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Human rights body condemns Brazil for journalist's death

Avenatti strikes back!

Giant Donald Trump Balloon in KKK Robe Welcomes Melania to Phoenix Immigration Shelter

msnbc streaming tone for sound

Anne Frank's family could not escape to US during Holocaust due to immigration roadblocks, new resea

Stop picking on our bunch of nasties ...

"What should I get?"

Tears for Fears-Mother's Talk/Listen

Robert Reich: How to Prevent Future Trumps

Jos Mujica visits Lula da Silva in jail

NYTimes reporting Trump's people say he will not sit for Mueller interview

Fifth Ohio State wrestler says Jim Jordan knew of sex abuse, didn't report it

Obama 'kiss cam'

Civility: a conservative discloses the REAL issue.

Archaeologists in Peru uncover Incan burial site in desert valley

Archaeologists in Peru uncover Incan burial site in desert valley

This is the kind of shit that happens when Republicans are in charge of the Government

I just have a question.

Ok, national news has latched on to this horrible news......Bryce's arrest records....

Elvis Costello reveals cancer diagnosis, cancels tour dates

Time: Most Americans Don't Approve of Trump's Immigration Policies, Poll Finds

Robert Reich: Is IQ45 the worst ever?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Independence Day! Best of Malloy

Friday Talking Points (491) -- FART Act, Pruitt Out

LePage vetoes medical marijuana bill

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. You can't run from it, bud.

Abrams Surrogates Slam Kemp and Cagle on Health Care

UNASUR no more: Pet project of Chavez goes under as no one is left to keep lights on.

Wisconsin Badgers wrestler Eli Stickley dies in Illinois car crash

"Good job, Brownie!"

John Dean: Trump is 1st POTUS to make a total jackass of himself at every unscripted event

Ezra Klein NAILS a major problem with the media and Trump here

Fires are currently burning around S. CA and San Diego, CA.

In Conversation: Elizabeth Warren and Robert Reich

U.S. orders non-emergency government personnel to leave Nicaragua

LOL "They're in Montana, which is just forests, fields, mountains... so they found him entertaining"

He's so sick. that's what I think when I hear and see him in action.

28 arrested at 'Rainbow Family Gathering,' nearly 900 citations issued


Pruitt's Replacement Arrives

If Whatever Angel of Justice Finally Came for Pruitt Could Look Jim Jordan Up Next, That'd be Great

I love Joy REID. That's all I've got.

With No Grocery Store In His County, A Rural Georgia Restaurant Owner Steps In

A frog love story. Help write the ending.

Schindler on Trump's attitude toward Putin and Russia: Parley does not mean fellate.

human trafficking and pedophiles in the Trump administration

Steve Ditko Dies: Comics Artist Who Created Spider-Man & Doctor Strange With Stan Lee Was 90

So FRANKEN was fragged for pictures but Jim JORDAN ... you be the judge:

Cillizza CNN - The 11 most dangerous things Donald Trump said in his Montana speech

Vox' Ezra Klein: it says more about us

Frank Zappa Called Out Trump In 1981 Interview

The original patent shows us which way toilet paper is meant to hang...

Come 2020 if Trump is still in office the question to voters will have to be:

Charlotte City Council raising concerns about "potentially violent, divisive" 2020 Repub Convention

Michigan High Court to hear arguments over redistricting proposal

Modest rate hikes proposed for Georgia's 2019 Obamacare plans


Donald Trump to almost entirely avoid London during UK visit

Atlanta NAACP marches on Stone Mountain to protest Confederate carving

Yeah, suuuuuuure ... Jim Jordan now says abuse reports were 'locker room talk'

Family Farmers and & Rural Small Businesses (FFSB's) Have Their Game Faces on But,

Father and Son

In Case You Missed It

Russian officials and state media mock 'weak' GOP senators after Moscow visit

Saw this on FB:

Mueller vs Manafort

MI-08: For your consideration, Elissa Slotkin for Congress.

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

T'Pau...Heart and Soul (Black Mirror)

Records linking children to their parents have disappeared, and in some cases have been destroyed

Doubling down when you have 1 pair ..... of brain cells...

The single major reason I do Not drive after dark in Wisconsin...

She said...

Here is today's daily Trump thug racist tirade (with video)

Trump's supporters are willing to take an economic hit as long as there are liberal tears flowing

For Every single one rolled back, 3 New ...

DOJ to judge: Dog sitting more important than getting 100+ toddlers/infants back to their moms

The single major reason I do Not drive after dark in Minnesota...

Suggestion for Senator Warren.

Peru: How chocolate saved a community and a protected area from the drug trade

Peru: How chocolate saved a community and a protected area from the drug trade

TLC 'Waterfalls'

Ohio DUers: Is the Jordan story big in Ohio?

Raccoon Karma....

trump mocks ailing 90 year old Bush. CNN host calls him "stupid"

White man loses job after calling police on black family at pool

These Boys Trapped In The Cave - Wouldn't A System Like This Help In This Situation?......

Eventually Jordan will fall back to blaming 'the gays' for their 'recruitment'

Facebook thought Declaration of Independence quotes were hate speech (Not a Joke or Snark)

MI-GOV: A woman said "damn" on television and people are upset

Feds say kickbacks and bribes forced surgical patients to travel long distance to Dallas hospital

DU Exclusive Video of Mrs May

MN-GOV: Lori Swanson leads in Democratic primary poll

FEC calls out Ted Cruz campaign three times for exceeding donation limits

Employee at shelter housing migrant children faced sexual misconduct allegations

Fire, not bomb, probably caused 2016 EgyptAir crash, French inquiry says

Anxiety Grows Over Anti-Immigrant Actions: 'We Feel They Are After Us'

Former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif sentenced to 10 years in jail

Trump reportedly gave out his personal cell phone number to world leaders and US officials 'had no i

The people involved with disappearing what records were made of the children

Effort to legalize recreational marijuana falls short on needed signatures

History will prove them wrong...again

HHS is trying to redefine what reunification means (re: the missing children)

Question about tariff war

MI-11: How's it looking?

Grijalva: Secrecy surrounds Tucson shelter housing migrant children

Anthony Bourdain --- Parts Unknown --- West Virginia

KEY RACE: Dana Nessel for MI Attorney General

KEY RACE: Mike Collier for TX Lieutenant Governor

Governor: Trump officials view placing migrant kids in foster care equal to family reunification

Japan floods: Dozens killed in deluges and landslides

Judge sets Date for Kessler Lawsuit Over Permit Denial for Aug. 12 Anniversary Rally

Judge rejects blanket delay to reunite children at border

Kasparov on Trump: "The demagogue doesn't lead radicals, he radicalizes his supporters"

Mueller alleges that bank executive helped Manafort obtain loans while trying to get Trump campaign

She was raped at a Utah State University fraternity. Now the school will pay her $250K and she'll

the truth

more truth

Big Pharma abandons lawsuit over Nevada's insulin pricing transparency law after state approves

Senator Angus King revealed a disturbing bit of info last night

Weekend TOONs - Expert Handling Edition

Giuliani Says Trump Won't Agree to Interview Unless Mueller Can Prove He Has Evidence POTUS...

Nevada announces plans to use controversial sedative midazolam in execution next week

Scott Pruitt Reportedly 'Devastated' He Had to Resign Under Pressure from White House

Democratic strategist calls Carter Page a 'useful idiot' to his face

Putin Tells Trump That 'Deep State' Is Against Them

THE question about Trump's visit to the UK:

THE question about Trump's visit to the UK:

Fox Reporter Refutes Jim Jordan: There Seems To Be Many Credible People Who Aren't Mike Disabato

George Webb employee seriously injured after attack from man who went behind counter

Red Hen Reopens to Fully Booked House Nearly Two Weeks After Booting Sarah Sanders

Putin Tells Trump That 'Deep State' Is Against Them

Paul Krugman: How to Lose a Trade War

Jordan's Allies Blame the 'Deep State'

The Trump administration separated families. Reuniting them is a giant mess.

You realize why he does these crazy rallies?

Make Extra Money...

Pompeo wraps up talks in North Korea without seeing Kim Jong Un

'A Good Day': EPA Staff Cheer Pruitt Ouster

Deray by Devin Allen

New White House communications director's wife deleted her super racist Twitter account

House lawmakers to visit Yucca Mountain

Rest In Power Steve Ditko...

BREAKING: North Korea says talks with Pompeo 'regrettable,' accuses US of unilateral demands

North Korea Foreign Ministry says talks with Pompeo 'regrettable,' accuses US of unilateral demands

Justice Sotomayor is showing her liberal peers on SCOTUS how to be a potent minority voice

In search of images...

Washington Post looks ahead to 2020 for Sen. Sanders


The famous La Marseillaise scene from Casablanca.

Pro-Trump groups plan 'Speak English Please!' rally in New York

Angela Merkel: NATO must refocus on Russia threat

here's one of the truths

I can see November from my front porch...

North Korea accuses U.S. of 'betrayal'

Solar is the future. Donald Trump tied a bow on it and gave it to China.

'This isn't winning':Wall St Journal batters 'master negotiator' Trump for plunging US into trade...

Ramble On

Draft Morning

Brian Krassenstein : So it turns out that the Manafort Trial IS about the Trump Campaign after all!

Wilbur Ross Admits He Kept Stock In (Another) Company He Previously Claimed He Divested

Europeans leaders worry Trump wants to bring American troops home

Trump isn't the cause of what's happened to America

Cat Steals Show.

Why You Can't Really Trust Negative Online Reviews.

Netflix is removing online reviews in August

Netflix is removing online reviews in August

NK Accuses Trump admin of making "cancerous demands"

Survey of Puerto Ricans (refugees) in Florida finds many plan to stay

Survey of Puerto Ricans (refugees) in Florida finds many plan to stay

If folks vote with their wallets, what does this mean for november and 2020?

What did you read as a child?

'Roe v. Wade' Script Leak: Pro-Life Movie Pushes Conspiracy Theories and Lies

Played by your buddy!

AM Joy w/Joy Reid on now (ET) guest: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Only 66% of young people today identify as exclusively heterosexual

Only 66% of young people today identify as exclusively heterosexual

Trump Isn't Hitler (but he is a fascist) - Some More News:

Excellent point

So Don told Kim to play nice, and even sent him an Elton John CD, but now Kim is now "troubled."

Michael Avenatti blatantly rips off a Trump nickname created by DU's own Malaise

What does "abolish profit" mean?

Border Patrol Agents are the Gestapo

Jobs growth declined in June

Not really comparable but empathetic

Happy 78th Birthday Sir Ringo!

Will Susan Collins Get Snookered Again?

Why do you think Jim Jordan, he of the Deplorable party, hid pervy doctor's misdeeds ?

Philippine president says prove God exists

"You will be as welcomed as an immigrant child in a detention centre."

I wonder why I see semi-frequent faux news clips and reports on DU?

Does Jim Jordan embody GOP, i.e. Trump values ?

Born on this day in 1924, Mary Ford. Here she is with Les on "How High The Moon."

Global warming could be far worse than predicted, new study suggests

So Trump mocked Bush Pere's "Thousand points of Light" and his minions cheered .

Useful semantics to help trump

Trump said he was going to drain the swamp.

Toon: I broke it, you fix it

All i can say is

Nevada pot taxes exceed yearly projection in 10 months

Martin Luther King had it right, and we can all learn from Dr. King now

Mind Your Own F**king Business

Gasparino: Trump Was My 'Anonymous' Source

More-More-More-Just one more

Lurking Deplorables

A Native American Tribe Has a $800 Million Contract to Run ICE Detention Centers

Where I am at

State Dept. says copy of Elton John 'Rocket Man' CD not delivered to Kim

Can't remember

Duterte vows to resign if anybody can prove God exists

Raise your hand if you knew Trump would get played.

Edward I castles

White man goes on racist tirade ...

Paul Ryan views allegations against Rep. Jordan as 'serious,' will wait for review, aide says

Trump calls on Twitter to boot NY Times and Washington Post since they are banning 'fake accounts'

'I'm winning the battle on Martha's Vineyard': Dershowitz launches another attack on ...

Perhaps if, when the Queen meets him she could say "Beetlejuice" 3 times

How Mueller Will Use Manafort's Trial to Prove Trump Corruption

Adam Schiff Calls Out Four Republicans Of The Congressional Apocalypse

We estimate China only makes $8.46 from an iPhone - & that's why Trump's trade war is futile

The Keyboard Baby Bully thinks he can win tariff war.

House Freedom Caucus members are urged to stand by Rep. Jim Jordan

Woman rushed to ER with brown recluse spider bites ...

AOC: "There's a secret little word used to dismiss political candidates: 'viability.'"

Chris Hayes & conservatives on his show, a?

Alex Jones - It was a "cold" civil war he was warning us about, not a "hot" one

I found this on Twitter. It may be interesting for you

Pharmacist gets 12 years for diluting cancer drugs

EarlG's Home Page photo and quote has made it to Snopes.

Trump lawyers call Comey 'Machiavellian' in note to Mueller

Trump may be about to destroy the one thing that protects him.

...even more apropos now than when it appeared years ago

7 ways Bernie Sanders blasted UVM Medical Center at nurses' union news conference

Trump's guide to border security - How to identify rapists, murderers, drug Gangs (MS 13 months)

I told you before, The Manafort trial is also the Trump trial.

'If I can't dance, it's not my revolution.' Emma Goldman

Watch the love story of 98-year-old runner from State College

RIP Steve Ditko

Our batshit crazy AND dumb Sen Ron Johnson Sends Fourth Of July Thoughts - From Russia

Live Video Thousands Shutting Down Expressway in Chicago for Anti Violence!

How come only the bad guys hack??

Frank Zappa - Watermelon In Easter Hay - 1988

Twitter is sweeping out fake accounts like never before, putting user growth at risk

Should there be a congressional inquiry into Trump's botched Korean negotiations ?

Another Clip From Trump's Rally

How the trade war is changing minds in a Senate battleground

North Korea calls U.S. attitude toward talks 'regrettable,' 'robber-like,' rejecting Pompeo

Had enough of #Winning yet?

Waynesboro Man Dies After Choking on Bag of 'White Powder' During Drug Task Force Raid

Anti Violence and Social Injustice Chicago Protest Expressway Shut Down

"Who is more powerful and a stronger leader, you or Putin?" Questions for Trump

Watching a Trump rally is like watching a rerun of the Jerry Springer Show.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on AM Joy (7-7-2018):

The New York Times Owes LGBTQ People An Apology For Its Trump Coverage

My new Fox News t-shirt.

Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?

Tony Schwartz, Trump's ghost writer, nails it.

OH-12: Delaware County Dems hit the streets for Danny O'Connor

Manafort wants trial moved from Alexandria to Roanoke because Hillary got 2/3 of the vote

Paul Ryan: "I think Putin pays" Trump.

Any weather geeks out there? Why does it look like there is a hurricane at the North Pole?

Today I changed my organ donation status so all my organs go to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.....

Judge rejects government bid to reopen activist rancher case (Cliven Bundy and supporters)

Democrats look for a Conor Lamb redux in Ohio's special election

The countries helping mueller with his investigation, Can you imagine.

If I filled out my SF86 like these guys, they would have kicked me out of the USAF...

Everyone, please mark your calendars...

This is how I want the Trump freak show to end.

AFL-CIO on SCOTUS nominees

AFL-CIO on SCOTUS nominees

AFL-CIO on SCOTUS nominees

Breakout Idaho gubernatorial candidate faces uphill race

That's my song!

Immigrant PhD Candidate Rocked by Sudden U.S. Army Discharge

World Cup - OK folks last quarter final coming up

WaPo: Manafort wants trial moved to Roanoke.

Did Orrin HATCH give a clue (if he *has* any clue): Said "she" & "her" about SCotUS pick

Anything about Megyn Kelly has become Lounge material

Pick a hill worth dying on, America

Megyn Kelly agrees with Trump that Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test to prove Native American

My old friends go fund me page. If you can help a little...

Nevada voter registration climbs as Democrats widen lead slightly

Crazy Moon Shots!

Fuck the Russians!

The Emotions "Best of My Love."

Thai cave rescue: What it's like inside a cave complex in Chiang Rai--7/7/2018

New union accuses rival of bullying Clark County teachers

I told him his breath stinks...

W's daughter - class act

The New York Times Owes LGBTQ People An Apology For Its Trump Coverage

Amy Coney Barrett's little-known Catholic group, People of Praise

Jim Jordan attacks former wrestlers who say they were abused

Harnessing Clean Water from Power Plant Emissions

Dems need a nod to the biggest identity group of all: individuals.

Elvis Costello reveals 'very aggressive' cancer diagnosis, cancels European tour dates

Free e-book: "Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies", 3rd Edition

I am constantly amazed that

Fintan O'Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

SHITLER's short attention span not suited for movies, don't want to give him ideas

Here's my latest show!

One Hundred Billion Dollars: The Value of the US Born Kids of Asylum Seekers to the Mob

Putin Tells Trump That 'Deep State' Is Against Them

Manafort's case will have much to do with the Trump campaign.

WashPo: N Korea says US attitude toward talks 'regrettable'.

Even FOX NEWS has given up trying to spin the Pompeo trip to North Korea.

NOW! Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 Ludwig van Beethoven

Trump's lawyers want evidence from Mueller that Trump has committed a crime before interview.

Washington's Latest Pair of Loons

Sketchy facial recognition studies and government intelligence - next stage for Russia and Cambridge

Milo Yiannopoulos, Tomi Lahren cast for anti-abortion Roe v. Wade movie

Anyone going to watch "Sharp Objects" on HBO Sunday night?

I know it is a sin to want but I'm stuck with boog

Has any republican sided with the wrestlers against Jim Jordan?

Weekly Standard: Trump the Chump (Never Trumpers' ITYS)

States which Democrats are likely to regain control of the state legislature.

Founder of the Polaris Project Gets 2017 Skoll Award

FL-GOV: Internal poll shows double-digit primary lead for Ron DeSantis

Being rational all the time isn't going to do you any favors

North Korea shatters Trump's boastful assurances of an easy path to denuclearization

Instagram Photo Link: ''Ran into Bernie Sanders on my morning run''

Shelter in the Storm ( {Profile of Southwest Point, contractor holding migrant children}

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 7, 2018

When you confront a MAGA troll on Warren's hertiage. Remind them that Trump and his family claimed

Do you ever revisit albums you loved in a different stage of your life?

Do you ever revisit albums you loved in a different stage of your life?

How many Americans think racism is not a problem in the US today? Four graphs that explore...

On a scale of 1-10 how badly did Kim clown Trump and Pompeo ?

North Korea Criticizes 'Gangster-Like' U.S. Attitude After Talks With Mike Pompeo.

Defense contractor detained migrant kids in vacant Phoenix office building

Trump: "Public opinion has turned strongly against the Rigged Witch Hunt and the "Special" Councel"

John Lewis: "57 years ago today I was released from Mississippi State Penitentiary..."

Trump admin temporarily halting some payments under Obamacare program

"Wendi Winters saved my life": Capital Gazette staff say their fallen colleague charged the shooter

Croatia wins.

Russia is out of the World Cup.

Photos from today's anti violence and economic Justice Chicago Protest


State Clemency Official to Black Applicant: How Many Kids Do You Have? By How Many Different Mothers

Gloria Allred to Trump after 'Me Too' comments: 'Keep your hands off Elizabeth Warren'

Russian Caucus Sen. Ron Johnson sayuz now time to lift sanctions.

How to Make Yogurt

O Jays "Love Train"

Devon Nunes calling for a investigation of officials and activists who exposed Russian meddling

GOP candidate in Kansas: 'Outside of Western civilization, there is only barbarism'

Ex-GOP majority leader: Republicans must protect Mueller

Anti-violence protesters shut down part of Chicago freeway

I have some leeks, basal, cilantro, and some serrano peppers in my garden

Tweet of the Day

Has anyone see the DU wikipedia page?

Everyone is helping in Thailand tweet:

Working Class Politics 'Not Just for the Bronx': Ocasio-Cortez Debunks 'Too Far Left'

Strange geologic activity under New England surprises scientists

Trump mocked #metoo at the Montana rally because he's worried he'll be next

This just out,,,,,

I saw a good movie today on TV

I saw a good movie today on TV

Chelsea Clinton tweets for us in the Croatia v Russia World Cup match

Trump Goes After Mueller: 'Public Opinion Has Turned Strongly Against the Rigged Witch Hunt'

Colombians demand an end to wave of activist killings

Ernst in Shenandoah Bleeding Heartland

Nunes calling for a 'task force' to investigate officials and activists who exposed Russian election

US service member killed in Afghanistan in apparent insider attack

Have any of you seen a true-blue U.F.O. that you believe was extraterrestrial?

So Trump wants a justice on the USSC who will interpret the Constitution as the

Has anyone else watched the DODO-Animal Heroes on Animal Planet?

After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory

He called it a hair tonic, feds called it illegal, but the name is 'ayahuasca'

Photo: "London is getting ready..."

Former KKK member loses state retirement benefits after conviction in murder plot

As violent protests continue over gas prices, U.S. airlines cancel all flights to Haiti

A Black Woman in Handcuffs For Climbing The Statue of Liberty on Independence Day is a Perfect Metap

Trump Is Committing An Act of State Terror Against Migrant Families

Trump: "The Rigged Witch Hunt, originally headed by FBI lover boy Peter S..."

Ted Lieu: "As a former prosecutor, I know that when the facts and evidence don't look good..."

Feeling exhausted by the state of the political world? Auntie @RepMaxineWaters has some words of...

They're charging $700 per child per night. This is state-sponsored kidnapping...

Police confront "News" reporters who showed up at a rape victim's house

America Never Was, Yet Will Be

JAGs Phillip Jauregui: Barrett Is God's Anointed, Kavanaugh A Usurper Out To Steal God's SCOTUS Seat

Oh, man, Traitor Tot has really fallen off the deep end. He tweeted this less than 10 min ago:

'It's a Terrible Vote': Red-State Democrats Face an Agonizing Supreme Court Choice

Rosanne Barr Has Multiple Personalities And One Of Them Is 'Quite Racist,' Says Friend Bill Maher

Today is World Chocolate Day!

Rachel Maddow Is Crushing Fox News With Viewers That Democrats Need To Get Out To The Polls

Trump and Twitter were made for each other

I wrote a Book :-)

A piece of our morning

Things I did and did not serve this country to protect. (I'll be kind and give a 'graphic' warning)

Lamb, Under Fire, and at Its Best

Americans trapped in Haiti hotel amid rioting

Protestors swarm Mitch McConnell as he leaves Louisville restaurant

Jim Sciutto for the win

SUMMER TOUR, PARKLAND *MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: Register Young Voters for Nov. Mid-terms

WND Column: Supreme Court Rulings On LGBT Equality, Church-State Separation Are Tyrannical

Bill Maher stand up Live From Oklahoma tonight at 10:00 PM on HBO

How are tariffs actully collected?

*North by Northwest on WETA @ 9:30!

Viral video shows El Paso police officer pulling gun on children in Lower Valley

This will be a difficult post to write. The challenge will be in trying not to let this