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Can someone explain why Donald Trump wants out of the Iran nuclear deal so bad?


Growth, down. Stock market, down. Optimism, down. The tax cut boost to the economy, non-existent.

Trump on the 5th Amendment:

How much of the false attacks on Joy Ann Reid are based on racism & sexism?

How is Steve Bannon not indicted...?

Fox's Tucker has Joy As the top of the show

Good Start...

Turning Point USA Keeps Accidentally Hiring Racists

The "Dr Ronny Jackson, I presume?" concert

The Obamas: You Can't Fake That! (Warning! May cause bittersweet tears)

BREAKING: VA nominee considers withdrawing

From the Simpsons (Lisa of course) This-is how to deal with trolling bottbaiters from hell.....

Trumps History of Lying, from John Barron to @realDonaldTrump

Could he hit the ground running right out of America...?

Parent Complains After Missouri District Hires Evangelist

Joy Reid must be doing something right

Do they mean tiger blood?

The thing about the Stormy Daniels case that I dont get

A left leaning person/politician is reported to have done someting upsetting.

EPA employees rally against Scott Pruitts policies on eve of congressional testimony

Stephen Colbert.......funny, funny, funny tv opening monologue.....

Gotta happen, ASAP...

Forget about others. Republicans intentionally amplified racism for decades - to get votes.

Money is definitely the root of all evil...

One of two things is true in regard to Joy Reid

One Internet Archive Quirk Which May Not Be Relevant

Mike Luckovich: The Tortoise and the Hair

Republicans want Trumps VA nominee to withdraw

Leonard Pitts Jr.: What, exactly, do you stand for, Sen. Rubio? Its hard to tell.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Trump Everlasting!

Keep your eyes open. Posts will become more common here

Could Ryan Zinke Lose His Job?

interesting diversion, "The Manchurian Candidate"is on STDIO right now.

Human waste is making a Denali glacier toxic. The park service is demanding change from climbers.

Ford to stop selling every car in North America but the Mustang and Focus Active

Inside the Confidential N.F.L. Meeting to Discuss National Anthem Protests

Has Giuliani really been doing much legal work, lately?

"How corrupt have we become..."

So. Saw Karl Rove at Love Field today

Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record

Im going to coin a phrase regarding Joy Reid

Re Joy Reid. Hmmm

Anyone want to talk about Cohen taking the 5th instead of dragging down

My impression of James Comey after seeing CNN Town Hall

GOP moves to cut debate time for Trump noms

Stormy signed a NDA

Fox News poll: Majority think Mueller will find Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses

Ronny Jackson's board certification is in Emergency Medicine.

Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters

Bannon directed Cambridge Analytica to research discouraging voter turnout, whistleblower says

The scuttlebutt about Jackson passing out pills all the time, is

Cohen taking the Fifth

Expelled spies included Russians suspected of tracking compatriots resettled in US

How Scott Pruitt Plans to Defend Himself on Capitol Hill: Spread the Blame

Chief Inspector Murphy has something to say

cannot access network drive in Windows 10 pro

A Ghostly Tale

What I Miss About Barack Obama

So I'm busting my ass all day and come on here now to find that Joy Reid

All 5 professional teams in Toronto have a home game tonight. Two hockey

Rudys newest red meat lie for the base...look for many more to come..

Macron: Trump will likely scrap Iran deal

Beware of anything that creates dissension between LGBT and African Americans

What is in there water???

It's official!!! Bars in New York can throw Trump supporters out the door!!!!

Trump approval rating drops to 39 percent: poll

Hello. I have a sincere question, and it is in good faith.

The Handmaid's Tale S2 is now available on Hulu

★Federal judge blocks Trump administration from cutting Planned Parenthood program funds★

Our president ignores an American hero: Trumps silence on the Waffle House murders is deafening

illegal gun factory busted in Montreal.

Cui Bono if Joy Ann Reid is taken down?

Is there a decent cable television provider out there?

How long till we find out Rachel wrote racist remarks ten years ago?

If Trump invokes his 5th Amendment rights

"My Opinion" is not a "Get Out of Jail Free" card...

Let it roll baby!

Al Franken was taken down and nobody demanded a full investigation

Important hearing set for tomorrow (26th) before Judge Wood on the Cohen criminal case.

There are now TWO online petitions to get Joy Reid fired! There are ZERO supporting her!

I'm going to say something blunt about the Joy-Ann Reid story...

Germans don skullcaps to protest anti-Semitism

Kellyanne spent days before 2016 election spinning reporters on why Trump was going to lose

How about Al Franken for Speaker of the House in 2019 should Dems take

Something I don't understand about Guiliani representing Trump

CNN: Is Nikki Haley the most popular politician in America? (Quinnipiac poll)

Call msnbc comment line to support Joy Reid

A Lot of People are Saying on the Internet that Trump Weighs 289-not 239

Wapo headlines tonight

Actor Mark Hamill asks "Who wore it better?"

I am confused about exactly what Judge Wood ruled at the previous Cohen hearing.

Khruangbin - "Maria Tambien"

nice vids of trump saying people who plead the 5th are probably guilty....

Khruangbin performing "Mr. White" Live on KCRW

Khruangbin - Friday Morning (live @TivoliVredenburg Utrecht)

GOP moves to cut debate time for Trump nominees

Arizona's only black legislators chastised after calling out a colleague's racial slur

Polls keep showing a Democrat leading in the 2018 Tennessee Senate race

Colorado Republicans kill proposed ban on gay conversion therapy.

Rhode Island governor orders state agencies to only use internet services that follow net neutrality

Seth Meyers - Trump's First State Dinner, Stormy Daniels' Anonymous Donor - Monologue - 4/24/18

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 26, 2018 -- TCM Spotlight: Victorian Era in Film

Open for business

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: Steve Bannon used data to discourage Democratic turnout

Seth Meyers - As Macron Visits, Trump's Foreign Policy Makes No Sense: A Closer Look

If we split, Trump and the Republicans win. That's the only way they win.

The Daily Show - Drunk Driving and Overprescribing Drugs: Ronny Jackson, VA Secretary Nominee

Thoughts after PFLAG and Joy Reid

AZ-08: Lesko's lead drops to less than 5% as late-counted votes go for Tipirneni

"I don't believe the great evil of American slavery was involuntary servitude and forced labor..."

Reid's attorney says FBI has opened investigation into hacking claim

Before we come to a final judgement about Ms. Reid lets ask this guy:

No president...only mister.

More TERRIBLE NEWS for Trump/Cohen: the recused SDNY US Attorney, Geoffrey Berman,

2 from Schumann: "Fairy Tale Pictures, Op.113" & "5 Pieces in Folk Style, Op. 102"-Steven Isserlis/

Since we are talking about Joy- She is featured in Elle Magazine's May's Issue

Pence in Milwaukee says national optimism 'soaring' due to Trump's policies, tax overhaul

"Pacific Coast Highway"/Couperin: "Les Barricades"- David Russell/"Spatter the Dew"/

They all sound like some really nice fellows...

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (Original Version)

Joy Reid's alleged homophobia is a red herring. The issue here is honesty

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Nazis are no laughing matter ... as if the world

Evers says he's leading 'one-person race' for Dem guv nomination

(Jewish Group) Mel Brooks Talks Trump, Anti-Semitism, Political Correctness and the Best Movie He

DNR approves Racine's application to divert Lake Michigan water for Foxconn

Cathy Myers launches teachers, students program to mobilize voters

How a Snake Goes to Bed

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/25/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest Hank Azaria: 'The Right Thing To Do' With Apu

Some Democrats pledge to break Foxconn contract as Wisconsin governor

Ive spent the last two hours blocking critics of Joy Reid on Twitter

Court rules against Trump administrations delay on car efficiency fines

Lets play the end game speculation game.

Wind, solar deliver stunning 98 percent of new U.S. power capacity in January, February

I'm expecting indictments today or tomorrow

white woman curses cops - does't get slammed to ground and hand cuffed

Is anyone else puzzled by the Chapman/Gerardot murder/suicide?

Germans of all faiths in 'wear a kippa march' against anti-Semitism

The Joy Reid story is a sad story.

Louisiana Republicans Fear Expanded Bestiality Law Would Lead to More Gay Butt Sex

Michael Cohen Says He Will Take The Fifth In Stormy Daniels Suit

"That little snippet! That snippet!" Paris Dennard weighs in on Kanye & The Dotard

Democrats confront Texas nominee to federal appeals court

Will be adding Joy Reid to my list of auto trash by keyword

A long Twitter thread on the modern policing of black bodies in America...

Florida woman says HOA member told her to remove rainbow flag

Hawaii island may have broken national rainfall record

For Donald Trump and Michael Cohen and even Sean Hannity.......this song is dedicated to YOU.......

For Donald Trump and Michael Cohen and even Sean Hannity.......this song is dedicated to YOU.......

Russian hackers may have targeted a Democrat's Texas Senate campaign website

Apparently Joy Reid said or did something. In the wake of all the news on Hannity is this not odd?

LGBT kids literally kill themselves thanks to the logic of one of the posts Reid may or may not

Why are Texas taxpayers handing over almost $2.2 million to help with the NFL Draft?


President Donald Trump Said "The Mob Takes The Fifth"- And So Did His Lawyer

Ronny Jackson withdraws.

Avenatti: "Cannot Overstate Importance" Of Cohen Invoking 5th Amendment

Message from Bill Penzey at Penzey's Spices

Would you like to be VA Secretary?:

Dr Jackson out..will he resign too?

Remember the big scandal in 1993

We're being tormented by a flycatcher!

The Rundown: April 25, 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/25/2018

Everything this miscreant touches he ruins.

I think Bernie would make a good candidate for

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Looney Toons

Let's be clear about something. Dr. Ronny did NOT withdraw! He's alternatively fighting for the job!

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Republicans and others of low morals

After hugging Trump, Macron tears down Trumpism

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Paging Phill Griffith, call for you on Line 1

The evangelical support for Trump reminds me of a specific chapter in the Bible.

GOP Senators Losing Their Cool Over White House Vetting Fails

New Documents Show Pompeo Failed To Disclose Additional Business Ties To China

I'm suffering for your sins right now. I'm listening to the Madman on Fox.

I'm hearing real PANIC in trump*'s voice

Trump tells Fox & Friends "Of course I stayed in Russia overnight!"

Democrats Lead In Key GOP Senate Races

Exclusive: Expelled spies included Russians suspected of tracking compatriots who resettled in US

Trump: Democratic senator who ran oversight on Jackson will have a "big price to pay"

Trump goes on epic whine on 'Fox & Friends' after his VA secretary pick goes down in flames

Kim Jong Un will walk across border for summit with Moon

Thousands of teachers in Arizona, Colorado to protest

Iran's Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against U.S.: state TV

Meet Laura Moser and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, the CD-7 Democratic primary runoff candidates

Ronny Jackson Withdraws VA Nomination

Beto O'Rourke to major Democratic super PAC donor: "Thanks, but no thanks"

Message from Bill Penzey at Penzey's Spices

Has anyone noticed.... or is it just social blindness

Judge Napolitano: 'I Jumped The Gun' By Saying Comey Broke The Law With Leaks: 'Appears He Did Not'

I thought you didn't know Stormy?

Among other wacko comments, Trump threaten Sen Jon Tester (D, MT) over Adm Jackson

Jill Stein Defies Senate Intelligence Document Request, Calling It "Overbroad"

Bill Kristol: "We can do better than Trump" in 2020

Steve Bannon began testing focus-groups for opinions on Putin in 2014.

Never piss off a Canada Goose

The trump, cohen, Stormy Daniels thing reminds me of the old

Journalist Sarah Kendzior goes on Morning Joe, calls out Joe & Mika for helping to fuel Trump's rise

GOP Rep. Calls For Imprisonment of Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Loretta Lynch: 'Lock Them Up!'

When is Trump's next medical check-up?

White House Aides Wouldn't All Mind if Pruitt Bombs Before Congress

When u lose ur Honey and ur Candyman at the same time,,,,,,,

2 Members of Congress Were Rumored to Be Having an Affair. He May Be the Next Speaker. She's Out...

Keith Boykin Tweets:

Lucky penny

Cohen was a tiny coffee boy ...

Trump: Next VA Nominee Will Be 'Somebody Great,' 'With Political Capability'

Trump denies that he told Comey he didn't stay overnight in Moscow

The Real Reason Trumpists Voted for Trump

Trump Appointment of That Doctor Guy to VA Director Implodes

UPDATED: Trump Distances Himself From Cohen Probe: 'I Don't Know His Business'

U.S. falls in global index of press freedom, reporters' group says

Trump "didn't get Melania so much" for her birthday..."I got her a beautiful card"

Happy 75th 🎂 Gary!

Hank Azaria willing to 'step aside' from playing Apu on 'The Simpsons'

US Rep for Kentuckys 4th district, ladies and gentlemen

Happy 80th 🎂 Duane!

Trump Denies Lying To Comey About Moscow Overnight

Trump is using his "I hardly knew the guy" shtick on Michael Cohen

Trump Makes His Lawyers Sad in TV Call In - By Josh Marshall

LGBT kids literally kill themselves thanks to the logic of one of the posts Reid may or may not have

If Dr. Ronnie Went Before A Congressional Committee And Was Under Oath - Could They.....

The Black Panther is more popular than Jesus

Donald Trump likely to scrap Iran deal amid 'insane' changes of stance, says Macron

Trump admits Cohen represented him on Stormy Daniels.

Atheist Group's Lawsuit Says Kid Was Forcibly Baptized By Court-Approved Mentor

I have more contempt for people who voted for Jill Stein than Donald Trump

British interior minister faces calls to resign over 'Windrush' scandal

Title the latest Pink Floyd album.

Southern Illinois University is recruiting PhD grads for VOLUNTEER faculty positions.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies. Airing LIVE Thursday, Apr 26 10:00am EDT on

Pope to host abuse victims individually, seek forgiveness

Somebody's having a bad morning...

Wish me luck on my new portable AC.

Josh Marshall

Emmanuel Macron ‏and Congressman John Lewis

Dangerous outbreak of E. coli illness from romaine lettuce expands, with 19 states affected

BTRTN: What Would Impeachment Really Look Like? Not Pretty...For Anyone.

Why is Trump now confessing to events and charges that he previously denied?

BTRTN: What Would Impeachment Really Look Like? Not Pretty...For Anyone.

Prosciutto-wrapped scallops recipe

Walkerton pizzeria once at center of national controversy has now closed

Let's Have a Kiki

Joan Walsh on Joy Reid

Powerstroke Rams and makin' Murika grate.

Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained

Today is Melania's birthday, and what did Donald give her?

A bit of what the Con said this morning - translated

'Cry Closet' Installed for Finals at University of Utah

A word of warning ⚠️

Morning Joe enjoys Trump's Fox & Friends phone call

Attorney Michael Avenatti hints $1.6 million abortion payout was for Trump - not GOP donor

A blind dachshund and his guide dog who were adopted, then split up in Virginia, have been reunited

Did Ronnie Jackson lie about trump to get nominated to head the VA?

Michael Avenatti and what he seemed to suggest re Elliott Briody. Did anyone get that on MJ ?

CARTOON - Scott Pruitt To Limit What Science The EPA Can Use

Dana Loesch blames Obama for Ronnie Jackson's downfall

The 21 Most Homophobic Members of Trump's Cabinet

Data Mining for Scandal or Retribution - Joy Reid Is a Victim of This

Public transportation at a standstill in Venezuela. Unions on their own to solve nationwide problem

(Massachusetts) comes out with new LGBTQ curriculum

the Guardian, today has an article titled

Pic Of The Moment: That Was Then...

Contacts to support Joy Reid..

What happened to the story that Trump fathered a child with a housekeeper?

Dotard shoots himself in the foot - again

Trump: 'I May Change My Mind' About Personal Involvement In Investigation

Marijuana initiative approved for Michigan November ballot

In the past I have said things that were wrong and am now ashamed of...

Fed Officials Worry the Economy Is Too Good. Workers Still Feel Left Behind.

Deputy sheriff slain after judge freed suspect

Last day of work before vacation.

It just gets better ...

Martha Stewart's studio props up for auction

Ana Navarro Tweet: "Today"

Trump is a Traitor Salon.Com Article

The "Day Trip to Moscow" bit was a Russian trial balloon. Trump passed that balloon to Comey.

Kessler alert: UVA law library hits the books in search of ban

Trump Made a Huge Legal Mistake on Fox & Friends

Pruitt fears White House undermining him ahead of hearings

Any guesses who trump* has in mind for the VA post? Maybe Oliver North??

Democrats Expand the Playing Field

Lawyers for the U.S. Attty's Office for the Southern District of NY also watched Trump's Fox segment

Avenatti: I want to thank Fox & Friends for having the president on this morning

Watch Pruitt LIVE here if unable to get cspan...........

Lesko's Margin Shrinks to Just 4 Points

If this has been posted, it deserves to be seen again.

Ronny Jackson withdraws as Trumps nominee to lead Veterans Affairs

Knowing how Vindictive Trump is-he will most likely purposely close a privatization VA nominee, just

Incompetence May Be Trump's Biggest Problem

Woke up to see Cadet Bone Spurs speaking at a Wounded Warrior Project

Boy swept out to sea while walking on N.C. beach

Wikileaks is counter-suing the DNC...

Trump delays release of some JFK files until 2021, bowing to national security concerns

After hearing Trump on Fox and Friends can there be any doubt that

Green Partys Jill Stein refuses to turn over campaign documents to Senate intel committee

KFC's new chicken sandwich that's aiming to take on Chick-fil-A


A few of the folks getting all steamed and frisky with the attacks on Joy:

Dr. Ronny Jackson to leave position at White House

Pittsburgh workers remove controversial Stephen Foster statue

I want Joy Reid to come through this fine, hell, stronger than ever would be great

Trump Boys Beg Father To Nominate G.I. Joe Action Figure Cobra Commander For VA Secretary

BREAKING: Senate Special Counsel Bill passes Judiciary Committee 14-7

This is what one commonly refers to as a moment of "existential crisis."

Jill Stein refuses to turn over campaign documents

Rep. Pallone tells Pruitt to his face: 'You are unfit to hold office you really should resign'

Our dear friend is "under the knife" right now to fix his spinal stenosis...

Jake Tapper exposes extraordinary parallels between Trump's trajectory and Joe McCarthy's demise

Some guys - You just gotta admire

Stand-in at Starbucks

Eating dark chocolate is good for you, study claims

Feds: Trump, Hannity Remarks Suggest Cohen Doesn't Have Many Privileged Docs

Adam Schiff: Justice Dept belongs to American people not Trump

Joy Reids Hacking Claims Look Increasingly Unlikely

Sanders Statement on VA Nominee - April 26, 2018

After Jackson Withdraws, Tester Thanks Those 'Who Bravely Spoke Out'

Is anybody else watching the Pruit hearing?

'Athlete of the Century' Fanny Blankers-Koen honored with Google Doodle on 100th birthday

Pruitt Dodges Questions On The $43,000 Booth He Had Installed In His Office

'Athlete of the Century' Fanny Blankers-Koen honored with Google Doodle on 100th birthday

Minimalization, Denial and Blame.....RE: Joy Ann matter....

Have you been ripped off, bankrupted, or denied coverage by your insurer? Share your story ...

Senate Judiciary approves bill to protect Mueller

a few pictures from a recent road trip to Italy...

In Bonkers Interview, Trump Threatens to Seize Control of Justice Department

Speaking from a position of...

Ye gads what a morning - I have stuff to do but can't tear away from the train wreck

Diamond and Silk say under oath they weren't paid by Trump campaign; FEC filings say otherwise

It's so damn easy to defeat Liberals in America.

Because there are clearly not enough Joy Reid OPs, here's my take...

Looks that should never ever come back?

Daily Beast Suspends Joy Reid Column Over 'Serious' Accusations About Past Homophobic Blog Posts

When we could laff about it all

Trump on his presidency: 'I would give myself an A-plus'

Pelosi: impeachment push 'a gift' to GOP

Special Master appointed in Cohen case is Barbara S. Jones

Media Matters Says No Boycott for Joy Reid, Blasts 'Right-Wing Chicanery'

EVERYBODY KNOWS - Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen

***BREAKING*** Barbara Jones will be appointed special master in Cohen case

Ex-girlfriend of 49ers' Reuben Foster recants domestic violence claims

"We Need a Little Xanax"--Sandy and Richard Riccardi

It took two hours for Trump's Fox & Friends interview to be used against him in federal court

Chavista "narco-capo" Diosdado Cabello loses another defamation lawsuit

Just as I suspected

Diamond and Silk say under oath they weren't paid by Trump campaign; FEC filings say otherwise

Republicans Have Pumped Money Into Special Elections

Seriously, we were all wrong

'We Must Never Be As Wrong As This Again'

Navy Man Implicated in Theft of 20 Grenades from San Diego Destroyer

Joy Behar vs. Meghan McCain this morning on The View.

"World leaders all love me because I treat them with respect." . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Looks like cyber security experts have already found suspicious activity on the old Joy Blog

Kris Kobach lashed out & MOCKED at national walkout students last week by saying "STAY IN CLASS".

Mike Pompeo, Confirmed as Secretary of State, Plans to Quickly Head to Europe


Pompeo confirmed. Stupid DINOs.

Prince William to be best man at Harrys wedding

WANTED: Someone to do my DU posts for me.

Op-ed: Joy Reid is a voice all too rare and even more important now

"Our Fight Song"

US Judge Rules Seized Trump Lawyer Documents to be Independently Reviewed

Christian researcher predicts the Blue Tsunami in November

Has Joy Reid herself claimed these blog entries from 2006 wee hacks?

David Vitter served 10 years in the Senate after hooker-diapergate: Using Our Ethics Against Us

Stephen Colbert savages Kanye West-Trump Twitter 'bro fest'

Property Taxes Cannot Pay For All Public School's Needs. State/Federal General Funds Must Help.

Is Joy Reid homophobic? (No.)

Stephen Colbert Takes On Ronny Jackson Controversy

Loggers can have OCD too!

Sad 60th anniversary; the B&O stops passenger service between Washington and NYC.

It's called Dragon Energy!

Samantha Bee Calls Out Racist, Warmongering Homophobe Mike Pompeo

Diamond and Silk busted for lying under oath

Now all four service chiefs have said they are okay with trans people in the military

Looks like Trump has lied to the FBI.

Viva Tirado

Sanders Statement on Pompeo Nomination Vote

Sometimes there is "justice"

Ex-Federal Judge Barbara Jones Chosen as Special Master in Cohen-Trump Case

Trump pushes to swap Electoral College for popular vote

Joy Reid Drops Event Appearance Amid Scrutiny Over Hacking Claims

Even Sam Harris has an identity.

Can anyone explain WHY 10 year old blog posts from a non-public official

""I laugh at the death of normies": How incels are celebrating the Toronto mass killing"

I'm watching to see who is pushing forward the Joy Reid "scandal" on the Internet.

We May Hit Russian Systems in Syria, Israel Says After Threats of 'Catastrophic Consequences'

#REDforED. Arizona teachers march

My band is charting on Reverb Nation; I request a little DU help to reach #1.

Trump says Pompeo wasn't initially supposed to meet with Kim Jong Un

You have to admit, there is a real lyrical beauty to it. A true cadence. Sublime, really.

Why is it the left can NOT resist eating its own?

Comey more believable than Trump: poll

Iran Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Today's musical happy birthdays: Giorgio Moroder, 1940; Tony Murray of the Troggs, 1945; others....

Nasi Goreng

***BREAKING NEWS*** Cosby Guilty

Boston's Yawkey Way gets new name over allegations of racist origin

Breaking: Cosby still guilty as fuck.

Rot in HELL, Bill Cosby.

I treated a former fiancee of Cosby 25 years ago

Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault, jury rules as trial ends

We Dems are still losing far more often than we should because of $$$$$

Classified Niger probe finds multiple flaws in deadly mission: report

VZ update: From people ON THE GROUND

Cosby Guilty: Trump NEXT then that SCOTUS smarm, Thomas...


Can you imagine what the Repugs would have done

China's electric carmakers bloom at Beijing auto show

Cosby found guilty

Today is definitely not a slow news day. Jeebus!

Trump "flips" on Cohen!

A Lynching Memorial Is Opening. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It.

Slate: Trump's Moscow trip lies may prove obstruction

Keebler Elf feels that "this thing needs to conclude." He understands Trump's "frustrations!"


Just a reminder, "Evangelicals" didn't vote for trump despite his lack of morals, but because of it

Who has Scott Pruitt been meeting with? American Oversight has his calendars...

Pierce: The President Is a Few Bulbs Short of a Chandelier

Fox & Friends Hurriedly Shuts Down Interview As Trump Rants About Mueller

Trump's remarks that Middle Eastern states 'wouldnt last a week' without U.S. cause anger in the re

A Lynching Memorial Is Opening. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It.

GOP Will Push Impeachment Hysteria & Dem Pro Terrorist Meme In November.

It looks like Joy Reid's Twitter account was hacked also

UPDATED Well, I did not know there were so many DUers with opinions on LGBTQ issues.

Homeland Security ends protected status for 9,000 Nepalese immigrants

Cosby Lashes Out in Court After Conviction

Here's another fighter they tried to take down, Sam Seder

IA-SEN: Joni Ernsts name being circulated for VA Director

Just got this from my HVAC provider.

Report: Federal Agency Lost Track of 1,475 Migrant Children in U.S.

But taking the 5th implies.... No, it doesn't!

Ernst name circulated for VA?

Botswana Guitar Music: "Ditsala tsame di Tsamaile" Ronnie Moipolai

This should exonerate Joy Reid --

Airbnb for cars is here. And the rental car giants are not happy

Trump Interview Devolves Into Random Shouting as 'Fox & Friends' Hosts Sit There Stunned

China seeks new renewable energy push as United States falls behind

Maybe Trump can get that doctor who evaluated him BEFORE the election

Amid Trump's diplomatic thaw, Otto Warmbier's parents sue North Korea...

Trumps re-election campaign sends Kanye text with link to buy MAGA hats

The illegitimate president calling his win illegitimate....stupidity personified...

Axe throwing venue opening downtown (Orlando)

No Sympathy for the Devil: 'The Exorcist' Director William Friedkin Looks Back

Of course he did...

Republicans criticize Democratic lawmakers for asking Pruitt questions about his ethics scandals

No Comment. I Have No Comment Today

Trump supporters who complain about his unstable behavior..What to say..

There's always a tweet

Clouds--and an addition

This morning it comes to me that the US is a morally sick country

How a fucking criminal responds to fraud and deceit from a member of Congress

Don't Look Now, but We're Being Rat-F***ed Again

Seriously, What Is A Biometric Lock: How Pruitt Dealt With Tough Questions

President Trump Will Finally Visit the U.K. but Won't Meet the Queen

AFA: Girls Joining The Boy Scouts Is Satanic

Reuters: U.S. Attorney General Sessions says Mueller probe has taken on 'life of its own'

The best source of evidence for Mueller is Trump

Did anyone else listen to Them Hartmann today? Took calls about AAs and cops

Wow! Has anyone seen this? I hope they do some good.

The 'dreamers' issue might make Democrats' election dreams come true

Its facking Raveen!

Cornyn: Surprised At How Emboldened Tester Was In VA Nominee Investigation

Nearly 60 Percent of Republicans Don't Want A Woman President In Their Lifetime, Poll Finds

Poll: Support for legal marijuana hits all-time high

Finally saw Hidden Figures yesterday.

I would like to see Ellen invite Joy Reid to her show.

ASU Cronkite School: Amid national controversy, 21 students drop out of Sinclair interviews

OH-12 is a prime pickup opportunity

Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez is 'severely admonished' by Ethics Committee, ordered to repay gifts

Trump Announces Hes Considering Interfering With Justice Department Investigations

If you could send a message to space...............

If you could send a message to space...............

Louie, Louie

Two members of Rod Rosenstein's security detail save life of woman OD'ing on fentanyl

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 26, 2018

The Supreme Court and the New Civil War by Linda Greenhouse

Bill Cosby's conviction.

Can these people be prosecuted for stupidity...?

FLASHBACK: Trump supporters Diamond and Silk were paid $7K to cut campaign ad for Wisconsin neo-Nazi

O Mr Trump,,,,,,,

The Awkward Exile of Michael Cohen

Democrats Expand the Playing Field

Explosion rocks Wisconsin refinery, forcing evacuations - ABC

Defragmenting my laptop?

FOX NEWS: Trump to pardon Cosby.

Avenatti Says FBI Imaged 16 Michael Cohen Cell Phones

Broward County sheriff receives no confidence vote from police union

US President Donald Trump to visit the UK in July

At least five hurt as Wisconsin refinery blast: officials

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Social media is censoring conservative speech

Trump-defender Jeffrey Lord Compares Refugees to Nazis, Gets Instantly Condemned.

There have been no homophobic remarks by anyone in the US for ten years!

Before and After, Fox News edition.

Rep. Joe Barton calls Scott Pruitt the victim and thanks him for stopping Obamas radical clean a

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5: IV

9 youths killed, 1 missing after Judean Desert flooding

Saw the Foo Fighters last night (Spoilers I guess?)

Hill: Cohen confides he expected to be Trump's 1st Chief of Staff!

Our shame: The sins of our past laid bare for all to see

Minimalization, Denial and Blame.....RE: Joy Ann matter....

This thing needs to conclude: Jeff Sessions says Mueller probe is distracting Trump from France a

Publicist Worried Kanye West's Support Of Trump Will Damage His Carefully Crafted Public Image

#BiglyBad - a meme is re-awakened

Hey hey hey

60+ women know - Cosby knows - the jury knows

A Killing at Donkey Creek

Teachers ROCK!

Facebook ignites tech sector rally, leading stock market higher

Diamond and Silk Yelled At a Bunch of Members of Congress Under Oath

Women's group hug thread. One BIG one for US!!!

Mimes in Robes

Malcolm Nance and Stephanie Miller Discuss Joy Reid and Cybersecurity

Huge federal contractor failed to pay workers $100 million in wages, union says

Huge federal contractor failed to pay workers $100 million in wages, union says

Huge federal contractor failed to pay workers $100 million in wages, union says

Mitch McConnell Who Once Obstructed A Supreme Court Nominee Whines About Democratic Obstruction

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Heads and shoulders of state

Any thoughts on the "special Master"?

Trump FOX freakout, Now what?

Paul Ryan fires House chaplain, reportedly for being way too Christian


TCM Schedule for Friday, April 27, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Don't Forget Brad Dexter

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 28, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Professor Quatermass

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 April 2018

Der Spiegel April 21 edition cover

House GOP conservatives kicking off an Evangelical vs. Catholic cage match?

MEANWHILE, in Australia...

The big difference between Cosby's first and second trials, IMHO? The same judge

More Joy Reid posts are being unearthed. They aren't good

Trump: "Loved being on @foxandfriends this morning. Great show!"

Ari just had a long segment on Kayne West, which led me to realize hes making inroads with AAs

Arizona Red for Ed-a 360 look inside the Phoenix march/rally

Pruitt Destroys GOP!!!!!

Briefing in bogus DNC fraud lawsuit appears to be complete

The media keeps trying to setup a false equivalency with the President Obama's appointment of

Just did an hour of phone calls for Abigail Spanberger

Enbridge pipeline hits the courtrooms

Columbia University Graduate Students Go on Strike

The entire 30 minute "Fox & Friends" segment from this morning. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Looking down. The sidewalks of Prague.

Someone hits you car

10 South Sudan Aid Workers Are Abducted, U.N. Says

DEBATE: Should Mulvaney go to Jail?

There is an old saying that I haven't heard in a long time

Judge blocks new Arkansas voter ID law

Beijings big chip push goes into hyperdrive

Realization: It's actually come to this.

Voting in the California Primary? I am. Good thing I have some help.

Good news: Germans don skullcaps to protest anti-Semitism

I wonder if Trump will pardon Bill Cosby?

"Crying Nazi" Christopher Cantwell back in Charlottesville Area Court.

What Interfaith Means to Me

WTF?? Trump is threatening countries over the World Cup

BOOK REVIEW: American Islamophobia Language of The Oppressed

Can people redeem themselves in the social media era?

As far as Bill Cosby has fallen, I hope

Will Trump nominate Bill Cosby to a Cabinet level post?

Reagan stole Carter's debate playbook