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All the Russia News You Can Shake a Stick At, and then More Russia News (Shower Cap/Ferret)

What Just Happened: Windows to the Deep 2018

Media vs GOP? I think of it as the 4th Estate vs the 5th Column. nt

PSA: Widely prescribed blood pressure medication Valsartan recalled; may contain carcinogen

"What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn't matter?"

"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?"

Well, it's a total knee replacement........

Rand Paul is a raving lunatic.

I know this is an oldie, but it once again seems timely.

Fossil fuel industry spent nearly $2 billion to kill U.S. climate action, new study finds

I get sick of some of the TV pundits saying the country is split 50-50

Political Campaigns: the Importance of Thank You Cards

Found on Palmer Report

GOP/Trump Will Be More Desperate To Fire Mueller & Bury The Investigation.

So on Jan. 6, 2017, DT had the highly classified written materials. Who did he share them with?

Julia Davis: Russian State TV enjoying seeing Russiaphobe Bolton "bending" to Trump's

Jaw-dropping video: cyclist falls into Menasha bridge opening

BWAHAHA! Ted Lieu suggests that while Vlad is in town, he can do a rally for Rohrabacher!

Cops: Road rage suspect who shot driver had kids in car

So CUTE! 6 Whole GOP Reps Vote Against Anti-Carbon Tax Resolution; Next Week - DOA Carbon Tax Bill!

NYT: Trump To Invite Putin To Washington As Top Advisers Seek Summit Talk Details

Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Bernie Sanders

Separated familiew: 4 big US district court deadlines in 7 days.

Dems Want WWIII & Will Turn US Over To Mexicans, Blacks & Gangs. Will Stifle Great President.

When you search google for "image idiot". Links to Donald Trump are

Falsely accused black college students get apology

Globally, Summers Heating Up Faster Than Other Seasons, Particularly In N. American Farm Belt

US prosecutors: Water company illegally dumped toxic waste

Another protest coming tonight outside the WH at 7:00 PM?

Boy, Trump is really struggling to communicate what he really means

Note to Democratic Party leaders, re: Putin coming this fall.

Missouri sheriff, subordinate indicted on multiple felonies

Suprise, suprise suprise. It wasn't just Maria Butina

Trump just made it safe for the #MAGits 2 come back to America

Will we have a protest reception as large as the British had for Trump when old Pooty arrives?

Iowa couple accused of locking boy in enclosure for months

More Than 30 Dead In Japan From Heatwave, With Olympics Only Two Years Away (July-Aug 2020)

Oh the Irony. What would alt-right world normally call someone acting like Trump?

Local "your time is up" for sexual assaulter/harasser of waitstaff

Montenegro more puzzled than affronted by Trump's attention

Regarding medical insurance companies. I won't bore you with the details.

Truth Derangement Syndrome

(Jewish Group) Arson suspect caught with fuel, chemicals "to kill Jews"

(Jewish Group) Gay, African-American rabbi wants to shatter Jewish stereotypes

(Jewish Group) Man accused of beating Paris Jew while praising Allah sent to psychiatric review

GOP Rejects Two Resolutions Affirming Support For US Intelligence Community

NEW Cover of the Daily News

(Jewish Group) French Court Convicts Three Members of Anti-Semitic Gang for Raping, Assaulting, Robb

Trump is really the bestus of all at

Ultimately The Putin Summit/Pending Visit Most Serious Breach Since Missile Crisis.

When they report a high Republican support for Trump, do they report...

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

Sally Yates will be interviewed on Maddow tonight.

When will the madness end!?

Turn the Biggest Russian Spy now in America over to Putin for a Great Deal!

I FUCKING Knew it!!! It all makes sense now!

It would only take two...

King of the Backyard

If Putin brings his family when he comes, will ICE take his children?

Remember "He's a successful businessman and will run the country like a successful business"

Everyone Support Trump 2020!

Rosenstein: Russian attack on 2016 election 'one tree in a growing forest' of cyber activity

Campaign Thank You Notes: Nice touch or wasted overhead?

tRump & Putin vs. Duke of Windsor & Hitler

Ammon Bundy claims LDS Church infiltrated by socialists

MI-13: U.S. House hopeful Tlaib pays self salary from campaign funds

*Will Republicans Insulate America From Trump And Putin?* RollingStone, July 19

No words. From slate "Trump's Contagious Delusions"

Sally Yates interview coming up on Rachel

Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do?

OH-12: DCCC launches ad campaign to back O'Connor for Tiberi's old seat

Tweety, George Fucking Will, and Ruth Marcus trying to suss Trump

Michelle Obama: "When we all vote" campaign video

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 22 - Leonard Bernstein Centennial

I've said it before and would like your view.

Emails Dispute White House Claims That Flynn Acted Independently on Russia

TCM Schedule for Monday July 23 - 50 States in 50 Movies

Amazing Award pixs taken with an I-Phone

Chuck Schumer: "Until we know what happened at that two hour meeting in Helsinki..."

The Sand Pebbles

"You Embarrass America"

A Murderous Russia Thug, His US Lackey, 8500 Nukes and Smallpox Virus--the Axis of Armageddon

If Watergate occurred now, would Nixon have resigned?

Claim sunken warship has $130bn of gold onboard triggers frenzy in South Korea

Last known survivor of Amazonian tribe killed by farmers is captured felling a tree on camera after

How can I buy shrimp that's "safe"?

Last known survivor of Amazonian tribe killed by farmers is captured felling a tree on camera after

There is no way that Putin should be allowed in this country.

White People Are Right: They Built This Country

Wheel of Jeopardy

Lawrence: Sounds like Coats is about to get fired.

Coats is now in "trouble" with the W House

Argentina rocker Cristian Pity lvarez accused of murder

Love me some Pink!

I will be very curious about this work

Trump: 'If Things Don't Work Out, I'll Be Putin's Worst Enemy'

A Sophisticated Examination of the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Give C2 Compounds.

Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Is Making a Cryptocurrency

Free Parking July 19 2018 -- Money Money Money Makes the World Go 'Round

Mexico says Canada's top diplomat to meet Lopez Obrador, discuss trade

From the ACLU's Class Action lawsuit as of tonight ( 2551 detained kids):

Memes Trolling Trump & Putin (thanks to Bored Panda)

My God this is awful

Medical Bilge

WOW! What was just said on Lawrence O ' Donnell by a former prosecutor..

How to Get America on the Mediterranean Diet

Rosenstein issues warning of foreign influence operations.

How to Get America on the Mediterranean Diet

Trump said he had 'full faith in our intelligence agencies' and then the lights went out

Why is Putin coming back so soon? Is this his or Trump's call? It doesn't make sense.

A retired judge just ruled that nearly half of 4,000 documents Michael Cohen labeled as privileged

Why oh why can nobody on CNN see that tRump is owned by Putin

The Water Wars of Arizona

Microsoft reveals first known midterm campaign hacking attempts

Seth Meyers - Trump Derangement Syndrome, Queen Elizabeth's Broach - Monologue - 7/18/18

On 11th Hour,3 top FBI cyber security experts are leaving with rumors of more to follow.

White House morale tanks amid Helsinki fallout

The Daily Show: Trump's U.K. Visit Unites the British

Jeffries weighs bid for Democratic Caucus chairman

In the good old days ...

The Daily Show: The Putin Plot Thickens with an Alleged Russian Spy


When we announced and attacked the Syrian airfield that the chem weapons was launched from

Seth Abramson: Is Bob McFarlane going to be ensnarled in the probe of Marina Butina.

Seth Meyers - GOP Refuses to Hold Trump Accountable on Russia: A Closer Look

Why are top FBI cybersecurity agents leaving at the same time?

The United States cannot control the advance Russian cyber spying

Translated Tweet of Alexander Torshin from Feb. 2016

MI-GOV: Gretchen Whitmer revealed she was a victim of rape in emotional 2014 abortion rights speech

Will Hurd, GOP Congressman and ex-CIA officer: Trump is being manipulatd by Putin

Trump loyalists purge VA of longtime staffers who don't support agenda: report

Scott Pruitt aides protected him from formaldehyde while suppressing report on its dangers

Colbert: Trump inviting Putin to WH in the fall. Is that the fall of 2018, or the fall of democracy?

Joe Scarborough in Scathing Op-Ed: The GOP Trump Leads 'No Longer Deserves to Survive'

Donald Trump, Meet Bill Browder - WSJ Editorial

Orange Squirrel, Red Sparrow.

Question: Legally, can a govt official found guilty of TREASON

Federal Reserve chair calls decline in workers' share of profits 'very troubling'

I'm thankful.

What was discussed behind closed doors between Putin And the Donald?

Mitch McConnell should go.

This Is the Art of the Deal? - WSJ op-ed

Time to Update Our Cast for the Trump Movie

If you liked Broadchurch you should

Liberal Blind Spots Are Hiding the Truth About 'Trump Country'

Deep Springs College is now coed

The big FU to the American Citizens by Putin and the Donald

Oops! Federal Officials Divulge Secret Info About Native American Artifacts

Larry Fedora, the War on Football, and Every Argument You've Ever Had With a Conservative

11 Dead After Duck Boat Capsizes Near Branson, Mo.

This is what the average tRump fan is thinking.

OK, republicans, you owned us. You owned us good.

It took a month but it's done thanks to all those who donated computer time

Trump is a BI? COequal? FullDuoDick........grrrr......

Contrasting Virginia campaigns could affect control of House

Stoneman Douglas Was Warned About Safety 10 Years Ago, Former Teacher Says

Gov. Murphy To Sign Bill Banning Smoking At New Jersey Public Beaches, Parks

7 injured when tornado hits Iowa factory

Deepwater Horizon oil spill: Oil biodegradation inhibited in deep-sea sediments

Former Mission mayor files lawsuit challenging June runoff defeat

Assault ship 'Tripoli' comes to Brownsville for scrapping

Its a shame they couldn't find the music, too

All these TV hosts, commentators and talking heads look exhausted.

Carl Czerny: "Variations on a Theme by Rode"/Nielsen: "Aladdin Suite"/2 from Albeniz:

I Met A Magical Fairy

A skeleton with a hole in the head found in 1975 is no longer just a 'Jane Doe' -- thanks in part to

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/19/18

Putin Sets His Eyes on the Balkans (2015)

Greece: Russians expelled over cash-for-protests allegation

Trump Won't Protect America - and Neither Will Texas Republican Leaders

Stephen Colbert - Guest Rep. Joe Kennedy III: House Republicans Are Doing Nothing

Non-religious countries experience greater economic growth, study finds

Brenham veterinarian wants punishment in cat-killing reversed


Suspect detained in killing of Olympic figure skating star

Or, you could just resign.

Could this Tad Devine/Bernie thing

'Blue Water' Navy Vietnam Veterans Closer to Receiving Agent Orange Benefits

Devin Nunes used political dollars for $15K in Celtics tickets, winery tours and Vegas trips

South Korea's Park Geun-hye given more jail time over spy funds

Japan's Kobe Steel indicted over quality scandal

I cannot tolerate antisemitism so I'm leaving Labour

Endangered Species Act stripped of key provisions in Trump administration proposal

Inside the ICE-box: Migrant kids describe being brutalized by US officials in a frigid old Walmart

House Democrats fire back at Republican megadonor David Humphreys' cease-and-desist letter

It is so misleading when the media makes declarations about drumpf's support. If 80% of his voters

Russian Cyber Spies under the guise of a Washington Summit right before the 2018 elections, Great!

Audit discovery leads to attorney general filing public corruption charges

What do you think happens when you die?

WATCH: House Dems Chant 'USA!' As Republicans Strip Funding From Election Security

Democrats to take lieutenant governor challenge to Missouri Supreme Court

States Decriminalizing Marijuana Saw No Increase in Youth Use, Wash U Prof Finds

Trump Hats and Flags Held Up at Customs

Only 364 Migrant Kids Out of 2,500+ Have Been Reunited With Parents

Missouri Supreme Court renews Grain Belt Express wind energy project with unanimous decision

Woman in firefighter murder case had insurance payouts for blazes, analysis shows

Facing a potential Putin White House sleepover, Republicans are "upbeat" about Midterms.

McConnell Issues Supreme Court Warning

Dow futures fall nearly 100 points after Trump says he's 'ready to go' to $500 billion in tariffs on

Eleven people died when a duck boat capsized.

Republicans want to oust moderate senator for endorsing a Democrat over Kevin Yoder

NFL Halts New Anthem Policy After Miami Dolphins Float Suspensions

The Republicans: Selling out America, one ruble at a time

Another thing Trump has damaged

Downloading 3-D Printed Guns to Become Legal Next Month

As Toxic Algae Blooms Erupt On Both Florida Coasts, Gov. Gollum: "Not MY Fault! Not MY Fault!"

Noah's complicity

Donny Deutsch: The Democratic message for 2018 should be.....

McConnell issues Supreme Court ultimatum

No One Really Cares If John Kelly Leaves

Pete Souza: Two Patriots

'You Are Either With Trump or You Are Against Him,' Says Bannon, as Putin Mayhem Tests President's..

Trump's immigration policies were supposed to make the border safer....

NOAA Study: Global Warming Slowing Storm Movements CDC: This Is Particularly Dangerous In Texas

No Longer a Russiagate Skeptic

Next Up For Miami, Other Cities: "Climate Gentrification" As Rising Seas Split Property Values

Trump Threatens to Put Tariffs on Every Single Chinese Import

John Cornyn: Russia was "unsuccessful in changing a single vote or affecting the outcome"

Nebraska prison and security workers vote to create new union, a step to seek better pay

It's Friday - please Mr Mueller

Nebraska prison and security workers vote to create new union, a step to seek better pay

Nebraska prison and security workers vote to create new union, a step to seek better pay

Morning Joe: Trump's White House invitation to Putin is 'political suicide' for GOP majorities

A glimpse at the Republican Family Values of Trump-endorsed GA Gov candidate Brian Kemp

Russia ready to discuss Putin Washington visit: Ifax

Deep Reefs Unlikely To Protect Corals, Fish Fleeing Heat, Bleaching Near Surface; Species Overlap 5%

Ahead of Kansas trip, Bernie Sanders rejects 'radical' label and jabs Koch family

Republicans upbeat about November elections despite Trump-Putin uproar

We are seeing their agenda unfold right in plain sight.

When the Con was campaigning he attacked Janet Yellin and President Obama

Judge orders extension of aid for Puerto Rico storm evacuees

Dozens Of Preliminary All-Time Highs Set Across Scandinavian Arctic As Region Burns

This is the day Maria Butina became presidential.

Trump leaves Obama out in the cold in South Africa

I'll soon be issuing revised guidance concerning your piehole...

Woman Wants to Pop Trump Baby Balloon So Badly She Started GoFundMe in Case She's Arrested

The Girls

Mike Pompeo Dismisses 'Absurd' Notion That Russia Has Dirt on Trump: He Understands Who We're...

The Trump Supporters' Kristallnacht

Ford & Moe Getting Bupkis As They Try To Enlist Other Provinces Against Ottawa's Carbon Pricing Plan

Russia sanctions bill gains bipartisan traction in Senate

Председатель Республиканской п&#

Few Trump originals left 18 months in

The Rundown: July 19, 2018

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 7/19/18

Trump administration will keep protected status for Somalis

The origin of Super Villains: Toad

Obama, Bush veterans dismiss Trump-Putin interpreter subpoena

Climate Likely Cause: 1.7 Million Leave Mekong Delta In 10 Yrs; Saltwater Intrusion 50 Miles Inland

Cuomo: Trump's tweet is admission he hates America

Trump Says China, EU Have Been Manipulating Their Currencies

18 months of "HELL"!

Trump Baby Blimp Effort In New Jersey Draws Trouble

Beware the Day-Glo Orange Swamp Monster! . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

SHOCK: Trump Open to Russia Questioning US Citizens

Trump AGAIN Denies Russia Targeting US at Cabinet Meeting

A New Talking Point From the Pro-Trump Fringe

Democrats Seek Blue Wave of Attorneys General

Turning the big 8-0 today, Diana Rigg

Dow futures fall 120 points after Trump knocks the Fed again for raising rates

'It's Like A Diet': Ag Secretary Mocks Farmers' Trade Losses

Trump and Putin say they're concerned about terrorism. So what is the 'Federal Security Service'?

WATCH: Ladies and gentlemen, Trump friend Roseanne talking once again about Valerie Jarrett

Remember when- Air conditioning a luxury on your new car

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Moon 🌕 Day!

US Conservatives Linked To Major Fake News Site With Suspected Russian Ties

It's the courts, stupid.

Personal Opinions Regarding Religious Beliefs

A census citizenship question looked suspect from the start. Now a judge agrees.- WaPo Editorial

Eugene Robinson: God Bless The 'Deep State'

Is America more divided than at any time in our nation's history

Speaking of moons,....

Russian firm indicted in special counsel probe cites Kavanaugh decision to argue that charge...

This is where we are.....

Thanks, I'll be here all week

Roseanne returns:


Dear Friends (a Reminder)

Faux News' John Roberts calls himself "An Enemy Of The State" after Trumpy's tweet

Luckovich: "Japan Medling In Our Harbor"

Hell-stinky ..... He'll-sinky

Trump vs Obama on Russia, the truth

I've already RSVPed for Bernie & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tonight.

sounds so ameriKKKan

Bourdain interview from last February

Free Will?...

Interesting retweet from Malcolm Nance

OH-12: Early voting shows Democrat Danny O'Connor with large lead over Troy Balderson

Stay Classy, London, Ontario

I think we're at the point when most people ...

Frida, hero rescue dog, gets her own statue:

Trump says stock market gains since election give him opportunity to wage a trade war: 'We're playin

Go back and look at the expression on Trump's face and body language when they appeared for Helsinki

If Trump started a Putin chant at his rally would his acolytes respond positively ?

I can't believe this tweet is just hanging out there, it's utterly fucking amazing

Michael Pena in Extinction on Netflix - begins next Friday.

A surge in Democratic candidates in Trump-friendly St. Charles County

Jodie Whittaker meets the Comic-Con masses as 'Doctor Who' enters a new era

The Deplorables are at the final stage of the Russian conspiracy defense: Acceptance

Complementary Medicine, Refusal of Conventional Treatment, and Survival of Curable Cancers

This just in: Chris Rock refuses to do a remake of Pootie Tang!

I'm no dentist, but that body language says it all.

Matt Schlapp needs to change his name.

Did Russia hack the Romney campaign?

Am I the only one who can't find Montenegro on the map?

IL-GOV Moves to Lean Democrat

Why the September deadline for Mueller?

The Daily 202: Inside the House GOP super PAC's strategy to localize every key race

Why did Maria Butina not flee the U.S. back in April ?

Pretty cool that the internet now comes as a box set.

McCaskill co-sponsors Senate move to oppose Hawley-backed lawsuit challenging Obamacare

Trump ramping up Republicans' long-running war on the poor: No one's noticed

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle leaving the network to hit campaign trail with Donald Trump Jr.

Judge rules half of declared privileged doc are not; Cohen not fighting it.

Mother Jones: NRA Has Deep Ties to Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina -Here is yrs' worth of evidence.

Wow-" Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do? "

Leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda Puzzled Why Trump Has Not Invited Them to White House

Trump may have actually lost by 19 million votes.

Like targets on a dart board . . . . Lookie Here!

Trump Debasement Syndrome TDS confirmed cases cited

Call it by its name: an act of war

CNN's Cuomo: Calling the Press the 'Enemy of the People' Is Proof Trump Hates America

NYT letter to the editor of the day - maybe month

The Desires of a Strongman

Anybody see Showtime's Who Is America.

The New Republican GILDED AGE and A New LOCHNER ERA Supreme Court

NYDN: Please Clean Up After Your Pet

Roseanne Barr Screams 'I Thought the B*tch Was White' in Video 'Explanation' of Valerie Jarett tweet

Opera singers perform outside White House during fourth day of protests

NFL suspending national anthem policy to negotiate with NFL Players' Association

Sen. Brian Schatz steps up to help Democratic House nominees

500-pound goliath grouper eats shark as shocked Florida fishermen watch: 'He just sucked it in'

Biker jailed after filming himself riding at 189mph

Why has Twitter given a notorious Russian internet troll/propogandist her own verified account?

The NRA Is Awfully Quiet About Maria Butina (RollingStone)

Putin must've told Trump the bill for Russia's help and silence on kompromat was due.

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Take A Break From Talking About How The President Is A Traitor

Extra VIRGIN Olive Oil.....

KS-03: Sharice Davids responds to opponent's dismissive comment about LGBT community

Can you mess up a Rethug text line by sending them a bunch of texts? # 50589 just texted me

Body heat is making Earth warmer. Climate change is caused by the planet's movement toward the sun.

Who was in the h.s. band? Can music mania be *outgrown*? The drums are beating in July.

"Like any good realtor, Trump wants to give Putin a personal tour of the house he bought online"

Mom of former St. Louis police chief gets 3 years in federal prison for embezzlement

Trump demands American pastor's release from Turkey as Congress weighs new sanctions

Putin has grabbed trump by the

Another Deplorable Outed

BREAKING: FBI has recording of Cohen and Trump discussing Playboy Model payments

Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

Did you guys see this?

***BREAKING*** Michael Cohen has a recording of Trump and him discussing payment to a Playboy model*

Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Karen McDougal (F.B.I. has the tapes)

Whoopi Goldberg reveals Fox's Jeanine Pirro stormed out of the show spewing curses at everyone

The flipping has begun...

'Yellowstone' Becomes Second Most Watched Scripted Series On Basic Cable, Hits New Ratings Highs

Why are Congressional GOPers so gutless when it comes to Russia? Maybe this:

Democratic socialism hits the heartland: Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders to campaign in deep-red Kansas

1 House Republican's chilling warning on Trump and Russia

It's show day today!

Somebody give Andrea (MSNBC) an oxygen tank

Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps, New Data Shows

Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Play Cohen's recording on TV and it'll blow over even more quickly than the Access Hollywood tape.

This guy is proving you don't have to be a cat lady to be obsessed with saving cats 😻

The Republican Party; Traitors and enablers.

It should be obvious to both Parties that Trump needs to be constrained...

The difference between Access Hollywood & Cohen's McDougal tape: one is a felony violation.

Denouncing GOP's "Worthless" Post-Helsinki Rhetoric, Sanders Outlines Steps to Rein in Trump...

Symphony #6 "Pastoral" Ludwig van Beethoven

Good news/bad news: Christians are calling for better family leave policies.

Roseanne Barr Screams About Valerie Jarrett: 'I Thought The B*tch Was White!"

Father of Parkland School Shooting Survivors Killed in North Lauderdale Armed Robbery

Corey Stewart campaign attacks media, refuses to address staffer's possible ties to Jason Kessler ch

Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle Leaving Network To Campaign With Boyfriend, Don Jr.

I love DU when there's "YUGE" breaking news.

Father of Parkland School Shooting Survivors Killed in North Lauderdale Armed Robbery

Is Putin's goal Civil War in the U.S.?

Study: Voter Purges Spiked In States Previously Covered By Law Gutted By SCOTUS

Camerota calls BS on Rick Santorum's Trump excuses: 'You're comfortable with blaming America?"

"Do you know how many civilian anti-virus programs scan the battery controller chip's memory? None."

Atlanta appeals court again rules gays, lesbians not a protected class.

Happy "Lordy there are tapes!" Friday, DU!

17 people killed when duck boat sinks during storm in Missouri, police say

Alexandra Petri: Too bad we can do nothing about the excesses of this president

More Americans Are Dying of Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer.

Charges filed in Minnesota over City Council brawl

Branson duck boat tragedy: 17 dead, all passengers accounted for

So when does Melanie leave?

The tRump tax scam had a very bad week - Marketwatch

"springtime for hitler" (now to be known as "springtime for donald and putin" -

Forget Cohen recording Trump discussing McDougal, what else did he secretly tape?

FBI Troll Level: Off the charts

Interior Department Proposes a Vast Reworking of the Endangered Species Act.

New Profile Pic: Russian Foreign Ministry Launches #FreeMariaButina Campaign

It's contagious!

The anniversary Obama's greatest failing is today....

Games People Play

Exclusive: American Legion In Turmoil As Top Exec Resigns Over Background Questions

Human Rights Watch urges Brazil to regulate pesticides more

LOL: Donald Trump cannot believe his former attorney would do this to him.

Eric Greitens' nonprofit could face huge fines after lawmaker's ethics complaint

Doctor Who fans are loving Jodie Whittaker's Comic-Con appearance

***July Photo Contest WINNERS***

Avenatti on Trump-Cohen tape: 'I know this is the tip of the iceberg'

Why Is It People Are Embracing Putin & Russia And Their Ideology But.....

Trump to Award Medal of Honor to Marine for Hue City Heroism

***Winners Thread for the July Photo Contest*** is posted in GD

Ha ha, junior's new girlfriend, guilfoyle, was pushed off the faux noise network

"LORDY! I Hope There Were Tapes!" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Even Rocks Harvest Water in Brazil's Semi-Arid Northeast

CNN Source: FBI has OTHER seized tapes...

Fried Hockey Boogie

Here's hoping Donald doesn't solicit Vlad's help in disposing of his latest problem.

Apparently Rudy is copping to even more Cohen-Trump tapes, as per Jim Sciutto.

"Thank god the Russians stopped Hillary Clinton with her "illusions of grandeur".....". Or so says

I am so pissed

Lula's Would-Be Heir Kicks Off Presidential Race in Brazil

*An NRA President Met With Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina's Group in Moscow

This Immigrant Returned To Her Dangerous Home Country -- Where She'd Been Raped --

This Immigrant Returned To Her Dangerous Home Country -- Where She'd Been Raped --

Young voters make up significant portion of new registrations in key states since Parkland shooting

Kimberly Guilfoyle Says Donald Trump Jr. is 'Number One Up-and-Coming Political Figure' and 'Best I

Immigrant shelters drug traumatized teenagers without consent

Immigrant shelters drug traumatized teenagers without consent

Speaking of sparrows!

WTH? Trumpy supporters are now thanking Russia for their meddling...

need suggestion for some shady areas.

What do you think happens when you dye?

RNC officially picks Charlotte for 2020 Convention

Hugh Hewitt is having a meltdown on MSNBC

Putin proposed eastern Ukraine vote to Trump in Helsinki - report

Of course Cohen taped it. He was going to front the money with a promised payback by

Via BBC, "New Misconduct Allegations President Trump" ("he did pursue models in their teens")

Popularity of Confederate flag license plates in TN

Ohio State has at least 100 firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by Strauss

Black Home Depot Employee Fired Because He Retorted to a Customer's Racist Rant

Does anybody else wish the mid terms were next Tuesday ?

Russian Prostitution Ring busted at Trump Tower III

Just to be the end of the day....

Maria Butina Declared Trump Victory on Facebook Before He Actually Won

Thousands of Canadian Mothers Were Forced To Give Up Their Babies. Some Were Told To 'Get A Puppy'

The Boaty McBoatface Naming Debacle Is Coming Back to Haunt the 2020 Mars Rover

so, why was a tired salacious tape the first one released?

"Send in the Clowns- Trump Parody" Barbra Streisand

TW3 (That Was The Week That Was)

Photo: Alexandria and Bernie get ready for their Face The Nation interview in Wichita, Kansas.

North Dakota seeks federal money for pipeline protest costs

UPDATED Facebook LIVE Link: James Thompson Rally Wichita Kansas

Dana Bash and Gloria Borger on CNN said their sources told them...

Starbucks To Open First 'Signing Store' In The U.S. To Serve Deaf Customers

Breaking--Cohen tapes are not just of Trump, but other "powerful individuals"

Beautiful family photo of the president with his wife, daughter and mistress

Google "idiot" 😁

At least 100 former students have reported firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct (Ohio State)

Rev Al says Cohen told him family and country before Don the Con

Congress to Leave Trump's Deal With China's ZTE Untouched - Trump making China Great Again

This is a thank you to reporters who are in the breach and standing for the truth and the American

George Carlin on some cultural issues.

Merkel Vows To Work At "Under Pressure" US Relationship

Charles Pierce on the fall Putin-Trump show

Estimated 5,000 to 7,000 service members to march in Trump's military parade: Source

Ohio State has at least 100 firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by Strauss

Florida State removes statue of founder, slave owner Eppes

Whoopi Goldberg Gives Her Side of Jeanine Pirro Spat: She Called Us All a Word I Can't Say on TV

Facebook Link: KWCH 12 Eyewitness News - Wichita Rally

"Home Depot fires 60-year-old black man after Trump supporter screams racist abuse at him"

Why would the FBI and NSCC be reminding us of Venona the greatest US CI success this week?

More than 100 ex-Ohio State students share allegations of sexual misconduct by doctor: AP

What Trump Meant To Say.....

"Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes!"

The alt-right order amid the chaos

Just thinking here: AMERICA folding up under ASSAULT by SEX, LIES,Russian PROSTITUTES, lowlifeREPUGS

The Sierra Club Declared War on Scott Pruitt - and Won

Schindler tweetstorm on the realities of covert action and influence ops in elections.

Capital Gazette Shooting Suspect Ramos Indicted On 23 Counts

Transition To Autonomous Cars Will Take Longer Than You Think, Waymo CEO Tells Governors

I don't believe these revelations help Melania's self esteem

Federal jury exonerates Columbia PD officers in 2016 excessive force lawsuit

Just Posting these articles For those Migrant Children Who have Been Re United or have not

England mandates compulsory sex ed for all students. And it's LGBTQ inclusive.

Criminal age raised to 18 in Missouri

The puzzling prominence of the Twitter-famous Krassenstein brothers

KS-03: Kansas City native Janelle Monae endorses Sharice Davids

CNN source says Giuliani is wrong--tape is not good news for Trump

Former US Attorney: Trump/Cohen Tape Could Be Evidence Of Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy

CNN: Cohen tape "not good for Trump..."

I don't know who handles this twitter account, but It's brilliant. Gollum J. Trump.

More Tapes! Trump Shocked To Learn Cohen Recorded Number Of Their Calls

Maggie Haberman Reveals More Info About Cohen's Trump Recording

Trump's lawyers fear he gave Mueller a massive gift with this week's Putin disaster: CNN

Michael Avenatti: Cohen hoarded tapes of Trump - & they're 'a very, very bad thing for the president

Top Democrat in Missouri House resigning to take new job

Aryan Brotherhood killer's cousin can't "picture him killing somebody"

In-Box: BBC: New Misconduct Allegations President Trump.

Feel the burn!

U.S. urges strict U.N. sanctions until North Korea acts on denuclearisation

This day in history:

This headline might explain Whoopie's back stage verbiage towards Jeannine Pirro

Unions pour millions into Missouri to fight right-to-work

Pull out the tissues: Fox News allegedly canned Traitor Tot's girlfriend, Kim Guilfoyle.

Bravo Rhode island. No pop votes in 2020

Missouri Developer Convicted For Bank Fraud Found Dead

All the queen's horses documentary on netflix

What a no good, terrible, shitty day for the DOTARD!

This been a week of ALL weeks...

Woman Gives Birth In Chick-Fil-A Bathroom, Baby Gets Perks

Do you know who Trump is laughing at most of all?

White House: U.S. Can't Afford Veterans' Health Care Without Cuts

Trump was right!!

The media needs to stop playing the Duck boat visual over and over

White House: U.S. Can't Afford Veterans' Health Care Without Cuts

Roseanne Barr Uses the Same Defense as Trump...

"Keep your eye on that thumb baby, and see what happens!"

From TMZ, beyond Whoa!:

Does anyone else feel that Donald Trump is runining bribes and payoffs for the rest of us?

Post life hacks that you actually use.

Try Not To Remember - Sandy and Richard Riccardi

MN-02: Jason Lewis said that black people are "entitled" and "trouble"

Director James Gunn has been fired from 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' after offensive tweets resurface

Paul Manafort was a "sex addict" who made his wife have sex with other men while he watched.

Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian fire near Gaza

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato Toast

Kristin Davis (Manhattan Madam) subpoenaed by Mueller.

The Rarest Ducklings on earth


Democrats Rise To Their Feet And Chant USA On The House Floor In The Faces Of GOP Traitors

Swedish parliamentary candidate suggests deporting all Jews from Israel

A New Talking Point From the Pro-Trump Fringe

Everyday I am hating this Bastard more....How about you?

Cantwell Enters Plea Deal on Charges of Assault and Battery

ZERO TOLERANCE Immigrant Shelters Drug Traumatized Teenagers Without Consent

Big day in my household today!! Duck Confit!

The Break with Michelle Wolf ICE IS Netflix

Lunch break!

***BREAKING*** Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

Bernie Sanders fires up 4,000 in Wichita with rally for James Thompson, against Trump

Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis subpoenaed by Mueller

Bernie Sanders fires up 4,000 in Wichita with rally for James Thompson, against Trump

Roger Stone.

GOP Senators Begin To Push Back On Trump's Migrant Family Separations

This must be Sexy Friday

'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis subpoenaed in Mueller probe

If I had a pet door, my cat would TOTALLY do this! She is a hooligan!

Fox News' John Roberts Steps Back From Twitter 'In Solidarity With' Maggie Haberman

POTENTIAL WINNING ISSUE FOR MIDTERMS! (and activist focus until then): Capital gains tax tweaks

Disney fires James Gunn from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' after old tweets unearthed by Cernovich

Putin says Trump gave up Crimea and other parts of Ukraine.

Roseanne has went off the deep end.

OK, this is funny: Trump's face is now the first image result when you Google "Idiot"

Trump Ordered US Embassy In South Africa To Provide Obama With NO ASSISTANCE At All.

GOP congressman said blacks have 'entitlement mentality' and view themselves as victims

Here's why the Cohen tapes of DT aren't a distraction.

Trump demoralizes his own team with dizzying Russian moves

GOP congressman: Trump 'actively participated in a Russian disinformation campaign'

Russian 'Flash Mob' Urges U.S. to Free Maria Butina (NYT)

'How I Miss Obama'

House GOP Desperate to Localize the Midterms

Jessica Manafort, daughter of the creep, is legally changing her name.

U.S. In Talks with Taliban

Ted Lieu: "As we learn more about the tapes of Mr. Cohen, now is a good time to point out..."

There is so much going on I can barely keep up. Please make me a list of things to watch as

Clark County deputy fired over Proud Boys sweatshirt

Neo-Confederates reach out to their 'Russian friends' in new project

The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors is shot and killed during a robbery

Putin furor sparks new questions on Kelly's future

Pro-Trump high school wrestler loses scholarship after yelling anti-gay slur at protest

Mass gathering of golden retrievers in Highlands

Extradite accused killer of Chilean singer Victor Jara, daughter pleads

How I miss Obama - By Max Boot

Kristin Davis,"Manhattan Madam", says Mueller's team wants to serve her a subpoena

I'm a huge advocate of medicinal

How can Facebook stop climate misinformation when its 'fact-checkers' are deniers?

NEW: Statement from Michael Cohen attorney Lanny Davis:

Milbank: Russia isn't targeting America? Meet Maria Butina

Peru: Maran dry forests protected as a regional conservation area

Peru: Maran dry forests protected as a regional conservation area

Voter purges are on the rise in states with a history of racial discrimination

Just a tidbit on Manafort

I wonder if Michael paid off Omarosa. It is really strange how she muted quick, fast,

Senate Republicans drop bid to block Trump from helping Chinese telecom giant ZTE

Trump's War on Endangered Species

Is Trump going to attack Iran for what Russia did?

Trump willing to put tariffs on all $505 billion in Chinese goods

The Storm Petrel Is the Master of Extremes

Trump 'relentless' against Russia, won't let Kremlin question US officials, Pompousassio tells FOX

Reason the FBI reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation 11 days before the election ..

A baby was treated with a nap and a bottle of formula. His parents received an $18,000 bill.

The Storm Petrel Is the Master of Extremes

Poll: Half of Americans Think Trump Acted 'Treasonous' in Helsinki

Ohio State: 100 ex-students report sex misconduct by doctor

Trump wants to weaken coal miner protections as black lung disease makes a comeback

Is America Really Number One? - The Jim Jefferies Show

What happened to IvanRed?

Trump's at Bedminster. 172nd day at a Trump property, 129th day at a Trump golf club.

A Theory of Trump Kompromat

After this week - Who wants some funny?

Park Administration Martial Law Plan Under Investigation

🐦 Face the Nation: We'll hear from @SenSanders and @Ocasio2018 as they campaign ...

You know why Cohen is important?

Nicaragua: Ortega blames 'satanic sect' for uprising against his rule

Trump: "The NFL National Anthem Debate is alive and well again - can't believe it!"

Damn..Ari is GOOD..

Just heard from an old friend working for the Dept. of Ed.

Michael Avenatti just said he ran into Michael Cohen (Video)

MO has ballot amendments to bring votes-your state?

States purged 16 million voters from the rolls before the 2016 election

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 20, 2018

Twitter Video: Hello from Kansas City where we're doing everything we can to turn Kansas blue

Facebook halts firm's data access amid questions of government surveillance

Tesla Model S: Greatest car of the 2010s


Every POTUS, even Andrews Johnson and Jackson, had more class than...

'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Trailer (premieres in October)

"Shock and Awe" was supposed to be released on July 13.

This article is Seven Years old.....but when a traitor in the White House disses NATO members

UPDATED Facebook LIVE Link: Brent Welder Rally

Calling OK Sen Inhofe!! Calling OK Sen Inhofe!!! Tulsa temp at 6:15pm 105F

Good human.

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You -- And It Could Raise Your Rates

Angry NJ woman vows to pop Trump baby balloon.

Republicans Are Ashamed of Their President

Edward R. Murrow on Sen. Joseph McCarthy

DU mobilize! There's thousands of us here! We HAVE to...

The Big Cons/Putin's plan to tank the economy....

A Sweet taste of Revenge for those of us who loved Obama!

Haven't posted in here for a while, but The Onion has cooking videos! This is hilarious

Oh Lordt, there are tapes!

Russian Operatives Sent 18,000 Tweets on Day BEFORE Wiki-Leak

The Chances of Donald Trump Being Charged With Crimes Just Increased Exponentially

The Entire Republican Party Is Becoming A Russian Asset, Washington Post

Seen On FB - Posted Without Comment

Trump has the worst week ever and all he cares about is NFL players taking a knee?

As 20 million deplorables yawn and say good for him...

The Hacker

Was given a 5lb bag of frozen pork chitterlings

From this photo, tell me who is the Teabagger and who is the Teabagee...