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Michael Avenatti said Cohen is "radioactive" on AC 360 just now.

Preet Bharara : "This aged well"

I detest AT&T customer service

The Guardian: Invoice shows Cambridge Analytica did do work on Brexit.

Pro-Trump Student Poses With Gun Down Pants, Gets Roasted So Hard Its A New Meme

California Bullet Train to be audited by US DOT

Just viewed the Space Station from Florida Keys.

Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency

Michael Cohen, who says he'd take a bullet for DT, doesn't realize taking a bullet

Ween "Frank" @The Brewery Ommegang Cooperstown NY 6.9.2017

Edmonton has had 167 days at or below zero degrees (Celsius) - A record

The two men who were arrest for Waiting While Black in Philly Starbucks have been released.

Trump mocked for 'Mission Accomplished!' tweet

Introducing Operation Text the Vote

Would it be illegal for Mueller to release what he has/knows to

John Dean: "Cohen is the door to the end, with Don Jr. and Ivanka providing the path."

Mapped: Cambridge Analyticas Ties to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Cohen ordered to disclose client list by Monday, Will Be Made Public

Cheney on Libby pardon: Trump has 'righted' a 'wrongful conviction'

Tonight on SNL: host John Mulaney and musical guest Jack White



*NETWORK, on WETA ch. 26 now.

Kilmeade: *Derp* "I'm Not Sure We're Supposed To Say That Out Loud..."

The men with whom Cohen was sitting in Manhattan, have been identified


Colombia to investigate former president over peace vote fraud claims

Bobs had a rough couple days


Despite strike, US has lost the long game in Syria

Michigan Republican John Engler Offered Larry Nassar Abuse Victim a $250,000 Payoff

CNN Special Report -- "Hush Money" -- on Michael Cohen starting now

Last Witness to Assassination of Pres. Lincoln April 14, 1865: 1956 TV Game Show

Comey says Trump reacted to news of Russian meddling by asking if it changed election results

Did you know Cohen, Jared and Ivanka are Dems?

Claire McCaskill roasted by Mizzou fans after tweeting mistake about Memorial Stadium

Leading candidate in Brazilian election charged with racism

Cohen's attorney is missing, says Stormy's attorney.

New PBS: GI Jews, Jewish Americans in World War II (2018)

DeWine Tells TV Stations Not To Air Taylor's Attack Ad

New PBS: GI Jews, Jewish Americans in World War II (2018)

I'm seeing 3 main theories floated on Twitter for Cohen's meeting with Rotem Rosen & pals yesterday.

FBI seeks possible Cohen ties to Chicago taxi medallions owned by Ukrainian operators there:

NH Democratic Party raises $250,000 at annual dinner with featured speaker Jason Kander

Jan 2017: Here's Michael Cohen & Hannity discussing his role

Big Ouch.

Two top Trump officials are ex-lobbyists for a billionaire with deep ties to Russian oligarchs

Mueller Documentary MSNBC April 8 2018

Walter Shaub can caption photos with the best of them

Math Rock: Regression To The Mean - MoeTar

what would happen if Cohen disappears

Trapped In The White House: Many Trump Aides Are Too "Toxic" To Get Jobs

Protests, anger a month after Brazil activist slain

Democrats slam Trump for refusing to consult Congress before Syria strikes

Cohen, like his master : bad...bad...bad...(fake is implied)

Trump order targets wide swathe of public assistance programs

Texas Approves Mexican-American Studies Course Under Different Name

Texas Approves Mexican-American Studies Course Under Different Name

Arkansas Pro-Gun rally.

The hidden secrets of India's world record-breaking 'fairy cave'

DeNiro as Mueller on SNL!!!!

Robert Deniro as Robert Mueller on SNL. Ben Stiller as Cohen. LOL!

Math Rock: Stupid Puma - Don Caballero

Just watched Bill Maher. He said the Senate needs 67 votes to get #45 out

Number 1 of best-selling book : Collusion

SNL Brings in Ben Stiller AND Robert De Niro for Epic Michael Cohen-Mueller Showdown (VIDEO)

Some job openings for Trump aides who feel "trapped"in the White House:

It Took 9 Months To Obtain This Footage Of A Cop Tasing & Killing 8th Grader Riding His 4 Wheeler

It is not that we got the biggest snow storm today, mid April - 10" at least

Your pets are cute, and dirty too. Here's what to do about it.

Songs that bug you

Amid Trade Feud, Recycling Is in Danger of Landing on Trash Pile

Every gun that is made, every warship launched ...

Gray Squirrel Nest

New Rules?

Stockholm penis mural to be painted over after stiff resistance from locals. (NSFW)

So much to see here folks....

If you think we had Russian trolls before --

State Sen. Rod Monroe Faces Something Rare: Two Credible Challengers in a Democratic Primary

Everyone could use an extra thumb.

SNL - Cold Open - Meet the Parents

National Popular Voter Backer John Koza Really Doesnt Want Senate President Peter Courtney Re-Elect

Always remember: Scooter Libby perjured himself to cover up Bush and Cheney Iraq War lies

The Man In Black

Huckabee is tweeting a lie...

Do you think Russian plutocrats realize just how badly they have fucked up?

Passenger Side

Jack White on SNL

SNL - Weekend Update on Michael Cohen Raid

The sowing of chaos is the end...

Washington State Democrats Making Big Push Outside of Blue Seattle

Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane

That's Not The Issue

Slow Ride

In anticipation of 4/20

For Cool Hand Luke Fans

Who wore it better ?

Blues Before Sunrise

A call from the past... Warning : they are upset !!!

Ya know I'm gonna shoot my woman, cause she been messin round wit too many men.

Too Old To Die Young

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - "Interstate Love Song"

Drugstore Woman

Counting Crows - A Long December


The Internet Apologizes: Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created

The Wallflowers - 6th Avenue Heartache

Mr. Big


Brown Signs Bill Boosting Childcare Enforcement

Van Morrison!

Gold On The Ceiling

White House suspiciously claims Mike Pence was in two places at once

High Head Blues

Wiser Time

She Gave Good Sunflower


Son Volt - Drown

BAD COMPANY - Shooting Star

Greatest album outro evah!

Paul Rodgers - Morning After The Night Before


So Cohen never been to Prague... Let's see

Need a clear-eyed view of the forest through the trees?

Numb (repost cause it's just so sick)

(Jewish Group) Britain's Shameful Record on the Holocaust and Labour's Sell-out of Jewish Survivor

(Jewish Group) This Secret Archive Documented Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

(Jewish Group) Trumps Jews Are A Shonda For Di Goyim

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Starkist Date Edition

The Unconstitutional Strike on Syria

Trumps Syria Strike Flops So Badly That Even Fox News Turns On Him

Goldman Sachs issues report: Curing diseases is a bad business-model.

I've made it through the night without losing power to the ice storm

Jeffrey Sachs To President Trump: Please Get U.S. Out Of Syria, "We've Done Enough Damage"

What means this tweet ? Spending billions approved ?

Syria strikes see Macron-Trump bromance upstage US-UK special relationship

America once fought a war against poverty now it wages a war on the poor -Must Read

I want to thank donald Trump for helping me re-live my youth

So, in Trump's view, Comey pulled the HRC email stunt because he "wanted a job."

Sons of Syria's 'chemical weapons chief' are revealed to be British bankers

Louisiana takes aim at Jim Crow-era jury law

M. Avenatti has intro'd a new metaphor

Court sees if church solar panels break electricity monopoly

Cohen is to lawyers as Inspector Clouseau is to detectives :-)

Prominent Lawyer in Fight for Gay Rights Dies After Setting Himself on Fire in Prospect Park

US pastor on trial for alleged terror ties, spying in Turkey

Video Clip: Full Video of Bernie's Newport Town Hall will appear on Newport Dispatch Facebook Today

Mr Fish- Q:Why Did the Chicken Cross Itself?

"Brain Sex With Hillary Clinton"

Trump: "Mission Accomplished" is such a great Military term, it should be brought back. Use often!

Ran into some milita types I find humor

In 'protest suicide,' lawyer famed for gay rights cases burns himself to death in New York

Trump order targets wide swath of public assistance programs

Amnesty chief calls Latin America's abortion laws violence against women

Trump: "I never asked Comey for Personal Loyalty. I hardly even knew this guy. FAKE!"

In the era of Donald Trump, New England's biggest GOP donor is funding Democrats

43 republicans quitting the house.

GOP devotes $250M to midterm strategy: Keep House majority

In the era of Donald Trump, New Englands biggest GOP donor is funding Democrats

MBTA: A rail safety system gone badly off track

'Use often!': Defiant Trump insists he'll keep saying 'Mission Accomplished' ...

Not satire

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Pentagon Sucks the Air Out of Trumps Mission Accomplished

Newt Gingrich: "How would YOU feel if you woke up to armed men in bedroom?"

Ryan: Comey a man of integrity 'as far as I know'

Trump Trashes 'Slimeball' Comey's 'Badly Reviewed Book' And Suggests He Should Be Jailed

The Original Russian Troll

Trump's Approval Is at Highest Point In a Year

Trump Is Drowning In Scandal

Knock me over with a feather. I knew we wouldn't be talking about Syria for long.

Trump: "I have many (too many!) lawyers...All lawyers are deflated and concerned!" #MAGA! USA! USA!

Trump Claims Lawyers Are 'Deflated And Concerned' About FBI's Cohen Raids

Fake pic of trump being briefed on Syria?

Haley: Chemical attack could happen in US 'if we're not smart'

Trump: "Slippery James Comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack (he is not smart!)"

In reading trump's tweets this morning, they smell of desperation bigly.

This is so freaking funny I stopped it half way to share with you folks *

Trump job approval slips 4 points to 39 percent in NBC poll

Someone in The White House needs to call 911

Tribe to Cohen: If Trump offers pardon, remember Schneiderman can still charge you for state crimes

Michael Avenatti: Stormy Daniels will attend Cohen's court hearing on Monday at 2 p.m

A white mob wiped this all-black Florida town off the map.

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels to attend Michael Cohen Court Hearing tomorrow...

Annoying millennial speech habits

trump's swat at Syria to deflect isn't working and now he is in total meltdown. He

"RT if you, like me, are a lawyer who doesn't feel deflated by the search warrants on Michael Cohen"

Purveyors of fear

Last night I went to see Rhiannon Giddens in concert here in Raleigh on her tour

Stormy and Michael Cohen will be in the same courtroom

Gaze and Gait When Walking in Natural Terrain

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says Michael Cohen will be indicted within 90 days

Sanders 'not aware' of any plans to fire Mueller, Rosenstein

Key Republican defends Mueller for referral on Cohen raid

"Boy, have I got a FINGER or what?!?" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

You know he watches SNL

That time you went streaking and got jumped by 4 babies

Trump needed an iconic photo like Obama when they took down Bin Laden & he didn't have one -SO THIS

"Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Nikki Haley channels Colin Powell on Fox this morning

Take a bow Sunny05

It's kind of amazing Trump has put America on a first name basis with a porn star

"If the bar were any lower, he'd have to limbo under it" the WIN for Joy Reid !!

Comey's comments will shock the President

The most consistent criticism of Comey's book is he sunk to the president's level

What the hell happened to Ed Schultz? (excerpts from a National Review podcast)


The FBI's revenge

Trump is the most conniving son of a bitch I have ever seen.

What we learned today (meme of the day)

Trump again boasting about 50% approval in Rasmussen, says "much higher" than Obama (1% !!!)

At Trump's State Department, Eight of Ten Top Jobs Are Empty

Not sure about everywhere, but this seems to be a recurring theme in North And West Wisconsin.

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says Michael Cohen's cigar buddies have 'Russian ties'

On 6 April 1917 the US declared war on Germany but...

Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show

John Dean: Trump is "beyond 'unhinged'...a petulant child's mind in an overweight 70 year old body"

Sarah Sanders Touts Rasmussen Poll Numbers To Prove That Trump Is More Credible Than Comey

Joy is doing a whole segment on Wisconsin...yippee !

ABC poll: Trump approval hits highest mark since first 100 days in office

Might be interesting. Joy Reid has Killer Mike on next.

CNN's Bharara smacks down Trump's tweet about attorney-client privilege being 'thing of the past'

Stormy Daniels to attend court hearing for Trump's personal lawyer

Huffpo pop-ups

Dershowitz on CNN right now, claiming "I'm a stranger to" Trump, only discussed Middle East with him

Sultan of snub: Mark Knopfler skips Dire Straits' rock hall of fame induction

Tax policy is a bore, until they take your Social Security and Medicare away

200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears

Get a brian, morans!

If all of the Democratic US Senate Incumbents up for re-election in 2018 win re-election this year,

If Cohen Was in Prague, Trump Will Be Removed

The Worlds Second Largest Blackout

Maduro insists that Summit of Americas was failure without him

Black Teen Nearly Shot After Knocking On Door Asking For Directions To School

After Trump is ultimately arrested, tried, convicted, & imprisoned for his crimes against America

Trump: "Just hit 50% in the Rasmussen Poll, much higher than President Obama"

Seeing tweets just now about police in front of Michael Cohen's hotel

Weird news

Holy Moly! Saturday Night Live cold open is a jaw dropper

America is divided big time. Americans are a big part of the problem.

WH PANIC: "There are references to checks, w- amounts & references to business entities/individuals"

Trump has made big time enemies.

Wild Wild Country - SNL

If there is a method to his madness and Trump is a strategic genius...

What's the weirdest thing you ever did as a kid?

When Trump becomes completely unhinged on Twitter his supporters claim he's just trolling liberals

Good catch.

Why Sigourney Weaver Is the Shit

If you want to get rid of the ads here, donate to the site

Sanders just can't help lying, even on twitter!

My state, the great state of New York is working with Mueller.

!W/O mentioning Mueller-Trump lawyers urge high court to bolster power to fire executive officials!

Sources: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of dossier

Sunbathing w/Cohen - background bather identified (tweet via Rick Wilson)

Too bad cameras aren't allowed in federal courts

Another Russian journalist murdered, one investigating Putin associate's mercenaries in Syria

The use of "us vs them" in Information Warfare.

Nina Turner..........

UK rows back on plans to promote gay rights at Commonwealth summit

UK rows back on plans to promote gay rights at Commonwealth summit

Does anybody else think Trump wanted a much larger and more provocative strike

See "Beyonce" replay at Coachella!

I do not agree with the spin that Comey was acting "political" ...

New WSJ/NBC poll shows gaping election-interest gap

Kaine to vote against Pompeo for secretary of State

I just found out that 'Coast to Coast' paranormal radio show host Art Bell has died, age 72

Oh boy, Assad is dissing Trump, says American weapons are useless

now on a new med, Parnate

What are you reading this week of April 15, 2018?

How Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2018 and retain control for the next 10 years with

Census Citizenship Question Rankles Rhode Island, Site of Only Count Test

Must see TV..the Sopranos are back. Please check out this clip even if you arent a fan.

Trump Launches Full-on Tweetstorm About Slippery' James Comey

"...a disgraced partisan hack that broke his sacred trust with the president of the United States.."

Half way through this article and I just have to share it with you

Kaine to vote against Pompeo for secretary of State

Classic SNL Sketch sure to PISS off Trump.....

Russia's Putin predicts global 'chaos' if West hits Syria again

SNL: Under tRump "Historic has become a polite way of saying unbelievable terrible."

Dear Democratic Senators: Please pay the GOP back for the way they treated one

The growing use of mandatory arbitration

Saudi condemns Iran amid Arab divisions over Syria strikes

Bolton not done resetting Trump national security team

Without mentioning Mueller, Trump lawyers urge high court to bolster his power to fire executive off

One Third, ONE THIRD Americans do NOT believe 6 million Jews murdered in Holocaust!

Latest Gabe Sherman (VF): Trumps friends say president dry tinder awaiting a match. Meanwhile...

Comey: I wrote about 3 presidents, 2 of whom illustrated 'ethical leadership'

Trump: My other lawyers are wondering if theyll be raided

Trump's attack on everything within the Obama Administration - is BACKFIRING

Susan Collins: Mueller protection bill would send strong message to Trump

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

"Sunday Morning"

Wisconsin professor says firing shows anti-conservative bias

The Hypocrisy of Trumps Mission Accomplished Boast About Syria

Adam Schiff hits Trump for message sent by pardoning Scooter Libby

A question to DU legal people about evidence obtained in the FBI search.

Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency

Rep Maxine Waters coming up on MSNBC (re: Comey)

Well, Alex Jones was right

Bush Family...

Barbara Bush has declined further medical intervention, seeking comfort care only.

Frank Skartados, a state lawmaker, has died.

The calm in the middle of the storm

Nikki Haley ending her UN speech with the juvenile phrase

Charles Kochs disturbing high school economics project teaches 'sacrificing lives for profits'

Barbara Bush in failing health

Sen. Tim Kaine to oppose Mike Pompeo for secretary of state

The GOP Tax Bill costs more , more , more than the GOP said!

Barbara Bush is in "failing health" and won't seek additional medical treatment.

I'll make you a deal, AFTER the Nazi's, fascists, traitors, liars, racists, homophobes,

James Comey kicks off media blitz with ABC News interview

Jake Tapper pens a cartoon about Comey TV takeover

Meet Judge Kimba Wood, the judge handling the Michael Cohen case.

So, It Turns Out Democrats Were Right About Tax Cuts

Khan Academy for free on line courses

MSNBC conservative: Trump refusing Mueller interview may speed up indictments before 2018 midterms

Nikki Haley: New Russia Sanctions to Be Announced Monday

Syria's Assad in a 'good mood,' scorns U.S. weaponry after airstrikes

WV-SEN: GOP Launches Secret Group to Attack Blankenship

What sets off your troll-dar?

I found a lawyer who shares Trump's concern about the piercing of attorney client privilege

Remember this from March 5 2015 - March 15 2015 Putin was MIA??

FEMA's plan underestimated Puerto Rican hurricane

Sarah Sanders clarifies Syria strike photo tweet

James Comey's Ego has a lot to answer for

Trump's right: America's can't wait for "Mission Accomplished" to be declared

Mexico's Francisco Vargas pummels Deplorable wearing 'America 1st' trunks into submission

Trump spent Sunday morn in front of tv "dispatching tweet after tweet"

GOP launches secret group to attack West Virginia coal baron

The Guardian: The Syria bombing is a disgraceful act disguised as a noble gesture.

Syrian refugees don't 'want to go to US', envoy says in defense of Trump ban

Fair warning...if you read this prepare to be livid!

Is MSNBC going conservative? Loves #NeverTrumpers more than Progressive folks

The boog the chocolate lab

to get your mind off of all these disgusting stories about Stormy Daniels et al. Here is a scene

This 3 minute video explains how Russia interfered in our 2016 election, and why:

Bolivia Morales hits back at right-wing national representatives at the Summit of the Americas

Gofundme as the new social safety net

Bolivia: 3,000-Year-Old Tiwanakota Skulls, Faces Reconstructed

Too much sitting may thin the part of your brain that's important for memory, study suggests

Maine Superior Court justice, Trumps pick for federal bench, might not toe the party line

WATCH: Scholar Reza Aslan examines whether Trumps entire presidency is a religious cult


If Negan doesn't die tonight...

Far-right Brazilian presidential candidate charged with inciting hatred and discrimination

Barbara Bush

The Fields Have Turned Brown

Justice Transport Service...

No matter how we feel about the Bushes...

Michael Steele just repeated the lie, as if it were undeniable fact, that HRC didn't campaign

NOW we are at the Constitutional Crisis....a court case few will notice

It would only take 6,410 years and 3 months to catch up to Paul Ryan.

What the heck is that thing?

update: AT

Character is destiny, and Donald Trump's character is ours

Radio hosts on-air meltdown: Is no one pure in this world? F**k Trump

Teenage Death Songs of Yesteryear: Can you add to the list?

Attorney-client privilege explained in a way Trump might understand

"A President not in command of himself..seethes with rage and resentment for all the world to view"

Pardons....are not for Gates, Manafort, et others

Woman Who Shared Philadelphia Starbucks Arrest Video Tells Her Story.

Piano Concerto #4 Sergei Rachmaninoff

Michael Burlingame on Lincoln's Relationship to African Americans.

Where to Find Bangkoks Best Street Food While You Can

Finding God

Whats the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?

France's Macron says he persuaded Trump to maintain troops in Syria

Total loser. Sad !!!

When this fancy restaurant refused to serve Josephine Baker,

Jeremy Corbyn: Launching Syria air strikes on humanitarian grounds legally debatable

MSNBC Talking Head Description of Michael Cohen

Happy Jackie Robinson Day, Everybody!

Good grief, CSPAN was airing "Road to the White House 2020" a couple of days

WSJ Reporter: New FEC filing--Trump campaign paid $93,000 to lawyer representing Trump in Stormy

I'm sorry, not elegant, but hilarious

FINALLY Syria is not the top story on CNN and MSNBC..nt

A presidency without principle

Tea Party Gov. tries to backtrack on blaming protesting teachers for child rape

Admit it, James Comey: You've been lying all along

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 15, 2018

We got 3 Comeys tonite...Stephanopolous, CNN and MSNBC

Gingrich May 17, 2017:"Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel."

Phil Mudd....the POTUS is a dirtbag....

WATCH LIVE: Prepare for heavy rain and possible damaging winds later this evening.

WATCH LIVE: Prepare for heavy rain and possible damaging winds later this evening.

It was Chuckie.

Saying hello from Tuebingen - who knew how gorgeous a city it is!

Woodland Beach

How many leeks do two people need?

Found Footage Offers a New Glimpse at 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Scoop: Trump tried to block Pence national security appointment

New York Times Editorial: "The President Is Not Above The Law"

Donald Trump is savaging James Comey. It is incumbent upon me to stand with him.

How Trump Exposed Americas White Identity Crisis

Russian journalist covering Wagner Group mercenary deaths in Syria dies after falling from balcony

Anatomy of a liar. Trump's big problem.

FYI: Timeline of Russia Investigation- from June 2015 till now

Victims, donors question use of funds after Texas church massacre

DIY dry toilet for regular use or as a emergency backup

Partisan tensions rise as Mueller bill delayed

Breaking: The vote on the bill to protect Mueller just got delayed until April 26th

Kevin Folta's wife accuses him of "trying to hide" corporate monies(He is a big defender of Monsano)

2018 Hurricane Forecasts, Potential Hudson Valley Impact Released

Stephanie Millers Happyhour Podcast with Rob Reiner

Why is millionaire paul ryan still sleeping in his government office?

Which Channel are you watching Comey on tonight?

Colorado Democrats overwhelmingly reject Democrats for Education Reform at state assembly

Paul Ryan: "As far as I know... I don't know him very well.."

The biggest thing about Paul Ryan that irks me

Is Mr Comey On Tonight?

Behind the falls and in front of the tulips

what time and what channel are the Comey interviews on

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 April 2018

Comey being petty

I'm just not very confident in my tax accountant

The first and only Comey interview today is at 10pm EDT on ABC w G Stefanapolis......

Nina Turner: Americans Should Be Concerned About Cohen FBI Raid Going Too Far

Lets make it happen. National walk out 4/20.

If James Comey really wanted to be petty...

60 Minutes: Remind Me Not to Take Alliegent Air

Will Michael Cohen Snitch on Trump?

Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders at Newport senior town hall meeting

Shout out to our beloved H2OMan who is now at home recovering from a serious

60 Minutes just did a number on Allegiant Air

Cohen used the same Delaware company for payment deals for two other clients.