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Archives: July 13, 2018

Looks like the Shitgibbon will be getting two scoops with his dinner at at Blenheim Palace

Did Handel say Trump was a target of the investigation?

Report: Austin selected as site of Army's new Futures Command center

Going out on a limb...

UK Front Pages - The Ego has Landed as Trump undermines British PM and Embarrasses America

Abbott agrees to debate with Valdez, who says, "Call me, maybe?"

London Nappie Scares Away Orange Hued Invader

Predictions from January 2017 that are Coming True

There is nothing so horrible that it should not happen to Gowdy, Jordan, Gohmert, et al! Fuck em!

Today was an extreme example of why we need to win Congress back...

Re: The Dentist Guy

Thanks to a healthy economy, Texas comptroller bumps revenue estimate by $2.8 billion

Rep Jackson Lee:"When our country gets attacked-I want to make sure its FBI & not KGB that shows up"

Adorable video of a father giving his toddler daughter a virtual roller coaster ride. It works!

White House just issued this statement

White House Orders Broader Access to Files About F.B.I. Informant

Teabagger dentist-turned-GOP Rep Paul Gosar rides the crazy train at Strzok hearing

Seriously, what did they hope to discover with this SHIT SHOW?

Is Trump still getting the Nobel Peace Prize for the NK deal ?

California will face a terrible choice: Save cliff-side homes or public beaches from rising seas

Manhattanhenge July 2018: When and Where to Watch

This fucker is the Manchurian Candidate

If You Were Planning to Travel to the Baltic States---Don't. All Signs Point to a Russian Invasion

Trump wants a bigger bed on AF1

Donald Trump in Britain: President lands as protests begin

Someone hollered "insane asylum" during Gomer's (sp) tirade.

Cover of the Sun, released while Trump was still at gala dinner with Theresa May

They're called Americans.

While we're heckling Repubs in restaraunts

Trump won't rule out ceasing military exercises if Putin asks


Here is my tweet on the hearing tonight:

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Strozk Out!

Kylian Mbappe: Le reve d'une vie

I'm sorry folks but there is no medication that fixes stupid.

Regarding Matt Gaetz ...

Hey Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon, If You Want to Make It Up, Here is What You Do

Krugman: For Trump, Failure Is the Only Option

Trumpster just told me that 2014 was "light years ago".

WH / Sarah Sanders just issued a kindergarten-level clarification of how Trump feels about May

FLIPPABLE: Sunday Gover for CA-AD77

Paul Ryan's handpicked replacement, Bryan Steil, keeps telling people he's a manufacturer. But that

After those messes today....funny meme

Peter Strzok for President!

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 15 - Original and Remake

Old Recipes, New Format: Spain Puts Historic Dishes on Video.

The G-Man Fights Back: Peter Strzok Zaps His Republican Inquisitors

TCM Schedule for Monday July 16 - 50 States in 50 Movies

Ohio State wrestlers describe abuse by Dr. Strauss in wrenching video

Harriot: According to Forbes' Calculation I'm the Next Self Made Billionaire; Not Kylie Jenner

I'm really starting to hate white Americans.

know your ticks....

Clever Garage Sale Sign.......

"The Pause of Mr. Claus"

Cummings & Nadler Release Statement: "House Republicans sent a giant love letter to Trump"

Michael Avenatti wants investigation of social media accounts of the officers who arrested Stormy

2024 US Senate Races in FL,IN,MO,MT-if Tester-D retires,ND,TN,TX,and WV if Manchin-D retires.

Ana Navarro wrote on Twitter today:

Sunset from the balcony while listening to jazz at an outdoor venue a block away.

Preposterous race baiting nonsense by our Racist President:

You can't make this s--t up. Trump says he's more popular among Republicans than Lincoln was

Royal Air Force Balloon Barrage

Breaking: Issa, Goodlatte, Gohmert all signed up and waiting on line for Amazons big sale on

Just before NATO summit, Russia executed a mock special forces raid on Baltic island

Rick Wilson: Republicans Thought Peter Strzok Would Be a Punching Bag. He Just Knocked Them Out.

I'm going to be brave tomorrow! Updated

Anyone else hear what Victoria Nulland (who worked in State dept under Kerry) said to Rachel

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

Trump just put bullseyes on FBI informants' backs.

'They Will Die in Tallinn': Estonia Girds for War With Russia

What question did Gowdy ask Stzrok that Nadler yelled "yet" after Strzok's answer?

For Any Republican Lurkers..Your 97% Approved Prez Is About to Feed the Baltic States to Russia

Genuinely Alarming Inflow At Big Western Reservoirs - Powell 7/10/18 - 460 cfs

Colbert: (my agent) "doesn't do as much for me as Trump does for Russia."

Putin will give only one interview to Western journalists after Helsinki summit - to Fox News

*Massachusetts Legislature Passes Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)*

Today's hearing was an 10-hour argument for the abolition of the Republican Party,

With Trump Baby flying over London I think it's the first time since 1945

The Rude Pundit: Stop Telling Liberals To Calm Down Over Kavanaugh

"This entire interview was either insane, insulting, or incendiary."

There's bad hair and then there's worse hair. You decide.

Open Letter to Bob Goodlatte

Tweet of the Day

Help Needed : Medicaid and Prescription Drugs.

'Still Can't Believe It Worked': The Story of the Thailand Cave Rescue

A BBC World Service radio host is openly saying Trump is doing Putin's work for him

Have you ever tried to screw with the ad-bots?

Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin comes out against Supreme Court nominee

As Batguano Insane as the Strzok Hearing Got, I Did Not Expect the Day's News to Land on Woodchucks

NYTimes: WH orders broader access to files about FBI informant.

*WALMART Patents 'Big Brother-Style' Tech to Surveille Workers' Conversations

KEY RACE: Heather Milam for AL Secretary of State

I'm whining

San Diego Pride 2018 events list and info

"Trump is going to fart and blame it on a corgi at tea with the Queen. That's all that's left."

KEY RACE: Jocelyn Benson for Michigan Secretary of State

Trump supporters call for George Lopez's arrest for urinating on Trump's Hollywood star

Jill Wine Banks' pin tonight on 11th Hour

My understanding is that Peter Strzok is a Republican

Teen smashed historic Stonewall Inn window and sign

A MIDDLE FINGER TO SCOTT PRUIT: Mark Myles for Oklahoma Attorney General

Virginia 'is turning blue, and the Republicans are . . . turning crazy.'

The Trump Baby Balloon

Why does Trump want NATO members to pay more for defense if he doesn't think Russia is dangerous?

Lead editorial in today's The Scotsman newspaper: A denunciation of Donald Trump

"I don't believe I wrote this text, sir."

Scotland Beer Company Invites Trump to Try its 'Tiny Cans For Tiny Hands'

Is there a red state surprise coming that no one is talking about?

Political Correctness is not Political but driven by Adam's 'Invisible Hand of the Free Market'

Democrat Justin Nelson's Campaign Is Making a Lot of Noise About Attorney General Ken Paxton's Indic

NY-14: Working Families Party asked Crowley to run against another Democrat to get off ballot

My take on the Strozk interrigation.

Cat working really hard to get into a drawer to hide....

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Beat Joe Crowley In the Primary, But He'll Get to Be on the November Ballot

A Question for Louie Gomert

Hillary Warned Us: Trump will try to break up NATO because it's on Putin's wish list.

Accused white supremacist leaves teaching position, says 'witch hunt' went too far

Netflix and kill HBO's 18-year streak of getting the most Emmy nods

If that was a Goodlatte, I'd hate to see the Badlatte.

Text from usually calm UK diplomat: "He drops this shit right after the dinner?? Fucking ridiculous"

Pic of 8 Dems running for WI Gov....from debate tonight... PolitiFact Wisconsin

Energy Commission Moves To Force Electricity Costs Up, Air Quality Down

The Trump Presidency is the Best Worst Thing to Happen to the United States

Glenn Beck Might Be Losing More Than His Media Empire After Tense CNN Interview

The British should cancel the events for tomorrow.

Earthquake uncovers ancient temple hidden in Mexican pyramid

Earthquake uncovers ancient temple hidden in Mexican pyramid

Here's what a new Air Force One design could look like

Is Facebook complicitness with Russian meddling continuing?

Man Wrongfully Accused During 2016 Police Ambush Sues Dallas, DPD

The Scotsman: "The 45th US President is an appalling human being"

Forget High-Speed Rail -- DFW Could Be Getting a Hyperloop

*Cook Co. IL JUDGE Disciplined After Dropping Loaded Gun in Courthouse

On this day in 1979: Disco Demolition Night

New Study Shows Texas Doing the Least It Can to Increase Voter Turnout

Tax Loophole From 1960s Could Let Wealthy Tap 21% Corporate Rate

HOA official and security guard try to throw AA tenant from own pool.

MI-13: She could be the first Muslim woman in Congress.

With May's Government Teetering, Trump Gives It a Shove (NYT)

Trump's Trade War Leaves Texas at Head of Dark Path

The historical figure I think Trump most resembles

Trump goes full-on white supremacist in Sun interview

Could Private Prison Cash Become a Liability for Texas Democrats?

Ted Lieu: "Tomorrow we interview agent Lisa Page in closed session. Which means GOP..."

MI-GOV: Planned Parenthood recognizes Gretchen Whitmer's fight for domestic abuse survivors.

Texas Releases Plan To Use BP Oil Spill Money For Harvey Recovery

Video of handcuffed black teens sparks police probe

Things will not be okay

Thousands rally at Statehouse for elected leaders to save pensions

Kreutzer: "Violin Concerto No. 19", San Francisco Conservatory Orchestra/Hvorostovsky & Kaufmann:

Officials add $657M to Ohio's rainy day fund

Stormy Daniels changes plans, won't return to Ohio strip club where she was arrested

Colbert Mocks Gowdy, Gohmert For Hearing: 'It Was Like A Few Good Men But With Even Fewer Good Men'

CDC: Don't eat Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal, salmonella outbreak expands into 19 more states

Nuland: Vladimir Putin Heads To Donald Trump Meeting With Lots Of Wants Rachel Maddow MSNBC

NYT *Trump Inserts Himself Into Brexit Debate Criticizing Theresa May* THE SUN Story

Goodlatte "did not criticize GOP members' conduct, including Gohmert, but lashed out at Dems"

Shooting rampage suspect targeted victims at random, Austin police say

What the Hell Happened During Peter Strzok's Testimony?

Poetic Scottish Trump Insults

Lots of Manafort things could happen between now and July 25th.

Radicals, Extremists Campaign Ahead Of Pakistan Elections

Khizr Khan at DNC 2016 (referenced by Peter Strzok's text message):

We just had that bloody tramp Steve Bannon turn up on UK breakfast TV

1) MA busdriver refuses to pick up black man 2) Mnpolis police cuff 4 black boys playing in park

China's June Trade With North Korea Falls By More Than Half

Trey Gowdy(R-SC) first got elected to the US House in 2010 by unseating a Republican incumbent-

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/12/18

Strzok bias and conduct

Delta: $2B higher fuel cost this year forces more expensive fares, less service

Stephen Colbert: Guest Lawrence O'Donnell Has Never Seen A Hearing As Bad As Strzok's

Ohio Libertarians regain ballot access for the first time in years

Facebook says InfoWars is a valid source of "Opinion and Analysis" No, it not a joke...

Ohio Payday lending bill: Who wins and who loses?

Dalek Trump in Whitehall !

$112M fraud case against alligator wrestling doctor lined with threats, exotic dancers

Stormy Daniels taken into custody at Ohio strip club

3AM over here,MSNBC showing outakes from the Strzok movie, guess what FOX has on?

The Ego Has Landed

Detroit schools will hire teachers without classroom experience, sparking debate

Spike Lee to Screen 'BlackKkKlansman' Film During Journalism Convention in Detroit

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $4.7bn in talc powder claim

Kavanaugh Racked Up Debt From Buying An Abundance Of Nats Tickets

Watching BBC as the protesters gather

Peter Strzok makes a slam dunk As Republicans Try To Put On Show At Hearing - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Russian aircraft again violates Estonia's airspace near Vaindloo island

Michael Cohen just bought a $7 million condo. Looks like money-laundering to me.

Kushner lacks clearance level to review nation's most sensitive intelligence in White House role

DU EXCLUSIVE! Trump has been mingling with ordinary Londoners today.

Trump wants to repaint Air Force 1 to look more American

Progressive Caucus on the rise

GOP Stunt To Smear Counter-Intel Expert Peter Strzok Ripe For Backfire - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

If Hillary had won the 2016 Election which was tampered with by the Russians,

Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass*

This WaPo comment deserves it's own OP

Here's your next World Cup star!

Pooty Poot sends flowers and champagne to KGOP republicans*

Idiot Son of an Asshole - live 5/6/18 with updated lyrics

You Need Your Medicine. That is my new go to towards dotard fans

Fuck Trump: Trump gets rude welcome to the UK thanks to giant crop circle

David Frum: Trump's Betrayal of Britain

Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry

Gohmert berates Strzok for lying to his wife about an affair...

A daughter of Detroit defies odds, takes car industry into the future

Rizzo Sr. attorneys say he 'willfully turned a blind eye' to scheme

British Lawmakers Fume at 'Repulsive' Trump Attack on May

Donald Trump's startling global agenda: Taking white supremacy worldwide

Just Woke Up - What Kind Of Crazy Thing Has He Done.....

Rachel Maddow Asks One Question That Destroys The Trump-GOP Smear Campaign Against The FBI

Andy Levin looks to take dad Sander Levin's seat in Congress

Proud to be an American?

Isn't it nice to go up in the air, up in the air so blue?

Like 2 peas in a fucking pod. Bigly depressing.

Friday TOONS - Yeth, Mathter Edition (with bonus MASA!)

Trump visibly annoyed about a reporter having the audacity to ask if he regrets his comments...

Scotsman Leader: A denunciation of Donald Trump

Senator Jamie Raskin had a great summary of yesterday's clown show Must Watch

Kelloggs and Johnson and Johnson accused of selling poison.

East Lansing neighbors on their own to deal with 'zombie raccoon'

Text from calmest U.K. diplomat I know

Can't Theresa May just appoint some new ministers

it like trump lusts after the relationship russia had with warsaw pact over NATO

If you met me, a white haired almost 69 yo short woman,

What is this with "womp womp"? Nt

It amounted to this: republican politicians were not interested in getting real answers.

EXCLUSIVE Jill Stein's Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense

Commerce Secretary Ross to Sell All Stocks After Ethics Office Warning

I don't think Strozk was smirking at Gohmert

Trump Visibly Annoyed at Question About His Attack on May

How has Russian TV been covering Trump's visit to London?

"This one is jussst right!!!"

Half of Russians believe that a shadowy World Government is out to get them.

Tribe: "Trump's ongoing appeasement of Putin" is "selling out America...intolerable treachery"

'OPERATION STREAMLINE' Feds Force Immigrants Into Parking Garage for 'Assembly-Line Justice'

You're Welcome!

Hours after bashing British leader May, Trump praises her

OPP ART: Make America Great Again

The Guardian: "We don't like him at all. He is not welcome here."

Hurray! It's official - we've defeated poverty!!!

Trade Talks with China Have 'Broken Down'

Pentagon goes into 'damage control' mode to reassure NATO allies

Trump annoyed, rolls his eyes when asked (as he sits next to May) about The Sun interview

Who's watching CNN? What in fargin' hell does punkinface think he's doing...

Sweet pic of potus&flotus

Argentina "vulching" Venezuela doctors... and Venezuelan doctors eager to leave

ACLU says it can't verify migrant reunifications

Aw, thats sweet. She dressed to match his hair.

'Very stable' Trump? European leaders beg to differ

What Ben Bradlee Would Think of Donald Trump

Russian attendee at Trump Tower meeting sues Putin critic Browder

Allegations against Jim Jordan strike at the wrestling persona he has carefully cultivated

An NCAR Climatologist On Why He's Leaving The US To Do His Research In France

Thank you London! Can you just keep the toddler in the Tower for a time out? We're exhausted.....

US Senate seats likely to flip in 2018,2020,and 2022

Republicans Try to Squeeze Democrats with Vote on ICE

Will Trump's attacks on May get her sympathy

Spot on!

The Perfect Firestorm: CO Fires Already 4X Total For All 2017; West's Fire Season 60-80 Days Longer

The Strzok hearing damaged our democracy - The Washington Post Editorial Board

This deserves some serious consideration.

Snarling orange 'Trump baby' blimp flies outside British parliament

"I think the deal is not what the people voted on" , says Trump...

Guido van Rossum resigns as Python leader

16,000 Years Ago, Greenland Melting Pushed Antarctic Temps Up 5C, Raise CO2 Content By 40 ppm

I'm expecting Idiot to have a hissy fit during the joint news conference with May, over baby baloon.

London mayor says preposterous for Trump to blame crime on immigration

Bring the "Baby Balloon" to DC! nt

It's here! Happy National French Fries 🍟 Day! I'll have some Johnny Rockets 🚀 Chili Cheese! You?

Donald Trump is an international divider.

House GOP Gleefully Plans Floor Vote To Split Democrats Over Abolishing ICE

Presser with United Kingdom May and #babyTrump starting now msnbc

Gosar's (dentist/body language expert) Wikipedia page proof that the internet is awesome sometimes.

Buh-bye! 4 More Of Pruitt's Top Aides Gone/Leaving; House Search/Chick-Fil-A Squad Already Out

China to send strategic bombers, fighter jets for war games in Russia

The dentist will see you now. Everyone: Nah. We're good.

does america

MUST-READ: David Cay Johnston: Trump Is Taking America To an Evil Place

2018 AZ Gubernatorial and 2020 AZ US Senate Special Election.

A reporter should ask Trump if he likes the blimp.

Justice Department to launch 'enforcement surge' in Maine, elsewhere to fight opioids

Any good dentists who can give us a read on this?

mental/emotional health

Theresa May had the opportunity at the joint presser to bolster her domestic support

Federalist Society Really A White Supremacist Neo Nazi Christianist Group,

Verhofstadt tweets on Trump idiotic claims !

Trump Threatens to Pull US Out of NATO

Kim Jong-Un Blew Off Trump Secy of State to Visit Potato Farm

Love foreign journalists going after Trump.

An open letter to anyone who loves Anthony Bourdain and what he stood for

There's an orange puckered asshole lying on TV.

and on and on 3

I just can't stomach his mouth.......and it's not even the FAWKING lies that

Hillary shows up for event with @MomsDemand

Trump promotes Twitter account that called Michelle Obama a 'tranny,' demanded Hillary be tortured

"Dear America; we have your President"

'NATO all came together at the end' how long will he get away with this blatant lie?

Law enforcement officials' frustration with GOP has 'escalated to anger' after Strzok hearing

Trump just joked that Putin won't have an "I did it - you got me!" response to charge of meddling

Ex-FBI agent Clint Watts explains how GOP lawmakers have been turned into Russian pawns

Asshole Trump is speaking now.

Kellyanne Conway Used To Hate Donald Trump

Why did FOX cut away from the Strzok hearing yesterday??

BINGO for Kristin Welker!!

NYT conservative calls out GOP hypocrites on Strzok: 'There's a reason they're called the stupid...

Oh my word. This protest is absolutely huge. On a week day as well. Wow.

Trump: I've met Putin two and a half times

What a f**king embarrassment!

Jill Stein's Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense

VTA Fires Bus Driver Following Racial Incident

'I don't take questions from CNN they're fake news. let's go to a real network, fox'

How many rallies is The Dotard going to have...

Mixed thoughts about getting a kitten.

"MSNBC and CNN are fake news. Not real networks"

Who cares what you "think" Idiot!

DAMN-"An Amateur Boxer Up Against Muhammad Ali": Washington Fears Trump Will Be No Match for Putin "

This is America! "Can I donate blood to lose weight?"

There is currently a "Dalek Trump" bring paraded down Whitehall accompanied by "Secret Service agent

Trump- "I used to discuss nuclear with my professor uncle"

Is there a tv station showing the massive Brit crowds protesting?

Tit for Tat re: Strzock hearings

Part of the problem is that Trump is dumb.

Cop pulls gun on unarmed Black kids

How is it that nobody has thrown a shoe at Trump yet?

Oh how I miss having a President with manners.

The Rundown: July 12, 2018

Wow! Look at all those protesters in London....

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 7/12/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/11/2018

The BBC Worldwide has footage of the protest in London and it is massive.

The origin of Superheroes: Gwenpool

The SUN: TRUMP'S BREXIT BLAST, Trump Told May How To Do It 'But She Wrecked It' & Follow Up

Joy Behar crushes Meghan McCain for demanding they treat Trump fairly

Which Democratic senators might, repeat might, support Kavanaugh?

I attended my

ME-02: Poliquin Moves From Lean Republican to Toss Up

A few questions for republicans...


MI-08: Bishop Moves From Lean Republican to Toss Up

Trump Is Completely Delusional. 100% Speeches Delusional Lies Vicious Lies.

Is it time to attack Russia/Soviet Union? What are the equities of such a thing?

Figured out what to call the regime. We now have an Idiocracy.

Twitter condemnation of Fox's John Roberts for cooperating w/ Trump's attack on CNN

So, Donnie says he will be vindicated by a recording that we just all heard where he criticized May?

"Obama, Biden Ride Again" as fictional crime fighters in a new mystery novel

So is Melania's dress really a golden shower?

Cook Political Report Changes five House ratings in our direction

The Situation With Trump/GOP Gets More Intolerable By The Second.

BBC: "Baby Donald Trump, looking particularly out of sorts, wearing what we call in Britain a nappy"

Best British anti-Trump protest sign:

Telegraph UK: Trump's UK security detail

Rosenstein holding 11:45am presser for a "law enforcement announcement"

Massive Demonstrations In London. Trump Likely Believes They Are PRO Trump.

Hmmmm.....Rosenstein holding 11:45am presser for a "law enforcement announcement"

Maybe Trump is right. Trump and Putin ARE competitors, not foes

Can we borrow the Baby Trump Balloon?

British kid has a great welcome sign for Trump. Is that a crown over his head?

Schlitterbahn to tear down Verruckt water slide in KCK where young boy died in 2016

Sign seen in London

Dan Rather, 7/13

Listen: Sen. Sanders on his support of Rep. Ellison's run for attorney general ...

You have to see the Twitter responses to the Royal Family tweet that the Queen will meet Trump

LOL: Looks like May is gonna "grab him by the ass"

DOJ tweets announcement of Rosenstein presser later today. Last time it was for Mueller indictments

Cat apprentice - Aces wiring assist

"We used to talk nuclear." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The husband of a top Trump adviser is questioning Trump's claim to be a stable genius --

It's up to the Queen now

trump baby video from London

During Trumps remarks with May, he kept saying Chequers - his location

Former HHS secretary Tom Price's air travel wasted $341,000 in government funds, watchdog says

German TV show replaces Trump with the Baby Trump Blimp - HILARIOUS

Where is "always has an excuse" Kelleyann? Oh, it must be payday.

M.J. Hegar ad is going viral

Reports of hackers targeting Trump voters!

Congressional Republicans Struggle To Push Back On Trump's Tariffs


At Guardian Con now...chaperoning my 13 year old son.

"It's called "fake news," and we solve a lot of problems with the good old recording instrument"

What's the point of this "sale"?

BIW-built stealth destroyer needs $20 million engine replaced

"He's a fascist piece of puke! He sucks!"

I'd like to compliment our cousins across the Atlantic.

AWESOME !!!! Someone called Trump a fascist piece of puke on live TV.

Be Aware - It's Friday 13

"I'm doing a great job, in case you haven't noticed".....DElusional Trump

Is the Rosenstein announcement going to be on the t.v. machine?

Soon, the Trump voters trial starts.

We're living in an age of minority rule

There's a huge red and green banner they are carrying. What does it say?

My Daughter was in London this Morning (low speed connection warning, a few photos of the baby)...

Arizona state lawmaker apologizes for saying he has "immunity" from speeding violation

Wimbledon spoiler

USCGC William Trump (WPC-1111)

The chief wanted perfect stats, so cops were told to pin crimes on black people, probe found

London Baby Trump Blimp quick link

trump's white supremacist dog whistle: Immigration is 'changing the culture' of Europe

Thank you, London!

No more denials. Jim Jordan must acknowledge what he knew: editorial

What's the difference between a lentil and a chickpea?

Pic Of The Moment: How Our Russian Stooge President Is Destroying America This Week

Angry Canadians vow to boycott U.S. goods and travel

I wish someone could install an "off" switch on Meghan McCain

ACTUAL FAKE NEWS! Maggie Haberman says Trump "apologized" to May for his remarks.

"The Hangman"

Police: Charlottesville, Virginia preps for white extremists

Arkansas man gets life in prison for mutilation, rape

BOIL WATER ADVISORY: DC Water is giving an update

Groups sue North Dakota over oil refinery near national park

Trump's Trade War catches Michigan in its cross hairs

no mention of DOJ presser on m$nbc.......not a word

Tweet of the Day

The Latest: Stormy Daniels' lawyer joins anti-Trump protest

Felix Mendelssohn Piano Concerto #1 link for live stream of Rosenstein press conference

Woman Charged with Attempted Murder after 91-Year Old Attacked

Unfortunately, his handlers...

THE VIEW announced Judge Jeannine is on next week...why do they give these pigs a platform?

Queen refuses to meet with Trump

Grand Jury Indictment returned per CNN

Addition Mueller indictment expected soon - crawl on CNN now

Prosecutors From Mueller's Ofc Visited Fed Magistrate In DC at 11:30 to return grand jury indictment

It's Mueller Time- Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers Indicted For Hacking DNC-Live Feed

Kathy Griffin being Awesome to some of her fans for a day.

CNN: New Indictment Expected in Mueller Probe

Come on, Elizabeth: Whack him with your bag!

Ted Lieu: "...thinking Rod Rosenstein is not going to announce the decriminalization of marijuana"

Indictment Pool

Come on, CNN

Does Trump know that "Tea" with the Queen is a downgrade?

Windsor Castle: Royal Guard playing theme from "Band of Brothers"

Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Rise of Radical Incompetence

Why are they making her wait for this asshole?

Trump is standing up the Queen!

American service member killed in Afghanistan, second U.S. death in 6 days

The Two Musashis (1960) - Raizo Ichikawa & Shintaro Katsu Ichikawa

It is "Special Counsel" related

I just saw a blurb

Russian intelligence officers

Rosenstein is announcing indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking DNC

Wish the Queen would take a knee.

His hair is more orange than usual. I ache for the queen.

I'm sick to my stomach listening to our National Anthem being played and

Please. PLEASE. I'll believe in God if he'll just smite him right now.

Trump inspecting troops.

Rosenstein: Indictment against 12 Russian intelligence officials

WATCH LIVE: 12 Russian intel officers indicted for election hacking

Trump encouraged the Russians indicted today.

Mueller indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly conspiring to hack 2016 U.S. presiden

Tune in: Rod Rostenstein on the air

New Trump-Russia indictments announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Will trump pardon the 12 indicted russians?

Fuck! They hacked state and county election info

Trump on the streets of London

Wow. Russian officers indicted today created DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0

I don't know who styles Melanie, but they need to be fired.

I hope Roger Stone is currently shitting his pants right now.

I just saw two "first day of school" ads.

Link to today's indictment

Rosenstein: 'We don't try cases on t.v. or through Congressional hearings'

My favorite sign from the UK protests

Happy Friday, everybody!

Rosenstein gave a good statement on the indictments.

It appears a candidate for Congress requested and received stolen documents from Russian intel

All the fucking Gucifer bootlicking supporters who now post at a likely russian funded site called

Another Permit Patty calls the cops on PoC--this time on an Asian street vendor in San Francisco

Jill Stein's Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense

Beutler: Rosenstein briefed Trump earlier this week. Now consider Republican behavior last few days

Black Man Turns the Tables on 'Permit Betty' After She Calls the Cops on a San Francisco Street Vend

strangely enough i still want to cry.

Rosenstein and Mueller are the only thing standing between democracy and trumpworld.

Hey, Roger Stone

And my crush on Ted Lieu continues...

New York health department recommends marijuana legalization

Papa John's is pulling founder's image from its marketing

Trump thanks federal employees with $143.5 billion in retirement cuts.

7/13 graditude

New voter graphic!

An 800-pound boulder killed a Minnesota woman and her daughter after it flew off a truck, police say

"The conspirators, posing as Guccifer 2.0, wrote to a person who was in regular contact with..."

All of a sudden Spanky's fancy tea with the Queen is off the TV

Thank you to all the Red Hen supporters!

How Roger Stone Interacted with Russia's Guccifer and Wikileaks

Rob Rodgers, cartoonist who was fired by Pittsburgh newspaper for anti-trump cartoons

Because he is a bully; becauswe, like McCarthy, he has no sense of decnecy;

Incoming Va. Tech freshman spends 2 nights in VCU burn unit after run-in with giant hogweed plant

Enjoy your tea jackass.

No tweets on new indictments so far from Jordan, Goodlatte, Gohmert, Nunes, Gowdy, Meadows, Gaetz

Legitimate president Hillary Clinton needs to be sworn in and take office NOW

Red Hot Congressional Strzok Fest 2018--Stephen Colbert

I'd say today the queen is certainly earning her keep. nt

Did you hear Mark Meadows in Morning Joe this am?

Florida pastor accused of taking pic up parishioner's dress

Donald Trump to spend time in Scotland schmoozing 40 businessmen while taxpayers cover the cost

I don't believe votes weren't changed. I call bullshit.

It appears that Rick Wilson, never Trumper, might have hinted at the Mueller news yesterday.

Trump: " Putin always tell me he didn't meddle, and I believe him"

Just remember, it took 12 years and a world war to get rid of Adolf.

This is such bullshit

Strzock for President

These new indictments will be quite the litmus test when drumpf and vlad go on their date

House Dems disclose financials, propose new law

My drug test came back negative. I'm going to

I tuned to Fox for a few minutes

Dolt .45 needs to cancel the Putin meeting

Regarding the indictment mentioning a congressional candidate soliciting info on an opponent....

The Queen/Mad Hatter tea party was cut into on some prime channels

So there was interference but no one benefited from it?

It was just on MSNBC

Former Gov. Chris Christie joins drug recovery board

Turn off the lights.

Dave Weigel & Rick Wilson on what the indictments do to the Seth Rich story & those who promoted it

How unsolicited text messages were sent to Hoosiers to put pressure on Sen. Joe Donnelly

Russian attendee at Trump Tower meeting sues Putin critic Browder

Trump blasted reporting from Puerto Rico as 'fake news.' Heeding it might have saved lives.

Fatal Novichok dose 'came from bottle' in victim's house

Trump blasted reporting from Puerto Rico as 'fake news.' Heeding it might have saved lives.

Trump blasted reporting from Puerto Rico as 'fake news.' Heeding it might have saved lives.

Trump listens to no man.

Trump names official who has inaccurately purged voters rolls to oversee election security

Colombian city wants to declare a health emergency due to Venezuelan refugee influx

LIVE- Stream: Bernie Sanders - Keith Ellison Rally Minneapolis

The Queen Is Taking a Shower.

Here is the full indictment:

Trump officials conceal information as military base water contamination victims fight for justice

Endangered black rhinos die in Kenya reserve

***VOX: Read the new Mueller indictment here***

Official DU betting pool on congressional candidate who solicited Russian help in 2016.

Pence family gas stations left costly environmental legacy

Anti trump Protest in London

Photo: Bernie Sanders donut in Minneapolis

Today's Indictment Is Proof of Collusion and Conspiracy between Russia, WikiLeaks and Trump Campaign

Per CNN - Schumer is asking Trump to cancel his meeting with Putin

Hyundai union: Alabama plant could be first shut down under tariff plan

Well the GOP/Trump defenders are reacting exactly as I predicted while Rosenstein was speaking.

Hyundai union: Alabama plant could be first shut down under tariff plan

Now where, when, and how did the GRU members contact team Trump, the RNC, and Fox News?

Inflation hits 6-year high, wiping out wage gains for the average American

Scottish leader will kick off Pride parade instead of meeting with Trump

I saw my first grandchild today.

Pence family gas stations left costly environmental legacy

Congressional Candidate asked Guccifer 2.0 for documents. The GOP was in on it.

Have you ever tried to screw with the fem-bots?

Democrats introduce a bill to ban the gay & trans panic defense

sarah palin ads? WTF??????? I was told yesterday that caribou barbie is running ads,

These 9 Candidates Have Ties To White Nationalists Or Nazis -- And They're All Republicans

Trump called on Russia to hack the Clinton campaign, and they did.

Drip, Drip, Drip.. a few Russian's just a drip,

Commerce secretary divests from all stocks after criticism from ethics watchdog

Schiff (CNN) points out what ISN'T said in indictments indicates more are coming involving Americans

Papa John's founder's name removed from Indiana hometown gym

QUESTION: " Papadopoulos told Trump he was acting as a Russian intermediary " Does this mean

Odds that Trump goes to Moscow with Putin after Helsinki as a refugee asylum seeker?

Democrats Are Gaining Ground in House Midterms

There's quite the match being played on Centre Court

Police: Teen killed by man met at counterculture gathering

Trump to Queen: "Hey, Lizzie! You owe me 300 billion dollars!"

MSNBC is dropping the ball. CNN is showing live coverage

X-Agent malware

The Queen acting like she's training one of her dogs as Trump struggles to master the art of walking

Russia ready to invest $50bn in Iran's energy industry

Trump's Supreme Court pick was obsessed with Bill Clinton's penis a few years ago

I just got to know: Will cheetolini pardon 12 Russian military intelligence officers ...........

What to do with your MAGA.

Well, here we go. Giuliani's response to new indictments.

This 38-yr-old white "man" beats the hell out of a a black 8th grader over a lids soccer game

Collusion, conspiring, and traitorism

I need a Non-Fiction book recommendation. Preferably something that's come out in the past 2 years.

Franklin Graham tells Jimmy Carter that Jesus would kill gay people, not marry them

CVS-Aetna merger may get the green light

Less than an hour after indictments announced, Kremlin praises Trump as a "partner"

So who was the candidate for Congress who accepted hacked emails from Guccifer?

Schumer and Lieu call for Trump to cancel his performance review with Putin

Indiana government's savings: $1.785 billion

Giuliani: Indictments Prove 'President Trump Is Completely Innocent'

Oopsies! Did Mueller/Rosenstein/DOJ steal

Donald's tea with the Queen

Spain launches truth commission to probe Franco-era crimes

Schumer Calls On Trump To Cancel Putin Summit After Russian Indictments

Zatoichi TV Series Ep 05: The Heartless Man Touched By Compassion [English Subs]

Syrians stranded in 'dire' desert conditions after fall of Deraa

John Podesta: 'We Just Found Some Witches And They Were Indicted'

Pelosi Delays Leadership Elections

So there's this nutcase friend of mine who tells me there is no actual national Democratic Party.

Mueller Indictment Alleges Candidate For Congress Asked Guccifer 2.0 For Stolen Docs

Mueller Indictment Alleges Candidate For Congress Asked Guccifer 2.0 For Stolen Docs

Franklin Graham Reveals What RW Evangelicals Think Of The LGBT Community ------

Analysis: Dems hold 12-million person advantage among registered voters

Democrats have registration edge of 12 Million voters over Republicans

PHOTO: Regardless of the fact that it's Trump, this is history, and I applaud its preservation.

Mr Mueller

Rod Rosenstein: People Speculating About Our Investigation 'Don't Know All of the Relevant Facts'

Rep Brian Mast R (of course) FL-18 is the congressman referred to in the indictment.

Trump is the 12th President to meet the Queen

Seth Abramson on the Indictment -- REALLY interesting

Russian Hacker Developer Profile

White woman calls cops on black man for listening to yoga CD in his car

*3 Years Later, the Federal Govt. Still Hasn't Counted Sandra Bland's Death*

The Sun Says Reports Trump Called Paper's Interview 'Fake News' Are 'Fake News'

The hacking began the day Trump pleaded with Russia to find Hillary's e-mails...

WTF does Putin have on Richard Engel?

Rick Wilson on today's indictments

Has Trump mentioned that he has "The biggest crowds EVER" in London?

Trump Lies About Being in Scotland 'The Day Before Brexit,' Falsely Claims He Predicted it

Chuck Todd (!) is making some pretty startling statements.

Are these indictments the most direct line we've seen?

White House Reacts to Indictments By Maintaining Russian Hacking is 'Alleged'

Pence Family's Shuttered Gas Stations Left Millions In Cleanup Costs To Public

Chuck Schumer: "Cancel the Putin meeting. Now."

WHOA WAIT !! The...VERY SAME DAY..Red Don asked Russia for email help the spear fishing began !?!?!

Pakistan election: Scores killed in bomb attacks on poll rallies

Mark Meadows is filing impeachment articles for Rosenstein.

Roger Stone maybe you're next.

Just watching channel 4 news

Seth Abramson: Amazing coincidences.

...CNN's Jake Tapper explains how new indictments destroy Trump's defense

Excellent point. Same media that are upset to be called "fake"

Russia began hacking Hillary's personal emails SAME DAY Trump asked them to from the campaign trail

What Meghan Markle thinks of Donald Trump - archive video

Russia tried to steal Hillary Clinton's emails 'for the first time' hours after Trump asked...

The conspirators wrote to a person in regular contact with Senior members of Trump Campaign

One of the most amazing light shows in a live concert - NIN 2013

Clown from Queens meets the Queen of England

Just to remind you, Russian trolls have been openly bragging for months about hacking the election

GOP strategist: Mueller's latest indictments show Roger Stone may have flipped on Trump

Best Luckovich cartoon ever

Trump order risks "politicization" of administrative, mostly Social Security, judiciary


Don't Vote For Our Anti-Semitic Nominee, California Republican Party Says

Oh, *now* I understand. It's a "-vich" hunt!

Trump administration lets Chinese telecom giant ZTE back in business in U.S.

This is a real person who actually tweeted this

Let's face it, without Russian hacking, Hillary would have won!!!!

Drugmaker's ties with Michael Cohen more extensive than detailed, report says

Trump To NYT Photographer: Your Photo Makes It Look Like I Have 'Double Chin'!

"Cholesterol: Democracy's Only Hope"

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

Mr. Mueller...tear down this immoral corrupt president

Brits Don't Mince Words: The Most Irreverent and Radical Signs From UK's Historic Anti-Trump Protest

The baton is passed to Glasgow #NaeTrump

From the Guardian. Trump protest in pictures.

Mindless car chases for a Friday afternoon.

London: Their message was chanted over and over. "F*** Trump, F*** Trump, F*** Trump," they yelled

Was the timing of the Russian indictments related to Trump's meeting with Putin on Monday?


Pierce: What the Hell Happened During Peter Strzok's Testimony?

The media failed and screwed us.

I just called both of my Senators and urged them

Donald and Mayonnaise got 20 minutes at Windsor, a picture, a handshake and a slammed door!

Pierce: This Ongoing National Disgrace Is Perfectly Fine with Republicans in Congress

My palace is bigger than yours: An (imagined) transcript of Trump's tea time chat with the Queen

My absolute favorite TV series was never on American TV...

Pence Family's Shuttered Gas Stations Left Millions In Cleanup Costs To Public

Alex Trebek sued by woman over dog

Luckovich--Loveseat for Trump Putin Summit

"Hottest La Nina year to date on record"

police mistake autism as being drunk and deploy stun gun

It's Mueller Time...

Roger Stone Communicated With Russian Hackers, Mueller Indictment Suggests

Timing of Russian indictments may be a reaction by Rosenstein and Mueller to the Trump/Putin meeting

I'm guessing in 30 days Papa John's Pizza will be sold to someone & name changed.

In light of today's news please read this

Fuck Wikileaks

Holy Cow! What happened...

Nope, not intimidated, Voted Out very soon....Yes....

Smoking gun? July 27, 2016: 'Russia, if you're listening....'

Brown Bread In A Can: Glorious 😋 or Gross 🤢?

Florida man arrested after trying to burn down condo to 'kill all the f------ Jews'

Fox News contributor tweets that Trump should pardon all indicted Russians during summit w/Putin

Scott makes it clear: Florida isn't privatizing beaches

Scarlett Johansson drops out of "Rub & Tug" amid backlash

John Cleese On How They Sold Monty Python To The BBC

Pritzker takes over Democrat Day

Trump meets Putin Monday. My guess what "gift" he will give Vlad...

McCain to Trump: Cancel meeting if you won't hold Putin accountable

City of Anger: Jeremy Corbyn joins 250,000 anti-Trump protestors as they take over central London

The Mystery Firm That Became the NRA's Top Election Consultant

Scottish newspaper denounces Trump as an 'appalling human being'

Could QE II have abdicated for a day?

Pierce: Mueller Has the Goods--All of the Goods

March for our lives Townhall tomorrow in Salt Lake City

Was There Any Mention Of The RNC Or Repugs Getting Hacked....

Trump: "I'm a very stable genius"

The 2016 Election Was Stolen - It's Time America Stopped Believing in Lies To Feel Good

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 13, 2018

Got a link to the indictment so I can read it?

CHARLES P. PIERCE: Mueller Has the Goods--All of the Goods

Zatoichi theme song/Shintaro Katsu

Ipod /Podcast Issue

Brad Ashford says his emails were hacked too, showing how deep Russia meddled in 2016

McCain: "If Trump is not prepared to hold Putin accountable, the summit should not move forward"

You know the fact that Rosenstein said he had informed the Con about today's indictments

Top National Security Council official forced out: report

Regarding July 27th:

We All Know What Putin Wants From This Meeting With Trump.....

Oil falls after report says Trump is considering tapping the emergency oil reserve

President Trump anoints Fox News state TV

Brazil files charges against former executive of U.S company

Brazil files charges against former executive of U.S company

This Week In America's Fucked Up Priorities...

Trump's cruelty and hate are creating a defining moment for Democrats

Panelist cries discussing racism, republican party (CNN/Don Lemon)

JUST IN CASE you thought Trump had run out of asshole moves, watch this Twitter clip with the Queen.

The Russians are saying they've already won at the Trump-Putin summit. And they're right

Ali Velshi's video compilation of how many times Trump mentioned Wikileaks...

Trump will not do anything about Crimea. Period.

If the twelve Russian intelligence officers named in the Mueller indictment do not submit to the

New Yorker launches new weekly column following the money of Trump, his family, his administration,

How Did Trump Pay for His Money-Losing Golf Club?

As Trump Visits His Scottish Golf Course, a Mystery Remains

Donald Trump UK visit: Awkward moment US president steps in front of Queen

This made me giggle/ tweet from The Queen . Yes I know it's fake

Russians launched DCLeaks website 1 day before Trump Tower meeting

Who the fuck says he's a "stable genius" twice?????

WH says Putin meeting is still a go (per CNN):

Today's FAX to MoC -- Trump must not meet with Putin

'Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears': Michigan farmers who supported Trump blast tariffs destroying

'Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears': Michigan farmers who supported Trump blast tariffs destroying

Watch Putin cancel the meeting

5 Major Revelations From the Mueller Indictment Against Russian Hackers


You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals and the elderly

Angelina Jolie meeting the Queen. Very proper and elegant.

I don't think the announcement today just before trump's meeting with putin is a coincidence

10 Falsehoods From Trump's News Conference With Theresa May

Trump and Putin to hold joint press conference

Just one more dress comparison:

another teevee question.....sound

The View's Meghan McCain hilariously melts down ...

OK that was the largest protest ever in England against any leader from any country

Scotland is having none of it. (Add these terms of endearment to your list!)

Few pics of London Anti Trump Protests

Another possible reason for the GRU indictments today

The Queen Checking Her Watch While Waiting for Donald Trump Is a True Mood

Would someone recommend a movie.

Democrats to Trump: Russia is behind the 2016 hacks. Cancel your Putin meeting.

Republicans respond to latest Mueller indictment with desperate gaslighting

Trump gets help from Teresa May to walk down the stairs again

The crazy President Mansplained the female

Arizona legislator claims immunity from traffic laws:

House conservatives prep push to impeach Rosenstein

President Trump refuses question from CNN's Jim Acosta

Armless Florida man stabs tourist, police say

John Bolton ousts well-regarded national security official who clashed with Stephen Miller:

I know people get nervous when put on the spot. I really do, but

remember when republicans and the media went ballistic when bill clinton met loretta lynch?

MSNBC breaks down 'direct nexus' between Trump and Russia revealed in new Mueller indictments

Jonathan Pie: Brexit is Dying

Mueller indicts 12 Russian military officers for DNC hacking

"conspired with each other, and with persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury..."

The Queen is very pleased to meet the President of the United States.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will campaign together in Kansas

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will campaign together in Kansas

Former Southern Baptist Leader Charged With Sexual Assault

Last sighting of Trump baby balloon

Trump's crude comments about giving Princess Di an HIV Test

Very interesting re-tweet from Shera Bechard

The election should be nullified, but it won't happen

Not Your Supermarket's Taramasalata

NE-02: Rep. Don Bacon was probably the Republican congressional candidate who sought stolen emails

David Corn: How the Mueller News Is an Indictment of...Donald Trump and His GOP Enablers

Conservatives moving to impeach Rosenstein soon

So everyone who posted stories from Guccifer and DCLeaks was, indeed, unwittingly aiding Russia

House conservatives prep push to impeach Rosenstein

Banned Twitch streamers defend slurs, but say language has evolved

Argentine campaign finance scandal: Macri ally blows whistle on massive laundering during 2015 race

I know there is no "proof" the Russians changed the election count, BUT....

The other question that begs an answer is was the BREXIT referendum hacked?

Telling fact re Trump vs Queen Elizabeth II:

Randy Credico is nervous, in case you don't know he is Roger Stone's contact with Assange.

More Winning! "Prices are rising faster than they have in six years"

CO: Meet the Three Democrats Who Could Flip the Republican-Led State Senate

CNN's Jake Tapper on Trump's 'false and frankly hideous' conspiracy theories

State lawmaker wants to repeal fireworks ban

Americans' Grasp Of Geography Hits New Low (Trust Us) On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Everytime I talk to a known Trump supporter, I'm reminded of this (and so want to scream it at them)

Facebook LIVE Link: Watch Keith and Bernie live in Duluth

Trump flies into ANOTHER huge protest as he lands in Scotland

Board to state: Figure out how to pay step increases

Congressman John Garamendi on CNN says Trump is acting like a baby in the corner

Official photo of Spanky disembarking from Air Force One upon arriving in London.

KS-01: Bernie and I agree for once. Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez to campaign for James Thompson

Trump ten minutes late to meet Queen Elizabeth... hmmm

Sam Nunberg on Ari right now.

Prices are rising faster than they have in six years

Conservatives moving to impeach Rosenstein soon: report

Holder: Calls to abolish ICE are "a gift to Republicans"

"I am rather miffed..." ... "Get the f*ck off our planet"

Is it possible that Trump was late meeting the queen

DT45 reminds me of a "card counter" and is someone who has to keep a "general ledger" in his head.

Trump's Foreign Policy Carnage Is an Impeachable Offense

Video Shows Cops Using Coin Flip to Decide Whether to Arrest

God save the Queen from the fascist tangerine

Congressional ethics office gets new complaints about Nunes' wine business, financial disclosures

a picture speaks a thousand words

Why do we place adjectives in a certain order?

I realize this will never happen, but IMO, it should...

President Trump keeps Queen Elizabeth waiting outside for several minutes before meeting

I have no fear that an immigrant is going to harm me or take my job but I have lots of fear

*Key Moments: Trump, Theresa May Joint Press Conference, Chequers Estate, July 13, 2017*

David Corn: "Trump abetted a serious Russian op to undermine USA election & Story is NOT over yet"

Correa refuses to return to Ecuador to face the music. Patria, Socialismo o Muerte? Not so much!

What a Creep....

Look how many people were routing for Guccifer to prove Hillary broke the law

Top Intelligence Official Warns of More Attacks

Sometimes when you try to pile lies on top of lies on top of lies............

I have a terrible feeling that the Russians may have done more than just hack some DNC/DCCC staffers

Yuge Love in London....250,000 loving our Conman....

Greenpeace has flown a paraglider over Turnberry: 'Trump: Well Below Par.'

It is mid-July

Trump's big hulky body steps in front of the Queen. He is not remotely aware of how disrespectful

When you look at yourself in the mirror

Someone must have been freaking out at the "Y."

Sam Nunberg is offended that this information was released before trump's meeting with putin, and


2018 US Senate Election prediction.

Trey Gowdy looks like bad hair meister....


🐦 July 20 at 1PM - Sen. Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rally for James Thompson in Wichita

Full Brennan: Latest Mueller Indictments Builds Detail From US IC On Meddling MTP Daily MSNBC

Photo: At the end of the rally in Duluth, Bernie decided to go into the crowd

The title Deplorable fits ....

Ocasio-Cortez to campaign against Democratic Congressman William Clay in St. Louis

Remember Seth Rich, who was murdered in what is believed to have been a violent robbery attempt?


Will trump demand that Putin extradite the 12 Russian's who are indicted today to U.S. authorities?

Did you know this?

The Big Cons money laundering scheme....that Cohen is about to barf up...

Alex Jones Claims The White House Asked Him For A Report On Internet Censorship

State investigates Russian investor's ties to Maryland elections software.

Unfortunately, the "cult" is not convinced by the indictment today...

Mark Taylor And Bill Deagle Declare That Those Who Oppose Trump 'Are Not Human'

It's Gaetz. How do we know?:

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mueller's Next Indictment Will Zero In On Trump

CEO who paid Cohen millions sent him drug plan that was later adopted by trump admin

🐦 July 20 at 6PM - Sen. Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rally for Brent Welder - Kansas City