collusion Is Not A Crime" Mashup.

I really liked that Jon McNaughton painting but I thought something was missing

Supreme Court Pick Has Often Favored Employers in Labor Cases

Green Party planning to sabotage midterms and 2020 elections (NYT).

Manafort trial: The no-knock search of Manafort's home is not true

Anyone here a KONA COFFEE lover??

Colombia's Uribe withdraws senate resignation amid bribery probe

Procter & Gamble, in a Strategy Shift, Moves to Raise Prices

#BREAKING: In a tweet, President Trump tells Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shut down the Mueller

Trump jumps into Ohio special election as GOP alarm grows

When (not if) 45 Stops Mueller probe

Stephen Colbert on 'One Year of #metoo'...

He just tweeted about the "smocking gun"


***S--t's about to get real- Trump Calls on Sessions to 'Stop the Rigged Witch Hunt Right Now' ***

How Many Republicans OK with Russian meddling?

These folks will vote in the next election for............

Ali and Stephanie are destroying CEO Eberhart!

The smackdown part 1

CNN's Jim Acosta just responded to Trump Tampa rally hecklers

Manafort Trial At Light Speed While Trump Changes His Tune On Russian Collusion

Velshi and Ruhle are taking some GOPer apart on MSNBC.

I love Rogue Melania

Velshi and Ruhle sticking a lying CEO's nose in the poop he's spewing on TV right now

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: An open letter to the NFL's owners

He is in full meltdown mode: tweeting about "Alfonse Capone" and Manafort "Reagan darling"

You're not making any sense.

Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Ignorant, Naive, And A Fool On The World Stage... MSNBC

Orange Man misspelled Aphonse Gabriel Capone's name

Aphonse Capone's smocking gun... this will be the internets new "covfefe"

best quote I read this morning...

The Qanon nuts are getting crazier.

Trump: "The Trump campaign met at the Russians request and that is bad?"

BREAKING: Federal judge rules that GOP discriminated with straight-party voting ban

Screaming rescue doggie:

I'm a "the Republic is ending if we don't stop this maniac now" Democrat

I had a Trumper in my Uber yesterday

Entire police force suspended after chief charged with corruption

US says driving would be riskier if fuel standards tougher

Shot, chaser

White, and in the minority

Steve Bannon plots for Trump to exclude women voters: 'The Republican college-educated woman left"

... Erdogan, faced a criminal investigation in 2013/14. He called it a "deep state witch hunt,"

Poll: Senate race between Cruz, O'Rourke a dead heat

Bumpersticker/Meme/T-shirt idea

Follow Manafort Trial in Real Time by Washington Post

Trump administration widens availability of skimpy shorts

It's official! Only card carrying members of Club Chavismo can get cheap gas in Venezuela

And now, a word from the WH occupant......

Prosecution attorney suggests in front of the jury that Gates may not testify.

The Sarah Sanders Duck & Cover Comedy Hour is scheduled for 1 PM

Barack Obama: Today I'm proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates..

A rookie ICE agent makes an embarrassing mistake

I fucking hope his teeth fall out...

Trump is unravelling and obstructing the #Russia investigation in plain sight so I'm wearing this #J

The truth about that Trump Tower meeting...

New rules for Journalist and editors

Republican Illinois lawmaker accused of releasing nude photos of ex-girlfriend to resign

Surrounded by fire, California politicians question links to climate change

A Few More Bad Apples: As The Climate Changes, Fruit Growing Does, Too

Took me 3 1/2 hours to fill out my Russian visa application online.

DFL in bitter clash with Senate candidate Richard Painter

Memphis police accused of using fake accounts to surveil black activists

Memphis police accused of using fake accounts to surveil black activists

Why some Christians don't believe in gun control: They think God handed down the Second Amendment

It breaks my heart that this is America, 2018.

Is anyone having a problem with Talking Points Memo?

Metro Transit cuts bus service to improve reliability amid driver shortage

Electrical professionals say lack of maintenance cause of blackouts. Maduro says, "Sabotage!"

Hey Dumb Donnie!

There are no longer any "third party" candidates.

"Deleted family units?" - Sack Cartoon

Obama Endorses Long List Of Candidates Ahead Of 2018 Elections

Current Events

What are the 5 most important Senate elections in 2018? (if time permits, why?,more than 5 is OK.)

Top House Republican: Man Killed His Wife 'Because The Woman Was Unfair'

Smock, Smock, Smock....

Trump Offers Up Bizarre Comparison Between Manafort And Al Capone

Trump is starting to shit golden bricks.

Phoenix PD arrest employee at immigration facility for sex abuse of a minor

OH-12: New poll Balderson 44 - O'Connor 43

Lol... check out Jill Wine-Banks' pin on MSNBC today:

How serious is the threat to US borders?

NRA Releases Downloadable Blueprints For First 3D-Printed Gun Lobbyists

Any word on Rachel Maddow? Will she be coming back this evening?

Frightening! Watching Clips of Trump's Rally Last Night!

Urban Meyer trending on Twitter. Ohio State FB coach

Gap Narrows in CD12 Special


Current Manafort Trial Isn't Even About Russia. Why is [Redacted] So Freaked?

"Ministry Of Silly Questions": What's yours? 🤪

Meme of the day!

Anti-Kobach activists declare 'grave concern' ahead of primary election

Push to weaken US Endangered Species Act runs into roadblocks

Federal prosecutors announce arrest of Ukrainians for alleged hacking of US businesses

Kotoba ni Dekinai (It's hard to explain)

GACKT - Koi no Friday!!!

Sarah Sanders is on now. Hope they roast her.

These press briefings are such a farce. Why does MSNBC even bother to cover them?

Mueller Indicted 12 Russians For The 2016 Hacking Of The Election....

Fifty years ago yesterday (July 31, 1968), Peanuts got a new character: Franklin

A random act of kindness that blew me away in New Orleans at Netroots Nation 2018 (VIDEO)

Direct appeal to the Blow It All Up Gang

A threat, self destruction and peace

Japan vows to rescue journalist believed held in Syria

Did Sarah say "anyone who has purchased marijuana in a grocery store"?

Japan vows to rescue journalist believed held in Syria

Wells Fargo to pay $2 billion penalty for alleged misrepresentation of loan quality

happy Jerry Week everyone

Come on Press Corps! The White House just banned a reporter over "civility" but they wont

Federal Mine Safety Mtgs., Beckley, WV Sept. 11, 2018

Millions of Americans Denied Groceries After Failing to Provide I.D. - By Andy Borowitz


Limerick thread

Trump administration to sanction Turkish officials over imprisonment of American pastor

Trumps buddy and racist KKKobach costs small cities a bundle while he cashes in and moves on..

SHS on Russia investgation: "I don't think we have to go into it every time we're here."

SHS strikes again.

"He's not resisting arrest....he's just trying to escape."

Note to the Orange Anus: I went to the grocery store, bought stuff, didn't show pic ID. Happens

Senate advances spending bills despite Trump shutdown threat

Lawsuit seeks to shut down Trump wildlife protection board

Ostrich coat?

Guilty much?

Why the softball press corp??

I have a feeling that Trump is close to the point where he will do something drastic.

Sarah Sanders Spreading Fake News: Bin Laden Phone Leak Is An Urban Myth

If you could asked Sarah, one question?

Everything you ever wanted to know about the craziest Con spiracy ...

Cleaning up Trump's mess: Senators privately met foreign allies to reassure them of NATO support

Kathy Griffin: "Honey, It's always good when two assholes find each other."

It will take only ONE deplorable rumper on the Manafort trial

We are Q': A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump's 'MAGA' tour

Trump and Mueller

CNN: Iran to do MASSIVE military exercise Straits of Hormuz within 48 hours

Lawmakers say North Korea shows Trump shouldn't trust it

If Russian propagandist, obfuscater, and liar were added to the pardon...Maybe

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding as Democrats fume over Russian interference

Fisheries Collapse in Alaska Kenai collapse

Connelly: Pro-Trump, anti-gay, anti-Islam Rev. Franklin Graham in NW tour

Seattle judge blocks release of blueprints for 'computer generated' 3D printed guns

I'm calling my Senator, Susan Collins, today. Anything you want me to mention to her aides?

Spike Lee: Trump is on the 'wrong side of history'

The donald is freaked out today because his accountant who knows about every dollar

Rob Reiner is a mensch and a really bright guy.

Passed along to me: Refugee Child Dies in Detention Center

Trump slams FBI for not warning him Manafort was under investigation

Harrisburg Catholic Diocese Names Priests Who Have Been Accused Of Sexual Abuse

I want this when I am awake, not just when I am sleeping...

Lorde (after Audre Lorde), 2017 by Johannesburg based artist Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, ...

Who or what is QAnon?

Pancreatic cancer and cannabis...

Legal Reporter Ari Melber Fact Check: Collusion Is A Crime The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Verbal Attacks on CNN's Jim Acosta


Slimeball has spoken...Who will fund your creepiness?

'US Person 2' in Russian spy case is conservative columnist George O'Neill

Going Back to Bisbee...

Can Democrats Fund Our Own Group of Hackers to Fight Back Against Russia?

Eiffel Tower Shut In Dispute Over 'Monstrous' Lines

"Something Big is Happening in the Background"

Maryland Community Colleges to Offer Free Tuition to qualifying students in 2019

What is this "13 or 17 Angry Democrats" that the Orange idiot keeps spouting?

Danny O'Connor, Oh 12 special election Tue Aug 7th, Trump will campaign against him

BREAKING: Barack Obama endorses "first wave" of candidates...

Dear Sarah,

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 1, 2018

Trains En Route To Machu Picchu Collide Injuring 15 Tourists

Ivanka Trump has a new item on her Fall line...........

*** Breaking News Poll*** Orange Man Still Under Forty 39 Approval 51% Disapproval

Trains En Route to Machu Picchu, Peru Collide Injuring 15 People, Aug. 1, '18

Trump Clarifies Tweet Saying Sessions Should End the Russian Investigation...

Had a bit of a flashback to 1974 today...

First Child Detained by Trump Reportedly dies due to 'Possible Negligence'

An update on the ongoing low level psych battle between my cubemate trumpster and I

Senators Booker, Blumenthal & Harris: Senate Judicuary Hearing on Family Reunification 7/31/2018

Manafort spent nearly $1,000,000 on men's suits at one store

What Would Be the Consequences If Sessions Broke His Recusal and Fired Mueller?

Identity theft re: phone company and iPhone 10 order

What's God's gender?

Two recession warning signs are here

Just can't let this commercial go......I know it's old but :) saw it today somewhere

As Crews Battle Wildfires Across California, Gov. Jerry Brown Offers Grim View Of Fiery Future

Romaine lettuce again at center of food alert

Senator Dick Durbin Seeks Nielsen Resignation (7.31.2018)

Healthy food is trying to kill us

Obama endorses three Maine Democrats running for state Senate

I bought groceries today

WH Defends Trump's Grocery ID Claim: You'll Need It If You 'Buy Beer And Wine'

Language of the Impossible - Abdul El-Sayed for Governor

Sanders defends claim that grocery stores require ID

CNN exclusive: TSA considering eliminating screening at smaller airports

Why is Trump so buggy?

Rep. Duncan Hunter's summer of discontent

Something Big Is Happening in The Background - By Josh Marshall

Dems Hit Trump In The Wallet, Demand Investigation Into His Taxpayer Funded Scotland Golf Course Sta

Bad at Pretending to Know How Grocery Shopping Works

Yea, we know, Just Like the last one

Our vision for American democracy should be a nation in which all people, regardless of income ...

Hey Floyd, I was reading a book on antigravity.

Trump Thinks It Would Be Awesome For Him To Shut Down Gov't Before Election

How long will it take for a letter to be returned due to lack of postage?

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #2 in C-sharp Minor

Pastor Tells Trump He's 'The Most Pro-Black President' In Recent History

Billy "The Gun" Van Goff

A Mercedes-Benz dealership's financial officer takes the stand

Prosecution expects to rest case against Manafort next week

I make no apologies for my liberal view that we do not live in a "black and white/yes or no/

Appeals Court: Trump's Threatening Sanctuary Cities Exec Order Is Illegal

Nick Sauer (GOP state lawmaker from Illinois) has resigned - over nude photos of ex-girlfriend

Don't Know How To Say This, But It Appears Trump May Have Committed A Crime (NWS/NSFW)

Rudy to Mueller: "Put up or shut up. Whattaya got? The president hasn't done anything wrong."

Chris Coons On Collusion and the U.S. Code

OHHHH Nicole Wallace just declared her show a SHS free zone

Rep. Nick Sauer, R-Lake Barrington,resigns amid claims of posting ex's nude photos on Instagram

Paul Manafort's associate, 'star witness' Rick Gates 'may testify ... he may not,' prosecutor teases

Democrats Announce New Red to Blue Women Candidates

Federal judge blocks Michigan ban on 'straight-ticket' voting

Spotify drops some Alex Jones

Cruz Barely Leads In Texas

Will Jeff Sessions be Attorney General at end of day Sept. 30? (PredictIt)

Mueller wants to ask Trump about obstruction of justice: Sources

Sessions Vows To Protect All Deeply Held Religious Bigotry

Lower mileage standards so people drive less, crash less, administration argues

Horrors! It's a Smocking Gun!

Arconic Shops Unit That Made Panels in Grenfell Fire

Trump seems determined to show 'corrupt intent'

Best Thing I get from Chewie

The NY Attorney General Should Be Looking Into

About Trump, Sessions, "Witch Hunt", Cohen ..etc..Why Trump doesn't have a clue.

A while ago I thought about tRump and his BS, particularly

Trump/Russia/China/Mexico/Canada/Europe/Etc Stock Market Ready to FALLLLLLL Unable Follow Insanity

Speaking of ostriches: Two lady ostriches are strolling along enjoying the day when they hear

Brain Gain: A Person Can Instantly Blossom into a Savant--and No One Knows Why

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-7: Yachty McYachtface Goes On A 3 Hour Tour Edition

Judge Kavanaugh has canceled at least 2 meetings with GOP Senators...due to protests

Breaking : Mueller wants to talk to him about Obstruction of Justice

Brazilian condom ad

Symone Sanders: The President and everybody associated with this White House is gaslighting America

Scrambling to Cover President's Ass...

Watch: Maine moose crashes yoga class, does downward dog

And we wonder why our health insurance premiums keep going up...

GOP attempt to block funding for DC's individual mandate fails in Senate


Judge in Manafort case tells lawyers to stop rolling their eyes after talking to him

Oh, FFS. He's doing ANOTHER rally tomorrow night in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Pix of dog who likes to look at sunsets and ponder the end of the day

The Ostrich Defense (KGOP republican style)

No Avenatti jab at Rudy today?

Portland's efforts to crack down on fossil fuels just won big

Spotify Yanks Alex Jones For Violating Hate Speech Policy

Study confirms corporate profits are going to executives and shareholders, not workers

BREAKING: Mueller wants to ask Trump about Obstruction...

Special counsel Mueller wants to ask Trump about obstruction of justice: Sources

This Is So Much Bigger Than Paul Manafort

Trump really doesn't know his history. Capone was never convicted of murder or other horrible crimes

The U.S.-Backed Military Slaughters Women and Children in Cameroon

Turn about.

Scientists aren't impressed with New York Times' new story on climate change

25 Words You've Probably Been Mispronouncing Your Entire Life

An Artist Honors Tamir Rice, One Orange Object at a Time

Hey you Kochs .... Build a school..

TEST: Tre45on.

HE has even lost Chucky todd

Trump rally crowds behind the so-called President

Interior video of Aeromexico crash landing (graphic)

Congress sends $708 billion defense budget to Trump

Tornado warning here in eastern Ontario. It is so rare. What a messed up summer

Some helpful reading from the US Justice Department.

Venezuela circles the drain:

OK Columbus, Ohio - You're up!!!

1950s GOP--'Better dead than red!' 2018 GOP--'Better red than dead!' (Red stands for Russian)

Corey Stewart aide compared GOP establishment to a 'house negro,' disparaged civil rights leaders

Republican Official Says White Nationalist Was 'Label-Lynched'

Have You Gotten Yours Yet?

Why are you a Progressive? my short story

Breaking: Mueller offers to limit investigators' questions for Trump & wants presidential sit-down.

#TrollTracker: Facebook Uncovers Active Influence Operation

Manafort done next week?

Former prosecutor appearing on "The Beat" says Trump has moved from being a subject

Cheyenne Kid

Kara Eastman gets boost from national Democrats in 2nd District House race

Texts Reveal Ohio State's Urban Meyer Knew His Aide Abused Wife in 2015: Report

Paul Ryan finds out he's part Jewish on TV show

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Will Say Goodbye with One Final Season

"They got to Mike Flynn was because his son had some exposure." But what about Don Jr???

Manafort Trial Judge Wants The Lawyers' Eye-Rolling To Stop

Another sports scandal at Ohio State. Urban Meyer placed on administrative leave

Early Voter Suppression in Ohio12th

Check your voter registration here.

Liz Crokin: John F. Kennedy Jr. Faked His Death And Is Now QAnon

Former Ohio State wrestling coach urged Rep. Jim Jordan's accusers to recant, texts show

"You scared bro?"

Early Voter Supression in Ohio12th Danny O'Connor Dem

I think if one or more of Trump's children have to go to jail to protect him then he's cool with it

The face you make when you're only a few months old and you realize you're totally fucking doomed.

'Patriot' vs. 'traitor,' 'yes' vs. 'no': Are dictionary sites trolling tRump?

Why isn't Manafort flipping ? What about this for a reason .....

Danish Muslim Women Protest As Ban On Face Veils Enters Full Force

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 2 August 2018

I just harvested the most massive crop of broccoli evah

At Least 35% Of Sweden's Grain Lost To Drought, 60% Of Dutch Corn, Danish Spring Harvest Off 40-50%

Fields medal: UK refugee's major maths award stolen

Wow, is it possible that Trump is 3 distinct types of narcissists??!! YEP

I'm uneasy about judge T.S. Ellis

Why the Smart Move for Never-Trumpers Is To Become Democrats

Fun Fact

Federal Court Awards Over $26,000 in Attorneys Fees and Costs to ACLU in Going After Kobach for Cont

97 days before the mid-terms, people. One image sums it up.

Centrist Democrats in Maryland Side with Republican Governor Over Progressive Democrat

Pete Sessions said a Highland Park man killed his own wife for being 'unfair,' and Democrats pounced

At least tRump is now admitting his campaign met with Russians

Toddler dies soon after leaving a Texas immigration detention center, says legal group

Help posting website link to twitter

Bay Area political events: Anti-Kavanaugh strategy, climate change

US on alert for major Iranian naval operation in Middle East, officials say

Caravan of "Grannies" Heads To Border To Protest Family Separations

Testimony from Alex Jones hearing-

Delaware Sen. Chris Coons: 'a treasure trove of thousands of hacked emails ... is a thing of value'

Mansplaining, explained in one simple chart

Trump Lies Breaks Records Most Deceitful - Followers Falling Off Like Dead Flies on a Rotting Fish

He worked at a shelter for migrant kids, and molested one of them, Arizona police say

Man suspected of killing George H.W. Bush's cardiologist held a '20-year-old grudge,' police say

"Life During Storetime" by Talking Heads:

I love the way LeBron James answered this Trump question

"Obamacare has been ruining this country for 17 years"

The Last WAMPAS Baby Star, Mary Carlisle dies at 104

Brit Hume: Why on earth would WH comment on Manafort Case?

I asked my friends at lunch today if they thought that trump was insane... their view

MLS ALL-STARS vs Juventus getting ready to start on ESPN

I'm Thinking That Ohio St, Penn St, and Michigan St Should Form Their Own, "Big Abusers" Conference!

Channel surfing. Watched Lou Dobbs for a minute.

Ted Cruz attempts to defund D.C.'s health care individual mandate, but fails

Surprise, surprise - Rep. Jordan bullied accusers to recant.

Fire. NORCAL. Being evacuated

QAnon Brings out the 4chan Wackadoos