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Nostalgic for Brazil's dictatorship, Bolsonaro sets sites on presidency

Manafort Trials starts July 24...

Back to It's a Hoax...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 23 July 2018

Putin summit puts spotlight back on Trump's tax returns

Prediction: Nebraska Senate will be the sleeper race of 2018

Police: Man tossed from bar after racial remarks kills man

Palm Beach County seeks $5.6M reimbursement for Trump's Mar-a-Lago security bill

New Song from Lynch: EVOKE

Deported Guatemalan Man Desperately Awaits Return Of 9-Year-Old Son From U.S. Custody

Trump: Obama didn't warn about Russia before election because 'it is all a big hoax'

Papa John's board OK's 'poison pill' to prevent founder from gaining control

Has anyone watched the pilot for Kevin Smith new (prospective) web series "Hollyweed"?

Michelle Obama quote:

The Top 20 House Races You Should Support

Shooting at Fallon LDS

Chief Inspector Murphy inspects dinner

Imagine if you were a young woman, and you had been treated for 12 years


Republicans join forces to attack Endangered Species Act on a scale not seen in decades (NYT)


Chicago Cubs rock

They're not even pretending anymore...

Michelle Wolf's ICE recruitment video is brilliant

Let's apply some reality about Republicans.....

Canada to accept up to 250 Syrian White Helmet volunteers, family after dramatic escape


I *hate* jazz but Lenny is on TCM educating me *why*!1

Wal-Mart sells anal bleach for $24.00

A Freedom Caucus for the left? House progressives aren't so sure:

A little levity...

Rick Steves: Travel as a Political Act

There's a Monster Hunter World movie coming from the director of Resident Evil

Our Favorite NYT Reporter: Trump lies frequently but "also often tells the truth"

Fort Worth Med School Wants to Stop Making Scary Doctors

The Trump-Russia-NRA Connection: Here's What You Need to Know


Maduro ignores them, then calls upon unpaid doctors and nurses to join him in a "new revolution"

Georgia Southern University Student Mistakenly Sends n word text to her future black roommate

Sex, Guns and the GOP

"Crazycakes changed his mind again" - Ashna Ranguppa tweet

"Please clean up after your pet"

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Politicians

The kind of stuff you don't want to be right about

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 24: 50 States in 50 Movies

I just can't stop drinking Coca-Cola, but at least

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 25: Slavery in Film

But there is advancement potential

Let's eat HERE !

American Tune ...

Multiple people shot at the Danforth in Riverdale, Toronto. There are fatalities.

Multiple people shot at Danforth and Logan Aves.

This place has sunrise service

Canada brews first cannabis beer

Vikings OL Coach, Ex-Dolphins, Raiders HC Tony Sparano Dies at Age 56

Spicer maintains Trump inauguration had biggest audience in history

Trump's job approval stable, but gets low marks on trade, immigration and Russia: NBC News-WSJ poll

Spanish People's Party Shifts To Right With New Leader

Tea Pain's Twitter poll: "Who is your favorite president?"

Trump actually just tweeted this tonight:

Johnny Manziel off to last-place Alouettes in five-player trade

China Airlines 747 touches down off the runway

Recall of Ritz cracker products

Trump warns Iran's Rouhani: Threaten us 'and you will suffer'

Art Dealer Finds Treasure Amid 'a Bunch of Junk'

Art Dealer Finds Treasure Amid 'a Bunch of Junk'

This is NOT a fart joke (random tweet)

I am afraid. I am afraid that the promised blue wave will fizzle

Georgia Republican asked to resign after using racial slurs, dropping pants in TV show

when a majority demo group believes it could become a minority, members often become less supportive

Toronto members please check in!

Recession Could Be Closer Than Most Realize

Don't claim to be an expert here, but if Republican's can win by going extreme right why can't Dems

Trump tweeting in all caps. get him on some medication!

Brazil Far Right Politician Enters Presidential Race

Brookings: Is increasing diversity positive for the U.S.? A look at the partisan divide

The Real Link Between the White House and the Kremlin

Congratulations Donald Trump they just published the lists of your top achievements in 1st year

Sunday night:Trump retracts previous retraction re: agree w/ US Intel/ Russian meddling, "big hoax"

Video of Toronto shooter shooting at a restaurant (you can't see any victims in the clip).

Donald Trump Threatens to Annihilate Iran But No One Really Cares

Westchester cancels its garbage contract with Joseph Spiezio's firm. Company owes NLRB $780K.

Just wondering. Does Trump have authority to attack Iran?

Tweet of the Day

Contractor pleads guilty to bilking Sandy victims of more than $170K: DA

Jury finds Dean Skelos, son guilty in corruption retrial

Trumponomics Oops: Trump's Cost Estimate for New Embassy Off by 10,000 Percent

Carter Page is a well trained spy.

Merrick man charged in alleged $30M elder fraud scheme

At least 14 people shot in Toronto and shooter is dead,

"There Is a Reason We Tried to Kill This": After Helsinki, the Deep State Fears Trump Cannot Be Sav

Should the world be worried about trump writing in capslock

Calls for D.A. to probe Long Beach payouts

Post about man in Nazi t-shirt at Crossgates goes viral

Fundraising in the state Senate could foreshadow control of the chamber

Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes

This response to the Twitter Twit made me laugh

Democrats largely undecided in primary for AG

Ebola: How a killer disease was stopped in its tracks

Iran issue is now the latest deflection from Trump's corruption! Stay woke and stay

State will pay $325,000 to cover food truck's legal bill

Trump ramps up scrutiny of legal immigrants

Monday TOONs - Kick Me edition

New York corruption scandals: Here's who has been convicted in 2018

They just stood there, watching me.

RW: Democrats need to stop bringing up Russa... yet Trump has tweeted more about Russia than Dems

Democrats See Big Gains In Governorships

What You Need To Know About The Much-Discussed Carter Page FISA Document

Risks Grow for Trump as Manafort Heads to Trial

Hey Millennials!

Human rights groups condemn UK's stance on US death penalty for Isis pair

Was Michael Cohen ever in Prague or Moscow?

There is a Trump tweet for EVERYTHING, Iran edition.

Trump threatens Iran and screams about "totally conflicted and discredited Mueller Witch Hunt!"

Rolling Stone: How the GOP Rigs Elections

He cares

'A Big Hoax!': After Week Of Walkbacks, Trump Returns To Doubting Russia Meddling

this asshole again

The majority of Americans do not trust Donald Trump.

Paul Erickson Is Our Duke Of The Week

A startling admission - by Tom Tomorrow

How long before the Obama economy runs out of steam?

"Lock Him Up"

Sir, this is a Wendy's drive-thru.

"In light of Trump's threat to the president of Iran, these are some interesting Trump tweets..."

Morning Tweet storm: Trump feels the walls closing in on him as he watches Fox and Friends

The only thing the newly released FISA documents show is that Republicans have been lying for months

Trump is getting worried and his world is slowly dying!

It is WORSE than I thought.....

For clarification purposes... what exactly is "socialism" again?

Friend or relative, if you voted for Trump but detest him now, I forgive you for your past naivety

Trump Derangement Syndrome

"And he huffed and he puffed to blow a country away, again."

A Change is Gonna Come

GOP to Silicon Valley: Promote the Far Right or Else

Will Trump attack Iran to show how tough he is?

Jake Tapper presses Carter Page on alleged Russia ties

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5

Fox & Friends is so dumb they had on the wrong politician this morning

Is threat of a nuclear attack a "violent threat" contrary to Twitter's rules? It's debatable, right?

Georgia lawmaker exposes himself, yells racial slurs on Sacha Baron Cohen show

The Accused Russian Agent as Trump Republican

Sarah Sanders: Mueller probe a 'hoax and a waste of time'

Is the "Steele Dossier" more credible or less credible..?

Sarah Sanders: Mueller probe a 'hoax and a waste of time'

The Problem Is That The Entire GOP Is A Russian Agent.

Barbara Lee to announce bid for Democratic Caucus chair

I just found out Malcolm Nance's new book features a section on Konstantin Rykov's confession!

A tweet from NPR showing what is wrong with American journalism.

An enigma wrapped in bacon. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

So, I was about to reply to TEB's thread when it was locked! Regarding beer with breakfast:

MI-GOV: Whitmer maintains leads in primary and general election polls

You May Never Know Who Owns Your Representative Or Senator

David Cay Johnston on the Abuse of Power: Not Disclosing to the IRS

Barbara Lee to announce bid for Democratic Caucus chair

Trump Brexit Russia

Statement from the WH on Iran:

When talk of socialism happens, nobody agrees on what it is so why not...

Fox News' attempt to book pro-ICE Democrat backfires spectacularly

Fox News brings on wrong guest to talk about ICE. Hilarious!

John 8:32

My Cryptoadic Crystal Ball sees,,,,,,,,

New York Daily News Layoffs Ax Half The Newsroom Staff

Magic Power

Yummy, cat ears-

The tRump/Cohen MacDougall recording

Trump advocated war with Iran back in 1980.

Trump Attempts To Calm Fears: 'I Gave Up NOTHING' To Putin

Jury awards $425,000 in Penfield Subway sexual harassment case

The Rundown: this past weekend SDCC rap up edition

Portugal Dared to Cast Aside Austerity. It's Having a Major Revival.

The Rundown: July 23, 2018

Marvel Resurrecting Uncanny X-Men Title In November

Steve Hofstetter: Why Redneck Boycotts are Pointless

'Die Luft der Freiheit weht' 1styr student translated:'the air of freedom hurts'

(Humor) Final Deployment 4 game walkthrough

Killing a bear doesn't make you a badass, feeding a bear while one of its cubs humps your leg.....

Help Liuba Grechen Shirley Topple a King in NY 02

Georgia lawmaker exposes himself, yells racial slurs on Sacha Baron Cohen show

Good thread documenting how NYT Maggie Haberman shills for Trump

There Are No Good Republicans For All Practical Purposes Now.

Michelle Wolfe's brilliant ICE recruitment video

tRump's Military Parade Will Cost Well Over the $12-million Estimated

Bluetooth mouse not working

GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick: 'The President Was Manipulated By Vladimir Putin'

NPR's Scott Simon's dog trolls Dolt45

" The man doth protest too much, methinks"

Update on our dear friend's recovery from spinal stenosis surgery...

Are the Justice Democrats (PAC) a money scam to defraud progressives?

I'm a Democrat and I choose Capitalism over Socialism.

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good

"The Republican Base" is an excuse for the GOP to avoid hard questions about inaction and complicity

The Best Dog Photos Of 2018 Have Been Announced, And They'll Give You All The Feels

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer Ep.2 Who Is America? SHOWTIME

So my niece just told me

Brief encounter with Robert Reich last night

Terrified moderate Dems terrified by the "Sanders Wing" that might actually help people

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson breaks down the 'Wag the Dog' theory of why Donald Trump wants war with Iran

Trump mocked for getting snookered by North Korea: 'They delivered what they promised -- nothing'

Candidates with STEM backgrounds are running for Congress this year in unprecedented numbers

Rand Paul to ask Trump to revoke Brennan security clearance

Trump calls Washington Post 'expensive lobbyist' for Amazon

Pence's anti-abortion law could upend Roe v. Wade

Republicans Have Been Putting a Ton of Work Into Screwing Over Endangered Species

Inside the mission to blow up the 2020 Democratic field

How the Hospitals Serving Trump Voters Are Closing

Weather Channel Weirdness

So, tRump invited Pootie Poot to the White House this fall. I wonder where

Judges Who Approved Carter Page FISA Warrants Were All Nominated by GOP Presidents

Former NATO supreme commander: China could supplant US as world leader by 2020

Argentina's Macri decrees domestic law enforcement role for armed forces

Argentina's Macri decrees domestic law enforcement role for armed forces

The madness of the Republican voter, it has become a major threat for all of us.

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Trump: "I gave up NOTHING" to Putin, "all of Asia is happy," "Amazon WaPo has gone crazy"

Looking for FECO (cannabis oil)?

Are you going to be a 'good American' and boo and hiss when you hear "socialist" or "liberal"?

Mother dog reunited with her grown puppies:

Trump administration officials dismissed benefits of national monuments

Russia geopolitics - dilemma of being landlocked.

Trumpism summarized in 14 seconds:

Prediction: Putin will ask to try out Trump's desk, and will be photgraphed sitting there.

July 26 at 5:25 PM - VT Democratic US Senator Primary Forum: FOLASADE ADELUOLA, BERNIE SANDERS

Judge approves Mueller request for immunity for witnesses in Manafort trial

Trump administration officials dismissed benefits of national monuments

Things apparently haven't improved at the border

Twitter user: After 28 years as a registered Republican, I'm Florida's newest #Democrat.

Brick thrown into Sen. Mark Warner's Roanoke, Virginia, office+

Was the New Deal Under FDR American style socialism? If so, Then I believe in American socialism.

Why are self-styled progressives already trying to depress voter turnout?

Castle Rock

When talk of Capitalism happens, its a lot like Socialism.

Damn it - they're doing it again - trying to divide us (Moderate vs liberal etc etc)

Trump to propose blocking California's clean car standards

North Korea wants US to make 'bold move' towards peace before denuclearization, source says

Russia's Lavrov tells Pompeo: Free Maria Butina, the woman accused of espionage in the US

Trump Repeatedly Accused Obama Of Plotting To Attack Iran To 'Save Face' And 'Get Re-Elected'

The Latest Distraction.....

Trump Effect: Racist kills white man defending his black friend (VIDEO)

Europe moves up a gear against the far right : Ban Bannon - How to counter fake news

GOP to Silicon Valley: Promote the Far Right or Else

FDR taught the American people the Government can make their lives better.

I can tell it's getting late into Spring bird songs.......

Mitch McConnell declared 2018 is NOT an election year.

Brick thrown into Sen. Mark Warner's Roanoke, Virginia, office

My last flower to bloom - the Hibuscus.

Malcolm X on one of our on-going debates here:

Please help with this list of links between Trump and Russia

Trump to propose blocking California from enforcing clean fuel emissions standards for cars

The Democratic party since FDR has been the part of the common man/woman

What if the dude at the bar who says "WELL IF I WERE PRESIDENT I WOULD TELL THAT GUY....

Pompeo projects the Trump administration on to Iran.

Judge grants immunity for five witnesses in Manafort case

Program alert for Ted Williams special

Fox and Friends Accidentially Books Guest Who Blasts Trump On The Air


'Twaddle': librarians respond to suggestion Amazon should replace libraries

Kremlin announces another trip by US Republican senators to happen in August

Rand Paul Wonders, Sans Evidence, If John Brennan Is 'Divulging Secrets' To Media

Republicans win elections because they don't talk about what they plan on doing until after ...

Google's iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary

Hand-painted sign in Afton, Nelson County, VA

Brazil Far Right Politician Enters Presidential Race

Ted Lieu zings Zinke

Lawyer representing man tortured in prison has to flee Russia

'Third Way,' 'corporate,' 'DLC,' Oh, my!

Judge grants immunity to 5 individuals requested by Mueller.

I need teeth whitening badly! Anybody here have any suggestions?

*Dan Rather 7/23 "How Low Can We Go?"

Why I hope Mueller waits til Jan....

Traveling to Europe? Your pet is welcomed. He just need a passport, a microship, and rabies vaxx 😻

Article: Historian Explains How Trump Embodies 'the Worst Things' in US History

New Zealand has invented a new activity designed to kill you.....

Enjoy the ride!

I don't understand polling.

An Update on the Chicago Cubs guy in the viral video from yesterday

Massachusetts Democrat dupes Fox and Friends 😂😂

Democrats OWN the Civil Economy

Sports analogies to the 2016 Election

David Bowie's First Demo Found Stashed in an old Bread Basket

What was decided at Manafort hearing today other than 5 individuals granted immunity?

Black man fired by Home Depot for reacting to "racist" customer won't accept his job back.

Four Seasons- Vilvaldi

On the plus side...

Magic Eight Ball 🎱

A childhood friend died

The deplorable monologue...

The Liquid Gold in Your Skillet

Pompous Ass should look in the mirror.

Democrats See Big Gains In Governorships

Tad Devine and Jill Stein. There's more to this conspiracy than just Trump

I Think Trump/RW Are Using Code To Incite Their Supporters To Harm Minorities, Libs, Dems,LGBT El Al

Dudley Do Right is not exactly speaking for me.

Where's the Beef?

Sometimes I find this useful during political discussions:

How a Trump Decision Revealed a G.O.P. Memo's Shaky Foundation

There isn't just one audio file from Cohen. Looks like at least 12

Is there anyway DU can verify true posters and not trolls and bots like Twitter does?

Takes more than two brain cells...

Trump who accuses Obama of illegal wiretapping now accuses others of false accusations

Trump To Try To Poison California By Repealing Their Power To Fight Smog

Protestors to Trump: "Lock him up"

Sanders: Trump might revoke security clearances for Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, & McCabe.

And every democrat we don't like...

REVEALED: Identities Of 5 Witnesses Immunized To Testify Against Manafort

SHS presser-Trump considers revoking security clearances from Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper & Rice

While grocery shopping yesterday

Battle erupts over estate of wealthy recluse who froze to death inside his Upper East Side mansion

Maxine Waters calling Trump "Putin's Apprentice" is perfect.

Maybe Trump will give a security clearance to his pal Vlad.

Sarah Sanders needs to clarify her comment about Trump being "extremely tough on Russia".

REVEALED: Identities Of 5 Witnesses Immunized To Testify Against Manafort

Feds Believe National Enquirer Publisher Acted as Political Supporter for Trump Campaign, Report Say

White House: Trump considering revoking clearances from former CIA, FBI chiefs

Manafort trial delayed to July 31. To give defense time to review 120k pages

Clapper says he doesn't get classified briefings or anything.

Donald Trump is an asshole. No shit, eh? Let me explain; (edited)

I'm just waiting for the day

Federal prosecutors received 12 audio tapes seized from Cohen

Trump EPA Plans To Revoke California's Smog-Fighting Power

Know any adages or old sayings that are just not true? (Part 2)

BREAKING: Judge Delays Manafort Trial Until July 31

OMG... the #walkaway bro is like something straight out of "The Producers"

Leader of the Persistence

White House: Trump considering revoking clearances from former CIA, FBI chiefs

Mueller immunity list

Florida's 'stand your ground' under scrutiny after father killed

Please RT! (NEW UPDATE!)

Bill Kristol makes the case to make Trump a one term president

Surely Trump realises that doing all of this will eventually end up destroying him and his family

Speaking of insecurity . . .

Self-proclaimed democratic socialist Salazar was first a registered Republican

Justine Damond's family sues officer, partner, city in death of Australian woman killed by Minneapol

To Trump Supporters, If There Be Any Here On The DU

Chuck Sez: Please Help GOTV!

A new father was fatally shot after confronting a man who hurled the n-word at his friend, police sa

This is what Trump is building. A knot. When Trump gets attacked it pulls on a knot and ties him

Trump, struggling to read, is out here talking about "space capsicules."

Apparently in Stevens Point WI biking home from work is a crime. No apologies.

Georgia Leaders Condemn Jason Spencer, Lawmaker Who Used Slurs on Sacha Baron Cohen Show

If Trump could remove every Democratic voter from this country

I gave up 'nothing' in Russia summit: Trump

Why did the judge ok the release the sealed witnesses?

Ryan Lochte banned 14 months after social media blunder

Netanyahu praises Trump's 'tough stand' against Iran

Japan is breaking more high temp records again this week.

Georgia lawmaker who yelled racial slurs on Sacha Baron Cohen show says he won't resign

Trump to Discontinue Obama-Era Practice of Using Lowercase Letters

I know that it is wrong to judge people by their appearance.

He's getting crazier by the hour

Last night I overindulged in Ravel's "Sonatine". These are just two and few more wait in the wings.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry calls Trump appearance with Putin 'disgraceful' and 'dangerous'

Capital Weather Gang

***BREAKING NEWS POLL- MI SEN Stabenow (Democrat) 48% Pensler (All Russia People's Front) 32%

Judge says Leonard Peltier's free speech lawsuit can proceed

***BREAKING NEWS POLL- MI GOV Whitmer (Democrat) 43% Schuette (All Russia People's Front) 36%

To Kaepernick haters...

Dan Rather: "Every one who excuses Trump's behavior..."

**BREAKING NEWS POLL ** - Trump (All Russia People's Front) 37% Approval 57% Disapproval

Trump's whole policy in a short text summary

Video: 'Lock Him Up,' Protesters Chant as Trump Arrives at White House

Nixon and other progressive statewide candidates pay more than $80,000 for petitioning efforts


Nadler Calls for Jailing Trump Officials if They Don't Reunite Migrant Families

Another empathy-free MAGAT is "ashamed" now.

NJ residents respond to Identity Evropa white supremacist propaganda appearing in their towns

Infowars host Alex Jones moves to dismiss Sandy Hook lawsuit

Trump is a modern day Marcus Tullius Cicero

Epicurus and "Happiness."

Larry David: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Just an experiment here:

Dad arrested for stuffing baby wipe down infant son's throat

Unbelievable. Just got my mail-in ballot for WA's August primary

Iranian FM Warns Trump to 'BE CAUTIOUS' Following All-Caps Threat: 'COLOR US UNIMPRESSED'

Iran foreign minister on Trump all-caps tweet: 'Color us unimpressed'

Max Boot: Remarkable That Iran Leadership 'Seems More Stable and Rational' Than Trump

A Supreme Court Vote Is Just One of Heidi Heitkamp's Headaches

Isn't it ironic....or funny

The Woman who called cops on the Sleeping Yalie? Remember Her?

OH-12: Danny O'Connor's county benchmarks for victory

Maduro now claims his "Chavista fake doctors" better than Venezuela's real doctors

Prosecutors Get Access To 12 Cohen Recordings After Privilege Waived

Candidates for Connecticut Governor Agree It's the Economy, Stupid

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 23, 2018


"'People Are Literally Being Poisoned": How Sewage Problems in Alabama Got So Bad

The Golden Girls - Updated for 2018 for Laughs

Rand Paul asks Trump to revoke Brennan security clearance

The question of our times:

If Trump orders a nuclear launch, will the military obey?

I guess a good portion of the GOP congress is content with Putin working with a demented president

"Monetizing"?? Trump people are using that word!?!?!

So, I'm Guessing Trump Wants To Revoke Obama Officials' Security Clearances Because...

Maxine Waters just called Trump"Putin's apprentice"..........

Luckovich-New Georgia state symbol

Obedience school

Shameful! Just Shameful! Prosecute Native Americans and let those ranchers get

The new reality?

Far Right Freaks Out Because Twitter Is Filtering Their Hate

T wants to withdraw security clearance of Brennan, Clapper, et al. See Adam Siverman at

U.S. Breaks Up Fake I.R.S. Phone Scam Operation.

American Family Radio Warns Listeners Of Satanic Conspiracy Behind Bigfoot

Trump: "Many feel antitrust claims should be brought against expensive Amazon lobbyist WaPo"

UPDATE: Senate confirms Pentagon official Robert Wilkie to lead VA

Former National Security Official Calls For People To Act If Trump Strips Security Clearances

How is this asshat not arrested??

Yard spray for fleas

The emperor of low life scumbags just called Brennan

Pixs from Dog Photographer of the Year

Michael Cohen's Automated Answering Service

DU Poll time.

People are talking policy as if policy was what people voted for

I'd say the odds are pretty good that Cheeto Mousilini has told Manafort

Piano Concerto #1: I Sergei Rachmaninoff

GOP Congressman Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'This Girl ... Or Whatever She Is'

Protesters Troll Trump Outside White House With Russian Translator, Signs In Russian

I became a Democrat today

Donations to Nunes improperly used to charter a private jet, says complaint to FEC

Got any good weed Twitter feeds?

Canned Heat!

Speaking of Magic Eight Balls 🎱: If you drink the blue liquid from one, you can predict the future.

N.Y. Senate Dems close fund-raising gap with Republicans

Here's Why This Mama Merganser Has More Than 50 Ducklings

It is a matter of National Security--if Trump pulls the security clearance of those who politically

Nixon and the Nuclear Football.

Democrats Reaching Out To Moderate Republicans A Dead End. There Aren't Any Mod. Republicans.

Snopes and the "currently viral on Facebook" Dwight D. Eisenhower quote about "military parades"

KS-03: Sharice Davids can count on at least one vote.

1 in 7 sex assault cases in 2017 deemed 'unfounded': StatsCan

The problem with political jokes is that they

Trump supporter used gun to threaten Hispanic family ...

My guess on the plan. What's wrong with this as the Trump strategy?

Women Dressed In 'Handmaid's Tale' Costumes Protesting Vice President Pence's Philadelphia Visit

Stormy Daniels' husband files for divorce

Meryl Streep appearing in Paul McCartney's video "The Queenie Eye."

New revelations about Maria Butina's funding shine light on why Russia targeted NRA

Steve Schmidt: "Dangerous Day For American Democracy" Deadline MSNBC

Road-raging white man cuts off Asian driver -- see video

"The proper use of "wouldn't" and "would"..."

The Beltway news cycle is burying the horrifying details of the Ohio State sex abuse scandal

Axelrod tweet:

Sign near the Danforth in Toronto:

Taibbi: Trump's War on the Media Should Make Us Better at Our Jobs

Accidentally-released documents show Interior agency prioritized industry over public lands

Top US General: N. Korea Hasn't Nixed Nuke Production

URGENT! We must immediately oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court

Support For Roe V. Wade Reaches New Heights In NBC/WSJ Poll

CEOs Are Starting to Bank Billion-Dollar Bonuses With IPOs

Trump's new 2020 campaign hat on sale now!

How does everyone feel about news anchors/"Journalists"/personalities that are kids of politicians?