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Archives: July 9, 2018

A quiet change in US policy threatens immigrants who apply for a change in status...

Donnie is such an idiot on trade he thinks a deficit means we're "losing"

Keep an eye on Andy Beshear, who is presumed to announce tomorrow a run for Kentucky governor

FL: Ed Hooper, Amanda Murphy deadlocked.

Ya wanna know what the two love bugs are gonna discuss....

Trump tweets praise for rescue of Thai kids, Twitter howls at the hypocrisy

Trump's Insanity American & International Corporations In China-List - Trade WAR to Depression!


These 2 priests were at Trump's Montana rally! F That!

UPDATED: Trump freezes Obamacare payment program, leaving insurers scrambling

Two Brexit ministers resign in blow to PM

WTF!!! WTF was a defense company doing with immigrant kids at an unlicensed center in Phoenix, AZ???

Fugelsang take on Susan Collins

Dem congressman reveals 'rogue' Devin Nunes has refused to even speak to Intelligence Committee for

In Colombian Death Ranch Case, Some Fear Prosecution Will Be Buried

In Colombian Death Ranch Case, Some Fear Prosecution Will Be Buried

Sorry, but I much prefer Amaryllis's wedding outfit to Robert's.

My letter to my MoC tonight

FLIPPABLE: David Perez for FL-SD36

The Gender Gap Gets Wider and Deeper

Happy 150th Birthday, 14th Amendment

Just watched "Idiocracy"w/ hubby. Couldn't help but notice

Why local US newspapers are sounding the alarm

Is anybody in the MSM going to have the guts to say Kim f---ing clowned Trump ?

omg. i made the big time. the tweeter machine say rudy guiliani followed me.

Potential Trump Supreme Court nominee Kethledge attends anti-gay activist church

#OMAGA Obama Made America Great Again

Republicans and Trump Promised that Tax Cuts WOULD TRICKLE Down to Workers, They Lied!


Trump's Former Lawyer: No Question Michael Cohen Will Cooperate The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Airbus tapped to design Fetch Mars rover

Will dust prevent us living on the Moon?

Jupiter's aurorae put the Earth's to shame

This is Freaking Crazy! After you read?

Am I the only one who sees parallels between Trump's negotiations with North Korea

GOP fuck things up

I'm pro abortion.

10 of the strangest exoplanets in the universe

Churches are fuming over being taxed by Republicans and Trump

India Moving Toward Human Spaceflight Program

Chinese researchers develop ultra-thin sensor that makes fast inflammation testing

Brockie: The hideous side of Hans Asperger

3 KKK Members Who Were Correctional Officers in Fla. Convicted in Plot to Kill Black Inmate

Scientists defy 'force of nature' to unlock secrets of Hawaii volcano

Let's Celebrate the 14th Amendment.

"Awaken every dragon"

WHOA! Turkey dismissed 9000 police, etc, closed 3 newspapers, 1 tv station, 10 orgaizations

Bill Maher; Live in Oklahoma

The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

INDIVISIBLE: The 2-Step Strategy to Win the Supreme Court Fight

Red Alert!



5 Stupid Ways The Alt-Right Is Destroying Itself From Within

Fintan O'Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

After The Storm

American flag rules

Bethany Christian Services is legally profiting from kidnapping kids and selling them. This is legal

Looney Tunes or Mighty Mouse

A New Regional Paradigm for Following U.S. Elections

Trump's Kentucky Campaign Chair convicted of child sex trafficking, faces life in prison.

Sarah H. Sanders..............from twitter!

I would love to hear MAGATs attempt to answer these questions that John Fugelsang tweeted:

Gangster in Chief

A couple reporters tweeting from the Thai cave rescue operation (just an fyi - good resources)

Has anybody considered mass-producing small versions of the Trump baby balloon?

Who is a "Cavallari" & why on t.v. (yea I can change it) & why Gawker featured her?!1

An excellent analysis of the very improbable red shift in the 2016 election.

Bill Maher Insults Trump's Manhood: Doesn't Everything About Him 'Scream Microdick?' (VIDEO)

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Arrested For Distributing Child Pornography

Cutting the cable - looking for advice

Tribe: "The stupidity of Alan Dershowitz's theory that a President's motives..."

did someone hack wikipedia?

Fired Clarksdale workers file lawsuit alleging bias against white city employees


Hidden camera catches Elvis (on couch) & Khaleesi watching television while humans are at work

AZ-GOV: Republican incumbent Ducey is in trouble

Saving some money on prescriptions.

Bill Maher: Live From Oklahoma (7/7/18)

Judge dismisses Cannabis Church's case that cited RFRA to defend pot as a sacrament

Judge dismisses Cannabis Church's case that cited RFRA to defend pot as a sacrament

The corruption is so rampant in this administration....PIGS

Mississippi Medicaid adds back beneficiary protections in work requirement proposal

Hidden camera catches Elvis (on couch) & Khaleesi watching television while humans are at work

tRump Threatens Americans Who Disagree with Him in Slobbering FOX News Interview

Nancy Pelosi interview - current issue of Rolling Stone

How Class Works -- by Richard Wolff

New Mexico nuclear weapons laboratory marks 75 years

Want to have some fun watching your cat?

Save money on your Pet Meds.

"Trump not welcome" Thousands protested Saturday in Brussels (few pics)

Santana and Rob Thomas 'Smooth'

Len "Steal My Sunshine."

Offspring "Original Prankster"

White teen who fatally struck black man in Louisiana won't be charged.

Does anyone know why no boys were rescued today in Thailand?

Democrats' Lawsuit on Early-Voting Issue Is Latest of Several Challenges

KEY RACE: Nelson Araujo for NV Secretary of State

Tennessee Attorneys Reveal Call Logs Of OxyContin Sales Reps In Case Against Purdue Pharma

100 Years Later, Nashville Remembers The Deadly Train Crash At Dutchman's Curve

Theory of relativity

Why did they chose to do a civil and not criminal case against the Trump Foundation?

Karl Dean is pitching pragmatism, not partisanship, in the governor's race. Will it fire up

Fitzhugh Challenges Dean's 'Pragmatism'

A heat wave made this bridge too swole to function

Bill Shine's wife complained she couldn't use the n-word

Former Tennessee Supreme Court chief believes Bredesen nonpartisan on judicial confirmations

Lesbian activists block Pride in London march to protest against trans women

Scott Pruitt gave "super polluting" trucks a gift on his last day at the EPA

Sazerac pays $2.3M for Murfreesboro land to build $86M distillery

I'm so glad Russia LOST and is unable to proceed further in the World Cup.

Speeding in These States Will Cost You a Fortune

Brexit secretary David Davis resigns plunging government into crisis

ANTHONY BOURDAIN ROMANIA with Zamir...Tony's funniest show!

Oak Ridge 'sovereign citizen' could get new trial but still likely to die in prison

Ozone hole mystery: China insulating chemical said to be source of rise

Shelby County Democratic chairman faces backlash over 'name-calling'

Rameau: "Les Boreades Suite", Chicago Symphony Orch./3 from Corelli: "Violin Sonata Nos. 1 & 8" &

In how many professional sports does one of the athletes whip out his junk?

The solution to all Brexit border problems? Draw it between England and Scotland

Dem congressman reveals 'rogue' Devin Nunes has refused to even speak to Intelligence Committee for

Latest news from Europe - specifically about the now famous Giant Baby Trump

Confederate statues 'have no place' in Louisville, panel tells Fischer

Myanmar court charges Reuters journalists under Official Secrets Act

Rudy Giuliani says London mayor Sadiq Khan should be 'ashamed of himself'

Democrats ask Justice, FBI for criminal corruption probe into EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Andy Beshear set to announce run for Kentucky governor in 2019

10 arrested in Germany for beating Jewish man wearing Star of David necklace

Dominic Raab??? I don't believe it!

Anti-ICE rally in Louisville surges in face of 'patriot' militia group counterprotest

Bevin administration ordered to pay for withholding public records

*Updated Photos: De Blasio spends weekend at Bernie Sanders' summer home

Thai cave rescue: fifth boy emerges, officials confirm, as rescue effort continues - live

Gov. Attica Scott? Louisville Democrat 'seriously considering' 2019 run

What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?

Monday TOONs - No-Tell Motel Edition

Tina Smith faces tough challengers in fight to keep U.S. Senate seat The roadmap for Russian control of the US

Brian Stelter calls out the Trump-Fox 'love story'

Bevin administration sued for withholding $867,000 for development districts

Tweedle Dumb was out smarted by Tweedle Dee!

Eagle Caught from Fisherman

TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition looking to hire communications strategist

Health law advocates ask US officials to reject Bevin's Medicaid cuts

One Of The Few World War II Paratroopers To Make 4 Combat Jumps With The 82nd Airborne Has Died

Do you bring your college aged kids on vacation?

My niece is campaigning door to door in Virginia. After knocking on one door, the resident came

Diversity is Strength!

Kasich Welcomes Immigrants to Ohio

Kasich Welcomes Immigrants to Ohio

Oh, it's courtesy you want? Now?

ACLU: Less than half of child reunions will meet deadline

Could some conspiracy theories be part of a conspiracy theory?

Trump enjoys 'suspense' ahead of Supreme Court announcement

Lanny Davis shreds Giuliani & suggests we all "Stay Tuned"

Trump's Cruelty Fails to Stop Migrants Fleeing Deadly Central American Gangs

He's The George Wallace Of The 21st Century

Trump Aides Endure Public Fury

Leonard Leo, the Man Behind Three Supreme Court Picks (and a Fourth Coming Up)

The Rundown: July 6, 2018

At the diner they have morning joe on

Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spider-Man, Dead At 90

Scott Pruitt, Fallen E.P.A. Chief, May Rise Again in Oklahoma

Can you name a greater American diplomatic debacle than the botched Korean negotiations ?

Jimmy Carter on gay marriage - and the US Constitution trumps faith!

Update on diner

The money quote on North Korea

Cartoon: How did we get here? by: Tom Tomorrow

The first battle of the #SecondCivilWar is Nov. 6. Female voters must be a force.

What will Trump do when he realizes Kim undressed him?

Elizabeth Warren fires back at Trump: A 'bully' going after 'women all across this country'

I'm loving it...

Rep. Jordan returns to Washington as scrutiny over alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State intensifies

It seems clearer and clearer that Russia has put in place in our presidency an agent provocateur.

As Trumpism takes hold, Republicans face increasing pressure to embrace policies they once opposed

All those empty billboards on I-70 have potential

When Mueller speaks the Republicans will join the Democrats to impeach Trump for this reason.


Take your child to work day...

Trump Reeks of Fear - By Charles M. Blow

Is Mueller waiting for the right moment to subpoena Trump and others?

Ahead of Summit, Trump Demands European Countries Pay More for NATO: It's 'Not Fair'

This should not be happening.

Ivanka Trump's Chinese-Made Products Conveniently Spared From Dad's Tariffs

Is someone keeping count of the money lost due to Trump's new swamp creatures?

Donald Trump to face 'carnival of resistance' (UK)

Why can't hedgehogs just

Did Joe and Mika cover the breast milk controversy this morning?

'It's burning people out':Trump aides whine about 'viciousness' of private citizens cursing them out

Looks like stock market is completely ignoring any of the Trade War Risks

Illinois governor profits off ICE detention center contracts

Beto-mania Sweeps Texas

Ex-White House ethics chief files complaint demanding probe into Jim Jordan sex abuse coverup claims

Nissan admits to more testing misconduct for cars sold in Japan

Ex-White House ethics chief requests probe into whether Jordan knew of alleged sexual abuse

Beauty queen turns in crown after #MeToo joke at Miss Massachusetts pageant

Boston considers allowing non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections: report

Newt Gingrich said Trump officials should call the police when disrespected in public.

Revisiting the Equifax Security Breach

Conservative columnist Max Boot: Kim 'really fleeced' Trump in nuke talks

Jimmy Carter Says Jesus Would Approve Of Gay Marriage

Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia...

W&M to mark site of 18th century school for black children

Tab Hunter, 'Damn Yankees' Star and Gay Icon, Dies at 86


Boris Johnson Resigns as U.K. Foreign Secretary

Boris Johnson sparks government crisis as he QUITS cabinet

Michael Cohen's new lawyer shreds Rudy Giuliani & warns him to 'stay tuned' for damning revelations

Morning Joe destroys Rudy Giuliani's slur against Mueller with epic rundown of Trump corruption

Anyone else sick of this cruel talking point?

Protest at the office of federal contractor General Dynamics

3 lies and half-truths of racists

Michael Cohen sending a clear message to Trump by speaking 'real truth,' sources say

Florida & Carolina DUers please pay attention to what's left of Beryl

Is it just me, or is "The Left Column" on the Home page just not working?

hope this is the right forum

Pompeo, in surprise visit to Afghanistan, urges Taliban peace talks

How the Thai rescue is working...

Trumpster admits trade war is screwing his business- but he still backs Trump-because: OWN THE LIBs

20+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Boxers Are The Weirdest Yet Most Adorable Dogs Ever

I'm suspicious

Lawmakers Demand AT&T Midwest, Legacy T end Call Center Cuts, Settle with Communication Workers

Trump: Kim's handshake with me "even more important than our contract," and SCOTUS tonight at 9!

Lawmakers Demand AT&T Midwest, Legacy T end Call Center Cuts, Settle with Communication Workers

Lawmakers Demand AT&T Midwest, Legacy T end Call Center Cuts, Settle with Communication Workers

NY Mag writer: Trump may have been a Russian asset all along

Italian Catholic priests go to war with Salvini over immigration

Italian Catholic priests go to war with Salvini over immigration

Donald J. Trump State Park!

Lying on their citizenship application?

Anyone have video of Republicans harassing dem leaders?

A friend says the UK Govt could collapse tomorrow...

Trump UK visit: police to mobilise in numbers not seen since 2011 riots

Reports Are That A DC Bartender Flipped Off Stephen Miller: Millers Response...

How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Toxic Threat

The Polish historian & political scientist Jerzy Targalski remained completely unruffled...

Woman in hospice dies after utility company cuts the power to her oxygen tank

Starbucks says it will stop offering plastic straws by 2020

Murder inquiry begins after British woman exposed to Russian nerve agent dies

Liz Crokin: Trump Has Confirmed That 'Pizzgate Is Real'

Dick Cheney Signs a Waterboarding Kit in a New Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime Show

I think the baby balloon is just the BEST weapon against Trump in the realm...

Stanley Kubrick on "that ending." *SPOILER*

'Go back to your own country.' 92-year-old man beaten with a brick, L.A. cops say

Haiti fuel protesters' anger turns on President Moise

If Don is so innocent...

Mysterious source of illegal ozone-killing emissions revealed, say investigators

Jerry Garcia played his last concert July 9, 1995 at Chicago's Soldier Field. He died August 9, 1995

One judge on Trump's short-list comes recommended by Trump's sister

Stephen Miller Threw Away $80 Worth Of Sushi When Confronted

Trump's Personal Driver for 25 Years Sues for Unpaid Overtime

Can CNN find some fresh footage of Manafort?

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Big Announcement

83 dogs rescued from reported Alabama puppy mill

In case you're wondering about the right's obsession with so called "pizzagate" and pedophilia in

2 sources close to Michael Cohen says he has message for Giuliani & Trump: Truth is not your friend

PBS: The story of American poverty, as told by one Alabama county

"Trump's Elton John speech, set to Elton John" Sandy and Richard Riccardi (the MT rally)

Some Members Of Trump's Exclusive Clubs Appear To Have Been Invited To An Air Force One Tour

There's NO BETTER character reference for Jim Jordan than Clarence Thomas' beloved wife Ginni.

"Time Of The Treason" Rocky Mountain Mike

Trump's delusions are about to blow up in his own voters' faces

From Kellyanne Conway to Stephen Miller, Trump's advisers face taunts from hecklers around D.C.

Trump's personal chauffeur is suing him for "thousands of hours of unpaid overtime"

Cohen's attorney signals Cohen may be about to incriminate Trump.

Infant mortality and formula marketing (from National Bureau of Economic Research)

Perhaps this has been discussed before, but ...

Does it seem to anyone else that suddenly "things are happening"?

The ever-stalwart Kellyanne Conway REFUSES to "fall apart in the canned vegetable aisle." USA! USA!

Seth A. throwing down on Twitter this morning.

The Donald Trump of Ancient Greece

Okay, a serious question re: people insulting admin staffers

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Report Confirms GOP Sabotage

Richmond bookstore owner says he called police after woman confronted Steve Bannon in his shop

I will not watch him strut around tonight

Puerto Rico, USVI expect heavy rain from Beryl remnants

Puerto Rico, USVI expect heavy rain from Beryl remnants

Phone-banking for Beto O'Rourke & others. Time for full grassroots engagement (VIDEO)

Chaplin's The Great Dictator on AMC now!

Russian court rules in favor of oligarch Oleg Deripaska in disclosure case

Forget about becoming my mother...I'm now officially my grandmother.

ANALYSIS: How the Calgary Stampede makes and spends $150M per year

Trump Administration Asking Texans To Survey Land For Border Wall, Reports Say

"Turning Point USA's High School Leadership Summit Dinner will be at the Trump Hotel DC."

Extended family relative upset about cuts to healthcare....

Scott Pruitt, Fallen E.P.A. Chief, May Rise Again in Oklahoma

Gallup- North Korea Bump For Trump All But Gone *

Well, no tariffs here!

Trump's Personal Driver for 25 Years Sues for Unpaid Overtime

Trump really believed he had a deal with North Korea because they signed a contract, shook hands.

He kept the young boys alive,

Another MAGAt harassing POC

Sen. John Kennedy goes toe-to-toe with LAVROV??!?

A professor was giving a TV interview about Polish politics. His cat didn't care.

Another MAGAt harassing POC

I couldn't care less who Trump appoints.

"One Billion Rising flash mob" FUCK YOU to the orange sexual predator in chief for mocking #MeToo

One Billion Rising

I see now why Scott Pruitt was trying to get his wife a Chick Fil A franchise

The View's Sunny Hostin shares disturbing story of racist abuse she suffered on family vacation

Damn Yankees - Whatever Lola Wants

Tomorrow I'm speaking at a political conference on identifying House candidates to support...

Was this some of the information that McConnell blocked from the public knowing in 2016?

3 children dead, 1 critically wounded in separate weekend gun accidents nationwide

Fox hypocrisy at its finest

Trump Effect: I'm more concerned about police behavior than racist ranter (VIDEO)

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower connects ousted UK Foreign Secretary to Russia meddling in America

Another Trump campaign chair has pled guilty to child sex trafficking.

MoMA PS1 Rescinds a Job Offer After Learning Curator Had a Baby

"Taming of the Shrew" several different views

TX-31: MJ Hegar raised $750,000 off her viral ad

"The Taming of the Shrew"- several different views

Most corrupt, incompetence people running our DOJ!

I cannot believe it!

Called my Representative and Senator today with a bold idea:

Trump-Putin-Brexit Nexus Comes Together On Trump UK Visit

Michael Avenatti is correct about one thing

Tab Hunter has died

Symphony #7 Ludwig van Beethoven

8 boys brought out of flooded Thai cave in 'immense' rescue operation

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

A perfect time for this classic again

l Was Tricked By A 'Fake Reproductive Health Center.' Now I'm Fighting For Other Women.

Cohen already cooperating? We didn't find out about Pappadopoulos and Flynn for months.

Trump administration really digging deep to demonize, attack women and children

Baby survives 9 hours buried in western Montana woods

Why Won't Millennials Join Country Clubs?

Trump's longtime driver sues for unpaid overtime:

Mexico's likely next top diplomat says US treatment bad

Mexico's likely next top diplomat says US treatment bad

Lanny Davis tweet:

China Slaps Two-Thousand-Per-Cent Tariff on Tanning Beds (Borowitz)

Kansas official follows order, registers thousands to vote

Trump Admin Tells Court They Have Only Returned 2 Out Of 102 Immigrant Kids Under 5 Years Old

Official Thai News Conference on the last stage of the rescue/Background on the Coach

Trump, In First Meeting With Merkel: 'You Owe Me One Trillion Dollars'

anyone else having a Gmail issue? Getting two errors - 500, and 502 *FIXED

Stephen Miller "WANTED" posters are being put up in his neighborhood:

92-year-old man attacked with brick, told to 'go back to your country:' reports

92-year-old man attacked with brick, told to 'go back to your country:' reports

Their coal plant is gone, the golden age is over. What's next for the people of Milam County, Texas?

Attorney wants beating of shackled woman investigated as hate crime

Kentucky Governor Retaliates Against Poor After Court Rejects Medicaid Changes

Del Monte Recalls Vegetable Trays After 212 Get Infected By Parasites

A journalist's conscience leads her to reveal her source to the FBI. Here's why.

Jury selection begins for Texas mosque arson suspect

Hegar Raised $750K Off Her Viral Ad

Judge Rules Against Church Seeking To Offer Marijuana As Holy Sacrament

Oh my ears and whiskers! It's RAINING in Phoenix!

USA Today

''Stop just talking about high drug prices @realDonaldTrump. ''

Baseless attacks on Robert Mueller must end to protect our democracy

It's Easy. It's Impressive. It's Dinner.

4 toddlers in the USA shot themselves over the weekend. 3 dead, 1 critical

Mastering Chinese-Style Ribs at Home

Former GOP senator Bill Frist: Republicans should protect Mueller investigation

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

BBC welcomes LOSER45: "Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest?"

Protestors shut down Ohio ICE facility, demanding abolition of federal agency

Protestors shut down Ohio ICE facility, demanding abolition of federal agency

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 9, 2018

Heat waves bother you? Under Trump climate policies, add another 12F

Journalist Held by ICE Speaks: 'Without a Doubt' I Was Targeted for My Work

Lindsey Graham: Red State Dems have a "very hard decision" over Trump's "outstanding" SCOTUS picks

The Maps of Israeli Settlements That Shocked Barack Obama

Whatever happened to Wesley Clark? Would

"This is what we call a miracle." A faint cry reveals a baby abandoned in the cold Montana mountains

NYT: This Is No Time for Liberal Despair

GOP lawmaker rejects racism charge: 'My son is named after a black guy'

BBCPanorama: Is the President a sex pest? airing tonite.

Pregnant Women Say They Miscarried In Immigration Detention And Didn't Get The Care They Needed

Pregnant Women Say They Miscarried In Immigration Detention And Didn't Get The Care They Needed

Mitch McConnell's got some fucking nerve talking about how democrats are already opposing nominee

San Jose: Two people dead after light-rail train, car collide. Police say railway safety arms down

Clinical pet peeve: Patients who want me to order lab tests to "check for everything."

Scare tactics! Again?

Ex-Vanity Fair Editor and Trump Nemesis Graydon Carter Plots Comeback

Trump DOJ suing to 'denaturalize' Miami grandmother for past offenses

Trump DOJ suing to 'denaturalize' Miami grandmother for past offenses

Quiz: Which World-Famous Award Should You Win? 🏆🥇🏅🎖 Updated To Include Link!

Stephen Miller Threw Out $80 Worth of Sushi After Bartender Gave Him Two Middle Fingers

Fifty billboards: an art project hopes to provoke debate across America

Any hip hop fans in the lounge?

Fox News lets President Trump lie on live television, for hours and hours

Pierce: The Trump Regime Is Bullying a Tiny Country Over Breastfeeding

Here's how Mr. Rogers used his show to fight racism

After failing to crash Texas' U.S. Senate race, independent candidate alleges Cruz campaign derailed


Nancy Peloisi on impeaching Trump, Rolling Stone interview

Oh no, not the cone!

Candidate uses his yacht to campaign, hits rock, requires Coast Guard rescue

Ken Paxton Stands by Testimony of Anti-Abortion Experts He Paid $500,000

You know shit's bad when your leader is appointing his son-in-law to a position of power...

BREAKING: ERDOGAN hires his son...

Former Sen. Jon Kyl to guide President Trump's Supreme Court nominee as "Sherpa"

Japan floods: At least 100 dead after heavy rain and landslides

Russia trip infuriates Granger critics: 'We never know where she is'

Venezuela doesn't have a friend when it comes to their "disputed" border with Guyana.

DEA assisting B.C. police with investigation into deaths of 2 men near Ucluelet

Poll: Large majority of women disapprove of Trump's job in office

There's a tweet for that: Erick Erickson edition...

Party honcho in Venezuela demands "electronic warfare" against internet

Warning TV news watchers, it's going to be Trump announcing his USSC pick tonight, and

Texas poll indicates tossup races for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General

Will someone shake my hand?

"Trump not welcome" More pics from the march

45 years after 11-year-old girl's unsolved murder, police release new sketches of suspected killer

Killing the future of Colombia's left

PSUV telegraph's Chavista plan to "bomb with Sukois" Colombia bridges

Daily Beast: Journalist arrested, held by ICE

Man charged in Broncos bus tragedy to appear in Melfort court Tuesday By paNOW Staff July 9, 2018 -

Is PINO'S Approval Rating Fake?

Yes Minister - Next Prime Minister

Finns dislike Trump even more than they dislike Putin

LMAO !! Please watch from 6:40 on

How easy will Brexit be?

Retro Spaghetti-O Jello 😋 or 🤢?

I really don't care, do you? Womp Womp!

Who is this clown on MTP ?

Would you buy a car that looked like this?

I have SOLID INFO on President Trump's SC pick.....

Question about Thai rescue.

It's photoshop time!

We are losing a Senate seat and it seems as if no one cares!

Did I hear that right? No translators for Putin meeting?

Anonymous bones of civil war dead laid to rest

Angry racist berates woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in America -- without realizing it's part

Angry racist berates woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in America -- without realizing it's part

New headlines in Europe to make Trump's America "proud" !

How Amazon Has Made Money Off Racism And Hate

Lawmakers override LePage veto, endorse sweeping medical marijuana reforms

Raindrops on

Not watching Trump's Bachelor reality show tonight.

So the smart money is on Brett Kavanaugh for next SCOTUS pick

Spare a thought for your fellow Americans in Puerto Rico

4 Red State Democrats Turn Down Trump Invitation To SCOTUS Pick Announcement

Melanie Phillips, still a far right moron after all these years

All I wanted was a 2018 paper calendar with little squares I could list appointments, things I had t

Regarding the Thai cave situation

LOL, weaping tears ! White House officials afraid thin-skinned president could lash out at his hosts

White House staffers 'annoyed' Trump timed his SCOTUS nominee announcement to boost Hannity's rating

Trump the sexual predator:

Prosecutor from California Under Fire for Wanting Someone to Shoot Maxine Waters

Man bashed with metal pipe in NYC subway attack caught on camera

Trump is picking Kavanaugh.

"Do you expect me to talk?"

Pierce: This President* Never Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt

The band behind 'Liar Liar' releases the perfect song ahead of protests against Donald Trump

A warning from evangelicals

Just Sayin'

An idea for getting the Babies and the Kids reunited with their parents pretty damn QUICK:

LOL! "Ineffective assistance of counsel" - Somebody on MSNBC just suggested

Giant Trump Baby Balloon May Follow Him Around the World

British Minister spied for Russia using Cambridge Analytica

Senator Collins NOT attending the SCOTUS announcement tonight.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Sadly, this tweet about whoever the SCOTUS will be is accurate.

Per NYT: LOSER45 badmouths his own officials - to PUTIN

My wife - "Hell! Chuck E. ____ing Cheese can track which kid goes with which parent."

Make Your Toilet Great Again!

Trump's next supreme court pick...

What if Putin asks Trump to renounce NATO?

What Will Become of Worker's Rights Under Trump's Supreme Court?

Storm at Kitt Peak.

Imagine if Hillary had gotten the chance to replace two conservatives on the Supreme Court

There were ads for a talk radio host in Toronto last year. They showed

Red-state Democratic senators refuse Trump's invite to White House Supreme Court announcement

All red state Senate democrats refuse White House invite to supreme court

Maybe John McCain will walk into the scotus vote with a BIG 👎🏼

Boycott!1 SHITLER craves ratings, pick predictably wingnut, re-runs on a loop

Sick Of That FUCKING "45 - USA" White Hat. So Damned Obnoxious.

Amy Coney Barrett was just filmed outside her home in Indiana

After Moscow Trip, Ron Johnson Says Election Meddling Overblown

If you are a Republican Senator and you choose to vote against Trump's SC nominee...?

The prosecutor who questioned why "ghetto" Maxine Waters hadn't been shot has been suspended

The movie poster I'd like to see!

I don't remember. Did other preisdents have a list of SCOTUS candidated who had to wait,

Gohmert defends Jordan: Unlike Olympians, wrestlers 'were adults' at time of alleged sexual abuse

Trump Supreme Court Nominee US Senate Vote Count.

Just how much trouble is Rep. Jim Jordan in over alleged Ohio State sexual abuse?

My stupid prediction within 1 year to 18 months nobody will want to be seen w/or associated .....


🐦 July 14 - Rally and Canvass Launch with Bernie Sanders, Randy Bryce - Janesville, WI

Note to Mitch the turtle McConnell, fuck you turtle and your demand that the orange anus'

How does the Glass Cliff work? Look at the UK right now.

For some reason, Emin Agalorov will be on GMA tomorrow morning

Plastic Jaws

Greyhound bus lines cancels all of western Canadian bus routes.

Nancy Pelosi: 'They Come After Me Because I'm Effective'

Twitter Video - Sen. Sanders: 'If Trump appoints another right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court'

Jehovah's Witness leader warns members to destroy evidence of child abuse claims because 'Satan's co