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Has the posting slowed down on DU?

POWERFUL!! 60-minutes reporting on America's lynching history and NEW memorial


MSNBC will have a special on Mueller at 9 o'clock est tonight.

Is Trump "cramming" for his interview with Mueller?

Top De Blasio Aide Arrested on Gun Charges in Queens

Another one for Rachels board...

Today is Election Day in Iowa, Florida, South Dakota and California

Americans, 1,2,3 in the finish of The Masters.......

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 April 2018

Bombshell: DOJ says 'collusion' is a crime

Trade dominates week ahead and two big events could impact markets

Stormy Daniels lawyer tweets photo of her with forensic artist

Let's put this to rest, Biden is polling better than Sanders for 2020 at this point

DiGenova says he's still giving advicee to Trump!

Eastern Orthodox Pascha. Feastday of the Resurrection. Tomorrow Bright Monday. Paschal Liturgical

Roadside strip search by NJ state trooper in NJ draws protest and legal action

Senate braces for showdown over Trumps nominees

Michigan wont give Flint free bottled water, even though lead pipes are still in use

Avenatti: Here is is renewed motion for disposition filing against Trump

Most News organizations have as their main goals making money. Fox News has the added

Laura Ingraham returns to air amid a boycott drama. Its the new normal for Fox News.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Trump's Hypocrisy

There is no White House, really. Not in the sense that the term had been defined. It's just Trump

Ah, trying to update my signature line and can:t seem to do it,whats up with me or the instructions

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's leaving Facebook

BREAKING: 'AIRSTRIKE on Syria' reports of fighter jets and missiles over Lebanon

Is Avenatti dropping a hint? : we know who you are

Recent turning projects

A Rural-Born Peace Movement Turns Heads Amid the Carnage of the Afghan War

Evidence Shows Students Still Learn More Effectively From Print Textbooks Than Screens

Watching CNN The Kennedy's How different would the world be had BOBBY not been assassinated?

Air strikes on Syria tonight, according to tweets & some news (BBC). Pentagon/WH deny US action

I'm leaving now to seek enlightenment.

Could the White House become any whiter?

Is there anyone who wants to stop smoking anymore?

Kucinich says he can attract disenfranchised Democrats AND Trump supporters

Portland police shoot, kill suspect inside homeless shelter

McCain says Trump 'emboldened' Syria to launch chemical attack

Buzz Aldrin saw UFO

Sarah Palin is on some faux noise show.......just saw her.

Trump national security spokesman to depart White House

Trump fought against fitting of sprinklers in apartment where man died

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election prediction.

New centrist party gets 50m backing to break mould of UK politics

Drumpf took so long to announce russia sanctions for a reason...........

Trump: "Congratulations to Patrick Reed on his great and courageous MASTERS win!"

The word "queue" is just "Q" followed by four silent letters.

The blowhole section: if whales make jazz, what about the rest of the animal kingdom?

President called victim of deadly Trump Tower fire a "crazy Jew"

Avoid south-facing birdhouses for the nestlings sake

A beautiful Einstein ring

Koch data firm, i360, is more sophisticated than Cambridge Analytica. And it's ready for 2018.

The Shape Of Neanderthals' Skulls Helped Them Survive In Cold Weather And Allowed Turbo Breathing

Puppy vs. Lemon

Nanoparticles assisting with cancer drug discovery

Women, their children, and unaccompanied minors caused Drumpt to

A Mysterious 3,000-Year-Old Castle Has Been Found Under a Lake in Turkey

Close friend of man killed in Trump Tower fire says President once called victim 'crazy Jew'

Life is good for Chavistas living large in Palm Beach

Horror of Being Governed by 'Fox & Friends'

When a cardboard box simply won't do...

When a cardboard box simply won't do...

Ambassador to the unhinged underbelly: Don Jr exposed as Trumps liaison to the fanatical fringe

Brockie: Mysterious bamboo flowers every 120 years, then dies

Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector tests over seeing UFOs

Combining linguistics, archaeology and ancient genetics to understand deep human history

Kulen dig leaves archaeologists more convinced site was once palace of Angkor Empire's first ruler

Spread of fluted-point technology in Canada's Ice-Free Corridor

The Ancient Greek Boy and his Yo-Yo

Reuters: Zuckerberg to meet with lawmakers Monday

Latest from Syria: Missile strike came from Israel...

With the Election of Its First Afro-Descendant Vice President, Costa Rica Takes a Step Forward in th

Ecotourism in Costa Rica Is Putting Wildlife at Risk

Ecotourism in Costa Rica Is Putting Wildlife at Risk

It's still so lonely here.

Australia's last flamingo dies aged in her 60s - four years after the bird 'never recovered' from th

Genetics of the modern heirs of the Inkas shed new lights about their origins and lineages

Genetics of the modern heirs of the Inkas shed new lights about their origins and lineages

Can the Dennis Kucinich Group be combined with the Loners Group?

Aust. Geographic: Here are 7 of our favourite native rodents for you to gush over

NASA MRO Image Features Stunning Dune Gullies At Matara Crater On Mars

Chilean women's lives at risk with 'backdoor' restrictions on new abortion law

Analysis: Crises, confrontations envelop Trump at home and abroad

Indias political parties have mined voters psychographic data for years

BONUS: By popular demand, the story behind The One Suit to Trigger Them All. (tan suit)

10 U.S. diplomats remain in Havana

Facebook Aimed To Match Patient Data To User Profiles Without Consent--Deanonymized!

Colonies Of King Penguins Protect Members By Forming Liquid-Like Structures

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Wisconsin poll suggests NRA's support of Republican Supreme Court Candidate backfired.

West Virginia Republicans Are Getting Behind a Candidate So Odious, Even Trump Wont Go Near Him

Retiring GOP lawmakers cut loose on Trump

Here is the data Facebook & Google have collected from you.

Silo demolition in Denmark goes wrong and crushes cultural centre

Univ. of Idaho rejects Rob Spear's explanation for 2013 mistakes; students want his resignation

Idaho Democrats say the 2018 session 'was entirely about politics'

Russia claims Israeli jets behind strikes on Syrian airbase

Chuck McCann, Comic Actor and Popular Kids TV Host, Dies at 83

In 3 words, what describes Trump and how he running the White House?

Scott Announces a Senate Bid

For Candy Fans, the Only Thing Worse Than Necco Wafers Is No Necco Wafers

Blocking posts (not trashing)

" You've Been Profiled"

YouTube illegally collects data on children, say child protection groups

Which is doing more damage to our country - Donald Trump or the Republican Party?

TeleSur investigated for being propaganda mouthpiece for Chavistas

Older, educated, white voters shift away from Trump's party

Lamar Alexander endorses Blackburns U.S. Senate bid

Jimmy Kimmel backing down from Hannity is a crying shame and reaffirms

Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts

DIE, IRONY, DIE. Trump Hotel to Employees: Don't Hire Relatives

Is there some kind of Cyber Security/Police type agency

'Smile and nod': Latin American leaders brace for tense Trump visit

'Take that down!': Fox host Howard Kurtz panic after graphic shows Fox News is least trusted network

Two Trump speeches, two dozen dubious claims

DOJ to appoint U.S. attorney to oversee release of Clinton documents

The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools

Trump calls China's tariffs on U.S. cars 'stupid trade'

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Truth is Untruth in Don's World

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - Everybody Loses

Hot-air dryers suck in nasty bathroom bacteria and shoot them at your hands

Why would dozens of news anchors recite a Sinclair Broadcast group script?

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The race to replace Paul Ryan is on

Pope Francis Puts Caring for Migrants and Opposing Abortion on Equal Footing

Blue wave :-))

How does Trump get the calculation that markets have gone up 42% since he took

Trump vs Putin? Time to Be 'Scared'

It seems if civillians are killed in a regional conflict, the outrage seems to be more directed at

Michael Isikoff & David Corn: "Like having a tremendous mole inside the presidential campaign"

Stormy Daniels lawyer to release sketch of man who allegedly threatened client

Jared Kushners $1.2 billion miracle

Trump's EPA Smoke

White House has no plan for countering Comey

Michigan wont give Flint free bottled water, even though lead pipes are still in use

Productivity plunges in Venezuela. DOWN 37% SO FAR THIS YEAR in one manufacturing sector

NOT THE ONION: Mika thinks Paul Ryan could "stay and challenge Trump for the soul of their party."

Most Xlnt Toon From Tom Tomorrow: "More Gun Talk"

Stormy Daniels Renews Motion To Depose Trump, Michael Cohen

Maybe I won't be "forever in blue jeans..."

Montana Governor Steve Bullock visits Des Moines

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to visit Des Moines on Saturday

It's past 3 am...

Staff wanted


Arizona voter database targeted by criminals, not Russia, source tells Reuters

GOP increasingly fears loss of House, focuses on saving Senate majority

Trump Complaints About GOP Victories Could Hurt Party In The Midterms

Chief of Chaff, big man in the WH. . . Please come CAPTION Gen. John Kelly!!!

Exclusive: As elections near, many older, educated, white voters shift away from Trump's party

Trump Organization pressures Varela

US ambassador quit after administration wanted pressure on Vietnam to take back refugees

"Animal Assad"

Retired general humiliates Ivanka after she displays total ignorance of federal child health program

Oh, I want to put your minds at rest.

Awww, Bill-O is lamenting "the personal attack situation in this country"

Millions of Facebook users to find out Monday if Cambridge Analytica shared their data

"Things are bad and getting worse." @MilitaryTimes obtained aviation accident records via FOIA

NYDN Sunday cover story was about the man who died in the Trump Tower fire over the weekend

Once again Donald Trump is hard at work

Today John Fucking Bolton arrives at the White House.

Farmers who propelled Trump to presidency fear becoming pawns in trade war

Bernie has been "tone policed" beyond anything I've ever seen. The irony is that to a large part of

What Its Like Living Without Health Insurance in America

"Please reduce the size of the mouse anus."

Jared Kushner's company under renewed scrutiny over Chinese and Israeli deals

Strongest Girl in the World.

Sarah Palin to Mark Levin: I would run for higher office 'again in a heartbeat'

Anybody watch the MSNBC show

Pic Of The Moment: The Brainfart Doctrine: Trump's "Blame Obama First" Foreign Policy

Don't touch the butt.

CRISPR-Edited Food Is Coming to Our Plates And It Wont Be Labelled as GMO

A Man in the Wilderness

Dennis Kucinich: Trump is under attack by the deep state.

What possible benefit does Assad get from a chemical attack?

Make a comment on the fate of Confederate statues in Raleigh

Conspiratorial fear mongering about cell phones and cancer, courtesy of The Nation

Most have heard of the A-cup and D-cup, but what about a T-cup?

Boog and cone of shame

The only way to get trump to read his PDB

Jesus, would you look at the time

OPPD (Omaha) customers will soon be able to buy shares of solar power

Each morning, bus driver braids hair for girl whose mother died

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Announces Senate Run

How many cars are sent from China to the US ? Last TwittLer idiocy !

Thoughts and love for LordQuentin

Don't blame Obama....

Stay tuned,1:35 pm Symphony #9 "Choral" Ludwig van Beethoven

The Great British Fly-In, Udvar-Hazy Center, April 15, Celebrating 100 Years of the Royal Air Force

NYT - Charles Blow - ...America is being governed by the dimmest of wits on the most unscrupulous of

150 years ago today at Appomattox, Robert E. Lee unveiled the Confederate flag's final design.

Tony Perkins: Evangelicals Have No Intention Of Confronting Trump Over Stormy Daniels

The nose knows ....

GOP on Pruitt: "We like his policies but we question his ethics.."

Dennis Kucinich: Trump is under attack by the deep state.

Seeing Hillary Clinton reminded me why women shouldn't get over it

Seeing Hillary Clinton reminded me why women shouldn't get over it

CARTOON - Why Trump's Dept Of Homeland Security Is Creating A Journalist Database

Rocky stunned Marco the Masher with his new fighting style

Is this Trump pic real?

Since you brought up being stupid,... Some answers really crack me up ! :-)

Fake News on FB is now influencing Mexico's presidential election

Don't Understand Why So Many Evil People Continue To Succeed. We Are Awash In Miscreants.

New Hybrid Swarm Combines Deadly Agricultural Pests Into Mega-Pests

Elderberry Experiment: Update #6

The Truth About an Untethered Trump

Right-wing Sinclair airs ad from watchdog group, then claims its liberal propaganda

Help compile list of Progressive Companies to support, 2018 Edition

Deep breath: taking the plunge: I believe Whiny Donny when he says he does not know

Jim Cramer: The Chinese are so ready for us .. They are very smart! (VIDEO)

Odds on a reasonable discussion about the Merits and Flaws of Bernie Sanders

China holding all the cards in trade war with Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Rubios promise not to campaign against fellow Florida senator lasted two weeks

Republicans Pro-regulation for the important things

Jared Kushners $1.2 billion miracle

Did he really say that if China makes things rough for US farmers theyd suck it up?

Why You Should Get the New Shingles Vaccine

Sky9 is overa house fire in Bowie, Maryland where a roof has collapsed.

RuMpUs DeLaTrAiToRoUs

How Senators Voted on Scott Pruitt for E.P.A. Administrato

Why You Should Get the New Shingles Vaccine

Im tired of the NRA being demonized: House Republican defends pulling out loaded gun at meeting

Residents of Trump Tower got no warnings to evacuate.

Ready for Some Good News?

Pierce: Impeachment Is the Republicans' Latest Boogeyman for the 2018 Elections

Betsy DeVos implies Oklahoma teachers arent serving their students by protesting for better educat

Person arrested after hanging up 'offensive' posters near American University

Abortion rights group sues Mississippi over abortion laws

Boston news: Harvard student says Michael Cohen threatened him

Dana Milbank: To the obsequious go the Cabinet posts

Eddie Hernandez Doesnt Care if His Food Isnt Authentic.'

Facebook users to learn if they were part of privacy scandal

Obama and Syria?

Bank regulator calls on Congress to clear bipartisan Dodd-Frank rollback

Any DUers here

Farmers and ranchers cant afford a trade war

Tammy Duckworth gives birth to girl: First senator to have baby while in office

The Midnight Special

Lynch pushes back on Comey's account of Clinton email meeting

NSC Spokesman quit, rather than getting fired.

Is Syria a distraction orchestrated by Putin?

PGA Officials Break Up Crowd Of Rowdy Fans Committing Commodities Fraud In Augusta National Parking

I have this uncanny knack

Promise me you will NEVER go away!

Stock market 2018: Expect Dow volatility as trade war, Trump talk spark fear

"Where Are All the Atheist Hospitals?" Asks Catholic Who Never Did Any Research

Hillary Clinton tells women that living their intentions is the best form of revenge

Hillary Clinton tells women that living their intentions is the best form of revenge

Hic-cat, Hic-cat, Hic-cat

Hosting my first fundraiser tomorrow...

NHS appoints humanist to lead chaplaincy team

The NFLs plan to protect America from witches

Trump says U.S. to decide on response to 'atrocious' Syria chemical attack in 24 to 48 hours

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Capitol Hill: 'It was my mistake, and I'm sorry.'

Michael Isikoff and David Corn discuss their new book "Russian Roulette"

Florida Senate Race Is a Toss Up

What's the worst thing that you can call someone?

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY): Mueller's "investigating the president for winning the election"

How Russia Could Steal Our Next Election

Vermont finally gets a serious Democratic candidate for Governor

Awesome Border Collie ZETA

Deficit to top $1 trillion per year by 2020, CBO says

Exhibit 409 in how hard itll be to rescue America from Trump

TEDx: Why the truth will survive - and fake news will die.

Zuckerberg's prepared remarks to Congress released ahead of testimony: Read

The Bloody Grab for Gold in Venezuela

The past 48 hours of big Syria news, explained by Vox

Im reading again Guy sajer forgotten soldier


Kremlin aide: Russias centuries-long romance with West over

Bernie/Hillary controversies and the (real) civil war.

I wish, PLEASE, make it so that trashed posts don't show up on the home page

58% of Republicans are anti-higher education (NYT)

Trump: "We'll make it up to them"

Drumps Ray Donavan...

Just a couple reasons Bernie can win the nomination IF he even runs

Boom on Pruitt...

I would NEVER live in a high rise building with no sprinkler system

Not Really...

Just what we need...

Trump Tower fire victim Todd Brassner 'hated' living there

Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for 'dreamers'

Gotta feed the base....

Hang In David, you are rocking our world...

Interesting idea...

One yuge anxiety problem...named Donald

Anyone else think Hallie Jackson on MSNBC would make a terrific auctioneer ?

In case you missed this

We have to win in November...

Hundreds of thousands of Kentucky residents could lose Medicaid under the work demonstration project

The NRA May Have More Russian Contributors Than It First Said

Keep spreading...Good News

RE:Syria Trump plans to forcefully respond with the harshest possible condemnation of Barack Obama

I rendered a crazy person speechless today . . .

As of today, there are 21 apartments in Trump Tower listed for sale

Apple sells Product, Facebook sells You...

Can we all admit that the first Syrian strike was no more than a fire works display

Moscow blue-chip index suffers biggest fall since Crimean crisis as rouble slides

Duckworth Gives Birth to Daughter - Maile Pearl Bowlsbey

Trump Town: We need your help to unmask who is actually behind LLCs listed in officials financial

Another Calving At Pine Island Glacier (2nd In 7 Months); 6 km2 Block Shattered Soon After Event

Kushner pimps Joshua Harris for WH budget director gig. A year later, he loans Kushner $184 million.

Died, on this day, in 1997, Mae Axton.

Trump Said He Wants to Pull Out of Syria, but...

NEW: F.B.I. Raids Office of Trumps Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen

This country's future is more important than the Clintons, Obama, or Bernie

BREAKING! FBI Raiding Michael Cohen's ofc

F.B.I. Raids Office of Trumps Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen

Boom on Trump

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr. 9, 2018


Dear Jimmy Kimmel: If You REALLY Want To Shut Hannity Up...WATERBOARDING FOR CHARITY!

Dow's 400-point rally is nearly erased in final hour on report of FBI raid of Trump's lawyer

Am I the only one who has a HUGE crush on Robert Mueller???

Trump isn't 'getting away' with anything - By Jennifer Rubin

On the search warrant for Cohen's office there was reference to an unusual crime

I have to say, I love when I step away from DU for a half hour, come back, refresh...

Don't know about the rest of you but this breaking news has

Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham, to be replaced by Mike Campbell & Neil Finn

Argentina's Macri blames Carrefour supermarket crisis on Asian-owned stores

A child is more likely to end up on the sex offender registry than to be molested by someone on it.

What would a world be like...

Do you think the orange menace will be around in 2020?

FBI raided Michael Cohen's hotel room at the Loews Regency in NY as well.

The Israeli Airstrike on Syria Monday: A Message to Iran, Russia and Trump

In Letter to E.P.A., Top Ethics Officer Questions Pruitt's Actions

Email Contradicts Pruitts Account of Controversial Raises

"Knock, knock."

Lay your bets on how long it takes Trump to have a complete Twitter shitfit....

Argentina's Macri blames Carrefour supermarket crisis on Asian-owned stores

Poll: Dems now lead among older educated white voters

I could kiss Michael Avenatti right about now..

"Remember the AF1 press moment last week?"

My guess is that the Madman is currently on the phone with Putin as we speak.

The Fact that The GOP Congress Is Using The Dem Threat Of Impeachment To Help With Campaign Funding

Can Michael Cohen flip on Trump?

Oklahoma Girl Gets Textbook Once Used by Blake Shelton

CNN's Jim Sciutto: "Among the (Cohen) material seized: tax documents."

One thing for sure.....Trump/Cohen crowd couldn't have expected this....ever!

KY Guv To Veto 'Sugary' Budget That GOP Passed In Light Of Teacher Protests


Whenever The Press Mentions Robert Mueller III

For Twitter Instagram and facebook users...

Bernie Sanders calls for repeal of GOP tax law

Local Fox anchors call a black kid obnoxious for getting accepted by 20 colleges

McClatchy: last week Mueller served surprise subpoenas on a Trump org associate,

Bernie Sanders calls for repeal of GOP tax law

Interior Official Compared Parkland Students To Nazis, Promoted Conspiracies

WILL the Cohen news be overshadowed by Trump tweeting "great cabinet meeting this morning?"

Gets better: Fed Prosecutor pursuing Cohen is a Trump appointee (fmr partner with Guiliani)

Former FBI Dep Director on MSNBC: Its really hard to get probable cause to raid an att. office


They need to move Pruitt's multi million dollar security team...

A gorgeous silver lining in the dark days of Trump

Is there a software fix for the twitter link posting aggravation?

FBI also raided Cohens hotel room

Fox News is going bonkers over the raid of Trump's lawyer office!

Michael Avenatti: Trump Threw Michael Cohen "Under The Bus"

You fight like a girl

Has Cohen testified re: Trump/Russia business dealings?

Freeper "gathersnomoss" feels that the Cohen raid requires divine intervention for Trump

Full Statement from attorney for Michael Cohen about todays FBI raid.

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Happy Day!

Seth Abramson: May be reason Mueller referred to SDNY

Eric Schneiderman should start a case file on Cohen right now before Trump can pardon or even think

Preet Bharara says,

Boom on Trumps inner circle jerk....

A Beatles Tour? You know that can't be bad

So did they get Trump's tax returns?

You all realize 4 in the afternoon is early for breaking news, don't you?

These Americans are trapped in their jobs: they need to pay $10,000 to quit

Trumps head must be on fire...

Novi Sad - a new town for me but Ive heard of it all my life

Sounds like FBI was separate from Russia probe

At some point soon Trump will be asked about Stormy Daniels under oath

Sessions Turned to Convicted Fundraiser for Advice on U.S. Attorneys

If You Are Not Trump

Let's stop and consider what a Herculean task Robert Mueller has.....

Trump tried to have sex with teenage beauty queen Alicia Machado while he fat-shamed her,...

Why did Cohen have a hotel room? & Who is the AG in NYC?

House Democrat wants to know why a pharma insider is overseeing Trumps drug pricing reform

MSNBC panelist believes it's "safe to assume" Mueller has Trump's taxes

Trump Is Freaking Out About the Wrong Border: Killer Fentanyl Is Coming From Canada

According to CNN, here are 5 questions that Cohen will have to answer in relation to all of this..

I suspect mueller already had Donnie's taxes, but wouldn't it be sweet

Karmas a bitch...

Picked this up on Rick Wilson's Feed

Trump Evangelical Adviser Claims BLM Can't Achieve Justice With 'Lesbian' Leaders

When nothing seems to help...

Syria 'chemical attack': Russia and US in fierce row at UN

Anyone else wonder about the coincidental timing of the fire in Trump Tower

It is not Mueller but the US Attorney for SD NY doing the searches

Ooh! Here's a 2015 tweet from Michael Cohen:

Bloomberg: Rosenstein approved referral to SDNY

Michael Cohen, he has caught it, caught the WHANGDEPOOTENAWAH!


Why all of the Trump talk? We should be focusing on President Hillary Clintons emails

Aspects of life recommended to avoid.

Just turned on the news, Im guessing a bad day for Trump

So...did no-one ever warn Stupid not to mess with the FBI?..

If Mueller/Rosenstein is fired be ready to go to the event


"We can't have this administration dictating to us our coverage just because they don't like

So if SDNY indicts Cohen or anyone else, Trump can't pardon.

Nicole Wallace on MSNBC

Northrop Grumman Blamed for Loss of Mysterious Zuma Spy Satellite

Napolitano: "crimes by Mr. Cohen or Mr. Cohen and the president..."

"shhhhhh here comes the press act normal"

Katy Tur made a very interesting point.

Fox News Cuts Sean Hannity Tirade Against Jimmy Kimmel From Online Broadcast

Former FBI agent: With the Cohen/Manafort raids, Mueller is treating them like drug dealers

FBI seizes records related to Stormy Daniels in raid of Trump attorney Michael Cohen's office

Our republic is over two hundred years old.

Note to the GOP: You voted for a "businessman" so dirty he couldn't show you his tax returns.

Mr. Cohen. I see youre wearing handcuffs so why do you insist

Question for DU lawyers re. the Cohen thing

It feels great, because they got the bully's lawyer, that means they will get the bully.

I'm not a lawyer,

The egg will burst

Quick! Name Obama or Hillary's personal lawyers!

Just commenting...the Cohen raid was a referral.

Mike Luckovich: Fits the profile

Humboldt Sask bus tragedy: If you have a hockey stick put it right

Will trump send in ground troops to Syria to take attention away fron Cohen

Anyone notice the price of gas keeps going up?

Dear White People, If A Memorial Dedicated to Lynchings of Black People Makes You Uncomfortable, Goo

NYT: FBI raids Trump lawyer Cohen's office - April 9, 2018

***** MORE BREAKING NEWS***** About Michael Cohen (BANK AND WIRE FRAUD)

Cohen suspected of bank fraud and campaign finance violations

Just heard from Wash Post:Bank fraud is what Cohen is being investigated for.

Breaking! Cohen being investigated for possible Bank Fraud and Wire Fraud

#Reminder: TODAY is the last day to register to vote for May's primary election. Check out

Trump Tried to Have Sex With Teenage Beauty Queen Alicia Machado While He Fat-Shamed Her,


We can't say the media are ignoring the Cohen raid!

Trump attorney Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations...

There was no working smoke alarm in the Trump Tower apartment where deadly fire started, source says

That didn't take long...Ari just read Trump's statement....

Talking Points Memo: FBI raids Cohen's office, home, and hotel room

Reason Trump is waiting to hit Syria for gas attack (IMHO)

David Dennison called the Cohen raid a witch hunt.

Trump says this is an attack on our country, Hillarys emails, FBI broke into office.

CNN coverage better than msnbc: video up NOW! Buckle up!

trump is a poor victim - Constitutional Crisis Looming

"A whole new level of unfairness, an attack on all we stand for, here we are talking about Syria"...

I'm watching the President meltdown on TV right now.

For 45's followers, living in the faux-hannity bubble, this WILL break through for the 1st time.

David Dennison is still crying about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III recusing himself

Trump is having a total meltdown on live TV.

Watching Drumpt babble and rant on teevee I have to figure that either

From the Beat-video of trump's comments on the FBI raid on Cohen

Speaking of Fawlty Towers...

Today Trump sounds like a cognitively challenged Nixon

Wow. David Dennison just strongly hinted he's going to bomb Syria.

Who's turn is it to go in and haul John Kelly out of the toilet stall???

Cohen fired from his law firm!!

Who's raided next i got odds on Bolton

Reporter to Trump, LIVE TV, about 2 minutes ago: "DID YOU HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH STORMY DANIELS?"

Jerome Corsi Is Overwhelmed By His Calling To Expose Rampant Satanic Pedophilia

If you're in D.C., keep an eye out for this vehicle.....

Trump just gave his "I am not a crook" speech

America is in a really bad place.

And its only Monday

Will Trump Start a War with Syria to Distract Us

Please Mueller - find the witch that cast that spell on the POTUS

What kind of an idiot would work for Donald Trump?

Hillarys emails are behind this whole mess. Yeah, thats the ticket

"Let the special prosecutor's investigation run its course. We're here to discuss the tragedy in

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I just finished it a few days ago.

The Next 24 Hrs Pure Speculation Thread.

To raid Cohen's home and office the FBI had to clear a higher than normal bar.


Holy crap, person on Melber says Cohen is Deputy Finance Director for the RNC!

Trump responds to Cohen raid: "It's an attack on our country, in a true sense."

So did a Russian Oligarch pay off Stormy?? Very likely imho.

Isn't it a strange coincidence that we are ready to go to war....?

His pie hole was tense and teethy.

WashPo: Cohen under investigation for bank fraud and campaign finance violations

And Mueller says.....

What great news for Donald Trump!

So, Mr. Bolton, other than that, how was your first day at work?

Question: Does Cohen have any other clients besides tRump?

What is an acid washed email...???

Trump did learn about the raid before it was reported, but not before it happened.

Fox News explains exactly why the Michael Cohen raid should terrify Donald Trump

CNN Show with Erin Burnett

Michael Cornhole Under Investigation For Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, CF Violations - WP

Plans to build a new Trump Tower released.

Cohen is yet another example of something i find bizarre..........

Very fresh memes from Twitter

Happiest attorney in the country right now:

What if they search thru the documents confiscated and find connection between Russia and RNC ??

The "fixer" is need of a "FIXER"!

You take out the support struts and the main structure should collapse in on itself

Did DUers notice that in the middle of his incoherent psychobabble


Interesting comment from Seth Abramson

The village idiot of idiots' village...

Certainly is a witch hunt

Police shootings are also part of Americas gun problem

Air Force One will be taking off soon for one of these countries.

"This comes as the President's new national advisor - OMG there he is!"

Trump calls raid on his lawyer 'an attack on our country'

CEO Note: Major Oceana victory as Chile announces dramatic expansion of protected areas in its seas

"An attack on America"

Salary history cannot justify sex-based pay gaps: U.S. appeals court

extraordinary request. Trump's company asked the leader of a US alley to intercede

We all remember when Pres. Obama's personal attorney was served a search warrant by the FBI

Trump administration issues rule further watering down Obamacare

What will it take for this complicit congress to get rid of the Big Con???

Retired UNO professor stages protest against regents' new freedom of expression policy

Congress returns to Washington DC tomorrow....wonder what they will be asked about?

Donald Trump just made the Masters all about him

Let that sink in. The DOJ didnt notify Trump they were raiding his attorney.

I think it is likely there will be a simultaneous founders, others indicted on prostitution-related charges