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Shutdown of Texas Schools Probe Shows Trump Administration Pullback on Civil Rights

Thinking! Why didn't Obama take action....

Nicaragua dialogue: Leaders want repression ended and freedom restored. Ortega says "No"

The "he has a nice family" excuse...

I wish the Con would ask himself the questions he publicly asked Ronny Jackson

Police Recover Gold Relic Heart of French Queen, Anne of Brittany

If Ronnie Jackson handed out uppers and downers to military personnel, what did he give Trump?

NASA video of the Sun

What's all this I'm hearing ...

GD Primary 2020 forum

BREAKING: Federal judge orders Trump Administration to continue DACA and accept new applicants

Watching Scarface and heard a line Dems should consider.

Poll: Dem leads Republican by 5 points in likely match-up for Mississippi governor

Third judge rules against Trump move to end DACA

Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Put to rare 1984 rehearsal clips

Tweety: "That group of people will be damn screaming for impeachment by next spring"

Barry McCaffrey corrects Trump: Kim Jong Un isn't "honorable" - he's a "murderous thug"

Painter: Follow @BarackObama to remember what a presidential Twitter page looks like.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Trump Everlasting!

Arizona 8th District Special Election NYT link

How Trump botched the Ronny Jackson nomination

Official: Mexican reporter Valdez killed because of his work

Ady Barkan

Mulvaney's Advice to Bankers: Up Campaign Donations to Diminish Consumer Watchdog

White House prohibition on inflatable companions leaves a disgruntled .............

Incel fans of Alek Menassian, Toronto van killer, are changing their

$ is the symbol for the Repubs. Rich..... what is the Dems??

We are 1 day closer to November

Pruitts Security Chief Moonlighted for Tabloid Publisher That Helped Trump

State dinner for France tonight is using china the Clinton's ordered

Who are the Democrats for president in 2020?

"Trafficked in America" Premieres Tonight

The Stock Market Is Having its Worst Second Quarter Since the Great Depression

Ohio boy, 13, charged with 'premeditated' killing of 11-year-old brother

Quite a few Bernie threads

Is there anyone who would be a worse president overall than the orange buffoon?

Dreams. Dream on.

Avenatti reminds Hannity they discussed him coming on Hannity's show. Hannity: Stormy is "old news"

Scott Pruitts Political Patron Now Questions the E.P.A. Chiefs Ethics

Spanish Woman Looks More Like Trump Than The Donald Himself

A prankster kept driving past the press and crowd who were waiting

Ex-Miss Universe host: Trump stayed overnight in Moscow during 2013 trip

Dem senator: Trump's VA pick nicknamed 'candy man' for handing out prescriptions

Sinclair Broadcasting's Hostile Takeover

Mueller et al are dotting every i and crossing every t

Helpful info on crypto currencies and personal data security

Start spreading the news! Democrats flip 40th statehouse seat of the cycle

New Film *American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs* (2017)




So Much For Draining the Swamp Exhibit 1,000,000

Tomorrow night, PBS, Nova: Bird Brain

Judge Deals Trump's DACA Dismantlement Plan Another Setback

New Film, *American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs* (2017)

Santos: "Venezuela is about to implode"

New York special elections live results: Democrats win open state Senate seats. But the Republicans

I Wanna' Hold Your Hand (Luckovich)

Voting delayed at four polling sites in Congressional District 8 election

VA nominee drunkenly banged on female employee's door during trip, sources say

'Pickles' cartoon

Assassins murdered Honduran activist Berta Cceres. Her mother and daughters have taken up the fight

Discussion on "The Beat" of new filings from Mueller probe on Manafort and other things.

Mexico: dismembered corpse dumped after presidential candidate says 'cut off hands'

Mexico: dismembered corpse dumped after presidential candidate says 'cut off hands'

CNN: Why Trump's tax cuts could backfire

Archeologists say early Caribbeans were not 'savage cannibals', as colonists wrote

Archeologists say early Caribbeans were not 'savage cannibals', as colonists wrote

Dem trailing by only 5 points in AZ 08 House race.

Paraguay election: Mario Abdo Bentez victory recalls brutal dictatorship

How the Tax Bill Backfired on the Republicans

Republican Debbie Lesko wins special U.S. House election in Arizona, keeping seat in GOP control.


Republicans hold on to Arizona House seat

Congratulations, Republicans

Look whos on the guest list for the state dinner.....daughter & son-in-law.

MSNBC is refusing to call the race...

Steve Sisolak, Democrat for NV gov. is running this ad, and as a dad of daughters myself, I LOVE it.

Priorities Midterms or 2020?

Umair Haque: How American Leadership Failed Or, What Happens When Governance Becomes Gossip

I have now seen the video and read about "it" in the Washington Post but I still can't believe it.

Sean Hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealer

40-mile march for removal of Confederate monuments (FL May 2018)

Fayette County nixes Confederate History month proclamation (GA)

GOP anxiety grows over Trumps Iran decision

Tweet of the Night

Former Miss America Deidre Downs Gunn marries same-sex partner in Alabama wedding

South Albany High School drops Rebel mascot (OR)

Michigan House passes $56.7B budget bills

Dallas leaders now hoping to sell Confederate monuments (TX)

AZ-08: Everyone, look at this

Seth Meyers - Trump's First State Visit, the Trumps' Wedding Album - Monologue - 4/23/18

Seth Meyers - The Check In: The Department of Veterans Affairs

Nikki Haley wasn't at tonight's state dinner

I've had a bit to drink...ask me anything

Terrible result for Republicans tonight in AZ. There are zero excuses. Worse than 2006.

The Daily Show: Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Rekindle Their Bromance

Cherry, Cherry

gofundme for waffle house hero reaches $117,000 in one day

Brian Williams suggested that some may need a cigarette

27 years old and still as relevant as the day they made it

My Trump campaign lover wanted to abort baby we conceived when his wife was pregnant

We flipped NY AD 10!!

The Daily Show: "L'affaire des Mains"

Solitary Man

This teens racist prom invite was a bad idea. But a free-speech expert says its his right.

Neil Diamond takes live song request from Muhammad Ali

Michigan legislators vote despite conflicts of interest

Things ot keep in mind as Democrats.

Neil Diamond's America

Trump wants his likeness up on Mt Rushmore

more great art from Jim Carrey

Prevailing wage repeal, pro-pot petitions clear hurdle

AZ-08: Hiral won the same-day vote (Republicans usually do)

When Trump extends his hand for a handshake...

Detroit: Police, semis halt suicide attempt on I-696

Police: Teen sold weed-infused cereal to students

I am, I said

Mulvaney to Banks: Increase campaign donations to diminish consumer protections.

Walkerton pizzeria that refused to cater a gay wedding has now closed

fleetwood mac oh well

Danny broke a string, we're stuck with this

Gov. Holcomb calls lawmakers back for special session on May 14

Planned Parenthood sues Indiana over new abortion rules

Party like its 1968

AZ-08: Lesko carried her old State Senate seat area by only 3%

Portage lawyer sentenced for charges on defrauding elderly couple

Oh Well Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

U.S. pulling staffers out of Nicaragua as riots, looting intensify

State Child Services busts budget

Eastern Orthodoxy: Continuing in the Forty Days of Pascha (Easter)

Foreigner - Dirty white Boy 1979


Find your way back

Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

As time in statehouse winds down, Daniel Biss says 'we're not there yet' on Pritzker endorsement

Dear Single Women: Come visit Seattle. There are jobs. You'd like it here.

Illinois past-due fees since 2015 top $1B

Eastern Orthodox: Psalm 135 (136) in Greek (subtitles)/Psalm 117 (118) Boston Byzantine Choir/

Lawmakers consider changing LSU class times to ease traffic

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves

9,000 Nepalis face deportation as Trump administration prepares to cancel residency permits

9,000 Nepalis face deportation as Trump administration prepares to cancel residency permits

After Toronto attack, online misogynists praise suspect as 'new saint'

Jared Kushner's Dad: My Son Isn't The Only Idiot In The Family

Brother Cain - Hard Act to Follow

Inside Alleged Secret Society of 'Slaves' and 'Masters' That Allison Mack Is Accused of Helping Run

Joe Walsh - I Can Play That Rock and Roll

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/24/18

Busloads of migrants from 'caravan' arrive at U.S.-Mexico border

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ronan Farrow Interviewed Every Living Secretary Of State, Including Tillerson

Busloads of migrants from 'caravan' arrive at U.S.-Mexico border

Madigan still deciding whether to hit or pass on marijuana legalization

Trump administration plans to nominate Harry Harris as South Korea envoy

Trump administration plans to nominate Harry Harris as South Korea envoy

Cal State Fresno professor will keep job after 'disgraceful' tweets about Barbara Bush, campus presi

British Citizen One Day, Illegal Immigrant the Next

Dennis Brown - Wichita Lineman

Nuclear agency authorizes construction on New Mexico complex

Democrats fear Grassley's amendment to special counsel bill will let GOP tip off Trump about Mueller

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues

African American women were playing too slowly. Then they called the police.

New Mexico Supreme Court weighs lawmakers' veto challenge

Ex-Tempe judge pleads guilty to stabbing his wife last year

$12,888 dress?

How to send an "E mail" 1984

Why do so many of the libertarians I encounter seem to have racial issues?

Gun dealer licensing veto override vote could happen today

Senate OKs bill to nearly double home care workers' pay

India guru Asaram Bapu found guilty of raping teen devotee

7 facing charges in 'chaotic situation' at Centennial that sent 1 to hospital

PFLAG National Rescinds Straight For Equality Honors For Joy Reid

LTTE: Abortions caused Toys R Us bankruptcy

McMorris Rodgers calls for messaging meeting with younger members

Can we even imagine...?

Watch video: Deer surfing on Maine river ice leaps to a decision

Facebook Video: Sen. Sanders awarded Public Citizen Golden Boot Award

Trump: We "cherish our values" and "recognize the image of God in every human soul."

Goose levels golfer, reasserting dominance over all humankind

Joy Reids New Homophobic Blog Post Comments Prompt LGBT Group to Take Back Award

Emanuel cautions fellow Democrats to drop impeachment talk

Why Is America So Obsessed With Abortion? - Bustle

Democrats need to concentrate on four issues for the November elections

Congress could (and will) kill safeguard against auto lending discrimination

The very "Best people" - criminals, incompetents, and criminally incompetents.

Accused rapist released by judge prior to attack

Not only is abortion to blame for Toys r Us closing it's also why cancer hasn't been cured!

Accused rapist released by judge prior to attack

Murrow on McCarthy, no fear, 1954

Trump should get paid as an SNL writer

First Trump State Dinner Brings Billionaires And Administration Officials

Should we be talking to the dead?

Has anyone had a Cartiva implant for hallux rigidis?

OK, I may catch Hell for a comment on Huffington.

Anyone use packing cubes?

Man, did I have a conversation with a right wing friend last night!

How the hell is Ronny Jackson still in the Navy?

A powerful memorial in Montgomery remembers the victims of lynching

The Rundown: April 24, 2018

Kim Wall murder: Danish inventor Peter Madsen given life sentence

Kim Wall murder: Danish inventor Peter Madsen given life sentence

A whole flock of Trump wannabes are running for office, because this is the Republican Party in 2018

Senator Snowball "Concerned" About Pruitt; Besides, Backup Flunky Would Do Fine Job Of Trashing Laws

Please start filming soon!!

NE Channel Current Running Into Gulf Of Maine Measured At 57F - 11F Above Historic Spring Average

Children fake mass shooting at movie theater

Children fake mass shooting at movie theater

'Mountains and mountains of plastic': life on Cambodia's polluted coast

"Copy image" function not working?

Shrugging Off Trump Scandals, Evangelicals Look to Rescue G.O.P.

Pricing Begins To Separate; Miami Homes @ Risk Of Flooding Not Keeping Up W. Drier Properties

A theme treated by two different cultures

The Left Seeks a Rural Recovery

In The Ohio Governors Race, The Future Of Medicaid Hangs In The Balance

UH-OH: Trump Tells First "Pee Tape" Lie

Sean Hannity Has Real Estate Holdings in 20 Shell Companies Tied to Trump Admin

Post a song you rediscovered after a long time

'ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE' North Korea's Nuclear Test Site Has 'Collapsed'

Trump wont fight for us: Kansas rancher explains how president has betrayed US farmers

Exclusive: Russian civilians helping Assad use military base back home - witnesses

Dems flip New York state seat that Republicans have held for nearly four decades

Dems flip New York state seat that Republicans have held for nearly four decades

Mick Mulvaney's confession highlights the corrosive influence of money in politics

"Let's call it the New Iran Deal and keep everything the same." CAPTION a pic from the state visit!!

Why Toronto Attackers Praise Of Elliot Rodger Would Be No Surprise

Republicans lost support in EVERY special election since Trump became president.

Mulvaney: If youre a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didnt talk to you.

Venezuela elections already stolen: Please choose one of the two devils (Chavistas) you know.

Describe your perfect date...

Shocking reason behind the Toronto van attack - I found this mind boggling

Melania Trump had another awkward hand-holding moment with husband Donald

Look out, look out the Candy Man

Record Levels Of Microplastics Detected In Arctic Ice; 17 Different Plastic Types, 2-3X Prior Levels

Meet the new Gmail, now with disappearing messages

March 2018 6th-Hottest Global March On Record

Canadas level-headed response to the Toronto van attack shocks the rest of the world

Cultural and language immersion courses cancelled in Nicaragua due to political violence

Remind me: Was Obama ever attacked on a "personal" level?

DU Word of the Day: INCEL

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Worst Deal-maker in the world

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Bad Doctor

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Issue

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - Crooked Pruitt

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5 - The Rest

Is this going to be the first down year for the market since 2009? *

What was that Trump Macron dandruff thing about ?

Oh, the Chappaquiddick movie? Not doing so well.

Why is Marsha Blackburn...?

Michael Browns mother contemplating run for Ferguson city council

Trumps Election Nightmare

Mick Mulvaney Tells Bankers to Pay Up If They Want Favors From Trump

Coal Baron GOPer Says McConnell Has Conflict Over Wife's Chinese Birth

Embattled EPA Chief Is Belittling His Agency By Limiting Scientific Evidence

Supreme Court to consider Trump's travel ban and the president's authority

No suspenders?

Prosecutor Calls Out 'Con Man' Cosby for Laughing in Closing Arguments


Is anyone else having trouble accessing Hulu?

Because it's Wednesday once again...

Sump Pump Tales - A Minnesota Story

Then he said, stick it where the sun dont shine! And I thought,

WV-SEN: Blankenship Questions McConnells Marriage

The Memo: Nationalists gain upper hand in Trump's White House

Let's do the Wednesday Dance!

Danish submarine inventor sentenced to life in prison for murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Any other DUers headed to see Dead & Co. this summer??

Bravo Jamaica #6 in press freedom -2018 World Press Freedom Index

Uranus has a familiar odor, scientists say, and Earthlings wouldn't like it

Vermont gets a D+ for poor progress toward Lake Champlain clean up By Mike Polhamus Apr 24 2018, 6:

Wow, looks like they just caught the Original Night Stalker/East Bay Rapist/Golden State Killer.

Remember when they accused Hillary of "pay to play"? Check out Mulvaney.

Happy 65th Anniversary, Publication of "Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Russian Novichok Developer Hospitalized Following Car Accident

(Maine) Manhunt underway for man who allegedly shot, killed Somerset County Sheriff's corporal

If we eliminate Super Delegates we should eliminate caucuses too !!!

Indians flock to America's 'golden visa' as H-1B route closes

The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is...An Unarmed Black Man

Anyone listening to Macron?

Pic Of The Moment: So Much For Draining The Swamp

I don't think Macron will still be his friend by noon today

Can we send Trump to France and keep Macron here????

Macron has Pence and Ryan squirming in their seats.........

I wonder if Trump is going to still be in love with Macron

Is there any setting or app that I can load which automatically upvotes all of Mr. Scorpio's posts?

RI-SEN: Lincoln Chaffee considering primary challenge to Sheldon Whitehouse

Do You Believe In Dog?

Kirsten Gillibrand Unveils A Public Option For Banking

Juvenile had bomb materials at Covington (LA) school: police

I support Joy-Ann Reid

It seems Republicons have always been corrupt and their base

Update: East Area Rapist suspect arrested in decades-old case, source says. FBI agents at home of Ci

Can historical digital archives be hacked?

Major Dem donor hints she'll withhold funds after 'vigilante' Democrats forced Al Franken to resign

Maduro cancels campaign stop in Zulia out of rioting fear. Citizens have 4 hours of electricity/day.

Found a George Taft who lived in Chicago

Any producers there, in CNN?

A Real Leader ...

The little drummer boy of the Civil War

Maduro begs sparce campaign attendees, "Don't abandon me!"

West Virginia GOP Candidate Attacks Mitch McConnell's Wife, Calls Her Father 'A Wealthy Chinaperson'

In Congress, Little Lyin' Emmanuel Macron gets standing "O" for rebuking Trump's nationalism. SAD!

Playing over the CFPB's intercom system on an infinite loop: Ry Coder's "No Banker Left Behind"

Reid warns Democrats to lay off impeachment talk

Why did they give the guns back to the shooter's father?

I don't give a flying fugg about Turtle or Rand the gymnast

Second try: "Look, that is neat. Cool... Wait, HOLY CRAP !!!"

What would I give?

Hackers built a 'master key' for millions of hotel rooms

Israeli police officer jailed over 2014 death of Palestinian teenager

After Toronto attack, online misogynists praise suspect as 'new saint'

One of the scariest effects of climate change might already be happening

Trump admin set to cancel temporary residency permits for 9,000 immigrants from Nepal


Cohen Warrant Judge Wants Trump Lawyers Ready to Review Records

Inside the Confidential N.F.L. Meeting to Discuss National Anthem Protests

Lax vetting on Trump nominees begins to frustrate senators

Don Blankenship, West Virginia Candidate, Lives Near Las Vegas and Mulled Chinese Citizenship

House Republicans push Mulvaney, Trump to rescind Gateway funds

France's Macron calls on U.S. to engage world, reject nationalism

Migrant Caravan is almost here. Why is this getting so little attention on DU?

What are the responsibilities of the White House physician?

Macron: We must fight 'ever-growing virus of fake news'

Speaking of "incels"

Internet dubs Emmanuel Macron new leader of the free world after rousing Trump-thumping speech

Freedom Caucus chairman seeks clarification from Mulvaney on lobbyist comments

Iran president: Trump a 'merchant' who doesn't understand international relations

I really hope I didn't just jinx myself, and all of mid-Michigan

Could Trump bury Muellers findings? Yes if Republicans help him do it.

Trump set for official UK visit in July minus pomp and ceremony

SHS: Most Americans hate Washington because of the way Dr. Ronny is being treated

now that dr ronny is back in the news - for doling out pills like dr robert - thought i'd kick this

Before Hermans Hermits there was Tom Courtenay!

Fess up gals! Who substituted their last name for

Al Swift, 8-term congressman, always sought the path forward

Carson Proposes Rent Hikes for Low-Income Households

Let's beat down the vulnerable even more! says Dr. Ben

The price of gas is really skyrocketing. A .30 jump since Friday.

Commentary: Food stamp work requirement solves nothing

Pruitt Plans to Blame Staff for Ethical Lapses


Ignatius: Key to Mueller investigation is Manaforts finances

HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose tripling rent for low-income Americans receiving federal housing

Tennessee state Senate passes bill to build monument for 'victims of abortion'

Man identified as Golden State Killer arrested

Soul Finger!

Heller Barely Ahead In Nevada

Patriots' Owner Robert Kraft Forcefully Criticized Trump at Secret NFL Meeting Last Fall

Poll: Fewer voters say they're noticing paycheck increases from tax law

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43 Sergei Rachmaninoff

Ireland and abortion. Great recap of the situation on JIM JEFFERIES SHOW comedy central

Naked Eric Trump Runs Through State Dinner Pursued By Screaming Au Pair

How Trump Wins by Bashing the News Media

Pelosi urges Dems to vote against trucking amendments in FAA bill

NEVER Forget the SLAP in the face of HALF of America by that TRAITOR in the WH

Supreme Court's conservative justices appear to back Trump's authority for travel ban

You know who has the biggest problem with "identity politics"? Conservatives.

can someone recommend a safe place to post some photos that others can access for free?

Don't Gut Coal Ash Rules, Communities Beg EPA at Hearing

Baby I dont want to know!

Madigan gets another term as Illinois Democratic chairman despite sexual harassment complaints on

NBC Bet $69 Million on Megyn Kelly Then Viewers Vanished

HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose tripling rent for some low-income Americans

"Police brutality often looks like this. Read this thread from start to finish."

"Police brutality often looks like this. Read this thread from start to finish."

Shitler's hair . . . Twitter is hilarious sometimes!

MSNBC panel praises "genius" Macron for playing Trump

Chafee will 'very likely' challenge Whitehouse for US Senate

Dog and baby playing hide and seek.

Republicans lose even when they win

Kanye West: "The mob can't make me not love (Trump). We are both dragon energy. He is my brother."

Sarah almost clutched her pearls.

Whatever happened to "hygiene" films?

If you dig hard enough into anyone's past, you'd find a lot of ugly, hateful things.

Electric Buses Will Save The World

SHS smirks, scowls, and vents about "completely unnecessary tone" of WH reporters

What is going on?? Media asks federal court to unseal documents.

Americans Startled by Spectacle of President Who Can Speak English

Giant Chicken Houses Overrun Delmarva, and Neighbors Fear It's Making Them Sick

"Propaganda and disinformation work because people hastily believe things they want to believe."

How men learn to get along with women.

How Fox News characterize a story

Mueller's next big move?

Do citizens of former French colonies have citizenship with France, too?

Comcast Outbids Murdoch for Sky News With $31B Cash Offer

The Irresponsibility of Fiscal Responsibility

Venezuela, a clear example why one cannot trust the mainstream media

I need help from someone in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Representative Sargent Deals With NRA Death Threats!

50 years. Timeless. Let's do it again.

When I was 11 years old and in the sixth grade,

Jackson overprescribed "wakefulness medication." Why is the media going along with this

The best clip ever on the power of music

Macron embraces Trump and elegantly knifes him in the back

We need the 2020 Primary forum created here. "It" is starting already. nt

AT update

US falls to 45th on press freedom index, Trump labeled 'media-bashing enthusiast'

This tweet / Trump pic is a Gem imo

Anyone who ever loved,

Looks like Bolton is cleaning house at Nat'l Security Council.

It's hysterical when the Press makes

Malcolm Nance described what Black Propaganda is...

The Republican plan for family leave would destroy your Social Security benefits

Cambridge whistle blower told House Dems Bannon directed staff to test messaging in 2014 about Putin

Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)

This shit is getting more disgusting

U.S. Slips Again in World Press Freedom Index

Poll: Most voters say they haven't seen pay boost from tax law

Emmanuel Macron Amused By Little Differences In French, American Islamophobia

7 governors launch unprecedented effort to study gun violence

Chubby Checker - Let's Do The Twist!

Trump Suffering Horrible Indigestion After Eating Fresh, Well-Prepared State Dinner Meal

Another take re: Joy Reid

This Dog Protected A Toddler For 15 Hours In The Wild And Is Now An Honorary Police Doggo

Behind the Casey Key address Steve Bannon used, a questionable associate

Emmanuel Macron rebuked Trump before Congress. Democrats loved it.

Abbott wants Farenthold to "cover all costs" of special election

Fox's Shep Smith drops the hammer on Ronny "Candyman" Jackson

There is a fight brewing in the White House between Rudy Giuliani and Kanye West

The guests at Trump's first state dinner: Billionaires, more billionaires and billionaires

Trump's Internet Klan Rally has never had a problem with comments about gay people until now

Student loan expert cited in the U.S. media is no expert. In fact, he's not even a real person.

Trump BFF Robert Kraft calls him "divisive" and "horrible" in private.

I knew Trump wasn't a racist.

Vice President Mike Pence in Milwaukee to tout tax cut, raise cash for Scott Walker

Sanders Cuts Off CNN Reporters Questions On VA Nom: Im Finished

New Allegations Emerge Against Ronny Jackson as White House Digs In

Judge orders Cohen to file 5th amendment statement to slow investigation

That video of Trump slurring his speech needs to be re-evaluated

Secret recording reveals NFL owners feared Trump would attack them for giving Kaepernick a job

Gee, wonder why our black president didnt fire this non black physician who was

When Americans Say They Believe in God, What Do They Mean?

So the Con wanted to appoint an opioid abuser and one who provided opioids for

***NYT***: BREAKING NEWS- Ronny Jackson mishandled opiates and wrecked government car

Conservative justices signal willingness to uphold travel ban

Giant sloths with wolverine-like claws used to roam America, and humans hunted them

Gee - I wonder who could have come up with a nickname like "Candyman?"

Find another boy to play with!

The #FarRight made a plan on how to deal with us libtards on social media....

How the alt-rights sexism lures men into white supremacy

CNN:V.A .pick was drunk, couldnt be reached for a medical situation, also crashed a car

Joan Walsh has been following and editing Joy for a long time

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-15: We Are Both Dragon Energy Edition

Back to the vet we go...

It's Olive Garden for dinner tonight! Not my choice but...

Well, it's been fun, but I gotta go

The conservative black woman that Kanye likes

Thanks to Donald Trump the U.S. Falls to 45th Place in the World Press Freedom Index

Beautiful song by Sondheim..."Not a Day Goes By" from the show "merrily We Roll Along"

The separation of Church and State is for losers, Liberals, and godless atheists

Christopher Wylie claims Bannon directed CA staff to test messaging about Putin in 2014.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Apr. 25, 2018

Rudy met with Mueller yesterday, "pressed Mueller for clarity on when the probe is expected to end."

WashPo: News organizations seeking access to Mueller materials in Russia probe

Whats Robert Muellers next big move? Here are 9 possibilities.

They are now upset about unconfirmed allegations re Ronny Jackson - WTF

Excellent detailed timeline of Trump's 2013 Moscow visit.

Angry White Virgins Known as "Incels" are Plotting Against America?

Re: The OBVIOUS smear job by KGB agents on Joy Reid. Tweet your support of

VIDEO LEAKED of White House Dr. Ronnie 'Candy Man' Jackson in Action.

Subway Will Close Over 500 U.S. Stores This Year

Macron and an American hero.

Guess who's leaving the white house.....................the CHEF.

That reminds me, you are against PAC money?

Committee document: Jackson had "private stocks of controlled substances,"

Why you should always have some bread in your freezer

Oops! Cohen asserting 5th amendment rights on matters Stormy

I figured there would be a take down attempt once Joy Ann Reid & Jane Sanders had

*On tonights PBS NewsHour: Judy Woodruff interviews Sally Yates,

This last weekend,

Pelosi rejects litmus test on abortion

Delmarvas slippery dumplings are right at home in a soupy bowl of chicken

Mike Luckovich: Relationship severed.

I'm guessing Guiliani is only spitballing.

The end of Bon-Ton: Liquidators win auction for bankrupt chain's assets, will wind down business

The Fairness Doctrine needs to reinstated in 2019

How I Almost Became Tomi Lahren

Giuliani reopens negotiations about presidential interview with Mueller, but cautions special counse

Maduro: "Vote for me, and I will give and give"... if you have the Chavista Loyalty Card!

The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change

Chevron evacuates Venezuela executives following staff arrests

The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change.

PDVSA ordered to pay Conoco $2 billion after Venezuela oil nationalization: arbitration

U.S. cannot cut teen pregnancy prevention grants : federal judge

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush out of intensive care

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 April 2018

Joy Ann Reid is the latest left-leaning victim in the Russian Cyber Warfare.

Am i right in my thinking here? Mueller basically has only one choice

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Epic Van Gogh Speech

Prague - I'm taking deep breaths to be able to take it in

Sen. Bernie Sanders Meets with Unionized JetBlue Flight Staff

Michael Cohen to Plead the Fifth in Stormy Daniels Lawsuit

Michael Cohen asserts Fifth Amendment rights in Stormy Daniels case

Faces of Greed: Walton Family of Walmart

Bannon Asked for Test Messaging on Russia

Trump "offers to make himself personally available for any review or screening of" Cohen evidence

Normally the saying is, The Buck Stops Here....not so for Scott Pruitt..

The Evidence Is Not With Joy Reid

Is this the joke of the day....?

CNN putting Scaramooch on TV. Seriously?

Kitchen table jam.

Free coasters. At Lowe's.

As an LGBT person, I don't need to be told who my allies are.


Beto O'Rourke, Dem. up against Ted Cruz , wants to End Federal prohibition on marijuana

James Comey to speak at town hall with CNN's Anderson Cooper (8PM, 7CT)

Solicitor General Francisco: Trump has praised Islam as one of the great countries of the world.

Protests In Nicaragua Prove Young People There Are Politically Engaged

Michelle Obama book "Becoming"

Was Jacksons nomination a quid pro quo

The Madman wanting to personally see the evidence seized in the Cohen raid is telling

Kellyanne, the conservative snowflake..

Living in Carson World must be really really really difficult...words cannot describe...

Suppose someday robots are able to do a large percentage of jobs.

FBI Raided Manafort Over Records of Trump Tower Meeting With Russians, Mueller Confirms