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Could Mueller subpoena the "contract" between David Dennison and Stormy Daniels?

Would running on a pledge to break up the near-monopolies of mega-corporations in industries

Rep. Keith Ellison is taking up the Medicare-for-all mantle in the House

Tarrant County judge used electric shocks to punish sex offender, who is getting a new trial

Dwayne Wade

Ok. Boiled water. Washed hair. Got out the batteries and flashlights. Charging tablets.

CNN's Jim Acosta rips 'sloppy' Sarah Huckabee Sanders for 'dancing around' Stormy Daniels questions

So, how long before trump*'s lawyer quits?

Just another old song !

So here is what happened to Trump University

Twitter Video: What issue got more coverage on CNN today, major banks or porn star

Twitter Video: What issue got more coverage on CNN today, major banks or porn star

BANKS Financing Assault Weapons Industry: BOA, Wells Fargo, Capital One, BB&T...

San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg calls on fire union to end "foolish games," negotiate

Why so many no party people?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 March 2018

To teenage son: "That's enough, go to your room."

Fyre festival promoter pleads guilty to fraud and faces up to 10 years in prison

It's Still Only Wednesday...

How many millions of our citizens aged 18-30 have bought the


Sutherland Springs conspiracy theorists charged, released

Florida House sends Stoneman Douglas gun and school bill to governor

U.S. loses bid to halt children's climate change lawsuit

Richard Spencer had a very bad, terrible, no-good weekend capped by a sparsely attended speech

Richard Painter MN Senate

Live Updates from Cancer Victims V. Monsanto Hearing

Oklahoma teachers to lawmakers: Raise pay by April 1 or we shut schools

Love is a cold, wet nose...

Nasa spacecraft reveals Jupiter's interior in unprecedented detail

This song keeps playing in my noggin these days, cant figure out why - THE FIXX, 1983:


Gavin Newsom tweet:

" I defended bin Laden's driver and he acted with more integrity than Trump." -Neal Katyal

Boeing air tanker delivery likely delayed again: U.S. Air Force

Robert Reich..."Trumps Brand is Ayn Rand"

Mueller gathers evidence that 2016 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremli

Dr Pepper sues rival Pepsi over new Mountain Dew Ice

Breaking : Mueller has evidence effort to establish back channel to Russia at Seychelles meeting

I nominate "kalsarikännit" to be added to the Lounge dictionary

Self-Declared 'Health Ranger' Mike Adams Has Apparently Been Booted From YouTube

2020 US Senate Elections- Democratic challengers in competitive Republican held seats.

PA-18: GOP Braces Itself for Special Election Loss

Premier League, here we come!

Given Drumpt's refusal to enforce the law concerning sanctions against Russia passed by nearly

Would Tony Soprano have been a better president than Donald Trump?


How does Trump get away with it? Let's remember what Karl Rove said

Oscar for 'A Fantastic Woman' highlights Chile's long battle for LGBTI rights

Oscar for 'A Fantastic Woman' highlights Chile's long battle for LGBTI rights

Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do

Isn't it likely a judge would find the Stormy Daniels "hush agreement" void as contrary to

Are all Christian denominations praiseworthy?

Who knew the longest single span covered bridge in the world - was in California?

so i want to thank you guys for making me a part of this community

Warren Donates to Every State Democratic Party

Stormy needs to get in touch with Larry Flynt and get that 10 million dollar reward.

The Tru(mp)man Show

Charles Koch just came out against the tariffs so now the GOP have permission to do something

Under Cover Boss.

No relief for Seattle-area buyers as house prices jump as much as 18 percent

Bernie Sanders on CNN right now. 8:51 PM EST

We do not need boobs to show that we are women.


Trump to offer temporary tariff exemption for Canada and Mexico

Standoff Underway Near Long Beach City Hall

Charles Koch: Corporations need to 'reject' Trump's tariffs

Goddard Physicist: We Need Courage, Not Hope, To Face The Climate We Are Creating

The Greatest American Hero

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Losing Hope!

Directors departing Wynn Resorts' board as lawsuits pile up

India - Daily High Temps Already 2-5C Above Avg. In Northern States; Abnormally Hot Summer Predicted

Trump spoke w/ Mueller witnesses about the investigation

Trump Gets Most Votes As Worst President Since WWII, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

Hottest Arctic Winter On Record: Mark Serreze: "I've Never Seen Anything Like This"

Papa Doc for Life! --- Free Parking 3/7/2018

17 yo student killed at Alabama HS

Mafia don trump...

Amazon's Alexa Has Begun Laughing Maniacally For No Reason - Here Are Some Terrifying Examples

Ben Carson's housing agency drops pledge to end housing discrimination

So hubby said, "Why don't you iron the sheets?"

Richard Painter explores run for U.S. Senate

Trump Charges His Campaign Top Dollar To Rent A Basically Empty Trump Tower Office

Fuck the NRA for their plans for March 24th

PSA by cast of Modern Family for March for Our Lives. "We will be there with you March 24."

Robert Mueller, Fashion Icon

17 Democrats acting like Republicans...

Midnight Texas was renewed for second season

In search of God

Are We Headed For Civil War Over Guns? Is It A Matter Of Time Before Gun Nuts Threaten --------

Slate "There Is Not a Single Good Reason to Deregulate Banks Right Now. Democrats Are Helping It

I Simply Could Not Control Myself W/ Rubio If My Child Had Died. He Would Learn What Insults Were.

It was Andy Warhol who said...

HUD might cut anti-discrimination line from mission statement

Song meanings.

"You've got oligarchs running the United States and Russia" - New Yorker on Steele (excellent)

Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones Advances To Runoff In Texas Congressional Race

lets play would you rather.......

Where is Casprings? Hasn't posted since December 28th.

Seth Meyers - Stormy Daniels Sues, Gary Cohn Quits, Trump Talks North Korea: A Closer Look

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 8, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Guest Programmer - Drew Scott

My best friend...

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 9, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Eddie G. Does Comedy

Beatles reincarnated. Super incredible Beatles tribute band -

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 10, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Saturday Night Noir

Listening to Stormy Daniels' lawyer on MSNBC

Lawrence O'Donnell just went there!

The GOP looks a bit tired of winning...


How Brazils Lord Of Guns Armed Rios Drug War With U.S. Weapons

How Brazils Lord Of Guns Armed Rios Drug War With U.S. Weapons

Rafael 'Ted' Cruz accuses his Democratic opponent of changing his name to appeal to voters (WP)

Officer Zach Rosen, who beat up a suspect on video, just got his job back

Lol. I've felt this way myself lately.

Emirati advisor cooperating with Mueller over whether he funneled money to Trump campaign

The 49th may stay in GOP hands (Issa's seat)

Commedia dell'arte made in USA

Seth Abramson: Trump guilty of treason (in equivalent words)

Kushner leaves US ambassador to Mexico out of meeting with Mexico president: report

I wonder what the GOP's plans are for March 24? They must be planning

U.S. loses bid to halt children's climate change lawsuit

Expected Trump tariff announcement not happening as Trump weighs policy.

SNARK BREAKING: Hillary pics with Russian Agent

Breaking: No Steel Tariffs Tomorrow

Hundreds of Canadian doctors demand lower salaries

Proposed President Trump highway turns into a dead end as Utah Rep. Mike Noel drops bill

MSNBC Lawrence and S. Ruhle...No tariff meeting tomorrow.

So Liesure Suit Larry is going to lecture the video game makers on morality

Russian spy Sergei Skripal: How nerve agents can destroy the body in minutes

Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science

Devin Nunes spoke to Erik Prince about House Intel testimony despite recusal from the Russia probe

Grand jury declines charges against Amarillo officers in Faith City Mission shooting

Hikurangi fault 'hotbed' of international quake research

Jared did not invite US Ambassador to Mexico to meeting..

When a baby beluga got stranded, these vets jumped into action

Hybrid solar cell captures energy from the sun and raindrops

How to stop Trumps tariffs (Tom Toles)

Romes Subway Project Keeps Digging Up Archaeological Marvels

The Daily Show: Trump's White House Has "No Chaos"

US cancer network recommending expensive drugs based on weak evidence, study finds

NY mag: Republicans (supposedly investigating Trump-Russia) not following Russia investigation news

Ancient Animal Could Take Itself Apart to Escape Predators

Animals, Like Wasps, Become More Altruistic in Changing Environments

Guns don't kill people. RGB pixelated guns kill people. FTNRA.

Scientists Are Creating Lasers So Powerful They Could Turn Light Into Matter



Sinclair's new media-bashing promos rankle local anchors

Canada watchdog to review police's handling of indigenous man's killing

Nashville mayor pleads guilty to theft, resigns

Il Duce / Il Douche

Frida Kahlo's intimate belongings go on display at the V&A

A Baby Solar System Found by Hubble?

*The West Virginia Teachers Strike is Over. But Oklahoma and Arizona May Be Next*

It feels more difficult to imagine humans surviving

Raise your hand if you think Stormy Daniels has a child by Trump

*The West Virginia Teachers Strike is Over. But Oklahoma and Arizona May be Next.*

Tennessee pastor indicted, accused of sexual abuse of minors

*The West Virginia Teachers Strike is Over. But Oklahoma and Arizona May Be Next*

APNewsBreak: Retention of female submariners on par with men

Mexican leaders are not optimistic about Jared Kushner's diplomatic visit: 'He is very weakened and

Mexican leaders are not optimistic about Jared Kushner's diplomatic visit: 'He is very weakened and

What the US Government Is Not Telling You About Those Sonic Attacks in Cuba

What the US Government Is Not Telling You About Those Sonic Attacks in Cuba

Physicists are planning to build lasers so powerful they could rip apart empty space

Marine science collaboration endures despite political chill between U.S., Cuba

Marine science collaboration endures despite political chill between U.S., Cuba

Perhaps it is time to learn from the evangelicals

Mueller Reportedly Has Evidence Blackwater Founder Tried to Set Up a Trump-Putin Back Channel

California Gov. Jerry Brown taunts Sessions and Trump, says 'Mueller is closing in'

California Gov. Jerry Brown taunts Sessions and Trump, says 'Mueller is closing in'

UPDATED with video. Any tv coverage of what is happening at the Russian Embassy????

Don't step on the grass, Sam

Remember: Dutch intelligence watched Russian cyber attack (via Cozy Bear) of DNC:

Looks like Donald Trump flat out stole the $130,000 from his campaign and from Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer: White House Claims Are "Nonsense" The Last Word MSNBC

Stormy has trump on the run & kicking his ass

So will an out-of-wedlock child related to Donald tRump come forth soon to take a DNA test?

I Was Just In A Large High School For Caucus. Arming Teachers Is Absolutely Dangerous.

Third Nor Easter Due Next Monday. Wonder What Tornado Season Will Be Like?.

UK to address suspicions that Russia was behind nerve agent spy attack

ExxonMobil Takes Heat For 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake In Papua New Guinea

VA chief outlines changes at hospitals nationwide

Pursuit Of Kremlin Link By Donald Trump Backer Eyed By Robert Mueller

Why don't elephants get cancer? New gene study aims to explain

Chapterhouse - Mesmerise (VIDEO)

Three Plead Guilty to $29 Million Bank Fraud Scheme

Pixies - Gigantic (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania Hospital and Cardiology Group Agree to Pay $20.75 Million to Settle Allegations of Kick

Hundreds of Canadian doctors demand lower salaries

Democrats Vow to Go After Republican Governors Kowtowing to Trump

Sarah McLachlan - Drawn to the Rhythm (VIDEO)

Cheeky singer

Corker: If Pentagon can turn entire countries into craters why can't it audit itself?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/7/18


His credibility is shot: Kamala Harris torches Jeff Sessions for bringing up slavery in defense o

California California California California is the new Benghazi. Sessions

Happy International Women's Day

2 Navy officers sentenced in Fat Leonard case

Spineless Speaker Paul Ryan Begs Republicans Not To Bully Donald Trump

U.S. Lifts Ban on the Import of African Elephant Trophies

A sunny Tuesday Vigil protest out here at Nunes's fake Clovis office. We are fired up and ready to

Any DUers think ReTHUGs will impeach

Bernie Sanders tells Democrats to back off primary attacks

Warren donates to DNC and state Democratic parties, then slams banking bill

Stormy Daniels is playing Donald Trump at his own game.

This will make your morning: Cows absolutely LOVE accordian music

Trump met last night with billionaires, but W.H. spokesweasel vows "no fundraising"

"I said 'creepy old men' but I didn't mean THAT creepy old man."

Hola Hola Hola - Cat4 heading for Cat5 lashing the Pacific islands

Two things: International Women's Day and Jessica Jones

AC/DC's Brian Johnson joins Mick Fleetwood onstage for Route 66, 3/4/18

Painter's exploratory announcement

Trump was threatening to fire White House counsel Don McGahn if he didn't lie for him.

Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel

This bit from the "Funny Or Die" Website MAY HAVE been posted here before, but it's worth a repost.

At least 19 school support workers who might get guns under FL plan busted for threats & violence


Zinke Suddenly Has A Mouthful Of Mush When Confronted With Anger On Coastal Drilling Plan

Bernie Sanders: Trump Diagnosed the Problem on Trade. But His Solution Doesn't Work.

A political question for DU Christians.

Little white bugs in potted plants.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders defends Laura Moser against national Democrats ahead of Texas trip

We all need a break from the crazy sometimes, watch this...

Mother Jones: What Happened In Moscow - The inside story of how Trump's obsession with Putin began.

It is International Women's Day

Election forecaster moves 26 races in favor of Dems

"No Chaos."

Report: Poisoned Russian Spy May Have Worked on Trump (Steele) Dossier

26 House Races Shift Towards Democrats

The "Trump Asylum"

Leading feminists on why Times Up and #MeToo mean there's no going back

Ousted White House drug-policy aide - Taylor Weyeneth-joins Ben Carson's @HUD

The Health-Care Gap Between Red and Blue America

3/5/18 - Northern Alaska Up To 43F Higher Than Normal March Temps; S-Central Up To 12F Below Normal

Should Brand White House As An Insane Asylum Like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".

The "No one is above the law" bullshit.

Spring Warming Accelerating Strongly In SW; El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix Up 5F Since 1970

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Chaos

Report: Trump Vetoed Dark-Skinned Women If There Were 'Too Many' at Miss Universe Pageants

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Trade Fool

"Maybe that's six inches where you come from, but . . ." Please come CAPTION Stormy Daniels!!!

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Steve Bannon Gloats, Congress Worries After Gary Cohn's Surprise Departure

Exclusive polls: Big warning signs for Senate Democrats

The Rasputin Behind Donald Trump Is Donald Trump

Trumps Problem Isn't Who's Leaving-It's Who's Staying

The NRA is a cult!

I would love it If

What time is Manafort heading for Court today? n/t

Morning Joe Talks Potential 'Intimate Photos' of Trump & Porn Star: Try to Not 'Throw Up in Your...

The Constitution gives gun owners greater rights than women have

'Dirty situation': Morning Joe Panel Discusses Stormy Daniels Scandal

TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Trump furious at Sarah Sanders for giving the Stormy Daniels story "steroids"

Home Alone...

I wonder what Melania thinks of the porno president's proclivities

UPDATED: Trump is furious at Sarah Sanders for giving the Stormy Daniels story 'steroids': report

Floridas biggest school districts may skip out on armed guardians program, even if Rick....

Black Children Will Be the Victims of Armed Teachers

What if stormy has a d--k pic of President David Dennison ?

Trump vetoed Miss Universe contestants for being "too ethnic" or "too dark-skinned"

Conservative CNN panel marvels at GOP hypocrisy over Stormy Daniels payout & admits 'Obama...

Energy Secretary Rick Perry just forgot about one major part of the Energy Departments portfolio

General Flynn was in charge of setting up meeting in the Seychelles.

Doh! I know several of the cops at this little department. I've worked a lot of blood

🐦March 19 Town Hall - Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class

Phrases you'd like to see make a comeback. Me: Fuck that noise.

important read - Slate "Why Isn't Trump President for Life Yet?"


March 19 Town Hall - Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class

What if there are photos of President Dennison and Peggy Peterson in flagrante delicto ?

Donald Trump's Assault On Solar Energy

Head Of U.S. Forest Service Steps Down Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation

In 1933, FDR created the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

Bernie Sanders endorses Marie Newman in fight for Dan Lipinski seat: Big boost

BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Broke the Law

Another One: Gary Cohn Resigns as Trumps Top Economic Adviser

Forest Service chief resigns in wake of sexual misconduct allegations

An "if" that didn't cross my mind. Is it even possible that this happened?

Brown suggests Trump 'sanctuary' suit against California driven by fear of Mueller probe

Jill Stein Redux and the Democratic Primaries

We have to do this...

I knew it had to be something simple/stupid that created this hell we are living through. Obsession.

Could Mueller somehow force congress's hand by

Charles Koch blasts Trump's steel and aluminum tariff plan

Boycott the Republican Party

This report about stainless steel beer kegs will help you understand the problem with tariffs.

Europe has 'arsenal of weapons' to respond to Trump's tariffs: EU's Moscovici

If your health insurance plan forces you to use Express Scripts, they are about to get even WORSE.

Are you gay? Is your mother a prostitute?

Baltimore mayor faces off with Laura Ingraham over gun protest march in heated exchange

Are you gay? Is your mother a prostitute?

What does the House Intel Committee do now?

I'm wondering if trump* has a variety of NDA template forms, depending on the situation

Trump touted a project to make veterans' health care seamless but some doctors say it's a disaster.

Netflix' Rachel Dolezal documentary looks positively painful

What's handy and SAFE to clean your new eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating?

Richard Painter is exploring running for Franken's Senate seat

Just had a 10 minute conversation with "The Beans" & Stevie Wonder

You're Not Dreaming: A Porn Star Is Suing The President

'I have to see you again': How Trump's alleged affair with a porn star spilled into public view

this should be playing over the white house muzak system on a loop

So what's the penelty if Stormy violates the Hush deal?

A Connecticut proposal could charge up to $10,000 for not carrying health insurance

I won't reveal my private conversations w/ the president except that he would like me to speak about

Gregorian Chant Video for Meditation and Reflection - 3+ hours

Amid renewed scrutiny, Erik Prince to host fundraiser for Russia-friendly congressman

NEW: First lady Melania Trump to present 2018 International Women of Courage Award to more than 120

The Jackie Stewart Heineken Commercial

Trump Turned a Minor Race Into a Referendum on Himself

If the NRA is a gun organization...

JAN 5, 2018: Conservatives have already spent $3.1 million on attack ads against Tammy Baldwin

Russian spy: State TV anchor warns 'traitors'

Catholic Church "an empire of misogyny"

Liberal Redneck - The Right to Bear Harm

This is just too rich....

Republicans signal end is near for House Russia probe after Lewandowski testimony

Occurs to me that the pics in the Daniels docs may not have anything to do with Trump's junk

The Infallibility of Science

Twitter Video: I stand with the workers who are fighting back against low wages and wage theft

Tariffs Hurt the States Trump Won in 2016 Most

Trying to make an ice cream cake for young niece's birthday. She doesn't

Trump's Cabinet Scandals: Is Abuse Of Office Contagious?

Senate Dem denounces Farrakhan's remarks

Dems voting to roll back Dodd-Frank shows how centrists tie Democrats hands in MAJORITY

Deeply-indented subthreads in discussion threads are rarely relevant, I think.

Damn it! I miss Obama! Watching Running Wild w/ Bear Grylls

So last night, I was taking with a friend who is Trump supporter!

Trump and the Russians: A new book describes how it all began at a Las Vegas nightclub

Russian Trolls Tried to Torpedo Romney as Top Diplomat

California attorney general fires back over lawsuit by Justice Department

Democrats Regain Their Lead in the Generic Ballot

Billboard Challenges Congressman on Trump/Russia

Happy 73rd birthday, Mickey Dolenz.

UPDATED: Tennessee GOP kill bill to ban child marriage

Is Melania still in the White House or has she moved back to the hotel?

Trump finally says hell protect elections. Well believe it when we see it.

Democratic super PAC makes plans to spend $43 million on House races

Were going to burn down your store!

Whoopie is wearing a 'It's Mueller Time' sweat shirt, on 'The View'

Re: Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater

CNN: Amid Seychelles Scrutiny, Erik Prince To Raise Money For Rohrabacher

Clueless GOPer Slams Student Activists By Comparing Guns To Homework

Trump's Las Vegas Urine party

Bravo China

Plain Brown Rice Recipe - Pilaf Method

Trump partied with Russian oligarchs at Vegas nightclub shut down over lewd acts involving women ...

China promises 'justified and necessary response' to Trump tariffs

President Donald Trump's Lawyer: Stormy Daniels Issue 'Poses A Serious Threat' Morning Joe MSNBC

MSNBC on in the background...

Poisoned UK-Russian Spy Linked to Steele Dossier

How long before Michael Cohn flips?

Trump official said scientists went 'outside their wheelhouse' by writing climate change 'dramatical

Why a white town paid for a class called 'Hispanics 101'

Cannabis candidate accused of abusing women and inflating his resume

Trump's approval sits at 38%

Venezuela: Cheese producers arrested for not giving kickbacks (10% off the top) to local Chavista

Climate skeptic oversaw sprawling review of agency policy

Conspiracy theorists harass Sutherland Springs churchgoers, pastor whose daughter was killed

How to Reverse the Trump-Era Brain Drain

Erik Prince - While his wife lay dying of cancer, thought it would be a good idea to impregnate

Repuke Plan for School Shootings - Arm teachers with fire extinquishers

#Enough: 2,259 School Walkouts and Counting for March 14th, 2018 nationwide walkout

Remember When?: Rhyming Idioms Edition

What If: A Part Of Stormy Daniels Story Is -- She Had A Legal Abortion Because of Drump

Another Legal Win For 21 Young People Suing Over Climate Change

Pic Of The Moment: Researchers Discover Surprising Reason Why Amazon Echos Have Started Laughing

Let's start a rumor: Stormy Daniels and that "secret" arbitration

Ireland's government approves bill paving way for abortion referendum

Ireland's government approves bill paving way for abortion referendum

Richard Herring has raised over 80K pounds for domestic violence by answering one dumb question

Syria aid deliveries halted amid reports of chemical attacks

What I have to put up with - Part of letter in local newspaper

Stormy Daniels Appreciation Thread

NYPD on verge of arrest in Harvey Weinstein rape investigation

the bragger-in-chief is at it again

Doomed love between a Meowtigue and a Catpulet

'Thundersnow': second storm in a week rattles New York City and US east coast

Republicans trash their candidate in Pa. special election

I can't think of anything more stupid than seeing the world through a nationalist/globalist lens

How to Make Pizza

Republicans trash their candidate in Pa. special election

Rohrabacher under fire over Russia ties

Tried Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot last night

Democrats odds of taking back the House continue to improve

Were going to burn down your store!: Trump supporters caught on camera threatening California boo

Tennessee GOP kill bill to ban child marriage

Tennessee GOP kill bill to ban child marriage

Anyone think russia will get an exemption from trade tariffs?

U.S. destroyer McCain collision which killed 10 sailors caused by 'sudden turn': Singapore

Sarah Sanders declines on-camera briefing day after admitting Trump is part of Stormy Daniels scanda

Republicans Have an Ingenious Plan to Stop Losing Special Elections

Video: Mark Hamill jacks up Jimmy Kimmel's Hollywood star

Women We Overlooked in 167 Years of New York Times Obituaries

Madeleine L'Engle's Christianity was vital to "A Wrinkle in Time"

I trust both sources, but Steele dossier and Mother Jones article at odds re: building in Moscow:

"The Kids Are Marching" (2/24/18 Kingston NY) Lewis Black

Regarding centrist Dems and the poisoning of the well by the fringe left.

The Bird-Influenza Link (and More About Cicadas)

"Raise your daughters to believe beautiful princesses are saved by getting a solid education . . ."

"Raise your daughters to believe beautiful princesses are saved by getting a solid education . . ."

2018 - March Meme Madness - Round 1 Mid Week Update

Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor [hero] placed into medically-induced coma

"Goodness is contagious": Parkland shooting victims honored at Wynwood Walls candlelight vigil

Trump Admin took a broken system and just broke it completely

Interior secretary gets strong GOP resistance to drilling plan, starts backing off

Thank you to the cast of T.V.'s Modern Family.....

These are the Seasons of the South:

Parkland student Sarah Chadwick creates a fearless parody mocking the threatening NRA ad

Spanish tomato throwing festival? My daughter and I are on a podcast discussing!

Where I stand

I ❤️ Patty!

U.S. Allies to Sign Sweeping Trade Deal in Challenge to Trump

Sarah canceled her WH briefing today.

U.S. Allies Sign Sweeping Trade Deal in Challenge to Trump


Swamp-Draining Trump Administration Has Hired 187 Lobbyists, New Report Finds

White House releases expected attendees for today's meeting on video game violence

How Stormy Daniels Explains Russian Collusion

Saudi women exercise their new right to jog

Country's most restrictive abortion ban now in the hands of Gov. Phil Bryant

Priest Regrets Vow Of Celibacy After Learning About Furries

The earth says hello!

Donate your old chairs!:

Nancy Pelosi is supposed to be on

Historical quote of the day

Local Chatter Is So Discouraging It's Hard To Hope. Hear Is What I Heard Today.

Not too clever bank robber

Rep. Schiff seems fed up with these a-holes.

The best GOTV graphic I've seen. I wish I knew who designed it.

LSU football star asked if he likes men & if his mother is a prostitute at NFL combine

Trump thinks video games desensitizes kids to violence

Anyone here good with graphics, memes, video?

Editing a signature line wipes the old one out, and Cancel won't bring it back

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary Trailer Is Here

#NeverAgain with the Cast of Modern Family (PSA)

Lara Trump uses alternative facts to brag about her father-in-laws record of hiring women

What a Deval Patrick presidency might mean for LGBTQ equality

Fox News' judicial analyst defends Mueller probe: It's his job to 'go down any rabbit hole he finds'

Judge in Virginia schedules Manafort trial on bank, tax charges for July 10

Trump threatens veto over Gateway tunnel funding

House 2018: 26 Ratings Changes, All In Favor Of Democrats

Gun shop owner says he turned away Florida shooting suspect from buying AR-15

A guy I was talking to today at work said the the founding fathers wanted us to have guns.

Trump on Gary Cohn: He May Be a Globalist But I Still Like Him

Pelosi after 'RuPaul's Drag Race': I think politicians could learn from drag queens

Top Intel Dem: Lewandowski refused to answer key questions about Trump Tower, Comey firing

Florida Lawmaker On School Shooting Survivors: Adults Make The Laws

EXCLUSIVE Dems Demand Rex Tillerson Explain Why He's Not Spending Money to Stop Russian Meddling

'Act of War': British Lawmakers Fume Over Russian Spy Poisoning

Kobach Using Spreadsheet Showing Five Non-Citizen Voters

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) Reintroduces First Amendment Defense Act

21 reportedly treated in connection with attack on Russian spy

Dems: Uranium One informant provided 'no evidence' of Clinton 'quid pro quo'

Michelle O....❤️

Trump negotiating tariff carve outs with Canada & Mexico is like

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout in Her Documentary Trailer Will Make You Regret Skipping the Gym

50 years ago, on March 8, 1968, The Fillmore East opened its doors.

Her shtick got old a long time ago!

Happy International Women's Day (an actual holiday in many countries)

Will a reporter ask the Trump admin. about this?

The better you know them, the less you like them!

Security clearances at the White House

My SO is locked out; tried resetting password twice...

The Trump Appointee Behind the Move to Add a Citizenship Question to the Census

PA-18: Organized labor knocking on doors for Conor Lamb

A school bombing that nobody remembers.

The fish rots from the head

The other winner in the Texas primary? Kirsten Gillibrand

Majority disagree with proposal to arm teachers

Four Other People May Have the Trump Dick Pics (AKA "Certain Still Images")!

Judge to Trump: Muting, not blocking Twitter followers, may end lawsuit

GOP weighs blocking Trump's tariffs

Which post-WWII president do voters rate worst?

Study: 'Fake News' Sped Through Twitter Six Times 'Farther, Faster' Than Truth

Trump imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum, but offers relief to allies

Far Northern Permafrost May Unleash Carbon Within Decades (JPL/NASA)

I never realized before that our LGBT community wielded so much power.

FROM TWITTER Federal judge in Manhattan just asked President Trump to "unblock" people on Twitter

does anybody else here have one of those Jitterbug smart phones for old folks?

Trump is freestylin' speechifying now.

Trump: Administration 'looking at' Oakland mayor over immigration warning

Exclusive!!! THE STORMY "STILL IMAGE" (Puke warning)

Watching these Trump steelworker props is sad

Manafort pleads not guilty to second indictment in Virginia, wants jury trial

Master Jack🇿🇦

It's not often that I give Mike Pence props, but I'm going to have to go ahead and do that now.

If you know any cops, have you asked how they feel about arming teachers?

American Prospect: Conservatives"A coalition drawn together by greed & cultural resentment"

Ryan: I haven't put a second's thought into Stormy Daniels controversy

PA-18: The Trump Family clown car is headed to Pennsylvania

Trump signed a Proclamation, not an Executive Order.

Interviews with elderly people filmed in 1929.

I nominate to replace Hail to the Chief until further notice:

Timeline Of Russian Contact And President Donald Trump's Associates

UK police update number of people treated as result of former Russian spy's poisoning to roughly 21

Steve Mnuchin just had to remind Trump to sign the symbolic tariff document

But first, a message from Stormy Daniels...

"Your father Herman is looking down on you," Trump tells a worker who gave brief remarks... "

Trump Got a Letter from Putin

Like a drum, my heart was beating!

A Growing Health Care Gap Between Red and Blue

DU Bookclub: Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putins War on America and the Election of Donald

We need a serious discussion about what to do about "conservatives."

Former Reagan budget director: 'Steel industry are crybabies' & Trump is their 'biggest sucker yet'

Young students. Please make sure your parents both vote to protect you in school.

Interior mum on whether Zinke spent $139K on office door

Impossible Dream

Amid renewed scrutiny, Erik Prince to host fundraiser for Russia-friendly congressman

Greg Palast Reports: Kobach calls Women's Org - Communist

Russian Embassy, UK TWEET:

Background check states have lower gun death rates


The Man with the Golden Arm

TN-SEN: Bredesen Tells FBI Campaign Was Hacked

Jared Kushner Sought To Sell Newspaper To Trump's Political Enemies

Can't she just tear up the NDA, give them their $130K back, and write a book?

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac: Witness Tampering?

Irony is dead Shame on the Republican Party.

The devine Miss M strikes again. *tweet*

Father of Parkland victim rips new NRA ad

Russians on Sergei Skripal: "New shit has come to light. He poisoned himself."

Poll: Most NRA members support comprehensive background checks

DAVID CORN: After we published THIS - Dem Party of Albania & Russian Embassy in Tirana denounced us

Daily Caller now running op-eds from Putin-allied Russian oligarchs criticizing Mueller probe

The Radical Left Wing Polices Most Americans Want Right Now

Daily Caller goes full Kremlin & publishes op-ed by Oleg Deripaska, Russian oligarch w/ close

We need tariffs to protect the coffee growers of the United States

Rep Adam Schiff: These two reports should be viewed together:

Suddenly, I can't see content of Twitter links anymore.

McCain rips Trump's move on tariffs

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

The question is not why Ryan Zinke spent $130k on a door

The garden was looking very pretty yesterday, so I took a couple of photos...

Trump tells local steelworker union head his not-dead dad is "looking down" and "really proud"

Just watched the documentary "Best of Enemies on Netflix

Senior HUD advisor spread crackpot "Podesta is a Satanist" rumors

Refugee skeptic lands top State Department refugee job

Hidden blacklist in GOP tax law could hit everyone from LeBron James to doctors

NEW: A woman named in Stormy Daniels' NDA as having confidential info about Stormy's affair with Tru

Pete Souza: Chaos in the Obama White House!

AFL-CIO chief defends Trump move: 'Tariffs won't start a trade war'

Follow the (Stormy) Money

Senior adviser at HUD spread conspiracy theory that Clinton campaign chairman was Satanist

Trump says South Korea will make major announcement on North Korea

Not only does Trump have people leaving an alrming rate

Winnebago Tribe sees power from solar energy as boost to sovereignty

Theresa May drawing up full spectrum retaliation against Vladimir Putin for nerve agent attack

It's safe to assume that Trump's response to the state sponsored terrorist attack on our major ally

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Mr. Fish - Start Here

Most municipal workers resign in Utah polygamous sect town

New Zealand columnist interviewed Bill Browder, Magnitsky Act creator, today:

The far right hates vaginas. Why doesnt this anger the left more?

Gun falls out of Florida kindergartner's backpack in class

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 8, 2018

Ready to kick ass

Man who complained of odor sues town he says threatened him

Study finds false stories travel way faster than the truth

So Drump dumped Sanders and went into the press briefing room just now to say this..

Mueller Gathers Evidence on Trump's Attempt to Fire Him

trump says major announcement on north korea tonight...7pm et

International Women's Day at the White House

Horrible photos but...I didn't know they roamed about here.

Hannity vs. Maddow? I Honestly Don't Understand Why ANYBODY Would Watch Hannity.

Argentine church says it will hand over baptism certificates

Argentine church says it will hand over baptism certificates

Samantha Bee: the NRA is a cult

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 March 2018

My prediction re: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Russians released anti-Clinton video game weeks before election

Trump has been invited to meet Kim Jong Un

Heckler throws a Russian flag at Paul Manafort as he exits after court appearance.

Son of UN official arrested in Colombia over child abuse claims

Son of UN official arrested in Colombia over child abuse claims

Son of controversial Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy announces run for governor

While we're watching this yoooge announcement about Korea, will it be announced that...

Spoiler alert! The "surprise announcement" by South Korea is as follows:

Colombia police opens internal investigation after attack on presidential candidate by Adriaan Alsem

Stacey Dash is Clueless.

The tRump/GOP world is not "1984", it's "Animal Farm".

Is it just me, or has Stacey Dash (on Ari) just redefined "Clueless" ? Sheesh. n/t

Of course Kim Jong-un wants to meet with Trump

Adam Schiff says Corey Lewandowski didn't answer questions on several topics

Is the travel warning for Playa del Carmen Mexico really about threats to toursit?

From the Capt. Obvious files, a prediction on the big announcement

A top official at HUD & senior advisor to Ben Carson spread an alt-right conspiracy about Podesta

Stupid question-- Why, every time someone posts a tweet is it repeated in the post?

Over 20 in UK seek medical help after nerve agent attack on former Russian spy