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Archives: April 10, 2018

Bill Press: Sinclair Broadcast Group is real fake news

U.S. Border agent charged with murdering Mexican claims self-defense

Is it just me,

GOP senators cast doubt on spending clawback

"They broke into my lawyer's office"!

working hard

Trump leans over to Pence

Mississippi's last abortion clinic expands lawsuit on restrictions

Why did the FBI raid Cohen's office and home? ..... my 2 cents

THE BEST PEOPLE! Trump is latching on to Patrick Reed ??? (Masters Champ yesterday)

Trump: 'Many people have said' I should fire Mueller

CEO Note: Major Oceana victory as Chile announces dramatic expansion of protected areas in its seas

I can't stomach watching Fox, but was wondering how they are covering the Cohen fiasco

How long until Trump's firing of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller?

Does It Feel Like US Is Going To Politically Erupt Like Krakatoa? A Trumplexplosion On Horizon?

Five Republican Senators ask Trump to suspend EPA's use of biofuel waivers

If You Colluded With Russia, And You're A Witch, Mueller Is Coming For You

Mark Hamill for the win

CNN's website seems to feel Trump is being victimized by the FBI

It Should Be Obvious By Now That Trump Did Not Win The Elections. Every Day It Is More Clear.

CBO projects booming deficits

George Takei :-)))))))))

Thanks Stormy Daniels for "taking one for the team".

What do Robert Mueller and Stephanie Clifford have in common?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for someone whose office was raided by the FBI?

Hey fellow Deep Staterswhat are the chances that Trump now fires Mueller?

One of the last living witnesses against Uribe survives two assassination attempts

Hey DU let's flip this Lou Dobbs poll!

This guy is f*cked and I'm the next...

Panama says it won't intervene to help Trump with hotel spat

Panama says it won't intervene to help Trump with hotel spat

Twitter users mock Trump lawyer after FBI raid by resurfacing 2015 tweet on Clinton

Hannity Tweet of 2013 lashed out at Obama for Golfing after Discussing Syria War Possibility

Trump's No Good, Very Bad Day Just Got Worse - Fed Court Finalizes $25M Trump University Settlement

Under Uribe, Colombias military killed more civilians than guerrillas: study

Americans Face Highest Gas Prices in Years

Today's lesson: Underestimate a porn star at your own peril


Jared's loan


Yellen says tax cuts are blowing up the budget

SpaceX's rocket videos are technically against the law. The US government just noticed.

Mueller Investigating Ukrainian's $150,000 Payment for a Trump Appearance



Trump's food stamp crackdown could wallop Walmart

Abramson: Trump denial he knew of Stormy Daniels agreement means atty/client MAY NOT apply

Cohen the "purse puppy"

Being Trump's Attorney...

Judge again denies bail for Manafort

Run Donny Donny run run the hounds are on your trail

GOP Senate chairman backs Pruitt as ethics probes expand

Conservatives and business leaders worried about the deficit take aim at Social Security and Medicar

Mueller Investigating Ukrainians $150,000 Payment for a Trump Appearance

Lawrence O'Donnell: Tonight @MichaelAvenatti gets the last word on FBI raid on Michael Cohen

Amid trade fight, Trump says he'll 'make it up' to farmers

I Love this Republican Conspiracy Theory

Tom Arnold: Roseanne Barr, ABC need to apologize for actress promoting 'insane' conspiracy theories

I am thinking that the events of today are a hand-off to the southern district of NY.

Chuck McCann, Zany Comic in Early Children's TV, Dies at 83

Chiles Biggest Volcano Could Be About to Erupt

New York Post front cover for tomorrow

Slate: "How to Build a Campaign Finance Case against DT & MC"

A Second Paul Manafort Associate Has Turned on Him

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Says Michael Cohen 'Has Been Set Up to Take the Fall'

Last week, it was reported that there were seven search warrants against Paul Manafort.

Trump: "they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys."

The biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake

Tucker said today's developments were no big deal

Democrats should be careful about supporting a rush into war.

Exclusive: As elections near, many older, educated, white voters shift away from Trump's party

Hey Donald:

El Chamn with Lee Lazarine of.the Mullens

MI-08: New poll shows Republican Incumbent Mike Bishop in Trouble.

What if the Stormy part of this Cohen raid is so much bigger than Stormy herself?

Considering the weight of the situation I think Rachel Maddow show is going to be dynamite tonight.

Stormy Daniels Lawyer on Cohen: 'When Push Comes to Shove,' He'll 'Fold Like a Cheap Deck of Cards'

NYT breaking: Mueller investigating Ukrainian's donation to trump foundation

Republicans are squirming all over the place, and the hypocrisy from them on Bill Clinton from 1998

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! So What Did I Miss? Mike's back!

Conservative TV Host's Show Canceled After Threatening to 'Ram a Hot Poker Up David Hogg's Ass'

My favorite story line graphic of the day, courtesy of HuffPo

George Takei's observations on raids during Obama's presidency...

Today was a good day

Do you remember this tweet of SHS ? It aged very, very, very, very well ! :-))

Payday-lending industry sues to block Obama administration-era rule

Good morning, Mr. Bolton.

Exclusive: U.S. watchdog seeks record fine against Wells Fargo for abuses - sources

Interior official compared Parkland students to Nazis

Haberman: Sources close to Trump say he's angrier than he's ever been, thinks this is really Mueller

David Hogg will take a gap year before college to work on the midterm elections

Sam Stein tweet :-)

Sinclair commentator resigns after crude tweet about Parkland survivor David Hogg

Who would of thought this was where we would be?

Trump has Freudian Slip During Tirade Against Sessions

Say, you know who had a really good Monday?? - guy named Scott Pruitt! Why, there were only

Trump's pretend lawyers have a sad....

Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, campaign finance violations.

Tennessee man facing federal hate crime charges

Orli Matlow : Jesse Pinkman already has the best joke about Michael Cohen

Mueller is the smartest man on the planet...

I would guess that a LOT of repug Senators are saying

Neo-Nazi group barred from armed rallies in Charlottesville

Columbo (TV Detective) helps with the case...

Heres Where You Can Tell Trump To Support Marijuana Rescheduling

The well-known billionaire---let's call him "Richie Rich"---eagerly donned a sterile gown, surgical

Want to know what they're talking about on Fox?

Trump on Friday, FBI today

Leave Mueller alone: GOPs Joe Walsh begs Trump to turn off Fox News and ignore advise to fire

I wonder what's on the minds of the good citizens of Freeperville tonight?

2018 US Senate Election- margin of victory for Democratic candidates and Republican candidates.

I think Cohen may have the pee tapes, sex tapes, collusion info, etc. I hope the FBI searched

Michael Avenatti coming up on MSNBC.

What Trump says in his speech about Cohen raid today

MAGA: My Attorney Got Arrested.

and on Fox "News".....

My song choice for this evening 4/9/18

worth a listen - 538 emergency politics podcast on today's breaking news

Does the whole country now understand

What Did Faux News sean hannity say about Kimmel

Oh My - THIS - is what one of Trump's loudest DEFENDERS is saying

FBI raid today. Tucker Carlson story tonight: "Pandas Are Aggressive And Sex-Crazed" (VIDEO)

Trump 2017 Tax Return

Meet Messi, The 1st Domesticated Puma. He's Gotten 58 Million Views And Isn't Slowing Down Soon

Yellen and other economists say tax cuts are blowing up the budget

TFW your personal attorney's home and office have been raided simultaneously by the FBI

Was that fire at Trump Tower on Saturday connected to Michael Cohen?

I hope the FBI breaks down the door when Trump is sitting on the 'throne'

What if Trump urges his legions of Deplorables to take to the streets ?

If I had a thing for lawyers

Is it time for you to try out "internet"?

Remember when...

Do you think Michael Cohen will pull a Frankie Five Angels to save Trump

Expired !! :-)))

This says it all:

Vive la France! Vive le Mueller!

Guess what they're talking about on Fox News

For a quick break: 'Chappaquiddick' ... opening weekend box office comparatives

I hate to ruin the party

China softening on trade war?

A report from the Right

Colombian FARC leader arrested on drug trafficking charge

Maybe this wasn't 45's "I am not a crook" moment ... but more like this ...

BREAKING:Michael Cohen Claims FBI Agent Ate Slice of Junior's Cheesecake From His Fridge During Raid

NYT: Mueller investigating 150 K payment by Ukrainian for a Trump appearance

FOX NEWS covers the troubling news of the day...

GOP Making It Impossible To Save The US Or The Planet For That Matter.

MAGA ... boom! A little humor

Another Reminder for the GOP

Great tweet:

If the FBI found it necessary to serve Cohen a no-knock warrant.....

The difference in the way Bill Clinton handled Starr and Trump handled Mueller...

Trump's own handpicked FBI director just raided his ѕleazy attorney's house.

A "democratic" witch hunt...

You were wrong, Obi Wan. We have found a more wretched hive of skum and villainy.

Fox News explains why Michael Cohen raid should terrify Donald Trump.

BREAKING: FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer's Office

what's the thing about the insurance policy?

Cohen, National Deputy Finance Chair of the GOP, has disappeared from the RNC website tonight

Missouri host who tweeted he'd 'ram a hot poker up' Parkland survivor resigns TV gig

I can't stop laughing @ Luntz: kids are using socialism to get sex

Appreciation Thread: The Rule of Law

Does this demand a caption or what! Courtesy of CNN

Most People In The Caravan Are From Honduras This Is Why Theyre Fleeing Their Country

Why is Carl Icahn not is jail and is Trump scared of him or just sucking up?

*Talk to Michael Cohen. Youll have to talk to Michael Cohen.*

If Hillary Clinton Is Crooked, Then Trump Is a...

Slate dusted off its Impeachometer today - has a good article along with it

Steve Schmidt just compared DT and his org to a patient

NRA May Have More Russian Contributors Than It First Said

Are the rats finally going to desert a sinking ship?

Index Awards 2018: Wendy Funes fearlessly pursues investigative journalism in Honduras

I don't see DJTs problem with the Cohen raid

Steve Schmidt: tRump Wallows in His Ignorance the Way a Hippo Wallows in the Mud


"Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister ?"

The "no knock" policy

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 12, 2018 -- TCM Spotlight: Victorian Era in Film

An ominous tweet from NYT's Maggie Haberman

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 13, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Randolph Scott

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 14, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: WWI Aviation

The Daily Show: Scott Pruitt Takes Cabinet Scandals to a New Level

The more Donnie protests his innocence, the more I recall Nixon's infamous words:

Tomorrow's New York Post

3 Takeaways on the FBI Raid of Michael Cohens Office

Scott Pruitts Civilization-Threatening Lie

US sheriff once said it was 'financially better' to kill than badly injure suspects

Been awhile. The humanity of goats.

A Competitive Eater Suffered a Rare 'Thunderclap' Headache Brought on by the World's Hottest Chili P

Hunting mystery giant lightning from space

Trump Is Said to Avoid Donating to Staff Fund for Russia Probes

The whales who love to sing in the dark

A whopping 100,000 16- and 17-year-olds have preregistered to vote in the Golden State

Michael Cohen wasn't the only attorney that had a career limiting day....

Cohen is the first step to a Trump deposition.

Trump Losing His Most Reliable Demographic

Another felon in Trumpland-- Trump Official Who Once Went to Prison for Cutting Exs Brake Lines

Mainstream Republicans

TAX MARCH April 15th. Repeal the tax scam.

March For Science April 14th.

Judge finalizes $25 million settlement for 'victims of Donald Trump's fraudulent university'

Scott Walker calls for military training facilities along Mexican border

Dana Milbank: Trump era ushers in the triumph of the bootlicker

Are the teachers strikes the beginning of a real worker revolt

These Americans are trapped in their jobs: they need to pay $10,000 to quit

You know, an FBI raid on a sitting president's personal lawyer seems kind of ... not small.

Did anyone hear Seth Meyer's baby story?

BREAKING: Allstate Just Dropped Laura Ingraham in Internal Memo to Employees

Will Cohen roll?

Eastern Orthodox Bright Week of Pascha (Easter): "Galician Paschal Troparion"/

Harvard student claims Trump lawyer threatened to have him expelled over prank

Nancy Pelosi on Trump calling the Mueller probe "an attack in our country"

Oklahoma orders cut in water injection after earthquakes

California becomes an emissions battleground

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/9/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Madeleine Albright Says 'See Something, Say Something, Do Something'

Horror of Being Governed by Fox & Friends

OK, so Trump has had a chance to "sleep on it."

Hey, Trumpty Dumpty, I got a new lawyer for you ! Looooooool !!

But(ter), her emails... :-)

Why The Simpsons' response to the Apu controversy was so heartbreaking

What kind of bees give milk?

"This search warrant is like dropping a bomb on Trumps front porch."

Michael Avenatti called Cohen "purse-puppy" , maybe he didn't dare "purse-pussy" ? :-)))

Sanders Statement on Pompeo

Rick Wilson: FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Is the Most Dangerous Day of Donald Trumps Life

Michael Cohen updated his LinkedIn.

So what do you think all those 'military' folks in that room yesterday

I'm having a field day digging up into the latest news :-))) Hannity bingo

Feds Are Treating Michael Cohen Like a Mob Lawyer, Trump Allies Say

The Battle Hymn

Mrs. Betty Bowers to @realDonaldTrump

Seth Myers CRAZY story of his second son's birth!

Panama says it won't intervene to help Trump with hotel dispute

Knock, Knock....

Fox & Friends has mostly ignored the Cohen raid so far

Warning of repercussions, Trump company lawyers seek Panama presidents help

Lou Dobbs: "This is now one of the most disgraceful events for law enforcement in American history."

"This is the first crisis post-Hope Hicks...I've never seen him like this before..."

Here come the tweets!

We Will NOT Be Deceived!!!

Up and tweeting....

I'm wondering if there is anyone left who can reason with trump*

"Just in case you want to know who these witches are that Trump says are coming after him..."

New Trump's favorite song (almost an anthem)

So some disenchanted Trump voters are commiserating

tRump admits he's a witch!

Mueller Gets Closer and Closer to Trump

RE: The no knock search on David Dennison's consigliere

"Live footage of me checking POTUS feed for crazy shit this morning":

Fair warning to Donald Trump: If you dare fuck with the rule of law...

There is talk about trump's "red line". My question is since when does the person being

Ex-Russian spy's daughter discharged

The Rundown: April 9, 2018

Listening to IL Rep. kinzunger (R) on Morning Joe this morning..

Is he going to wear a suit and tie? And a clean white shirt?

Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/4/18

Fox propaganda technique #31


Pompeo asks Clinton for advice as he preps for confirmation battle

Nixon was a criminal too, and he actually won by a lot ... how to respond to "duly elected"

London (15/22) - NYC (14/21) murder rates. Some background

TPM - "What To Make Of The FBIs Extraordinary Raid Of Michael Cohen"

I'm betting trump*'s insides are just as clenched, inflamed and tense as his outside appearance

TPM - "EPA Chief Of Staff Takes Fall For Raises, Claims Pruitt Unaware Despite Emails"

E. Coast High Tide Flooding Up 90% in 20 Years; Boston Should Prepare For 1.5 Ft SLR By 2050

Laura Ingraham Blasts 'Speech Czars' on the Left: They're 'Stalinist'

Slate - "Why Robert Mueller Handed Off the Michael Cohen Raid"

Russian spy: Daughter discharged from hospital

Milwaukee Lead Manager Suspended For Incompetence, Insubordination, Attempt To Steer Contracts

Trump: 'Attorney-Client Privilege Is Dead!'

Dancers photographed with dogs - ART!

Woman awarded $6.45 million in revenge porn case

Troops sent by Trump to border will fly drones, gather intel - and clear brush, too

EPA Superfund Head Can't Visit PCB-Contaminated WV Town; Too Busy Cleaning Up Pruitt's Mess

Some 200 migrants in Mexico caravan to seek U.S. asylum: organizers

CNN (let it be so!) - "FBI Raid Signals Dark Times Ahead for Donald Trump"

Kim Jong-un makes first official mention of US talks

Off the rails and headed for jail .... Trump tweets

Russia has figured out how to jam U.S. drones in Syria, officials say

Laura Ingraham is right

Beautiful Visualization Of Polar Temperature Outliers 1900 - 2017

Hilarious anagram :-)))

Private comment by Mueller on Cohen-raids has been leaked

It was Preet Bharara's replacement who did the search warrant on Cohen.

36 years ago today--The wildest double wedding I was ever invited to be in

Trump said " in order to keep it down"


Trump says this is a "Democratic witch hunt"!

Kellyanne Conway's husband just schooled Trump on the limits of attorney-client privilege

Tucker Carlson Goes on Marathon Rant Questioning Whether Assad Is Behind Attack in Syria

National Day of Action: April 14-15, 2018 - End US Wars! - Peace Marches

What makes the people flowing ? Spot the difference...

Raise your hand if your attorney's office wasn't raided

If David Dennison engineers the firing of Mueller he will be hoping for a violent response.

TPM - "What We Know And Dont Know About Election Hacking"

National Day of Action: April 14-15, 2018 - End US Wars! - Peace Marches

GOP Fears They Couldn't Confirm Pruitt Replacement

The Republican Party is on trial.

FBI Agent has seen only a handful of searches executed on attorneys -&- ALL of them went to prison

Why I think Trump will fire Mueller.

BANKKKRUPT: Stormfront, the Internets Oldest White Supremacist Site, Says Its Going Broke

Faux News : a pic worth thousands words !

So, has Donnie moved from subject to TARGET?

"It's A Witch Hunt"

'A bomb on Trump's front porch': FBI's Cohen raids hit home for the president

Poor Faux News......

" clearly a smokescreen to distract from both Hillarys misdeeds and Obamagate spying"

What does it all mean? America is still America..the rule of law abides.....

what if this is a strategy

Trump's own people are going to take him down

Nobody likes Lou Dobbs

Please indicate "funny" or "not real" on GD posts that aren't real news/opinion/etc

Trump Tweeting in ALL CAPS!

Death in Trump Tower Fire After Trump Fought Sprinkler Law

Trump Website Pays Sales Tax In 2 States; Amazon Pays In 45

Trump abruptly cancels planned South American trip as scandals explode around him

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face class action lawsuit

Oh look I see a witch .... Jill Wine Banks' brooch

BREAKING; Trump pulls out of the Summit of the Americas.

Chris Christie shoots down presidents crazed tweets: 'Attorney-client privilege is not dead'

A sobering thought.

Hungary election: OSCE monitors deliver damning verdict

A Second Paul Manafort Associate Has Turned on Him

Its pretty bad when Tommy Thompson calls Walker a bully.

Democratic control of Congress preferred 69%-28%, majority of young Democrats definitely voting

USA - Day 443 & counting.....

John Bolton must think he's died and gone to heaven(?)...

Shaun King harassed at border by ICE, questioned about BLM and social media activity.

Stormy Daniels lawyer to Trump: What's dead is using attorney-client privilege to hide illegal acts

No witch hunt! No witch hunt! Orange warlock hunt, Donwald!

Remember when our "friends " at JPR instructed us Secretary Clinton would start WW lll

Trump sending Pence to SA summit in his place - Weekend at Bernie's, a sequel?

Preet Bharara to Trump: 'Long live the crime-fraud exception'

Trump acts like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Could he sound any more guilty???

A case of oversharing on social media that went very, VERY bad

Grassley: "It would be suicide" for Trump to fire Mueller

If I could change the way I twitted my life...1st NotraCohenAss :-))

Laura Ingraham hits rock bottom

How is the stock market up almost 400 points?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Framed!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - FBook

Vote for Maduro, or we cut off your food!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Lackeys and crooks

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

It's Omar Sharif's 86th birthday, you fargin sneaky bastages!

Really, why is McConnell and Ryan sitting back and doing nothing?

Thousands cheer madly as Titanic leaves Southampton on maiden voyage, April 10, 1912.

Who will Trump fire today?


Breaking: Trump adviser Tom Bossert is resigning (Homeland Security adviser)

Scalias Goal Of Unwinding Voter Protections Is Becoming A Reality

Look on the bright side, Donnie...

Trump administration issues new rule chipping away at Obamacare

Fishing boat caught with illegal 18-mile-long nets: 'A risk to almost all marine life'

No, Donald, Michael Cohen's office was not "broken into."

Add one more to Rachel's list - Tom Bossert, Homeland Security Adviser resigns

No matter how bad of a day you having today, just remember...

How to Make Mac and Cheese

Scandal: Justice Department pays $8,000 for Drapes

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders: Standing Up For Seniors

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Out of the gate (Assad)

Did a Republican Governor Snub VP Mike Pence?

republican's chosen leader* brags that his tower "withstood" a fire

Roger Stone said in July 16 Russians were 'most likely' behind WikiLeaks emails & doing it to help..

HUD Long Neglected These Residents. Now As They Move Out, Some Feel HUD Let Them Down Again.

This email I recieved summarizes what happens to our data. Funny but not funny!

"To Be Fair"

White House homeland security adviser resigns amid continued turnover in Trump administration

Sinclair TV chairman to Trump: 'We are here to deliver your message'

Pompeo asks Clinton for advice as he preps for confirmation battle

A closing argument for the day

I found the video of the Cohen raid

Lukovich cartoon

Rudy Giuliani Gives the Most Bizarre Explanation Yet for Cohen FBI Raid

Man, Fox News is going hard on Hillary's emails

Trump's Twitter account - how many genuine supporters does he actually have on there now?

The Giraffe Necked Weevil

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

If Trump supporters were the Titanic...

Woman Claims Wind Blew Cocaine Into Her Purse

Lou Dobbs' twitter poll didn't go the way he expected

Soccer coach vs. hockey coach

My local representative in the Indiana House of Representatives is a guy named Dick Hamm.

May I call her "Stormy-Antoinette" ?

Pic Of The Moment: Witch Hunt? Trump Blames Attorney Raid On Democrats, Despite The Fact That...

Parkland Survivor Rips Ted Nugent For Shooting Remarks

Jason Kander, Rising Democratic Party Star, Has Book Deal

Check Mate - Sen Chuck Schumer

Tinkle, Traitor, Stormy, Spy

Mesmerized by dog ass

There will be no "honeymoon" for a post-Donald Trump President Mike Pence. Mark my words.

Just in....

I think the FBI may also be looking into the threat on Stormy Daniels life

Moran at work...

Search warrant reveals Mueller's interest in Manafort's actions during Trump campaign

The GOP Wants US With No Safety Net, No Pensions, No Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

Dear Mr. President, If you're truly concerned about people being poisoned

Dow rallies 500 points as Chinas Xi alleviates trade war fears

Trumps best hand.

'I've never seen him like this before' W.H. sources say Cohen raid ignited Trump's "untethered rage"

Red Pill Rally In DC Unites Far-Right Conspiracy Theories and Apocalyptic Religion

Texas AG Commissioner Sid Miller appoints ex-doctor who has 2 revoked medical licenses

ABCnews: Trump less inclined to sit down with Mueller's probe

"Michael Cohen is the most important non-Trump in the Trump business world."

DOTUS: Farmers will understand if they get hurt in China trade spat

If you want a friend in Washington, Get a Dog. Trump's dog bit him...

If I were King - Ways to end inequality in America

Funny how things evolve.

What would put the icing on the cake - FBI raiding NRA offices

Here's a guy who takes things literally

President Trump 'less inclined' to sit down with special counsel for interview after raid...

How did the Bubonic Plague make the Italian Renaissance possible?

The Dutch Were Taking Uncomfortable Portraits Before Anyone Else

Rod Rosenstein Personally Approved F.B.I. Raid on Trump Lawyer, Officials Say

All sorts of theories put out as to why mcconnell and ryan stand pat. Here's mine:

Studies Confirm That Republicans Only Listen To Rich People

Collapsing Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte (Strong Bolivar) depreciates 40% over the weekend

Over The Hills And Far Away

Power of attorney question

Thanks for the Right Wing Echo Chamber, Ronnie Raygun

Great Britain is Now a Fox News Free Zone.

What are your Favorite Books on Pre-Colombian Native History

"Trump poised to be 1st president in history whose official portrait is actually a courtroom sketch"

Ask her about the 'gravity' of calling her 'morally reprehensible'

SCOOP: ABC News has learned Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the SD of NY is recused

Poachers Load Up On California Coastal Succulents, Sell Them In Asia For $50 Each

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein directly approved the application for a search warrant

Hilarious Alex Jones Meltdown

US Attorney, Trump appointee, recused from Michael Cohen investigation

Bill Kristol tweet : "The first reaction of an innocent person" :-))))

Grassley Appeals To Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be Presidential 'Suicide'

I guess it really is Infrastructure Week

Search documents in raid sought on no on taxi medallions

No. 2 Senate Republican: 'Big mistake' to fire Mueller

IQ45 was just on. He looks ashy under the eyes.

Raid on Trump's Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

FBI also looking into Karen McDougal payments

Let this be plastered en masse outside the White House and wherever Donald Trump goes.

Macron sparks uproar with church-state remarks

Senators: E.P.A. Files Undercut Pruitts Need for First-Class Travel

Knock, knock!!

🎼 "It's raiding men, hallelujah..." 🎼

Post a line from a TV show and see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google

Ohio early voting starts TODAY April 10, 2018

Stormy Daniels' attorney: Tripwires that could land Trump's attorney in jail (VIDEO)

Berman's recused (and, comically, rescued) from the Cohen investigation

Did Sean Hannity ever said anything negative

Ingenious new trick his handlers have devised to engage for policy decisions...

All the presidents men couldnt put trumpty back together again.

Graham Doesn't Think Trump Will Fire Mueller: 'I Think He's Smarter Than That'

Reliving field trip memories at Sutter's Fort! - Road Trip Day 11 Episode 30

"Cuba and the Cameraman." Wonderful film!

Someone Please Explain...Why?

Recusal Translated....

CNN: Search warrant included docs related to Cohen's taxi medallions

Breaking; Pandas Exposed...

Trump 's security blanket dinner last night: pic


Erasing Michael Cohen....

Much More than Stormy....

Honestly, why is Daniels' statement about being able to describe Trump's genitalia even relevant?

A smile for you, esp. us Watergate era folks.

Taxis! - By Josh Marshall

Hillary was asked...UNBELIEVABLE

David Hogg might need more security than Scott Pruitt.

Fake Phone Survey Alert: "Informed Electorate" wants you to participate

Schumer: It's time to vote on legislation protecting Mueller

Suck on This Donald Spanky Trump!

Trump organization asked to turn over docs related to Stormy

Trump canceled his trip to Peru and Colombia ...

Shouldnt We get paid for selling us...?

Trump Company asked Panama president to intervene in hotel spat

Homeland security advisor resigns -- no link, on cnn

And another one...

Two phone scams in 15 minutes


Satellite imaging shows a caravan of criminal defense attorneys trying to cross the Potomac

Hey Don, have you outlawed Bump Stocks yet or raised the age of buying AR-15's to 21?

FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Is the Most Dangerous Day of Donald Trump's Life

The Dirty Dozen (70% of conventional non-organic are contaminated with pesticides)


on a lighter note-- did idiot ingraham return from easter break?

Still counting...

The preacher who used Christianity to revive the Ku Klux Klan

Oh My! Breaking in WP - Feds ask Con org for records related to

Raid on Trump's Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

Zuckerberg bingo card....

Time to do a DU ya'll. About the anger in this country from a MAGA twitter

So! Let's walk back in history to the day Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor for Watergate!

No one wants to listen to the sex workers

David Corn: "The only thing worse than having the FBI raid your office is..."

Audrey Meadows pays tribute to Jackie Gleason

Stormy Daniels lawyer to Trump: What's dead is using attorney-client privilege to hide illegal acts

Dem Leader: The only one attacking America is Trump

For my 3000th post, I'd just like to say that ...

Benjamin Wittes 5 Early Morning Thoughts on Treason Tuesday

Wow, depressingly true post

David Corn: A Russian Business Associate of Wilbur Ross Was Just Sanctioned by the Trump Admin

Trump is writing a new book.....

YAY! It's the Sarah Sanders "day after Cohen" press briefing! I expect truth after truth after...

Mueller examining more unreported Seychelles 2017 meetings

Walker accuses Wisconsin Democrats of 'anger and hatred'

Apple Working on TV Show Adapted From Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' Novels

Sanders Applauded for Vow to Vote No on Pompeo Hundreds of Groups Urge Senate to Reject Unfit Choice

SlimFast drops advertisements on Laura Ingraham's show

They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesdays just as bad ...

Sanders Applauded for Vow to Vote No on Pompeo Hundreds of Groups Urge Senate to Reject Unfit Choice

Animals reuniting:

I'm trying to make friends outside Facebook

Trump abusing his power to hire NSA with no concern for national security.

Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for 'dreamers'

Federal prosecutors ask Trump Organization for records related to Stormy Daniels: report

Trump Ethanol Moves May Be Worse for Farmers Than Soy Tariff

"Cohen Me, Cohen You"

Chris Christie destroys Trumps witch hunt claim about Mueller

Another calm advisor is out!

Jamie (Red Hot Poker ) Allman taken off his KFTK (radio) talk show (already lost TV show).

"YOU CAN'T STOP HIS TWEETS! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

They're crooks and cheats and liars and colluders and money launderers. And some I assume . . . . .

Mike Pence Horrified By D.C. Cherry Trees Flagrantly Displaying Reproductive Organs

Progressives must fight for jobs as a right going forward

Will Trump Really Fire Mueller? And 3 More Key Questions After Mondays Raid

All Shook Up

Why the F.B.I. Raid Is Perilous for Michael Cohen and Trump

The Secret Service identified no reports of behaviors of interest against EPA Adm Pruitt!! HE LIES

Inside Michael Cohen's New York Hotel on the Day of the FBI Raid

Love the pin Jill Wine-Banks was wearing on Last Word

The Windmills of Trump's Mind (a turn-over song) --Sandy and Richard Riccardi

BREAKING: In wake of Cohen raid, Sarah reads a NEW letter from 9 year old Dylan, A.K.A. "Pickle"

Mike Pence Horrified By D.C. Cherry Trees Flagrantly Displaying Reproductive Organs

Farmers reaping what they sowed in supporting Trump

A growing threat to local coverage of news

Trump nixes trip to Summit of the Americas

Fox News Says It Will Decide Trumps Syria Response in Next Forty-Eight Hours

Boom on Putin...

No, Whitney Cummings, Rump voters did NOT vote for him for jobs!

Menopause by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Menopause by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Green groups urge Senate to reject Pompeo nomination

LORDY! I Hope There Were Tapes!--Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Boom on Donald jr. and Ivanka...

Kevin McCarthy plays inside game in shadow campaign for Speaker

This might be old news but it bears repeating

Trump nixes trip to Summit of the Americas

After Cohen raid, prosecutors ask Trump Org to turn over records related to Stormy Daniels payments

Rudy Giuliani...Cohen no big deal...LOL

More Spring photos!

Yesterday's Anubis sighting

GOP senator wants committee vote on bill protecting Mueller

Grassley, right now, setting the table at the Zuckerberg hearing...

Just a reminder how sick and dangerous the Alt. Right is..

My guess is that trump wishes he had never run for president.

Did I just hear SHS say Trump "has the authority" to fire Mueller?

Mueller and the FBI had the evidence on Cohen before the raids.

McConnell sends warning over nomination votes

The Trump Russia probe is expanding, as Mueller looks into new meetings in Seychelles: exclusive

Trump and chess....

Nine Seconds of Comedy Gold

In response to a Twitter Poll on "the hatred and anger"

"He's losing his shit. We're at a different level now."

Steny Hoyer whacks GOP for sudden interest in deficit spending

What do you think? Is Hope Hicks his binkie??

Knock, knock...

The AUMF Must Be Repealed!!! Otherwise, 45 and Bolton are going to use it.

How the Trumpsters really feel about you Democratic voters!

Very BAD News...Get Ready Patriots

Trump's Death Star Had a Weakness

Name top 3 great movies (in your opinionn) that you have seen... Explain if you wish..

Fox reporter: Trump "very appreciative" of being asked why he doesn't just fire Mueller

Mueller examining series of previously unreported meetings that took place in 2017 in the Seychelles

White House: Trump believes he has power to fire Mueller

The CLOUD Act was just signed into law: Here's what you need to know

Poll: Nearly 70 percent of Americans say Trump shouldn't fire Mueller

And anti-Semitism rears it's ugly head ... again

Canwell asking serious questions about this company

My dentist fixed my chipped tooth today and I'm relieved. But here's the bad news...

We are screwed - Chuck Grassley leading a hearing on technology.

Former Sinclair producer: 'If I dont take a stand, I figured, who will?'

Phil Coyne, Pirates Usher Since the Great Depression, Retires at 99

Man, Zuckenburg could've walked into a senior center and gotten the same if not better questions.

What Michael Cohen Knows About the Trump Organization

Trump, awakened by his nightmare, sits in a cold sweat

Selling all 200 of my PC games...1996 to 2013 games : (

NJ news: Mueller investigating additional (that's right) Seychelles meetings

A beautiful Orthodox church on the way to Belgrade. Only 2 photos today

If and when Democrats regain control of the federal government

It is about to hit the fan!

Quantum simulator offers faster route for prime factorization

Trump Says Jared Kushner Looks Like "Little Boy" On TV, Wants Him Out Of White House

MAGA - My Attorney Got Arrested!

Trump Takover - PBS Frontline tonight

America has a small attention span

Trump lawyer now claims his statements about Stormy Daniels were just hyperbole

Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Is Cooperating With Mueller Probe

Sprint and T-Mobile Revisit Merger Talks

Fox News Radio reporter: Trump mouthed thank you for question about firing Mueller

Roy Moore Files Claims Against Female Accuser

The F Bomb

EPA removes staffer whose report questioned Pruitt's security needs: report

Charles P. Pierce: Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now

Lance Wallnau Rails Against The Flippin Nutjobs Who Raided Michael Cohens Office

Republican candidate for Oregon Legislature frequently disparages Jews and Muslims on social media

(Jewish Group) Republican candidate for Oregon Legislature frequently disparages Jews and Muslims on

ICE Statement Conflicts With Footage of Crash That Killed Immigrant Couple

Why The Simpsons' response to the Apu controversy was so heartbreaking: Essay

How to Check If Cambridge Analytica Has Your Facebook Info

(Jewish Group) The unmentioned motive in Parkland: anti-Semitism

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day this year?

Ft Lauderdale folks hunker down!

Mike Luckovich: Weaponized

"Now for a live look at Mark Zuckerberg's testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee"

(Jewish Group) Context always matters when reporting on antisemitism

Briefing Gets Tense as Several Reporters Yield Questions to Each Other After Sarah Sanders Tries...

Lou Dobbs called for the "SOB Mueller" to be fired immediately.

(Jewish Group) Senior Polish Politician in Antisemitic Rant: The Jews Are Not Humans, They Are Anim

Sen. John Kennedy (R) LA,

This about pegs it: Charles Grassley, techie extraordinaire gets to bottom of all things Facebook

Tom Paine December 23, 1776

(Jewish Group) GI Jews Didnt Just Fight Nazis They Battled Anti-Semitism In The Ranks Too

GI Jews Didnt Just Fight Nazis They Battled Anti-Semitism In The Ranks Too

Look at the photo of Trump Reuters used for story about DT thinking he has power to fire Mueller

Daily Beast: FBI raid on Cohen most dangerous day of Trump's life

There are kids at my kids' high school planning a walk out on May 2nd in support of the 2nd Amendmen

Poll: odds that Trump won't finish his term

Question about breaking attorney-client privilege.

European Commission raids Murdoch's Fox HQ in London

Happy 140th Birthday, the California Street Cable Railroad

European Commission raids Murdoch's Fox offices in London

Whoa! Murdoch's London offices raided:

Firing Sessions/Rosenstein to get Mueller won't work. Here's why, which NOBODY is saying on TV!

Patrick Leahy to Zuckerberg: U.N. investigators have blamed you for playing a role in that genocide

Report: Trump Huddled With Attorney Marc Kasowitz About Cohen Raid

Those little joys....

Hoping our military, allies, and the innocent people in Syria, stay safe

Sanders: 'Absolutely Ridiculous' To Ask If Trump Has Considered Stepping Down

Liverpool get it done

DeVos Praises Charter, Private Schools As US Student Progress Ratings Flatline

MAGA - My Attorney Got Ambushed

Has anybody applied for the Global Entry clearance?

Next month, my sewer bill goes up 344%

Nebraska Sandhill Crane Migration 2018

Reposting from General Discussion to the lounge. This is not a real post.


Sanders: Absolutely Ridiculous To Ask If Trump Has Considered Stepping Down

Removal of controversial fountain expected to start soon

A reminder to all good Dems...


Israel says slain journalist was a Hamas spy. The U.S. had just approved a grant for his company.

We are getting to an interesting point in the investiation.

Sinclair TV chairman to Trump: 'We are here to deliver your message'


Dershowitz isn't even trying to hide it now... Updated with comment from Seth A.

Counterchekist: Cohen raids were in large part targeting POTUS

The Coolest Movie You've Never Seen...

Faux Snooze gets Real...

The Coolest Movie You've Never Seen...

Per MSNBC Stormy Daniels cooperating with federal investigators

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 10, 2018

Sinclair television stations release video attacking CNN

Breaking: US SenatorThom Tillis (R-NC) insists that Congress needs to protect Mueller NOW

Kansas officials find $80M error in school funding measure

President Donald J. Trump Announces Twelfth Wave of Judicial Nominees, Twelfth Wave of United States

Twins ?

Bank of America to Stop Financing Makers of Military-Style Guns

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pride of Madeira

Meanwhile in Los Angeles:

Trump to put biofuel reform on ice: "Trump failed to broker a deal between Big Oil and Big Corn"

Rude Pundit for the win:

THURSDAY: House vote on Balanced Budget Amdt. IMMEDIATE cuts to Social Sec/Medicare...

Hey, President Donnie -- Here's a violent felon ailen you can deport!

3 years later, an arrest finally made in my neighbor's murder

Latest set of NYT Op Eds are hitting the orange idiot hard

Is there anything the Democrats can do, no matter how obscure of a rule, to stop McConnell

House Republicans to vote on a balanced budget amendment...unlikely to get out of Senate

Trump Less Inclined to Meet with Mueller

When the Democrats regain control of the government

Michael Cohen speaks : Says FBI agents were "courteous and respectful"

Today is the 10th Anniversary of!

What camera/lens gear do you have?

Russia has figured out how to jam U.S. drones in Syria, officials say

Will Trump Start a War To Avoid Mueller Prosecution

This could get ugly fast

U.S. report blames Hawaii missile scare on human error, poor safeguards

Snowy owl found starving is released after help from Nebraska, Minnesota raptor centers

TJ Miller: US actor charged over fake bomb threat on train

After deadly crashes in Pacific, U.S. Navy refocuses on leadership

Young Americans Appear More Determined Than Ever to Vote in the Midterms

Argentina's top opposition party seized, figure close to President Macri named as head

Ohio Democratic Canidates Debate Tonight



Ohio Democratic Canidates Debate Tonight, at 7 pm

Which Would You Rather See?

On MSNBC: Stormy Daniels cooperating with feds!

Trump signs order calling for work requirements in welfare programs

Firing Mueller and Rosenstein wont save Trumps closest allies

Jeez, that's a lot of crap floating out there in space

Fox News' Lou Dobbs tries to rally Trump support with online pollFAILS hilariously

I have been think about this since yesterday &.....

Trump considering firing Rosenstein to check Mueller

Kick the squatters out of the Capitol

Trump orders top-to-bottom review of welfare programs

Have you noticed? He never uses the word Democracy...."disgrace to our country" he said...

Ding dong, the recall's dead: GOP effort to undo Democratic election wins in Nevada has failed

Trump Sought to Fire Mueller In December

Trump May Fire Rod Rosenstein

Trump Sought to Fire Mueller in December

Jeff Sessions was just spotted leaving the White House.

They shut down Backpage. Yay. Now what?

Stable genius logic...

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer aims to topple Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump

EPA career staffer fired to cover Scott Pruitt corruption

This really isn't about Trump. How to talk to your Trump friends/relatives.

European Commission raids Murdochs Fox offices over cartel concerns: report

Will Repukes actually impeach and convict Chump if he removes Mueller?

Okay Mitch! It's time to make your move.

George Will-Theres no good reason to stop felons from voting

Suspected attackers after gay pride parade surrender

If the Dems take the Senate this year, NO confirmation

Jesus Christ. Chris Matthews just asked Charlie Dent why Trump didn't just fire Mueller

NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW protests if Mueller is fired.

Does anyone have any idea what the morale is like at the FBI?

Louisiana law to ban sex with animals wins Senate vote 25 - 10

Michael Cohen on Don Lemon tonight @ ten.

Trumps tax cuts didnt benefit American workers

Kentucky lawmaker fined for 'inappropriate text messages'

Florida cities challenge state ban on local gun laws

Sacramento police issue new directive on muting body cameras

So he's having dinner with

FL-SD31: Lori Berman wins election to keep State Senate seat blue.