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Samantha Bee explains Sean Hannity!

Reds fire manager Bryan Price.

I'm glad Mark Shields finally said it

Greitens charged with felony computer tampering

Colorado Democrats recruit candidates for every statewide, Congressional and legislative race

Document: Here is the lawsuit the DNC filed against the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks

Photo: @SenSanders in NYC talking to @JetBlue IFCs about their monumental union victory

Chris Hayes just said Claire McCaskill called the DNC lawsuit "silly distraction"

Trump DHS directs Citizenship & Immigration Services to make denials harsher

The Root: Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd...

Trump preaches honest work...for the poor

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

California Defeats Monsanto in Court to List Glyphosate as Carcinogen

Republican senators want Tammy Duckworth to hide in Senate cloakroom with her baby.

''Bernie Sanders Spoke to a Crowd of Black Folks and He Didn't Screw It Up This Time''

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Trump Everlasting!

Prime suspect in FARC drug trafficking case vanishes after trip to US: report

Prime suspect in FARC drug trafficking case vanishes after trip to US: report

Three red states (NE, UT, ID) could put Medicaid expansion on the ballot this year

I keep seeing this on FB, "Comey lied under oath"

UN Security Council concerned over increased violence in Colombia

Avicii tribute thread

Colombias military embezzled food stocks intended for soldiers in war zones: report

A question for this group--

2018/2020 MS US Senate Election- David Baria.

57 percent of Americans now support more gun control, new WaPo and ABC News

Greitens charged with felony computer tampering

Greitens charged with felony computer tampering

Fried Scrapple - Delectable or Detestable

Stormy Daniels' former lawyer said to be cooperating with federal probe of Michael Cohen

Lawyer who represented two Trump mistresses cooperating with FBI in Michael Cohen probe

Strong fundraising numbers boost Senate Democrats in battle to control upper chamber

Reporter: Trump lied to get on Forbes 400 list

Nearsightedness is increasing in younger kids in canada. The earlier

Friday Talking Points (481) -- Dazed And Confused

Potential Reason for North Korea giving up test site....with video

3 wives and countless porn stars and prostitutes....Hypocrisy 45

Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King - Impossible Piano Remix

Chief Inspector Murphy protects Dad

The Head of the Deutsche Bank Division That Loaned Trump $364 Million Just Got a Big Promotion

Maddow's show is covering that the Dems sued the W.H. for the Watergate burglary....

Federal judge rules Indiana abortion law signed by Pence unconstitutional

Pressure to Release Comey Memos May Have Backfired on G.O.P.

Thought: The ban of earmarks was the final straw that keeps parties from working together

VIDEO: All-In with Chris Hayes: Sen. Bernie Sanders: It's time to decriminalize marijuana

Giuliani is a real slimeball...

UK teen jailed two years for targeting CIA chief's phone from his bedroom

I have another stupid question for any attorneys online re. Cohen/Daniels suit

Smallville actress Allison Mack accused of recruiting women for sex-cult leader

Heh Glenn, Maybe when document is legit...

My "better Bundo Bunny book" finally arrived.

Trump told Pruitt to 'cool it' amid controversies: report

What to expect from a 72 yr old 5 yr old...

Florida GOP group says it rescinded Roger Stone invitation after attack on Barbara Bush

Are We Really ?

Senator Bernie Sanders: It's Time To Decriminalize Marijuana - All In - MSNBC


Let's Talk Facts, GOP

ABA Journal: DNC lawsuit alleges Trump campaign was a racketeering enterprise


Susan Sarandon says she 'alienated' women in Hollywood by not supporting Hillary Clinton

As DACA Debate Drags On, Some DREAMers Are Moving Back To Mexico Voluntarily

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate Seats in 2020.

Could You List the Positive Aspects of Slavery? A Teacher Asked 8th-Graders to Do So

Yeah I watch Bill Maher's show,

Texas charter school apologizes for asking students to list positive aspects of slavery

Doug Ford, mid level drug dealer in high school and running for premier

If Trump calls Sessions Mr. Magoo, and calls Rosenstein

The Amazons solar-powered river bus

The Amazons solar-powered river bus

Give Havana some hearts:

Exclusive: US official appeared to delay protections for endangered species at behest of oil group

As I grew into an adult, my biggest disappointment was how stupid human adults are.

Don't play dumb Don

med marijuana questions as to the law in various states

Mexico's congress votes to remove politicians' legal immunity

Mexico's congress votes to remove politicians' legal immunity

New Zealand Prime Minister: Jacinda Ardern wears Māori cloak to Buckingham Palace

Haunted by ghosts of its dictatorship, Paraguay set to pivot back to the right in election

Fried Scrabble; delectable, detestable?

another pic Trump doesnt want on the internet

FLIPPABLE: Emily Randall for WA-SD26

The Congressman Who Warned Us About Climate Change in 1864

The Congressman Who Warned Us About Climate Change in 1864

FLIPPABLE: Claire Wilson for WA-SD30

how many working people play golf from 9am to 2pm on a friday morning? just one

Peru's ex-president Fujimori in court over 1992 massacre

That why Politicians avoid to come in public

FLIPPABLE: Faith Winter for CO-SD24

Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau promoting feminism

FLIPPABLE: Liz Hanbridge for PA-HD61

Dutch industrial group VDL joins Atacama biggest eye on the sky project

Dutch industrial group VDL joins Atacama biggest eye on the sky project

Rising Sea Levels Reshape Miamis Housing Market

FLIPPABLE: Sean McCann for MI-SD20

DoJ IG now going after Comey

Exploding Ants Of Borneo Detonate Themselves To Protect Their Colony

Trump Calls Removal Of Preparation H From White House...

A Breathtaking New Type of Opal Has Been Found... in Common Seaweed

Aurora Australis lights up New Zealand skies gallery

Mueller Says That Until Yesterday He Had Almost Forgotten to Investigate Giuliani

This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth

Pensacola groups fight new drilling on anniversary of 'horrific' BP oil spill

Curious Circles in Arctic Sea Ice

A boy and his dog........

Mesmerizing footage reveals the dancing rainbow lights of a deep-sea comb jelly spotted in the Gulf

Deepest Octopus Nursery Discovered, Holds Dark Secret

St. Bernard Diagnosed With Cancer But Closer Inspection Revealed It Was Four Teddy Bears

FLIPPABLE: Mallory McMorrow for MI-SD13

St. Bernard Diagnosed With Cancer But Closer Inspection Revealed It Was Four Teddy Bears

Michael Moore sprays Flint water at Michigan Capitol

Scientists say they're 'confident' polygon features seen on Mars were formed by MUD, suggesting lake

FLIPPABLE: Melissa Shusterman for PA-HD157

Egyptian mummies, hidden tattoos and the archaeologist who experiments on himself

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/20/18

FLIPPABLE: Sara Johnson Rothman for PA-HD151

Keith Davidson cooperating with Cohen probe

This Twitter thread on North Korea coalesces things

FLIPPABLE: Tammy Story for CO-SD16

FLIPPABLE: Tina Davis for PA-SD06

Bach: "Quintet in D Major"/Debussy: "L'Isle Joyeuse"-Perianes, piano/

FLIPPABLE: Winnie Brinks for MI-SD29

Eastern Orthodox--Fr. Nikodimos Kabarnos chants "Kyrie Eleison"/

"How Long Has This Been Going On"

Waddya get when you put Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd in a blender and add a dash of Tool?

Run Rabbit Run!

Oh, Sweet Nuthin

Keith Richards on meeting Howling Wolf

Jerry Reed!

The Red Headed Stranger

Matt 'Never To Blame' Bevin

The Red Headed Stranger 2

The Red Headed Stranger 3

Kentucky Retirement Systems ignored adviser's warning to avoid risky hedge funds, suit says

The Red Headed Stranger 4

The Red Headed Stranger 5

Rachel Maddow: DNC Files Lawsuit Against Trump Camp, Others Over 2016 Hack

Conway Twitty

You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly

Ex-con Don Blankenship responds to 'lies' about him by asking court to invalidate his guilty verdict

She Got The Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft

Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw

The Man In Black

The Man In Black 2

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/20/18

Third Co-Founder Of Cryptocurrency Company Charged With Scheme To Defraud Investors

Comedy Central roasts Matt Bevin over criticism of KY teachers. And his hairline.

The Man In Black 3

Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of season

Rachmaninoff: "Vocalise"-one orchestral and one by Mischa Maisky/Dobrinka Tabakova:

Romney faces test to determine if he'll have a primary challenger

OMB director eyes redistribution of federal pay

Texas governor seeks ruling on when he can call special election for Blake Farenthold seat

Former Cameron County employee sentenced to 50 years for fajita theft

Ex-Tamaulipas governor extradited to Texas, to be back in federal court Monday

ZTE protests US penalty, says it is seeking solution

Republicans in PA: Everything is fine

Bernie Sanders Says Trump's Agenda Is Dead if Democrats Win Midterms

Lets pretend Im the dumbest Human Being on the Planet: HDMI Question.

Lawsuit challenges residency of Arkansas House hopeful

Georgetown park with land donated by millionaire opens in June

That Con tweet that Comey's book should not have been written

Pediatrician kept child porn in locked drawer at Texas hospital, authorities say

Laurence Tribe on DNC lawsuit: It's NOT a sham.

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Starz is ending the 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' series.

...a nonwhite person cannot or will not be a legitimate customer

Do you believe that Donald Trump conspired with House Republicans to tear down Comey...?

N. Korea's Kim promises no more nuclear or missile tests

Tennessee House passes bill calling for monument for unborn children

For one moment, IMAGINE these to be the equivalent of the "Nixon leaves WH on Marine 1" pics.


Here we are....

Trump's legal team bracing for Cohen to cooperate with federal investigation: report

PENNSYLVANIA: GOP State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Calls Gay Rep. Brian Sims A 'Lying Homosexual'

Trump is breaking the environment beyond repair

Trump tweets about possibility of Cohen flipping: "Sorry, I dont see Michael doing that"

"I'm A Peeliever"

Texas Charter School Asked Students to List 'Positive Aspects' of Slavery

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier 'Not Supportive' of DNC Lawsuit: It's 'Ill-Conceived'

Obama severed all funding for Christian-based abstinence education but Trump is bringing it back

DNC Chair Tom Perez Responds to Democratic Criticism of Lawsuit: 'Our Democracy Is at Risk'

Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Giuliani's history raises legal questions as he takes on Trump defense

Sanctimonious duplicity

Lobbyist whose wife rented to Pruitt lobbied EPA despite denials

Venezuela leads world in inflation at nearly 19,000%

He is Tweeting.......

Trump shuns Democrats and media at first state dinner

Some seriously unhinged tweets from Trump this morning (crazy, even for him)

A remarkable demonstration of representative Democracy

NASAs stunning video of the Lagoon Nebula will put your life in perspective

Spier and McCaskill are giving the DNC lawsuit

Trump manic tweets at NYT's 'Habbermann' for using a 'drunk/drugged up loser' to destroy Cohen

Parkland parents say public officials need to be fired soon for failing their children

North Korea's nuclear declaration: what it does and does not mean

Who is the drunk drugged out loser?

Pressure to Release Comey Memos May Have Backfired

You know how to get these people to flip on Trump?

Trump denies Cohen will 'flip'

A statue

A Headline I Would Like To See?

Asian Regional Order US Allies to the Rescue

Vietnam War refugees deported under Trump struggle to settle

Brothers Linked To Assad Gave Thousands To Dennis Kucinichs Ohio Political Machine

The reason Trump Tower doesn't have sprinklers

Michael Avenatti just tweeted about Trump's morning tweetstorm: "Panic has set in"

CIA declassifies memo clearing Haspel of responsibility for destroying evidence

Weekend Toon Roundup

Trump today: "I have nothing to do with Maggie Haberman." Renato Mariotti:

I have seen many learned articles concerning Trump"s speaking style..

Four former Presidents will be at the Barbara Bush funeral.

NRATV blames President Obama for the Parkland shooting because he didn't put every U.S. student....

Is it a coincidence that Trump uses the language of white supremacy?

How do you explain this, Mr neither stable nor genius ?

KJU has no nuclear testing site to discard: it exploded and caused an earthquake in september.

Texas student defends merit of Harvard acceptance after question from former state official

Dershowitz: Giuliani Likely Hired To Encourage Cohen To 'Stay Strong'

2018 London Marathon gear....

Very likely the Bushes let Trump know he wasn't welcome at the funeral. So he rage-tweets, golfs

Mystery disease spreads, threatens coral reefs in the Lower Florida Keys

Man slain buying PlayStation for little brother begged for his life

Man slain buying PlayStation for little brother begged for his life

What was new - and disturbing - about the Comey memos - WaPo Editorial Board

Before Westworld Was Mudfog Charles Dickens' Surprisingly Modern Dystopia

FYI, SmugMug has bought Flickr.

Lobbyist Who Rented Room To Pruitt Retires Due To Scandal

Tour of the Gila.

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

"I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off." Trump hits 108 days golfing.

As the Wheels of Justice Spins - Much Will Be Exposed!!!!

Remember Then?

"When I said 'fixer,' I meant 'handy man.'" . . . Please come CAPTION Michael Cohen!!!

The Democratic Wedge Issue Must Be Grass Warfare ... THE High Priority For Mr. Perez

CNNs Phil Mudd pours cold water on Trumps North Korea deal

Trump (or aide) reposted entire thread attacking Haberman/NYT to correct misspelling of her name

Rudy is delusional

NYTs Habermann fires back at Trump Twitter attack with accusation he's 'abusive'

Here's where the fight for the House stands...

War on Weed, Offensive Speech, Cult of Trump Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

NYT Haberman: " Trump, ...was not welcome at the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush"

Former Governor Martin O'Malley Speaks on Running for President.Video

"Impeach the President" - The Honey Drippers

Has Donald Trump ever had a normal discussion?

Elliott Broidy plotted to force Chinese dissident from US: NYT

Avenatti trolls Trump on council/counsel, & translates Trump's tweets for Cohen

Immaculate Conception in St. Mary, MO closes its doors after 144 years

Surging oil prices rattle President Trump

Leadership gap opens at Alaska agency responsible for climate relocation

My Old Home-Town Church is Up For Sale

Build a Beautiful Savory Tart Out of Your Leftovers.

Stormy Daniels lawyer predicts Cohen documents will be 'very embarrassing' to Hannity

Why the big price discrepancy??????

MSNBC panel mocks Giuliani plan to end Mueller investigation in 2 weeks: 'if it's a plea bargain'

One journalist I will NEVER trust again, Matt Taibbi

When they said "everything," they meant EVERYTHING!

Red Fox Cam

Maggie Haberman: Having @potus there was not something the Bushes wanted.(funeral)

As former POTUSes head for funeral of former First Lady, SHitler heads to his golf course.....

The end of the Castro era? Ral's exit likely to change little in Cuba

Unexpected Trump's impact on the animal reign

2018,2020,and 2022- US Senate Election- best and worse case scenarios for Democrats.

Former assistant to Fox host Laura Ingraham sues, alleging pregnancy discrimination

Here it is, our latest Trump video. Kinda savage, but well-deserved, we think.

The real reason for the entire Comey Memo / Rosenstein play

DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels

i may have to do something i never thought i would do.

LOL! Chris Hayes: Trump's gonna tweet "Snitches get stitches" before the day is done.

Remember Then?

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Trump to blame for fewer Republican women wanting to run for office

Trump knows he's not welcome in decent society

If I have an iphone, is it much of a learning curve to change to an Android?

FFRF Court Victory in New Jersey

Consider the fact that Trump wanted the Central Park Five to get the death penalty...

Avenatti works an EXTREME, disturbing pimp angle on the Trump / Cohen "relationship."

It's a little too "Hard."

Can't wait for Cohen to flip

just like nixon ruined the peace sign

You know President Lex Luthor is dying to talk to Mueller.

Trump just tweeted he's going to watch the funeral. "Will be a beautiful day!"

THREAD explaining the DNC lawsuit. by Adam Parkhomenko 🌊🌊🌊 #FlipItBlue


WH spokesperson says Trump is sticking his snout in the Cohen mess because he's "a fighter"

Mueller Says That Until Yesterday He Had Almost Forgotten to Investigate Giuliani!Borowitz

EU urged to boycott FIFA World Cup in Russia

Hannity And Dershowitz' Whitey Bulger Smear Of Robert Mueller Just Fell Apart Bigl

German shoppers sample burgers made of worms

Sucks to not be able to help someone. Sound-off thread.

Meacham just said the Bushes "put service to others above the settling of scores."

U.S. defends tough trade stance at global finance meeting

WikiLeaks now attacking Maggie Haberman:

The Free-Trade Malaise

Bette Midler to Return to Hello, Dolly! This Summer.

Watching the FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL Kamala Harris on Colbert

Fed Cup, tennis......

Kamala Harris for president!

Cohen Tried to Apologize to Melania Trump

I think I agree with Matt Gertz

Cat smacks sheep once too much - payback

I have a good friend whose name is Michael Cohen.

REMEMBER Donald Trump is actually a traitor, is actually working on behalf

Of Will

Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg deny being the 'drunk/drugged up loser' Trump attacked in tweets

The thread asking DUers of color to tell their stories: a question

'Snitches get stitches': Joy Reid speculates on the identity of Trump's 'drunk/drugged up' informant

(Jewish Group)D.C. lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism donated to event where Farrakhan denounced Jews

Haberman: Trump's attack on "loser" was on Nunberg - Trump's been afraid of Stone for years

I want to know what was in Cohens safety deposit box.

NH 1: Perhaps political dynasties aren't all they're cracked up to be...

I have to say that Barbara Bush's funeral service is as

I had a nightmare last night...

Old Money and New Money: The manners and style of Bushes and Trumps

Bob Cesca: Do NOT tweet this photo to @realDonaldTrump.

Guys Trumps tweet this morning about never having anything to do with maggie haberman is new

FLIPPABLE: Terra Costa Howard for IL-HD48

Judge calls ICE to arrest couples on their wedding days

Voting Laws for Felons Can Be Hard to Follow. Heres an Overview.

can donnie sound any guiltier?

Love that passage from Romeo and Juliet. Also used by RFK for JFK, at the 1964 convention

Parrot singing this keeps playing in my head.

So I'm watching Natasha Leggero saying every time she sees a Trump sticker...

Is this why Melania looks so happy to be next to Obama?

The Trump Quickly Moves to Open Alaska Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to Oil Drilling

If you knew that who you are would completely cease to exist after death,

NY Times tweets back at tRump: We stand by our reporting.

When your country is attacked and you join the attack, you are a traitor.

Jesus vs Socrates: who made the greater sacrifice?

Melania finally found a decent human being that can make her smile

NY Times just pointed out how often Trump's been interviewed by Maggie Haberman

Trump is going to be investigated for many, many years.

Kansas "militia" men guilty of plot to bomb Somalis' mosque

Roger Stone shows off his new tattoo

FLIPPABLE: Julie Johnson for TX-HD115

Pathological narcissism is a helluva drug...

Never forget: Democrats do it better.

Most Shocking Revelations Of The Comey Memos

How to Start Each Day With A Positive Outlook :-)

Blindly following anything, anyone, is one of the most dangerous things a human being can do.

Whose word to trust between Trump, Comey? Seriously?

How new tax rules on home-equity loans affect you


Trump VA pick faces challenge to convince senators hes ready for job

Trump calls Comey a liar yet keeps citing him as a credible source

Haunted by ghosts of its dictatorship, Paraguay set to pivot back to the right in election

New York State Senate Hinges on Tuesday's Special Election

Six South American nations suspend participation in UNASUR regional bloc due to U.S. pressure

Six South American nations suspend participation in UNASUR regional bloc due to U.S. pressure

"Ready Player One." What say you?

Have you ever seen Melania smiling with such sincerity when she's next to DT ?

Armed men show up near Frisco rally as students walk out nationwide to protest gun violence


U.S. Investigating AT&T and Verizon Over Wireless Collusion Claim

Why Trump has struggled to assemble a legal team

AZ-08: Maricopa Democrats turn out in force for Hiral Tipirneni GOTV

US rivers are becoming saltier and thats a big cause for concern

A cop points a gun at a protester #Newnan WHAT IS GOING ON??

Trump shuns Democrats and media at first state dinner

Where was Columba? And Jeb's son George?

Toys R Us gift cards only good through Saturday

Trump just tweeted that he might pardon Jack Johnson (because Stallone called him):

Roger Stone most recent tattoo...

Seth Abramson: Sessions indicating he may choose to flip on Trump

Trump admin plans to undo Obama-era healthcare protections for transgender people

So how is everyone spending their Saturday?

Judge to rule Monday on GOP suit seeking to remove dozens of Dallas County Democrats from ballot

Barbara Bush funeral: Former first lady laid to rest in Houston ABC News

Good grief !!

New tweet: "...he totally made up many of the things he said I said..."

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 21, 2018

"Flip" vs "tell the truth" or "cooperate"

Trump considering pardon for boxing legend after call from Sylvester Stallone

This is funny but totally based in reality:

LIVE UPDATES: Neo-Nazi rally met by counterprotesters, police in Newnan

The Smart Imperialism Crowd

Ahead of Arizona vote, Republican Debbie Lesko holds a clinic in tamping down expectations

The Smart Imperialism Crowd

Drinker and drug user? Who was Dolt45 referencing..

Candidate buys ads on Sinclair TV stations to blast company

School Bus Driver Fired After Praying with Students

Report: Gunfire outside King's home in Saudi Arabia

Fox News Kremlin Ties Go Much Deeper Than Just Sean Hannity

NYT's Habermann reveals identity of Trump's 'drunk/drugged up loser' - and who else he fears

Early 787 test plane is dismantled for reuse, recycling, or scrap

Democratic Treas. Sec puts Harriet Tubman on 20 dollar bill. Republican tries to block Tubman.

🐦 4/21 Bernie Sanders & Cecile Richards - The #VanJonesShow on @CNN at 7PM ET

Trump unglued:

Palmer report tweet... :-))))

How to speak Trumpanzee ?

Barbara Bush's last hurrah .....

Vivaldi: "Concerto for Violincello, Strings & Basso Continuo"/Beethoven:

Senators worry Koch brothers have too much influence in Trump administration

A little reminder...

'Austin Powers' Actor Verne Troyer Dead At 49

Why do the Con and ReTHUGs believe that they can use the same playbook

Subway advertisement

Today marks 200 days to Election Day 2018! We'll need YOUR vote to protect equality. Commit to vote

Here is why Trump can only hire unknown lawyers & Giuliani

I think I get it, Ghoulini will be the next AG

Mark Hamill

Scott Pruitt Before the E.P.A.: Fancy Homes, a Shell Company and Friends With Money

🐦 4/22 Sunday 8AM - Senator Sanders - Politics Nation ''The Sharpton Primary''

It Turns Out Mike Pompeo Never Served in the Gulf War

Disruptive conservative groups lose their punch with Trump in charge

State Department strikes reproductive rights, 'Occupied Territories' from human rights report

Falling in love - as a grownup - with a city I knew as a child

Here Donny, thought this might be simple enough for you. ##StableGenius

India institutes death penalty for child rape in wake of 8-year-old's brutal death

Colorado CEOs earn in three days what the typical worker earns in a year, new disclosures show

U.S. calls China, Russia, Iran, North Korea 'morally reprehensible' on rights

Suncor oil refinery spews 8.5 tons a year of cyanide gas over low-income north Denver neighborhoods,

Murdered Palestinian engineer was 'senior member' of Hamas

Pro-Trump groups spending big at Trump properties - unprecedented

Southwest sends apology, $5K, to passengers on damaged jet

Absolutely despicable: Boater picked up stranded Hawaii flood victims, demanded money to save them

AZ-GOV: Ken Bennett, former Secretary of State, to challenge Gov. Doug Ducey in GOP primary

Absolutely despicable: Boater picked up stranded Hawaii flood victims, demanded money to save them

Here's the latest tinykittens video! Chloe snuggling with Ramona & Ramona's kittens!

Here's the latest tinykittens video! Chloe snuggling with Ramona & Ramona's kittens!

Waldorf salad with chicken

Nicolle Wallace throws shade at Trump, enjoying his "beautiful day" at Mar-a-Lago

The Presidency Wasn't Meant To Be A License To Steal And Commit Crimes.....

Post a true but little-known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- (Part 3)

Beautiful video

Pruitt met with lobbyist whose wife rented him condo

Raunds henge 'discovered' by Warth Park building work

Cooking with Clara: Depression era cooking

Do you pronounce dotard as DOTE-erd or as dote-ARD?

NFL has no comment on Eli Mannings pending fraud trial

4,500 Newly Discovered Fragments Help Piece Together Massive Psamtik I Statue

Ahhhhh. So this is how Putin's doing it...

Ancient Stone Tools Found On Sulawesi, But Who Made Them Remains A Mystery

Saw a thread recently about songs we wanted at our funeral.

The Way You See Colour Depends On What Language You Speak

Bernie Sanders on the Van Jones Show right now. . Cecile Richards too. N/T

I wish I was as cool as Kim Deal

CBS TV News (corporate news system): Reports "New Threat" in giant block letters on Iran responding

A higher loyalty or a higher royalty ?

I need a group hug.

After 13 years, finally hitting 1000 posts!

Homeowner finds naked woman in bathtub, eating Cheetos

The real reason Trump tower doesn't have sprinklers

For hikers, Southwest Las Vegas map

Has there been any more information on the Florida cop killer?

Could the 2018 and 2020 US Senate Election cycle be like the 2006 and 2008 US Senate Election?

Today is Anthony Quinn's birthday

Bad News for President Trump

Franken to make first public appearance since resignation

Trump's ex-wife Ivana says he doesn't need to run again

Lobbying industry on winning streak in the Trump era

How Seniors Joined the Cannabis Craze