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Pompeo Nears Confirmation but Faces Historic Rebuke From Committee

Either Donald Trump Doesn't Know Slavery Existed or He Doesn't Think Black People are Humans

Giuliani to join Trump legal team - Good...We Get To Take Down All The Snakes Together !!!

Haven't Heard Much Of John Kelly Lately......

Remember the DC Councilman who said Jews control the weather

Is this Andrew McCabe quote legitimate?

D.C. lawmaker who said Jews control the weather visits Holocaust Museum but leaves early

Trump slams sanctuary cities after court rules against penalizing them

"How Republicans normalized racism." [If you want better racial harmony, vote straight Dem]

1/4 cup wine evaporates immediately - after sauteing chicken

AP has Comey memos. Update: ***Here they are.***

.@Shawna asked @SenSchumer to sign a bong ---and he does!!

Well if AP has the Comey memos already (clearly leaked by ReTHUGs) then

Bolton meets with Russian ambassador at White House to discuss ties with Russia

Sandy Hook Father To Alex Jones: 'I'm Not Backing Down'

Summary of a Comey interview that just might surprise you

Fox News' Chad Pergram is tweeting about the Comey memos

Video of Sean Hannity and Paul Manafort Found, Creating a Mueller Problem for Hannity

The Latest: AP obtains Comey memos on Trump interactions

AP tweet, re memos: Trump told Comey he had serious concerns about Michael Flynn's judgment

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Trump Everlasting!

Michigan Republicans vote to take Medicaid away from unemployed workers

Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier To Lead NASA

San Francisco prepares to expand conservatorships for homeless people

Lance Armstrong settles $100M lawsuit with US government

WATCH LIVE: A vigil against violence is being held in DC

Medical marijuana push spreads to Utah, Oklahoma

The Amateur (1981) with John Savage and Christopher Plummer

CNN is saying they have obtained and are reviewing the Comey memos. Saying "details soon".

Comey Memos

The most frequent Comey answer to Rachel Maddow's questions so far

Candidates lining up to run for special elections to fill two seats in Wisconsin Legislature

James Comey on why 'it's possible' Trump was compromised by Russians: He's constantly bringing it up

AP obtains memos drafted by former FBI Director James Comey on interactions with President

RWers tweeting again that Comey leaked classified info. Elisha Cummings corrects that.

what really pushed me to atheism was finding out most of what I learned as a kid

Facebook drama in #VaSen GOP primary spilling over into debate stage at Liberty.

Putin told David Dennison Russia "has the most beautiful hookers".

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 22 - Danny Kaye

Rachel and Comey.......

Oh Rudy, You're So Fine, You're So Fine You DEAR GOD MAN WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR TEETH (Ferret!)

The internet has everything

Folks, we're doomed. The GOP is an intellectual and electoral juggernaut that can not be stopped.

Trumps Lawyer Forgets to Pretend Hes Innocent, Also Compares Him to Mobster

Trump hires his new attorney

Scott Dworkin and SethAbramson on Guiliani -- lots of good stuff

GOP takes vast majority of new Metro funding out of existing Northern Virginia transport projects

You've got to feel for Rachel...the memos released AS she is interviewing Comey...

Funny how we rarely see or hear from Ivanka,Jared or Don jr

Climate Change Lawsuits Are Moving Inland

What Kind of Information Does Google and Facebook Have on You?

TCM Schedule for Monday April 23 - Star of the Month: William Holden

Love you Rachel but your interview was tone deaf

Nunes, Goodlatte & Gowdy react to Comey memos: But he didn't write memos on Dems!!!

Marco Rubio Had An Odd Explanation For Changing His Position On A Trump Nominee

59 Stunning Photos Of Badass Female Pilots Throughout History

Missing Nazi Submarine Found Near Denmark; Spoiler: Hitler Is Probably Not Onboard

Comey Memos: Trump: Please stop investigating Michael Flynn.

Billboards that say "NRA is a terrorist organization" make NRA feel scared. Good work, Claude Taylor

Pres. Trump Interacting With New Lawyer

Good night Donald

Kushner Cos. Subpoenaed for Information Related to Housing Filings

Tony Schwartz (co-author of Art of the Deal) explains why reasoning with trumpsters doesn't work

Photo: Duke Chapel taken by @AriRabinHavt

Say what now?

"Donald Trump gives a lot of people the creeps."

A successful Negotiation with Ghouliani:

Is Trump's Lawyer About To Flip On Him?

Why Senator Schumer Is Introducing A Bill That Decriminalizes Marijuana (HBO)

Ahhh it was Putin

I have a cupcake craving. n/t

Something about what Comey has said just doesn't jive with this.

So Much For Draining the Swamp

Will Friday be Newsworthy?

Last year when Rev. Barber was arrested for protesting, only two members of Congress stood by him

If you were in Rosenstein's shoes would you tell Trump that he might be a target?

Stolen from twitter tonight

Jay Goldberg didnt do any favors for trump tonight on Lawrence ODonnell.

Trump can finally fire Rosenstein

Here's a short video of The President of the United States and his new lawyer...

Study reveals new Antarctic process contributing to sea level rise and climate change

Bill Press reflects on Clinton, Sanders and a life in politics

Is there anyone even tangentially linked to Trump who isn't a disgusting piece of shit?

Law enforcement officials told Reuters info on Clinton investigations leaked to Rudy

The Doctor Is In...

Link to Comey memos courtesy of Dr. Dina Grayson

How Exactly Did Releasing The Memos Help THe Comrade In The Wh

I so love how Mueller is always ahead of Trump. Cohen on NY state criminal charges

Gov. Cuomo orders voting rights restored for parolees

I thought Rachel was the BEST interview of Comey I have seen yet!

Trump's Dream of America First...

Comey memos: leaked but still secret!

Disaster Don Bigger Than 911 For All America..

the fox 'news' spin on memos...quite the stretch

I want to talk about white privilege, especially white old lady privilege.

Arizona teachers vote to strike

Trump wants to jail journalist!

My daughter is running the London Marathon on Sunday, any playlist suggestions? 🏅

Governor Vetoes Opioid, Crime Reforms After Signing Reentry Law

For those who remember Nappoleon XIV: tomorrow, the Trump version!

Alabama inmate becomes oldest executed in US modern times

AZ-08: Democrat Hiral Tipirneni stands with Arizona teachers

Tuition to Rise 4 Percent on Average at Mississippi Schools

California man charged with hate crimes over threats to Jews

Oil, gas drilling in pristine Alaska refuge takes step ahead

California inmate released after 25 years on death row

Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria: Pentagon

Fishing captain, deckhand accused of killing Steller sea lions with shotgun

Arizona teachers vote for statewide walkout

U.S. appeals court blocks Indiana 'selective' abortion law

U.S. appeals court blocks Indiana 'selective' abortion law

Killing renews concerns for homeless Native Americans

Some 50 members of migrant caravan reach Mexico, U.S. border

Some 50 members of migrant caravan reach Mexico, U.S. border

Trump was only upset with Flynn's judgment on not letting Trump call Putin earlier

Puerto Rico board approves fiscal plan as governor vows defiance

Puerto Rico board approves fiscal plan as governor vows defiance

Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton files for U.S. Senate

When You Don't Know How It Can Get Worse. It Does. They Find A Way.

Former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy files qualifying papers for U. S. Senate run

Ex-Liberian warlord 'Jungle Jabbah' gets 30 years in U.S. prison

Still no cupcakes.

The GOP Won't Let Anyone Save The Planet. They Will Obstruct & Stop All Remedial Action.

The Daily Show: A Series of Gunfortunate Events

White Supremacist Arrested Days After Dodging Murder Charge

Magical' mushroom mix to boost regrowth of lost Scottish forests

U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Sherman: I only helped Wicker to stop McDaniel

The Daily Show: Two Black Men Get Arrested for Doing Nothing at Starbucks

Dumping on the South: 'Poop train' from NYC stinking up Alabama town

Ancient Humans Are The Reason Big Mammals Are Extinct And Mammals Have Shrunk

Devoted Male Stork Flies 14,000 Kilometers For 16 Consecutive Years To Meet Beloved Female Stork

Hole In Stone Age Cow's Skull Bears Evidence Of Early Cranial Surgery


Museum researchers rediscover animal not seen in 30 years

Judge blocks transfer of American ISIS suspect held 7 months in Iraq without charges

This ancient Maya city may have helped the Snake King dynasty spread

This ancient Maya city may have helped the Snake King dynasty spread

The Great Chinese Dinosaur Boom

Trump Administration Seeks to Expand Sales of Armed Drones

No one claims Trump's morality or ethics keep him

U.S. to Review Gas Pipeline Policy for First Time Since 1999

Coast coroner swears he's 'color blind.' Payments show he's not, black funeral homes say.

Dan Auerbach - Waiting On A Song

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/19/18

House passes bill for monument to unborn

Stephen Colbert - Guest Senator Kamala Harris: There Is Bipartisan Support For Protecting Mueller

In Honor of Giuliani Joining Team Trump...Michael Moore's THE AWEFUL TRUTH!

Dire Straits - Skateaway

Trump directs EPA to ease air quality rules he says suffocates industry

Hundreds of sharks and other fish discovered tangled in 'ghost net' drifting through Caribbean

Memphians Rally to Replenish Punishment Funds

Has everyone seen this creepy Trump commercial?


Facebook moves 1.5bn users out of reach of new European privacy law

When you conduct your life with a high set of standards, you get criticized for minor things...

5 Members Of Slip-And-Fall Scheme Charged With Defrauding (NYC Businesses & Insurers) (Over $31.7M)

Florida Executive Pleads Guilty To Orchestrating $150 Million Brazilian Factoring Scheme

Dallas Attorney Sentenced to 120 Months in Federal Prison for Role in $26 Million Fraud Conspiracy

Transit Boosts Nashville Turnout, With Some Voters Choosing Transit-Only Ballots

*nicole wallace* & willie geist subbing for morning joe & mika

time for a musical tribute to 4-20

Razor-Thin Senate Majority Hamstring GOP

Central Berlin evacuated for World War II bomb removal

So when will trump chastise House Republicans for leaking the Comey memos?

Internal emails show EPA working to limit agency's use of science

starting to regret in buying a Levono PC; "Gurlging sound"

Strong Showing In AZ House Race Has Dems Excited About Fall Elections

The Patriots again have the NFLs easiest schedule for 2018. Seriously.

Russia: Trump Tells Putin Hed Be Glad to See Him in White House

EPA to unveil policy aimed at avoiding legal action over oil and gas polluters: source

World Bank recommends fewer regulations protecting workers

US grain ships diverted at sea hours after China imposes grain tariff

Trump: Three tweets in the space of 30 minutes, showing a stable, calm and focused president.

U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen's campaign chief sees 'clear path to victory'

4/20 Meme of the day. Don't forget.....(okay it was from last night)

Please make sure that this video of noun, verb 9/11 in drag kissing Groper

Hey, you lazy pot heads! Get up, or else you'll be late for work...

FDA panel recommends CBD (cannabidiol oil) for pediatric seizure disorders

Trump Could Try to Replace Sessions with Giuliani

Comey Ordered Investigation Into Giuliani And The Leaky FBI

Jimmy Kimmel urges Michael Cohen to "Flip like an acrobat"

'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

Again, dammit! More of this shit!

A willingness to fix the euro's flaws is fading fast

Methinks Devin Nunes may get an ass chewing at the WH today

Miguel Diaz-Canel named Cuba's new president

"Are the Democrats playing politics with our national security?"

Did you know that Rudy Giuliani has been visiting Russia over the last few years?

Is this the first time Morning Joe Scum has used a clip from Rachel Maddow's program?

Whack Job

So Trump isn't going to Barbara Bush's funeral because:

Nope, not good enough. Alex Jones

Facebook puts 1.5bn users on a boat from Ireland to California

GOP Mud Wrestling in Ohio

Rachel's interview with Comey was like a trial scene from an old black and white movie....

Russian propaganda evades YouTube's flagging system with BuzzFeed-style knockoffs

Please 'splain Giuliani+NYC Police+NY FBI? Is this a story

How does the religious right support Rudy dressed in drag Giuliani.

'Defund Planned Parenthood' law struck down in Ohio is similar to Tennessee's

lest we forget, a reminder of all the maggot lies

US town overrun with tumbleweed after high winds

"Dare to be Wild." What a wonderful movie!

'Mayor Casey Burnett was one of the first people to spot the graffiti, which read kill n-s'

Celebrate International Fact-checking Day: Avoid falling for fake news

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - 239 Pounds of Lard

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - His Minion Hannity

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Uncovered Tape Shows Trump Lying to Get Onto Forbes 400 List

Car subscriptions are now a thing

Columbine survivors and Parkland students rally for change 19 years after massacre

Why Were Republicans So Desperate To Release the Embarrassing Comey Memos? -FOX "News" Reporting

How American neglect imperils the victory over ISIS

Resolution filed in Illinois calls out Tennessee for failing to denounce neo-Nazis

Rudy Giuliani says "he wants to negotiate the end of Mueller's investigation"!

Some 50 members of migrant caravan reach Mexico, U.S. border

Russia: We told US where in Syria they could not bomb

Why this India priest carried an 'untouchable' into a temple

How Corey Lewandowski 'F*cked Over' a Petraeus-Linked Socialite to Become the Polish Arms...

Memphis securities broker John Jumper accused of $5.7 million theft from pension fund

Hillary Clinton On Election Night: 'They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President'

White House Attorney Ty Cobb Says Trump's Interview Negotiations With Mueller Are Still On

Guess the Mueller investigation is over :-(

Illinois Policy on Facebook

Does anyone have a suggesting

In Many Districts, Democratic Challengers Have Raised As Much As GOP Incumbents

Razor-thin Senate majority, bloody primary fights hamstring GOP

Maybe Trump is waiting to resign until he has the full list

Morning Joe mocks GOP...: 'It takes a special kind of genius' to get 'checkmated by the facts'

Giuliani is the wrong person to negotiate an end to Mueller's investigation. They should send...

The Cake Server

So, with summer approaching, do I start wearing khakis or toss them?

Beer truck thief "wearing nothing but the red, white and blue shorts,"

Today's the day to put on your orange clothes

What is Mueller thinking?

Trump Reacts to Memos: Comey 'Can Leak and Lie' While Flynn's Life is 'Totally Destroyed'

"John Barron"-- "I'm, I mean Mr. Trump, is really rich!"

Ha ha ha! Words trending on

In these days of 'alternate facts,' and truth being shouted down, of

"I know words, the best words." D. Trump aka Not So Slim Shadey

Trump Grumbles That Gorsuch Is Too Liberal After Immigration Case Vote

Was there a hidden message in Putin's "hooker" comments?

Greitens' Refusal To Resign Is Dragging Entire Missouri GOP Down

Trump complains of OPEC's 'artificially' high oil prices that 'will not be accepted'

Michael Flynn tests 'comeback tour'

Think Mueller is concerned about slow paced decision from Judge Woods?

Lighthizer favors hardball tactic with Congress on NAFTA

I would not put it past McConnell to extend the workwork to prevent them from campaigning....

Kamala Harris' rapid rise confounds California

McConnell aims to reshape courts in case Senate flips

Jared Kushner served with subpoena in hundreds of cases of rent-related fraud.

Here's your Ig Nobel Prize in Biology right here:

Big Banks Saved $3.6B in Taxes Last Quarter Under New Law

56 GOP House Seats Are Now Vulnerable

The National School walkout today takes place

The Rundown: April 19, 2018

Lawmakers Concerned a New NAFTA Deal Wouldn't Pass

Rudy Guiliani strikes me as a person who thinks he is far smarter than he actually is....

The origin of Super Villains: Riddler

Cuba's New President Vows to Defend Socialist Revolution. Cuba? Meh!

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 4/19/18

I think MJ and Mika ran off and got married this week.

1 injured in shooting at Florida high school, authorities say

EPA Spent $45,000 To Prepare Meeting In Australia That Was Later Cancelled

Comic-Snips: Mother Box

AP Poll: 56 Percent Think US-Russia Relationship Will Worsen Over Next Year

Ohio Democrats Aren't Banking On A Blue Wave anyone forgetting Trump's 2013 letter to Putin here?

I took 2 of my babies to work with me.

North Korean hackers are getting increasingly dangerous

"I want to raise my daughter without religion. She wants to go to church. What should I do?"

The Onion - American Voices: Starbucks To Close 8,000 Stores For Racial Bias Training

Republican judges warn of 'tyranny' as they block Trump on 'sanctuary cities'

What is Michael Avenatti's angle?

1/6/17: Trump Doesn't Deny The Golden Shower, Just That They Were Prostitutes

Betsy DeVos Seeks Private School Vouchers for Military Families

Christian conservatives want a Senator to resign for talking about homophobia

David Corn: Michael Cohen says he's "never" been to Prague. He told me a different story.

Grandmother accused of killing her husband and killing a woman to steal her identity captured in Tex

Segregation's Legacy

Pic Of The Moment: File Under "Not Surprised In The Least"

When did Trump and Putin talk about hookers?


Mike Pompeo Defects To North Korea After Learning About Kim Jong-Uns Torture Program

Yes - a band I'm discovering late in life

There's a movement to root out feminism in South Korea's gaming-industry.

Navy, Marine leaders: No problem with transgender troops

US official appeared to delay protections for endangered species at behest of oil group

"Too poor, too black."

Oh Canada 🇨🇦

Palantir Knows Everything About You

206,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine


Fight the...

Missile Strikes Are Unlikely to Stop Syria's Chemical Attacks, Pentagon Says

Happy 4/20 Day!

Crackdown prompts Soros's Open Society to quit Budapest

Democratic Party suing Trump and his henchmen:

Informative NYT editorial on Trump and renewed prospects for the Equal Rights Amendment

"Playing For Change" w/ Warren Haynes, Ivan Neville, Cyril Neville, John Densmore

Trump of the tropics: the 'dangerous' candidate leading Brazil's presidential race

Syracuse Frat: Racist Video Was Satirical 'Roast' of Republican Brother

Breaking: DNC files lawsuit that Russia, Trump campaign, WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt election

EU will not observe fraud Venezuelan "selection" on May 20

SunTrust Employee May Have Stolen Information About 1.5 Million Clients

Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrup

1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Sells for $2.88M

EPA head showed penchant for travel, drivers even before DC

WaPo's Johathan Greenberg discusses his 1984 phone call from "John Barron."

*BREAKING-Dems files lawsuit alleging Russia, Trump and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt campaign*

Israeli fire in new Gaza border protest kills 2 Palestinians

GOP contender challenges rival to shoot-out

DemParty files lawsuit alleging Russia,Trump campaign & WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt 2016 campaign

In America you call it the alt-right

DNC hits Trump campaign with multimillion-dollar lawsuit for conspiring with the Russian government

Venezuelas Maduro blames... Colombia (!) for 13,000% inflation and shortages

Onward noble steed!

BREAKING!!!...about time

Among the many derelictions of his unfitness, SHITLER can't go anywhere (funerals, diplomatic sites)

A side note/personal thought about the DNC lawsuit . . .

Exclusive: Trump pressed Sessions to fire 2 FBI officials who sent anti-Trump text messages

Can't help wondering why/if Mueller would let Guiliani anywhere near his investigation

Kimberly Clark sues Venezuela for loss of company that was "nationalized" in 2016

Reverend William Barber & Senator Bernie Sanders speak at Duke Chapel

From the Memos; Trump asking Comey to drop

Exploring the possibility that the Trump ivestigations are witch hunts

Trump Invites Putin to the U.S., Offers Visit to Moscow, Russia says

Watching Dow again

Russia says Trump invited Putin to U.S. during phone call

How do I get rid of Smilies in posts I make...?

AP: DNC files lawsuit against Trump campaign, wikileaks, Russians alleging conspiracy

Ex-sanctions czar bashes Obama administration's 'weak' response to Russian interference

How Rudy could wrap this up in a couple weeks:

Bloomberg: Who's to Blame for Costly Oil: Saudis, Russia and Trump Himself

A suggestion for how we present ourselves and our party...Please.

Man Wrongly Convicted of Murdering Parents to Get $10 Million.

2nd poll in a week shows tie in race for seat Trump won by 21 points [Dr. Hiral in Arizonia]

Comey memos reveal (surprise!) Republicans have blundered again

McCabe to sue Trump admin for defamation, wrongful termination

Grazing In The Grass

Concerns over climate change are beginning to reshape Miami's housing market

(Jewish Group) Germany Has a New Anti-Semitism Problem

Bodies Remodeled for a Life at Sea

Donald Trump is not a Christian, but he knows what the religious right needs to hear...

Furious about leaks Trump suggested prison rape as means of getting reporters to reveal sources

Two years for teen 'cyber terrorist' who targeted US officials

Some things I have "learned" from a freind in the closed information loop


It's ramp season

Just saw on Breaking news that McCabe planning to sue Trump administration.

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism: how the origins of historys oldest hatred still hold sway today

Civil rights prosecutors recommend charges in death of Eric Garner

Oath? Unitifed Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? From Yahoo?


Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite #1

Happy 420!!

(Jewish Group) Sen. Brian Schatz Calls on Fellow Progressives to Fight Anti-Semitism Within...

Arizona lawmakers at odds over a bill that could keep a McCain successor off the ballot this year

If you are interested in the actual DNC civil complaint re: Russia

Fearless Girl to leave Wall Streets Charging Bull

Fly with dog or potbelly pig? Alaska wants more paperwork

GOP in retreat on ObamaCare

**BREAKING** CNN-Trump lawyer team: Cohen indictment may come soon.

Hannity and Dershowitz's new lies about Mueller, The tap-root of their lie machine: Kevin Cullen

A small city in Georgia is fighting back against neo-Nazis in a novel way

Reel Tokers: Post a Pic of a Stoner from TV or a Flick

New York Times: Dont Be Progressive, Be a Liberal

The Grotesque Caricature of the White Evangelical is real

Speaking of female pilots!

Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400.

Trump adds former federal prosecutors Jane and Marty Raskin to his legal team:


How long will Rudy Giuliani last?

Swirling Spring in With the Noodles

Eightball vs Meatball

Comey: Trump was upset at Flynn for not telling him congratulatory call was from Putin

Looks like as many people and institutions will be suing Groper Don the Con (aka

Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes.

Trump claims vindication after release of Comey memos

Dude! That's just rude.

Symphony #9 "From the New World" Antonin Dvorak

Commonwealth summit: The countries where it is illegal to be gay

Samson lays down the law

DNC complaint releases new timeline of hack:

China trash ban a wake-up call to global recycling industry

LMAO...Trump thought he bought a robot...

Swedish DJ Avicii Dies at 28

Kushner steps in another pile of shit...


Theta Tau, Professional Engineering Fraternity - Tau Chapter explain the video

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt's aides and security agents spent $45,000 on trip to Australia

Lyin Ted Cruz...

EPA working to limit agency's use of science "Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment"

What would I give?


At least half his cabinet and the VP hand picked by Koch brothers

New info from Comey's memos...

Can DU PLEASE create 2018 election forum and consider Russia Forum

I have one in my family, they are being told this by their leaders...

Offshore crews keeping lookout for toy ship in Atlantic

Vets on twitter

A Tart Solution for Sweet Crumb Cake

Pants on fire...

Driver in deadly immigrant smuggling case gets life sentence

I'm in Facebook Jail for a week. Look at my heinous crime!!!

Mr. David Dennison and John Barron, associates of Mr. Trump, say he is telling the truth.

Preet Bharara on Mueller...

Would-be vigilante shoots at a van he thought was involved in an Amber Alert

Pressure from his constituents...

Judge sets May 24 for next date in Cohen-government showdown

Gunman opens fire at Florida high school on Columbine anniversary

Do I hear a Jail Bird Singing?!? Maggie Haberman is Reporting On Trump-Cohen Love/Hate.

Here it is: McCabe to sue Trump admin. for defamation, wrongful termination

A little reminder that the late John Candy was one of the funniest humans to ever walk this planet.

Morehead State U. students play "Street Preacher Bingo" with on-campus fundie

Comey memos: "They dont show no collusion. They do document Trump trying to obstruct justice."...

Ortega pulls the plug on media reporting dissent in Nicaragua. Three dead

Hubris? Meet Nemesis!

Mad Dog PAC at it again, some more --

Does M$NBC remove their spines and nads before ,,,,,

Twitter Photos: Sen. Sanders at the 2018 National Action Network Convention.

Michael Cohen's Motion to Stay Stormy Daniels Case Deferred, Cohen's Situation Pronounced Ominous

GOP megadonor Friess to run for Wyoming governor

MEANWHILE, in England...

Trump re-election committee tells Ind. Senate hopeful to take down yard signs with false endorsement

Florida GOP group says it rescinded Roger Stone invitation after attack on Barbara Bush

Oh, the caninity.

How come sodium chloride eyedrops cost $45+/oz, while...

Kamala Harris....

God Punishes!

Former President Bush greeting mourners...

Trump Lawyer Told To File Statement To Slow Porn Star's Suit

Trump won't attend Barbara Bush funeral 'out of respect' for family, White House says

McCabe's lawyers try to knock down idea of feud with Comey

TMZ Video: Bernie Sanders Happy to Have Cardi B Join Fight for Social Security

Treaty that compels privatization of jobs, education and healthcare back!

Some Pompeo news...looks like a good source

Most of Trump's merchandising empire has faded

Stoners beware! Local law enforcement agencies prepare 4/20 traps!

Here's another telling revelation in the Comey memos

I was driving my grandson home from his job the other night,

NRATV host blames Obama for Parkland shooting, demands apology

It will never happen

For fucks sake! Trumps Inspector General Slave Lapdog just opened NEW investigation into Comey

Cruz Dem challenger slams Time piece praising Trump

That one friend who is weirder than everyone else!

Ingraham's former personal assistant sues over alleged pregnancy discrimination

...Erma Bombeck.., "At Wit's End" ...Best time to enjoy life? How about right now?...

Nostradamus reborn...

Stiff Competition

Namewee feat G.E.M. - 'Stranger In The North'

Algerian woman denied French citizenship over handshake

Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.

GOP keeps talking about Comey "leaking" classified information?

No gas in Venezuela as oil infrastructure collapses into abyss.

In religion news: The Sermon on the Mountebank

Stormy Daniels Lawyer: Were Going to Sue Trump for Defamation

I know we are all impatient to see what unravels in this gigantic ball of crime twine

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to face no-confidence vote from his own deputies

New York City to ban cars from Central Park starting this summer, mayor says


Lyin Pompeo....not really a revelation

4:20 on 4/20

POS Kris KKKobach "schooling" student gun protesters in Topeka

Dozens of neo-Nazis serving in German police, army: Der Spiegel

Cohen is going to flip like a high school cheerleader in a pretty little skirt.

Alex throws in the towel...

World War Two heroine 'Angel of Dieppe' dies at 103

Aw, lets face it: Michael Cohens having a really shitty day:

For anyone wondering if Trump is lying when he says he didn't spend the night in Moscow....

Shout out to EarlG's daily "Pic of the Moment"

One more time!

Michael Avenatti...

Oh Really...

This woman has real issues....

Rudy cant get a clearance...

U.S. Said to Investigate AT&T and Verizon Over Wireless Collusion Claim

A Short History of Threats Received by Donald Trump's Opponents

John Kasich's political allies are reaching out to GOP megadonors, seeing if theyd back him

E. coli outbreak warning expands to all romaine lettuce

Michigan GOP candidate calls Parkland survivor David Hogg a 'crisis actor' who is paid by CNN

US Capitol

6 in 10 say ban assault weapons, up sharply in Parkland's aftermath

Michigan GOP candidate calls Parkland survivor David Hogg a 'crisis actor' who is paid by CNN

I Do Not Know How We Survive So Many Absolutely Dangerous Hateful People In RW Media.

CNN Fareed Zakaria's Global Briefing email:

"Trump's next $100 billion tariff dilemma: hit Wal-Mart or Apple Store?"

Dead or Alive

FAA issues 'emergency' order for airlines to inspect fan blades on engine type that exploded

'Imploding': Financial troubles. Lawsuits. Trailer park brawls. Has the alt-right peaked?

Trump's executive order for human compost of golf course

I don't believe Mueller is scared of Giuliani

What is the strongest issue for Republicans to run on this November?

Question/Ride My See Saw

Migrants from caravan start reaching the U.S.-Mexico border

Prestor John

The sad case of Rudy Giuliani . . .

'Queers will burn': Gay Kansas teacher quits and moves to California because of threatening letters

Party City Offers Ramadan Decorations, a First for a Big U.S. Retailer.

DEC Statement on Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Project Denied!

So the Con won't attend the funeral because of

OMG Trumps reception in Key West!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Lawmakers propose giving top NY prosecutor power to bypass Trump pardons

Trump admin announces abstinence-focused overhaul of teen pregnancy program

red fox den cam

The Queen of Shitty Robots does Westworld

Judge sees 'gaping holes' in Trump lawyer bid to delay Stormy Daniels lawsuit


We want your happy pictures!

Big Question: Who leaked the Comey memos to the press??

Romaine Lettuce is recalled . Source at Late Breaking News

Jerome Corsi Wants To Fight James Comey

Pruitt Aide Tried to Back-Date Her Resignation

Big Banks Saved $3.6 Billion in Taxes Last Quarter

lettuce warning only applies to lettuce from the Yuma AZ area says

Judge orders NEA to allow Portland immigrant to compete in national poetry contest

Sean Penn coming up on Ari..

"It starts with the marijuana."

North Korea 'halts missile and nuclear tests', says Kim Jong-un

Producer and DJ known as Avicii dies at 28

Producer and DJ known as Avicii dies at 28

winged Greek and Roman deities

"Your privacy will be protected by redirecting your search to Search Encrypt."

WaPo: North Korea announcing the cessation of all nuclear activities

Destroy tapes....Hire waterboarder...Rinse, Repeat..

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 24, 2018

State lawmaker attacks fellow lawmaker as 'lying homosexual'

Greitens charged with second felony after AG investigation into veterans charity

There was a school shooting in Central Florida this morning

Trump Lied About Spending the Night In Russia

Thousands of students walk out of class to demand tighter U.S. gun laws

North Korea says it will suspend nuclear and missile testing.

Trump's (insane) tweet upon learning he's being sued by the DNC:

Hannity And Dershowitz' Whitey Bulger Smear Of Robert Mueller Just Fell Apart Bigly

Amazon and Sears Roebuck

Members of the "Trump cult"

On this day

Sessions Said He Would Quit If Rosenstein Fired

Minnesota school bus driver removed after leading prayer

**BREAKING**WAPO: Sessions might quit if Trump fires Rosenstein

Sessions told White House that Rosensteins firing could prompt his departure, too

Cooperate on What???

New Subway ad for Michael Cohen, "the Fixer"

Oh no, John Barron isn't 45 at alllll... (tape)

A large number of Amazon workers rely on food stamps for assistance

Oh Fuck. This is what it's like being a black man in America.

Do rump supporters understand a saturday night massacre is the end of America?

Wendy Wasserstein is trending thanks to Trump's latest tweet

Trump must have given Un a pass on human rights. When Clinton, Bush

Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment

Avenatti: "Mr. Cohen will not take a water balloon for Mr. Trump, let alone a bullet."

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: We Are Witnessing The 'Unraveling Of An Informed Democracy'

Prospect of a worst-case scenario settles in for Trump allies: Cohen flipping

Baltimore mayor signs bill banning plastic foam containers

Trump's legal team preparing for Cohen to flip (The Hill)

8 convicted in case alleging govt reps colluded with Mafia

Wendy Wasserman Schultz? Seriously?

Trump is so morally bankrupt that he only feels shame over the pee tape

German town braces for neo-Nazi concert on Hitler's birthday

Board votes to double tuition at Puerto Rico university

Board votes to double tuition at Puerto Rico university

OK! Tin foil hats, please! Guiliani is in the wings because Sessions

Mexican Congress votes to remove politicians' legal immunity

Trump wants his own Avenatti...

Prosecutors again accuse Guatemala president of corruption

NoRA: Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer join new anti-NRA initiative

Mexican priest stabbed to death in church

State Senator wants to stop Seattle from implementing a head tax

Mexican priest stabbed to death in church

Art Of The Deal Co-Author: How Trump Uses Confirmation Bias The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Our neighbor has a new rooster.

Any computer geeks out there. I need help. What virus protector would you recommend and why?

Trump: "The American public is wise to the phony an dishonest press. Make America Great Again!"