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Why is Cosby at home and not in prison?

Why does CNN even have Paris Dennard on?

Trump: 'I know things about Tester ... and if I said them he'd never be elected again'

Giants crushed by Dodgers -- Pablo Sandoval pitches perfect inning

Trump has no dirt on Tester, and he's done this many times. that "Blacks for Trump" man behind tRump the same guy during the campaign guy??

Trump winning a Nobel Peace Prize? You fucking kidding me??????

Over the years a large compilation of Hitler documentaries

Rotating cattle stores CO2, but what is the weight of a 'global average cow' to get final figure?

Trump: Putin told Veselnitskaya to say she's an informant b/c I'm too tough on Russia (video)

Screen shot of Trump's Michigan rally. Feel the energy. #MuellerTime

Imagine a democrat doing this on what Ryan did with a priest

Imagine a democrat doing this on what Ryan did with a priest

Violin Concerto #1 Max Bruch

Cause We've Ended as Lovers - Jeff Beck

Mom and Dad hanging out with the kids

Joy-Ann Reid's apology must be accepted as we learn this lesson from it

Nobel Committee listen up: hillbillies chant NOBEL at one of Trump's freakshows

Another aspect of the Trump tax scam

Michelle Wolf Up On White House Correspondents Dinner. Starts at 10PM

This was thug behavior.

New Seth Abramson: the bombshells in the House Intelligence MINORITY report

Our government and the NFL draft

Pablo Sandoval throws a 1-2-3 inning on the mound

I just watched the WHCD when POTUS Barack Obama just trashed tRump......

Best quote I heard today:

The teachers' strikes prove it: the media is finally seeing America's new labor landscape

**April Photo Contest Finals!**

*April contest finals in GD*

Tester should just reply

Who says SHITLER is misogynist - he's putting Hucky SANDERS in presidential role he can't fill:

Trump calls for Senator Jon Tester to resign over Ronny Jackson claims

Historical Korean handshake: Was Trump present?

Any guesses as to how the administration officials at tonight's dinner will behave?

Trump threatens to 'close down the country' over funding for border wall

Close down the country....LMAO..

Interior Dept declines to reimplement grizzly protections near Yellowstone: report

Trump: If Dems win in 2018 midterms, they'll impeach me

OMGOSH.... I just saw Sarah Huckster Sanders.......

Trump: I know things about Tester that would cause him to lose an election

Life on Mars? Scientists close to solving mystery of the red planet

And people actually voted for this jerkball...

I would really like to know why my post was removed.

As an atheist I want to give a shout out to all who support our ideals as a party.

Pull a trump, lose election but hack electoral vote...

Natalia Veselnitskaya was an informant

Dumbass in MI: "A lot of people will be mad if I'm impeached, so elect Republicans!"

Trump inaccurately claims size of rally day before election was 32,000 instead of 4,200

"And here's a shout-out to the next Governor of Michigan, Bill Scheutte!" (Bill nowhere to be found)

Largest known child sacrifice site discovered in Peru

Land purchase makes possible big-cat crossing over -- or under -- I-15 in Riverside County

Lieu thanks Trump for visiting Michigan: Your 'toxic rallies' energize Dems

WTF! Trumpy Bear?

Paul Ryan is painfully unfunny

Video Of Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Photobombing Kellyanne Conway & Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is LOL

It is heartening to see teachers picketing and striking,

@strangerworks watched the Scott Pruitt hearings for 6 hours yesterday (Highlights here)....

Links for watching the WHCA dinner online:

"The president of the United States is the one pussy you're not allowed to grab."

So my conspiracy theory of this century is....

Ah, the WHCD comedy speaker??? Who is she??

Not loving this comedian at the dinner very much. You?

Is anyone watching Michelle Wolf at the WHCD?

WHCD - Wow!

Michelle Wolf appreciation thread

Trump's jokes are ALWAYS meant to hurt people

Some good jokes there. Some stuff that was too crude.

OMGOSH....Sean Spicer is The WHCD

The right's Kayne West lovefest didn't last long..

Donald Trump has no reason to be angry. He has said much worse about other people at his rallies.

Yes, she was crass and rude and raunchy.


Watch this: White House Correspondents' Dinner: Michelle Wolf FULL monologue

Here's everything wrong with Tom Brokaw's awful letter responding to sexual harassment allegations

They Caught Chris Christie Eating Pudding with his spoon Upside Down in his Mouth

Michelle Wolf for DNC President

Republicans Do Well in Texas. Except for Dallas, Houston, Austin . . . - WSJ Op-ed

CNN On WHCD: Locker Room Talk..

Michelle Wolf was fucking perfect! Freedom of speech rules!

Why should Wolf be held to a higher standard?

Ferchrissakes, lay off that Wolf woman, wouldya...

She looks miserable. Wish I could read her mind.

The irony that a lady comedian would offend the "Deplorables"...


DU members from Detroit area.

Kellyanne Conjob And Sarah Lieformee Got Their Ass'es Handed To Them....

Mueller will get there first....hell, you'd finish your first term before impeachment..

Hendrix's best Blues song?

Thomas Jefferson and Herbert Hoover weigh in on free speech....

More Twin Peaks case dismissals expected as prosecutors re-evaluate evidence

Will Anybody Be Fact Checking Trump's Speech Tonight?....

HEADS UP: Trump now wants to gut the National Park Service top administration.

Brownsville legislator arrested on DWI charge

Watch President Trump repeat Fox News talking points (VIDEO at link, not embeddable here)

Here's my truth.

Large field takes shape for special election to replace Blake Farenthold

Jerome Robbins, Ballet's Mr. 'Take It Easy, Baby,' at 100

Republicans Do Well in Texas. Except for Dallas, Houston, Austin . . . - WSJ Op-ed

Hawaii becomes 12th state to ban gay conversion therapy for minors

HUD shuts down the Underground, popular gay Buffalo hangout since 1974

For those of us who ask "When is someone going to call these people out"?

Eastern Orthodox-"Agios O Theos" [The Thrice Holy Hymn, 1st Tone]/Psalm 135

One prediction: Trump will never get a tower in Moscow.

You know what, Fuck the WHCD

My favorite tweet of the day:

Michelle Wolf's funniest jokes and most biting barbs on President Trump, Congress and the media.

New York judge halts Xerox, Fujifilm deal

A reminder to all of How It [WHCD] Is Done . . .

Say what you will about Michelle Wolf

Ex-Wynn Resorts CEO files defamation lawsuit against former employee - WSJ

Gay man beaten with bike chain - The attacker has not been arrested

Gay man beaten with bike chain - The attacker has not been arrested

There's a real campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize to be

Shoreboirds, The World's Greatest Travelers, Face Extinction

Trump's Role in Midterm Elections Roils Republicans

Burning Man founder Larry Harvey dies aged 70

Scott Pruitt headed to the corner store:

In case you missed it Don the Con said the reason

I didn't have enough information to know what the OP was talking about

Booze gets 2 UT-Arlington fraternities suspended, another is under investigation

Corey Lewandowski flashes white power 'OK' symbol on stage at Trump's Michigan rally

Former Trump And LePage Aide Who Resigned Sues Ex-Wife

At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Major Pom Edition

Trump asks at Saturday's Rally. "Any Hispanics in the room". Answer silence

M$M lamenting "personal" attacks on Sarah 3 Names...but

Sarah Sanders huckabee prays/reads devotional before she comes before the press/America to lie

Brooks: Many Republicans Are Likely Retiring Due To Fear Of Assassination

Trump reassures the many thousands who couldn't get in to his rally "I cherish you and will be back"

Dolphin bodychecks paddleboarder

Trump: "We have to keep the House...Maxine Waters goes around saying, "We will impeach him"..."

LePage vetoes bill to launch Maine's recreational marijuana marketplace

Sitting here talking with the Newfie beware I'm rambling

GOP said Obama wasn't born in America for 8 years. I dont give a crap about how Huckabee feels

How was Trumps taunting of Tester - NOT Blackmail?

Happy 85th Birthday to Willie Nelson!!!

Blue Origin set for first test flight 2018, Sun Apr 29 9:45 EST (today!) **DELAYED TO 11:15 EST**

Illinois financial troubles started far earlier than 1998.....

The white house correspondents dinner means very little in the whole scope of things.

White House correspondents' dinner: Michelle Wolf shocks media with Sarah Sanders attack

The Ultimate " Dish it out, but cant take it" Administration

Piling it higher and deeper daily for over 68 years! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

After sleeping on it, I think Michelle Wolf gave us a gift.


Let it percolate a bit and then let's reassess . . . . .

Sunday mainstream political talk shows are pathetic today.

In Pa., hate crime convictions continue to be an afterthought

Two things can be true at the same time.

Sunday's Candorville Toon - Modern Slavery

"A lot of unhappy people if I'm impeached.."

David Corn says it well....

Aunt Lydia - best line of the night. I LMAO at that one.

There's stereotyping and then there's...

Toon - Walk Faster

The Michelle Wolf speech in its entirety:

Toles Toon- The Problem with Trump

If you think Wolf was hitting below the belt about Sanders' make-up.....

New Music from Fantastic Negrito.

Michelle Wolf tells the truth about how media helps Trump, and the media can't stand it

Trump on WHCD: "the so-called comedian really "bombed." @greggutfeld should host next year!"

Thoughts and prayers to the GOP victims of cruel Michelle Wolf.

I hope SH Sanders did not get her feelings hurt last night.

White House tree: Emmanuel Macron's sapling disappears

Democratic groundbreaker former Gov. Phil Hoff dies


Let me get this a female stand-up comedian is being held to a higher standard than

My Joel Osteen Satire Reposted on Twitter

White House tree: Emmanuel Macron's sapling disappears

A Michigan police dept with 2 full-time cops has over 900 pieces of army equipment from the Pentgon

Trump Slams WHCD and Michelle Wolf, Echoes Fox Host's Suggestion Greg Gutfeld Should Host

Comey was not alone -2 witnesses -listened in on Comey's side of phone calls with Trump...

Democratic talking point on impeachment:

Noam Chomsky: 'The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history'

Perfect tweet for the today...

Fireworks at Trump Rally as POTUS Goes on Wild Comey Rant: 'I Did You a Favor' By Firing Him

Speech Police

Over the first 8 weeks of 2018, Chicago paid out more than $20 million to settle police lawsuits

Joel Osteen as House Chaplin Satire Goes Viral

20,000 posts!

George Takei's take on the correspondents roast

Link to Michelle Wolf's set at the WHCD, so you don't have to look for it

Majority of Republicans believe media is "enemy of the people"

UPDATED: Comey: House Intel Committee's Russia Report Is a 'Political Document'

Rare photo of Golfsquatch in his natural environment.

White House Correspondent's Dinner - Don't Sweat It

UPDATED: Kim Says He'll Give Up Weapons if U.S. Promises Not to Invade

Good for Wolf, she was fearless.

Trump Crows Over North Korea Talks as Rally Crowd Chants 'Nobel! Nobel!'

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

So, are you telling me that "Grab them by the pussy" is NOT offensive?

Republican senator: Trump should stick to calling Kim Jong Un 'rocket man'

It is not the practice of free speech in a democracy...

Beware the Korean Peace Trap

Trump offers wild new explanation for why his son met with a Russian agent

OK, listen, I was FINE with the Wolf jokes UNTIL she went after ERIC! The red line has been CROSSED!

Kamala Harris builds an online army

Journalists distance themselves from Correspondents' Dinner after Wolf routine

We Don't Want #ConservativeTears! We Want A Functioning Government!

What do you do with someone [#Trump] who does not distinguish between truth and untruth?

Chris Wallace bursts Jason Miller's "no collusion" bubble: "We have no idea what he's finding"

HYPOCRISY. Parkland Survivors Call Out NRA for Gun Ban

Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President

Perfect Howard Fineman tweet on Michelle Wolf

I have zero phux to give to Sarah

Hatred from Trump supporters is usually a mirror

Mass Confusion amongst Trumpsters this morning,,,,,,,,

As Two Koreas Talk Peace, Trump's Bargaining Chips Slip Away

The gop has no one but themselves to blame for last night's WHCD

My take on the Joy Reid apology

'My God - that's just ridiculous!': Republican smacked down after blaming Obama for Ronny 'Candyman'

Jill Stein will not fully cooperate with Russia investigation. Won't turn over emails

We are facing a fascist authoritarian regime

Only Charlotte Seems Interested in GOP Convention

WHCD - Lest we forget


My comment about Ryan firing the Chaplin...

How long can America run on auto-pilot before it crashes.

Britain, France and Germany agree support for Iran nuclear deal

Donald Trump Jr. celebrates being single with a gun permit

21 Baby Names That Have Been Forbidden In New Zealand

Anti-Catholic bias at play in replacing the chaplain of the House

Can someone get this to the President after his rally but before he golfs tomorrow?

Gowdy: Lawmakers should not accuse Comey of committing a crime

Uhhmmm, a jellyfish?

How the Border Patrol Faked Statistics Showing a 73 Percent Rise in Assaults Against Agents

another pet peeve about the media

Global race to develop self-navigating ships leaves US behind

How many homicides go unsolved

Is it time for Mueller to subpoena Trump.

Gefilte Fish

Gefilte Fish

Comedy is a feminist issue

Don Jr's Ex-Wife...please spill the beans!

Trump's crowd in Michigan reminds me of a group of trained seals. And I don't mean that in a good

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 1: Movie Series

Well, my maker must have been a hard heart breaker...

Onion cutting on a Sunday A.M. - Girl walks to her prom date

Sluggish recovery from Hurricane Maria reignites calls for Puerto Rico's statehood, independence

Bolton calls for "Libya model" to disarm North Korea

The Old Gods checking on their descendants


Winning back the house this November is the whole ball game.

Why when I read or hear "blue lives matter"

I'll Be Creepin

Kasich: 'I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me'

Trend of voter preferences for California governor

Trend of voter preferences for California governor

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 2: Movie Series

"You guys are obsessed with Trump"

Laura Ingraham: "The left's intolerance & mean-spiritedness knows no bounds"

Democrats need to stop believing this myth about Trump's base

It's Good To Laugh.. Don Lemon's Laughter is Infectious!

Carbon-13 Studies Have Apparently Confirmed Rise In Atmospheric Methane From Natural Sources

Kanye West Calls Emma Gonzalez His 'Hero', She Responds By Calling This Man Hers

NYT editorial board to Justice Kennedy: 'Please don't go'

Hakeem Jeffries

Is Alex Witt on MSNBC really as dumb as she seems or

White House tree: Emmanuel Macron's sapling disappears

The Most Unpopular Dog in Germany

A tree gifted to President Donald Trump by French President Emmanuel Macron has disappeared.

Watched the RFK documentary on Netflix

If you combine the 1920s with the Nixon era you get the Trump era.

Sprint and T-Mobile Agree to Merge, in Bid to Remake Wireless Market

Trump: "Much higher than President O at same time....Well, much more has been accomplished!"

As much as it kills me Trump does make a good point about Michelle Wolf's performance last night

Huckabee Sanders at White House Correspondents' Dinner (VIDEO)

Have some Sunday Fun - Morse Code translater

Apple is just as 'disappointed' with iPhone X sales as everyone else

Oh my. Avenatti just hinted that Elliot Broidy was not the father of the playboys models

Lets talk about the 16 cell phones. Holy stupidity Batman.

'Hair' 50 Years Later: Readers Tell Us When They Let the Sunshine In.

Democrats need to stop believing this myth about Trump's base. Hint it's the culture, stupid

Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money

Best meme on the net today

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 29, 2018?

still kicking, still shooting (extreme photo dump)

Given the context it is extremely cringe worthy, in fact it makes me naseous

"What's 'Uncle Tom' but for white women who disappoint other white women?"

Republican Ana Navarro comments on the WHCD

Are You Watching MSNBC Now....

The Marshall Project on the "Blue Lives Matter" movement.

Tuesday is Election Day in FLorida

Today is Election Day in VA, SD and VA

Illinois House passes plan to replace school security guards with social workers

Republicans fuck college in Wisconsin...Walker never graduated..why should we?

Rob Reiner attended the WHCD last night - HERE is what he had to say...

Do any of you have a diabetic dog?

Question! Had anyone read/ heard specific details on DNC's

Senate OKs $5.86 billion budget

The Guardian: FBI questions Russian MMA fighter with links to Trump and Cohen

"Offended?" Don't make me fucking laugh.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What is really going on in N. Korea? Why is Un so pliant now?

Parkland shooting survivors cry hypocrisy after NRA bans guns during Pence speech

Black Lives Matter flags to fly in Brattleboro Middle School

huma abedin, chelsea clinton, and robby mook met with russian spy, discussed espionage on trump

Afraid he'll squeal to feds, Trump's tabloid pals attack fixer Cohen

Trump spends significantly more time speaking about Hillary than he does his own wife or son

Jeff Weaver's New Book: Inside the Revolution That's Taking Back Our Country ...

Donald dumps is in Michigan calling everybody any vile thing along with lies

Kanye has a type.....

Let's act to call out hypocrisy NOW!

Kamala Harris builds an online army

What happened to the tree?

Trump's tiki torch fanboys can't seem to stop bleeding from their whereevers today

Onward, Christian soldiers: Right-wing religious nationalists launch dramatic new power play

I haven't seen Trump's cult members this triggered since ...

a bit of the Sunday Spirit: I Shall Be Released - The Band (Live, from film The Last Waltz)

Anybody see the Avenatti photobomb of Conway and Huckabee?

In a million years I can not imagine my mom and dad wearing shirts like that...

Moran tweet of the day:

We Breached the 410 PPM Threshold for CO2

I bet Melania was laughing her ass off last night

I have one thing to say about last night's WHCD.

Nobody was ignorant of Trump's abject racism, misogyny and xenophobia.

College of St. Joseph faces potential closure

I really respect Tom Brokaw, but I believe her over him.


Trump admin has published its new plan for fighting teen pregnancy-The message: don't have sex.

Sapling given to Trump by Macron missing from White House lawn: report

Trump: "Kim Jong-un is an honorable man ... but comedians make me cry"

The Cannabis Catch-Up: Tax-and-Regulate Goes Bust -- for Now

"The jokes against members of the Trump admin were unnecessarily cruel."

Michelle Wolf wins the day

Honeywell plans to cut healthcare for 4,700 retirees

Republicans have no right

Couple Who Built Their Home Inside A Greenhouse Is Living A Dream Life Now

Chris Christie's offical portriat -Sheneman cartoon

Tweet of the Day

My PERSONAL endorsement for Governor of Idaho: Paulette Jordan

Dave Grohl: Trump 'Seems Like a Massive Jerk'

The people of #Gaza thank @SenSanders for his courageous and principled stand ...

Novice cook

Fox's Ed Henry says Wolf's Sanders remarks were disgusting, awful, vile, and so far beyond the line.

Do this one thing to protect your personal data on Facebook, like, right now

Donald Trump has gone completely off the rails.

Justice Department removes section headed "need for a free press" from its guidelines

i HIGHLY recommend listening to public radio's On The Media this week.

A comedian jokes about what Trump uses the Office of the President of the United States to say

Ex-GOP lawmaker Joe Walsh: If WHCA apologizes to Sanders, Trump must apologize too

The tree planted by Macron and Trump is nowhere to be found.

Nobody can identify a piece of writing as satire by only reading its title.

Sen. Roy Blunt sees no need for governor accused of sex assault to resign

Dish or Comcast? I now have Dish and hubby wants to change to Comcast. Trying to read

Inside the 'incel' movement inspiring mass violence against women

We are not obligated to tolerate liars, bigots, or con artists.

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: The handshake heard 'round the world

Gowdy: Some allegations against Ronny Jackson 'warrant' investigation

"Hurts, don't it?" Tombstone clip explains why Trump supporters are so sad over the WHCD.

Capital Beat: Repeal aside, New Hampshire not ready for executions

Michelle Wolf's raw, crass White House Correspondents Dinner jokes were shockingly good

Spanky finally met his match..the best look..

After relishing the reactions to Michelle Wolf I got one thing to say

Tech relishes role as Trump antagonist

Could Trump allies really impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein? Not likely, experts say

Here's how to deal withb trump and his supporters re: Joy Reid and Michelle Wolf

Trump warns his impeachment could follow if Democrats take back Congress

Labrador opens door to overturning Medicaid expansion initiative if voters pass it;

Stormy Daniels attorney predicts Michael Cohen will 'flip,' cooperate with federal prosecutors

TeleSewer*: Survey predicts a HUGE Maduro win! 71% predict he will win!

Paid family and medical leave bill struck down in Senate on party lines

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for series/movies finales (possible spoilers)

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 29, 2018

Isn't the "Euro" step traveling?

Trump's "roast" of Hillary at the 2016 Al Smith dinner

IMPEACH IMPEACH! Pray tell what you are afraid of Donnie Boy?

The Anguish of St. Sarah

Ronny Jackson out as WH physician

What does it mean to see God in everyone?

Read this and tell me - If you were Travis Reinking's parent(s)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 April 2018

Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary after Windrush scandal

Ronny Jackson won't return to old job as Trump's physician

Help me with a little experiment:

Who the Fuck are the Snowflakes, Now?!?

Huckabee: WHCD taught me 'why eating Tide Pods is popular'

Kathy Griffin Defends Michelle Wolf: Media Demanding Apologies from a Comedian But Not the President

Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary after Windrush scandal

Parkland Survivor Emma Gonzlez Responds to Kanye West Calling Her Hero: 'My Hero James Shaw Jr.'

Israeli says 3 Palestinian infiltrators from Gaza killed

Who can make a meme from DU's homepage right now. The shot of John Bolton in the "video/multimedia"

Trump strategist Liz Mair accuses Wolf of making a making a "fat lesbian joke"

Meet and Greet on the Farm.

Lying is offensive.

Don Imus. Remember that night?

Isn't it illegal to use tax dollars for a campaign rally?

Right Wing Insults & Slurs

American Media, Inc.

Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians should take what the U.S. offers

Trump discusses Iran with Netanyahu as deadline looms

Toilet seat with wider ring?

About caravans of people trying to get to the United States from another country..

'Caravan' migrants seeking asylum arrive at U.S.-Mexico border

I need to renew my DU membership

Dem Sen. Encourages Trump to Say He'll Sign Bill Protecting Mueller: Would 'Shut Up the Critics'

GOP more confident about W. Va. Senate as Blankenship fades

Healthy Tasmanian devils discovered by scientists looking to save species

Kimmel dismisses Michelle Wolf criticism: 'Hire a juggler next year'

France seizes from man who's had it since '94, so he sues

Soon, humans will be completely unnecessary.

Michelle Wolf's response to Mika's accusations of body shaming Sarah

So, you say you love chocolate?

Political talk radio doesn't translate well to liberals just as comedy doesn't translate to cons

I posted several responses last night in a thread concerning Ms Wolfe's comedy routine at the WHCD.

You know what it's like when you get a craving for fresh remora, right?

David Corn nails it on RW's double standard #WHCD

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigns hours after Guardian publishes deportation targets letter

Sugar Sweet

On the military and drugs: My experience.

re: overseas trip for Michigan football team

..... the predicament

Hmmm. Which one should I get?

Proposed: We need a way to "like" comments to a post.

Our country was sold to Putin, potus is a gangster, and we obscess about a comedian?

The Guardian: Amy Chozick on the media's treatment of Hillary.

Reminder of DNC complaint filed 4/20/2018 in the SDNY

One of the worst takes today from you agree?

Is the three paragraph quote rule in effect?

I love David Axelrod!

Is the three paragraph quote rule still in effect?

I hate Maggie Haberman and Here's Why

My seventh grader daughter is freaking out over her homework.

So two guys walk into a bar and ...

What is a "great movie"?

An important distinction about the WHCD flap...

Trump got the comedian and satire that he deserved.