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Argentine Central Bank fends off $4 billion run on the peso

More creditors organize to collect big loan default prize from Maduro: Citgo

Argentine Central Bank fends off $4 billion run on the peso

Trump's strategy: Become the bullet lodged too close to the spine.

Venezuela hyperinflation has broken the stock market

What are todays stories re: Day of Silence?

Principle vs. Power


The Black 14: Race, Politics, Religion and Wyoming Football

Bernie Sanders endorses Jess King in Lancaster congressional race

Turns out Don Jr.'s meeting at Trump Tower was with a Russian agent

Operation Odessa

Bernie Sanders endorses Jess King in Lancaster congressional race

Jill Stein says she won't fully comply with Senate Russia investigation

Joy Reid was caught breast feeding her pit bull at Olive Garden.

T-Mobile CEO makes 424 times more than median employee

Richard Painter: "Trump doesn't need Planned Parenthood. He's got Michael Cohen."

Happy Wine Night!

Help MARIA GUNNOE, Awarded Appalachian Environmental Activist, MTR

Got a feeling our constitution

Question about the termination of the House Chaplain

Meehan resigns with promise to pay back alleged sexual harassment claim

Top Democratic senator questions CDC director's $375,000 salary

Possible new lawsuit for libel to be filed by Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump next week.

CIA nominee to pledge not to restart detention, interrogation programs -sources

How the Hero of the Waffle House Attack Used Emotional Intelligence to Save Himself and Others

Betty Bowers body slams Trump

Trump was at his most disgusting self Today..

Former Trump campaign advisor demands "apologies" from Jewish, Muslim & Black leaders

Judge temporarily puts Stormy Daniels lawsuit on hold

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! French Dressing (down)! Best of Malloy!

Bill making it legal to ban gays & lesbians from adopting passes in Oklahoma

Russian Lawyer Admits To Repeatedly Informing Kremlin Of Trump Campaign's Ineptitude

Stunning scientists, NASA's only moon rover just got canceled

'Boss, I Miss You So Much': The Awkward Exile of Michael Cohen

Trump cuts Michael Cohen loose

Tweet Links

Trump just tweeted again about the "witch hunt" and the "Special Councel" (new misspelling)

Maduro: Join me on May 20 with 10 million votes and I promise you "economic prosperity"

A Confederate general makes last stand with high school teams (VA)

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Friday Talking Points (482) -- Democratic Party Approaches Tipping Point On Legalizing Marijuana

With the proper equipment, cats are very effective at weeding gardens.

One of the best damn guitar instrumentals ever

Outright betrayal

BBC:Ethics debate as pig brains kept alive without a body

Schiff: GOP refused to issue subpoena for unknown Trump Jr. call

When Justin Trudeau met the President and First Lady

Twitter thread deftly explains the REAL reason we're stuck with TRUMP. It is NOT pretty.

Hey kids, you know what time it is!

Concerned Catholic Paul Ryan Wants Priests to Shut Up About the Poor

The Israelites

Need some help finding the best prison wear for Trump and co-conspirators - any suggestions?

Religious tensions flare after chaplain's ouster

Keep an Eye on Spanky's Poll Numbers Next Week

Teens I dealt with today. Threats of suicide, kicking in the nuts so badly they throw up blood stea

James Madison, "Father of the Constitution," on chaplains in Congress

What the hell kind of thing is this to say?

Conservative leader: Next House chaplain should have a family

Special "Councel"...Trump deletes another misspelled tweet, then re-tweets

Murder case suspect fails to show up to court for fourth time

Murder case suspect fails to show up to court for fourth time

Fox News Continues to Dominate Cable News Ratings, Hannity on Top

AFL-CIO Endorses Randy Bryce for Congress!

If you read only one post this week

AFL-CIO Endorses Randy Bryce for Congress


I promise not to waterboard anymore....

Thanks for everything Donald...

Tuesday is Election Day in Sioux Falls, SD

Tuesday is Election Day in Florida (Part One)

Tuesday is Election Day in Florida (Part Two)

My question Adam, ,.WTF are you going to do about it...

Holy Shit! You HAVE to watch Bill Mahar's New Rules tonight

At Michler's

Justice...but should happen in every city in the USA

Washington-bound boat carrying invasive mussels stopped in Montana

Just how stupid can the Trumpistas get?

Russia does opposition research on Ukranian Canadian politician and finds out

HIGHER GROUND, Playing for Change, Song around the World

WJTL (Christian) radio DJ Phil Smith arrested, charged with rape, other sex offenses

FLIPPABLE: Derek Camp for IN-SD31

Excuse me,

Seth Abramson: Bombshell revelations in new House Intelligence report

FLIPPABLE: Aidan Koster for KS-HD45

Virginia police won't release video of Paul Richardson Jr. traffic stop

Black 14

Horses Have Lasting Memory Of A Person Based On Emotional Expressions Shown To Them

Horses Have Lasting Memory Of A Person Based On Emotional Expressions Shown To Them

How awesome a Wisconsin fan to be alive today......

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. With a special invitation to backtoblue.

How did they wreck the Nation.

So......what is your other passion......outside of being here......

The EU Just Made a Dramatic Move to Protect Bees

Healthy Tasmanian devils found in mission to save species from extinction

The Golden State Killer Is Tracked Through a Thicket of DNA, and Experts Shudder

Non-Surgical Procedure Returns Hand Function To Paralyzed People

Mysterious Human-Like Statue Found In Siberia Is Twice As Old As The Pyramids

Scientists discover the "heartbeat" of trees

This Newly Discovered Bird Has Feathers That Absorb 99.95 Percent Of Light

Trump's rambling phone call to 'Fox & Friends' was a gift to late night

Incredible new photo shows Mars bathed in dramatic light

GOP Lawmakers Took Part In Straw Donor Scheme

Largest mass child sacrifice event may be tied to El Nino

Ok, getting sick of the "showmanship" when announcing the draft pick......

Seth Meyers - Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Melania's Birthday - Monologue - 4/26/18

Seth Meyers: Guest Chris Hayes Talks About Trump's Surreal Fox & Friends Interview

Paul Ryan is Not that much Better than Trump

The Director Short List For 'Black Widow' Has Been Revealed

MCU's Greatest Moments: Guardians of the Galaxy Fight - Drax vs Rocket

MCU's Greatest Moments: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Steve and Natasha scene.

MCU's Greatest Moments: The Avengers:Age of Ultron - Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch

MCU's Greatest Moments: Civil War - Tony Stark Recruits Peter Parker

The internet is enabling a community of men who want to kill women. They need to be stopped

MCU's Greatest Moments: Doctor Strange - Ancient one's Death

Hey folks, I'm new here and just stopped by to say hi (as Skinner recommended)...

Missouri Man Who Beat 26-Year Conviction Seeks Millions From St. Francois County

2 from Bizet: "L' Arlesienne Suite, Nos. 1 & 2"-Cleveland Orchestra and

AG gave Cole County prosecutor evidence alleging new crime by Greitens

Why Your Dog Freaks Out During Thunderstorms--And What to Do

Why Your Dog Freaks Out During Thunderstorms--And What to Do

Blue light like that from smartphones linked to some cancers, study finds By Mark Lieber, CNN

Clues to an Iron Age massacre lie in what the assailants left behind

Democrats' efforts to take on sexual harassment advance in GOP-led House

Amazonian Bora people mimic the rhythm of their language for communication over large distances usin

Neanderthals may have crossed the seas THOUSANDS of years before modern humans, researchers say

Here's the MSNBC proof of Trump Jr's Russia collusion to throw the 2016 election

When Dark-Skinned Citizens Lose Their Citizenship

The Origins of Violence? Slavery, Extractivism and War

'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState (for not being pro Trump enough)

LiDAR Gives Researchers New Insight Into the Lives of Montpelier's Enslaved Population

$500 A Year Typical Wage In Liberia. Interesting.

"I want to be known as the Greatest Enemy of Religion"

Golf course that called the police on black women loses business

Henry Lee Summer - I Wish I Had a Girl

Apple, Google, other tech firms oppose 'discriminatory' Kansas adoption bill

LAPD commander and sergeant drunk in public at 145am

john cafferty and the beaver brown band on the dark side

Ram Jam - Black Betty

At the U.S. border, a diminished migrant caravan readies for an unwelcoming reception

what does this say about me?

The Vapors - Turning Japanese

Tenney's red-meat rhetoric alarms House Republicans

The Cars - Drive

They're looking for an apology...

Level 42: "Something About You"

Kansas agency criticizes Legislature in fight over pizza magnate's $42 million tax bill

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/27/18

Battle over medication abortion rages on in challenge to new Missouri law

Judge says Hawley can continue investigating Greitens

Modern Dating: The Struggle Is Real...

St. Louis judge in Greitens case orders inquiry into source of $100,000 cash payment

State workers in line for raises, but will have to wait

DoD: At least 126 bases report water contaminants linked to cancer, birth defects

Even if he's impeached, Gov. Greitens likely to fight to stay on the job

Stories from the Road: Creation Illuminated

Defense rests for ex-Arkansas legislator accused of fraud

Texas voter ID law can go into effect, appeals court rules

Judge rejects GOP challenge, says Arkansas House candidate eligible

Fun fact....,

Trump's Remarks concerning Paralympics..

Teaching our sons the truth on trickle down economics

Officials to appeal after Arkansas judge blocks voter ID law

Proposed amendment to Arkansas Constitution sparks debate

Satanic Temple plans to sue state of Arkansas over alleged religious discrimination

Police officer 'sexually assaulted' while trying to arrest rape suspect

Ruth Davidson's pregnancy shows yet again that she's a political pioneer

You can't make this shit up!

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/27/18

World's oldest spider dies aged 43

Trump can come. But let him know Britain won't stand for his bigotry

I really suck at being a disciplinarian beware a ramble

Certainly a better person than me! :-)

'Trump has never once discriminated' Cons demand blacks & Muslims apologize to the president

Trump Tower on fire in Azerbaijan capital Baku

Brazil struggles with massive influx of Venezuelan refugees

Humboldt survivor has breakthrough as support continues to pour in

Nicaragua's toppling 'trees' strike ominous note for Daniel Ortega's rule

The US government should cede territory back to Native Americans

Academics think they've figured out why people voted for Trump and Brexit

Oklahoma lawmakers vote to stop same-sex couples from adopting

AM Joy starts at 10am EST.

Judge rules that bars can kick out patrons wearing MAGA hats

Former Police Cadets Say Academy Trained them to be Hostile to the Public

The Trump administration is quietly cracking down on documented immigrants

Gateway Pundit bots are out pushing a recycled narrative about Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Why Would You Fund Anything Like Schools When You Plan To Shut It Down or Sell It.

Love, God

The Latest: Judge orders house arrest for Bill Cosby

Flynn: things "will happen...via cyber both hacktivists (&) nation-states"

Adam Rippon Boycotts White House Visit: 'I Will Not Stand With People Who Discriminate'

Trump: Paralympics Was 'Tough to Watch'

Teacher in Arizona--"I have alway voted Republican, but now i'm seeing firsthand what that gets us.

Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, and More Female Colleagues Co-Sign Letter Supporting Tom Brokaw

Teachers and Arizona governor at odds as deal announced


Trump just tweeted that Clapper is a lying machine.

Trump Tower fire: Hotel in Azerbaijani capital Baku

South Korean Foreign Minister on Peace Talks With NoKo: 'Clearly, Credit Goes to President Trump'

"Trump's draining the swamp! He's removing the gators! The grifters and crazies, the autofellators."

Paul Ryan Translates Bible:

Fire at Trump International Hotel and Tower in Azerbaijan capital of Baku

For all the dog owners out there. Isn't this so true?

'An indictment is coming': Ex-DOJ official concludes Michael Cohen about to be arrested

Conservatives Will Never Get the Respect They Crave. They Don't Deserve It.

AG Leslie Rutledge grandstands against Affordable Care Act in lawsuit that aims to strip coverage

Forecaster: Nunes seat no longer 'safe' Republican

Trump defends Ronny Jackson, calls for Tester resignation

The inter-Korean summit has only raised the stakes for Trump

On April 28, the unions of the AFL-CIO observe Workers Memorial Day ...

I Will Never Understand Why Anyone With One Brain Cell Would Vote GOP Then Again -------.

'He's a cardboard cutout piece of sh*tf*ck':Ron Perlman explains why he would never play Trump

The Cosby survivors finally get justice. But think of those hurt along the way. - WaPo Editorial

AG Leslie Rutledge rejects proposed ballot initiative to increase minimum wage to $11

Paul Ryan dismissed the House chaplain. Wait, why does Congress even have a chaplain?

Gov. Edwards' plan to curb prison-worker turnover? A pay hike for prison officers worth $7M

One major turn-off: Trump on the line. . . . Please come CAPTION Fox and Fiends!!!

Joy opens with a comment - turn on now n/t

A.M. Joy on now. Addresses her controversy.

Joy is coming clean....

Tonight is the Correspondents dinner?

A Load of Ballokis

Now that the investigation is getting very close to Putin, is it time for him to send orders?

A say hi to Joy Thread

Why Mueller's Trump interview may not matter

Lynching memorial leaves some quietly seething: 'Let sleeping dogs lie'

Joy Reid: "I own that. I get it. And for that I am truly, truly story"

'I have to own this': MSNBC host Joy Reid apologizes for anti-LGBTQ blog posts in passionate address

Ex-con candidate compounding GOP woes in West Virginia

The effects of trickle down economics are.........

Trump Jr. And Emin Agalarov Stayed In Touch Throughout The Transition

White House Correspondents' dinner 2018 info

Trump touts rally as alternate programming to correspondents' dinner: 'Will be live on TV'

AM Joy: "Rev. Al Sharpton recently spoke to potential 2020 presidential hopefuls..."

Lawmakers slam Trump's Homeland Security chief over focus on immigrant caravan, border wall

Fear - It Is What This Country Is Being Anchored To And....

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt loves quoting the Bible. That may help him keep his job.

Gabriela's quest for safety: Pregnant mom gets her boys through sickness, a trash train and 3K miles

Waffle House locks doors to keep out Black woman, and white man threatens to shoot her..

Why Bill Cosby may not spend any time in prison

Gay friend told a joke last night about lettering.

Seriously - Does anybody here remember EVERYTHING they have ever posted

Weekend Toon Roundup

Twitter "smackdown" between Maduro (Chavismo) v. Venezuelans without water for months (utility)

Calling all Native Americans: tell Trumpsters to "get out of our country"

Someone alert Rudy 911 and Victoria Toensing!!!

MCU's Greatest Moments: Spider man Homecoming - Peter panics, then becomes the hero

You Can Evolve & Change Your Mind Over Time. Joy Is Free To Do That.

There is no one who can save Trump from himself - By Joe Scarborough

Trump voters will soon learn reality is non-negotiable.

"tRump is the guy who visits you in the hospital and tells you what a bad day he's having"

Paralympics fires back at Trump for insulting disabled athletes as 'tough to watch'

Bill Maher scolds Roseanne in epic take-down for her Trump love (VIDEO)

Just So We're Clear, Mueller Had Nothing to Do With Drafting the Cohen Warrant

MCU's Greatest Moments: Daredevil - "Do you believe in the Devil"?

Paralympics fires back at Trump for insulting disabled athletes as 'tough to watch'

Maduro admits to breaking the law when he uses state resources to campaign. "Venezuela is Chavismo!"

Can you can see this beautiful moment?

Tonight's tv listings 9PM ET: CNN,CSPAN & MSNBC: WH Correspondence Dinner. FOX: Judge Jeanine

Mueller will prove conspiracy and obstruction. Trump must be impeached for this reason.

GOP chairman 'does not have a problem' with Tester's handling of Jackson allegations

Comedian Michelle Wolf says it's "cowardly" for Trump to skip Correspondents' dinner

EPA staff in 'despair' after Pruitt blame game

Fellow DU members please be careful judging Trump supporters

Glad to see AM Joy,

The poor don't have a prayer in today's Washington

Did your kids get ripped off for school field trips compared to yourself?

Natalia is a spy. Donnie Junior, Jared, Manafort, et al met with an effing Russian spy.

Paralympics fires back

If this shit wasn't so serious, the jokes would write themselves...

Youtubers taste-test disgraced evangelist Jim Bakker's $175 "end-times" food bucket

Russian's are deep into the gaming...

Duke, Duchess Of Cambridge Announce Name Of Third Child Is Louis Arthur Al-Baghdadi

Lynching Memorial is making some people uncomfortable.

A Deluxe Asparagus Frittata, Topped With Burrata

MSNBC's Joy Reid says no proof of blog hacking found, apologizes for past views

NYT: Trump refuses to believe that Republicans might lose the House

Why a City at the Center of the Opioid Crisis Gave Up a Tool to Fight It

Democrats Suddenly Competitive In Rural Districts Too

A rarity - something political and funny at the same time.

Help for MARIA GUNNOE, Environmental & Social Justice Activist for Appalachia

Trump's Role in Midterm Elections Roils Republicans

Help for MARIA GUNNOE, Environmental & Social Justice Activist of Appalachia

The size of Somalia

Any advice for a first-time traveler to Thailand?

FLIPPABLE: Tram Nguyen for MA-HD18 Essex

This is why religion makes me angry and sad.

Police's Shifting Account of Black Man's Death Raises Questions in Savannah

You can tell a lot about someone by their handshake.

Jabba the Trump

Legacy Museum opens in Montgomery, Alabama, to highlight slavery, lynchings

Capitalism works if we save it from true believers

FLIPPABLE: Kevin Higgins for MA-07 Plymouth

RL Burnside

Border patrol agents strolled around a bus station asking non-white people if they were citizens

Eric Holder defends Joy Reid after controversy: She 'should not be silenced'

Dr. Ronnie Jackson

An Evening at Anthony Scaramucci's Steakhouse

WATCH: MSNBC's Reid confronted by WaPo's Capehart over her anti-LGBT comments...

Millennial Reign - If Jesus Returned For This Millennium, Would He Take Selfies?

Did I hear this morning that the Con and the other members of the Kakistocracy are considering

Journalist Sarah Kendzior: Russian lawyer's Kremlin confession will implicate more than Don Jr

Is this the golden shower video?

Paul Ryan Nominates Millennial Jesus as New House Chaplain

After firing the Chaplain and holding 50+ votes to repeal ACA. Super touching.

Spoiler Warning: Thanos is a trump voter!

Does Donald Trump Represent a New Direction in Christianity?

Who, if anyone, reviews alerted post appeals ?

Reverend Al asks Pastor Mark Burns to name one thing Trump has done for black America

....needed to be said....

Today is Jay Leno's birthday

I've read a lot of dumb stupid misogynist shit on this website over the years.

A Cohen indictment is common-sense -- Renato Mariotti

Tester put veterans above politics-If Trump is confident in Jackson, re-nominate him & let truth out

Wrong forum, again...sorry...

Breaking: Paul Ryan Nominates Joel Osteen to Be New House Chaplain

Cops finally catch Pepper, elusive cat at Kennedy Airport, after owner's pal calls out feline's.....

Trump is trying to take down Cohen

For the Zep fans out there ... I give you ... Greta Van Fleet ...

MA-GOV: Rabid homophobe forces Charlie Baker into a primary

Rachel Maddow & Others Rally Around Joy Reid Following Quasi-Apology: 'Never Been Prouder...

Suspected police-killer John Williams caught by authorities on 4th day of massive manhunt

I just stumbled into a very old paper by "Lord Rayleigh" contemplating water boiling in a pot.

Betty Bowers' remark after Trump Tower Baku Azerbaijan fire

Michael Cohen makes the National Enquirer

American Mobs Lynched Both Blacks and Whites. But Not in the Same Way.

Jon McNaughton is Ben Garrison with oil paints.

Rep. Devin Nunes is no longer 'safe' in his race for re-election, forecaster says.

For example . . .

The Koch Bros are going berserk with the tax propaganda

Bourdain's field notes: West Virginia

HUD shuts down longtime Buffalo gay bar

Customs and Border Patrol question

Kim Jong-un doubles as the Track and Field Coach for the 400-meter sprint team.

@devinnunes HIC recommenation "Congress should consider repealing the #LoganAct." !!

"I recommend you lonely incels try it some time. Just to make her afraid."

The horror of being Trump

The future Chernobyl of the Baltic Sea:

Joy did what her RW counterparts are incapable of

I got gas today for $1.39

Two Trump gifs

Trump is going to Michigan for a campaign rally...

Macron embraces civil rights hero Rep John Lewis

Trump is too much of a coward to attend #CorrespondentsDinner for second year in a row.

'Putin has no further use for Trump': Why Natalia Veselnitskaya admitted to being Russian agent

Facebook changes?

I miss the "hate mailbox"

I miss the "hate mailbox"

'Dead zone' larger than Scotland found by underwater robots in Arabian sea

SATER:"I can not only get Ivanka to spin in Putin's Kremlin chair on 30 minutes notice-I can also.."

Trump Tower in Azerbaijan is on fire

Just watched "Miss Sloane"

Joy Reid apologizes and says experts haven't proven she was hacked

Brooks: Many Republicans Are Likely Retiring Due To Fear Of Assassination

Police Report Suggests Brazil President Temer Used Family Assets to Launder Money

can you bring back

Paul Ryan publicly fucks up. Osteen ain't gonna' happen

Woman With Whom Greitens Had Affair Must Turn Over Her Phone To Court

Today, my yard is officially snow-free

Does Lisa Bloom Deserve Redemption?

Any guesses?

The New Conservative Media Establishment

Evangelicals make up quarter of Costa Rica's new assembly

Democrats Suddenly Competitive In Rural Districts Too

Flynn Met with Russian Ambassador Before Speech at Gala

Stein Won't Comply With Senate Russia investigation

Bill before Louisiana legislature aims to preserve, protect slave burial sites

Kanye West: "I know Obama was heaven-sent. But ever since Trump won, it proved I could be president"

California Democrat threatens to sue The Intercept over reporting on 'fabricated' voicemail

Michigan Democrats rally against Trump's visit to Macomb

Question about Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILER ALERT)

Founder of Black Liberation Theology Dies

No one ever prays for a lost limb to regrow.

Hillary Clinton: Pay For Childcare with Campaign Funds

Hey RandySF...going to Infinity Wars tonight!!!

What's for Dinner, Sat., Apr. 28, 2018

The NRA is reportedly preparing for an investigation into its ties to Kremlin-backed banker

The problem with being a liberal since Franken?

Woman suing Tom Schedler describes decade-long 'nightmare' in first interview: 'I had told him to

Saturday Night Chill

Bad Lip Reading: Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

Newly born jaguar cubs draw fans at Mexico wildlife park

Newly born jaguar cubs draw fans at Mexico wildlife park

CNN: NRA setting aside years of docs amid scrutiny over ties to Kremlin-linked banker

I am beside myself with worry that our beloved President may have had a few strokes

Ivanka and Jared are too quiet. Where are they and what nefarious things are

More prayer in Louisiana schools? State Senate backs proposal to allow it

Report: Trump Jr. Kept in Touch With Kremlin-Connected Agalarov During Transition

Alfie Evans, Terminally Ill British Toddler at Center of Court Fight, Dies

LOL Tuned in to C_SPAN

2018 US House Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Pompeo Tells Saudis Enough Is Enough: Stop Qatar Blockade and Help Heal Yemen

just turned into msnbc. covering the rally. they have a Red carpet. Conway all decked out and her

Melania Is Trapped In The White House, Says France's First Lady

The case for Jim Bakker as Congressional chaplain

Man shoots wife going to bathroom, mistaking her for burglar

I found this great time line from Mother Jones

Trump just said we have the worst laws, an example of this is the loser of the vote is president

Now that North and South Korea are coming together. Isn't it time for North and South Dakota to do

For the comedy act at the dinner, they should just run a couple minutes of his rally

Some drone pics from Comb Ridge, UT

Lawrence Tribe: "Bingo! Putin is showing a little leg".

Note that 45 is making his speech in the hour prior to the WHCD.

LOL. Michael Avenatti having fun on the red carpet.

tRump may be world's (universe's/eternitie's?) luckiest man. North Korea nukes.

Jefferson County Sheriff indicted on fraud charges

Unusual eruptions at world's largest active geyser in Yellowstone

I AM The Avenger! (No spoilers)

Explosive device found at Texas Starbucks

Earthworm doggie: