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Archives: April 17, 2018

Baboons propped up barrel to escape West side research center

Did you ever go into a Starbucks without ordering anything?

McCain undergoes surgery for intestinal infection

Wow! What a family (South Korea)

Transcript of how the Sean Hannity revelation in court today went down.

Cohen Used Funds From A Home Equity Line Of Credit To ......

T-Mobile deceived customers with false ring tones on failed phone calls

2017: The "Honey, It's Not What It Looks Like" Presidency.

Already seeing lots of RW attacks on Judge Kimba Wood on Twitter. For instance...

Joel Kleefisch, our Lieutenant Governors husband, will not seek re-election for his assembly seat.

I hope Hannity shit his pants when he found out

Read this tweet from John Schindler dated AUG 2017 regarding Sean Hannity

Cohens attorney: At this point, no one would admit theyre a client

Is this why Hannity needs a fixer?

Donald Trumps corruption means he'll never be a normal commander in chief

Editorial cartoons from Europe

Justice Department IG Horowitz predicts Clinton email report will be out in May

National Guard troops at Mexican border may be armed after all

Must-see video clip from The Late Show: Sneak peek of 'Hannity' tonight...

Kurt Eichenwald on Hannity from Twitter.

Stormy Daniels: Trump's lawyer believes hes above the law

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Smells Like Sheer Terror! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Just have to say this again: Obi Wan was SO wrong when he said you'll never find a more wretched

Sean Hannity has few rules, and now Fox News has a problem

The gaping hole in Sean Hannitys story about being Michael Cohens client

Trump's Twitter account is active again this evening, but so far only retweeting

Dear Sean Hannity


Stephen Colbert has a sneak preview of Hannity's opening comments:

Hey Joe

Harry Anderson's Geek Trick (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Rachel is really enjoying the Cohen story tonight.

'Night Court' star Harry Anderson, 65, found dead in home

They're a freaking cult !!! Cult 45

Canada sending home families of diplomats in Cuba after cases of 'new type' of brain injury

Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing

These assholes like The Trump Family, Hannity, and the like

Coming This Fall From Marvel: Sean Hannity and the TAINT TEAM! (Ferret/ShowerCap)

The Look On Hannity's Face Tonight Is Priceless...

Dershowitz (!) told Hannity tonight that he should have disclosed relationship with Cohen, and

Ryan: No way to avoid trillion-dollar deficits because of all the old people

Juanita Jean's very talented son is suing Alex Jones and will be on M Kelly tomorrow

Second mistrial in ex-Navy commanders attempted rape trial

Colbert tweet:

Lead Queen Mine leaking 'orange sludge'

The latest Pruitt revelations are the swampiest. He should be long gone.

Badass of the week returns

The real nagging question is

Another Russian journalist dies under mysterious circumstances (tweet):

2018 US House Election- which seats Democrats will gain in 2018 and hold onto in 2020.

Fairly Imbalanced

The F-35 Is About To Get Cheaper. Now Here's the Bad News.

DU Poll: Who is more dishonest--Hannity or Cohen?

Adm James Stavridis (Ret)

Turns out Melania is Kyzer Soze

Colbert points out the double standard using Comey and HRC

Michael Clayton. A better fixer than Cohen.

Enough of the 'real world' crap, The World of Suzy Wong on TCM.

Both Avenatti and Tim O'Brien on The Last Word predicting Michael Cohen will flip on Trump

Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges

Western lowland gorilla, Calaya, gives birth

Happy Birthday to Trump's "rock," First Lady Melania. Sorry about that Barbara Moore thing.

You heard it here first...

Would Americans Accept Putting Health Care on a Budget?

Melania took a separate plane today.

Would Americans Accept Putting Health Care on a Budget?

de Leon struggles against Feinstein in Senate fundraising race

Smart people on TV are STILL saying they can't understand why . . . . .

Geez How fucking corrupt is Trump?

Humanitys fight against climate change is failing. One technology can change that.

Perhaps they are talking about a "different Sean Hannity"?

Harry Anderson or Barbara Bush

I thought Ms. Daniels acquitted herself today with dignity and grace .

Yea, this look.....

Trump admits mistakes with Cabinet picks

Would Americans Accept Putting Health Care on a Budget?

Top 10 Times Michael Cohen and Donald Trump's Attorneys Got Schooled in Court

Trump asking Arab nations to replace US military in Syria after defeat of ISIS: report

So tired of having Bozo the Clown as our chief executive

Pruitt and Chief of Staff Personally Approved Pay Raises of Up to 72 Percent for Top Aides, IG Finds

Medieval Italian Man Replaced His Amputated Hand With a Knife

I don't think I want to know the "truth" about good old Sean...

Two things

Trump Org Sues Cities Across America For Lower Taxes

"Certain elements may try to stretch this beyond what it is..."

Copn excavation in Honduras reveals similarities between Chinese and Maya civilizations

Copn excavation in Honduras reveals similarities between Chinese and Maya civilizations

So ultimately what does this mean for Hannity?

CNN's Anderson Cooper Calls Out Sean Hannitys Massive Conflict of Interest

Their Plan To Bash Hillary For 4yrs. Backfired With A Trump Win...

I don't get it: Cohen has only three clients?

Condition of third YouTube victim upgraded from serious to fair

California puts a halt to Trumps border wall plan and refuses to send state troops to help

We are still here: The fight to be recognized as Indigenous in Uruguay

Make way for ducklings...

NY-SD37: Millions of dollars pour in to Shelley Mayer, Julie Killian race

Ryan Will Probably Go To Work For The Koch Brothers & The Mercers.

new Bureau of Land mgt cards for employees to wear features pic of cattle ranching and oil rig

Nikki Haley finds herself under the bus as Trump shifts course on Russia

Ancient artifacts from 3500BC discovered at Five Mile Lane

Dogs lived and died with humans 10,000 years ago in the Americas

A 13-Year-Old Has Uncovered Spectacular Royal Treasure From The Viking Age

So what was Sam Nunberg referring to here?

Hannity is going to regret this tweet.

How much snow was it?

The Daily Show: Sean Hannity is Outed as Michael Cohen's Client & James Comey Drags Trump on 20/20

Tweet of the Day

Old video of Sean Hannity heckling women surfaces (God these guys are so sleazy)

UK academic says data firm helped Trump campaign spread fear

Saving the bison: Polish bison off to help Spanish herd grow

Jimmy Kimmel Rubs Salt in Sean Hannity's Michael Cohen Wound

Protesters take apartment that put Brazil ex-leader in jail

Important Hannity question

Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges

Nobody is Above the Law

Tonight on Hannity: Hannity gets to the bottom of Hannity. Followed by the latest Panda News

Rainbow - All Night Long

Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Coming

The Quireboys 7 O'Clock

RE Hannity, I'm going to just leave this right here ...............

Y&T - Summertime Girls

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

Witness in case against Colombias former president assassinated

Witness in case against Colombias former president assassinated

Carmakers want emission, CAFE tweaks, not huge rollbacks, but won't say so publicly

Nikki Haley finds herself under the bus as Trump shifts course on Russia

Line 5 flow resumes as Enbridge prepares to inspect damaged oil pipeline

Tax Day's John Archibald wins 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Missouri lawmakers threatened with donor exodus unless they back governor accused of sexual assault

Former Miss America Deidre Downs marries girlfriend at Birmingham Museum of Art (

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/16/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Dickerson Outlines How Hannity Can Keep His Job

Former President & CEO and Former Vault Manager of now Bankrupt Precious Metals Firm Indicted

Contrast too bright in Levono computer

Pro-Trump twitter is saying Judge Kimba Wood was "handpicked by Hillary Clinton"

Scientists engineer plastic-eating enzyme that could help fight pollution

Make way for more ducklings! First jump... :)

TV Alert.. Stormy on the VIEW 10AM central time ABC

NY Daily News does it again!

US and UK issue warning about Russian hack of internet.

Sandy Hook parents slap defamation suits on Alex Jones.

Deep state meetings tire the boog out

If Cohen killed the Don Trump Jr. affair story in 2013, how come Jr. isn't a client of his?

Video: Senator Bernie Sanders Addresses J Street's 2018 National Conference

Senator Bernie Sanders Addresses J Street's 2018 National Conference

Maine wildlife biologists arrange unusual adoption when bear cub is orphaned

It's snowing again.

I would like to think I'm a fairly empathetic person. But I must admit....

Focus needs to get off Stormy and Avenatti and on to Trump team connection to Russia

Harry Anderson magician/comedian "Night Court" found dead in his Asheville NC home - 65 years old.

So why did Cohen's folks state clearly in court that Hannity was their third client

Re Hannity -- How much "advice" does a lawyer have to give you before

Composite sketch of the guy who threatened Daniels - released on The View this am

We should all be congratulating lawyer Robert Balin representing media who went to the bar

So Hannity says he never paid his secret lawyer Cohen? Isnt his repeated on air defense and

LIVE Stream April 19 at 8PM - The Enduring Challenge of a Moral Economy - Sen. Sanders, Rev. Barber

China slaps 179% charge on US sorghum imports

LIVE Stream April 19 at 8PM - The Enduring Challenge of a Moral Economy - Sen. Sanders, Rev. Barber

Help me out here: Michael Cohen believes Hannity is a client. Why is Hannity denying it?

LIVE Stream April 19 at 8PM - The Enduring Challenge of a Moral Economy - Sen. Sanders, Rev. Barber

Are you absolutely sick of video autoplay on news and other websites? Here's some ways to disable

Study: People with less political knowledge think they know a lot about politics

Conservative advertisement on DU

Seth Abramson laid it all out over yr ago, January 2017

Budget chairman floats plan to eliminate his own committee

NASA may use swarms of robotic bees to study Mars

Mignolaversity News Update April 2018

Tough night

RNC's Comey Attacks Are Right out of the Dictator's Playbook

What if Hannity really wasn't a client?

Scientists develop 'mutant' enzyme that eats plastic (PET)

You have to ask why Cohen's/Trump's lawyers claimed Hannity as one of 3 'clients' in the first place

GOP Candidate Compares McConnell to the Russians

The Future of College Looks Like the Future of Retail

In suit, landowners opposed to Keystone XL say pipeline routing must start over

Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle Nest

New Stephon Clark Videos Show Officers Waited 5 Minutes Before Trying To Save Him

Justin Trudeau Vows To Ram Through Kinder Morgan Pipeline; Gov May Buy A Stake In It

Hannity keeps saying 'real estate'.....

BP Carbon Plan: "Lightweight PR And Greenwash"; "20th Century Response To A 21st Century Problem"

Trumps make-it-go-away guy

Don't Worry, Says Shell CEO: He'll Change Shell To A Clean Energy Company; You Can Trust Him

Close relative of the cultivated tomato is resistant to many insects

With unseasonable weather like we're having, a sense of humor comes in handy

Poll finds Republican tax cut remains unpopular

How low can you go? This NRATV host can show you.

Stormy Daniels Attorney Predicts Michael Cohen Will Turn On Trump

Here's a thought about Cohen

Things you don't get to hear everyday.

It's 7:30 am and I already have 4 hummingbirds competing for 2 feeders.

And Ill Explain How Hillary Pulled It Off

Stuck in the '80s

Has anyone asked if Pruitt was a Get Smart fan?

Jennifer Rubin: The GOP Has Become the Caricature the Left Always Said It Was

Real Estate means Women I am fucking

Dem lawmaker calls on Fox News to fire Hannity

Jim Carrey: Some Endangered Species are not worth saving...

RNCs Comey Attacks Are Right out of the Dictators Playbook

Starbucks manager explains why she called police to arrest Black men

Did the recent revelations on Hannity's connection to Cohen change your opinion of him?

Cambridge Analytica Had Exclusive Rights to Breitbart Data, Says Ex-Director

WIRED: How Russian Facebook Ads Divided And Targeted US Voters Before 2016 Election

White racist family caught pushing and shoving US Black of whom was pregnant..

RE: Starbucks: I was a juror at a Trespassing Trial.

Haha - Mika's description of Pruitt's $43k

A working President

Comey slams Trump for repeatedly advocating putting political opponents in jail

Chuck Todd Takes Aim at Fox News: 'No Serious News Org' Would Allow Hannity to Cover Cohen

Colorado sheriff denies making billionaire Robert Mercer volunteer deputy in exchange for pickup

Sean Hannity, Michael Cohen and Donald Trump: Three amigos, tangled in a web of stupidity

I am trying to start a GSA at my new school

Syria: Russia says chemical weapons inspectors will be allowed into Douma

Two Koreas Discuss Official End to 68-Year War, Report Says

Hannity/Cohen question

LOL-Top 10 Times Michael Cohen and Donald Trumps Attorneys Got Schooled in Court

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Comey

Hannity's ethics under fire

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Crook

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Cohen

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Sandy Hook Parents Have Just Hit Alex Jones With Defamation Lawsuits

Proud to be called a "Lawyer".

The GOP 'Has Become the Caricature the Left Always Said It Was'

Putin nixes new sanctions on Russia

What if they discover Dennison instructed Cohen to sic goons to terrorize Stormy ?

TRUMPOLOGY. Trump's Lifelong Addiction

Thinking about starting a local Political Trauma Support Group.

Gingrich leaves law firm with no new job lined up

Fox & Friends Defends Hannity: 'Perfectly Logical' to Ask Trump's Lawyer for Legal Advice

Former Miss America and new wife 'felt so blessed'

Things I want to see and hear

Pic Of The Moment: Call Me, I'm A Lawyer!

EXCLUSIVE Congressman Pushed Bills That Would've Helped Drug Company He Owns

Look for a stunner out of Arizona on Tuesday.

Large majority supports tougher Russia sanctions, Post-ABC poll finds

Free idea for any DU entrepreneurs: "Trumpilllow"---Trump's likeness on a punchable cushion; to be

Top GOP super PAC books $48 million in ads for House races

The Starbuck's restroom policy sucks. Here's why it exists, though.

Senator Sanders introducing bill targeting opioid manufacturers

Democrats pushing for Pelosis ouster as leader stand down at least until elections

Senator Sanders introducing bill targeting opioid manufacturers

Trump tries to prove he can read

Sean Hannity, Michael Cohen and Donald Trump: Three amigos, tangled in a web of stupidity

Twitter is down.....trump's voice silenced.

American Atheists terminates its president over sexual misconduct allegations Part 3?

Trump posts four unrelated tweets in one-minute rant: 'Everyone is talking, nice to see!'

Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Responds To My Pal Sean Hannitys Lawyer Revelation

Does anyone watch "Homeland"?

One of those weird paradoxes.

Really odd that this statement would be given to the Washington Times, of all sources.

looking for a Dr. in AR who will prescribe medical marijuana

Let's hear from the Con supporters now - China slaps 179% charge on US sorghum imports

Looking for a Dr. in AR. who will prescribe Med Marijuana

Former NSA analyst connects the dots between Sean Hannity, Julian Assange and Russian spies

So when do we learn about Hannitys dealing with Cohen were all about.

Another GOP bites the dust...Charlie Dent

Charlie Dent resigning this May

with all these republicans resigning or indicted and the forecasted blue wave, it occurs to me that

BREAKING: Rep. Charlie Dent says he has decided to retire from Congress "in the coming weeks;"

The undercurrent in the GOP must smell like flop sweat, Mad Dog 20/20 and stale cigarettes

SCOTUS Nixes Part of Law Requiring Deportation of Some Immigrants Convicted of Crimes

Calling Stephen King!

Justice Sonia Sotomayor fell at her home and broke her shoulder

Model claiming Trump secrets blames US for Thai prosecution

The GOP is a

A question about "God's ways are mysterious"

Any special election for Dents seat would be in old district

There's only one way to restrain this aberrant administration

The Syria bombing distraction didn't last long

Poland violated EU laws by logging in Bialowieża forest, court rules

Poland violated EU laws by logging in Bialowieża forest, court rules

Hey RNC!! I got something that will make you feel better:

Every time a Republican has been woke.

Dems take another Minnesota Supreme Court seat...

Headlines from Europe

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer releases sketch of person who threatened her

Is Hannity everything that his listeners want him to be?

GOP Scrambles To Keep 'Dark Lord Of Coal Country' From WV Senate Nomination

Stunning: Gorsuch joined liberal justices to invalidate mandatory deportation of immigrants...

I'm getting really tired of being told

There'll always be an England (redux)

Stormy Daniels releases facial composite sketch of man who allegedly threatened her

Yesterday I posted some reasons that Hillary lost the election besides the

Now that Hannity insists he's not a client of Cohen

Ryan Zinke refers to himself as a geologist. That's a job he's never held.

Dreamscapes and a prayer for understanding.

It delights me that...

Are these "focus groups" of Trump supporters a new phenomena?

Stormy spanks Trump, again

Liz Crokin is still at it...

Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man she says threatened her

If she should tell you she loves you,

EPA Chief upgraded official car to one with bulletproof seat covers

All lawyers are deflated and concerned! Not least, one that isn't...:-)

So, about this Stormy Daniels/Michael Avenatti operation . . . . .

Former NSA analyst connects Sean Hannity, Julian Assange, and Russian spies.

Planned Parenthood endorses Rosen in U.S. Senate bid, announces investment in Nevada, other states

Gorsuch joins liberal justices to end mandatory deportation of immigrants convicted of some crimes

Stormy Daniels is a hero, history will treat her very well, thank you very much.

TinyKittens has 3 pregnant ferals cats. one in labor now if you'd like to see

$100,000 Reward?

Venezuela oil workers quit in a stampede

A butterfly child,

Sends tips to [email protected] - about the guy who intimidated Stormy Daniels

Being the Anti-Clinton Won't Work In 2018

Who sees my lonely face?

Pruitt had to have bullet resistant seat covers put in his customized SUV - this is an outrage!

Venezuela importing oil as its oil industry collapses under epic mismanagement.

Sean Hannity DENIES Being A Client Of Michael Cohens So Whos Lying?

Red Headed Woodpecker

Why Trump Can't Get the Best People

Venezuelan farmers feed their workers so they don't faint from hunger

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to impose jail time for execs behind opioid crisis

IRS electronic filing system breaks down hours before midnight deadline

The rising backlash to Paul Ryan's conservatism - By Katrina vanden Heuvel

Amber Rudd 'sorry' for appalling treatment of Windrush-era citizens

"A strong leader"

Beware !

The pixs that changed America

Hannity involvement with Cohen ANYTHING but minimal, as he is trying to now say.

Today's musical anniversaries, birthdays, and other such trivia:

Democrat JP Pritzker says legalize Marijuana.

Why is that twit (Andrea Mitchel) having COrey Lewandowski on?

Judge rules jury can hear Bill Cosby quaaludes testimony

Anybody who wants 15 mins on TV and tell everybody,,,,,,

Why hasn't Jesus shown himself to us??? Mystery solved---

It's been said over and over by many that if Trump fires Mueller his presidency is over.

This might be a better tool than the generic ballot

Woman Partially Sucked Out of Jet When Window Breaks Mid-Flight; Plane Lands Safely in Philadelphia


Twitter Link Photos: @SenSanders at our #TaxDay #TaxMarch rally

You will NOT believe what Obama says about Trump. But did he actually say it?

On ethical and unethical behavior by religious and non-religious organizations

Here Are the House Races Where Sinclair Broadcasts Propaganda Could Have the Biggest Impact

Trump's tariffs will raise prices on televisions for US consumers, study shows

How difficult for GOP to re-group after Donald Trump?

For West Coast DUERS Stormy is coming up on The View.

Noticed something very interesting re Sanctions, Russia hacking and Rob Joyce

Baboons used 55-gallon barrel to escape from San Antonio research facility, officials say

Corporate CEOs just LOVE the #GOPTaxScam

Why some Atheists believe atheism is a belief system.

Happy National Cheese Ball Day! Tasty Treat or Id Rather Eat My Feet?

Trump criticizes California governor on troops at border

What a difference a weekend makes

Meghan McCain vs.Stormy Daniels. Who ya got?

Democratic FCC Commissioner stepping down

Biggest Revelations From James Comeys New Book

Help me remember pls, which pre-Colombian New World culture

Do you think the weather might have influenced the American Boston Marathon...

I have the sketch of the goon that threatened Stormy

Israeli intelligence reportedly says Trump's Syria strike failed, didn't take out much of anything

WOW! Jerry Falwell Jr.'s student convocations ROCK! No sex. no drugs, but Christian Rock? Hell yeah!

I Put A Spell On You

Fed Appeals Court Will Name A Special Prosecutor To Argue Joe Arpaio's Guilty Verdict Should Stand

Trump pick Gorsuch casts deciding Supreme Court vote against deporting immigrant

Did Dolt45 ever file his taxes?

Trump / Pence MAGA Committee: Comey is making millions off his book, so send us money!

An excerpt from Radical Theology and the Death of God by Altizer and Hamilton.

Explosive profits at Goldman Sachs while Trump robbed you blind

This Bernie Democrat will do his part to help repair the Democratic Party

Top Trump economic adviser: 'Never believe the CBO'

Why Is Scott Pruitt So Paranoid?.....

Deplorable told Stormy her child should be euthanized.

DCCC hits GOP over tax plan in new ad with comedy writer

Kudlow: Haley 'got ahead of the curve' on Russia sanctions

Missouri AG: We Have Evidence Gov. Greitens Committed Felony

Feed Your Head

Sean Hannity News Gets Folded Into Deep State Conspiracy

Trump asks for more time to file his taxes

Ryans exit scrambles Wisconsin House race

AG Hawley: Greitens committed potentially criminal acts involving veterans charity

Three Pinocchios--- President Trumps claim that James B. Comey lied in Congress to Senator G

'Hey Starbucks, is it my skin colour?'

Charlie Dent resigns (in May)

The planet may be lost, but diamonds are forever

Tarantula Burger for Exotic Meat Month

Trudeau vows to ram through oil pipeline over BC resistance

North, South Korea mulling over plans to officially end Korean War

Exelon Official: No New Nuclear Plants To Be Built in the U.S.

Top Trump energy adviser resigns

Trump administration defends Obamas Atlantic monument

****BREAKING****Starbucks to close all U.S. stores on May 29 for racial bias education

Scott Pruitts actions at the EPA have triggered a half-dozen investigations

Nation Shocked To Learn Of Possible Bias At Fox News

Omigod! My Microsoft License key has expired!

This is not some tin-pot dictatorship: Comey pushes back against Trumps suggestion he be jailed

I Like This Tweet About Sean Hannity

Fake, fake, fake....

Diante Yarber: Police kill black father with barrage of bullets in Walmart parking lot

What the '60s really looked like

Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

Schultz: MSNBC Fired Me Because They Were 'In the Tank for Hillary' and I Supported Bernie

Israeli intelligence reportedly says Trump's Syria strike failed

WOW! Trump takes a break from his break at Mar-a-Lago to unleash a SEARING media indictment!

Nikki Haley out? Have no idea if this is a credible source, but it's easy to believe.

Parents of Sandy Hook Murder Victims Sue Alex Jones in Court for Defamation

Starbucks to close all company-owned stores on the afternoon of May 29 for racial-bias education day

Russian Reporter Maxim Borodin Dies After Mysterious Balcony Fall

Is it easier to get Democrats to vote or to get Republicans not to vote?

Man with 3 faces: Frenchman gets 2nd face transplant. ALERT: POWERFUL IMAGES

Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man who allegedly threatened her over Trump affair

Another 112 babies die in 3 month span in one filthy Venezuelan hospital

how many republican resignations does that make? i asked charlie dent's brother arthur.

Anyone watch Stormy Daniels on "The View"?

Oh, so that's what happened

In 2000 Burnett/Trump steal idea for "The Apprentice". Guess which pro race car driver nailed them.

kittens arriving at Tiny Kittens, BC, Canada

Owls born on office ledge won't stop looking inside.

It's not the fucking Southern White House

'The Mooch' has a new business venture - a Sugar Daddy dating event

I am confused I heard Trump and company shot over 100 missiles into Syrian territory

Has anyone ever figured out

President's Daily Schedule today:

These are Sean Hannity's advertisers

Apparently Donald Trump just found out the Korean War never officially ended.

Can someone explain to me how Raygun got re-elected?

Man with ALS who confronted Flake over tax law launches Be a Hero campaign to beat Republicans

Just got back from Hawaii

I just just signed up to help with Gavin Newsom's campaign for CA govenor.. Here is the link.

May I suggest "denialist?"

Massachusetts top court declares stun gun ban unconstitutional

Fox News says Hannity has our full support amid Cohen controversy

Acknowledging DCs history, changing neighborhoods in officer training.

Senate votes 50-47 to debate undoing consumer bureau's auto-loan guidance

Senator Sanders introducing bill targeting opioid manufacturers

Justice Dept announces crackdown on major opioid drug trafficking ring


The First Atheist I Ever Met Was My Mother

Started to post this as a response to a thread on Nikki Haley, but it has broader application.

The American far-right is in the bed with Russia for 2 reasons

Glenn Glenn Glenn...

Shocked!!! Fox News, Surprised by Hannity Ties to Trump Lawyer, Will Support Host

Key Macri ally, denounced for holding political prisoners, embroiled in bid rigging scandal

Fux Ruse said they were "unaware" of Hannity's informal Cohen relationship.

Haha! Anderson Cooper messes with RWNJ Jim Jordan's head

NPR Newscaster Carl Kasell Dies At 84, After A Lifelong Career On-Air

Has Matt Schlapp Ever Mentioned That His Wife Mercedes

Living in Alex Jonestown Week 1: NUCLEAR MELTDOWN!!!

Something weird about the Stormy forensics photo

Remind me, please...just what does RWNJ stand for?

Reduce the number of games in Major League Baseball?

RIP Carl Kassel, longtime NPR announcer

Tapper to Avenatti on The Lead a few minutes ago.

Starbucks to Shut 8,000 U.S. Stores for Racial-Bias Training After Arrests

This 3-year-old has a sparkle in her heart: The worlds smallest mechanical heart valve

"Dozens of evangelical leaders meet to discuss how Trump era...

My Wife and I Visited my 93-year-old parents in California over the past 5 days.

What Does Comey Know About Trump and the New York FBI?

Corporate CEOs just LOVE the #GOPTaxScam

A man aint supposed to cry!

Another one bites the dust

Anti-Abortion Leader Emerges As White Nationalist

Have a sex secret? "Get Cohen on the phone"

I dont want my heart to show!

"Economic anxieties" made her do it, I guess...

Hey baby wont you take a chance?

Best vaccination video ever. What a great dad!

Supreme Court Divided on Sales Taxes for Online Purchases.

Sean Hannity says his privildged conversations with Michael Cohen were real estate related

2,359 schools scheduled to participate in 04/20/18 Columbine anniversary walkout.

I'm A CPA, It's Tax Deadline Day, And IRS E-File System Crashed

Trump says U.S. and North Korea have had direct talks at 'very high levels'

How Assad's War Crimes Bring Far Left and Right Together -

Trump Attacks On Justice Department Are At Heart Of Cohen Case

Who Is Tammie Jo Shults? Pilot who Landed Southwest Flight Safely Hailed as a Hero

2,359 schools scheduled to participate in 04/20/18 Columbine anniversary walkout.

Bombshell: The Atlantic Has Probably Found The Reason Hannity Consulted Cohen And That Ain't All

Sean Hannity was very concerned about conflicts of interest until he had one

Okay, This is Disturbing: Would You Kill for Me?

Supreme Court strikes down part of immigration law as too vague!

Non-white kids at risk; plus a hazard that "isn't" . . .

Gorsuch sided with liberal judges today

Sean Hannitys Ties to Two More Trump-Connected Lawyers

Red Letter Revival

What the 60s really looked like!

I'm ready to drink my Big Black Cow And Get Outta Here.

It's Magic

A movie about terrorism I would like to recommend.

Trump to hold rally on same night as White House Correspondents' dinner

Comey: Trump would have to fire entire DOJ and FBI to shut down probe

McConnell: I Will Not Bring a Mueller Protection Bill up for a Senate Vote

Someone Called This Girl Stupid For Doing Dangerous Things, Then Saw Her Last Name

These Unique Dog Houses Were Designed By Architects Around The World To Raise Awareness About Homele

A blue wave is forming in Pennsylvania

Pierce: Paul Ryan Would Back Vlad the Impaler as President If He Cut 'Welfare'

Neil Gorsuch sides with liberals to tip decision to immigrant in Supreme Court deportation case

Happy Bat Appreciation Day!

Trump letting Haley take heat despite signing off on sanctions

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr.17, 2018

Michael Cohen CEO of MLA Cruises, LLC

Karen Dawisha, 68, Dies; Traced Roots of Russian Corruption.

Wave Forming In Pennsylvania

TPM: Good Grief. Cohen's World Gets Mobbier The Closer I Look

File this under "your white privilege is showing" and

I believe I'll skip dessert tonight.

The Democratic Civil War Is More Civil Than War

Haley says I Quote (With all due respect! I don't get confused!)! this reminds me of this

Doctors call for urgent research as flesh-eating Buruli ulcer spreads in Australia

Stormy Daniels Plans to Donate $130K to Planned Parenthood in Trump and Cohens Names

Security Brief: Syrias War Machine Up and Running; Chemical Weapons Revelations

McTurtle, once again has screwed the U. S.!

what song for your funeral?

Eight on trial for rape, murder of girl in India's Kashmir amid public anger

Trump pick Gorsuch casts deciding Supreme Court vote against deporting immigrant

Dershowitz has a mad crush on himself.

"Michael Cohen. More than A Lawyer. A Co-Conspirator."

And So It Begins. The Right Wing S#!T Storm on Judge Kimba Wood Has Begun.

From his US prison, former paramilitary chief submits to Colombias war crimes tribunal

Dressing Divinely

Hannity targeting Rachel: "She dispenses conspiracy theories."

Coroner: Vegas casino exec shot, killed at company picnic

Is Sean Hannity corrupt?

Haley fires back at White House: 'I don't get confused'

Trump Administration Wants to Shut Door on Abused Women

IRS to delay tax deadline by one day after agency's Tax Day technology collapse

Picture of Comey's Wife and Daughters at the Women's March

Natasha Bertrand tweet on what dead Russian journalist was investigating:


Merriam Webster's Word of the Day......trolls WH occupant...

Art that would definitely get Trump's attention

What happened to Margaret Warner?

I Hate MSNBC's Jim Kramer

Kudlow says Haley got ahead of the curve. Haley: "I don't get confused".

Luckovich: Trump's Vast Emptiness

Why is there not

The Complicity of Geek Masculinity on the Big Bang Theory

AniMusic: Pipe Dream [HD]

Trump looks like a scared old man in Mar-a-Lago images w/Abe. And hes gained more weight.

Explain why Tim Kaine and Martin O'Malley are not getting much 2020 consideration.

Southwest 1380 Air Traffic Control recording

Barbara Bush has passed

Rupert Murdoch should never say "Fair & Balanced" again...

Barbara Bush has died. CNN

Question....Could Cohen and Hannity have planned this 3rd Client as a media distraction?

Former First Lady Barbara Bush dead at 92

Avenatti: Cohen will roll on Trump once he gets his ankle monitor

Cohens negative headlines complicate Trumps political life

I don't want to hear about Barbara Bush around the clock for the next few days.

Stormy plans to donate the $130,000 to Planned Parenthood in Cohen and Trumps names if she wins

Farenthold resigned ahead of ethics ruling against him

Avenatti w/ Nicolle Wallace Part 2

West Virginia Senate race could devolve into Roy Moore redux

True BROTHERLY love... I know that this isn't part of the Cluster that we're suffering through

Up at 8PM on PBS today: Civilizations

McConnell quashes Trumps plan to claw back spending deal

Barbara Bush has passed at 92

Senators express concerns over Haspel's 'destruction of evidence'

Guess The Movie From The Screenshot Game. Read Rules!