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See how an innocent behaves

Hey Joe!

We just watched "Nell" on one of our movie channels. What a fine movie!

Taxpayer-funded security costs for Trump sons' trip to Dubai topped $70,000: report

Panetta: Kelly has become a 'virtual White House intern'

Ted Nugent meme....

Tariff fight could hit GOP in key Senate states

John Kelly, Marine Corps 4-Star General, is just plain pathetic as a man.

What is it about David Hogg that drives the gun fanatics crazy?

I just completed my "2018 Medicare Experience Survey"

Cross posting from "Social Security and Medicare."

Trump defends Scott Pruitt: 'Scott is doing a great job!'

IA-SD25: National Democrats jump into special election

Too Cool! India's Reggae Resistance: Defending Dissent Under Modi

Should we blame Trump voters? Should we just give up on them?

How far are we from a "constitutional crisis"?

This is just sick and wrong.....1% will soon own two thirds of all the worlds wealth.

German police name Muenster van attacker as Jens R., German national.

How sleazy is Trump Tower? First, it's 58 stories but tRump claims it's 68

Texas man robs bank so he can get healthcare in prison

Vice President Mike Pence coming to Wisconsin for Gov. Walker fundraiser

Maybe Cecil Richards in 2020. She has been an activist most of her adult life leading groups

This is a blast from the past.

Where there is smoke, there is FIRE!

Donald Trump's Tweets prove he is the worst person in the world. (re: fire at Trump Tower)

I got the "Just-got-Paid" Blues

I know this will make your day:

So, who will Trump blame for the fire at Trump Tower?

It's snowing!!! ❄️

Just got finished looking at twitter

Deficit nears $600 billion in first half of 2018

"Record clean Air & Water..." WTF??

Number of Republicans quitting Congress hits 44-year high amid backlash against Donald Trump

Trump sons' Dubai trip costs taxpayers at least $73,000

Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

They've got their priorities straight, at least

Trump still lurves Pruitt mightily (latest tweet):

Supposedly "well built" Trump Tower IS NOT SPRINKLERED on upper, residence floors

The Jr Trump divorce is contested over custody of the kids..

I find myself just overloaded with Trump

SC Re. pulls out a gun during meeting with anti-gun group...

The Wisdom Of The Ages...

Jeanine Pirro: We are "so lost" because Hollywood mocks Trump with "no consequences"

The house is almost empty. Two and a half weeks before we're out of here.

Not a single word for the person died in the fire...instead, Twittler spewed another nonsense !

Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought

So high rise apartment buildings don't have to have sprinklers?

Vicente Fox trolls Trump with hands are too small T-shirt

U.S. says monitoring reports of possible Syrian chemical weapon attack

King David was a prophet, evangelicals are heretics, and

Democrat Andew White unveils plan to add 1 million jobs

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 10: Jane Powell

The Spanish connection with Trumps Russia scandal (El Pais, English version)

Sid Miller put ex-doctor with 2 revoked licenses on rural health panel

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 11: Michael Curtiz

Boston African-American median net worth $8.

Hi this is the first post

Justify!!! Team Baffert!

Scott Pruitt

Les Jets et les Blackhawks rendent hommage aux Broncos

In 1998 some developer named Donald Trump opposed sprinkler systems in NYC apartments,

Kelly angered Melania by firing Trump aide with alleged online gambling problems

MI-08: Keep an eye on this race

Texas A&M, UTD, UTSA, and Texas Southern cut China ties after letter from 2 Texas congressmen

Ted Nugent openly calls for murder of democrats

I do feel sad....Kendra and Hank are getting a divorce"

I am sure there are building codes in NYC....

@GOPChallenger for WI US. Senate seat Vukmir misfires on trade barb against incumbent Baldwin,D, WI

Scott Pruitt: "It's not about him. He's a functionary. It's about the GOP." (2017)

Heads up: SNL is LIVE tonight coast-to-coast 11:30ET/8:30 PT

Texas man sent intimate photos of student to university because she wouldn't send him more

What are they going to do about it...?

Trump goes to the mat for Pruitt in bizarre tweet.

Trump Tower blaze kills man on floor without sprinklers


Trump Tower is a metaphor for Trump, himself.

NY Daily News, in article on man killed in fire, notes Trump's "tone-deaf tweet"

It was only a matter of time.

Eastern Orthodox Pascha: "Thy Resurrection O Christ Our Saviour"/"Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 8",

Name a song with the words stairway to heaven in the title.

This Sperm Whale Was Found Dead With 64 Pounds Of Trash In Its Digestive System

His name is Puddles, by the way!

Name a song

Name a.

Trump Tower didn't have any sort of alarm system to warn residents, or even text alerts

Humboldt Broncos Winnipeg Jets / Chicago Blackhawks

The film "Chappaquiddick" distorts a tragedy

Obama Was A Cool President, And Cons Want One Too...

Name a song that makes you happy.

Six musical adaptations of the same WWI poem. One is mine

Seen on Facebook

Cardi B on SNL

Reincarnation and past lives

Didn't trump say he could kill someone on 5th ave. and no one would care?

Air pollution might be the new lead

Trumps Retail Website Only Pays Sales Taxes In 2 States. Amazon Pays Taxes In 45.

Star Trek Discovery - Season 2 (SPOILERS WARNING)

SNL: The Game of Life DACA Edition

Why Rape Isn't Funny

Court Finds for Standing Rock Sioux; Against Dakota Pipeline

Donald Trump lobbied against NYC ordinance requiring sprinkler systems in new buildings.

There is a false narrative being pushes on twitter

Oklahoma rattled by four Saturday morning earthquakes

SNL Cold Open: Donald Trump Baltic States

Man drives van in crowd in Germany... and No, he wasn't a Muslim

Take that, Finland! Mainers create massive ice carousel on frozen lake

Sunday's Doonesbury - Website

A Texas Democrat's campaign just unionized. Here's why so few campaigns do that.

SNL - Weekend Update on National Guard at Mexican Border

LOL. Daily Caller runs op-ed by oligarch Oleg Deripaska; 4 weeks later, USA imposes sanctions on him

Fake news.......Best sprinkler system in the world in trump tower?

Easter- not quite over - still beautiful images

RadioFrance: Win a trip to hell

Jamie Allman lands himself in hot water with tweet about hot poker

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwpril Showers Edition

Report: EPA Head Scott Pruitts Security Expenses Hit $3 Million

Texas man robs bank so he can get healthcare in prison

New low for the UN Security Council as Russia takes Syrian human rights off the table

America: Land of the Free, Home of the White

Passage of Kansas school funding hike highlights GOP split

Blue Tide's coming for you and your posse, Donnie!

Trump is going off on Hillary via twitter this AM and praising Jesse Watters (Fox jackass)

The new age of conspiracy theory

Startling how much Dictators use the same play book...

Kim Davis files case asking people to stop suing her

Not ONE shred of decency

Pruitt's legacy - Oklahoma earthquake swarm

OUCH (and these are his friends)

Take me to the river

Pruitt attempts to protect the environment...

WHY acknowledge your dead tenant when you can quote Jesse Watters bashing Hillary instead?

Att: Mueller: Trump's Practically Begging to be Interviewed Under Oath

On behalf of our country & in spite of our potus - Condolences to the victims family and friends.

Trump Tower fire is second 2018 blaze in sprinkler-free residential tower

Horrific images out of besieged Douma tonight of a suspected Chlorine attack by the Assad regime

Roger Stone: Congressmen Told Me Jeff Sessions is 'Around the Bend,' Might Be 'Senile'

The Madness Promoted within "Tweets" has blinded up while Policies Devastate Us

"Abraham Lincoln: Selections from His Writings" (pamphlet, just scanned, PDF format)

A letter writer says teachers have it easy; a Teacher of The Year responds

Kudlow on cnn.... full of shit.

Take me to the river (redux)

Don't worry, farmers, Xi and Trump "will always be friends"

Trump Lashes Out at the Washington Post Over John Kelly Report: 'Made Up Garbage'

The fire at Trump Tower was the 1st time Trump didn't brag about how big it was!

Laura Ingraham due back at Fox News following backlash

5 Days After Trump Lawyer Paid Adult Film Star $130,000, Trump Org Billed Trump Campaign $129,999.72

'Someone died, you assh*le': Trump blasted for not acknowledging Trump Tower fire victim

Bernie Sanders is nothing but a heckler

Keystone pipeline leak in South Dakota about double previous estimate

Trump Condemns Putin for 'Backing Animal Assad' in Responding to Syria Chemical Attack...

How Your Social Class Affects Where You'll Move

'They dont have to buy American': Former US commerce secretary explains why we'll lose trade war

"The mind's a terrible thing to erase." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeff Sessions!!!

Republicans Seize on Impeachment for Edge in 2018 Midterms

Slap them the fuck down.

Graham: Trump's response to latest Syrian chemical attack 'a defining moment in his presidency

Warning to Apartment Seekers! Trump Tower is a Firetrap!

Crowley unlikely to challenge Pelosi as Speaker if Dems take House

Music that makes you hungry...

Trump Jr.: Dad's ambassador to the fringe

Always blaming President Obama...

Don't Settle for Just Any Bargain Brand White Trash!

Trump Wants to Take Back from Spending Bill

The Trumpification of the GOP Is Complete

trump castigated President Obama for telling enemies what he will be doing...

'It's personal'

Maybe Michael Avenatti should have been TRUMPS lawyer, based on his past

Most social privilege is unearned. It should not be a source of pride.

"I'm proud to be white. I bet no one passes this on because they are scared to be called a racist."

Trump is again blaming Obama for Syrian debacle. In 2013 he was telling Obama NOT to attack Syria.

China has started ranking citizens with a creepy 'social credit' system ...

White House defends National Guard border deployment

I have a question

How Paul Manafort could put the FBI on trial

BTRTN: Swamp King Blusters and Dithers in Familiar Pattern

Trump adviser: I wouldn't take anything off the table on response to alleged Syria chemical attack

Al Gore tells Van Jones 'our democracy was hacked before Vladimir Putin'

Over one year into his presidency Trump blames Obama for latest Syria gas attack in Twitter blitz

BTRTN: Swamp King Blusters and Dithers in Familiar Pattern

Collins: Pruitt Is Wrong Person To Lead EPA On Policy Grounds Alone

Congress returns on they plan on calling Scott Pruitt to answer ethics questions?

Florida People..Can I ask a non-political question?

America has just discovered the chip butty and Brits aren't happy

Talking Heads - Life during wartime

Welcome to the demise of democracy

So...well be bombing another empty airbase again?

NYT: Republicans seize on impeachment for edge in 2018 midterms

In 1999, Trump told the New York Times he was going to install sprinklers. Never did.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: Data could have come from more than 87 million users, be stored i

Kansas Lawmakers Pass $534M School Funding Plan

Dump condemned attacking Syria...but that was 2013

Mnuchin: There 'could be' trade war

Those 250 Texas National Guard going to the border

Trump's 20 Worst Broken Promises

Talking Heads - What a Day That Was

Trump administration planning to monitor journalists and bloggers

Saudis See Chemical, Oil-Refining Bonanza Along U.S. Gulf Coast

Joy Reid slays Killer Mike. A drama in 3 parts...

So Trump is going to be able to play with his toys

Ted Lieu tears into Trump for putting blame on Obama after alleged chemical attack: ...

OMG, we're having a snow storm in KS on April 8th!

Sometimes it's hard to spot your baggage on the baggage claim conveyor.

Christos Anesti!!

Chief Inspector Murphy takes a bow

To help that achin' back - do some lifting

The last few days that pundits and Trump are blaming Pres Obama for the current

For those not tired of Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

If you want to know how much of a cesspool deplorables' minds are, look at Ben Garrison's cartoons

Buddha's birthday 2018 in U.S.A. Sunday, April 8

Buddha's birthday 2018 in U.S.A. Sunday, April 8

There are always bizarro, opposite-world tweets (Trump/Syria/Obama)

In Display of Actual Sociopathy, Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didnt Also Kill Targets Fa

Why is it so stressful to talk politics with the other side?

Funny fake Trump tweet

What do you guys think about the following ticket?

Thank you, DU, for keeping me sane. Im fairly new to DU and its quickly become my safe place.

YAWN --- South Carolina bill to seced from the rest of us-Repuke stuff again

Cee Lo Green and Daryl Hall

What are your favorite online news outlets?

You have to wonder if the White House is full of chaos ...

Thank you DU Patriots

If We Don't Act Now, Fascism Will Be on Our Doorstep, Says Yale Historian.

Birds Can See Earth's Magnetic Fields, And We Finally Know How That's Possible.

I received a timely warning, this afternoon.

They learned nothing

A New View of the Moon

I'm working out my travel plans for 2018

Samba Pa Ti

Does Trump sending Guardsmen to the border remind anyone of "Polk's War"?

It only took me ten years

I lost my best friend this week

FL-SEN: Rick Scott to officially announce challenge to Bill Nelson tomorrow.

What are you reading this week of April 8, 2018?

Howard Fineman: So is Pruitt going or not?

Is it just me, or does anyone else object to calling the country of the USofA - America?

National guard democrats can finally tell us if there really is a border problem ?

Jesse Jackson: Trump administration has shown it is an advocate for authoritarianism and white...

Why is Trump suddenly appearing to become so anti-Russia and anti-Putin?

UW Stevens Point - March for the Arts and Humanities April 12th

Conservative pollster: 'I think the Republicans are in deep trouble'

Tweet from Jon Cooper of the Democratic Coalition

Unlike the Donald, Hillary Clinton wasn't a 'fraidy-cat.

'Stop acting like a chucklehead': GOP Sen Kennedy destroys 'stupid' Pruitt in brutal CBS interview

Watching Paterno on HBO

Chappaquiddick bullshit movie, watch out, here it comes. Movies and tweets and message boards

Laurence Tribe: Poorly timed talk of impeachment could backfire

Kudlow Doesn't Have Much To Show For Promised 'Trade Coalition Of The Willing'

Police say 6 detained in foiled plot to attack Berlin race

Was it Heaven? Or Hell? (Mark Twain)

WashPo; Fake news may have won election for Trump

Senator's Son To Seek New Civil Trial Against Joe Arpaio

Thousands of H-1B spouses in danger of losing jobs under Trump proposal.

Terry McAuliffe Eyes White House Bid

A city I must learn more about. Subatica-Serbia, street views and art deco

Do you trust the computer

Record Number of Democrats Running

How a Koch-backed veterans group gained influence in Trump's Washington

If it's not already posted, some straight talk about Stumpy and our predicament

Levelland native talks about nomination as head of VA

Sid Miller put ex-doctor with 2 revoked licenses on rural health panel state-government

For a sizable percentage of Americans, Christianity is just a default belief.

The "overreaction" to the Chappaquiddick movie

What did we learn from the Parkland Young People?

After a long wait, WWII spy service honored for daring acts that helped secure Allied victory

Gov. Kate Brown: 'I'll say no' if Trump orders Oregon guardsmen to Mexico border

HS buddy passed at 61 recently from ALS

NYT: Denver Post Rebels Against Its' Hedge Fund Owner

IMAGINE the SHITSTORM if Obama had "fought sprinkler legislation" in Obama Tower.

What on earth is he wearing?

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for joke amid Sean Hannity Twitter feud

Anyone here willing to help me understand the situation in Syria?

Aerosmith - What It Takes

GOP senator defends Pruitt: Some criticisms are 'overblown'

long thorough article about Scott Pruitt's efforts to destroy the EPA & let industry have free reign

Likely pointless, but I feel compelled to try

Stock market cooling off from the 'Trump bump'

Pssssssst! Bush family hosts Saudi Crown Prince Salman as Riyadh's attempt to toss 9/11 lawsuits fa

I hope this is fake. Can't believe anybody could be this dumb.

EPA official blew off scheduled meeting with toxic Appalachian coal town

In 1999, Donald LED the fight against sprinkler requirements for NYC apartments.

MSNBC is doing a special report on Robert Mueller tonight

Police quietly disarming gun owners who appear dangerous

Former Joint Chiefs chairman worries about generals in Trump's White House

CNN host: Trump's 'addiction' to Fox News leads to 'impulsive actions'

Florida woman killed, 4 others hurt by lightning strike

Retiring GOP lawmakers cut loose on Trump

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #5 "Emperor"

Trump bragged that his tower withstood a fire but has been silent about the man who died in it

ICE arrests farmworkers, sparking fears in the Central Valley over immigrants and the economy

Impeach or Indict....

Only one group to blame...REPUBLICANS

Just saying


Trumps ambassador to the unhinged....


Well we know the value of his son's life - a pickup truck

The great Jamaican sculptor Gene Pearson died two weeks ago

Maps: Dallet won 24 counties that Democrat Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump in Wiscon

Here is the evidence of a no good, cheap, greedy, piece of shit moron

Here's a cool fact about Jamie Allman

Some details of Trump Tower fire from residents.* no orders to evacuate * no working phones * no w

Moonlight Sonata... short version about 6 minutes, 20sec... relax and enjoy..

Easter Sermon of John Chrysostomos/"Thy Resurrection", Tone 6

Ajit Pais Ties to Sinclair Broadcasting Under Investigation At FCC

Does anyone here have any insights into what the US should do with respect to Syria?

Stoned Again...

North Korea confirms to White House that it is willing to talk about denuclearization...

Dive into the swamp...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots:

Take that down!: Watch Fox host panic after graphic shows Fox News is least trusted network

If I were Mexico here's what I would do about Trump's wall

Finally moving Mom & step-dad to assisted living facility

John Cleese on Insanity Hannity...

What's for Dinner, Sun, Apr. 8, 2018

Putin threatening us all with retaliation after the Trump blames him and Syria for gas attacks.

Why, because hes doing such a great job as governor...

Billionaire has a $30 million plan to replicate Virginia's blue wave in midterms

WATCH: Former Treasury secretary compares Trump's attacks on Amazon to Mussolini

Marchers urge New Mexico to get out and vote in 2018 (featuring Dolores Huerta)


POLITICO ANALYSIS: How Trump thrives in 'news deserts'

Trump Blasts Obama for Following His Advice on Syria

The Masters in Minnesota...

Who funds the Federalist..???

Small hands....small wall....

We are the Extraterrestrial....

What is the best place to donate for Democratic candidates?

NYT 1999: " Developers like Donald J. Trump have lobbied against sprinklers as unnecessary..."

7 words that can stop any right wing talking point or conspiracy theory

A Landslide of Classic Art Is About to Enter the Public Domain

So, Trump called out Putin by name - is there a P-tape in Cheeto's future?

Grifter au naturelle

How weird is this?

Pruitt's Filing To Roll Back CAFE "Unprecedented" In Shoddiness, Lack Of Data, Numbers, Content

Why Antarcticas Prehistoric Forests Might Foreshadow Its Future

No tRump diversion trhread.

March Arctic Sea Ice Area 2nd-Lowest On Record For Month; Bering Sea Ice Loss Striking This Season

So the GOP MASTER PLAN to stave off the BLUE WAVE is to scare voters with IMPEACHMENT talk?

Pascha: "Come Receive the Light" in different languages/"Come Receive the Light" [Native American

The "irrational exuberance" of Wall Street

Kimmel apologizes to Hannity for harmful comments

Alright...just a fucking second here.......

Is this true? Heard there is an epidemic of knife and acid attacks occurring in London

"Is This the Gayest Campaign Ad Ever?"

"Is This the Gayest Campaign Ad Ever?"

"Is This the Gayest Campaign Ad Ever?"

Trump slams Washington Post as made up garbage, as DHS looks to monitor journalists

60 Minutes today is having a section on the Russian hacking of state election districts.

One of those "damn Syrian immigrants"

New Banksy Piece in NYC

A bit old, but it just demonstrates that Fox never changes.

My own racism

Go and sin no more

Update on 74 y/o, diabetic and now homeless.

Pelosi: Pruitts tenure has been a part of the Trump Admin culture of corruption, cronyism

Ted Nugent has a history of mental illness

Why is it called the Cockpit?

Winging a Trade War

Record Number of Democrats Running

Republicans Seize on Impeachment as an Issue