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Archives: April 2, 2018

U.S. warship stuck in Montreal since December due to ice resumes trip home

Laura Ingraham Getting Outplayed and Outclassed by a High School Kid? Yes, Please.

Jesus Christ superstar.....on NBC

Morons at JPR promoting a "theory" by RT that the UK poisoned Skripal in order to implicate Russia

Diversity Educator: Racism is Worse Today Than it was 50 Years Ago

Reminder,the Trump Organization was convicted of violating Anti-Money-Laundering laws in early 2015

'These big flows of people....'

Saks, Lord & Taylor hit by payment card data breach

The Kushners Saw Redemption in the White House. It Was a Mirage.

I tried to Google it but does anyone know if there are any Sinclair stations in Texas?

When you're a good dog, they let you do anything :-)

Audit questions Florida's anti-fraud efforts in Medicaid program

Steven Bochco, Creative Force Behind 'Hill Street Blues,' 'L.A. Law' and 'NYPD Blue,' Dies at 74

Lunatics Are Blaming the Parkland Teens for "Bullying" Mass Murderer Nikolas Cruz

(Jewish Group) Long-lost film that predicted rise of anti-Semitism has ominous message for todays w

If Mueller has one ounce of humor in his bones...

Under New Florida Bill, Broward Has Already Blocked Seven People From Having Guns

List of Sinclair stations by market and location is interesting. Click on the links to expand.

Watching the CBS evening news tonight, they reported on the "caravans"

Miami Has a Four-Year Backlog of Overbuilt Luxury Condos Amid Affordable-Housing Crisis

There's a huge caveat in the US' expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats

If attacked by a group of clowns

America for Sale....

Chief Inspector Murphy takes a break from it all

This "JC Superstar" deal is fanTAStic - some theological quibbles

Feeling horny? If it's April Fools Day, then it's Hornhub!

Sinclair tells stations to air media-bashing promos - and the criticism goes viral

What if John Kasich runs as an independent candidate for president in 2020?

Poisoned Door Handle Hints at High-Level Plot to Kill Spy, U.K. Officials Say

China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products

Parkland Students Fire Back At Ted Nugent

Environment chief Pruitt under more pressure after condo reports: lawmakers

Strange twists on Walking Dead - SPOILERs

'Resign to run' bill signed into law

One Wonders How Ugly This Gun Control Fight Is Going To Get. The Trends Look Bad.

Tampa Bay Times to be sold to GateHouse Media in $79M deal

It all started with FOX News

Florida teachers unions recruiting new members to stay ahead of state decertification law

The Eichmann trial now an exhibit in Florida Holocaust museum

New York Magazine cover depicts Trump as a pig

Woman wearing hijab attacked while waiting in emergency room, lawsuit says

Seth Abramson: If Trump didn't orchestrate the bizarre events surrounding the election

44 years later, it's still one of the most wonderful one hit wonders in the history of music.

Seth Abramson: Christie -hyperbole could land Trump in jail.

Hope and Fury MLK

Help wanted: Nudist campground searching for a lifeguard

China's Tiangong-1 space lab plummets to Earth

Breathtakingly unbelievable....

Esquire: 'The evidence is building if we can handle the truth'

New York Magazine cover depicts Trump as a pig

Missouri Senate considers banning touchscreen voting

Pro-Gay Marriage Candidate Wins Surprise Costa Rica Landslide

Louisiana starts process to replace 10,000 voting machines

We won't win votes by just yelling "GOTV."

Black activists of the 21st century are taking it beyond 'takin' it to the streets'

How a country lawyer pulled off biggest Social Security fraud ever, and why it could happen again

Florida pharmacy owner gets 13 years for health care fraud

Kushner: We struck deal with Sinclair for straighter coverage

It's time to unmask Q. Who do you think Q / QAnon really is?

EPAs Pruitt Clears The Way For Power Plants To Further Pollute Our Water

OK. Trump is bad. Is that enough to vote for Democrats?

People could face jail time for identifying armed teachers if Kansas gun bill passes


PULLET SURPRISE: Bad blood at City Hall traced to new student urban farming initiative

Peg Lautenschlager was the truest of the true progressives

Hazmat team clears scene after 'suspicious envelope' sent to First Baptist Dallas

Presidential candidate kicks off campaign, promising Mexico will no longer be a pinata for foreigner

Wild Elephants salutes the men who rescued their baby elephant from a ditch

Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - From last year:

Centre-left wins Costa Rica poll after battle over same-sex marriage

Patton Oswalt: "Swimming towards Pie"

wtf: Senator Ron Johnson tells Chuck Todd

Amiot: Deuxime divertissement chinois Le Baroque Nomade, Jean-Christophe Frisch

Facebook is a machine for persuasion.

Coal, nuclear plant operator files for bankruptcy, asks Trump for a bailout

The Northern right whale, already an endangered species, is in deep trouble

Photos of Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, a student whose name I sorrowfully do not know, and a

Prominent pastor charged with fraud plans to turn himself in: report

Mexico Wipes The Floor With Trump by Rolling Out Trump Toilet Paper.

Twitter Suspends Former Revenge-Porn Operator, Senate Candidate Craig Brittain

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Immigration Courts

"We Bloomed in Spring"/Ritchie: "Suite No. 1 for String Orchestra"/

Ducey rejects teachers' demand for 20 percent pay hike

Democratic House freshmen break tradition, turn up the 'volume'

Oklahoma teachers who just got raises rally for more funding

Tweet: Joe Kennedy III and family Happy Easter

State could cut higher education funding in 2019

Inspirational Quote #1

Inspirational Quote #2

House passes mandate on disputes over embryos

Inspirational Quote #3

Inspirational Quote #4

Pentagon, Raytheon re-energize directed-energy weapons push

Inspirational Quote #5

Inspirational Quote #6

Inspirational Quote #7

Inspirational Quote #8

Parkland survivor David Hogg tweet to John McCain draws mixed social media reactions

Fundraising offers clues on strength of Nevada's senate candidates

Trumps letting Russia replace all 60 fake diplomats with new people?

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson reveals he battled depression after his mother attempted suicide

Iowa's Employment Problem: Too Many Jobs, Not Enough People

Police calls increase to McDonald's in Cambridgeshire

Progressive groups file complaint against Vegas judge who told defendants they could vote for Trump

Trumps World-Leader Buddy [Abe of Japan] Is Starting to Regret It

Trump's ignorance about DACA is stunning

NV Supreme Court rules that public officials' personal devices not exempt from public records law

"Do you believe in the Devil?" (VIDEO)

Mexican leftist has 18-point lead as campaign kicks off - poll

I can't wait for one of the comedians to redo that disgusting Sinclair propaganda shit

Sinclair looks to be worse than we thought


March Madness: Time-Lapse Video Shows Four Back-to-Back NorEasters Hitting U.S. East Coast

It is April. It is snowing....

Dem senator says he now supports ban on assault-style weapons

Dem senator says he now supports ban on assault-style weapons

Sen. Sanders agrees with Trump that Amazon is problematic

Zuckerburg in 2006 saying user information will never be used or sold unless users ask for it

This Just In From Dept. Of Duh - Limiting Global Temp Rise To 2C Would Still Be Disastrous

Cat Islands (LA) Vanishing Into Sea; Stretched For Miles, Now Literally The Size of A Living Room

China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products

Al-Shabaab attack kills dozens of Ugandan soldiers in Somalia

Kashmir: Curfew after 20 dead in fierce clashes

Sean Penn On His Long History With Steve Bannon - Conan on TBS

Shitstain Voters In IA Suddenly Notice His Tariffs Will Kill Their Jobs. Huh. Who Knew?

A tale of our times? I posted a huge note for the thief who stole my bike. Then my doorbell rang.

London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever after spate of fatal stabbings and shootin

Republican strategists warning about Trump probe: The storm is coming

Bunting to beat the shift

Health Department removes breast cancer and Obamacare info from womens health website

Donald Trump Cherishes Lou Dobbs So Much He Puts Him on Speakerphone for Oval Office Meetings

Just finished: Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain's Secret Special Forces Unit That

Coming off the rails! . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald J. Trump!!!

We live in a world of mega fake news outlets...

Mike Pence's home town is getting its first gay parade - thanks to a high school girl

Definition of Daca

If I were religious, I could pray for help with a difficult website content

Stephen Miller, the hard line immigration advisor to Trump spent Easter weekend in Florida with Trum

BTRTN: Trump Hires New Cast for As The World Turns

Ever wonder how they test elevators?

BTRTN: Trump Hires New Cast for As The World Turns

Is this real?

"Definitely flying your asshat flag"

Kremlin Says Donald Trump Has Invited Vladimir Putin to the White House

Park Police killed a young man in Virginia. Since then, four months of silence.

Dow does not like the new tariffs from China -706.49 (2.93%) at 1.30pm

BREAKING: Trump invites Putin to WH

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Don the Con

Bernie Sanders sides with Trump on Amazon getting too big

IT is clear as day thatblack lives do not matter

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Is it possible to de-value and de-legitimize an entire political Party??

Trump Rants at Mexico Again, Says U.S. Is 'Being Stolen' by 'Weak' Border Laws

The Kremlin has made this announcement (invite to WH by Trumpy) ahead of the White House.

Doocy: Trump a "bare-knuckled businessman now in the White House," Sarah is "incredibly sad"

Caravans are coming!

Trump wants to make it easier to deafen whales

The Putin/Trumpy meeting at the White House. Is it BYON? (Bring Your Own Novichok?)

If you ever wanted to understand apathy

Trump Defends Sinclair Amid Controversy: 'Far Superior to CNN and Even More Fake NBC'

Happy Anniversary!!! 34-Years ago! (And considering current events, this one's timely.)

At a Chicago nightclub, George Papadopoulos allegedly makes explosive new claim about Jeff Sessions

I'm warning you. No fishing!

'Affluenza teen' Ethan Couch released from jail after serving two years

Nothing bu the BEST people...

UPDATE: Winnie Mandela: South African anti-apartheid campaigner dies at 81

Trump Hears from Immigration Hardliners

Israel cancels controversial plan to deport African migrants

Breaking - Winnie Mandela is dead

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is Coming April 10th! Plus today's free pizza.

A respite from the robots (but a retraining emergency)

Just a feeling...

He was just bragging about his "so called accomplishments" at the Easter Egg Roll.

How Failure of a 'Dreamer' Deal May Tip Control of Congress

501 Days in Swampland

Calvin & Hobbs - Calvin's dad explains things

'It sucks': Senators fume over McConnell's tight grip


O.K. cat, that's enuff

Trump: DOJ response to document requests 'an embarrassment to our country!'

Pic Of The Moment: Kremlin Announces That Putin Will Make Visit To Vacation Property

An Absolute Beacon Of Light: Liz Crokin Loves That Roseanne Barr Is Promoting The Storm

WTF? Trump: " many military people are with us here today."

Trump boasts about the strength of the military to children at White House Easter Egg Roll

Cosmic dance - Venus and Earth over 8.5 years

Amazon shares fall four percent as Trump renews attack

Breast cancer page scrubbed from women's health website: report

Need a Realtor in CT?

Weapons for Anyone -- Donald Trump and the Art of the Arms Deal

You get what you vote for Iowa. Think Better this November.

Devastating Toon - Explaining Daddy's Death

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Welcomes Kids To White House Easter Egg Roll

DANG! I had to cancel my appt. to fix my chipped tooth because of the snow!

Its time for Mueller to take action

Best of Nextdoor

trump talks trade and markets

Supreme Court rejects anti-abortion activists' undercover video cases

Winnie Mandela: South African anti-apartheid campaigner dies at 81

Supreme Court backs Arizona policeman accused of excessive force

Bloomberg: 3rd woman sues to void secrecy pact linked to Trump

Caption this....

Mueller is back in Court...

GOOD NEWS: Justin Bieber says religion "set me free from bondage and shame"

The burning of Judas... PSUV style! But PNB photograph those who return the favor.

First Decorah eaglet of 2018 hatches on Easter

Another bad day for the Dow Jones!

The Atlantic: Why did Jeff Sessions really meet with Kislyak?

Yankees Home Opener Postponed by Snow!!!

Yankees Home Opener Postponed by Snow!!!

A plummeting market is the only thing that will get the attention of rabid Deplorables.

Chuck Baldwin Says Its A Biblical Requirement For Everyone To Own An Assault Rifle

China space lab mostly burns up on re-entry in south Pacific (ABC / AP)

What would it take for Trump to win re-election in 2020

Here's how Amazon wins the tax war with Trump

**S.& P. 5002.4% DOW2.16% NASDAQ2.78% EDITED wrongly,

"You gots ta buy a gun fer Jay-zus!"

Ballot Debacle Shakes Up Democratic House Primary in Iowa

The Migrant Crisis (aka, those "caravans" tRump is going on about)

April Premieres and Returning Favorites

Facebook CEO Defends Advertising-Supported Business Model.

McCabe will shut down GoFundMe page, which raised more than $538,000 for his legal defense

Actors who are secretly related

Is MSNBC down? I can't view MSNBC on Frontier, I can't listen online.

Amazon's asking cities for their high schooler's SAT scores, & it's a major hint re HQ2 priorities

Who else got their backsides kicked this tax season?

Nice! Trump touting his so-called successful failed wins?

Some new stuff that came from unfinished old stuff

Stocks Fall on Trade Worries, Tech Jitters

Finally official: Conor Lamb certified winner of congressional seat

That's RIGHT, The Mascara and bulbous (Trout Mask Replica is being reissued)

Fresh shockwaves hit U.S. markets after Trump tweets, China steps up trade war

This nightmare will never end until:

Republican governors try to avoid holding special elections (Wisconsin..Michigan..Florida)

Trump bizarrely boasts about the strength of the military to children at White House Easter Egg Roll

Thank you Celtic FC fans n/t

"Flashback to a simpler time..."

Sinclair Broadcasting needs to be contacted and asked the following.

White Christmas I wish I was back in the army

Immigration: One issue, both sides knocking down walls.

Dow plunges more than 500 points as Trump picks on Amazon and trade-war fears return

Another site with tons of Windows troubleshooting

76 Trombones - The Music Man

Shirley Jones - Goodnight My Someone (The Music Man) (1962)

Celebrating Mimouna and Its Dose of Post-Passover Carbs

Trump bashes CNN, NBC, defends Sinclair Broadcast Group after 'fake news' speeches by local anchors

Trade war escalates as China says it will impose tariffs on 128 U.S. exports, including pork and fru

Republican Congressman Got Girlfriends Son Out of Heroin Bust

A glance at US products affected by Chinese tariff hikes

Family In SUV May Have Intentionally Driven Off Cliff, Police Say

Oklahoma and Kentucky teachers to walk out

At Mar-a-Lago, Trump hears from immigration hardliners

This company in Indiana is already feeling the heat from Trump's new tariffs

Oklahoma and Kentucky Teachers To Walk Out

President Trump congratulates Egypt's President Sisi on election win: MENA

Now, to get things underway, Pete and his Loyal Banditos play a medley of old standard favorites,...

Trump proposed Putin visit Washington in March 20 phone call, Kremlin says

U.S. top court will not revive verdict against Palestinian Authority, PLO

Trump renews attack on Justice Department

Stocks slide as China announces tariffs on US imports

Store Clerk Charged, After Killing Teen For Stealing Beer

Does anyone have a letter that they've sent to their local Sinclair station

Inside the Decade-Long Russian Campaign to Infiltrate the NRA and Help Elect Trump

Lawyer Behind Failing Sham To Protect Sketchy Patents Sends Bogus Copyright Cease & Desist Notice

One Billion Rising 2018 Berlin

Instructor at Mormon church sexually abused children as young as 2, Texas police say

DNC to donate $50,000 to Mississippi Democratic Party

"Break the Chain" One Billion Rising Berlin 2018

Iowa tries another end run around the Affordable Care Act

2018 One Billion Rising "Break The Chain" in Amstetten, Austria

The nerve of Trump

Fired Trump Staffers Hold Reunion

Maryland, ACLU reach settlement over governor deleting critical comments on his Facebook page

So Amazon is too big and has a monopoly

"Nana was a Suffragette"

Isn't there a way to challenge your local Sinclaire station's license renewal?

Wall Street slides on tech rout, Nasdaq erases 2018 gains

The Fuel Powering Corporate America: $2.4 Trillion in Private Fundraising

American colleges have a massive rape problem and theres no clear solution in sight

"Storm is coming" Republican strategist says about Trump

U.S. says conducts air strike in Somalia, killing 5 militants

Ethan Couch of 'affluenza' case released from jail

Bologna Blamed in Worst Listeria Outbreak in History.

Found: The Long-Lost Link to Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last Speech

Finlandia Jean Sibelius

Wisconsin Supreme Court race goes national with endorsements and interest in results

'It Really Is a Wildfire': Teachers Go on Strike in Oklahoma and Kentucky

LIVE: Dow plummeting 700+ points

For the first time ever, young Americans are less optimistic than their parents

A week after gun control rally, gun rights supporters gather at Minnesota Capitol

Tens of thousands rally in Oklahoma in support of teacher walkout

Happiest woman in America

Happy Dyngus Day!

Obama eases into post-presidential life

China's secret trade war option: A rare earth embargo

The Deadspin article on Sinclair makes me miss Gawker, Deadspin being a sports spinoff does what it

Democratic Candidate Pulls Campaign Ads From Sinclair-Owned Station

We have a globally, inter-connected economy. We cannot go back to the early 1950s.

Ted Nugent whines hes a victim of hate speech after his attack on Parkland teens backfires

Just Because.

EPA says Pruitt's condo lease didn't violate ethics rules

Condom snorting challenge is latest disturbing teen fad

AL representative, lobbyist, healthcare CEO arrested by FBI

Sinclair responds to criticism of media-bashing promos

It took George W Bush about a year and a half to turn the Clinton economy around...

Third Woman Sues to Void Secrecy Pact Linked to Trump

Alexander van der Zwaan, first figure in Russia investigation, to be sentenced Tuesday

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi targeted in more than a third of GOP House commercials

Miraculous transformation: Easter leftovers become

Trump selecting Roseanne Barr as a Supreme Court Justice nominee

April madness: Perspective: the worst member of Trump's Cabinet: A bracketology.

Even Yahoo?! "Trump is becoming the backfire president"

Ever wonder how actors can cry on demand?

Mueller Finally Unmasked the Trump Campaigns Secret Russian Operative

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Shulkin's Ouster Is Really All About Koch Brothers' Privatization Push

Trump is becoming the backfire president (Yahoo Finance)


My daughter's new photography website. Just sayin'....

Bernie and Trump are wrong on Amazon

Have Grassley and Ernst removed their snouts out of the Con's trough

Democrats Are Christians, Too

Buenos Aires enacts restrictions on downtown automobile traffic

A shoutout from potus to the little woman?

To Steve King:

Hidden Figures: How Donald Trump Is Rigging the Census

Brussels plans crackdown on fake news in social media

Ted Nugent whines he's a victim of hate speech after his attack on Parkland teens backfires

Trump presidential campaign spent more than $150,000 on Amazon

The hacked emails at the center of Muellers Russia investigation

UCF student who idolized mass shooters online can buy guns, judge decides

Amazon Caused Donald Trump to Lose $400 Million in Net Worth, Says Forbes

Of course he did.....

Mueller Looks at Roger Stones Contacts with WikiLeaks

(Jewish Group) Jews Are Being Murdered in Paris. Again.

(Jewish Group) Opinion: European anti-Semitism is not imported

The 2020 Census Is a Cybersecurity Fiasco Waiting to Happen

I, for one, am glad that Shulkin is gone. I know he was an Obama appointee, but his extended

Laura Ingraham outed her gay classmates to their families to boost her college newspaper sales

Literally, They Put a "Brand" on Female Slaves: The Arrest of NXIVM's Keith Raniere.

Kitten kitty:

Looking back to the early 60s...

I just finished "Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder"

The one problem with Chuck Baldwin saying AR-15s are needed to defend neighbors and communities

"Tippy top shape"?

Oh boy! 8" of Springtime snow forecast for tomorrow!

University of Montana hosts Montana Supreme Court hearing on church and state case

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 2, 2018

European Rugby Cup : Munster Rugby 20 Toulon 19

Nina Turner Now on CNN Panel W/ William Kristol. Why?

Alice Cooper should retire...

So Much Winning! Stocks post worst start to April since the Great Depression

Trump campaign staffer Jessica Denson sues to void nondisclosure agreement

Props to Mary Nam, Seattle ch. 4 news anchor for speaking up about Sinclair

Muellers office makes clear Van der Zwaan knows key details that are "not widely known" to public

Is there a corollary to the Dunning Kruger effect which takes into consideration...

Any woodworkers out there?

Live: SpaceX Launch on NASA TV

Come Away Melinda

Mueller wants shroud on Van Der Zwaan records

Trumps Bid to Move Hellhole Embassy Sunk by Architectural Icon

Again! Trump Congratulates Egypts El-Sissi After Rigged Reelection Win

Did Denson Dame Do Deed with David Dennison*?

Trump Appeals NY Judge Ruling That Zervos Defamation Suit Can Proceed

Advertisers bail as Laura Ingraham goes on vacation

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 31- FINAL!

KS-02: Kansas Republicans fear defeat in 2018 congressional race

Happy Easter...and Happy Passover! Know the difference?

Reports: Russian Bots Propping Up Ingraham In Tiff With Shooting Survivor

Mueller investigating whether Roger Stone met with Assange: report

Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC is on Hulu

Smile as you go under!

The Next Census Will Ask About Same-Sex Couples

This teacher refuses to be drafted by the NRA.

trump will now have fox and sinclair to 'validate' his political bullshit.

Esty says she will not seek reelection

Hashtag #IStandWithLaura top trending for Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence campaigns

Jimmy Carter: Supreme Court seems eager to see rich people become more powerful

Thomas Jefferson on the importance of a free press-

"The Death of Stalin" Mirrors "The Rise of [Redacted]"

US high court backs police in 'excessive force' case

Last Night

Its not just about the Washington Post!

Interesting take on evolution of consumer photography.

Gendered Islamophobia and the Prosecution Of Noor Salman (w/guest Maha Ahmed)

Seth Abramson: If you or someone you know suffers from Trump/Russia exhaustion . . . .

Jon Oliver and the Sinclair News

Another bunny close to Trump identified!!!1!!!!!

seriously, what would happen to republicans if they

White House correspondent Connie Lawn dies.

Trump administration sues California over state law on federal land transfers

Mueller investigating whether Roger Stone met with Assange: report

Katy Tur has decided to let all hang out.

National Weather Forecast for SF Bay: "Atmospheric River" expected to bring significant rainfall

Why Trump's attempt to blame Democrats for ending DACA is falling flat

A President's words can move markets.

Russia-backed TV channel RT is gone from DC-area broadcasts (and everyone else at MHz).

Peep Floyd

If Obama talked down a major corporation, and their share priced dropped...

North America is in the clear from Tiangong-1 debris.

Dammit! Why isn't anyone hammering Trump for singlehandedly destroying DACA all...

Pierce: I'm Not Sure America Can Survive the Attack of the Moron Pundits

Famed painting horse Metro has died: 'he turned out to be more than we could ever dream of'

Wisconsin ginseng growers worry about new Chinese tariffs

White nationalist to speak about diversity at University of Alabama

Quoting my wife on morons Easter egg hunt speech

I wonder how Ronnie Jacksons and Trumps conversations went

Bill O'Lielly: It is being directed by powerful, shadowy radical groups who want Ingraham off air

I've been assimilated, resistance was futile...

Costa Rica: Carlos Alvarado wins presidency in vote fought on gay rights

The Ecuadorian Embassy Would Know IF Stone/Assange Dined Together

What happens after Mexico elects a left wing anti-imperialist in July ?

President BIZARRO

The liars liar has finally been caught....

National Enquirer publisher seeks to dismiss lawsuit brought by ex-Playboy model who claims affair..

Dan Rather puts the "attacks" on Sinclair into perspective

CT-05: Elizabeth Esty Not Running For Re-Election After Mishandling Abuse Allegations

WSJ has email from Roger Stone to Sam Nunberg dated Aug 4, 2016 saying:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Donald Trump's connections to Cambridge Analytica

Watch Sinclair Broadcast News Anchors Parrot Their Bosses Opinions in Perfect, Deafening Unison

Is asking for one's sources a Liberal "gotcha"?

Kids playing in the snow. April 2.

If Mueller says OK....

Best of The Bunny Pics

Whoa, what did Richard Painter put on the top of his head?

I'm beginning to think that Richard Painter doesn't like DJT or the Trump family?

CNN: Mueller defends deal with Dutch lawyer to waive public record rights

HOLY FUCK. Richard Painter just smacked the smarm right off Hugh Hewitt's smug mug!!!

Mayo's Christmas Lockout of Albert Lea Workers Deemed Illegal by Region 18 of the NLRB

Falsely Accused Parkland School Shooter Sues Alex Jones' InfoWars for Defamation

Tim Canova quitting Democratic Party, still plans Wasserman Schultz challenge

Mayo's Christmas Lockout of Albert Lea Workers Deemed Illegal by Region 18 of the NLRB

Mayo's Christmas Lockout of Albert Lea Workers Deemed Illegal by Region 18 of the NLRB

Hey Hugh Hewitt, you just bit off more then you've ever had!

Joe Bilen just called to vote for Rebecca Dallot and now we have WNTER STORM WARMING !!

Trumps Support Among Women Falls

Trumps economic boasts grow increasingly divorced from reality

Hey Joe!

Pelosi Targeted In a Third of GOP Ads

Grindr defends sharing user HIV status with other companies

About that Rasmussen (R) poll that popped up here

Trump administration, seeking to speed deportations, to impose quotas on immigration judges

Here's proof the Republicans are REALLY worried about midterms

Wall Street to Trump: No trade wars. And lay off Amazon

I have never used Amazon for anything, but...

LMAO, Just let her keep talking, she will end up like O Really....

Cohen files motion to have Daniels case decided in private arbitraton, Avenatti responds

With the West Wing finally calm, Trump is contemplating a multi-front campaign against Jeff Bezos.

Teacher who ran white supremacist podcast she said was satire submits resignation

Two Guns...

Frabnk Stallone tweet on David Hogg

That Sinclair video

About the continuing tanking of the stock market

Full page ad calls out Paulsen, Lewis, Emmer and Peterson on gun control

Fox News, not advertisers, are hurting the most from the Laura Ingraham boycott

I'm having a conversation in my mind ....