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Archives: April 22, 2018

Hillary a weak candidate?

Gun control advocates push to make voter registration the legacy of Parkland shooting

Trump to give us "World Peace"?

Excessively cute kitten video:

Colin Kaepernick receives Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Award

Maybe Trump hired Guiliani because with Michael Cohen flipping,

The Business Deals That Could Imperil Trump (NYT op-ed by Fusion GPS founders)

Book socks

Super cute kitten video:

White judge berates sick black woman in court. Woman dies a couple days later.

Michael Cohen, once at pinnacle of Trumps world, now poses threat to it

The Weight. (A thank you)

Most Bottled Water Contaminated With Microplastics

Trump is hoping that the ghouliani as his lawyer he cant be flipped or prosecuted.

Trump's bumbling, brutal, bargain-basement mob

Anti-fascists protest neo-Nazi rally in Georgia; police arrest some wearing masks

Key Trump Policy Adviser Not a Policy Guy, Which Seems Like a Major Drawback

Dan Feehan....1st CD Endorsed Candidate for Congress. .......

Give Trump the Ultimate Punishment for what he has done

This tweet rings a bell... What could it possibly be ???

People: Melania Trump's Radiant Smile For Barack Obama at Barbara Bush's Funeral Lit Up the Internet

Serious question, why are today's so-called 'conservatives' and GOPrs all assholes?

The OPTICS of a sitting President marking the passing of a former First Lady by playing GOLF

Why is the media trying to humanize Melania

Right wing Golden Boy Gov.Greitens charged with another felony:

CNN: A mother-son story: How Barbara Bush tried to save Jeb's campaign

I hate the term prolife

Video: Bernie Sanders on Van Jones Show 4/21/18

Barbara Bush and the puppies !

Bernie Sanders on Van Jones Show 4/21/18

Gwenda Blair on CNN: Trump didn't invent this idea, his father posed as someone else on the phone

Tweet: David Hogg, kids vs NRA meme

Rachel Maddow does it again! No one tells it like Maddow!

Romney won't commit yet to supporting Trump in 2020

Trump Denies Report That He Calls Sessions Mr. Magoo

Why does he always miss the opportunity to STFO ??

Ivana Trump slams Don Jr's ex-wife. "Who is going to date a woman with 5 children?"

Romney forced into GOP primary for Utah Senate nomination (updated)

The Man Who Prevented the Outbreak of World War III

UT-SEN: Utah Republican delegates force Mitt Romney into a primary election

On Friday a 19 year old fired a shotgun in a high school near where I live.

Verne Troyer Dead at 49

What Drumpt's America First slogan really means:

Nunes goes full-on Captain Queeg, shows his stench-filled fear of the Blue Wave

Dedicated to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort,

Planned Parenthood head: Trump administration 'worst for women' in my lifetime

I am riveted by The Zoo on Animal Planet,

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election- Democrats path to a supermajority w/Democrat in W.H. in 2021.

Kamala Harris: "We have to be joyful warriors."

2018 AZ-8CD US House Election- Hiral Tipirini-D

A third party? How not to settle for the lesser of two evils

I can't no longer post images on DU, I use to be able don't know what happened

Wow, this 1990 Vanity Fair article on Donald and Ivana Trump is an interesting read...

'Trash' and 'ignore' question

Dotard Pee Pee Spanky distances himself from Mr.Magoo and Mr.Peepers..

Gato Barbieri & Carlos Santana 1977

YES we can can!

The New York Times Does an In-Depth History of Scott Pruitt's Corruption

"Nowadays, I look at my photo album and its just screenshots of Trump tweets"

Trump operative Jerome Corsi smearing random child as Obama's supposed sex slave

Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money

Horse players unite! Let's talk Derby.

Cool thought for today, courtesy of Firefox/Mozilla

Southwest Airlines sends Flight 1380 passengers an apology letter, $5,000 checks

The Best Way to "Persecute" a Christian Republican

What a contrast.

Amazing Sunset Tonight...

Do I need JAVA?

Texas teachers' pay is average. But their pensions are among the lowest in the country.

Here are some little facts I discovered while poring through candidates to update my database.....

Trump's bumbling, brutal, bargain-basement mob


Nicholas Rose of Irvine Allegedly Had Kill List of Prominent Orange County Jews

So....Trump named his youngest child after his alter ego alias.

Watching the movie Nine to Five for the first time in decades

Think you know every Zeppelin song? Ever heard the instrumental, hard rockin' Bron-Y-Aur Stomp?

2 expressions of 'The Holy Spirit' from Von Bingen: "O Ignis Spiritus Paracleti" by A Far Cry &

Release the Kraken!

Assembly speaker rebukes building trades union after it targets Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia

Legal tiff breaks out over independent committee's ad backing Antonio Villaraigosa for governor

Since you liked that last lost Zeppelin demo, I got another one for ya, from LZ II sessions ...

This one's a booty shaker!

Help Winter Garden fight unconstitutional religious activities.

I still wake up some days and say: WHAT the FUCK happened?!?!!?

A couple of nights ago I saw "Body Snatchers", the Donald Sutherland version

Sierra Club backs Gavin Newsom for California governor

Today would have been my 28th wedding anniversary with my ex-wife

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Eli Paperboy Reed

TPM: Arizona a huge battleground up and down the ballot in November.

Gay 'conversion therapy' services would be banned under measure advancing in California

Police investigating possible hate crime in New York City subway assault

Syracuse Suspends Theta Tau Fraternity Over 'Racist, Anti-Semitic, Homophobic and Sexist' Initiation

See My Jumper Hang in On The Line

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson 2

Smokestack Lightnin

Ray Charles

Sexual harassment settlement didn't stop these retired California state workers from coming back

Ray Charles 2

Inflated-resume claims prompt review of top CalPERS official

Ray Charles 3

Salk Institute suspends a star geneticist over allegations about his conduct

Ray Charles 4

Last known person born in the 19th century dies in Japan at age of 117

Journalist among 25 killed as unrest escalates in Nicaragua

Inside China's $1 billion port where ships don't want to stop

A California ballot fight over rent control is on, supporters say

Ghost Ship defendant denied release, despite arguments he's not a threat

Just imagine Don Jr., Jared, Stone, Manafort, and others PLEADING THE FIFTH

Some GovGuam agency websites hacked

David "Fathead" Newman

Oscar Peterson "Nancy With the Laughing Face" (Live)

Amy Winehouse: Best Friends (acoustic)

Amy Winehouse: Love Is A Losing Game (Live, Mercury Prize Awards Show)

Take Alaska's recession and add the growth of e-commerce. It's been tough on retail jobs.

Alaska Legislature won't cut schools budget this year, but spending boost remains uncertain

Dozens dead in bombing at Kabul voter registration centre

Landlords won't get paid despite Alaska Legislature walking away from building lease, judge rules

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Moot Point Edition

ConocoPhillips announce promising oil discovery on Alaska's North Slope

ConocoPhillips announce promising oil discovery on Alaska's North Slope

"Donald says he is confident Cohen won't flip on him. Well, if you've done nothing wrong......

Maybe It's Time To Admit That The 'GROTESQUE CARICATURE' Of White Evangelicals Is The Reality

Former Quintillion CEO busted on wire fraud

Alaska Native delegates march on Capitol after senators refuse to call language loss 'emergency'

Kellyanne Conway: 'Comey Has Some Kind Of Weird Problem With Powerful African American Women'

In Britain now, the richer you are, the better your chance of justice

Ige, Hanabusa spar over alleged conflicts as primary race heats up

A Texas Republican just attacked black Harvard-bound teen. His response is A+

One of my Miami nephews just lost a really close friend

Al Franken to make first public appearance since leaving Senate over sexual harassment allegations

The stark differences in how the Trump and Obama administrations talk about human rights

Lawmakers finalize negotiations on state budget bill

Suicide blast hits Afghan voter registration center, killing 31

Loser Flags and The Losers That Fly Them...


How Will Honolulu Pay To Run Rail Once It's Built? The City Still Doesn't Know

The Rapture: Any day now for the last 2,000 years

Legislators Push To Send $100 Million To Kauai For Flood Damage

Smaller Than Ever: Trump Bans Democrats From First State Dinner

What I love about Northern Virginia

Five myths about recycling

A Farce in Three Acts..


3 killed at Waffle House in Tennessee

California man fatally stabbed while dining with his daughter on his lap

How Trumps Trans Military Ban Backfired. Spectacularly.

The Putrid State Of Affairs In US Harder To Bear Every Stinking Day.

So, what did our last real President say to Melania to make her smile? List your guesses....

Sunday's Doonesbury - Lowering The Bar

Waffle House shooting: 3 dead, several injured in Tennessee

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Movie Titles

The Global Crisis of Plastic Pollution

A Minor Problem With Visible Light Up-conversion to UV for Pollutant Destruction: It's a Myth.

Compare and contrast.

lawn jockey eating watermelon: "In no way, shape, or form should anybody think that its racist"

Meet the prosecutor experts say could be Robert Muellers Supreme Court closer

More Voters See Trump and GOP as the Same

Trump on North Korea: 'Maybe things will work out, and maybe they won't'

Trump has given an argument to defense attorney's everywhere

Trump Twitter-taunts GOP lawmakers and attacks Jeff Sessions for not going after Comey & Hillary...

I saw "The Death of Stalin" last night.

Historian Simon Schama March 2018 speech on the future.

racial bias training

'A has-been who was never that great to begin with': MSNBC analysts destroy Trump's new lawyer Rudy

Kellyanne Conway Goes Off on CNN's Dana Bash for Asking About Her Husband's Trump-Critical Tweets

Trump loves to talk. He likes to talk on the phone to his corrupt friends. He may regret it.

Rudy G's dismissial of Hillary's help in NYC right after 9/11

Trump Touts 'Daily Mail' Editor Saying Republicans Botched Messaging Over Comey Memos

This morning, Trump once again stamps his tiny, bone spur-ridden feet over Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd

'Is that Texas tough?': CNN panel mocks Cruz for sucking up to Trump now that he's in a tough race

Perez: Confident DNC will get a jury trial in lawsuit

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy ...

I'm burying a friend today

Lest anyone think Bernie supporter Ha Ha Goodman was ever legit....

Roy Moore Fundraising Off Pulitzer WaPo Won For Reporting On His Accusers

Trump is happy that Mary Matalin said she can die happy with him as president

Nice photo from Barbara Bush's funeral

"Tom Barrett's interest in governor's race signals weak field, vulnerable incumbent"

Corker: Miscalculations with Russia 'could lead us to a very bad place'

The end of knowing. . . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!

Never mind Fox. Trump's most reliable media mouthpiece is now Christian TV.

French president to call for American 'militarism'

Collusion? WHAT collusion??

Yeah this is petty, I know. But bullshit is bullshit and it should be

Michael Bloomberg Accuses Scott Pruitt Of Abandoning The Environment 100 Percent

Mexico's EU trade deal lands a punch on Trump

X-post -- Trump Quietly Scales Back Assistance Programs For Poor Americans -- goldenheart

BTRTN: Cohen and Syria, Comey and Korea, Chaos and Hysteria

BTRTN: Cohen and Syria, Comey and Korea, Chaos and Hysteria

Top Iranian diplomat: Options if US pulls out of nuclear accord are 'not pleasant'

Trump challenges Native Americans' historical standing

GOP split as banks take on gun industry

Ohio mom with concealed carry permit accidentally shoots and kills 2-year-old daughter

Clyburn urges full leadership shakeup If Democrats fail to retake House

Earth Day Twitter Storm

Delaney Already Campaigning Hard In Early States

McCaskill Holds Edge In Missouri

Favor bank: Potential presidential candidates are collecting IOUs for 2020

Former Prosecutor Lays It Out: Trump/Russia Was A High Tech Watergate

Trump's Earth Day message: We need a strong market-driven economy to protect resources

Im really beginning to wonder if all of these Hillary/Bernie posts arent more shit stirring

Only God can judge me....

Road To N. Korea's Denuclearization Is Littered With Failure

Surprise! 20 Year Study On Elevated CO2 Shows Divergence Between Grasses, Trees In CO2 Uptake

Actual Carbon Releases From Brazil's Deforestation Will Easily Blow Hole In Paris Goals

TX Rail Commissioner; Millenials Don't Want Oil Patch Jobs Because Of Green "Brainwashing"

Need a lawyer ?

Scientists: Damage To Great Barrier Reef From Repeated Bleachings Since 1998 "Irreversible"

The Cynic's Guide To Earth Day, 2018

Remember when the FBI raided the Best Sunshine Live Casino on Saipan last March?

A Surprising Way to Eat Vegetables: For Dessert

Late Night Waffles In America Equals Death

Michael Avenatti: "Now THIS is funny. Very." Great satire from AJC's Jay Bookman

Beethoven Violin Concerto been playing on radio,

I just donated to the guy who's running against Devin Nunes

Crucifix or Empty Cross?

Waffle House shooting: 4 dead in Antioch shooting; suspect had prior contact with police

Conway refuses to say why Trump tweeted about "flipping" Cohen if the president is innocent

Did anyone record SNL last night?

Guitar Center reportedly facing "imminent bankruptcy"

Professor calls Barbara Bush an 'amazing racist,' says 'I can never be fired'

When I think of how it could have been-----

Discussion at DU is being stifled by the "Refighting the 2016 Primary" alert category...

Could someone tell me why a lying, race-bating crumb like Alex Castellanos gets panel time on ABC?

About deaths due to guns..Remember this. "guns available to almost everyone' and, everyone

NYPD searching for man in MAGA hat over alleged assault

WTF is wrong with the media? Michael Cohen wont flip?

A New Way of Thinking... Regarding the Acts of N. Korea

The 29-year-old hero from Waffle House shooting: 'I saw the opportunity and I took it'

People In Nashville Told To Keep Doors & Windows Locked

Beware of Bots taking you down

Trump nominates first female African American general

Happy Earth Day 4-22-18

America's reluctant septuagenarian workforce

Everywhere you go, left , right , center, you will NOT see GOP attacking GOP leaders

Introducing: Mr.L's Lyric Challenge 2.0

Will India turn its back on the Dalai Lama to appease China?

America's reluctant septuagenarian workforce

If Cohen is charged with bank fraud, wire fraud, the chances are very good Trump was involved.

Yellowstone supervolcano

GOP Strategist calls out our lying president & slips in a curse word on cable TV (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway explodes in catfight w/ CNN Dana Bash over spouses tweet (VIDEO)

Howard Kurtz defends Hannity against media speculation, tells media, "You can't make stuff up."

Wouldn't it be great if Roger Stone was charged with a crime and then turned.

Kellyanne Conway Flips Out When Asked About Her Husbands Trump-Trolling Tweets

Unlike Science, Religion CLAIMS Certainty and DEMANDS Belief

Call and schedule a tour of Mar-A-Lago!!

Tell me about growing roses

A Blackbuck is an antelope, but can it also be considered a gazelle?

Just want to say that catfight is a sexist term

A century of conservation undermined

George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

RS article: Where Can We Be Black?

Avenatti has figured it out. He knows Trumps game and he is turning it against him.

While Trump played golf, this happened:

4/22/18: Mindy Zimmerman wins the Internet in response to Trump's Matalin "Die Happy" tweet

Trump struggles to get new IRS team in place

GOP Sen. Bob Corker Defends His Praise of Democratic Candidate to Replace Him

Stormy Daniels lawyer claims Hannity, Cohen relationship was extensive

Democrats Look To Their Successful 2006 Messaging In Bid To Retake The House

And he wants to be a Senator.

"Right there in the middle of 5th Avenue"

What are you reading this week of April 22, 2018?

Mike Pence's Brother Runs for Congress, His Business Record Faces Scrutiny

Today's "witch hunt" tweet. In case we thought he'd forgotten, or he thought we'd forgotten...

Macron: There is no plan B for Iran nuclear deal

9 Minutes of Gun Accidents, No One killed,..Minor Injuries..Many humorous..

Marsha Blackburn (R, AT&T) Wants Fast Lanes 'Like TSA Pre-Check'

Tuesday is Election Day in New York and Arizona

A DUer recommended a radio show Snap Judgment ,Thank you

Expert witness for Cosby admits his only license is a 'driving license'

Venezuela gangs, kidnap, decapitate and hang woman who sought police help

Spring Finally Arrives in Minnesota

Interior rejected staff advice when scuttling tribes' casino

Militarized Cops At Tiny Georgia Neo-Nazi Rally Arrest Counterprotesters For Wearing Masks

Throwback: George Carlin on The Reagan Administration, Republicans

Venezuelan hospitals (subsidized/free universal healthcare) start charging patients in dollars*

At a London Temple to Art, Culinary Virtuosity on Display

Can a President pardon someone who is a subject or target in the same case as the President?

Regarding today's shooting at the Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee

So much for the great romaine recall

Trump, Pruitt, Zinke Invite You To Enjoy Destroy The Earth Day 2018

Election Hacking...101

For 1stTime Ever, Bottlenose Dolphins Recorded In Canadian Pacific Waters - Science Daily

Remember this bit of history?

How could Cohen "flip" on Trump if he has done nothing wrong?

Phytoplankton Populations Down 40% Since 1950; Now Science Understands The Mechanism Behind Drop

Iran pledges to destroy Israel within 25 years as tensions rise

Now you can visit world heritage sites in virtual reality

Worse Than a Liar

Advertising that stuck.

new and improved russian car-crash videos - now with english subtitles!

Black guy with no gun

Andrew Janz (running vs Devin Nunes in CA-22) replied to my tweet about his grassroots funding

Look at the tonality of the thread in this website. Where is the promotion of Democratic Ideals?

This great president has never been recognized at its fair value

Pruitt is hand picked by Koch brothers...

The Great Pretender

John Delaney for President 2020

Ivana Trump advises Donald to give up on running in 2020

Something big must be happening tomorrow


I recently encountered a devout fundamentalist: New experience for me, a clear atheist.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125

KellyAnne Conway/Dana Bash

Koch brothers appointment....

SPLC: Reflections on my experience fighting the deportation machine at Stewart Detention Center

What do you think about the DNC's effort to limit Dem...

U.S. Senate candidates hunting-license citation morphs into full-blown criminal case

Wow - the Waflle House shooter was a nut that had his guns confiscated.

James Shaw - the Waffle House hero is on GEM$NBComcast right now n/t

Funniest thing to happen this week....

Non-Newtonian fluid lets you walk on water (video)

BREAKING: Nashville shooting suspect arrested last year by Secret Service for being in restricted ar

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 22, 2018

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Mueller's secret weapon: sealed indictments

Now! At Amazon! The actual P-Tape!

We're moving to Lima, OH

Here's tinykittens Chloe giving birth with Ramona's help

Here's tinykittens Chloe giving birth with Ramona's help

James Shaw Jr, Waffle House hero, just admitted he doesn't know if god

And we have a London Marathon finisher!

2018 US House,Senate,and Governors Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Earth Day 2018: The 10 Most Pressing Environmental Concerns Facing Our Planet And Rays of Hope for

Birth Announcement!!

another Theta Tau video emerges - mimed sexual assault of disabled to great laughter

Perennity Prayer

Does he think he invented the "thumbs up" gesture?

Trump cashed a 13 cent check sent as social experiment on richest people


So a good man with no gun.

NEW Policy Documents the EPA Does Not Want You to See-guided by political appointees, NOT scientists

The Virus spreads...

Emma tweet:

Happy #EarthDay!

BLUE WAVE *art* check this out

Taxi Medallions 101...

The life of a child

Dear leaders, You failed us. It's your responsibility to protect the youth.

Another Red State learning the hard way...

This Guy Bezos is an idiot..

Joy Division, Atmosphere

Abigail Spanberger opens second office - VA7th. Primary is June 12th.

83-year-old executed in Alabama

To all real DUers. Put on your thinking caps, use your critical thinking skills...

Some dogs are just naturally photogenic.

watch trump repeat fox news talking points

Frisbee, anyone?

Looks like Louise mensch's assertion that there are sealed indictments

Do you believe in magic?

Take down Robert E. Lee's statue and put up a memorial to lynching

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Hand picked by the Koch brothers...

Hey Kelly Ann CONway your boss held a press conference

Multiple victims with injuries in Louisville area shooting

Trump Celebrates Earth Day By Praising Rollback Of Environmental Protections

Cohen is the Icing...

How about a memorial to lynching victims in your county?

A Confederate statue. A black college. And simmering small-town resentment.

Trump pressed Sessions to fire 2 FBI officials who sent anti-Trump text messages

YETI drops the NRA....

The consumer bureau is playing nice with payday lenders under the leadership of Mick Mulvaney.

NYC police: Man in MAGA hat made comments to Hispanic man before pushing him onto subway tracks

Koch brothers playbook...

Ivana is "very sad" about the Don Jr's marital woes, but "he's a good-looking, successful guy"

Trump Base & GOP Want Return Of Segregation & Separation Of Races.

Recovery of Phosphate from Human Waste.

Hypocrisy 45...

Waiting Room by Fugazi

Never Thought I Would See A Time When Poor & Minorities Would Be Persecuted So Cruelly.

"Goddess of Disruption"


An Unarmed Man Disarmed the Waffle House Shooter.

Black Panther just keeps smashing box office records

Climb the Stephans Dom tower with me - a Cathedral in the heart of Vienna

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 23 April 2018

I Expect More Of A Brawl Than An Election. A Stridency/Hysteria We Have Never Seen.

Commit to one thing to help our earth...

Man fought gunman: He was going to have to work to kill me

On the ballot in Tuesday's New York special elections

All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun...

White Alabama cops called out for pulling clothes off black Waffle House customer during early morni

Trial set to begin for ex-Arizona lawmaker in Alaska killing

Waffle House shooting: Suspect Travis Reinking previously arrested outside White House

Michael Avenatti is not doing this for money.

Scott Pruitt wishes Twitter Happy Earth Day. Hilarity ensues.

Son of ex-dictator's aide leads race as Paraguay votes

Manipulate Trump...

Tennessee gunman on the run was once arrested at the White House

Some life cycle graphics on so called "rare earth elements," i.e. the lanthanides.

Waffle House murderer was mentally ill & previously arrested by Sec. Svc. outside White House

'Nut rage': Korean Air boss apologises as daughters resign

What is the current thinking on the 2020 primaries here on DU?

Shooter's Guns Were Taken and Given to Dad. His Dad Gave him back the Guns

Corker offers tepid endorsement of Republican running to replace him

Nicaragua: Ortega starts blame game... says he is willing to "dialogue" (but concede?)

Headsup DUers -Tornado Watch for Southeast Alabama

Former star Shania Twain: Trump seems honest, even if he is offensive

NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ h

Mohamed Salah has won the Professional Footballers' Association Player of the Year award for 2017-18

James Shaw Jr. Name of man who stoped gunman at Waffle House.

AP: Trump says North Korea agreed to denuclearize. It hasnt.

political career on virtual life support, some wonder how long (MO governor) Greitens can hang on

Bloomberg gives $4.5 million to help U.S. keep Paris climate accord commitment

Love the Tan Suits -sometimes life gives us lessons

Today's Google Doodle - Earth Day - Dr. Jane Goodall

Pompeos wife uses office space staff resources at the CIA even though she is not an employee

You only have until 11:59 p.m. on 4/23 to comment AGAINST Trump Admin's JUNK Insurance plans

About Sean Hannity... There is more.

Sean Hannity linked to shell companies that have spent $90M on property

Right Now, in the lounge..entire.. Beethoven's 9th Symphony..Sunday Eve..7:46 ET

I just saw a bit of an interview with GWB and Laura about Barbara right before she died