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Archives: April 11, 2018

Police: Man with gun to head tells officers he shot someone

Oregon rancher approved to kill 2 wolves; advocates alarmed

Lawsuit: Teen illegally held for months on burglary charge

Facebook puts ads on pages illegally selling animal parts

Ohio House Speaker to resign amid FBI investigation.

Arizona court rejects lower in-state tuition for immigrants

"Well, I'm not a crook..."

Trump Says American Farmers Will Understand If His Trade War Destroys Them Financially

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said Tuesday he is resigning from office.

So I guess judge will have assign a public defender to trump?

Anybody remember UK band Gang of Four? New EP has Ivanka Trump on the cover

Donald Trump has never been in more trouble than right now

Bank of America cuts ties with makers of military-style firearms for civilia

Earthbound by the Accidentals

Surely Michael Cohen knew that Mueller would

Knock knock!


US, France and Britain agree to respond to Syrian gas attack

Maya Wiley, such a smart, articulate panelist. Everytime she's on a show I make sure to listen.

The tragedy and farce that is Tim Pawlenty

This is it in a nutshell

Hang in there Mueller

Watching a competent attorney on CNN right now.

NYT editorial: The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump

FBI Has Questions About Michael Cohens Shady Taxicab Business

Like many here, I am have agreed to quickly gather with others locally to protest if Trump

In Wyoming, A Newly Unionized Newsroom Says Corporate Bosses Are Retaliating

Laurence Tribe explains exactly WHY Trump does not have the power to fire Mueller

Internal Email: Sinclair CEO Tells Employees Not To Let Extremists Bully Them

Important point about framing gun debate at town hall with my state reps and senator

I just made 5 dollar monthly contributions to Democratic US Senate Candidates in Tossup Races.

A Brief History of Michael Cohen's Criminal Ties

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! So What Did I Miss?

2018 FL US Senate Election- Is Rick Scott a stronger or weaker candidate than Bill Nelson's previous

Vukmir sounds as though she is ENTITLED to the WisGoP nomination..

Trump's Flaccid Response to the Michael Cohen Raid

Trump at crisis point on Mueller

A man THIS corrupt should not have to become President to get prosecuted.

How Long Can We Last? Trumps Tariffs Hit Home in the U.S.

GOP lawmaker says he has enough support to force immigration votes

If both California US Senate Seats become vacant between December 2020 to January 2021,

April Ryan asks Sarah Sanders if Trump has considered resigning:

McConnell sees GOPs spending claw back plan as unlikely to pass

AP FACT CHECK: An angry Trump twists facts about raid, probe

The witches speak out...

Trump's personal attorney tells ABC News FBI raids were 'respectful' and 'courteous'

'Better financially' to kill suspects than wound them: sheriff


Breaking News on Maddow

CNN - "Senate Fails its Zuckerberg Test - Congress Doesn't Understand Facebook"

Are you folks watching Rachel

Eurocontrol warns airlines of possible missile strikes into Syria

This schmuck Steve Cortes is getting slapped around on CNN.

Maddow Scoop

Zuckerberg discloses Facebook working with Russia probe

Trump's lawyer connected to Cambridge Analytica lawyers?

Cruise missiles headed towards Damascus....

Apros pos of our governments state: I have had occasion to visit a number of agency headquarters.

Justice Ginsburg Urges New Citizens to Make America Better.

A Tale Of Two CT Scanners One Richer, One Poorer, A Master Ripoff

Drunk tourist accidentally climbs mountain while trying to get back to his hotel

Robert Costa says Nunes is trying to get House GOP to hold Wray & Rosenstein in contempt of Congress

Trump says veterans wait too long for health care. VAs 33,000 vacancies might have something to do

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Swore In New U.S. Citizens & What She Told Them Will Bring You To Tears

Tammy Ducksowrth....... first sitting senator to have a baby while in office..

If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing..."

Russian troll farm pushed fake Clinton pornographic content on several platforms 2016 election

Saw a great anti-Trump bumper sticker today

The new species found where few scientists have gone before

The new species found where few scientists have gone before

Jam this Putin...



No true billionaire would have a lawyer like Michael Cohen as personal counsel.

State Senator-elect Lori Berman outperforms Hillary's 2016 result by 24.6% in Florida

Travel to Cuba getting popular again just in time for more Havana flights

I have a question about the potential for social security cuts

Rachel stayed on another 6 minutes into LO'D's show

Dershowitz' FREE legal advice isn't worth the 'paper' it's written on!

What odds would you put on Trump serving out his full term?

Amid FBI investigation, Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger resigns

A good round of questioning: Senator Maria Cantwell questions Mark Zuckerberg

Honduran coca raid signals shift to cocaine production, authorities say

Analysis: Investors on tenterhooks ahead of Mexico, Brazil elections

The Lefts Plot...

The Trump Factor in the Mexican Election

It appears my Facebook data wasn't mined by "This Is Your Digital Life."

Is this called; CYA...

Candidate Trump: "Not fair" for Republicans to "do a big number" on SS and Medicare

Where do we get 67 votes in the Senate?

Reuters: Eurocontrol warns airlines of possible missile strikes into Syria

How about *Dershowitz* for AG? Anybody?

Trump Sends National Guard to His Accountants Office

I have a serious question about "Facebook ads"

Rosenstein knew signing the order against Cohen would back Trump into a corner

IA-SD25: Republicans hang onto red seat despite improved performance by Dems.

Remember DUs Bravenak, AKA Wonderbitch on Twitter? She's writing for Wonkette now!

We are in a movie...

Christie to Trump: 'You can't fire the special counsel

Here's the deal on Trump firing Mueller: He can.

Join me in a Stormy toast

TJ Miller arrested for allegedly making false bomb threat on Amtrak train

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue on Black

Just How Much Is Trump Freaking Out Right Now??

Puppy on a mini-trampoline

McGovern picked as top Democrat on Rules panel

US president accused of tax evasion in 2006 development in Baja, Mexico

Hey, Folks, WE Did This!!!

The first time I heard of Trump almost 30yrs ago, I thought he was slime.

Trump Said to Be Near Meltdown

Colbert: "FBI so far up Trump', that they're reading his emails with a proctoscope."

Does one hear twittering when sending a tweet?

The preacher who used Christianity to revive the Ku Klux Klan

Arizona Teachers Threaten Statewide Walkout In Push For Big Raises

KY Teachers Furious Over Guv Vetoing School Funding Bill Set To Rally Again

Fortune: the Cohen raids are another headache for the Republican National Committee.

Kansas Officials Find School Funding Bill Error That Undercuts Spending By $80M

Any reassuring thoughts on what's about to happen?

Is Trump a traitor?

Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time

Come and work at the White House ...

Krokus - Our Love

If I were a republican congress critter

Martin Briley - Salt In My Tears

Heitkamp says Trump asked her to switch parties

How can I tell if my Facebook info was shared with Cambridge Analytica

Trump is scared because he knows what he has done.

A Strange Feeling of Deja Vu...

Dem defeats Trump delegate in Florida state Senate special election

Tom Bossert's exit is the latest sign Trump's White House is emptying in record numbers

When I despair .....................

"This Little Light of Mine" (The Lower Lights)

Conservatives Don't Deserve A Voice. Their Ideas End Up In Misery & Death.

De Colores

City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan upcoming at LACMA

Dictator Maduro says "You can't ban ME from the Summit! I'm boycotting YOU!"

So, wasn't Trump addressing our top military leaders when he had his meltdown on Monday?

one in five Americans have either protested or attended a political rally since the start of 2016

Ritchie Valens "Come On Let's Go" (1958)

7 Tons of Cocaine in Jalapeo Cans: The Evidence Against El Chapo

7 Tons of Cocaine in Jalapeo Cans: The Evidence Against El Chapo

How ancient DNA is transforming our view of the past

My thoughts here

Human Tissues From Cruel Medical Experiments In Guatemala And Tuskegee Might Still Be Sitting In US

Human Tissues From Cruel Medical Experiments In Guatemala And Tuskegee Might Still Be Sitting In US

The Daily Show: The FBI Raids Michael Cohen's Office and Donald Trump Cries "Witch Hunt"

Seth Meyers: James Comey's Memoir, White People Mating Season - Monologue - 4/9/18

Well, shit. We didn't win that one.

Love hormone identified in birds that makes them more generous

The Motels - Take The L

This Crazy Optical Illusion Will Disappear Before Your Very Eyes

Seth Meyers - Trump Lashes Out After Michael Cohen Raid: A Closer Look

Rachel Maddow's high school graduation

These 90,000-Year-Old Wooden Tools Weren't Even Made by Humans

Mueller to Manafort: We Followed the Rules in Indicting You

Chris Robinson - The Red Road

Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds - Shuffle It All

Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

He is going to rethink that like mis-remembering it or reverse memory...hahahah

What will the first Constitutional crisis be?

Did Michael Cohen Appear On Don Lemon's Program....

Trump fires Dr. Evil...

It's a long way to the top.... If you wanna rock & roll

Re: Pence, what do we do if trump is gone

The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump. NYT editorial

April 24th is Election Day in New York and Arizona

April Wine - Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Progressive Long Beach mayor overwhelmingly re-elected tonight

Facebook Fallout Deals Blow to Mercers Political Clout.

J. Geils Band - Angel In Blue

ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin

Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy

Texas Ag Commissioner appoints ex-doctor who married his 15-y/o former stepdaughter to task force

Why are Right Wingers Angry at Zuckerberg/Facebook ?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/10/18

A Peaceful World Requires More Women Politicians, Says Former US President

Bill Hybels, prominent megachurch pastor, resigns from Willow Creek following allegations

The preacher who used Christianity to revive the Ku Klux Klan

Yellow fever: UN aims to eradicate disease from Africa by 2026

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing was an utter sham

White House: Mueller Is Overreaching And Trump Has The Power To Fire Him

Who was the blonde girl in the green dress crying during Fuckerberg's hearing?

British Lawyer Found Guilty After Trial For His Participation In Multimillion-Dollar Tax Fraud Schem

Additional Charges Against Athletic Apparel Company Executive(etc)For Allegedly Defrauding 4(D1 Univ

Real Estate Developer Sentenced for Defrauding Investors and Lenders out of Millions

It snowed last night - again

Truman strike group departs for Middle East, Europe deployment this week

Academy of Country Music Awards to address Las Vegas Shooting

"If you are afraid of heights don't watch"

ABC: Comey compares Trump to mob boss

I think I finally figured out why the orange creature ran for President.

Stormy Daniels cooperating with federal investigators following Cohen raid

Trump: Get ready for missiles, Russia, you shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal.

Dem crushes Trump delegate to win Florida special election

Stormy Daniels attorney on CNN this morning

Where is Lyin' Brian Williams these days

I missed this world record when it was set last year

Trump tweets to slam NYT this morning for not mentioning Doug Schoen in story. NYT did.

Russia Threatens To Shoot Down U.S. Missiles, Target Launch Sites In Any Syria Strike

Trump believes himself to be Dictator Over American, and the Media is Helping Him

Video shows U.S. agents trying to dump injured man over Mexican border

Trump warns Russia: Missiles will be headed to Syria

Video shows U.S. agents trying to dump injured man over Mexican border

Trump just followed the missiles threat with "let's work together, stop the arms race"

Yiannopoulos' speech at Louisiana State University canceled

People hailed Zuckerberg as a Golden Boy, based on Money... and he has shafted 100's of millions

Report: Baltimore police used excessive force in shooting

The angry tweeting twit is going bananas this morning?

Trump's Take: Slowest Breaking News on Syria

45 Years - not sure if this one has been mentioned here before, but watched it this week and loved

The first human migration from Africa was more widespread than scientists thought

Ex-Speaker John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm's Advisory Board

Dana Boente, former top Justice Department official now at FBI, has been interviewed by Mueller...

The Rundown: April 10, 2018


After 30 years of R&D, breakthrough announced in dark matter detection technology ...

"Trumps tweet announcing a missile strike against Syria comes despite the fact that..."

Trump's Obstruction Of Justice Tweet Has People Wondering If He's Admitting To It

Mueller Interviewed Dana Boente

Trump's pseudonymn on the Stormy Daniels NDA

When is Mueller going to interview Pence?

A Confrontation Between Mueller and Trump Is Coming

Yo, Jackpine Radicals, didn't you lecture us Secretary Clinton would start WW lll

Given Trump's unhinged contradictory saber-rattling tweets this AM

We've Accepted A "De-facto Dictator" and think a slap stick pun is enough to deter it.

U.S. Agents Tried to Dump Injured Man Over Border

Anyone know status of Bolton's security clearance? There was talk that he would have

Trump: White House "Very calm and calculated. Feels great to have Bolton & Larry K on board"

Syria: 500 Douma patients had chemical attack symptoms, says WHO

Yvonne Staples

Trump: Russia-U.S. Relations At Worst Level In History

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Raided

Yvonne Staples

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Fbook

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

A REPUBLICAN Congressman's Profanity Laced TRUMP Tirade in a Safeway Grocery Store

That prick Ryan isnt running again

Ryan not running.

Ryan not running for re-election

PAUL RYAN - Decides People Aren't Paying Him Enough To Starve The Poor

Ryan is most likely going to step away and not run for office !

Report: Paul Ryan Wont Run for Reelection

Wow - I guess Paul Ryan is not running again (X7!)

Gen. Hayden rips Trump for using military leaders as 'political props'

Paul Ryan confidants say he's not running again

Good riddance Paul Ryan, you spineless AynRand loving soulless pile of crap.

Now If We Can Only Get McConnell To Retire Or Resign.....

When you see a "This message was self deleted by the author" are you curious?

World Health Organization: 500 Affected By Syrian Chemical Attack

All Republican have to run on during the midterm election is ...

Internet rains scorn on Trump for provoking Russia in one tweet - & sucking up to Putin in the next

"After Ryan passed tax reform, his longtime dream, he was ready to step out of a job that has..."

We are taking back the house!

Devin Nunes Threatens To Impeach DOJ's Rod Rosenstein And FBI's Chris Wray

Song - Death and Destruction

Pavlovian responses - Trump tweets, stock markets react -

Yall who sew, I have a question. I have some old bedsheets (I keep them forever)

MSNBCs surging ratings fuel Democratic optimism

NYT: The Dirt on Cohen

Trump signs executive order pushing work requirements for the poor

Mike Pence is doing all he can to make people forget that they elected Trump/Pence

Americans Should be Ready to Mobilize, Says Senator

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara: "The likelihood that Michael Cohen is going to be charged is high

Bipartisan group of senators moving to protect Mueller's job

Cruise Ship cannot stop, runs into the dock...

BINGO! Rep. Swalwell wins the day!

March 2018 Atmospheric CO2 - 409.46 ppm; March 2017 - 407.18 ppm, March 2016 - 404.83

Trump announces rockets will launch on twitter

Open's feeding time in Decorah

Map: The groups that control Syria

Bye bye!

The 'president' has lost his fucking tweet

More than 250 dead in Algerian military plane crash

Trying to decipher Trumps Twitter ramblings this morning. My head hurts.

Russia-Linked Account Was Behind Fake Hillary Clinton Sex Video, Reddit Says

Paul Ryan not running again. Taking time off to have first spine transplant.

So, is dt wagging the dog?

Coming February 2019, President Pelosi!

How the courts — not Congress — could protect Muellers investigation

Republican group airs ad on 'Fox & Friends' defending Mueller probe

If Trump was pres during WW ll he would have tipped off the AXIS about D Day with a tweet

Maybe We're Looking At The Wrong Culprit With Respect To Social Media Like Facebook....

Trump rage tweets about Mueller's 'fake and corrupt' probe causing 'bad blood' between US and Russia

Paul Ryan gave up on representing his constituents a long time ago.

So, in sum, it's the Democrats'/Mueller's fault that people in Syria got gassed.

Ship crashes into Panama Canal..Yes it really did.

Trump Uses Social Media to Announce Attack on Syria, Confess to Obstruction of Justice

I do not know how to word a law,

Simulation of the world of 1919

So, Trump Has Said Many Times that He Wouldn't Reveal Military Plans...

Now we need to turn to the Senate . . . . .

Paul Ryan Leaving Congress? His Constituents Think Not

Trump nominates former official who refused to sue Trump University to federal court

The official Speaker Ryan STATEMENT confirming his plans TO BOLT

Will this congress(REPUBLICON) let this CRAZY PRESIDENT

Radio station's owner has 'parted ways' with Jamie (Red-Hot Poker) Allman

The iconic beautiful Lady is still standing : she took Trump at his word...:-)

Wrote this about two years ago.

Working people could still lose health coverage under Medicaid work requirements

Songwriter fonts

Trump is scheduled to meet with Republican leaders today...

Very difficult to tell Fake President from fake president

Ingraham: Why is Michael Cohen talking 'to media outlets that are fairly hostile' to Trump?


The Most Unhinged Political Ad of 2018 Is Already Here

Watch/listen to vintage Trump in '89 describe opportunity he sees for a "well-educated BLACK"

ryan.....'to spend time with my family' how many times have we heard this?

For Teachers, Red States Resemble Underdeveloped Countries

Senator Dick Durbin Asks Zuckerberg Awkward Question

Oh Hey, Marijuana Isn't Legal Yet

Budget Disaster: When Congress Can't Do Its Job

Remember this -Cohen caring about his family

Paul Ryan is in trouble in his district

Republicans that talk about their "taxcut" as if it is some great achievement.

Why does the media keep saying Ryan has a "young" family, to excuse his quitting Congress?

Even as a kid, I knew pro wrestling was obviously fake.

Another one BITES THE DUST - Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla, informed staff this morning he is retiring.

Judge to Hear Charges on 'MDB Criminal Gang' Regarding President Temer's Friends

Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla, informed staff this morning he is retiring.

Election forecasters move Ryan seat toward Dems after his retirement

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) is retiring

BROKEN - All Remaining GOP House Members Announce They Won't Run

I am noticing a pattern...

Bye-bye Eddie Munster. The cowardly GOP are apparently feeling defeated.

Ryan's attempt at a 'noble ' rationale for his departure is ringing really, really hollow

Who will be the next Speaker?


Argument preview: Justices to reconsider sales-tax collection in internet era

There are going to be a lot of happy families next January!

Reddit bans 944 accounts with suspected links to Russian troll farm

The 2018 Congressional Retirement Tracker

Did Paul Ryan get some of that NRA/Russia money?

GOP This morning

Great, Paulie. You give us Trillion dollar deficits and then cut and run...

Something that's always bugged me about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica/Russia story.

Paul Ryan looks like a man who is not at all happy.

Trump's Company Is Suing Towns Across the Country to Get Breaks on Taxes -- "Trump, Inc." Podcast

NBC: Russia-linked account pushed fake Hillary Clinton sex video

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan To Retire

Turtle Is Giving Ryan His Thoughts & Prayers Right Now nt

Reality dawning on this shameless republican enabler waxing eloquent about his president's tyranny

Hilarious phrasing from Pelosi: "The speaker has been an avid advocate for his point of view."

I just realized the perfect retirement job for McConnell - doing cartoon character voice overs

U.S. Senate unanimously passes resolution honoring late Sen. Daniel Akaka

If you use "post Image" for photo hosting. Got this message this morning.

Ryan will only be remembered for creating the largest national debt and the largest deficit ...

Hybels steps down from Willow Creek following allegations of misconduct

Mostly in the RW, they keep referring to the Cohen search as a "raid..."

CNN: Trump Lawyers Met With Special Counsel Team On Day Of Cohen Raid

NOT THE ONION: John Boehner to join board of 1 of Nation's Largest Multi-State Cannabis Corporations

In December 2017, Scott Walker: Ryan is 'not going anywhere'

Buffalo Jumps of North America

Please stop being so mean to Paul Ryan.

WashPo: Dana Boente has met with Mueller; turned over notes

There Is a Ton of Really Important News Breaking This Week.

I told you Trump and his family would be destroyed. Wait till things get tough on him.

Paul Ryan ... the man you wishes he was around during Watergate

Today on Web MD: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (ICYMI)

Paul Ryan and entitlements

How do you explain this, Mr. "Stable Genius"?

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, nails Paul Ryan's ass to wall on Twitter.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick To Join DOJ As National Security Adviser To Sessions

Paul Ryan, World's Greatest Dad

Did il drumpf ever meet with the evangelicals?

West Winging It: An Un-presidential Memoir

Ryan: I've Received 'Assurances' That Trump Won't Fire Rosenstein, Mueller

Pablo Escobar's hitman "Popeye" names Maduro as kingpin of Cartel de los Soles

What I told my wife who is participating in a teacher's rally today

The last three GOP Speakers of the House

Have u missed, met or exceeded you HS classmates expectations of you?

GOPers Wave Off Trump's Escalating Threats To Mueller And Rosenstein

To Paul Ryan from the Homies: "Adios, Chingado!"

Rolling Stone: Michael Cohen's criminal ties

I'd like to convey my thoughts and prayers for Paul Ryans miserable Speakership

Paul Ryan Wishes You Luck With This Whole Trump Thing But He's Got to Get Going

Someone needs to tranquilize Meghan McCain, today. She's in a blithering tizzy over Ryan

The Latest: Russia says no trace of chemical attack in Syria

Russia to deploy troops to site of chemical attack in Syria

Fuck you, Paul Ryan. You want to genuinely want to spend time with your family . . . .

House Speaker Paul Ryan was the biggest fraud in American politics

Some needs to kill . . . . .

It wont happen, but with this latest twit storm..

Trdump moves his ass kissing sycophant to Justice...

WTH? I can't get videos to play on youtube!

More and more DC Republicans finally showing signs that they are capable of learning that...

If only the NRA had been there! - Tom the Dancing Bug

I just called my useless repugnant goon Congressman

Paul Ryan in job he did before government

How do you manipulate someone who NEVER has an original idea? Always relies on others?

Now Ryan ain't running..Why are there so many? Who is the leader of this political party?

BREAKING: Every single republican announces their resignation.

The "Fight Back" Exception to Obstruction of Justice

Swamp Leader's Fundraising Message: "this witch hunt has never been about me. Their target is you."

Take the money and don't run.

Remember the warning if a **** stays aroused, firm, engorged and enlarged for more than 4 hours?

Mortgage lending referral in WA?

Republican Rep. Ross (Fla) is out (27th Republican House Member to announce retirement)

Cynthia Nixon advocate legalization of marijuana in New York (video)

"We Need a Little Xanax"--Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Dhelp me. So sick

@SecretaryZinke returns to the Hill for an Appropriations Subcommittee hearing. V-O-D video.

McConnell TOLD Obama he would LIE to the American public if Obama told the truth

Right Wing Watch Went To The Alex Jones Press Conference, And It's Like Watching Infowars Live

One thing to be thankful to Trumpass for

Witnessing the ignominious death of critical thinking

If you know all 10 numbers (like Ryan) you too can be a "Budget genius"

Fugelsang on Boehner and weed:

And now, at the other end of the biometric map . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

A Congressman's Profanity Laced Tirade in a Safeway Grocery Store

New: Mueller Seeks Subpoenas for 35 Witnesses for Manafort Trial

This will make you smile..#2

A White House for sale...

Parkland, Florida, school district rejects funds to arm teachers

Text of the merged bill to protect Robert Mueller from being fired

No Regrets': House Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election

The US fought Russian mercenaries in February, remember? Yevgeniy Prigozhin, *Putins chef*,

E.P.A. Assesses Threats on Twitter to Justify Pruitt's Spending

The rude pundit is a treasure

Mitzi Shore, Comedy Store founder dead at 87

JUST IN: Alexander Tayler has stepped down as acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica

ActBlue is matching donations now. It will go to Bill Nelson to defeat Rick Scott

Noticed Mark Zucks drink of choice was water yesterday.......

Thank You by Led Zeppelin

Erik Prince was been funded by UAE to build a private army in Somalia

Resign Today, Mr. Trump! You Are Out Of Your League, Entirely.

Updated Fox News Graphic

Paul Ryan's Retirement Gives a Big Boost to the Most Prominent White Nationalist in U.S. Politics

Mueller wants subpoenas for 35 witnesses in Manafort trial

Corker: Tax cuts could be one of worst votes Ive made

Coast Guard chief: 'Shortsighted' to think border wall will stop illegal immigration

Pennsylvania School District Arms Teachers With Baseball Bats

The GOP - from "a picture is worth a thousand words" department

I hope Ryan resigned because his internal polling showed a blue wave--but I'm still gonna work hard

We talk about "hate radio." What about "hate TV."

NRA, In New Document, Acknowledges More Than 20 Russian-Linked Contributors

CNN :Comey compares Trump to mob boss

Oil jumps to 3-year high on airstrikes, Trump missile warning

Stopping the Mueller investigation is a good, logical, self-interested move for Trump.

"Snow White" by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Robert Kuttner on NPR/Fresh Air todays' show. Worth a listen

Trump wants to slash welfare, impose stricter work requirements

Furious Koch Brothers Sell Paul Ryan on eBay

Illinois lawmakers advance bill requiring schools to teach LGBT history

Marines suspend general who called allegations of sexual harassment 'fake news'

Boehner's bombshell weed reversal a big boost for marijuana

If Ryan didn't want to be a weekend dad to his kids

Governor honors hippie band

Parsing the Ryan Retirement

As Trump fumes, senators craft a bill to protect Mueller

I love all the optimism concerning 2018 midterms...

if US builds border wall....would a birth on US land on mexican side of the wall

He's got the look

Trump's legacy will be an evidence locker in the basement of the FBI building

Teachers at Californias Largest Online Charter School Agree to Historic First Union Contract

Teachers at Californias Largest Online Charter School Agree to Historic First Union Contract

Teachers at Californias Largest Online Charter School Agree to Historic First Union Contract

Meghan McCain had another melt down on "The View"

Stormy Daniels to appear on 'The View' next week

The Senselessness of Women Earning Less (Equal Pay Day 10 april)

The Senselessness of Women Earning Less (Equal Pay Day 10 april)

"So we're running an actual Nazi to replace the Speaker. What's the problem? A win is a win".

The Senselessness of Women Earning Less (Equal Pay day 10 April)

Senate panel moves to take up bill protecting Mueller

Meghan McCain: Ryan "was trying to fight for democracy and ideals. Now I have no idea."

Speaking of former House Speakers....

The Senselessness of Women Earning Less (Equal Pay Day 10 April)

Trump has a sad over bad blood between U.S. and Vlad, caused my Meuller's fake investigation

IG: Zinke's Reassignment Of Native Americans And Climate Scientists Possibly Illegal

John Boehner on Marijuana...

WA-05: Cathy McMorris Rodgers Faces Tough Race

Arizona House Passes Bill Requiring Women Seeking Abortions To Say Why

Newsweek: Trump Is So Angry, He Mostly Just Eats and Watches TV

Is it time for a 2018 Election forum?

Is London the capital of money laundering? - BBC Newsnight

ACLU sues Kentucky over ban on common abortion method after 11 weeks

Pierce: Paul Ryan Will Retire as the Biggest Fake in American Politics

Paul Ryan is a cliche...

Can Nunes do this and get away with it?

Ryan's Legacy Is Enabling Donald Trump

Mike Pence Horrified By D.C. Cherry Trees Flagrantly Displaying Reproductive Organs

This stinks of corruption...

Another Cohen inconsistency

Filthy lying piece of shit RYAN caught LYING by Biden

Chavez, Ryan....

On Monday I asked what the benefit of chemical attacks were to Assad.

NRA is a foreign agent...

Madame Speaker of the House

The real reason Paul Is quitting....

Why a proposed bill to protect Mueller may not end up protecting Mueller

A scam of a party says goodbye to its top fraud

Paul "Mr. Responsible Balanced Budgets Guy" Ryan Created a Trillion-Dollar Deficit and Then Quit

Is there Life After Death? - Fifty Years of Research at UVA

Cambridge Analyticas acting CEO steps down

Ryan knows whats coming.

Trump signs 'FOSTA' bill targeting online sex trafficking, enables states and victims to pursue...

Our Homeland Security Secretary actually speaks...

And another one...

The oceans circulation hasnt been this sluggish in 1,000 years. Thats bad news.

Deputy national security adviser Nadia Schadlow resigns

Is this called; The height of hypocrisy...?

Once Again? "Alabama Evangelist and Sexual Abuse...

Raid on Trump's Lawyer Sought Records on Access Hollywood Tape

CBC: "Raids suggest feds investigating lawyer suspected of crime"

Privatized prison services in Michigan finally declared an utter failure after four years

What should be done about the gas attack?

Dont pretend to ask me what we should do about anything, Syria, anything, as if to imply

The leading Republican running for Paul Ryan's seat is a white nationalist


Would rump on tape calling his youngest son the "R" word, something that has been

With all these resignations, and people leaving politics are we witnessing

The Marijuana Industry's Newest Spokesman? Former House Speaker John Boehner

Dinesh D'Souza at UF Carleton Auditorium, Thursday, April 12 at 6 PM ET. First come, first served.

On the Subject of Free Will

Mitch McConnell announces he will be withdrawing

Dont wait for the Western Balkans to blow up again. The U.S. and the E.U. must act.

The Teachers Movement Goes Virtual

Rep. Duncan Hunter's chances of hanging on to his seat may go up in smoke

So did y'all hear? Nunes want to impeach DAG Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray


The word of the day: Kayfabe

Vermont governor signs new gun restrictions into law

Why I'm running: Sarah Godlewski, Dem candidate for WI State Treasurer.....

If Drumpt was President and Twitter existed April 18, 1942

Please stop the misogynistic blame game campaign against Stevie Nicks

'We do not participate in Twitter diplomacy': Russia responds to Trump

House Key Race alerts: Paul Ryan's and six other seats move toward Democrats

Inside Milans Opulent Retirement Home for Musicians

BREAKING: Trump deputy national security adviser Nadia Schadlow has just resigned.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R) just told Ali Velshi that "you can't legislate morality" re:

Your daily Greenwald, "As Nasty As You Wanna Be" edition:

Trump Ordered DOJ to Hire Controversial Former Aide, Sources Say

Why is Project Alamo not in the news w/ FB and CA?

Trump probably thought if he had an attorney do his dirty work, he could hide it all

tears of joy today.

Inside Milans Opulent Retirement Home for Musicians

0 out of 10 dentists recommended...

Can we send Paul "ayn rand" Ryan a card from the members of DU and others folks

A short answer is often the clearest and the greatest.

Internet pastor: Dont masturbate because its gay sex (Wow! The stupid hurts!)

Sarah Palin, Empowered By Trump, Is Open To Running For Office Again

I miss Spring harvest in Montana

I WAS Lookin' forward to the Comey interview --

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

GOP lawmakers booed for gutting a bill creating 'independent' commission to draw Pennsylvania's.maps

GOP lawmakers booed for gutting a bill creating 'independent' commission to draw Pennsylvania's.maps

April Ryan: I've gotten death threats for asking if Trump considered resigning

Tweet of the Day

Pennsylvania House Republicans Gut Gerrymandering Reform to Ensure Permanent Control of Pennsylvania

Bernie Sanders in the Deep South

Truth Decay

Donny Deutsch On MSNBC Now, Making Lots Of Good Points

Pa. GOP supports plan to give majority party more power over redistricting

White supremicist, Ryan replacement, shows stuff in Wisconsin

Trigger words from today's SHS drinking game: "Bad Actors" & "All Options Are On The Table."

Ryan in interview: I'm done seeking elected office

Republican unloads on Trump: He's a more stupid version of Forrest Gump!

Who was the bigger Twitter idiot today?

Gowdy demands more records from EPA's Pruitt

Your Honor, I insist I did not murder anyone....

Argentinian officers fired after claiming mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana

Instructions must be followed !

You know who isn't one of Mueller's 35 witnesses? The same lawyer whose office didn't get raided...

Paul Ryan's Legacy of Red Ink

When his country needed him, Paul Ryan didn't answer

"The West Wing"

Clinton advises Pompeo to stop 'purge' at State Dept.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood: 'Absolutely' Better 'Financially' to Kill Suspects Than to 'Cripple' Them

Furious Koch Brothers Sell Paul Ryan on eBay

The Alabamization of America is complete

Hillary warning Pompous Pompeo...

Fanatic, Fraud, Factotum: The Rise and Fall of Paul Ryan. Requiem for the face and brain of the GOP

Michael Cohen today: "I'd rather jump out of a building than turn on Donald Trump."

Trump hasn't read a book in the last 20 years. WTF!

Reynolds signs sanctuary bill in private

Trump's Company Is Suing Towns Across the Country to Get Breaks on Taxes

Ryan Upends GOP Hopes for the Midterm Elections

Trump claims Mexico send a check to pay for his wall but ...

My thesis: Ryan is not running again because he would not sign on to a bipartisan bill

Trump Ordered DOJ to Hire Controversial Former Aide, Sources Say

The Dark Side utterances...

President Putin and his hand picked regional puppet--Free Parking April 11,2018

Main Reason Why Ryan Quit

How many of these leaks are coming from the ny fbi office

Live from the White House:

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-13: Lawyer-Ception: A Trial Within A Trial Edition

Louisiana Private School Teacher and Aide Fired After Mom Secretly Records Them Mocking Her Autistic

Drug testing plan considered for some food stamp recipients

"The president does not want to sit down any more for an interview with Mueller..."

Facebook LIVE Link 5PM: Protest: #StopPompeo at the U.S. Capitol - April 11, 2018

Well, my Youtube is back on again on my desktop...

Scott Pruitts Idea to Update an E.P.A. Keepsake: Less E.P.A., More Pruitt

What's this "weekend dad" crap?

It will take at least one generation to undo your accomplishments...

Bashar is already in Lebanon...fricking idiot

Here are the massive tax cuts going to the Republicans who wrote the tax bill

Kevin Spacey sex crimes case under review


Federal agents caught on camera trying to dump injured man on Mexican side of border

Twitter Video: It is Congress, not the president, who determines whether our country goes to war.

Judge grants feds a surprise extension in J20 trial, extending Trump inauguration protesters ordeal

Republican Congressman RANTS, calls Trump "Forest Gump", "Impeach the m'fer!", more...

Thousands of Arizona teachers join statewide walk-in to push for increased education funding

Make Believe Baseball Story..about a minor league player named Donnie Trump..

Remember the name Noel Francisco...

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 11, 2018

SHS on things that are "bad for America" (including the Meuller investigation)

Justice Department halts legal aid for detained immigrants facing deportation

Ignoring the news

Man regrets 911 call that led to Sacramento police shooting

Top coal lobbyist could quickly become EPA chief, thanks to Pruitts scandals

Question, is Comrade Putin

Violin Concerto #1: III Max Bruch

Trumps Company Is Suing Towns Across the Country to Get Breaks on Taxes Trump, Inc. Podcast

The leading Republican running for Paul Ryans seat is a white nationalist

Prominent Alabama evangelist arrested on child sex charges

How a Trump pick with ties to a Russian bank could end up in charge of the Russia investigation

NRA Rebuffs Wydens Burdensome Request For More Info On Russia Ties

News media sue over California's new execution rules

What IS it with Dershowitz? Wasn't he at one point a 'good guy'? I'm missing big chunk of history

First its an electric line under the bridge

Gun owners urge Michigan court: Stop school gun restrictions

NRCC Chairman: There Wont Be A Lot More House GOP Retirements

Recall the wikileaks started posting Podesta emails within an hour

NRA accepted donations from 20 Russian-linked contributors

This guy never needed a criminal attorney!

Prosecutor: minors at risk of forced labor at Brazil church

Donald Trump and his fat racist ass can just go fuck themselves...

Prosecutor: minors at risk of forced labor at Brazil church

Getting back to Berlin today - some shots from on the way

Sanders decries flat earnings for most workers

Is that a potted plant??

Has Scott Pruitt committed any crimes in his tenure at EPA?

NYT: Raid on Trumps Lawyer Sought Records on Access Hollywood Tape (Could This Be Why?)

Daughter of poisoned spy in Britain turns down Russian help

The infrastructure bill and our labor shortage crisis

Reoccuring payments thru PayPal

As we all know, it's only Wednesday...

ONION: Entitled Deadbeat Finally Breaks Out Of 20-Year Cycle Of Government Dependency

Colombia investigating whether archaeological find could be paramilitary mass grave

Is it spring finally?

Spains authoritarian consul general in Colombia accused of hit and run, among other things

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 April 2018

Comey on Rachel the 19th

Here are the massive tax cuts going to the Republicans who wrote the tax bill

Once again, David Corn connects the dots.

How Putin's oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns

Trumps fantasy parade...

That's alright, Mama

Ari just said a profound thing...all the Rs dropping out is NOT gives Trump the party.

Report: Greitens was aggressor in unwanted sexual encounter

What Really Happened When Bernie Sanders Went to Mississippi

Huh? Trump: Rosenstein Has To Go Because Rosenstein Helped Trump Fire Comey

2018 US House Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

The ACLU's Position on Gun Control

...And he goes for the hole!

Trumps former attorney believes Cohen is being investigated for bank fraud

Filed under "Things that only white people can do in America"

Isn't it time to take away the keys?

Adam Schiff Terrifies Trump By Linking The Access Hollywood Tape and Russia Collusion

A Sure Sign of Spring: Maple Syrup Mousse

It's PandAmonium!!!

More than 250 dead in Algerian military plane crash

Guess who's "crooked" now, muthfukkka...

Dont let the MOUNTAINS of crimes, treason, scandals on rump and friends become normal!

On this day...

American Parenting...

Bombshell lawsuit claims no one knows exactly what's in a drug that's cost the government over $1 B

Trump Takes Aim...

Why I'm Not Surprised Paul Ryan is Waving the White Flag of Surrender. The Real Reason He's Leaving.

Axios, last May: GOP leaders feared that Evan McMullin might have more tapes like the Ryan tape

Has anyone taken their DSLR through airport security recently?

The Struggle Is Real...

Rule of Law..Rule of Law..Rule of Law

Here's an interesting statement by Dershowitz made last December

California to give Trump some National Guard patrols at Mexican border

How will Iran react when " nice and new and 'smart!'" missiles rain down on their forces in Syria?

Does anyone else wish Al Franken

Stormy Daniels to appear on 'The View' next week

One thing I really appreciate about Trump

GOP Congressman Rips Trump in Insane Tirade to Journo: Evil, Really F*cking Stupid Forrest Gump

DOJ gives House Intel original document that prompted Russia investigation

Alan Dershowitz, schill and a contextual liar, just had a confidential dinner with Donald Trump.

The Bloody Ryan Agenda Perfectly Illustrated

Paul Ryan leaves behind an unfixable mess

Who called Paul Ryan a "limp-dicked MFer who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation?"

'I don't mean to be coy': Trump judicial nominee refuses to say whether she supports segregation

Mike Luckovich: Spineless.

The NRA Admits to More Than 20 Russia Linked Contributors As Gun Lobby Facade Crumbles

Trump proves conclusively that Darwin was completely full of crap. (GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING)

what kind of pension and benefits

Look at his face - he's terrified

My ride's here! See y'all later!

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 60 seats.

The Gathering Storm

Dumbshit damn near starts WWIII today and hardly anybody notices

Schiff: Given that Russia intervention was on your behalf, the conflict of interest is clearly yours

Potential for big oil price spike grows after provocative missile strikes

Senator Graham, appearing on Fox now, turns to address its most powerful viewer: "Mr President...

Pompeofailed to disclose that he owned business linked to Chinese government

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens initiated unwanted sexual contact with woman, she testifies

Freeper thoughts on Ryan retirement:

Paul Ryan's congressional career is ending, but his legacy of lies will survive