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What global warming?

Record Number of Democrats Running for the South Dakota State Legislature

Women are coming. POC are coming. Now the Children are coming.

Trump conjures a new immigrant rape epidemic

Why so many Republicans think Paul Ryan is ready to quit Washington

So I went over to Reverend Barber's website

The $1.2 trillion weapon China could use in a trade war with the US

NYT Opinion: How Memphis Gave Up on Dr. Kings Dream

Trump Says He'll Take 'Very Serious Look' at Amazons Business

Mulvaney gave pay raises to political appointees at consumer protection agency

DC government issues citation against owner of apartment Scott Pruitt rented

Who is Trump's most outrageous cabinet member?

Under Trump, an Office Meant to Help Refugees Enters the Abortion Wars

Jimmy Carter on the Colbert Show. Explains exactly whats wrong w/Cheetolini

Dow Jones Futures Drop 420+ points on Trump Announcement of $100b MORE in Tarrifs

'Qui ouvre une ecole, ferme une prison'

Sasse torches Trump proposal for more China tariffs: "If he's even half-serious, this is nuts."

Death Sentences Are Down. Jeff Sessions Has a Plan to Change That.

Kid in Alberta started a petition against new gun registry laws in Canada.

Mexico Agrees to Pay for Trumps Psychiatric Care

Conservatives fear trade war could cripple tax cuts message

Has any reporter ever checked to see if Michael Cohen put a mortgage on his home in 2016?

WH reviewing proposal that would roll back protections for threatened species

White House has aides go on Pirro every week knowing Trump watches: report

Dem Rep: Pruitt is the poster boy for the most ethically corrupt administration

Nightly cold weather parade into the barn (really sweet)

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Good Friday! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Trump floated replacing Sessions with Pruitt this week despite scandals

Civil rights leader F.D. Reese dies at 88

U.S. Stock Futures Tumble as Trump Signals More China Tariffs

Canada goose vs. American soldier

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 8 - Gidget

309 Women Are Now Running for Congress. Thats a Record.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 9 - Star of the Month: William Holden

A fellow member of Democratic Underground has defined the problem


I can't fucking believe Pruitt is not in jail, much less still EPA Administrator.

Dow futures indicate more than 350 point drop at market open after Trump threatens more tariffs

Tim Tebow hits 3-run homer on 1st swing in Double-A for Mets

Water bottles sometimes contain microscopic plastic bits that can go into

Pruitt fell behind on payments for his $50-a-night condo rental

Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data

You have to give Spanky credit. He is really boosting the ratings of hot new cable TV shows.

Did DUers see the Con literally toss the prepared remarks today

Mexico Agrees to Pay for Trump's Psychiatric Care

Watching Rachel. Pruitt just went hog wild, didn't he?

Now Mueller is looking at Michael Cohen.

Mueller probe tracking down Trump business partners, with Cohen a focus of queries Read more here:

Are there any members of the Trump Adminstration without ethical issues?

Totally agree that he will make things worse....

2018 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to change parties.

Douchebag; As predicted. Kushner gave the Saudis a list of enemies to arrest.

This GEICO commercial mocking McGruff The Crime Dog is Offensive!

Corey Lewandowski to House Dems.....I am not answering your fucking questions.....

Its called the 25th amendment...unfit for potus

Senate Democrats Call for Investigation of Pruitt's Unusual Raises

A dental question: Is electric water flossing just fancied up mouthwashing in effectiveness?

At least some politicians can say NO to trump...

New York States Balance Of Power May Tip In Westchester Special Election

I'm just gonna sit back here and watch for a spell...

Open mouth insert gigantic foot....

Go Fuck Yourself....Dotard

Pretty sure Stormy Daniels will never have to refund the $130,000 now.

The President is lying about voting, to gain political advantage and in pursuit of power.

More bad news for Manafort (and the president): Mueller has UNRELATED search warrants


"The strength of our case just went up exponentially...."

We have to get these slimy bastards out of our politics...

The Dollop: Erik Prince and Blackwater

Wrestle mania on in a bar. Stadium has to hold 30k..

Republican Senator Ben Sasse slams Trump & his trade war, 'Nuts'

Just woke up from a nap. What happened? n/t

Mcclatchydc: Mueller tracking down Trump business partners; focus on Cohen

Exclusive: Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert

PLEASE...promise me that you WON'T share, tweet, or add ANY of these photos to your posts. PLEASE.

Dollars for decency

Exclusive: Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert

So, Michael Cohen would *take a bullet* for his boss, Donald Dumbfuck, and Donald threw this

Trey Gowdy: Congress was a waste of time, and the only goal of the GOP is to win elections

Do yourself a favor: Read , David Fahrenthold's Twitter feed.

TIME: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Rachel reported someone associated with Trump or Manafort had their house raided by the FBI

Trump's hair looks like it just flipped to Mueller and is trying to act natural.

1001 Scott Pruitt Scandals You Must Read About Before You Die (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Trump has his marching orders from the Kochtopus...

Peanuts Gang Singing "Saturday In The Park"

Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Honking Dog

Atomwaffen, Extremist Group Whose Members Have Been Charged in Five Murders,

Everyone Got The Pulse Massacre Story Completely Wrong

Seth Meyers - Trump's Placemat, Pokmon Go - Monologue - 4/4/18

Meet Brian the Rescued 'Mini-Kangaroo'

MSNBC: Mueller moves to seize Bank accounts (politico)

Just saw some videos of Trump promising to "drain the swamp"... and it just hit me...

Seth Meyers - Trump Breaks Silence on Stormy Daniels as Russia Probe Heats Up: A Closer Look

86 teenagers killed by gun-related violence since Florida

Another Report Says 'Black Widow' Solo Film Will Hit Theaters 2020

Playing doctor, 21st Century edition

Bad Boys, bad boys, what cha gonna do?

Hard to believe it's only Thursday night.

The Daily Show - Cecile Richards - How Planned Parenthood is Faring Under President Trump 1/25/18

Republican senator on Trumps latest tariff threat: This is nuts

Is Manafort getting close to crying "uncle"?

Joy Reid: For the record, Barack Obama is quite a bit more than just a charismatic leader.

Iowa's Grassley is at least angry with the new trade war

Of course they did....

Scientists harvest 1st vegetables in Antarctic greenhouse

8 bodies dumped in Mexico state; 3 college students slain

It isn't hair.

Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data

Pruitt: "a third-rate ideologue"

Trump Questioned Why CIA Avoided Killing Terrorists Family: Report

EPA Ethics Official Backtracks on Approval of Pruitt Rental Agreement

Democrat Ted Lieu held a town hall meeting in Devon Nunes' district. The place was packed.

One lucky person can get a free 30-day subscription to The Washington Post with my link:

'If our countries were safe, we wouldn't leave': the harsh reality of Mexico's migrant caravan

'If our countries were safe, we wouldn't leave': the harsh reality of Mexico's migrant caravan

Cook Political Report teases 13 House rating changes for tomorrow.

Kentucky legislators send tax cuts for wealthy, tax hikes for the other 95 percent to governors des

'I have no thought of escaping': inside the Brazilian prisons with no guards

'I have no thought of escaping': inside the Brazilian prisons with no guards

Trump backer Robert Mercer helped fund anti-Muslim ads in 2016, new documents show

Lobbyists Name Scratched Out On Pruitts Condo Lease, Replaced With Wifes Name

Tillerson spent $12 million on consultants for State Department redesign

Hart family crash: Searchers find cellphone near site of deadly SUV plunge

Democrats Should Ignore Trump/Bernie on Trade. Look to FDR, Not Hoover

What Is Going on with Trumps Pant Legs? One Humble Theory

The heat never bothered me anyway...

Video Of What Bernie Said In Mississippi

China Vows to Fight Trump Tariffs to the End' as Tension Rises

Russia says Britain is playing with fire in spy case

"Women-Should-Be-Hanged for abortions" conservative loses his writing gig

New Song...The Dead Daisies - Set Me Free

Park Geun-hye: South Korea's ex-leader jailed for 24 years for corruption

Scientists harvest Antarctic greenhouse vegetables

Women Say Richard Meiers Conduct Was Widely Known Yet Went Unchecked

New Song...The Dead Daisies - Leave Me Alone

Co-Owner & CEO of Computer Company Sentenced for Conspiring to Steal Intellectual Property

PwC faces largest ever auditor malpractice damages verdict

Has Trump ever said that he loves the US?

Mueller probe tracking down Trump business partners, with Cohen a focus of queries

Ellen Stofan, Former NASA Chief Scientist, to Head National Air and Space Museum

llen Stofan, Former NASA Chief Scientist, to Head National Air and Space Museum (crosspost)

I'm all for putting his picture on every post office in the country.

Judge dismisses McAuliffe from suit over failed car company

Vincente Fox on Morning Joe right now (nt)

Mueller Has Evidence Contradicting Erik Prince's Testimony About Russia Meeting

What's China's "trump card" regarding the proposed $100 billion tariffs?

Lobbyist couple cited by DC for renting Pruitt's room

Oh my gosh

Serious Discussions relating to Cell Phones and Cancer

Famous people you didn't expect were sexy in their youth.

Woke up to Ryans face all over the tv screen

Steve Schmidt Whacks Trump's Disregard For Laws: 'He's Doing The Work Putin Aspires To'

Being ready with a message when Mueller events hit the fan

Mueller has evidence raising questions about Prince testimony on meeting with Russian: Sources

I dont mean to offend...

Woman who claims she was fired for flipping off Trump motorcade sues former employer

Best Nickname for Trump Yet!

Trump thinks "having a trade war and getting along with Putin, is a good thing"?

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Fascist Asshole

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Another Prick wants a wall

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Trade Stoppers

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - FBook

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Why Can't We Do This For Trump

Britain Pinpoints Secretive Russian Facility That Made Deadly Nerve Agent

Trey Gowdy Interview: Says his tenure in Congress was a waste of time

Historian John Meacham Predicts End Of Trump Presidency

Trump, By the way.....

Trump Says He'll 'Probably' Skip WH Correspondents Dinner Again: Press are 'So Fake..Like Novelists'

'Concerned' Evangelicals Plan To Meet With Trump As Sex Scandals Swirl

Boulder City Council gives assault-weapons ban initial OK after marathon hearing

List of the the people that Trump said...

Things Goin' On...

Vicente Fox Warns Trump Supporters on Threats to NAFTA: 'You're Going to Pay the Price'

I Feel So Good

Payroll employment edges up by 103,000 in March; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.1%

Enjoy: 12 Cooks Political Ratings Changes: More movement toward a Democrat Blue Tsunami

Mueller moved to seize bank accounts in Manafort probe

Warren: I'll serve my full Senate term if reelected

****BREAKING: WEAK***** Just 103K new jobs in March. Well short of expectations

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump's hair announces its departure from the Trump administration.

Trump administration imposes new sweeping economic sanctions on senior Russian politicians, ...

Will we stop trump before it's too late?

Market volatility is reminiscent of the 1987 crash: Veteran trader Art Cashin

Definitive PROOF the president is a monster...

More House Seats Shift Towards the Democrats

7 Oligarchs, 12 Companies from Russia, all placed on Sanction, including Deripaska

'Lies, lies, lies': Vicente Fox destroys Trump over bogus migrant 'rape' claims

Question for DUers - are any of these so called new sanctions against Russia and

State of Our Democracy - Lewandowski to Democrats: I'm not answering your 'f---ing' questions

Massive Oil Spill 'Welcome Boost' To Economy, Says BP

Will someone PLEASE get beloved Evangelist Franklin Graham a bran muffin, and give him a hug?

China is much better prepared to win a trade war than us.

Guardian journalist tweet re Breitbart, UKIP and Cambridge Analytica

Gotta love Neil.....

Jimmy Kimmell responds to Hannity calling him an "assclown.."

Sarah Sanders to attend White House Correspondents' Dinner to represent White House

BREAKING: US job growth slows (CNN)

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 4/5/18

The Rundown: April 5, 2018

The origin of Super Villains: Solomon Grundy (comics)

Geraldo Rivera told Hannity last night that the immigration crisis "is manufactured"

Vicious Quandry

COOK POLITICAL: 13 House Races shift towards Democrats

Koch network growing frustrated with the GOPs 2018 agenda

Good read about Walkers failed power-grab.

The brightest of the brightest. The lightest of the lightest. . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!

Koch network growing frustrated with the GOP's 2018 agenda

With all that Trump was able to get away wit before the election...

Trump asked CIA official why drone strike didnt also kill targets family

Lowest unemployment rate is no paradise for Hawaii

Hannity, feuding with Kimmel, gives "tick tock" hints that he talked to Disney CEO about Kimmel

How long with Larry Kudlow last as economic advisor?

Madman runs amok. Republicans sit it out.

Trump: "We're going to come out with numbers on Friday that, hopefully, are going to be fantastic"

As far as DU rules go, is Sen. Bernie Sanders considered a "Democrat"?

'Concerned' Evangelicals Plan To Meet With Trump As Sex Scandals Swirl

China vows to fight US 'at any cost' as trade spat worsens

Will We Stop Trump Before Its Too Late? by Madeleine Albright

If Democrats win the House and Senate ...

China : All actions are on the table.

SHOCK: Fox News Fact-Checks Trump: "None Of That Was True"

The Problem with Sinclair Isn't Their Right Wing Politics

The Offal Office

Trump says 'pain' from China tariffs will make US 'much stronger'

Ex-Russian spy no longer in critical condition after UK poisoning

'There Are Black People in the Future'

'There Are Black People in the Future'

I hate to be a bearer of bad news but Kudlow is very good for tRump.

How Trump governs by bluffing

I feel like I should have known this song a long time ago

RW media still touting Trump's 4/4 Rasmussen poll at 51%, though it dropped immediately

AR15 Slaughter of Denali Wolves... Graphic pics

W Post: 'Roseanne' is a smash, but ABC's biggest star is also its most controversial

The Mueller Massacre.

Bedford County prosecutor, accused of helping drug dealers for sex, resigns

Kudlow was on Bloomberg today not answering questions, and spewing the trump propaganda, but

'Tired of being told no,' Trump freezes out chief of staff (John Kelly)

Madeleine Albright writes: "Will We Stop Trump Before Its Too Late?"

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Poll: Trump approval drops to record low

Evangelical leaders planning sit-down with Trump over Stormy Daniels

Man trying to rescue his dog drowns in river; pet survives

AP: Women file to run for US House seats in record numbers

Man trying to rescue his dog drowns in river; pet survives

Trump asked "Why did you wait?" about armed US drone strike that avoided killing civilians

Latest tweet: Pruitt is "TOTALLY under seige..."

It looks like the sell off is picking up steam

2-weeks since "March for Our Lives" and donations keep coming: now at 3.5 million!

Why we don't have three major parties, and why the GOP will survive ...

A few more words on Alzheimer's prevention: Tap water? Caviar? Twinkies?

'You try and find a bed in DC for only 50 dollars a night.'

Michelle Obama: My husband was 'the good parent' compared to Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sean Hannity's Vicious Attacks

I have a feeling Fedex is sending me my new espresso maker on a Greyhound bus.....

Trump denies he is considering replacing Sessions with Pruitt

Any chance this French documentary can be translated into English?

Trump: My approval rating is '7 or 8 points' higher than what polls say

Bernie cannot come to the cookout. Sorry, not sorry.

'Raise Hell': In Trump Era, Blue State Dems Have Made Huge Strides

How resilient is your state for anticipated climate change? How water efficient are they?

A Dressing (or Dip) Thats Easy to Love

LOL: Trump said his Real Approval Rating is 58 or 59 percent...

Coward yellow belly skips WH Correspondents Association annual dinner...again...

Trump Doubles Down on a Trade War He Cant Win

Enough Already!,,,,,,,,,

1 in 5 Americans have joined protests or rallies in past two years, often in reaction to Trump, poll

I think when The Dotard talks of caravans of rapists coming across the border

Democrat Mike Espy announces bid for U.S. Senate seat in Mississippi

What are the chances that Laura Ingraham is coming back from her vacation?

None of us were upset with the lack of opposition to the illegal Bush/Cheney war?

Liberty U Bans, Threatens To Arrest Christian Critic of Falwell

This is what happens when you get rid of 30 pct of your newsroom staff

Grocery stores worry about Trump's pullback on SNAP (food stamps)

Grocery stores worry about Trump's pullback on SNAP (food stamps)

Bette Midler on why Trump hates John Bolton's mustache

Grocery stores worry about Trump's pullback on SNAP (food stamps)

PRUITT LIED! 2 EPA officials confirmed that Pruitt endorsed...the Raises for his loyal friends!

Here's how we can get rid of Scott Pruitt

This is another reason Hillary and other Democratic Candidates lose in Positive Media Coverage

Federal judge upholds Massachusetts assault weapons ban

"Hustlers Convention may be the best record ever recorded."

Gotta love Neil.....

Puerto Rico to close 283 schools amid sharp enrollment drop after hurricane, economic crisis

Cook Political Report changes the ratings of 13 House races in Democrats' direction

My wonderful husband

2020 Straw Poll *

This may be the 2nd seat, after Ros-Lehtinen in FL, where Rs are inclined to just write off ...

Trump asked why CIA didnt kill targets family also

Chinese crime syndicates alleged pot grows lead to seizure of 100 homes in Sacramento area

Palestinians killed and scores wounded in Gaza border protests

Happy 52nd anniversary, the beginning of the recording of "Revolver."

When I am in the line at the grocery store and politics comes up

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Researchers develop device that can 'hear' your internal voice

You had one job, Denver Post!

Advisers Gave Trump PowerPoint Presentation Debunking His Claims on Amazon. It Didnt Work

Turns out the SNL "more cowbell" sketch was somewhat based in fact.

Scott Pruitt Reportedly Lied About Knowledge Of Staff Raises

Friday's Caption a Photo....John Kelly

If Scott Pruitt were to replace Jeff Sessions, would he hesitate to fire Robert Mueller...?

What's more frightening than impossible sorcery? Ordinary objects magically become guns

Opinion: Gun violence is a serious health issue for certain Bay Area students

Russian spy reluctantly and belatedly imposes sanctions against Russian oligarch.

Ignorance Asking

We just lost Senator Daniel Akaka.

Seth Abramson: Prince is top Mueller target.

Ann Coulter Goes There: If Military Shoots One 'Illegal' at Border, 'Maybe Theyll Learn'

There is a bit of relief that Trump won't be at the corespondent dinner?

I just got a weird wingnutty survey in the mail.

Trump must be stopped before it is too late and here is how

To all of you Republican conservatives-this morning I hate you

Beto ORourke Hits Pay Dirt With Bernie Sanders Money Machine

Thoreau's Walden Pond in trouble, warn scientists

Signatures of dead voters wont keep U.S. Senate candidate off Maine primary ballot

South Carolina Lawmakers Want to Debate Secession

As AG, Pruitt or ANY political associate of Trump must recuse (DOJ Conflicts Rule, 28 CFR 45. 2).

Signs around Capitol Hill poking fun at Scott Pruitt this morning

How to make people indifferent about voting, 101...

Signs around Capitol Hill poking fun at Scott Pruitt this morning

Those affected by sanctions are: 7 Russian oligarchs 12 companies 17 senior government officials

Last night on Rachel Maddow...Dean Heller admits he cannot win re-election....

Signs mocking Pruitt offering '$50 a night' luxury Capitol Hill condo appear across DC

Mobilize and GOTV

BREAKING: John Kelly wants Pruitt fired...

Trey Gowdy says he did not like being in politics?

SWEET! Kushner family scores a $600 million loan while Jared is being probed.

A key Virginia GOP state senator says he is willing to break ranks and vote to expand Medicaid

Kudlow just learned of Trumps latest tariffs move last night

Maryland bill that allows automatic voter registration becomes law without Gov. Hogan's signature

Kander hires Des Moines Register scribe amid 2020 buzz

Arrest warrant issued for disgraced Brazilian politician Lula Da Silva

Why did the GOP take so many seats in the House and Governors in 2010?

I just got a cell call (not answered) from +7-207-704-82-3 (RUSSIA)

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Hannity: If Im an Ass Clown You, Sean, Are the Whole Ass Circus

Wisconsin lawmaker who took protest sign says military training taught him it was a safety risk

Staffers At A Top, Bernie-Backed Progressive Firm Have Unionized

Trump wants to protect farmers from Chinese trade retaliation. That may create a bigger problem

Georgia sheriffs sign: If you kill someone, we might kill you back

Just saw a great term: Bluenami!

GOP senator on tariff threat: Hopefully Trump is blowing off steam because this is nuts

Has Bernie lost touch with political reality?

Any news on the FCC investigation into Ajit Pai's moves to benefit Sinclair Broadcasting?

EDITORIAL: Joe Kennedys moderate political stance might help the Democratic party

China vows to fight U.S. 'at any cost' as trade tensions worsen

Fox News correspondent: I think that this whole immigrant crisis is manufactured

Since the launch of the Petro, only 12 transactions

Green Party puts Democratic seat at risk in Montana

Former Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii dies at 93

Attention PA Residents of Voting Age

Investors react as Trump calls for more China tariffs

Trump Gloats That His Trade War Is Going To Hurt The American People

These are the facts as to Bernie Sanders accomplishments in the Senate

Former Georgia city official drops N-word while pushing for Confederate History Month

What has been Trump's most outrageous lie yet?

Thanks don, the Dow is now -553 and falling

Corporate America will bring next wave of pain, money managers warn

Trump's picture in the post office

Pelosi calls on Pruitt to resign

If you kill someone, we might kill you back: Sheriff welcomes visitors with ominous warning

Madeleine Albright hammers Trump for 'abdication' of US leadership

This happened in my area yesterday

Mystery surrounds Sessions appointee to FBI investigation

Senate GOP skeptical of Trump idea to cancel spending

The Word "Christian" Has Become Meaningless in Political Terms

Combating Climate Change

Woman fired for flipping off Trump motorcade warns of 'creeping speech suppression'

Study shows 'Sinclair effect' on local news

EPA's Pruitt violates Clean Air Act, Washington State AG Ferguson charges in lawsuit

Anybody else watching Sarah Huckstriss Sanders

Did Sarah 3 Names just say that coyotes are doing the raping?

GOP fears primary fight will ruin Va. Senate chances

Sessions orders 'zero tolerance' policy at Southwest border

Puget Sound region's seemingly inexorable surge in home prices marches on

And just like that, you become a victim of credit card fraud.

Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Honking Dog

Pruitt met with fossil fuel reps 25 times more than environmentalists in first seven months

New Filing Indicates Robert Mueller May Have New Collusion Evidence

Patient Voices: Restless Leg Syndrome

Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration

A little bit o'history...

The Dow is down -700 points right now

Thousands of Indian Women Find Their American Dreams in Jeopardy.

Missing children believed dead after California SUV wreck

Trump says WTO is unfair to US

Embattled EPA chief's calendar shows industry had his ear

White House sends aides to appear on Jeanine Pirro's Fox News show to stop Trump from calling in

Something tells me that Trump no longer considers the stock market to be important.

Zuma in the dock: South Africa's ex-president faces corruption charges

Chief of Staff Advised a Resistant Trump to Fire E.P.A. Chief

Oklahoma was once a center of left-populism. Could it be that again?

Markets, down, at close. Edited:

Lunch with Anthony Scaramucci

Danish inventor accused of Kim Wall murder 'psychopathic', court hears

Kansas AG begs lawmakers to pass school funding plan soon

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Trump "absolutely" still believes trade wars are easy to win

Facebook to Require Verified Identities for Future Political Ads

Paul Ryan's failure to stand up to Trump has made Wisconsin farmers the target of his pointless trad

If the voters give the Democrats control of Congress

Sarah Sanders: Trump still believes trade wars are 'easy' to win because 'he's the best negotiator'

Russian meddling in 2018 will be

If Im an A Clown You, Sean, Are the Whole AssClown Circus (Sean Hannity)

PETA calling for Trump Jr.'s deportation in billboard campaign

Ohio man charged with attacking woman with pizza.

Oklahoma teachers ride wave of support in march to capital: 'It's for the kids'

Proposed tariffs will counteract tax cuts by more than 25 percent: analysis

Mexico Agrees to Pay for Trump's Psychiatric Care

The GOP can lose the popular vote by 3 times the margin Trump did and keep the House

Why Trump's trade policies will fail

Trump supporter, Putin ally meeting may not have been by chance: Sources

Pawlenty is running for governor again.

A Suspected Russian Spy, With Curious Ties to Washington

S.C. Republicans introduce bill to consider secession over gun rights

I think tRump might be manipulating the market.

Marijuana shortage possible this summer in San Diego

S.C. Republicans introduce bill to consider secession over gun rights

Trump is down to 37/57 at A- rated IPSOS

Zinke sees low demand, strong opposition, for new offshore drilling

Lobbyist couple had to change the locks on Pruitt

Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity are trolling each other right now...

If Democrats win both the House and Senate, what do they do about Trump??

If taxes arent working, will desperate Republicans keep turning to race-based attacks?

My husband thinks I am a conspiracy theorist.

So I heard that Groper Don the Con will boycott the Correspondents' Dinner

A few comments about trade wars

Brazil's ex-President refuses to turn himself in for jail sentence...

Mike Luckovich: Climate change.

John Dean: ABC bottom dives (re Roseanne show)

Carrefour Argentina, nation's largest supermarket chain, declares bankruptcy

Carrefour Argentina, nation's largest supermarket chain, declares bankruptcy

If/when the National Guard is sent to the border ...

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 6, 2018

Sex marketplace seized by U.S. justice authorities: posting

The new Roseanne is a zombie -- risen from the dead but without a soul.

Friday means a Fish Fry at the local VFW Hall

An idiot on trade.................

A God Among Vegetables

Amid deportations, immigrants shy away from medical care


Molly Ringwald Reckons with the Sexism of the John Hughes Movies That Made Her Famous

CNN: Mueller questioning Russian Oligarchs (about channeling money into Trump

I don't know about any of you but I have had enough of Ted Nugent......................

Our dogs the randy Newman song you got a friend in me

Nine West files for bankruptcy

Blake Farenthold resigns abruptly from Congress

Farenthold has abruptly resigned from Congress.

what did the stock market do today

I've lost three checks since February (all bills).

How Beto ORourke Built a Fundraising Army

Mueller has evidence that Trump supporter's meeting with Putin ally may not have been a chance encou

Remember when tax cuts would create jobs...LOL

Mueller just scored another huge win as longtime Trump ally turns snitch (Felix Sater)

U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman pulls out loaded gun in constituent meeting to make point about safety

Trump is reinvigorating the American left

Serial masturbators in jail get a free pizza if they stop publicly stroking it for 30 days

O.G.s kill families...

Interesting review of the film "Chappaquiddick" and its political implications.

GOP Rep. Farenthold resigns amid sexual harassment scandal

Every Round Things in not a Football

Not enough...

Trump's Washington D.C. It's not a swamp. It's a Billionaire Boys Club.

Another Team Trump effort to roll back threatened species protections is in the works

It's snowing!!!!111

Harming the retirement funds of millions of us is high crimes and misdemeanor

Rethug "Courage"

You will answer Muellers fucking question...dickhead

Ajit Pais Harlem Shake video preparations must remain secret, FCC says

Firing squad....

Exactly what Putin ordered....

Did anybody else notice that Trump only talked about the stock market re: his tariffs

At a private luncheon, Senator Heller says low turnout is key to re-election, promised ACA repeal

Where was the good guy with the gun...?

I think if Drumpt finally faces Mueller he will go the

GOP Rep. Brandishes Gun At Meeting: Im Not Going To Be A Gabby Giffords

The True Story of How Hawaii Became Part of the United States

Erik the Scumbag going down....

Facebook says it supports bill that would regulate political ads on the internet


Zuckerberg: Facebook has systems to stop hate speech. Myanmar groups: No, it doesnt.

Guest list for Real Time tonight.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman pulls out loaded gun in constituent meeting to make point about safety

Meditate on this...

"Its starting to look like Trump can only sell snake oil once, and America, or enough of it, is com

Russian Oligarch Sanctioned by Treasury Was at Trump Inauguration + Donated $250K

Pat Robertson Says Hes Being Dominated By Homosexuals

Wisconsin lawmaker who took protest sign says military training taught him it was a safety risk


Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3: III

Binge watched "Orange is the New Black", "Better Call Saul", and "Breaking Bad".

Kearney man in the spotlight after quitting his Sinclair TV job in protest

Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election

Does Dallas County discriminate against white voters? Trial on voting rights lawsuit to begin

For more than a century, presidents have used Opening Day to unite the country. Not anymore.

How China nationalized foreign firms

Of course he did...

What do these Trump family members and supporters have in common with me?

TYT: Why Christians Wouldnt Care If Trump Paid For Abortions - what we are up against

Trump Is Scaring the Hell Out of His Advisers Right Now

Get back!


SLATE: New filing indicates Robert Mueller may have new collusion evidence.

Brazil's Lula defies prison order as crowds rally for and against him

The old gods.

Brazil's Lula defies prison order as crowds rally for and against him

Judge finds Avenatti misunderstands procedure in Stormy Daniels case

Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'

Boston Store to close; 12 more in Wisconsin face same fate

Exclusive: Trump begins informal prep for potential Mueller interview

Why did they die?

Forty years ago, Rock Lobster launched the career of the B-52s and revived John Lennons

Negotiating with Mueller?

The First Purge Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump's clothing company will be spared from tariffs, thanks to her dad

Your Friday Evening Chill

Doing TIME...

"TRUTH".... all Democrats Must Hear!!!!!

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