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Canadian Doctors Say They're Paid Too Much, and Are Protesting to Lower Their Own Salaries.

ER Visits For Opioid Overdose Double In Wisconsin: CDC: The largest increase- 109%was in Wisc

Purpose of the Seychelles meeting between Russians and Trump associates

Kim Jon Un just gave an invite to Trump for a meeting. CNN Will Trump

Beware of diversions and distractions.

The tariff signing didn't get Stormy Daniels off TV so let's have a "major announcement" on Korea

Some Movies have actors cast to movie

Increasingly unclear how US is countering Russian cyber attacks

Wouldn't it be something if Russia has agreed to help North

Inspector general's report says the FAA has bungled a $36 billion project

Can you imagine Kim Jong-Un and Trump in the same room?

Free Greta Lindecrantz

OK, everyone just SHUT UP! I understand how dead air on TV is...

Is it normal for a foreign delagate to be briefing the US public from WH lawn?

UPDATED: North Korean leader has invited Trump to a meeting, U.S. officials say

Canada unveils new vertical $10 bill with first Canadian woman featured

Trump-Russia mess could force White House Counsel to resign

Never-Before-Seen Mineral Found Inside a 'Super Deep' Diamond The find can tell scientists how ocean

** NK said they are committed to denuclearization*

Dotard once again had to be reminded to sign document at signing ceremony

Puppet master at work-NK sudden turn to diplomacy is part of the game Putin is playing.

A mysterious bag containing 53 human hands appears on a Russian island near Chinas border

Manafort pleads Not Guilty. Did Trump promise him a pardon.

Education in OKLAHOMA: Teacher Who Panhandled for School Supplies! Speaks Out

Kevin Swanson Warns That God May Destroy America Over The Shape Of Water

"By May" is already a mistake.

Watch MSNBC host get Stacey Dash to admit shes clueless while talking about her political campaig

Look, NK said they will cease missle test while

Question: Why is Fux Ruse NOT showing Korea news but Prince/Russia instead?

Full screen apps question.

Where should the meeting take place?

China, the US, and the Koteas- my opinion

What happened to Gram Parsons?


Odds of the following prediction coming true:

Really wish Superman would swoop down and save democracy.

Passing along a message from the NDRC (Arizona redistricting committee).

My bets on Putin to be orchestrating the move by NK

Something is up....why wasn't Trump out in front of the cameras taking credit for announced talks?

Stormy Daniels records '60 Minutes' interview

Trump is going to ask NK to pretend to de-nuclearize, same as he did w Mexico ...

Welp, yesterday we did it.

Trumpy Versus Kim

Spirit Flt#237 diverted due to bomb threat

Dem Rep: Trump meeting with Kim could help prevent 'catastrophic war'

Canadian court rules parents do not need to lie about Easter Bunny

Huckabee Sanders Warns Stormy Daniels' Disclosures Just Steamy, Sexy Distraction From Real Issues

You know what I really can't tolerate??

Former CIA officer Phil Mudd calls BS on Kim Jong-Un's offer: 'I don't buy this for a second'

An Operative (George Nader) With Trump Ties Was Once Indicted on an Obscenity Charge

Prediction: Trump will not meet Kim Jong Un

Erin Burnett is killing them on CNN...

​Pepe the Frog creator brings copyright lawsuit

Wait--did Trump pay off 2 porn stars?

So? How long into his "visit" will PGIC ask for

Woman named in Stormy Daniels' document accused Trump of unwanted advances

In one week, 2 racists Florida teachers in the news guy.. Bill Richardson

It's party time!

No way Trump wrote his latest tweet

If the attack by Russia on the United States is an accepted fact and we seem unable to defend

Im leaving for Morocco tonight...

He hates going out in the snow.

Finally does something Republicans can't stomach

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Obama is in talks with Netflix to produce shows for the streaming servic

How's this for a sunset reflection?

Women Who Experience Anxiety After Getting an Abortion Could Be Reported to State Under Indiana Bill

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix

Alleged payoff for porn star's silence warrants FEC investigation

Parkland teen who shielded classmates from bullets now in critical condition

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Losing Hope!

Kim doesnt leave North Korea. Hows this going to work?

Sinclair's new media-bashing promos rankle local anchors

Florida Lawmakers Pass First Gun Control Bill in Decades


Were Not Your Pawns: Parklands Never Again Movement Meets the Lawmakers

Trump supporter Steve Cortes on StormyGate: "I don't care about Stormy Daniels. I really don't care"

International Women's Day 2018 in Pictures: Strikes and Protests Around the World

What is wrong with our system of government...

Gun profits fund the NRA. Sadly, if you buy guns or ammo, you're contributing to kids' deaths.

Why does Kim Jong-Un want Trump to come over to his house for talks?

Teenagers Defeat Trumps Move to Kill Climate Change Lawsuit

One of the most beautiful songs evah!!!!!

msnbc doing great in the cable ratings. ..Hannity's audience shrinks as Trump is hit with deluge of

Another moment of Trump getting owned in public, a bit ago:

Interior Secretary reportedly bought a $139,000 door with taxpayer money..

Idaho rejects gun control bill aimed at domestic abusers

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix

Sen Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii): We cannot count on GOP being patriots. Give the midterms all you got.

U.S. issues travel warning for popular Mexican tourist city

Trump has invited Kim Jong-un to golf at Mar-A-Lago.

Efforts to Set Up a Trump-Russia Back Channel

Trump's Meeting With Video Game Industry Stacked With Anti-Game Critics

How the right exploits the media (to get pro-rightwing coverage) - Carlos Maza

These WWII Veterans Came Home and Launched an Insurrection Against Corrupt Politicians

Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to tax and fraud charges in Virginia court

North Korea's nuclear program got a huge boost from Putin...

Curious........ if you get cremated when you die.........

I sympathize, but I don't understand. (Arizona redistricting.)

Ban idiots not guns 'Merica....

Trump vs Kim Jong Un ... It's WAR !!

Sessions' draft strategic plan for DOJ cracks down on undocumented immigrants, leaks: report

Anyone into Kratom?

Lindsey Graham needs the smelling salts...

Kushner still running US diplomacy

FDA Puts Drug Supply Chain on Notice

Master and Commander

How a Trade War Escalates - WSJ Editorial

The International Vision of John Willis Menard, First African-American Elected to Congress

The International Vision of John Willis Menard, First African-American Elected to Congress

Never ASK ALEXA These Questions or You Will Regret It - STOP

tRump agrees with whoever he is talking to

U.S. destroyer McCain collision which killed 10 sailors caused by 'sudden turn': Singapore

Three words that became hard to say... I & love & you

WSJ: Trump donors meeting with Russian executive draws Mueller's scrutiny

Michael Isikoff and David Corn have new book called "Russian Roulette"

And now for something completely different:

Ted Budd does not want taxpayers to fund projects in blue states

SHITLER and Kim should delay until Mexico's election, wait for AMLO (LOPEZ Obrador) to join them

What a picture. I'm sure Barack has one of those beaming grins on his face!

The arbitration states only Trump can file for arbitration not Cohen so Trump is stuck

Trump coming to California. First time since elections. Expect the "Woodstock of demonstrations"

Please Cut the Crap About Red States Subsidizing Blue States

"Candidate for Wisconsin governor breastfeeds in campaign ad"

"You're the words in a song, that Shannon Hoon sang to me.... "

Remember when Obama said he was willing to meet with our enemies?

"Vatican Magazine Exposes Economic and Social Inequality Facing Nuns"

Dude Who Cant Stop His Staff From Buying $140,000 Doors Thinks He Can Disarm North Korea. (Ferret)

Morning Song

Rhode Island bill: pay a one-time $20 fee to access porn sites or other "offensive material" online.

Please, extend my deepest gratitude to Elad.

ATF investigates after congressional candidate cut apart AR-15

No hard feelings

New Photo Shows Huge Cyclone Horde on Jupiter (NatGeo)

Obama in Talks to Provide Shows for Netflix

Seth Meyers - Trump's One Advisor, Fake Nudes - Monologue - 3/7/18

Judge rules against Monsanto's objection to use pages from Monsanto's controversial 1983 mouse study

International Women's Day in the Trump White House

Seth Meyers - Robert Mueller Investigates Trump's Kremlin Back Channel: A Closer Look

The fool has given NK a huge gift.

The great negotiator just gave Kim Jong-Un equal status with the President of the United States...

Looks Like Session Turning DOJ Into US Version Of The Gestapo.

Question: What's the difference between a Russian bot and a Trump supporter?

The Daily Show: The Noninfluence of Video Games on Gun Violence

Native American music fusion

Honoring Hillary Rodham Clinton on International Women's Day

Loyal dog waits outside Sao Paolo hospital every day for dead owner

Loyal dog waits outside Sao Paolo hospital every day for dead owner

Jen Psaki tweet in response to republican.

I'm Convinced That Wilbur Ross Was The Model For Mr. Magoo.....

The focus of the upcoming summit is all about trump and Kim Jong-Un but credit probably belongs...

Want to have a little fun?

Border Patrol forcibly takes mother from her girls in the midde of the street

Video games with guns are a problem,

I ran for "dog catcher" and I won!

Maybe I'm paranoid, but could Trump be planning to mobilize the NG?

lavender lemonade for headaches & anxiety relief

Investigations into former President lvaro Uribe to be reopened, Supreme Court rules

uhaul rental sf to las vegas $2085 las vegas to sf $132

The NRA Says It Has 5 Million Members. Its Magazines Tell Another Story.

If Trump Can Be Bound By and Enforce An Agreement He Was Not Aware of...

Mattel makes Frida Kahlo doll without the unibrow

Found myself nostalgic about Obama and someone SANE & REAL in the WH... *sob*

A sampling of walk-out stories

Real Monopoly is hard to win with a Conman banker....

Don't let the Russia probe numb you

Rohrabacher under fire over Russia ties

Anyone Suspicious That Russia Is Somehow Involved In This North Korea....

A PZ Myers Quote

I bet Michael Cohen paid off another woman just a few days before the election,

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/8/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest Chris Hayes On Trump-Russia Allegations: Why Is Everyone Acting Guilty?

Just so you know, if you're new to shitty politics, Trump and Kim aren't going to denuclearize.

Stephen Colbert and the internet react to nickname feud between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz

Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists

Here's what will happen if Trump meets Kim Jong Un:

Two scenes from Barcelona yesterday--if you REALLY have nothing else to do for ten minutes.

(Jewish Group) Extremists Exploit Gun Control Issue to Stir Hatred of Jews

Donald Trump's new waterpark!

Women's March Leader Refuses to Denounce Antigay, Anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan

Let's see if I have this straight ...

Penguin Selfie: Need a smile?

Did joy behar call pence personally and apologize?

Trump Agreeing to meet NK Dictator with NO concessions, such as release of US Prisioners or

Donnie and Kimmy trying to make each other legitimate,

Iran jails woman for removing headscarf in public

Ha-On Morning Joe-He cant even make a deal with a porn star,

Third woman accuses Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan of rape

Progressive group targets Illinois Dem in tough primary over immigration

Former DOJ officials raise Trump AT&T interference concerns

This doesn't sound like come get my weapons, please.

Tillerson says talks, but no negotiations with NKorea

What should US policy with respect to North Korea be?

Trump impulsively agreed to meet Kim.

Democrats Are Considering Dropping Superdelegates Altogether

Americans held in North Korea - 3. 10 were released during Obama's term.

Robert Mueller will take care of Trump. WE THE PEOPLE need to vote out the GOP.

Dog licks frozen newborn lamb back to life:

Lead Poisoning Cases Among Children Up 40% In 2 Year In One Grand Rapids ZIP Code

Who Stands to Gain from North Korea-U.S. Meeting?

Dog licks frozen newborn lamb back to life:

2 Grandiose Surprise Actions n 2 days, Trump knows Mueller has the goods.

Trump Meeting Is Just What Kim Jong Un Has Always Wanted

An Operative With Trump Ties Was Once Indicted on an Obscenity Charge

Hugging is BAD!

Bernie Sanders campaigns in Trump country

"Hush Agreement"

Report: 'Retired' Spy May Still Have Been Working When Poisoned

100 easy ways to make women's lives more bearable

GOP getting ready for another round of gerrymandering

Fox News settles gender discrimination suit with female reporter, her lawyer says

Parkland Deputy Told Cops to Stay Away During Shooting

Eugene Robinson says: Stormy beat Trump at his own game:

China Hits Out at Trump Tariffs and Warns of Retaliation

Trump official under fire after granting broad access to mining and oil firms

Is it not true that THERE WAS NO LETTER from Kim to Trump------just a "verbal message"?

Love Stormy's Tweet - But the correct spelling is "strong woman who wont be silenced"

A Week in Ohio

'Cover ups matter': Stormy Daniels' lawyer says he can prove Trump knew about payoff

JOHN DEAN: This is not a "Nixon to China" moment -"Kim will give him a parade & have his mind/heart"

South Korean Rep looked like a Hostage Video

U.S. Court to Weigh Republican Challenge to Pennsylvania Voter Redistricting

I miss having cats

EXCLUSIVE: White House Refuses House Oversight Committees Info Request On Rob Porter

De-Nuke Talks...

The Center of Endless Attention

New $10 bill featuring civil rights activist Viola Desmond debuts today

Payroll employment increases by 313,000 in February; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.1%

A little judo for Republicans re: video games and guns

Presenting Stripper: 'Stormy Donald'

Before Trump: 6 past high-level US visits to North Korea

Departing Ambassador to Panama: Why I could no longer serve this president

"Even a turd has a heart of gold." . . . Please come CAPTION Republican candidate Stacey Dash!!!

The stupid is strong in this one...

Fox News: Women want men who burp and scratch themselves.

Milwaukee steps up pitch for Dem convention

N Korea invite linked to S Korea bid for steel tariff exemption

I'm suck in the airport with this Trumpanzee...

Russian spy attack: British troops deployed to assist nerve agent probe

Fox News guest freaks over 'beta males' magazine cover: 'All-out war on white Christian men!'

After a Mother Jones Investigation, a Right-Wing Albanian Party Attacks

House Intel Committee plan to build physical wall is shelved

A teacher tells his class not to date African-Americans 'because they are not worth it'

The Big Risk In Talks with North Korea

North Korea and South Korea snooker Trump

A 'simple act of kindness' goes viral

Who Stands to Gain from North Korea-U.S. Meeting?

A 'simple act of kindness' goes viral

Playbook scoop: Elizabeth Warren goes after Kushner Companies loans

Here's How To Prevent The Next School Shooting, Experts Say

Trump launches a rescue mission to save GOP seat in Pennsylvania special election

WATCH: Former Intel chief warns of 'violent implosion' if Trump fumbles North Korea nuke talks

Cuban vote begins end of Castro era

White House staffers say the place is filled with division, friction and backbiting

First tropical disturbance headed toward Washington DC. NOAA names it Stormy Daniels. Major wind adv

The Trump-Kim meeting (via Douglas Adams)

Trump meeting is a win for North Korea's Kim: analysts

What about tweezers??

Tennessee Pastor Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse - Church Closed

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un believe they are winning and the risks of that are epic

Drump is the "balloon boy" of the WH..creating stories to change the headlines

EU official's response to Trump tariffs: 'We can also do stupid'

Sen. Mike Lee reintroduces religious freedom bill, LGBTQ groups cry discrimination

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Stormy Weather

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Chaos Agent

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

So Ted Cruz Is "Protecting" Us Texans From Liberalism AND

Can an atheist win public office in Tennessee? We'll find out Tuesday.

NY Times, North Koreas Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

"Does anything matter any more? Are there really any rules?"

PA-18: Dem Leads In New Poll Of Hotly Contested Pennsylvania House Race

Imperial Trump Cabinet Spends Lavishly On Itself While Cutting Agency Services.

"Mueller is playing poker with a whole extra deck stuffed up his sleeve"

by the orange asshole agreeing to meet with kim, kim just got what he always wanted.

Dog surprising cats in rapt attention

The Christian Right's acceptance of Donald...

Bob Dylan Updates "The Times They Are A-Changin'" for 2018

The Memo: Dangers multiply for Trump in Mueller probe

Even If Mueller Comes Up With Treason The GOP Will Circle The Wagons Around Trump Cabal.

Trump-Russia Scandal: What We Know So Far

Oops: White House Accidentally Confirms Trump Involvement w/ Stormy Daniels Hush $$$

When dotard returns from NK: (Fill in the blank)

Change the subject: North Korea and Tariffs

Dan Rather on NK: "I think odds are against a breakthrough here..."

Businesses and financial institutions must be forced to accommodate people like me who

Analysts: Trump Administration Lacks Experts Needed for North Korea Talks

Pic Of The Moment: How The Trump/Kim Summit Happened

The origin of Super Villains: Two-Face


Police officer's suit against woman whose son was killed in collision 'offensive': Lawyer

Comey friend warns Stormy Daniels saga could unravel years of Trump hush money payouts

Food stamp crackdown feared amid Trump jobs push

EXCLUSIVE: Dem Leads In New Poll Of Hotly Contested Pennsylvania House Race

What is the allure of 'steel-cut oats'?

Spicer On Cohn Being 'First Relevant' WH Departure: 'I Think I Was Relevant'

"As with most sociopaths, he likes to brag." An investigator recalls D.C.'s deadly serial arsonist.

Right wingers freak out over Hollywood Reporter cover celebrating the triumph of the beta male

Religion can't be used to justify workplace discrimination, court rules

House Intel Dem: Lewandowski dodged many Trump questions as not 'pertinent'

I Am Dying From Terminal Cancer. Heres What Its Taught Me About Living. Susan Briscoe Guest Writer

Mueller tight-lipped as media leaks shape Russia narrative

U.S. deports paraplegic boy's stepfather, caregiver

The Kobach Voting Rights Trial: Live Updates

There is something evil about the desire to hide the truth.

Bill to bolster gun background checks gains enough support to break filibuster

Nunberg Arrives At Court For Grand Jury Fresh Off Of Blasting Mueller Subpoena

Bill to shorten Atlanta voting hours advances in Ga. House

Scaramucci: Maddow should take a 'suppository' for 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

Bill to shorten Atlanta voting hours advances in Ga. House

What is the best strategy for communicating with Trump supporters?

Stormy Daniels beat Trump at his own game

CNN Video: Bernie Sanders: Can't look to this White House for leadership

Bernie Sanders: Can't look to this White House for leadership

Trump is Wile E. Coyote

Almost 100,000 comments missing from federal sage grouse conservation report

Maybe we can put both children in a,,,,,,,

Chelsea Handler Message: To Trump re: Stormy

Trump throws support behind Pennsylvania Republican who threatens to 'rule with the fear of God'

Trump throws support behind Pennsylvania Republican who threatens to 'rule with the fear of God'

No one knows Putin's exact net worth, but many speculate he's the wealthiest person on the planet-


Re: meeting w/ N Korea and US history

I have a question ,basic but required.

The Original Stormy Weather Post on DU - deminks was prescient

Happy 76th birthday, John Cale, born on March 9, 1942.

Elephant trophy decision faces pushback from some Trump allies

What kind of world is it when Fox & Friends fact check themselves?

Traitor Trump to attend dotard dick summit.

Save The Vote

The British Government Has - Deployed The Army - Following Nerve Agent Attack On Former Russian Spy

HandMaiden Tale, Season Two begins April 25th on Hulu

Magical moment as the legendary civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis met with a budding activist.

Liberal plan to win back Congress hinges on California's millennials

Helpful dating tips for single women (1938)

White House drawn into legal battle over Stormy Daniels

Anyone else feel like this Trump - Kim Jong Un meeting is a setup?

Michael Cohen used Trump Org. email in Stormy Daniels arrangements

EFF Catches FBI Paying Geek Squad To Spy On You

Looks like Trump's lawyer was not telling the truth: Also new update:

Dragonman - The man who sells "People-Hunting" Guns

Me either...

An interview with Bowies bassist - also Lennie Kravitz

Toon- The Memo

Sergei Skripal: Former double agent may have been poisoned with nerve agent over 'freelance' spying

SC Justice Kennedy to retire this summer, is the rumor.

NBC News: "Michael Cohen used his Trump Organization email address in Stormy Daniels arrangements."

Judas Preists' New Album "Firepower"

A Treat for Lemon Lovers and Beyond

Happy 74th birthday, Trevor Burton, founding member of The Move.

Fascinating watching Stormy Daniels' lawyer on MSNBC. Good questions...

What do you think, Illinois?

U.S. Considering Allowing South Korea Out of Trump Tariffs After Setting Up Kim Jong Un Meeting

Question for our lawyers, after the new SC reverses Roe V Wade next fall,

These Steel and Aluminum Tarriffs will be Reduced to Ineffective by the Time Trump's Done

Scaramucci Apologizes to Maddow For Saying She Should Take a 'Suppository' For Trump Derangement...

JUST fuck you, Utah Legislature

West Virginia Walkouts a Lesson in the Power of a Crowd-Sourced Strike.

Project Veritas Just Filed DOJ Complaint Against Bernie Sanders, and It's a Bunch of B.S.

Until lawmakers act. Watch school drill where officer fires blanks to simulate active shooter

#NeverAgain activists from MSD HS take a long-term step: office space, taking message nationwide

The best people! THE BEST!

Anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act Reintroduced in Senate

US vows no let-up on N. Korea ahead of historic Trump-Kim summit

Science-religion debate at Bret Harte High could go to court

Trump Never Won College-Educated White Voters

Regions With More Neurotic People Supported Trump

An explanation of taxes!

I listened to bits and pieces of 1A on NPR as I did errands....had to laugh - weekly news roundup

Should we expect any indictments today

Question for our lawyers, Roe v Wade is protected somewhat in lower courts by

Josh Marshall on the dotard rocket man thing "Thoughts on the Trump-Kim Summit" TPM

Breaking: ACLU files class-action lawsuit accusing U.S. government ... separating immigrant families

CA-SEN: Sanders wont endorse Feinstein

We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds;

My Funny Vladimir - Sandy and Richard Riccardi strike again!

House Oversight Dems Demand Gowdy Subpoena White House After Rob Porter Docs Snub

Toys 'R' Us Is Prepping to Liquidate Its U.S. Operations

Sanders won't endorse Feinstein

Trump's Tariff on Tinfoil Hats Drives Alex Jones Insane

Polyphony and the Roman Catholic Church -1610 CE

Suicides, Drug Addiction and High School Football

Was Trump Tower the HQs for the Russian Mafia in America?

What do you think about a woman's challenging a rep with whom she has no policy differences?

Trump Campaign Laundered 130K thru Trump Org and then to Cohen

My very first impression of Michael Cohen was that he was a) stupid and b) a thug.

Twitter Photo Links: Bernie Sanders and Jake Tapper SXSW

Ann Coulter Goes Full Hitler

Religious Arguments against Science - The Old and New

I saw final dress rehearsal of "The Wiz" at Ford's Theatre in DC last night

VZ police now prohibited from quitting, leaving country. Big Brother is watching!

Update: Martin Shkreli sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors

Just for giggles, somebody should release a pic of an little, old man...

Laurence Tribe on the N. K. diversion

Martin Shkreli gets 84 months for financial fraud

this looks like fun

Remember when?

CNN: Anxiety over Stormy Daniels pervasive at WH

Bill Maher; Real Time guests for Friday 9, follows:

"Trump is going for a clean reset":...Prepares to...Go Full MAGA - by Gabriel Sherman

John Ashcroft (former US attorney general) filed FARA for the nation of Qatar

Trump re meet w/Kim: "Prepare? Plan? READ?!? Hold muh Diet Coke---I got this!" nt

I'm going to admit I'll be just a tad bit disappointed if....

There are three types of people in the world, those who can

Truthfully, do you think Sarah has had...

As Dow Tops 25000, Individual Investors Sit It Out

What might the Feds do in immediate future about legal pot?

VA Chief Cuts Off Trump Ties: Post Armed Guards at Door

Thou Shalt not fornicate with porn stars - HOWEVER---

The Korean war ended in 1953 with a stalemate.

Republicans ushered in Autocracy when they undermined Democracy

New Ted Cruz ad

Dick Durbin barred from receiving Holy Communion

Announcment: Winter is Officially Over in Minnesota

Lost in Space is coming back. To Netflix.

Iowa's 1st district just went from 'leans Republican' to 'toss up'

Retired FBI Agent Opines Trump is in Peril

How a climate skeptic marginalized for years at Interior rose to prominence under Trump

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Gets 7 Years For Defrauding Investors

ACLU files class-action lawsuit on ICE, DHS separating asylum-seeking families

Veterans Home in Napa County on lockdown after gunman opens fire, takes hostages

"Why do you have to embarrass Jared like that?"

What happened in Texas this week. There was talk of Dems flipping seats

Active shooter and hostage situation in Veteran's Home - California

White House backtracking on N. Korea meeting

Sometimes commercials include some great music covers: My current favorite (yours?)

Amazon comments section, how I love thee.

White House: North Korea must take 'steps' before Trump-Kim meeting

Injured Nuclear Workers Finally Had Support. The Trump Administration Has Mothballed It

UPDATED: Florida governor signs bill imposing limits on guns in what could become blueprint...

Disability Question

Never is or was going to be any talks!

Star Wars costumes land at the DIA this spring

WH Tries To Calm Stormy Daniels Talk: 'We've Addressed This Extensively'

This message was deleted by the author's arch enemy.

The E.P.A Chief Wanted a Climate Science Debate. Trump's Chief of Staff Stopped Him.

YouTube Is Full of Easy-to-Find Neo-Nazi Propaganda

Trump lawyers seek to offer Mueller an interview in exchange for wrapping up probe: report

White House Now Trying To Moonwalk Back Trump's Summit Goof - By Josh Marshall


"Why the Hell Are We Standing Down?" The Secret Story of Obama's Response to Putin's Attack

Best TV car ad ever

U.S. Allies Jostle to Win Exemptions From Trump Tariffs

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 9, 2018

Employees At Veterans Centers Need To Be Armed

Voter suppression fanatic Kris Kobach humiliated by GOP judge in court

California high-speed rail project facing more delays, higher costs

Help me piss off Trump - donate $3 (or more) to Conor Lamb!

Enjoy a "Stormy Daniels". (Mixology)

EPA hired right-leaning media firm to compile its 'year in review'

Now that we are in the 2017 tax reporting season, will Trump release his tax return for 2017?

Trump to attend Summit of the Americas meeting in Peru

Deport Trump Brigade CA/Mexico Border protest March 13th.

Is KFC more important than water?

Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe

Dem leaders rally behind anti-abortion rep in tough primary contest

Report: Hostages Released In Yountville, CA Gunman Situation

The sins of Colombias ruling class: the Suarez family

School Walkouts March 14th 10:00 AM in all time zones.

Nominated ambassador to Colombia hardly challenged in US senate

Serious question: could Trump be impeached twice? If the Republicans in Congress were to

Bernie Sanders on Trump's North Korea Trip: Don't Turn This Into a 'Reality Show'

I was married to Rob Porter. Here's what John Kelly doesn't get about abuse. By Jennie Willoughby

Trump pardons Navy man who shot illegal sub photos

Gathering clouds continue to thicken, like a plot, but Trump can explain everything - By Tom Toles

Report: Veterans Home Gunman Was Kicked Out Of PTSD Program Earlier This Week

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says he paid Stormy Daniels $130k from his personal home equity line

Trump lawyers seek to offer Mueller an interview in exchange for wrapping up probe: report

The man who couldn't negotiate a pay off with an adult film star is

My head hurts: Part 83,923.

Let's start our own rumour. Let's say, Trump wants to open a

Seth Abramson: "it will be a chilly day in the land of eternal damnation..."

Rob Porter's ex-wife rips Kelly in op-ed: 'I can barely contain my indignation'

what is it with donnie not signing things, anyway?

Colombia arrests healthcare executive over $105B heist

BREAKING NEWS: Trump throws loose leaf paper titled "Rusha Investgashun" in Robert Mueller's face.

I fought the law and the law won....

Who Are the North Korea Experts in the White House?

Trump Spoke to a Russian Activist About Ending SanctionsJust Weeks After Launching His Campaign

Reddit infiltrated by Russian propaganda in run-up to US election

Stormy Daniels Records 60 Minutes Interview

US Scientists Produce First Half-Human Half-Horse Hybrid

I think weve reached maximum Conor Lamb slander

Bogota finds boa constrictor in central park

Bogota finds boa constrictor in central park

The Big Cons business dealings with Russia...

Vanity Fair: Trump to interview for Kelly replacements at Mar-a-Lago

It's bad when you forget the gift you bought at the store

Oklahoma ex-principal gets probation for not reporting abuse

I want to see the news video of Shkreli crying as was being sentenced.

Looks like trump's NK gambit is not working. Cable TV is still all over...

Despite arrest, police beating shows technology shortcomings

Scott Kelly: NASA Twins Study Confirms Astronaut's DNA Actually Changed in Space

Why does a 7 year sentence for an everyday sort of inner city street criminal seem common, but . . .

Rand Paul neighbor pleads guilty to assaulting Kentucky senator

White House appears to backtrack on Trumps historic meeting with Kim Jong Un

Navajo leader says proposal to rename Utah highway for Trump is an insult

FL Bill plans to train and arm teachers with guns.

Divide and Conquer 101: "Dem leaders rally behind anti-abortion rep in tough primary contest"

Conservatives hated it when Obama said hed meet with North Korea. Guess what they say now.

Congo president signs law opposed by major mining companies

2,000 frozen eggs and embryos possibly 'compromised' after fertility clinic temperature malfunction

Slow-Cooked Bolognese Sauce

South African athlete hurt in saw attack faces long recovery

Gunman takes 3 hostages at veterans home in Yountville, Calif., sheriff says

Sen. Dean Heller Is So Desperate To Keep His Seat That He Made Up A Justice Kennedy Retirement


Betsy DeVos chooses to protect debt collectors over students with loans.

Venezuela-linked trust sues foreign oil traders for bribes

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Remember The 15 New Mexico Boy Who Killed Both Parents & 3 Siblings? He's Getting Released

Why can't my dreams come true?

Crew with seeds, corals restore environment in Puerto Rico

Remember that time in the 90s when N.K. agreed to freeze its nuclear program? That was AWESOME.

Crew with seeds, corals restore environment in Puerto Rico

"what the exchanges reveal about Trumps corrupting influence on the institution of the presidency"

Jennifer Rubin's theory about the Stormy Daniels matter:

What a beautiful song!

Michigan judge charged with transporting, paying prostitute

Has anyone ever read a book about German families dealing with Hitler's rise to power?

Is Michael Cohen's office located in the basement of a nail salon

Christian Dominionists Meet at Trump's Washington Hotel to Answer the "Divine Call to War"

TANKS for NOTHING...NO "heavy military vehicles like tanks" allowed in Trump's parade. SAD! UNFAIR!

Ten-year-old Tybre Faw traveled 7 hours to see his hero, Democratic Rep. John Lewis -

The elephant trophy reversal is the red line for many deplorables


UN..frigging.. Believable: EPA's Pruitt touted as Great

Head Full Of Doubt

Brazilian prosecutors sue to shut church over forced labor

Brazilian prosecutors sue to shut church over forced labor

A tribute to Chris Cornell

Wisconsin father of two deported to west Africa

Guns Explained With Cats

NRA sues over new Florida gun legislation: report

"We Run Tings"..."Tings Not Run We"....but in the WH "Tings ah run dem"...Ari Melber

Kim isn't going to give up his nukes after what happened To Saddam and Muammar Gaddafi

LIVE Stream at 7:30CST March 9 - A Night In San Antonio With Bernie Sanders

Kushner's resort could make millions from government-backed ferry, pier

'Gunsplaining' and conspiracy theories: how rightwing pundits saw the Las Vegas shooting

The Perfect Space

LIVE Stream at 7:30CST March 9 - A Night In San Antonio With Bernie Sanders

Most Americans want Jared out

Oversight Dem presses for Kushner subpoena