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FBI seized recordings between Trump's lawyer and Stormy Daniels' former lawyer

What is that word? Collapse, collaborate, collission, collonics, its on the tip of my tongue

Fatou the gorilla celebrates 61st birthday at Berlin zoo

Tony Schwartz, after hearing Comey interview, now thinks DT is terrified Putin can confirm pee story


McCabe and Comey both Fucked over Hillary

Michael Cohen (10 Jan 2017): "I have never been to Prague in my life."

Spot on NYT Op Ed - "Tethered to a Raging Buffoon Called Trump"

MSNBC reporting HACKERS at Prague meeting.

No, the Rapture Isn't Coming on April 23 Because of Nibiru (Which Doesn't Exist)

Mazie Hirono looks great!

Michael Avenatti: I will bring the weight of the world down upon Mr. Cohen

The first time a US Pres. has not attended the Summit of the Americas. What was Trump doing? Look:

Is Michael Cohen (Fredo)

A Former Russian Spy Worked On A Trump Moscow Deal While Trump Was Running For President

With the pardon of traitor Scooter

Aunt Crabby Speaks For Me.

Shagged by a Rare Parrot


???Press pool in Lima with Vice President Pence is rushing back to the hotel unexpectedly.

MAGA - My Attorney Got Arrested. n/t

MSNBC is reporting Cohen met with Russian hackers in Prague 2016

Of course they did...

Is it possible that Trump could be the first President to commit suicide in office? He is under a

Feds:we've been secretly reading Cohens emails from multiple accounts for a while now.

Kaitlan Collins (CNN)--Press Pool being told that an announcement from the White House is imminent:

CNN: Trump pushing for sustained assault on Syria as defense dept pushes back

The Moron is speaking about his plan for Syria any min now.

Syria is 500 miles from Russia

President Trump to Make Statement About Syria

April 3, 2017 - Ronna McDaniel and Steve Wynn announce new members of RNC leadership team:

Michelle Goldberg in NYT - "Madeleine Albright Is Worried. We Should Be, Too."

Here we go... *President Trump to Make Statement About Syria* **Update Syria strike is underway**

On Chris Hayes: Cohen is a fixer, not an attorney, and there is no client/fixer privilege.

Something's up. Pence, in Lima, rushed back to hotel. WH telling press pool here to gather

Oh, fuck.

Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Peace Talks and 'Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces' From Syria

Joe Kennedy III IS GOING TO BE ON Jimmy Kimmel tonight.....4-13-18

Josh Marshall's thoughts on what is happening re Syria

Wag the Dog

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! So What Did I Miss?


FUCK...there goes Rachel's show

Stand together, people. This is a time for unity. nt

Rosenstein stands out with the few Repubs who did their jobs with integrity...

Fuck Trump. nt


Teleprompter Trump!

BREAKING: ITN reporting British military jets taking off from Cyprus

at least he's not going it alone.

Congress people saying illegal to bomb Syria w/o their approval. T just announced he's bombing??

Which empty portions of airbases will Der Twitler strike next?

For $500, Alex

BREAKING: President Trump: U.S. strikes on Syria, launched in concert with British, French allies,

A worthless hateful piece of shit

Even Fox News is saying this is fixed. Tucker Carlson and his guest were saying this seems to be

The mother fucker said we were pulling out. He gave them de facto permission

He's gone off the teleprompter and ad'libbing n/t

He is reading a Stephen Miller speech.

Given Drumpt's current speech Faux News propaganda will

Crazy button pushed...if plane shot down...WAR

Trump Orders Strikes on Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack.

Wait, now I remember how Raygun's bombardment of Syria was so effective.

Seeing reports on Twitter of explosions in Damascus

Damascus, Syria is being hit with US missiles. CNN

I want to apologize for an OP where I mixed up Lester Holt with Matt Lauer. I appreciate everyone

Killing with bullets and bombs is acceptable while gassing is not?

Despite some Congress people stating he needed to ask Congress for permission...

Amen Rachel Maddow

shit show just got shittier

An Escape Hatch for [Redacted]?

Get ready Russia!

Remember when Bill Clinton ordered strikes against al-Qaeda...

I would hate that be a Navy pilot tonight

We have to rally around the President

So when does trump tweet

So, will Trump use this to end Russia investigation? He needs to negotiate with Russia about Syria

Boy mueller must be getting close

Bolton not in a week and we are already in a military operation!

Well, that worked, no one's talking about Comey or Cohen or laughing about

I suffered through Drumpf. That did not sound like a healthy man.

The Democrat running for my state Senate district dropped by my house today.

Trump had a lot of makeup on

Well, this definitely

Seriously, seriously, seriously---Is this not an unconstitutional military action in complete

Hannity is cumming on faux news

British-born Syrian journalist Danny Makki, in Damascus, is tweeting about the strikes

The U.S. Has Accepted Only 11 Syrian Refugees This Year

As Far as I'm Concerned?

Apology to innocent Syrians: I'm sorry I couldn't stop Trump nt

Faux news has gone crazy even for them

is there a video of dipshit's statement tonight?

SYRIA: Trump speaks with zero credibility on international law.

Was it just my TV?

Two weeks ago, Trump said we were pulling out of Syria. Today we are Bombing them.

Did I hear Malcolm Nance today say...

Isn't it Obvious that Trump....

#CheetoBenito is scared of being impeached;

Batshit Boltons Bombing

New law used to keep shooting plot suspect from getting gun

Where's the rw 'false flaggers'?

No guns allowed ? Not singing the National Anthem !

***Trump announces military strikes against Syria, explosions reported in Damascus***

Trump, Bolton, Miller---"War pigs!" nt

CNN seems to really love the war coverage

In case ya need a break - sweet and pure acapella by Julia Westlin

I am a southerner, but.

News to the base...

so, move over constitutional crisis - let's add an international crisis.

With Russia's involvement in the chemical attacks

Friday Talking Points (480) -- Unnecessary Immature Potshots

Is Cohen a "flight risk"?

Police: Woman who drove SUV with family off cliff was drunk

Fox & Friends suggest Trump could bury Comeys book by bombing Syria

Hey Donald. Many people say they hate you. Many, many people. They hate you.

"It's times like these, time and time again." - D. Grohl

Any word from the "Trump is less likely to start a war than Clinton" crowd?

False Flag: Is a Crisis Actor Posing as Alex Jones? - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

Full Oompa Loompa mode tonight, it seems


Its just a coincidence

*Mattis up now, MSNBC.

Careful Bill, dont wanna look like Rudy


Mattis needs that before and after eye bag reducer cream.

I have no idea of what is going on

It was bad enough that the emperor had no clothes. Now he's shaking his ass in

Bill Maher: "Operation Desert Stormy"

Do These Guys Know What The Hell They're Doing?....

Riding the base wave...

Trump - Oct 9, 2012 (If only there was some way to know Trumps true motivations for striking Syria)

Hey Vlad, here is a way to stop the war

Lost in Space -Season 1 is now streaming

Do you believe Britain and France are doing this to distract from Trumps other problems?

Trump's Illegal War in Syria

Syrian air defenses shot down 13 missiles: state TV

Any guesses as to what Russia will do now?

Maybe tomorrow, "Saturday Night Massacre?"

2020 and 2022 US Senate Election- Number of seats Democrats will gain or lose in both cycle?

Cohen will still have to show up in court on Monday

CNN and missile attacks in 1991. My first understanding of the potential of the Internet.

I guess Nixon was right...If the president does it, it IS legal...

What was the legal justification for these strikes?

Any idea why Germany is not involved in this?

Form 1040-sleazy

Buffy-Sainte Marie, The War Racket

Are these three topics related?

This doesnt sound good

I strangely feel like our country is in a Cabaret movie scene.

23-page filed prosecution document in Cohen case, opposing Cohen's motion

The USA sent a clear message to Assad tonight

Thanks Dumb Fuck Trump Voters Supporters. Of Course They Love This Crap.

Twitter video of Wendy Vitter trying to explain why she pushed pamphlet, "The Pill kills"

Get Your War On

Betty Bowers--Syria: "History's first book review to use missiles. #Comey"

Just to be clear: I don't believe ANYTHING that originates with the Trump regime.

I will not link to their site but because it is Russian propaganda. RT is reporting that

Three targets were the research facility in damascus and two sarin gas

Silent thread sending safety vibes to all the innocent people in Syria.

FOX Friday AM: If President strikes Syria, won't that be a bigger story than Comey's book?

Seth Meyers - Trump Draining the Swamp, Tax Day - Monologue - 4/12/18 - Jokes of the Week

This is a one time open ended-thing...Mad Dog

Worshiping the Golden Calf

Seth Meyers: Guest Ari Melber Wrote a Play About Exxon Valdez Oil Spill as a Child

If trump hadn't signaled 'we' were pulling out of Syria, none of this would be happening.

Supplies are limited

Now we wait for the retaliation?

We knew this was coming.

Breaking News: Russia has just warned there is going to consequences for the USA

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Assad has used conventional weapons for years to kill his people

Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes

Your Coachella Money Is Going to a Right-Wing Billionaire Who Funded Anti-LGBT/Anti-Marijuana Causes

Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked

Krugman takes Paul Ryan apart and destroys the "false equivalence" promoters

Eddie Money - Give Me Some Water

I wonder whether Syria still exists as an independent nation

Michael Cohen investigation - question about expansion

Halestorm - Here's To Us

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

So, who do you think Trump will choose to read Comey's book to him? nt

Ted Cruz to report raising less than half what Beto O'Rourke raised this year

Only Obama needed Congressional approval?

Bombshell and generally unnoticed note filed by Fed attorney re: Cohen today

University of Dallas board fires president but won't say why

How will the trumpanzees reconcile the Syria attack with their love for Russia?

Mexican Boxer Destroys American Fighter Wearing Trump Wall Shorts

And 45 knew for 2 years, now, that all this crap was available, and yet pretended to be innocent

Why California is fighting for tough vehicle emissions standards

I honestly wish I knew why we can't just remove Assad from the face of the earth.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/13/18

Which? Or Witch hunt?

I was thinking about all the kids who grew up with Obama as president and now have Trump

Flynn probably gave the FBI useful information about Michael Cohen.

Photos Of America In The 1950s

Well, Trump successfully manipulated the media again. Comey,Cohen and pee pee

The results are in. Trump just wasted $224 Million in a couple hours

If you feel a little burned out following the Mueller investigation, try this exercise.

Radio host Art Bell dies at 72

A scientist purposely gave himself which illness in order to prove how the illness was caused ?


Progressive candidates flood Washington for targeted training

Congress and treason.

***ABC/WP New Poll: Massive majorities support a sweeping Mueller investigation of everything!***

R.I.P. Art Bell

Milos Forman, Oscar-Winning Director of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Dies at 86

British Citizen Extradited From Morocco For Defrauding Investors Of More Than $36 Million

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/13/18

Are the Kushners next to be raided?

Listening to Teresa May speak and comparing her to Trump

American boxer wearing anti-immigrant gear knocked out by Mexican opponent

Remember that whenever tRump says *A lot of people are saying*...

The Ballad of Jayne

Anybody get through 35 radiation treatments for tongue/palate SCC HPV-16 type?

Young Democrats want Joey Gibson events charged for extra security but that's probably unconstitut

Ooh la la

Jake Bugg ft. (The absolutely gorgeous) Noah Cyrus

Billy Gibbons is theee shit!

On a scale of 1-10 the effectiveness of the STRIKE is a 1..good old demented Trump...

I would like to read Comey's book and I hope he addressed how


Let There Be ROCK!

Patti Blagojevich calls Rauner campaign Snapchat filter of Blago disgusting

Some accompaniment for me Irish wisko

Felt sorry for Maddow last night...and what a bizarre performance from Trump !

The art of persuasion; trumps speech pattern explained....

Just sick!

No matter who was/is President of U.S, a very strong response was necessary

The latest Facebook battleground for directed ads - the Irish abortion referendum

Critics Say Draft Plan From Homelessness Task Force Underwhelms

Biggest Slimeball Governor: Matt Bevin Makes a Strong Case

Layoffs at debt-ridden dental school raise anger at University of Washington

Unreal - KY Gov. says teacher walk-out resulted in kids being "sexually assaulted"!

"Shock And Yawn"

Maddow: President Trump's Personal Turmoil Taints U.S. Military Options

**MSN**Vox**. The war in Syria explained...long read but worth it...imo

Show of hands: Who'd keep a "lawyer" who's under federal criminal investigation?

remember this guy?

Democrats blast Trump for not seeking congressional approval for Syria strikes

Danger at our doors!

How do we known Putin wasn't behind the gas attack to throw some shade on his investment.

China Fills Trumps Empty Seat at Latin America Summit

Exposing Religious Influence in Government

"Mission Accomplished !"

Pennsylvania Democrats in sweet spot heading into mid-term elections, new Morning Call/Muhlenberg Co

Syria forces enter Douma, last holdout in rebel bastion: state media

War Fever Heats Up As Russians Burn Effigies of Trump

Avoid Gulf stream disruption at all costs, scientists warn

Michael Cohen May Learn the Hard Way That Theres No Such Thing As Consigliere-Client Privilege

Alex Jones Weeps Over Syria Strike in Live Meltdown: Trump is 'Compromised'

Trump just tweeted: "Mission Accomplished"

Schumer says Trump strikes 'appropriate,' warns against greater involvement in Syria

Germany backs airstrikes in Syria as 'necessary and appropriate'

The Comey Syndrome

Kevin McCarthy seems eager to assume the position of Trump's most ardent ass-kisser...

Trump pats self on back for 'Mission Accomplished!' attack on Syria

Vatican Arrests Monsignor on Suspicion of Possessing Child Pornography

Cohen ordered to disclose client list by Monday


Hillary Clinton's Battle Cry Against Putin and Trump

The U.S. has accepted only 11 Syrian refugees this year.


trump pardoned Scooter Libby who lied and obstructed justice in the outing of a Covert CIA agent.

Speaking of war, The Great War. 1914 - 1917

Brussels mulls offer of trade deal to Trump, if he drops tariff threat

New Report: Democrats Must Move Left To Win

Apparently, Trump feels that good people DO use marijuana.

Mission Accomplished

Local Elections (and Sheffield mayoral election) on 3rd May

How many phone calls did it take for Putin to set up

This man is an utter fool...

Trudeau's Trump Travel Ban Reaction Motivated Quebec City Mosque Mass Shooter

Now THAT was an ER visit!

This is the problem with any president under a legal and political cloud

Trump supporters rip decision to strike Syria

Kentucky gov: 'I guarantee' children sexually assaulted, poisoned because of teacher protests

Presidential brand on the clearance rack

Mission Accomplished? - Strikes aimed at empty targets.

The U.S. Has Accepted Only 11 Syrian Refugees This Year

Even the village idiot refused to pardon Libby (NYT)

Possible House leader Kevin McCarthy seen by Trump as ally

Housing affordability weakening at fastest pace in a quarter century

About some ads that come back for again..and again...and again...


Pardoning Scooter and Obstruction

A real Mission Accomplished:

Pro-Assad official says targeted bases were evacuated on Russian warning

He's behind me, isn't he ?

LOL @Alex Jones..What an assclown

Judge: Transgender People A Protected Class, And The Military Can't Enact Trump Ban

Split California into 3 parts ballot initiative in November

Trump & The Rule Of Law...

Paul Ryans Family Legacy

Can Intent Become A Crime? Fitting The Jack Sawyer Case Into Vermont Law

Oh, the irony: Trump criticizing Obama

Poll: Distrust Over Trump And Tax Cuts Driving Democratic Midterm Wave

Pompeo could be the first SOS nominee to receive an unfavorable committee vote since 1925

First-Ever Evictions Database Shows: 'We're In the Middle Of A Housing Crisis'

Trump catches flak for declaring 'mission accomplished' in Syria

How the American economy conspires to keep wages down

Does anyone remember when you became an unbeliever?

More tech workers can't afford to live where they work

When all this is over, and we have a Dem in the WH

At least the NFL isn't pretending it's not blackballing Colin Kaepernick

Who needs moral reasons? We have to destroy the village in order to save it.

Criminal investigation into Trump lawyer's business dealings began months ago

Joy Reid asks "Where's Jared?"

Trump's miserable crew has never been so desperate - By Joe Scarborough

Comey' book takes ANOTHER swipe at HRC

KRUGMAN: "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a pee tape?"

Syria Nostradumbass collection.... "Enjoy" !

I lost my little bug accidentally that loonix gave out

It just occurred to me why Paul Ryan might be quitting.

"Operation Desert Stormy"

Great Moments in Presidential History

Did anyone see the short video of Cohen with his cigar-smoking friends?

The folks at JPR instructed us if we voted for Hillary Clinton we would end up bombing Syria.

Theres No Scientific Basis for Race It's a Made-Up Label

Justice Dept alums sign letter in support of Mueller, Rosenstein

So did Trump notify the Russians about the strikes?

Three Democratic women are running against Kevin McCarthy in California's 23rd District.

Wage growth well short of what was promised from tax reform

Who am I?

Kissing Cousins

Riffing On One of the Worlds Great Sandwiches

USAToday: Trump is not only armed, he's dangerous. Congress should check his power on Syria and war

How did "open primaries" come about in California?

Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution (via "Convention of States")

"Michael Cohen is not your typical high-powered lawyer"

Pompeo could be the first secretary of state nominee to receive an unfavorable committee vote since

Mueller is turning over a lot of rocks.

Deleting Excel workbooks ?

When we had Republicans we respected

Was the FBI listening to Trump's phone call to Michael Cohen?

I recall many who claimed Hillary was way more of a war hawk...


There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, and nothing worth killing for.

Mission Desert Stormy. (From Maher)

Trump tweets: Mission Accomplished!

Ex-Bush spokesman to Trump: I would not have declared 'mission accomplished'

So SHITLER read a *noble*-sounding speech. Didn't he say noble people are "slime balls"?!1

The Truth About The Kanye West/Taylor Swift "I Made That Bitch Famous" Feud

We chip away at other's humanity until they become numbers...then ashes.

Charles Pierce has a quiz for Anti-Trump Conservatives.

So the Russians were warned after all

The civilized world cannot sit by and watch chemical weapons being used

The long arm of the law

Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans? (The Atlantic magazine)

Where is Omarosa? Has she been paid to keep quiet? Curious minds want

Art Bell, Paranormal Radio Show Host, Dies on Friday the 13th at Age 72

A profound and grave act. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Malcolm Nance--- Oh Snap! @tedlieu for the win.

Kentucky gov: 'I guarantee' children sexually assaulted, poisoned because of teacher protests

Kentucky gov: 'I guarantee' children sexually assaulted, poisoned because of teacher protests

Just my luck...

According to the Guardian, Rocket Man Jr. didn't do too good last night

The U.S. Has Accepted Only 11 Syrian Refugees This Year

That time republicans threatened to IMPEACH Obama if he bombed Syria w/out congressional approval

Mexican Boxer Destroys American Fighter Wearing Trump Wall Shorts

"Hillary is a war monger. At least Trump won't start a war with someone."

Question about..."The Grand Budapest Hotel"

"worst hotel guest ever" pardoned after 17 years

Pentagon reports increase in Russian trolls since Syria strike

Ok Syria-Assad,,,,, guess u have learn ur lesson,,,,

Trump's message to Assad:

Art Bell died yesterday, 4/13

Nikki Haley warns that U.S. forces locked and loaded if Syria stages another chemical attack

Feds conducted 'covert' surveillance on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen email accounts, feared he'd

Is there anyone who actually thinks last night's missile strikes were not solely a distraction

Has Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin apologized yet?.

Cohen doubles down on claim he's never been to Prague after Mueller report

Oklahoma's Revolution Didn't End with Teacher Strikes - It's Going Much Further

An Interview with one of the funniest men that ever lived..from 1981, Letterman and Mel Blanc

Whistleblower Mary Ellen Belding Advocates for More Female Construction Workers

Time for a laugh...Interview with Mel Blanc, Letterman, 1981..Voice of Daffy, Bugs, and Porky and

MSNBC took the bait

Two Decades of War Have Eroded the Morale of Americas Troops: Now Trump owns Syria.........

Macron better be careful following Trump doesn't do for him what following Bush did for Tony Blair

Avenatti: "The "fixer" Mr. Cohen organized a protest - BIGLY - in Florida last night..." (PHOTO)

Syrians Gather In Capital In Defiance After U.S.-Led Airstrikes

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Flippy Floppy

More Popular Vote/Electoral Vote splits coming?

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

After failing to ditch ACA, GOP drops fight from campaigns

Videos of 2 Black Men Arrested at Starbucks Draws Outrage **UPDATE:

Haley says US 'locked and loaded,' prepared to maintain pressure on Syria

thermocouple on a fridge

Somehow . . .

E. coli outbreak in 11 states linked to store-bought chopped romaine lettuce, CDC says

New YORK--🚨TODAY🚨 ❗️S A T U R D A Y, A P R I L 14, is ⚡️LAST DAY⚡️ to #RegistertoVote❗️

#NewYork: 🚨TODAY🚨 ❗️S A T U R D A Y, A P R I L 14, is ⚡️LAST DAY⚡️ to #RegistertoVote❗️

He thinks we don't have a wall

Prosecutors: Cohen raid is red flag for Trump

Putins Poodle Wags the Dog for His Idiot Base

Oklahoma teachers are swarming to run for office

Paul Ryan's pathetic legacy - by Max Boot

Does anyone else think Joe Scarborough might have White House aspirations for 2020?

If Trump doesnt, most know rule of law from witch hunt

Knot in Your Stomach Today?

Senators ask FCC to look into Sinclair license, pause merger

Median CEO pay at largest companies reaches a record $15.7 million

Russia claims Syria chemical attack was directed & staged by Britan

Just a reminder about

Jimmy Carter, 93, talks about his new book: 'Faith'

Bust the budget then vote to balance it: GOP's shameless bid to shred safety net

U.N. Security council fails to adopt Russian resolution on Syria

Comey-Trump feud takes a vicious turn

Lovin' Spoonful

Trump Echoes Bush With Syria Strike 'Mission Accomplished'

These Deplorable idiots

State Dept: No one better about lying over US role in world than Russia

Boycott Starbucks

Maddow warns of 'perception' Trump ordered strikes to distract from scandals

Sarah Sanders demands press smear Comey: 'We should be putting him down'

Iranian Drone Launched From Syria was Armed, Israel Says

How American women got stuck in the kitchen

Deals to Silence Women Had Something In Common

Wisconsin Attorney General boasts that Voter ID Law Helped Trump Win

Martha's Boogie

MANUFACTURING CONSENT. Donald Trump Goes to War - by Joy-Ann Reid

Washington state lawmakers, staffers consider independent office to take harassment complaints

Anyone else notice how Sneerin' Sara always looks like she just found

Some appropriate music for today.

Is a Democratic Republic really a good thing

When is Donald Trump going to give a real news conference?

Republican Woman Writes Column: "you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour."

Scorpions - No One Like You

Millions have now heard about "pee whores" for the first time

April 14, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral procession on the streets of Washington, DC

Renowned glassblowing artists will try to make 24-foot-high bong in Seattle

I am confused (not really)

Poll: Operation Desert Comey, Operation Stormy Shield , or another name?

Trump sends Putin a message in Syria but remains conflicted over Russia

When Truths can't any longer be denied... Only then, does America Change.

Is it just me, or is Sarah Hs eyeshadow and fake eyelashes

This is such BS

Quiz for Never-Trump Republicans (Charles Pierce)

Coachella LIVE!

VT State House Special Event: Bernie Sanders Senior Town Hall - April 14, 2018, Montpelier, Vermont

VT State House Special Event: Bernie Sanders Senior Town Hall - April 14, 2018, Montpelier, Vermont

It's fucking unbelievable, when trump hires someone he does not care if they are smart or competent.

Voters Take The Wheel On Fixing Gerrymandering

Anyone watching Lost in Space on Netflix? SPOILERS


Your favorite Monty Python sketch?

OH SNAP Congressman Lieu slaps Trump with his own 2013 Tweet on Syria

A Trip Down Memory Lane

What specific scandal caused Trump to wag the dog?

Headphones or very good speakers only...

April photo theme - If it makes you happy

April photo theme - If it makes you happy

Is there a future out there?

War Comes To America (1942)

Working Families Party endorses Cynthia Nixon for NY-GOV

Michael Avenatti is a first-generation college graduate.

AZ-08: Hiral Tipirneni outraises Debbie Lesko as Arizona's CD8 race enters final stage

Problems? No...

An IMPORTANT note on the Ohio Constitution Amendment on redistricting...

Mueller's team plays chess and

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan halts streetcar expansion project as costs jump past $200M

Seth Abramson: Trump asked his attorneys in the russia investigation about a military response

Chinese scientists demonstrate complete mineralization of the persistent pollutant PFOA.

It all makes Perfect Sense

Newsweek: Cohen lied about Prague trip

Sheriff: Rochester Hills man chased black teen who asked for directions, fired gun at him

New song by The Damned: The Devil in Disguise

Summer will be here before you know it...

The House GOP is in for a drubbing in 2018. "It's over", said one GOP operative

Chemical Weapons Convention

Yay Republicans!

"It's simple ...The Trump Org made money through shady deals with corrupt criminals. Done."

Breaking (AP): French defense ministers says Russia was warned ahead of strkes

New Lost City Ramblers - No Depression in Heaven

Hey kid...know any good lawyers?

Breaking: Aerial attack underway at weapons depot near Aleppo (4 Pm)

Modern Day Parenting At Its Finest...

I forgot to post it last week, but my 87 year old mother is no longer........

Mike Pence's hometown held its first LGBT pride festival today & it was incredible

Syria attack: 'Huge blast' at Iranian military base in Aleppo after 'fighter jet attack'

I strongly disagree with the way in which Rod Rosenstein is handling his possible firing.

Louise Mensch: Nikulin was one of Cohen's hackers, so was a guy named Docent.

Black men arrested @ Starbucks for trespassing? Am I next? (VIDEO)

Is faith a noun or a verb?

The US Navy basically admitted that the Littoral Combat Ship looks like a massive failure

Porcelain gallbladder. Indicates a calcified gallbladder; middle-aged overweight women are more

Iranian drone shot down in northern Israel in February was armed with explosives

On the "pee tape".

What is for Dinner, Sat., April 14, 2018

Democrats promote second annual March for Science: 'Vote climate change deniers out'

It's snowing again! Third time this week!

Major Progressive Group Endorses Cynthia Nixon For New York Governor

Trump Supporters Are Not Pleased

Operation SQUIRREL!!!

Trump Tricked Into Obstructing Justice: GOP Rep Says

Pentagon announces 2,000% increase in Russia trolls since Friday

Michael Avenatti Trolls Michael Cohen's Alleged 'Bigly' Protest Against Stormy Daniels

Bolton started his job on Monday and

Thankful Syria didn't bomb the USA

Trump appears "subservient" to Russia: Fox News anchor

Fixed Nostradumbass :-)))

Maybe a play on words?( by the US government) the pentagon said Russia was not informed BUT

A few obesrvations on shrinks over 40-odd years

What am I missing re: Cohen and taxi cab medallions???

Kentucky AG hammers GOP Gov. Bevin for stating kids were 'raped' because teachers walked out

The New Yorker: Michael Cohen and the end stage of the Trump presidency

If Republicans think America is still leading the world, show them this

Sally Yates warns Trump not to fire Rosenstein: 'No one is above the law'

Alan Dershowitz: Trump Faces 'Much More Jeopardy' Over Business Dealings Than Russia Probe

80 rally for "gun rights" in Atlanta. vs. the 30,000 for the "March for Our Lives" rally in Atlanta.

Ann Coulter: 'Mueller Was Trying to Get Himself Fired' With Cohen Office Raid

Expect More Presidents Who Dont Win Popular Vote

This Brazilian pastor said he was saving souls. Police say he ran a slave-labor ring.

This Brazilian pastor said he was saving souls. Police say he ran a slave-labor ring.

'I am gay' protests as China bans 'homosexual' content on Weibo

Update on case of Nikulin indicted and extradited to US recently from Czech Republic

A Black Teenager Asked for Directions. A Man Responded With Gunfire.

The 'West' has been trying to domonate/subjugate/control the Middle East for 200 years.

NY-GOV: SEIU and CWA quit Working Families Party Over Cynthia Nixon

The Smoking Gun on Attorney Keith Davidson - Wowzers!

Clinton to fundraise alongside possible 2020 contenders

Steve Van Zandt's Wife Maureen Says Cohen Lied; They Were Never in Capri, Reports "ShowBiz 411"

This Firebrand Atheist Was Just Fired After Allegations Of Financial Conflicts And Sexual Assault

There are a lot of reasons that the PGIC needs to be in prison....

"Have you read it?"...."NO"

U.S. marijuana friends and foes cautious at signs of softer Trump

U.S. marijuana friends and foes cautious at signs of softer Trump

Ted CRUZ!!! Reports He's Raised $3.5 Million--Less than Half of the Amount Reported by Beto O'Rourke

Former FBI head: assumption Clinton would win a factor in email probe

So now that Trump got his rocks off bombing Syria*

May 1997: Pence, on radio, pissed off over general discharge for "adulterous" Air Force Lt.


Michael Avenatti: Michael Cohen isn't smart enough to be Trump's lawyer

Holder rips 'rampant corruption' in Trump Cabinet

Starbucks, If there ever was a incident that sums up white privilege

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