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Archives: April 5, 2018

Fucking health insurance premiums increased 25%.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #8

The events of the past week have moved me to again suggest that at least one of the networks

Mueller's cooperating witness George Nader revealed as key link between Jared Kushner and Russia:

Facebook Says Cambridge Analytica Harvested Data of Up to 87 Million Users


So THIS is what GOP stands for!!

Entire national security staff told Trump he could not pull out of Syria

Meet our special panel: 3 generations of Civil Rights activists discuss Civil Rights

Anybody know how to stream Rachel Maddow live for free?

JUST IN: Nunes demands original FBI document that outlines reasoning for starting Trump-Russia probe

McConnell: Midterms could be 'a category 3, 4 or 5' storm for GOP

Has anyone done research on family from Sweden?


Before the Media Lionized Martin Luther King Jr., They Denounced Him

Feds Say They've Detected Apparent Rogue Spy Devices In D.C.

New Stock Index to Launch

About Dr. Kings dream..

We know nothing...sold targeted stories to America,,,we know nothing...

OReilly desperately wanted to keep his sexual harassment settlements secret. Now we know why

Kathy Griffin Makes TV Comeback as Kellyanne Conway on 'President Show'

Nobody can stand this guy....

Harpooning the StingRay: How to Detect and Avoid IMSI Catchers that Spy on Cellular Phones and Inter

"He can serve out the rest of his term from prison"

Scott Pruitt Knows Exactly What He's Doing

Scott Pruitt Knows Exactly What He's Doing

Of Course he did....

So the mentally unstable woman who shot up the YouTube campus owned and carried her gun legally.

Facebook LIVE Link: Sen. Bernie Sanders and Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba Town Hall

Branny works his magic on Iowa from far away

Oh my

12...24 hours before they put the cuffs on....Target

Houdini 1953 w Tony Curtis

In the event Mueller does find substantial evidence of Trump's criminality but feels obliged to

Evangelicals claim God installed Traitor don in office

Thank you Chris Hayes for discussing and showing video about

Witness in Mueller Inquiry Who Advises U.A.E. Ruler Also Has Ties to Russia

A few thoughts about where we are and at least one reason why - Women

Planned Parenthood CEO says Jared and Ivanka offered 'bribe' of increased funding if abortions were

Trump gets testy as national security team warns of risks of Syria withdrawal

After 50 years, my dad still believes MLK assassination was a conspiracy.

U.S. Says Russian Suspect in LinkedIn Hack Tried to Escape

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Good Friday! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

real news to read at Slate - (1) Neil Gorsuchs Legacy Is Already Devastating (2) You Can't Clean Up

Donald Trumps Voight/Kampff Test, as administered by Robert Mueller

Trump Administration to Ask Military to Build Walls for Base on U.S.-Mexico Border

Rachel is good tonight. Her Bolton info is startling

Turnout tops 22 percent in Wisconsin Supreme Court election

A cyberattack on a data network shared by U.S. gas pipeline operators exposed a potential vulnerabil

Rachel Maddow has a great show going tonight

And the plot thickens....

Tracci's motion: Asks judge to vacate Kessler dismissal

Scott Walkers handpicked candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court loses in a landslide

750 Palestinians shot by Isreal snipers 17 killed

From WAPO - A fantastic image. The grasping. The neediness. The hole in the soul.

Why Chaos Could Be Just What We Need Right Now

How Trump is preparing for War

Second Amendment and its fraudulent hucksters

Found a picture of the caravan of immigrants headed toward America.

When Ivan Duques dad confronted Alvaro Uribe over Medellin Cartel licenses

Gosh I was just reminded of why I hate the Chris Mathews show and it's host.

Death threats and trolls are forcing Colombia celebs off social media

Went to meeting for Peter Jeffrion AL CD5 candidate tonite!

GOP lawmaker to introduce legislation to mandate picture of president, VP at post offices

We can't even fix our Roads and Bridges that previous generations built...

Eric Swalwell says if Dems take over the House

Overwhelming response to first-ever civil rights restoration clinic

Rev. William Barber's speech in Memphis at the MLK commemoration. Spellbinding.

Federal judge expands tribal ID options for North Dakota

Happy Birthday, Gary Moore!

New Peru government reaffirms ban on Maduro from showing up to Summit of Americas meeting

Judge limits information to Indian activist in riot trial

Major news story (under) reported in U.S. News(17 protesters killed in Palestine, hundreds shot)

*Rebecca Dallet was on Lawrence Show.

Evidence Africa Is Literally Splitting In Two

Federal protections sought for mustangs in Montana mountains

Minimum monthly wage in Venezuela: 915,000 BsF. Carton of eggs? 850,000 BsF.

Obama and John Lewis speak about Martin Luther King

Magnificent! We followed Gov Fallin up the stairs with The Crowd (keys in hands) "Where's My Car?"

Trump Vodka

Was there any parts of that Chinese space station found?

So this happened at a town meeting in Georgia

DeVos joins debate on racial inequities in school discipline

Transcript of Donald Trump's Voigt/Kampff Test, as administered by Robert Mueller

OMG....Cruz asked if he is human...LMAO

The Latest: Fallin wants teachers to get back to classrooms

Scott Walker Dismayed That Wisconsin Apparently Smarter Despite Cuts in Education

NYT: Nader has undisclosed links to Russia

Breitbart's headline writer seems to think Bangladesh is in the Middle East


Macedonia apologizes to German snatched for CIA

Mexico starts giving caravan migrants transit visas

Mexico starts giving caravan migrants transit visas

Anything in your hands you are DEAD....

Who is this Carol loenig (or whatever) of the WashPO?

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes Bolivia

Facilitating coral restoration

Did the claim that Trump is a 'subject' of Mueller's probe

They're shooting us.

An Enormous Crack Just Opened Up In Africa, Evidence Africa Is Literally Splitting In Two

New agency will be put in charge of wall construction.......give me a break! will be hiring soon.

LTE in Fresno Bee criticizes Devin Nunes

Tourists Flock to Argentina to See Record Gathering of Whales

Tourists Flock to Argentina to See Record Gathering of Whales

Navy chaplain fired after he's caught on video having sex at a New Orleans bar

Water heater blamed for death of Iowa family in Mexico had rusted in humid climate, police say

Water heater blamed for death of Iowa family in Mexico had rusted in humid climate, police say

John Bolton's Curious Appearance In A Russian Gun Rights Video

Seth Meyers - Trump's Courtroom Sketches, the Number 2 Train - Monologue - 4/3/18

Could anyone share a good Youtube playlist of Dead and Co.?

Trumps shady data firm is already trying to hijack the next election

Seth Meyers - Trump Sends National Guard to the Border, Attacks Amazon: A Closer Look

wrongly convicted man who was paid just $75 for 31 years in prison finally gets justice

I wonder Rudy G. told the media that he wanted a divorce from his wife#3?

Ex-fiancee says Las Vegas GOP campaign adviser made her his sex slave

When history makes you laugh.

Koch data firm, i360, is bigger than Cambridge Analytica -- and worse for America

End of the road for Lula. Will start serving his 12 year sentence for corruption

Did I miss something? What was so damaging to Hillary in those Wikileaks-hacked emails?

Stevie Nicks and Don Henley - Leather And Lace (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump -- a poem (-;

Bolton worked with Russians & Cambrige Analytica

Hillary at The Wing - work & community space for women

Portugal breaks 100% renewables mark but remains isolated

Luigi Boccherini: 'String Quintet in D Major, Op.40, No.2'-"Del Fandango"/Bach: "Cello Suite No. 3"-

Illinois town votes to ban assault rifles, fine violators up to $1,000 per day

Oil spill fire chokes Indonesian port city; 4 dead

This is what traitors act like

Mississippi Inmates Lawsuit Describes Violence and Neglect in a Private Prison

Flint residents are being punished for not paying for poisoned water

Iowas found a new, likely legal way to ignore Obamacare

NY Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Black Man On Brooklyn Street

5 Florida Men Indicted For Defrauding Xerox Of $25 Million

Updated again: I am so in trouble. Serious advice needed.

Sweeping Two-Day Operation Targets International Organized Crime in Sacramento Area Neighborhoods

King in the Wilderness: a documentary about the months before the murder of MLK, Jr..

Scientists find new black holes in Milky Way

Pope Francis Revives the Workers Church

Why Mueller should subpoena Donald Trump before the Grand Jury?

Jimmy Kimmel: Congressman Joe Kennedy III on His Family, Trump's Tweets, Health Care, Legalizing Pot

I find remarks like this from career public servants to be stunning.

Sometimes I feel like...

So I heard last night that the Con fired John Dowd and tried to hire those two idiots

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Noose gets tighter

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - SyncLiars

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Kudlow Says Trumps China Tariffs Are Just Proposals Right Now

Kremlin Calls Facebooks Removal of Troll Farm Censorship

Surgeon general urges Americans to carry overdose antidote

John Kelly to Scott Pruitt: The Scandals Need to Stop

Zuckerberg: Facebook will apply EU data privacy standards globally

Trump Has the White House He Always Wanted

EPA ethics official says he didn't have all 'factual information' on Pruitt's lease

Why Neanderthals evolved different faces than homo sapiens

Houston Council Passes Rule Requiring Flood Ins, 2-Ft Elevation For New Homes In 500-Year Flood Zone

March Provided A Boost, But This Year's California Snowpack Just 52% Of Historic Average

Oklahoma GOP lawmaker says 25 percent of teacher protestors are paid actors bussed in from Chicago

What does it take to Wake Us Up?

Governor Tells Trump She Won't Send Troops To Border

Cow-tipping does not exist. Someone did the math.

Twitter Video Clip: .@BernieSanders showing @Blmmemphis some love

Is the "caravan" a diversion?

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) a viable candidate for POTUS?? Ok, I'm officially giving up

Thwaites Glacier Alone Can Raise Global SLR By 10'; Its Grounding Line Retreating 1/4 Mile Per Year

Parkland survivors have new Goal to #GOTV :WE are Parents Promise To Kids!

Don't turn away from this MLK anniversary without watching this important interview

Trump Admin Wants To Cut Internet for Poor Americans

That Guy The Atlantic Hired Who Wants Death Penalty For Abortions? Also A Climate Liar (Bonus!)

MAP-- Sinclairs pro-Trump news is taking over local TV. See if they own your station.


Mexico Senate rebukes Trump over border deployment plans

4 theories on what Mueller telling Trump hes not a target means (A must read)

Ouch! Sri Lanka's got talent

73% Of Stations In Lower 48 Receiving Less Annual Snowfall Than In 1970

Trump's easy campaign promises run into the difficulties of reality

Trouble for the GOP in Ohio

Trump approval drops to record low in March

Good morning DU. Welcome to day 439 of the asshat's "presidency". Count on another day...

Trump hails Mexico's 'strong immigration laws' for stopping migrant caravan

Did he or didn't he? Only your local Wikileaks contact knows for sure!

And what kind of boss . . . . .

Maddow Is Most-Watched Cable News Host

Trump appointee Heather Wilson: Sincerely held religious beliefs can excuse discrimination

Wonkette: And Now, A Timely Reminder That Jared Kushner Is A Goddamn Moron

Anticipating Trump's next move, aides prep Iran deal pullout

Trump's feud with Amazon is really about the Washington Post's success

"Calling on ALL people of faith and moral conscience"

Pruitt Launches Campaign to Save His Job

Thank you, Wisconsin!

Trade War: China Announces Tariffs on 106 US Products

Trump Sending Military to Guard Mexico Border

Trump is a typical 70 year old Fox watcher.

Walmart's Future Workforce: Robots and Freelancers

4/3 Drought Monitor; OK/TX Panhandle Level 4 Epicenter; Feeble End To SW Snowpack Season

"What do you mean, far right?" Please come CAPTION National Review's/Atlantic's Kevin Williamson!!!

So when walker calls up the guard to protect our southern border. Send em to Beloit?

Is the Universe to big for God?

I'm getting so tired of

Dr. Evil Just Got Fired From The Trump Administration

OH MY GOD--- stomach alert--- details about 45 genitalia


Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day! 😋

This weather has me channeling my 'Inner Robin'

Brennan to Trump: "Your self adoration is disgraceful"

Punny sign

Old Woolworth's menu

Tiny, Lab-Grown Minibrains Sprout Blood Vessels

Woman who was fired for flipping off Trump's motorcade sues former employer

Never forget:

Is it too late to pitch a new TV show to BRAVO?

Most Distant Star Ever Seen Is 9 Billion Light-Years Away

Parents and young kids are on the front line with the teachers in Oklahoma

Umm, Paging Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

Robert Mercer backed a secretive group that worked with Facebook, Google to target anti-Muslim ads

Trump doubles down on trade threats against China

"The Very Scary Caravan"

Dr. Evil explains why he got fired from the White House

Rare Tiny T. Rex Unearthed in Montana

How can regular people spot a BOT on Twitter or elsewhere if skilled folks cannot?

How a Legendary Storm Chaser Changed the Face of Tornado Science

Have Christian nationalists staged a "soft coup," with Trump as their figurehead?

Walking Dead community mourns loss of superfan

Strawberry Compote Recipe

Very Bad News: Have Christian nationalists staged a soft coup?

and all three are bobbing around......the 3 eaglets at Deborah: restricts access to donors, shuts down main server

The Insufferable 'president'

Uribes refusal to vote on peace deal could mean his political death

New Mexico Dean Compliments David Hogg's 'Poise and Courage,' Offers to Raise Scholarship Money in R

The right is willing to destroy their own conspiracy theories, what are they willing to do to you?

Iranian TV censors wolf teats on Roman football team badge

Max Boot at WaPo--lol!

👍🏼Phil Bredesen holds double-digit lead over Marsha Blackburn in US Senate race, new MTSU poll shows

Picture editing site - amazing amount of effects

There is only one Commandment in the Religion Group

Punishing women with the death penalty would cut abortions, Idaho candidate says

The most convincing and the most effective of all wall projects

U.S. Court Finds Former Bolivian President Responsible for Civilian Deaths

If I wasn't smarter, I'd say that Trump had been reading a copy of "The Camp of the Saints"....

R. Mercer backed secretive group that worked w- FB, Google to target anti-Muslim ads at swing voters

Maddow beats out Hannity as most-watched cable news host in March

Joe Biden to headline Phil Bredesen fundraiser April 10

Dexterous sea turtles use flippers as grippers

Arizona lawmaker: I'll 'gladly' work with Trump on immigration 'when his ideas aren't stupid'

Russian Campaign to Infiltrate the NRA and Help Elect Trump

Researchers boycott Korean university over 'killer robot' AI weapons lab

Phil Bredesen holds double-digit lead over Marsha Blackburn in US Senate race (Tennessee BlueWave)

New York Congressman to Propose Bill Requiring Post Offices Display Portraits of Trump and Pence

Lawyer who cut deals for Daniels and McDougal says the whole truth has not been told

US trade gap rises 6th straight month to 9 1/2-year high

Pruitt LIED to his own ethics lawyer.

A little late, but: "Oh Donny Boy---"


The building of Trumps border wall has begun !

The building of Trumps border wall has begun !

Because of ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

Mr Fish - Inmates

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral"

Armstrong Williams: Stormy should be silenced because she's a sex worker and bad 'role model'

An idea a Congressional resolution

Wait, What.....Don Sr and Jr shower together?

trump is on a tear about immigration. What's really behind it

Journal of American Medicine: Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Solve the Opioid Crisis

Russian ex-spy's poisoned daughter says growing stronger

Turkish spy agency has snatched 80 people from 18 countries

Manafort authorized secret media op-that sought to discredit key opponent of then Ukrainian Presiden

The Notorious Book (the camp of the saints) that Ties the Right to the Far Right

Michelle Obama Headlines Women's Leadership Conference in Boston

North Dakota girl bullied to death---Her obituary didn't hold anything back.

bannon, Adviser Behind Travel Ban, Is Fan of Novel About Feces-Eating, Dark-Skinned Immigrants Destr

Jeff Bezos : the thorn in Trump's foot

Dow rises more than 300 points as rebound rally continues

Greatest achievement of all time?

I'm sorry, this whole "Caravan" hysteria has got to be the absolutely dumbest, most asinine....

What's up with the Weather Channel?

Arizona governor embraces Trump plan for National Guard on border

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn losing in Tennessee

Happy Birthday, FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, and Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgway

What a 1973 French Novel Tells Us About Marine Le Pen, Steve Bannon and the Rise of the Populist Ri

Hey Spanky ! I know a good lawyer !

President Dwayne Johnson? Comes Down To Two Words And Theyre Not Vin Diesel

(NOT) Sorry to burst your bubble mr. potus---Poll: Trump approval drops to record low

The demise of the nation state

Sally Yates Says While Elections Have Consequences, Trump Goes Too Far.

Sally Yates Says While Elections Have Consequences, Trump Goes Too Far.

Former Trump aide approved 'black ops' to help Ukraine president

"You say you want a Blue Tsunami"

Aww - who wants a belly rub?

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell Warns GOP: Political Winds Will Be "In Our Face" This Fall

Two robots debate the future of humanity

Grassley: Farmers, ranchers shouldn't bear the brunt of retaliation against Trump tariffs

Republicans running as Dems Joe Wilson's SC02 Seat!

Oklahoma teachers jingle keys, chant 'Where's my car?' at governor

Protesters chant "where's my car" in response to Fallin's comments about teachers

Art of the Week: Week of 4/4/18

I havent spoken to my Born Again sister in 10 years

The 2018 Women's Marches by the Numbers--We Marched Everywhere--2.7 million of us.

The 2018 Women;s Marches by the Numbers--We Marched Everywhere--2.7 million of us!

Mueller's words in a few months

BlackRock to offer new funds that exclude stocks of gun makers and retailers including Walmart

DUers a ?

Bredesen Opens Up Big Lead In Tennessee

Mass. Subprime Auto Lender To Pay $765,000 In Settlement For 'Routinely' Selling Defective Cars

Answer: "corrupted and scum"

Wash. initiative on November ballot would allow concealed carry on school grounds

Jay-Z: Trump Enables 'Ugly Side of America We Wanted to Believe Was Gone'

Mark your calendars for the 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on April 7-8, 2018.

If you see an OPEN PRIMARY prop on your state ballot, vote NO NO NO

DeVos said "schools will do better with less money"

How Bill OReilly Silenced His Accusers

WH Spox Deals Crushing Blow to Embattled EPA Chief: 'I Can't Speak to the Future of Scott Pruitt'

Top Pruitt aide resigns from EPA amid controversies

Sinclair Take Over Goal Is To Silence, Suppress Or Mute Democrats & Their Message.

No worries, it's just a negotiating tactic....

Henry the Colorado Dog: Henry + Baloo

John King mocks Trump for failing to answer 'most basic questions' about border plan

First Russia probe sentencing means its Mueller time

Kansaas gop trying to throw out the courts involvement in school budget finances..

I've stopped swearing!

Harry Enten: Big win by liberals in Wisconsin is bad news for GOP and Scott Walker

Joe Kennedy III on Jimmy Kimmel last night

China gut punches Trump on trade. Is it time to get worried?

Manafort authorized anti-Clinton 'black ops' in Ukraine - years before Russia used the same tactics

Two anchors at Sinclair-owned station in Oregon refused to record news promos


Agents find 'explosives laboratory' at Wisconsin apartment

Kelly said to be losing influence with Trump

Stop the caravan....Pay more at grocery store...

I told myself I'm saving the good bourbon for the day Trump leaves office, but.....

Tillerson spent $12M on consultants at State Department: report

45 is enroute to White Sulphur Springs, WV for a meeting of less than an hour.

Saudi crown prince says Jared Kushner handed him U.S. intelligence

It's funny because it's true

For Profit Schools Take 30-40% Of Tax Dollars For Profit.

Have you ever seen luxury like this?: Trump moonlights as dinner host

question?? surgeon general says everyone should carry antidote for the opiod crisis. I am guessing

All It Takes Is One Mistake: Worries Over Plan to Send National Guard to Border

Thank you @ChokweALumumba for hosting a great town hall last night.

Gov. Malloy Nominates Richard Robinson As Next Chief Justice

Wouldn't it be nice if Mueller could make a connection to the Mercers, the Koch Bros, Fox News....

'Luxury Space Hotel' to Launch in 2021

Freedom for my body, mind, and spirit.

TN-SEN: Phil Bredesen holds double-digit lead over Marsha Blackburn

Before Cyndi there was Robert!

Surgeon General's Advisory on Naloxone and Opioid Overdose

'It will be a miracle if something terrible doesn't happen.'

Punishing women with the death penalty would cut abortions, Idaho candidate says

Police: Missing CDC worker's body recovered in Atlanta river

Trumps Most Influential White Nationalist Troll Is A Middlebury Grad Who Lives In Manhattan

Well hell! Its also National Burrito Day! 😋

"Search Google for image" is your friend.

It's unfortunate that some have so degraded our discourse ...

Robert De Niro Slams the NRA: Things in Our Country Are So Bad, and It Comes From Trump

In celebration of two great National Food Holidays I give you,.....

If you like to see extreme temperatures like I do....

Cape Cod Official Attacks School Shooting Survivor On Twitter

rumps Most Influential White Nationalist Troll Is A Middlebury Grad Who Lives In Manhattan

#EndorseThis: FAU Students Expose White Supremacist Professor

Chicago suburb to ban assault weapons

Brilliant, horrifying read in the NYT - "The Contract With Authoritarianism"

Exposing White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, Militias Could Get You Harmed Like Alan Berg.

tRumps most effective Alt R troll outed

#EndorseThis: Jimmy Kimmel Morphs Into Crude Trump Supporter In Front Of Kids, And Somehow It Works

There has been a Bigly Mouth sighting!

Betsy DeVos is considering rescinding guidance that protects racial minority students - again

iOS Game 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' Launching April 25 With Six Actors Reprising Roles

Another busy Atlantic hurricane season expected, but unlikely as brutal as the last one

Con lawmaker twice says he supports death penalty for women who have abortions...

Sharia law must be stopped!

Independents can run in party primaries, Alaska Supreme Court says, opening door for Gov. Walker

Carles Puigdemont freed on bail by German court

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse

Facebook Admits Most Users Have Been 'Data Scraped'

New Mexico St U Dean commends Parkland students and invites them to apply.

No, the Democratic Party isnt divided or in disarray

The Atlantic Fires Kevin Williamson Over Remarks That Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Hanged

Trump has confidence in Pruitt as White House probes his ethics

Scott Pruitt asked to use sirens in D.C. traffic and was told no for non-emergency

San Francisco sues U.S. attorney general over repealed civil rights memos

Cecile Richards Says Jared & Ivanka Offered Bribe for Planned Parenthood to Stop Performing Aborti

Scott Pruitt asked to use sirens in D.C. traffic and was told no for non-emergency

...Trump literally tosses out his prepared remarks during tax roundtable-turned immigration rant

Sinclair Producer Against Forcing Local News Anchors to Lie to Their Viewers Quits in Protest

Messages Show Assange Talked About Seeking Hacked Files From Guccifer 2.0

Trump smears migrant 'caravan' with sexual assault claim: 'Women are raped at levels never seen...

Trade war seen from Europe

Weird - a cup of coffee went up 10 cents overnight

Louise Mensch still insisting there are multiple sealed indictments against Trump

We just had a good sized shaker here in So Cal.

Fox Business: Biden to run in 2020 if Trump does

Georgia Town's Meeting on Confederate Pride Quickly Devolves Into Racist Spectacle

Trump's Wall 2018

NY Mag: Mueller quietly turning up the heat.

2024 presidential election: Oprah Winfrey vs. Roseanne Barr.

Trump ditches boring tax script for Mexican rapists, illegal voting claims

Trump attacks Washington Post, calls it Amazon's 'chief lobbyist'

Trump repeats claim that "millions and millions of people" voted illegally in 2016

Top Pruitt aide resigns a week after Senator reports she has not actually worked at the agency.

UPDATE: Pawlenty announces bid for Minnesota governor

Clever boys, brave kitty

Trump cleared for takeoff:

Trump is afraid he wont find anyone WORSE

A genius supporter of the "ultimate stable genius"

Once again, Donald Trump chickens out of attending baseball's opening day

President Obama to send more National Guard troops to U.S.-Mexico border (2010)

Heres Don Jr. Talking About How It Sucks To Be At The Playboy Mansion With A Pregnant Wife

Trade Sheet Says Pruitt Revelations Were Fall Out From Rob Porter Abuse Scandal

We hear to much about police shooting dogs. Here is a MUCH better story.

Best (worst) photo EVAH of that pile of shit on Cheeto's head:

Top Pruitt aide resigns from EPA amid controversies

Trump floated replacing Sessions with Pruitt this week despite scandals

Mueller : hot products for sale...sometimes, coincidences are just hilarious

Bibles pulled from online stores as China increases control of religion

Atlantic Fires Kevin Williamson After Suddenly Realizing He Believes The Things He Says

Trump repeats claim that "millions and millions of people" voted illegally in 2016

Battle Hymn of the Republic - Parody Project

Orange Cheeto supporters have

Rob Porter Is Source of Leaks About Pruitt

Neil deGrasse Tyson Has A Haunting Question About Bears

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Apr. 5, 2018

Anyone know what this Rick Wilson tweet refers to?:

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows what movie it's from (Part 3)

My name is Trump, Donald Trump

A key Mueller witness has close ties to Russia

Failure of Trickle Down Economics, Robert Reich- 3min 6 seconds..short, classic

Scott Pruitt Says His Lobbyist Landlord's Clients Didn't Have Business Before The EPA. They Did

Ask him if his name is David Dennison!

WikiLeaks Sought Files From Guccifer 2.0

Woman With 'No Regrets' Tattoo Apologizes To Clerk For Armed Robbery: Cops

Third Republican Member of Congress Calls for Scott Pruitt's Resignation

Headline I just read:

Traveling with a gravid and emotional goal in mind

Border Patrol Union VP Says 'Obama Holdovers' Are 'Undermining' Trump Agenda

The Con breaks silence on Stormy Daniels statement

FFS: Tim Pawlenty enters race for Minnesota governor

Trump's prepared remarks on taxes morph into migrants raping women in record numbers

E.P.A. Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt

Did Trump just nullify the Stormy NDA by claiming he never knew about the payment?

Trump denies knowledge of Stormy Daniels payment

Rob Porter Is Source of Leaks About Pruitt

Pruitt spending like a drunk sailor.

Pentagon has few answers on Trump's National Guard plan

E.P.A. Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt

Ex-Romney staffer faces domestic abuse charge; reportedly had fiance sign sex slave contract

"I'll be so busy working in Washington, I won't have time to leave!"

Oklahoma teacher stunned after broken chair picture draws $44K in supplies,

No medically valid reason to exclude transgender troops, AMA chides Mattis

Norwegian Cruise Line Destroys Passengers Vacation, refuses to refund fares

Just stole a new photo from the Boston Globe, do not share pls:

teachers share photos of outdated books and broken equipment

This had me rolling on the floor

MEANWHILE, in Seattle...

Prison Awaits Brazil's Iconic Ex-President Lula After Court Loss

Avenatti: We look forward to testing truthfulness of Mr. Trump's feigned lack of knowledge re: $130k

35 years ago today: James Watt bans The Beach Boys from Independence Day celebration

Trump claims he didn't know about Stormy Daniels payment

Per CNN, Spanky is diggin on Pruitts *fantastic job*!!

Stormy's attorney pounces after idiot makes statement: VIDEO UPDATE

We have hawk sightings here in New Haven.

Bedford County(PA) prosecutor arrested on 31 charges, resigns(repuke)

Calling all DU musicians...Cakewalk software is now free

N.M. connection: 'Ex-Romney staffer faces domestic abuse charge'

Trump says he wants to send 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border

For eighth year, voter ID amendment defeated in Legislature (NE)

GOP lawmaker will introduce bill requiring display of Trump, Pence portraits at the post office

"Lewandowski to Democrats: I'm not answering your 'f---ing' questions" - CNN

When Trump turns a policy event into a campaign rally, can we tax payers get a refund?

Pierce: Marsha Blackburn Is the Result of 40 Years of Republican Lunacy

tRump's Hair Takes Flight

Obama-era clean-air rule on methane emissions blocked again

Confidential Bill OReilly Settlements Made Public For First Time

'I'll be reunited with my family. See you soon Mr President.'

WikiLeaks Sought Files From Guccifer 2.0

First Monarch butterfly, southern Louisiana, April 5, 2018

Anchorages Vote-By-Mail Shatters Turnout Record

CSU 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast: Slightly Above-Average Dr. Jeff Masters

I missed riding my fellow union trump supporters

Beyond Lemons and Vinegar: How to Clean With Ketchup, Vodka, Butter and More

KY: Lawmaker: All they have done is awaken a sleeping giant Thousands of protesting teachers maki

Mike Luckovich: Faking news.

Supreme Court: No Lives Matter If a Cop Feels Threatened

FCC Chairman Wants to Cut Back Program That Helps Poor People Get Affordable Internet

Are we setting ourselves up for major disappointment if Robert Mueller doesn't deliver?

Poll: Dem has double-digit lead in Tennessee Senate race

You go girl! Rex Tillerson spent 12 million on consultant fees

I am ending all friendships I have with people who swear.

Isn't announcing that the USA is going to try to get out of Syria telegraphing to our enemies?

Stormy leads the Network news again

Republican Treasurer candidate abruptly leaves race....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 April 2018

Bipolar man shot by cops 7- 9 times (updated) after pointing metal pipe at

GOP state candidate refuses to apologize for calling Parkland student a 'communist pig'

Michelle Obama Rules Out Running For President at Boston Women's Forum

How to Limit Democratic Infighting

More from Betsy's Michigan training grounds

This Woman Terrifies White Elephants

At Least 23 Ethical Issues Are Dogging EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Trump Orders Consideration of $100 Billion in New China Tariffs

Our Revolution: Looking back on our roots, we are excited to share our new look!

Shell foresaw climate dangers in 1988 and understood Big Oil's big role

The Latest: Mexican Senate wants to halt cooperation with US

Good news: Kings death remembered with pledges to confront racism

Dear China

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