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Yo! Wobbly "Independents": That's Not Very Pretty!

Do not fall for all the distractions.

Russian speakers--I need help with translation of a Russia phrase.

I remember when many wanted to primary my long serving Dem Representative.

Something to make you smile, because don't you need it?

Republicans are looking to overhaul retirement plans in tax cut bill

Trump preparing to discharge HIV positive military service members - Literaly for no reason

What is the answer?...Could someone tell me please?

I really can't stand

Watching Georgia Republicans choose the greater evil for Governor

WaPo & NYTimes, like CNN & MSNBC, still give a bigger megaphone to conservative voices

Jewish Candidates Help Bolster Democratic Fundraising In Swing Districts

Interesting teaser from Rachel Maddow RE: tonight's show.

Spotting CNN on a TV Aboard Air Force One, Trump Rages Against Reality

Spotting CNN on a TV Aboard Air Force One, Trump Rages Against Reality

White House stops announcing calls with foreign leaders

New name to spread for House Speaker - The Cowardly Ryan

Argentina's Macrisis: GDP plummets 5.8% in May, worst since 2002 collapse

Argentina's Macrisis: GDP plummets 5.8% in May, worst since 2002 collapse

Canada is sending a cooling system to our rescue!

Decision Desk has called the race for Brian Kemp. (Georgia)

Trump just slammed the FCC for not approving the Sinclair-Tribune merger: "So sad and unfair"

On May 29th the govt. offered Maria Butina a proffer.

Disapproval of trump increases per Real Clear Politics average of polls

Why Fox News' Scare Pieces About ... Ocasio-Cortez Keep Turning Into Ads for Democratic Socialism

CNN Has the Cohen Tape!

Not really kidding.

Trump is nuts,

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

The right to bear arms disarmed

Obama urges wealthy people to give back: "Let me pay a little more in taxes"

*Rachel's 'Special Edition' up now,

Traitor Tot's little ego parade is such a goddamned insult.

Mueller plans to call IRS, FBI, FinCen witnesses at Manafort trial

they sound like two mobsters... the tape.

Exclusive: CNN obtains secret Trump-Cohen tape

Tweet of the Day

Exclusive: CNN obtains secret Trump-Cohen tape

Putting Common Good Over Billionaires and War Profiteers, House Progressives Introduce

Watching Rachael. I am officially scared shitless now


Is their a transcript of the Trump/Cohen tape

I go on here and fight right wing trolls some nights.

Silicon Valley, How Tech's Richest Plan To Save Themselves Post Apocalypse

Picture showing Hillary Meeting with a Russian Agent

*Tape recording of trump/cohen on Rachel now.

Trump to Provide $12 Billion in Aid to Farmers. Critics Cry 'Welfare!'

Michael Steele taking "Ernie Keebler" to task.

Special master in Cohen's case to release hundreds of documents to prosecution

"I'll pay it with cash."

Southern California home sales crash in warning sign to nation

Anybody have a theory as to why Lanny Davis

Ted Lieu: #TrumpTapes also show Rudy Giuliani lied. But that's not news.

Poll: Michigan Dems more alarmed about nation, more excited to vote in November

Should never


Rand Paul is an asshat traitor round 15

Protestors chant "Treason" in English and Russian outside the Whitehouse

Those of you who lived and understood the Nixon stuff, how does this compare?

Do You Think Melania Knew Hubby Crump Was Such An Asshole?...

In 20 years, half the population of the USA will live in just eight states

"You're my best friend..."

I wonder what Melanie thinks after tonight's tape reveal?

Thank Crom for Mrs. Glamrock and Goodwill!

Adam Schiff is so smart.

Vangie Williams for Congress - Virginia 1st district. Opportunity to be 1st black woman to rep VA

Do you consider Rep. Schiff Presidential material?

I'm kind of tired of Michael Avenatti. IMO his fifteen minutes of fame are up

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 26, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Steve McQueen

When Ivanka starts a political consulting business. what should she call it?

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 27, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Based on Pat Conroy

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 28, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Kirk Douglas

Blast From The Past: House GOP Throws A PSYCHOTIC HISSY FIT Over Obama's State Department Video Edit

Holy corn on the cob!

Papa Roach had the best response to Trump's Iran tweet:

Some Orwell, scrubbed Putin transcripts, lies about Playmate payoffs...ant it's only Tuesday.


Hillary to be in guest role on Madam Secretary episode in October


Recommended: Ken Layne's articles about the DC protests @ Popula

Women sweep GA-06 and GA-07 Democratic runoffs

so, my ex got married this weekend.

CNN plays the Cohen tape:

An Inconvenient Quote

Wouldn't it be great if Comrade Combover only spoke about things he knew?

How dare you???

Vibes to those on the East Coast from North Carolina to New York. Terrible

What I did today for the Democratic party

Pizza Delivery Man Detained by ICE Is Freed by Judge

Doctor details 'frightening' decision to sedate Thai soccer boys

hehe Trump will be Pissed at CNN


Trump can be heard asking about which pastor surrogates he can "use" to cover for him.

Someone -- Mueller or the Pentagon -- has to speak to Americans, confounded by a growing darkness.

FYI, Here Is The DOCTORED White House Video of The Helsinki Press Conference. Edited at 32 Minutes

Seth Abramson's Twitter feed on the Cohen Trump tape is quite a read

Advice to Michael Cohen. Don't walk down 5th Avenue any time soon.

Con Jobs Comparing Trump To Lincoln, LOLOLOLOL...


Maddow: full on fascism

Just got back from an absolutely AMAZING concert

Wikipedia page on Historical Rankings of our Presidents ...guess where "it" is?

On Twitter, Kansas City mayor says he was not invited to welcome president

The Daily Show: Trump Takes a Stand Against... Endangered Species?

Much like the entire Republican Party....Not based in reality

Seth Meyers - Trump's Threatening Iran Tweets, Drive-Thru Marijuana Dispensary - Monologue - 7/23/18

Cricket Star. Sex Symbol. Prime Minister? It May Be Imran Khan's Time.

Maddow: Russia attacking AMERICAN TOP GENERAL

Giuliani: Trump isn't talking about paying in cash on secret Cohen tape because he's "not an idiot"

Seth Meyers: Guest Jacob Soboroff Explains Why Trump's Border Wall Wouldn't Solve Any Problems

protestors shut down convenience store after video shows owner, then employee, kicking black woman

Take Five

I just want everyone to know I love you.

Kushner Dodges Subpoena, Judge Says Stop Playing "Game". Game's Over.

Photos of the Devastating Wildfires Outside Athens, Greece

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Betsy DeVos' Rollback of Civil Rights

I'm Not In Love

trump voter ashamed to be American after daughter in law deported

white backlash politics at the heart of Trumpism

Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

RNC goes all out with new red tRump caps for 2020 general election

Not sitting down': student Elin Ersson halts deportation of asylum seeker

AMAZING! activist saves a man from deportation to Afganistan in plane protest

To be played after Trump is gone

Perfect margarita?

The not-so-humble Blue Jay

Newt Gingrich Compared Trump to Abraham Lincoln and He Wasn't Even Kidding

Maddow: Official White House Helsinki Records Altered To Hide Putin's Preference For Trump

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water (from The Concert in Central Park)

What The Rise Of Kamala Harris Tells Us About The Democratic Party

Who should introduce the "require drug tests for farmers receiving aid" amendment?

Pointless Time Travel

The past was erased.

The White House Transcript Is Missing the Most Explosive Part of the Trump-Putin Press Conference

Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol

Poll shows Conor Lamb with double-digit lead over Keith Rothfus

Forward Together With the Poor People's Campaign

Here's the question I want hammered over and over in the White House press conference.

Kyle Griffin: Missouri woman who voted for Trump is ashamed after her daughter-in-law was deported

Senate Democratic leader Jay Costa calls on Scott Wagner to release tax returns

Pennsylvania teacher probed for portraying Nazi at pro wrestling events

Florida judge stops voter suppression of college students

Does anyone know where I can get anal bleach WITHOUT fluoride?

Nevada could elect first-ever female-majority statehouse

Crayola, other vendors to take a haircut in Toys R Us bankruptcy settlement

FL-GOV: New poll shows Gwen Graham leading but heading into a runoff

Trump Expert David Cay Johnston Warns that Russia Has 'More Than 30 Years' of Blackmail Material....

I see massive Anti Trump protests and protests against his policies

LGBT advocates to rally during conservative Christian author's speech at Lancaster Bible College

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/24/18

'Young and naive' teen to GOP candidate: You don't need to be a scientist, but must know science

Maybe it's not as bad as I thought. Bad, but not the end of the world.

Why the world should be worried about the rise of strongman politics

French feminist and Putin critic found dead in Paris.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ambassador Michael McFaul Was Part Of Putin's 'Crazy' Offer To Trump

Black Panther Party co-founder Elbert "Big Man" Howard dies

Viagra in pregnancy study stopped after 11 babies die

What Delaware State Fair attendees think about ban on Confederate flag memorabilia

Wilmington Housing Authority's new director was ousted from position in Nevada

Rural lower Delaware promised high-speed internet by 2020

Police: Marijuana growers leave armed dummy to scare away intruders

For fans of 60s / 70s "Classic Rock," which newer bands do you feel have been "passed the torch?"

Spotting CNN on a TV Aboard Air Force One, Trump Rages Against Reality

Political war brewing over Wilmington seat in Delaware Senate

2 women win Georgia Dem runoffs, extending streak for female candidates

Question - did the House approve the 12billion in subsidies for the farmers?

Georgia Republicans give nod to Kemp in governor's race

Judge: Release immigrant held after Army base pizza delivery

"It's a mean world out there, but I'll take care of you, lil' baby."

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Just Called On Mueller To Subpoena Trump

Some things you just can't help...

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Waging A Disinformation Campaign Against America

Liquor heiress charged with aiding group dubbed sex cult

If Prince Harry were to become king,

This midterm election my wife and I

Neo-Nazi ventriloquist who went on racist Starbucks rampage says he's not racist (Not The Onion)

Rick Scott Gets Six-Figure Donations from a Private Prison Company Detaining Immigrants

Georgia lawmaker who shouted racial slur on TV to resign

MSNBC: "Mike Pence says the Trump tax cuts are increasing pay for workers in Tennessee, but..."

Resigning PGCPS CEO Maxwell Receives Controversial $790K Severance Package

Time for an intervention

If the Dotard started building detention camps or whatever he chose to call them

Baltimore police union: 'Mismanagement' of police brass, 'ineptitude' of politicians to blame for OT

Trump wants To make a deal with Iran!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Put your Wednesday dancing shoes on, y'all and cut a rug!

Wednesday TOONs - The Story of Tonight Edition

We all know that RWNJ fetus worshippers are all hypocrites, right?

Maryland legislators criticize Hogan administration's 'phantom' plans for State Center project

Blue Collar Whites Begin Abandoning Trump

Still can't help it...

Trump calls for "unity" during his deal-making, says "be cool, the end result will be worth it!"

Ben Jealous releases NRA questionnaire, calls on Maryland Gov. Hogan to do the same

Gun control activist Lucy McBath wins Democratic nomination in Georgia House race

Cohen's Lawyer: 'Michael Has Turned, There's More To Come'

If only...

In an alternate universe, Albert Speer would've made a kick-butt

Dog and Butterfly (not Heart)

Artist's body painting creates incredible illusion

Accidentally got some anal bleach on my nipples.

Italians are tired of living under austerity. That could be a big problem for Europe.

Anal Bleach Pods.

Voters believe Russia more likely to meddle for GOP in midterms than Democrats

Intervention time I'm a hoarder

Watchdog: Penalties on corporate violators drop under Trump

Ugh! Opinion piece in Cape Cod Times, written by a district attorney

"American Gothic"

"It's not right to send people to hell."

So Does That 'R' Stand For Republicans -- Or Russians?

Attorney: Cohen not seeking pardon from Trump

Former Trump aide: "No one is minding the store...."

***BREAKING NEWS POLL*** IL GOV - Pritzker (Democrat) 45% Rauner (All Russia People's Front) 30%

"Worst puppet show ever."

Called my local trump sycophant congress turd

Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle Plot Tour in Opposition to Trump Immigration Policy

Exclusive: Listen to separated moms beg for their kids in court

Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been smashed into pieces by a man with a pick ax.

Gulf Of Alaska Cod At Lowest Levels On Record; Populations Down 80% Since 2013

Trump Says U.S., EU Must Cut All Tariffs Ahead of Key Talks

Max Scherzer may be the most important Washington National

Scoop: Trump fears Biden 2020, losing Pennsylvania

Boog needs a letter of recommendation for space force from our senator

AL Coal Exec, Lawyer Convicted On Fed Bribery, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy; Scam To Dodge Superfund Costs

The Rundown: July 24, 2018

Whatever Happened to Moral Rigor?

Facebook touts election efforts, but won't say if there are attempts to sway midterms

"Of course it's all mine! What did you think?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Investigation opened into alleged fraud at Nacogdoches airport

Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed With Pickaxe

Waco - All-Time Record 114F; S. AZ - 112-119F Expected; Meanwhile, 26 Million In East On Flood Watch

Boys rescued from Thai cave ordained at Buddhist temple

Waymo announces partnerships with Walmart, other big companies to expand footprint ...

Boys rescued from Thai cave ordained at Buddhist temple

Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day!

Massachusetts candy company plant abruptly closes

Republican Spending Sprees with Campaign Money

Trump Channels His Inner Nixon in Mueller Attacks

Nobody in KCMO knew Dimbfuck was coming.

At Least 74 Dead In Massive Fires Near Athens; Mostly Contained, But Fire Risk Still High

'What Do We Think About Mick?': Trump Mulls Replacing Kelly With Budget Chief

Amazon says Spicer's book is no 1 in "Russian & former Soviet Union politics"

#1 Best Seller in Russian & Former Soviet Union Politics

Georgia Gov Nominee Stymied Action On Meddling with State Rights Appeal

There is still hope. My local newspaper mentions Florida's police officer nice act

A reporter worked undercover as FB moderator. Trained NOT to delete child abuse pics & racist memes.

The vegan has returned - and brought gravy with him...

Trump: "Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things"

Was a Deplorable behind Anthrax scare at building housing Waters' L.A. office

Man Smashes Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to Smithereens

Trump Fires Back At Cohen: 'What Kind Of A Lawyer Would Tape A Client? So Sad!'

Brightest, closest Mars will shine in late July

A little detail you might have missed, regarding how much Don & Melanie are costing taxpayers

Republicans Largely Abandon Running on Trump's Tax Cuts

Madam Secretary has (finally!) cast Hillary Clinton

More on the morning dog walker who trespasses. Spoiler: The motion sensor irrigater worked.

Organizer of deadly Charlottesville rally withdraws demand for new rally permit

BBC KNOWS how to do it: Must watch interview holding Sean Spicer's feet to the fire.

Larry Kudlow

The Daily 202: Trump creates an alternative reality, and he wants you to join him there

GM cuts 2018 outlook as Trump trade war drives up steel and aluminum costs #StopWinningSoMuch

How to solve a problem religion-style:

John Heilemann busts Trump's 'Orwellian' coverup of Putin's support

Eric Trump Mocked for Celebrating Poll Finding That Majority of Americans Disapprove of His Dad


Buying Votes: House Republicans roll out election-year tax cut plan

Trump's Momentary Support of LGBT People During Campaign Was 'Empty Payback for a Political Favor'

Look everyone, we eventually do have to stop the Russia obsession

Seriously, if you didn't catch Rachel's show last night, you really need to. Here's the podcast.

Conservative Naval prof explains futility of trying to reach Trump voters: 'Some of them are just...

Trump says 'vicious' China targeting U.S. farmers on trade, urges critics to 'be cool'

The NAACP Does a Disservice to Puerto Rico

"Get me a Coke!"

A Holocaust Survivor at 92.

Hospital workers go on strike in Rhode Island

A Holocaust Survivor at 92. X Post from GD

Rasmussen Poll (All Russia People's Front) Republicans Trail By Wider Margin on Generic Ballot

Today Pompass is going to be questioned about the treason summit in Helsinki

Opinions: Without the Russians, Trump wouldn't have won

Brazilian medical student murdered by Ortega paramilitaries in Nicaragua

So. Fascism.

This Karen McDougal money trail is confusing me.

Conservative professor explains the futility of arguing with Trump-voters:

What it has come to, it seems, living under Trump

Tariffs plus farm welfare equals governmental malpractice

Another question for DUers

'He asked me if I was American': Man allegedly beaten by 2 New Orleans officers tells his story

Spotting CNN on a TV Aboard Air Force One, Trump Rages Against Reality.

The difference between Nixon and trump

US farmers getting Stormy Daniels treatment: "Trump screwed them and now he's paying them off"

Scientists detect giant underground aquifer on Mars, raising hope of life on the planet

Sean Spicer, by the way, is STILL unemployed.

Ad for Danny O'Conner, Ohio 12th. Special Election August 7, 2018

A Letter From One of My Senators - Funny, Not Funny

How much is two thirds of a life?

Religion, Secularism, and Xenophobia

Here's a little something to think about regarding Trump's sexual dalliances.

Bought 5000 bone shaped paperclips for our vet clinic

SpaceX launches, lands rocket in challenging conditions

Measure to break California into 3 states removed from November ballot after court ruling

Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame destroyed with pickax

Asked if FLOTUS has seen the Cohen tapes, her spokeswoman released this statement:

Cosby is 'sexually violent predator': Pennsylvania panel

Opinions: Without the Russians, Trump wouldn't have won please read and pass this on

LGBTQ series 'Pose' has been renewed for a second season

Slain woman's family sues Minneapolis police for $50M

EPA to keep pursuing biofuel changes under new leadership: Wheeler

OH-12: Top Democratic groups launch new push in final two weeks of Ohio special election

Key West mayoral candidate takes call from God during debate

What does the "hit by a truck" exchange mean on the Trump/Cohen tape?


Zatoichi TV Series Ep 30: The Moonrise Bodyguard [English Subs]

Regulators: Uranium leaked at S. Carolina nuclear fuel plant

The Democratic "Split" Dilemma

Florida's voting rights battle goes to federal appeals court

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll: Americans Don't Think Trump Is Tough Enough On Russia

This is a little hoax created by Trump and Cohen. Why ?

"This exhibition should have never happened": The anti-Trump cartoons that got an artist fired

"This exhibition should have never happened": The anti-Trump cartoons that got an artist fired

Sean has a sad.....

Will former Pakistan cricket captain

Beijing plays down media hype about unmanned subs

Powerful ex-Colombia president vows to resign from Senate

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was smashed to pieces

Powerful ex-Colombia president vows to resign from Senate

Wow. One person can make a difference. Please watch.

Say hello to my little friends...

On Cohen tape: Keeping Ivana Trump divorce filing secret (it alleges rape)

OH-12: Dying man produces digital ad for Danny O'Connor

I'm on a martini diet.🍸 I've lost

How the Trump Tax Cut Is Helping to Push the Federal Deficit to $1 Trillion

Jail supervisor headed to trial in inmate's death

Okay, this is the best response yet to the Walk of Fame Star tragedy:

it is malpractice to credulously repeat Rudy's claim

Captain Janeway... I'm very interested in assisting your campaign and taking it to warp speed...

Consumer advocate barred from insurance rate hearing; state won't say why

Rachel nailed it

Jason Spencer to resign:

GM preparing to lose $1 billion over tariffs.

Deplorable behavior in Wisconsin

The Guardian: Offshore owners of British property to be forced to reveal names.

Future Apology Tour?

That's not snow! Colorado residents shovel hail after thunderstorm

Attorney argues Brock Turner's sexual assault conviction should be overturned

What will be the Made for TV movie when all of this goes down?

BBC reporter destroys Sean Spicer - must watch

"There are more tapes": Michael Cohen's lawyer promises more damaging recordings of Trump

I'm feeling bad that I haven't been fair to Donald Trump, I don't congratulate him enough

***BREAKING NEWS POLL*** Democrats open twelve point lead over All Russia People's Front

Isn't Trump's cash payment of $12 billion to farmers straight up Socialism??!?!?!

Lanny Davis: Cohen not seeking pardon.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Goes Literally Orwellian

Considering/reconsidering a potential smoking gun: Rykov's Carter Page Facebook post.

Anyone hear anything about the Marina Butina hearing today?

Fox news: Trump committed fraud!

Trump pushes 25 percent auto tariff as top advisers scramble to stop him

Fox News' Judge Napolitano: Trump-Cohen Tapes Indicate Fraud

UPDATE: Federal judge allows emoluments case against Trump to proceed

A tale of two stories: Seattle's brushes with hate

White House fails to address omission in Trump-Putin transcript - Putin must be proud.

Judge frees pizza deliveryman seized by ICE while doing his job

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star destroyed in Hollywood

Judge denied Trump's motion to dismiss MD-DC emoluments case

Oklahoma jail inmate dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

Could Spanky have sunk (or bent over) so low ?!?!?!

Ohio12th district update tweet. 😁/ Danny O'Connor

*BREAKING NEWS POLL (REDUX) * Democrats open twelve point lead over All Russia People's Front 49-37

Michael Cohen Corrects the Record and Apologizes to Trump

Ohio12th district update tweet. 😁/Danny O'Connor

Jonathan Capeheart: Stop wondering who's going to save us from Trump

Sean Spicer book signing canceled over 'political concerns'

BLS Report: Gross job gains 7.8 million and gross job losses 6.8 million in the 4th quarter of 2017

***BREAKING NEWS POLL*** Trump falls to 39% approval in A rated Marist poll

***BREAKING NEWS *** Federal Judge Allows Emoluments Case Against Trump To Proceed

Putin's Soccer Ball for Trump Had Transmitter Chip, Logo Indicates

The Art of Police Cover Up: When An Unrecorded Line Is Accidentally Recorded

5 sea turtles released after discovery in hotel trash can

Paul Ryan, who surrounds and is silent about cheats and bigots, to discuss Civil discourse!........

All of Trumps business practices, deals, taxes are going to be exposed by multiple investigations.

Pinko repubes* are a total disgrace

#Onthisday in 1932, #DiegoRivera began painting his renowned #DetroitIndustry murals at the DIA.

Virginia congressman under investigation in the House

The Democrats need to play hardball re: security clearences.

Steve Bannon is trying to change the face of the European Parliament - and we say bring it on

Trump blasts his own FCC for blocking Sinclair-Tribune merger

The Democratic party is a big tent

"To the degree that white progressives think we have arrived...

UK all-time high temperature record could be broken in the next 48 hours

The last time I was somebody's type is when I

tweet from Senator Leahy

NYTimes Editorial: So Now Trump Wants to Protect Farmers From Trump's Trade War?

I've been searching and need help re: caged media at Trump Rallies.

Endless scandals, criminality, and evil

GM Falls Victim to Trump's Trade War as Metal Prices Sink Profit

George Bush #43..Ya Know the one... One who Turned into quite the Artist.

Trump Races Toward 25 Percent Tariff on Auto Imports

Phones and internet down at my college due to extreme heat.

Facebook takes down right-wing fake news network ahead of Brazil election: Sources

COOK POLITICAL moves GA-GOV from "SAFE R" to "LEAN R"...could go to "TOSS UP"

No, the White House didn't intentionally edit a question to Putin out of a video (WaPo, Philip Bump)

i'm not into conspiracy theories, but

What crime has Trump NOT committed?

Bernie Sanders Goes After The Cash Bail System

Trump's start on the Hollywalk of fame was destroyed by a guy with a pickax...AGAIN

Putin's Balls are Bugged

Warren, Sanders, Gillibrand, Markey, Harris, Velzquez Unveil Debt-Relief Legislation Puerto Rico

U.S. pot companies view Canada as land of opportunity

Gun control activist wins Dem nomination in Georgia, will face anti-choice Republican this November

The Young People Will Win

No one is raining on MY parade!!! We will be back with a vengence

According to Franklin Graham, BOTH Michael Cohen AND GOD recorded Trump discussing Playmates.

Can you do the Make America Great Again Challenge?! Pass this on

Video: Protect Farm and Domestic Workers

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker meets with Pres. Trump amid trade dispute:

Here is a short song I wrote about ten years ago (just the words)

New poll shows Trump approval rating at 48 percent

Heh... CNN is being a little trollish:

The Latest: Pompeo: US won't recognize Crimea annexation

Thai boys rescued from cave consider ordaining as Buddhist monks

Pompeo: "The United States rejects Russia's attempted annexation of Crimea and pledges to..."

Whistleblower provides emails that show Stormy Daniels' arrest was pre-planned

#RedforFeds - #BernieSanders was there!

DNA analysis confirms cougar euthanized near North Bend, WA. had attacked two bicyclists

Try to imagine Obama on tape discussing his affairs, grabbing women, under investigation, pro-putin

ROFLMAO! Trump says Russia helping Dems to win.

An interesting take on the "military porn" that has invaded the sports world

Republicans in Congress want to ban embassies from flying the rainbow flag

So, in these released trump payoff tapes, who is the person he is talking to

Trump, 'the solo golfer' ignoring his own advisers

Sean Spicer confirms Trump's pro-LGBTQ stance during convention speech was all a scam

Ha! NOW he is canceling special invitation to Putin.

The sly art of Cuba

John Bolton statement: Trump will meet with Putin at the beginning of next year after "witch hunt

Anal bleach isn't

From Nazis To Incels: How One Tech Company Helps Hate Groups Thrive

Top American brands say the trade war is now eating into their profits

Trump believes next meeting with Putin should happen 'after the Russia witch hunt is over,'

Trump once said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose any votes

Happening now. Fifth Avenue is shut down at #TrumpTower. "You take the children, we'll take the stre

Pentagon caught off guard by White House statement on Syria: emails

Trump base in E. Washington may suffer trade war casualties

Don't remember: we know that Obama signed executive orders

This Twitter thread about Traitor Tot's Trade War is a must-read. Tried Threadreader, wouldn't work

Poll: Women far more likely to back '18 Democratic candidates than men

Trump: Farmers will be 'biggest beneficiary' of trade war

NPR's "On Point": The Age Of The 3D-Printed Gun

Keep Your Eye On This White House Video Tape. I Have A Feeling It Might Disappear Soon.

'Deadwood' Movie Is Finally a Go at HBO

How US tariffs could affect homebuyers

Judge says Trump's financial deals w/foreign govts are kind of thing Founding Fathers worried about

Trump's zero-tolerance policy turns basement into pop-up 'dungeon'

Stormy's arrest was pre-planned, police lied.

Cathy Meyers: Check out my debate with @IronStache this morning at the Rock Co Fair!

Shakedown Nation

Coke Raising U.S. Soda Prices, Citing Tariffs

We may want to pay attention to Malcom Nance here.

Mount Rainer May Be the Most Dangerous U.S. Volcano

White House pushes follow-up Trump-Putin meeting to next year

'To Not Do Anything Is a Tragedy'

Trump Is the Biggest Loser!

Want a middle-class life? Prepare to pay up

Big Majority Don't Think Trump Is Tough Enough on Russia

Blue Collar Whites Begin Abandoning Trump

Sergio Marchionne, the CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler, dies at 66

Really? Seriously? His name HAS to be PECKER??? Can this get more sordid???

Boston clothing store owner discriminated against customers based on race

Remember - Pompeo is an ASSHOLE extraordinaire He is from my district

How Uribe trial puts Colombia's government in crisis even before taking office

Experts Conclude That Russian Attack Won The Election For Trump

Wells Fargo tellers call the cops on elderly black ...

Remember how "Yuri Bezmenov" told DT to ask Putin for HRC's emails, and the very next day he DID?

-unscheduled- press availability in the Rose Garden coming up?

Jesus, Sen Rich is slobbing his knob

Just days after a ranger was killed by elephant poachers, elephants trample another poacher.

Uribe lashes out at UK spy agency in post-resignation Twitter rampage

Another GOPer defects, from Ed Krassenstein:

Post a line from a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Google

Official discussion thread of Pompeo trying to slob dotard and SOME senators not having it

Need a Progressive DVR

Caption tRumps hollywood walk of fame star

Workers making Trump 2020 campaign flags in Fuyang, Anhui Province. #AmericaFirst

I hate bureaucracies! Especially insurance companies...

Senator Sanders Introduces Bill to End Money Bail

Violent, anti-social behaviour down sharply among Ontario students, survey finds

A non-theistic creed of humanity:

NSA watchdog finds 'many issues of non-compliance' in agency's data handling

Phone Images Indicate "Genocide" of Brazilian Criminal Faction, According to Police

Players who hit for the Cycle 3 times in their career

Government Identifies US$ 2.65 billion in Improper Social Expenditures

Shout the name, Jeffrey Whitman, far and wide. He deserves to be famous, oh, so famous.

New Trump catchphrase--Get me a coke..!

Here Is a Powerful Political Tool

Damn Hulu!

Facebook takes down Brazil activist network ahead of elections

Facebook takes down Brazil activist network ahead of elections

The First Joke Trevor Noah Remembers: Wonderful Story

Jerry Jones: Cowboys will require players to stand for anthem, not remain in locker room

Trump making surprise statement on CNN now:

Trump's witch hunt...

Colombia ex-president alleges MI6 plot as death squad investigation closes in


The emoluments case is the nightmare Trump has long feared

The pachyderm in the room: the Trump *"presidency" is now and has always been

George Takei nails it

Pierce: Have you been the victim of your own wandering penis?

I never never never watch Trump speak...saw him on tv a few times years ago, that's it. I avoid it.

Nunes still hasn't read unredacted FISA documents he requested: DOJ

Here's What Happened to One Family After ICE Took Dad

Not sure how I missed this,

The Origin of Totalitarianism (1951

a tad overwhelmed by the Russian influence story

Avenatti: "This is extremely disturbing"

the most useful thing a citizen could do for their countr is paint the words #DonaldTrumpIsATraitor

Here's a different perspective on Trump's pay offs.

Blood Pressure Medicine Is Recalled

I have not had a drink in about 5 years.

WH lawyer in charge of policing Trump officials' ethics to leave

Editorial cartoons from Europe

A working group has been formed all is solved

Trump, E.U. announce deal to avert escalation of trade tensions

Why Trump fears the Emoluments case more than Mueller

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-6: Dennis & Kanye Go To Pyongyang Palace Edition

94 Year Old Man Fires Shot At Janitor In Assisted Living Complex.

There Is No Global Warming - 127 Death Valley, 112 Las Vegas, 122 Thermal, 121 Coachella Valley

North Carolina republicans quickly pass a law to Throw State Supreme Court Race to a Republican

Almost unbelievable ! For once, I agree 20 billions times with Trump !

Top American brands say the trade war is now eating into their profits

Polls: Trump approval sags in trio of Midwest states

Are those aids or secret service

Leonard Nimoy Fans. LLAP 🖖

Chris Hardwick Back to Work at AMC After Review Of Sexual Abuse Claims--#MeToo EVOLUTION

Drat... Chuck Todd is back...

Don't Forget What Else Mueller Is Looking At

Workers making Trump 2020 campaign flags in Fuyang, Anhui Province. china....

Raymond Hunthausen, liberal Seattle archbishop censured by Rome, dies at 96

Whale riding 'fool': Puckeys surfers sought after incident

Whale killing: DNA shows Iceland whale was rare hybrid

Hope & Fear, a tweet

Rep Schiff-Pompeo's English to Russian to English Translation: "I have no idea. Not a friggen clue."

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 26 July 2018

Frasier reboot, yay or nay ?

Carnival Cruz is worried about Beto

Some will laugh, some will cry

Awful heat wave in PNW. I hate it.

Vegan Caribbean Paella

Michael Cohen's Tape Sounds Like He Could Bring Down Trump

Please help me cut the cord.

He Would Know - Pompeo seems to slip up, refers to the Trump administration as a "regime"

WSJ: Cohen Created Shell Company to Buy Karen McDougal's Story

North Korea still producing fissile material despite pledge, Pompeo says

Missouri Senate candidate giving away machine that can print untraceable guns

The Latest: Envoy says 'an awful long way to go' in NK talks

CNN WH pool reporter banned from WH press conference because she asked questions

DeVos Rules Would Cut Estimated $13B in Student Loan Relief

Russian officials linked to south Florida biker gang spend millions on Trump condos.

Two weeks pay for a roll of toilet paper in Venezuela. But the currency is a cheaper alternative

CNN reporter banned

CNN Responds to Trump: "We demand better" - re CNN Press being denied access at WH event.

Banal bleach

Willie Nelson marijuana brand coming to Canada

I think I just saw the most ineffective GOP "pundit" ever.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), appears to have met w/ Russian spy master Torshin & refuses to answer

Flash flood warning in NoVa

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 25, 2018

Born in a zoo, released into the San Gabriels, a rare Los Angeles frog bounces back

I am beginning to wonder if Trump knew he was being recorded?

White House May Have Broken Federal Law by Doctoring Trump-Putin Video

Why is it we can't have real variety shows like the Ed Sullivan Show these days?

This administration has become a hospice where reputations go to die.

That awkward moment...

GOP/Trump Base Wants To Return To The "Good Old Days" Of Separate Public Facilities.

Literature: *George Orwell* The School of Life

Wow! Fox's Bret Baier: "Fox stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access."

Literature: *George Orwell* 'Animal Farm,' and '1984'

Senator Sanders: I'm proud to endorse @AbdulElSayed for Governor of Michigan

Senator Sanders: I'm proud to endorse @AbdulElSayed for Governor of Michigan

Canada's purchase of Trans Mountain faces at least one more hurdle: Donald Trump

I Learned Today That "Kevin Probably Saves The World" Was Cancelled.....

In the minds of Trump voters, do they accept Trump's crimes and craven behavior because Clinton and

Dozens heard Amelia Earhart's final, chilling pleas for help, researchers say

'Why does anyone need a gun?': Toronto shooting prompts calls for handgun ban

Can't Lick Our Dick!

Mark Hammill/Star Destroyer: "It may look bad, but I have an IRON-CLAD ALIBI"

Frankly, if Trump is going to start punishing reporters for asking questions

Adam Schiff has a sense of humor putting up with #PompousPompeo

Ivanka Trump Named Dean of Business School at Trump University

Luckovich-Trump Tower of Terror

Polls: Trump approval sags in trio of Midwest states

GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

Fareed Zacharia on Trump EU trade newsconference:

Washington Post-Without the Russians, Trump wouldn't have won

Republicans file Articles of Impeachment against Rosenstein! Here it comes!

Appeals Court Affirms Constitutional Right to Openly Carry Guns in Public

Court: California school board's prayers unconstitutional

U.S. Navy's First Female Admiral Passes Away

"(Sarah Sanders) is continuing to malign (Kaitlan Collins) with a false statement....

Yea..I'm a N.Y. Jint Fan.. living now in Cali/

Women Drive Dems To 12-Pt. Lead In U.S. House Races, Voters Split On Confirming Kavanaugh

Present temp is 120 degrees in Needles, California.

Reading Between the Lines on House Efforts to Impeach Rod Rosenstein (Lawfare answers your questions

Is "Outercourse" the new "Affluenza"?

No, the impeachment resolution against Rosenstein won't pass. Yes, we should still be concerned.

LOL! Pieces of the historic Town Lake inflatable dam up for sale

Cohen recorded 2-hr conversation with CNN's Chris Cuomo confessing to Stormy Daniels payout: report

Sens. Warren and Sanders introduce bill that would slash Puerto Rico's debt

WSJ: Investigators In Cohen Probe Looking At Omarosa Dispute With AMI