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speculation: nutberg spends one night in jail for contempt and donnie fires mueller.

Nunberg up now on Erin Burnett 'Outfront'. Says he was a campaign advisor

I'm Betting That He's Back On The Last Word @ 10 PM EST

Fox to compete with msnbc and CNN nunberg

Now Nunberg is on CNN- hes surprised Burnett says its 6 interviews today!

Is Nunberg running a scam for Donald Trump?

Senior EPA press official has a side job as an outside media consultant

All this Nunberg BS is about protecting Roger Stone.

Erin Burnett is now trying to reason with Nunberg.

Interesting: Nunberg claims he cant waste his time

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 March 2018

EXCERPTS: Highlighted of some Transcription of the Katy **Tur/Nunberg interview.

Sam Nunberg Interview from MSNBC

Ben Carson on His Vexing Reign at HUD: Brain Surgery Was Easier Than This

GAWD I i hope he lands on TRMS tonight!

Now Nunberg Says He May Just Give them His Password

It's A Diversion!

JoeScar on Nunberg

Preet Bharara: "I'm prepared to bet Special Counsel Mueller's team already has Sam Nunberg's emails"

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jared Kushner, help please

"Fox News will be embarrassed Erin, but you will be

Parody Project - 12 Months of Trump

2018 MS US Senate Special Election- Does Jim Hood run or is he focused on becoming Governor in 2019?

Prediction: Thursday night Nunberg enters a rehab facility and finds Jesus!

Republican Senator Thad Cochran announces Resignation

Seth Abramson: Nunberg already in defiance of subpoena.

Trumps own Cabinet sec, Wilbur Ross, just admitted Trumps word isnt worth much

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli to forfeit nearly $7.4M, turn over stake in Wu-Tang Clan album

In Sam Nunberg we are seeing the full extent of Trump & his cronies disrespect for the rule of law

Report: Trump settles $10M lawsuit with ex-aide (Guess who?)

How many interviews has this Nunberg guy done today?

What do you think the critical points/events/words spoken point to guilty Trump


Erin Burnett Says She Smells Alcohol on Nunberg's Breath

2018 MS US Senate Election-Mike Espy-D is running.

Eating Bavarian-style in Berlin, just awesome (DFW)


Any regular viewer of LAW & ORDER knows more about the law than Sam Nunberg.

Perhaps I misheard and I wouldn't be surprised if I did...

What a psychiatrist learned from 87,000 brain scans

Ok as a political and news junky, I am not ashamed to say

Get out your pencil and paper and take notes....


The NRA isn't about the Second Amendment: it's about arming the rightwing while stirring up hatred

WV Teachers 8 Day Strike, Labor Struggles in WV From Coal Miners to Teachers: Democracy Now!

Hey, Paul Ryan, don't "beg" (as reported) Whiny Donny to reverse the tariff

Trump says US embassy in Jerusalem will cost only $250,000.

Steve Cortes irresponsible to put nunberg on

Fortune cookies! Post your favorite fortune / story

Got to love Ana Navarro ..

Who has Nunberg on at 8 pm? 9? 10? Please post sightings here.

I hope Nunberg shows up on Rachels show.

Senior EPA press official has a side job as an outside media consultant

The unspent $120 million is clear and convincing evidence of Trump's ongoing collusion

I couldn't figure out why Martha Mitchell was trending on Twitter until...

New Poll Shows Conor Lamb Leading Saccone In Race For 18th Congressional District

He is melting but like the wicked witch do not feel sorry for him . He is a deplorable

Ignore the NRA: they just want attention

Nunberg needs to be in protective custody.

Here is my take on Nunberg's ill fated attempts to defying Mueller?

Pierce: Sam Nunberg Starts Talking. You Know Who's Listening.

Joe Biden to support Conor Lamb with March 6 visit to area

Best post I've seen on Nunberg so far

Love me some Cowboy Junkies

When I see Sam Nunberg on the television, I'm reminded that Trump Only Hires the Best

I admit it...I laughed at this Chris Hayes tweet re Nunberg.

Ari Melber's complete interview with Sam Nunberg:

Sooooo...will Nunberg end up having an "accident" now?

I know Nunberg is a bad person

Anyone watching the show "Dark" on Netflix?

Look at these white supremacist losers

Tipping point: Americans organizing more than ever after Florida shooting

The Worst Secretary Of Education This Country Has Ever Seen

How populist uprisings could bring down liberal democracy

ooh. i just got polled. seemed pro trump. i love push polls.

Republicans Are Trying to Get Democrats Thrown Off the Ballot

Nunberg: Trump knew about Tower meeting (to collect E-mail & dirt on HRC)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Losing Hope!

Zinke suddenly pulls land in home state of Montana from oil and gas lease sale

Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis

Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis

Popehat: "Yeah, not funny any more, now that I've watched. I don't think he's well."

Let's talk about the difference between "message" and "messaging."

Donald Trump & Roger Stone

Women's March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem. Maybe Its Time To Leave Them Behind

Florida Senate passes bill raising age to buy guns, banning bump stocks

I am as guilty of this as anyone: we keep trying to "make sense" of Trump's

'What The F*ck?' Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg's Mueller Meltdown Leaves Friends Petrified

I couldn't help but think of this song after sam nunberg went nuts on tv today...

CNN: Why did he Nunberg do it?

New RW smear of Mueller: Aussie diplomat who provided tip touched by "Clintons' tentacles"

Tennessee school removes Confederate flag, lynching murals

Who told Trump to pay Sam Nunberg to listen to 1000s of hours of talk radio in 2014?

The Latest: Ex-Trump Aide Says He'll Probably Cooperate

Nordstrom rejects family's takeover offer and threatens to end talks

White House: Trump did not have call with N. Koreans

Falcons in talks with Seahawks about trading for Michael Bennett

Prosecutors Want 19 Women to Testify Against Cosby to Prove His 'Sadistic Sexual Script'

Ryan Zinke spent his first year in office selling off our public lands

Two Nunberg Questions

World's largest deposit of mercury is in permafrost, study suggests

Polish group sues Argentine paper under new Holocaust law

Polish group sues Argentine paper under new Holocaust law

Exiled Russian Billionaire Khodorkovsky on the Real McMafia, Vladimir Putin, & Political Murders

Trumps name is stripped from Panama hotel

Rachel has Jane Mayer on. She's talking about Mueller Investigating the DEATH

Erin Burnett Directly Asks Sam Nunberg If Hes Been Drinking: 'I've Smelled Alcohol On Your Breath'

Acosta to Sanders: 'This is the third briefing you have not taken a question from CNN'

Trump's steel tariff will make it even more expensive to build in Seattle

Not much gets by Fox.

Ted Lieu strikes again: this time on Nunerg

I don't watch TV. The only news I've got is snippets at DU today. Re Nunberg - could it be

How is Putin ever to be punished for causing havoc in the European governments

More of the Spinners as promised to cilla4progress

NAFTA talks not living up to expectations: US negotiator

Dem holds slim lead in Pa. special election: poll

Texas: Be very afraid

We need to acquire a crowbar like the one used to pry tRumps name off of that hotel sign and give it

Weekend of golf! WAY cool POTUS golf course tee markers! Gridiron Dinner! Then came Monday.

Puerto Rico governor to reduce taxes, increase salaries

I know a lot is going on today but did you remember to take a moment to laugh at Devin Nunes?

Anyone know Guilline-Barre syndrome?

Gerry Rafferty-Baker Street Long Version

Im really enjoying the opening ceremonies!

Ari Melber will be on Lawrence discussing that interview.

Ethics complaint says NC House Speaker Tim Moore profited from his political position

AP: Nunberg folds after day long crowing, "probably will testify:

In The Movie - Sam Nunberg Will Be Played By.....

From 1 billion$ to 250k - Trump construction deal

If you think your head is about to explode from all of the #Russiagate news today

Ex-Russian spy critically ill after exposure to substance in U.K.: reports

Sam Nunberg's a lawyer?

Health Insurance CEO Reveals Key To Company's Success Is Not Paying For Customers' Medical Care

Carter Page responds to Nunberg: Some people have been 'intoxicated for a year and a half'

So the Kremlin gets a veto over who the president picks as the Secretary of State

I'm going to be in a secret location, off the grid, most of Friday - Sunday.

"The alleged legal team of Gin and Tonic"

The Kremlin Reportedly Dissuaded Trump From Appointing Mitt Romney Secretary of State

Rachel does bang up job of covering Steele's Nov. 2016 memo

Neither Clinton campaign nor Obama administration knew Steele went to FBI!

You know--even by the standards of this administration, today was a colorful day...

Should Billy Graham have a national holiday? 73,000 people and counting say yes.

Chelsea Clinton is going to be on Colbert tonight.

For our DU youngsters: NUNBERG might be today's Martha MITCHELL

Charlotte activists were 'duped' by Russians, feds say and it started on Facebook

Isn't it time for another pre-dawn raid?

Seth Abramson: This tweet by Seth makes me think Nunberg better be careful what he drinks.

Demagogues Win as Europes Populist Tide Sweeps Italy.

Tweet of the Day: "Hold my beer"

Kushner doesnt have to go if reports are true; Kushner has to go to jail if the reports R true

What happens when homeless people are sent to motels? Some get stripped down rooms

Union County Sheriff's Office still looking for motive why former bus driver would shoot up school

Big Cheese festival apologises for running out of cheese

Former Trump aide: Mueller won't send me to prison

Battle for the Ages

And Lo, Just When We Thought Things Couldn't Get Crazier, There Came Unto Us...a Nunberg (Ferret!)

Nunberg WILL testify. All the talk is his attempt at hiding that fact.

When trump's removed, we need a National Month Off

Lord Haw Haw's final broadcast

CNNs Erin Burnett To Sam Nunberg: I Smell Alcohol On Your Breath

Merriam Webster just added "Dumpster Fire" to the dictionary.

Better to take blook pressure medications in the evening

National Womens March Leadership is Anti-Semitic, Apologize or Resign

North Carolina charter school leader: Public schools 'milking' federal school lunch program

Who is former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg?

Seth Meyers - West Virginia Teachers' Strike, Trump's Trade Tirade: A Closer Look

Mueller Leak Could Leave Some uneasy

Trump pick on bench is 'tantamount to Hitler wreaking havoc' among Jews, NAACP leader says

A new tax scam

GOP governor candidate talks about abortion, guns and other conservative priorities

Bryce, @CathyMyersWI among those intentionally arrested during #DACA protest in Racine WI

Bazinga! No more Trump Hotel in Panama. Hey Trump, Youre Fired!

New Mexico Democrats work to flip two mayoral offices from red to blue tomorrow.

Scary Italian elections

MS-SEN: Mike Espy announces run for Cochran Senate seat

So I havent heard yet what is Fox News saying about today?

The Daily Show: Trump Doesn't Think Twice About His Looming Trade War

S.C. utilities knew of big problems 6 months into nuclear project but didn't tell customers

CA-21: Fresno engineer TJ Cox to face Rep. David Valadao, sources say

Trump Organization Ordered Presidential Seals For Trump Golf Courses: Report

Meanwhile in TN: Controversial gun bill lessening penalties for permit-less carry passes House

California college professor's 'racist' rant captured in viral video

This ties Manafort and the Trump admin to Russia

WOW **Breaking** Trump Responds To Sam Nunberg...

Al Sharpton tears into South Carolina's Catherine Templeton for embracing Confederate heritage

Slate (sept, 2017): Evidence of election data tampering mounts

A word about Nunberg and the GJ subpoena

South Carolina could close historically black tech college

South Carolina's parody marriage bill loses one of its sponsors

36 exotic animals disappear from Florida wildlife sanctuary after fake 'help yourself' ad

George Soros-backed ACLU investing in district attorney races as path to criminal justice reform

Erin Burnett said, "I HAVE (past tense) smelled alcohol

Senate investigators want answers from Reddit and Tumblr on Russia meddling

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs first state law to protect net neutrality

Report: 2 NFL Agents Say Texans Aren't Seeking Players Who Kneeled for Anthem

New dual-atom catalyst shows promise to yield clean energy by artificial photosynthesis

Nudging the city and residents of Cape Town to save water

Founder of Tower Records dies of heart attack with a glass

Teens using e-cigarettes show evidence of same toxic chemicals as smokers: Study

Warn the captain...

Our national treasure Walter Shaub, guardian pit bull of ethics and integrity, has a bad cold -

Support grows for striking West Virginia teachers as decisive week starts

Sky bidder Comcast labelled 'worst company in America'

Georgia punishing Delta over NRA stance won't help Atlanta's bid for Amazon HQ2

China's Tiangong-1 space station will crash to Earth within weeks

Car-safety features stuck in slow lane

Media clips: Explaining Trump's Refusal to Sanction Russia

Argentina's ex-president Fernandez to face trial over alleged bombing cover-up

Argentina's ex-president Fernandez to face trial over alleged bombing cover-up

I've had dreams about sugar two nights in a row.

With qualifying set to begin, Georgia can expect more contested races

Overwhelmed In The ER: Georgia's Mental Health Crisis

#MeToo in South Korea: Governor resigns after rape allegations

Remember, Nunberg reportedly had job of explaining Constitution to Trump

Georgia Bill: Local authorities must help enforce immigration law

Watch Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Get Cross-Examined: The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Florida state Senate votes against arming most classroom teachers

U.S. Army says mishandled war dogs, will comply with call for reform

Chelsea Clinton: 96 elephants are killed every day. A few months ago President Trump agreed. Now:

U.S. top court turns away dispute involving Iran's Bank Melli

Lawmakers pass bills on paper ballots, transit, marijuana

U.S. judge rejects injunction bid in sanctuary cities fight

Maryland judge strikes down DACA challenge

ACLU Georgia calls police training course on Islam 'inflammatory, hateful'

Would prefer to use a Money Order to pay for my Star.

I believe I should love my neighbor. This seems so obviously true to me

Albeniz: "Pavan Capriccio, Op. 12"/"Piano Sonata in F Sharp Minor, Op. 11"-

Q: What Do You Get When You Cross Jon Lovit's 'Liar Guy' With Foster Brooks' 'Drunk Guy?'

Haley: Israel getting 'bullied' by the UN

4 from Elgar: 2 "Chanson de Nuit", "Chanson de Matin", "Sospiri"-Barbarolli conducting !

Trump 'may' travel to Jerusalem for US embassy opening

Donald Trump SNL Style Skits, "Build a Space Wall"

Nunberg calls Huckabee Sanders 'a fat slob' in interview

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/5/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Chelsea Clinton's Role As First Daughter Was Different Than Ivanka's


International Women's Day is March 8th (Thurs).

Walkout on March 14th to support gun control

When I'm alone at home... (toon)

Bill would let public hospitals seize Georgians' tax refunds

Trumps Tariffs.

5 CALLS is a great, easy way to make your voice heard

It had to happen: Florida man allegedly pulls AR-15 in road rage incident

Anyone have any delicious vegan Indian food recipes?

So Nunberg will testifty after all???

Georgia lawmakers say teacher pensions need fixing, just not now

New Yorker article explains Clinton campaign/Obama/Biden knew nothing about Steele dossier/FBi probe

Go forth my loyal disciples...



Parsons Woman Sentenced For Embezzling Millions

Reminder: It's VOTING TUESDAY and the PRIMARIES are on!

Sam Nunberg on Mueller, His Media Spree, and His Message for Trump

Man becomes first person convicted under Belgian sexism law

Auto-correct on phones: bane or just the best?

Mennello Museum of American Art receives largest ever donation of $8.75 million

Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after communal violence

Florida billboard calls the NRA a 'terrorist organization'

Lumbergh to Nunberg

North Korea Willing to Denuclearize If Regime Safety Guaranteed

Utah state lawmakers advance bill naming highway after Trump

Here's a 5-year-old Sam Nunberg meeting Trump at Wrestlemania

Were there really no 5am tweets today?

Flynn selling house to pay legal bills in Trump probe...

The Trump presidency could cost the nation more than we realize

When Mueller issues the finds into the Trump/Russia Conspiracy,

More Nor'easters on the way

Utah state rep. pushing bill to name highway for Trump has financial stake in shrinking monuments

What if humans love violence and war because of our sense of beauty?

PA-18 Special Election, Conor Lamb

Trump still hasn't tweeted about Nunberg. Did he accidentally flush his phone?

Reddit 'fesses up to just a little Russian reaming

Trump Administration Plans to Slash Labor Relations Board, Consolidate Power

This billboard will have an Trump's backyard!

Italian left mulls Five Star deal to end deadlock

The $100 bill has become for the US what opium was for 19th century Britain

Drooling lapdogs Rivera and Hannity fawn all over "noble" Ivanka Trump


Trump breaks with GOP, sparking new tensions

Wonkette: Then Sam Nunberg Bit His Own Dick Off On Jake Tapper's CNN Show LOLOL TOTALLY NORMAL

Finally, he TWEETS: There is no Chaos, only great Energy!

Donna Shalala is running for US House seat in Florida......

So ... Chelsea Clinton has written a new children's book ...

Nunberg has weird daddy issues

2nd tweet, on DACA inaction: Where are you Dems? A deal can be made!

Its almost nasty: Dems seek crackdown on sleeping in the Capitol

He's rolling out a series of prewritten tweets -- now one on oil production, & more

President for Life?No way, Jose........

Defense Attorneys Have Some Legal Advice for Sam Nunberg: 'Pack Your Toothbrush-Prepare for Jail'

Texas: 370,219 Democrats vote early in 10 districts, compared to 282,928 Republicans

Great read - TPM Muckraker "Mueller Zeros In On Jareds Murky Web Of Overseas Ties"

Trump pushes back on reports on White House chaos: Wrong!

GOP Rep Yells 'Fake News' @ a Reporter After Heated Spat Over Her Claims Many Mass Shooters Are Dems

Con man Jim Bakker still hawking his "food buckets" 1 year of food for $650

Morning Joe thinks Nunberg's TV meltdown is a 'smokescreen': 'Trump and Roger Stone would be proud'

Can Sarah Huckabee Sanders be held criminally liable for lying to the American people?

Ominous read - WU - "A Weaker Gulf Stream Means Trouble for Coastal New England"

Size of the balls Morning Edition is sucking this morning . . . ostrich egg? Cantaloupe?

Trump just tweeted to slam Oscars for low ratings, say we don't have Stars any more except for him

Roy Moore accuser running for Florida House as a Democrat

Maduro threatens a temper tantrum (perhaps?) if not allowed in to Summit of the Americas.

GOP sees McCarthy moving up if GOP loses the House

What happens when constitutional rights contradict each other?

Nunberg had a meltdown for the ages yesterday on live TV

Judge declines, for now, to halt part of Trump's anti-sanctuary city policy

Another promise broken? I am just not surprised anymore....

Jay Inslee Wants to Take Down the 'Republican Governors Who Are Kowtowing'

NOAA: E. Coast Cities Should Expect Flooding 25 To 130 Days/Year, Even W. "Moderate" SLR By 2050

Where does the Mueller investigation go from here and how does it end?

'I Need Loyalty'

If Hillary didnt exist, Hannity would have to invent her.

Washington Becomes the First State to Approve Its Own Net Neutrality Rules

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg backs off defiance, says he will likely cooperate with Mueller

250,000 Still W/O Power As Next Noreaster Crests The Horizon; Arrival Wednesday/Thursday

This is what Manafort is afraid of if he flips on Trump - He messed with one of Putin's besties.

Trump touts report US is set to become world's top oil producer

All conspiracy theories aside, it looks like Sam Nunberg just had an emotional meltdown.

Conspiracy Theorists Arrested at Texas Church Massacre Site

Arctic Spring Now Arrives 16 Days Earlier Than It Did Just 10 Years Ago

Trump on Oscars: "We dont have Stars anymore - except your President"

The nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS that Maduro says he raised with the Petro? FRAUD!

Happy Birthday to DAVID GILMOUR!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Trade Warrior Today, Tomorrow who knows?

Paper Trail of Trump Deal w/Russian Financial Interests During Campaign Rumored

The Trump Doctrine: Rebrand "chaos" as "energy" in a tweet and carry on as if nothing is wrong.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Issue

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Trump gang

Women's March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem. Maybe Its Time To Leave Them Behind

Sam Nunberg was pretty funny until I learned he was mixing anti-depressants with alcohol.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Oregon State/UCLA Study: New Reservoirs Will Not Help The West; Snowpack Decline Too Big, Too Fast

Worshipers Clutching AR-15 Rifles Hold "Commitment Ceremony"

FL Public School Teacher Has White Nationalist Podcast

LOL @ this headline when you read the text. From a right wing media organization , of course.

'Plastic, plastic, plastic': British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali

United Airlines' Employee Lottery On 'Pause' After Fierce Backlash

FEMA Flood Insurance Chief: Forget Risk Maps: "If It Says 'Florida', You Need Flood Insurance"

Trump is cutting #Medicaid, without or without Congress.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is expected to announce her resignation Tuesday morning

Steve Schmidt: Sam Nunberg just another low-life character from the 'Star Wars cantina'

Remember when?🚘🎟🎟🍿🍫🥤🌭💋

KRUGMAN: A Ranting Old Guy With Nukes

Racism, Bigotry & Hatred Runs So Deep Red State Voters Sacrifice Their Lives vote GOP.

North Korea Floats Giving Up Nukes, Opening Door to U.S. Talks

A striking teacher's reality:

Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT) says Democrats must talk about "bread and butter" issues...

Hamfisted Bun Vendor, A.K.A. @MetalOllie, who coined the name "Shitgibbon," got suspended on Twitter

What's The Purpose Of Trump's News Conference...


Dolphins owner: Our players will be required to stand for anthem

Nunberg defends Bannon: 'Steve got Trump's fat ass elected'

Ok, I'm not liking the Girl Scouts thin mint cookies.....

Bush says Trump 'makes me look pretty good' by comparison: report

With Democratic support, Senate eyes rollback of banking law

Probe finds deadly Niger mission lacked proper approval

Small Bank Credit Card Losses Explode

Zinke Withdraws Area Of Montana From Oil And Gas Auction At Last Minute

Last night was an active night in the unconscious psyche of the Tobster.

FL-27: Donna Shalala is running for Congress in bid to replace Ros-Lehtinen

Flynns Brother Confirms Hes Selling House To Pay Legal Bills In Russia Probe

Investigation Reveals Deadly Niger Mission Lacked Proper Approval

Any chance Nunberg is working for the prosecution, and

WOW! WV Governor agrees to 5% pay raise for ALL state employees.

WAPO: "Fortunately, Trump doesn't have what it takes to be a dictator."

Nunberg flipped out yesterday because . . .

The voices are the Jacksons, but the soul of this song

"The Nunberg Rule"

Police capture chicken in Olive Garden parking lot after low-speed chase

Grand Jury 101

MS-SEN: Thad Cochran is retiring

West Virginia leaders reach deal to end teachers strike

I'll tell you why Nunberg freaked out:

Greitens Campaign Staffers Not Talking

Environmental racism case: EPA rejects Alabama town's claim over toxic landfill

Warhol would be proud!!

World's oldest message in a bottle found by beachwalker in Australia

Charlie Pierce, Sam Nunberg Starts Talkling. You Know Who Is Listening

The Plum Line: "Mueller is casting a wide net. We now know the target is Trump."

Exotic animals disappear from Florida wildlife sanctuary after fake ad

Suge Knight's Former Attorneys Charged With Bribing Witnesses

Nunberg worked for American Center for Law and Justice, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson

Oldest message in a bottle found on Western Australia beach

Blacktip sharks in sharp decline off Florida coast and Trump's not helping

The more I understand about the Steele Dossier the more I think Comey may be criminally

Texas Primary Voting Snapshot

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Says Everything Is Fine

Fox News re-ups former DNC chair candidate Jehmu Greene

Military official warned Ravens about signing Kaepernick: report

Eugene Robinson: Trump is temporary, but hes doing lasting damage

Dont blame China, Mr. President. Blame the robots.

Had a talk with a friend last night.

U.K. Restaurant Is Focus of Mystery Russian Spy 'Poisoning'

Will Pennsylvania provide the next election flop for Trumps Republicans?

Charles Pierce on Trump, Tillerson, and Russia

Poland's leaders barred from White House meetings over Holocaust law

Italian voters reject Europe and their own elite. Understand the background.

Trump says more staff will leave as he seeks 'perfection'

Top intel official insists White House 'engaged' on Russian threat to midterms

Moon to align with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn before dawn Thursday

Mueller May Have Documents On Trump Treason During The 2016 Campaign


It hurts so bad just like I knew that it would, but I'd do it again if I could.

MSD Alumni buy billboards in Time's Square in loving memory of the 17 lives lost

So will numb nuts Nunberg.....

Updated: UP COMING SPECIAL ELECTIONS, if you live in any of these get out and vote, Please

Maine candidate: Fire extinguishers 'great deterrent' for guns

House to vote next week on school safety bill with no gun measures

It's a start

Are conservatives nowadays born assholes?

Ryan: Trump's tariff plan should be more 'surgical'

Find out if you may be funding gun production

Pulse shooting trial: Gunman visited Disney Springs, Epcot, other nightclub, document says

Did Nunberg pull a Devin Nunes?

Sam Nunberg goes dark on Tuesday after his spectacular media meltdown

I Really Am Sorry I Am Not Really Rich. Here Is What I Would Do If I Were That Loaded.

Tues. A.M. Dark Thoughts - Humor in the jugular

Is everything political?

As to tariffs or trade wars, etc.

"Inconceivable." Good psychological thriller.

Trump White House quietly issues report vindicating Obama regulations

Born, on this day in 1905: Bob Wills

Flake is floating a presidential run

March For Our Lives #WhatIf public service announcement

Senate advances plan to weaken Dodd-Frank banking rules

If we're going to arm teachers - At least do it right

Born a Woman" by Kristin Lems--Happy Women's Herstory Month!

"Born a Woman" by Kristin Lems--Happy Women's Herstory Month!

LIVE: Ray High School (Corpus Christi, TX) to host legislators for a conversation on school safety

Just how stupid are Kentucky's governor and the Jesus Freaks?

Pickups in car washes

Credit to Trump

D.C. Students Open Their Homes For Teens During Upcoming March For Our Lives

Netanyahu vows to defeat Iran's 'aggressive empire'

Smartmatic, the Venezuelan company that offers tech for legit elections leaves ChavismoLand

Cynthia Nixon to Primary Andrew Cuomo for NY-GOV

How to Knit 'Evil Eye Gloves,' the Pussyhat of the March For Our Lives Rally

Is it typical to see 1-2 star ratings online for Behavioral Health

UPDATED: Kellyanne Conway found to have violated Hatch Act

Furry Lewis: the story behind "Furry Sings the Blues"

'ARE WE NEXT' spray-painted on walkway at Wellesley (Mass) Middle School

Trump's tariff choices 'ease impact' on China, Russia: Goldman Sachs

Seven best natural antibiotics

Trump to reverse decision, will now allow elephant trophy hunting

5 things to watch in the first primary of 2018

Colbert Switched His Monologue at the Last Minute to Respond to Yesterday's Bonkers News Cycle

How to knit Evil Eye Gloves #MarchForOurLives

A view of N America/Atlantic from the GOES-16 Weather Satellite at 11:30am, Tuesday...

If Texas Turns Blue, It Starts Tonight: Three Districts to Watch

Why Can't Atheists Just Go Ahead and Believe?

Where are the millennial Catholic activists?

We Are Already Screwed On Climate Warming (Change). Consequences Will Be Severe -----

A Complete Timeline Of Martin Shkreli's Feud With The Wu Tang Clan

Poor Michelle...she looks so sad in this pic

I kid you not, The Mooch is going to be on Dr. Phil today.

Cheerleaders Surround Girl From Rival Team Who Was Cheering All Alone

Trump Believes Cohn Will Leave If Tariffs Instituted, Sources Say

Welcome for gay parents removed from Catholic video

Man lynched in lawless Venezuela. Maduro to blame anti-Chavistas in 3... 2... 1...

What Happens After Trump?

Pierce: And Now, Some Good News From Our Friends Up North

Chao confirms Trump pushing Ryan to withhold Gateway project funding

I Would Make Sure That Dick's Sporting Goods Employee Does Not Work Anytime Soon.

Cornell Student Could Be Deported If Convicted of Hate Crime

So why did Putin order Trump to start a trade war?

Only the best people...continues with Kobach

Artificial intelligence could identify gang crimes -- and ignite an ethical firestorm

SciAm - Trailblazers: Women in Science

NWS; "Extreme To Catastrophic" Fire Danger In W, SW Kansas; I-70 Traffic Rerouted In Zero Visibility

The new surplus - a mirage?

Does It Matter How Many Laws Are Broken? GOP Control Won't Allow Anyone To Be Arrested.

Kelleyann Conway violated the Hatch Act!

Tide Pod-Eating Florida Man Protests Possible Gun Age Restrictions

Sessions In Trouble Because He Has Not Locked Hillary Up Yet. And Is Not Investigation Obama ------

Steele believed that the Russians were engaged in the biggest electoral crime in U.S. history.

The Kobach Voting Rights Trial: Live Updates

Thom hartmann is now interviewing jerome corsi . I threw up and

Why is $cience Spelled With a Dollar Sign in the US?

Man hired to sweep Scott Pruitt's office for bugs is in business with a top EPA security official

US sanctions on Russia coming soon: Treasury secretary

Just A Reminder - On The 20th Anniversary Of The Release Of "The Big Lebowski"...

UK warns foreign states over Russian ex-spy's suspected poisoning

Ive had dreams about Sugar two nights in a row!

Trump described a North Korean phone call that never happened

Proof of citizenship

Behind Sam Nunberg's meltdown - it all goes back to Roger Stone

Richard Spencer's Speech At MSU Was A Colossal Disaster

Finger guns are deadly

Trump shows up in court...

Goob: a notional paltrovian newage woozine generated by Botnik's AI

The Trump White House just defended Kellyanne Conway by brazenly lying about her comments

If Texas Turns Blue, It Starts Tonight: Three Districts to Watch

Utah Dem to propose 'Stormy Daniels rampway' for highway to be named after Trump

Meet Beto O'Rourke, The Pro-Pot Former Punk Guitarist Who Could Beat Cruz And Ignite Blue Wave

Obama ethics chief: Prisons will be full of Trump associates by the end of his term

Meet Beto O'Rourke, The Pro-Pot Former Punk Guitarist Who Could Beat Ted Cruz And Ignite Blue Wave

West Virginia lawmakers reach deal to give striking teachers pay raise

New Mexico Republicans want Catholic Church official punished for calling them racist

An oldie but a goodie

How much has America changed in the last year?

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received inside info from Russia probe...

Kellyanne Conway found to have violated Hatch Act

North Jersey police officer sells "House of Pain" T-shirts. Police chief condones it.

Nunberg Sobers Up - Will Cooperate With Mueller

EXCLUSIVE Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Received Inside Info From Russia Probe

Fox's Gasparino says Nunberg will seek treatment after Friday grand jury appearance

Religious Symbolism in the Islamic Prayer Rug

Ted Cruz Warns Republicans: 'We Could Lose Both Houses of Congress'

"We'll see what happens." Trump's answer to everything.

Atomwaffen, Xtremist Group Whose Members Have Been Charged in 5 Murders, Loses Some of Its Platforms

Russian Aggression: Cold War 2.0 Or Did the First One Never End?

Ok, so Nunberg was definately on anti-depressants and probably drinking

Special Counsel has examined episodes involving Michael Cohen, Trump's long time lawyer

For tonight: Texas Primary results at Politico

Preview For Tomorrow's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Majority of voters say NRA has too much influence over politicians

A Timeline of Gun Laws in America

IL-03 Democratic Primary a Dead Heat

Trump nominates two for Surface Transportation Board

Nation Not Sure How Many Ex-Trump Staffers It Can Safely Reabsorb

Trump: North Korea breakthrough 'would be a great thing for the world'

Health Insurance CEO Reveals Key To Company's Success Is Not Paying For Customers Medical Care

Texas attorney general says schools' get-out-the-vote drives are electioneering

Rick Santorum mocked after he says Devin Nunes has 'thoroughly' investigated Russiagate

Payday lenders, watchdog agency exhibit cozier relationship

Premiering in theaters 20 years ago today...The Big Lebowski! THIS is what happens when you...

The death of the center

White House Staff Job Openings!

Ok DUers, How Many of You Have Bought tRump Brand, Stayed in a tRump Hotel?

Michelle Obama Has 'Dance Party' With Girl Who Was Enamored Of Her Portrait

Russia and DACA tweets: a few memes picked on

A terrifyingly sad Facebook Post that shows the trauma gun culture puts school kids through...

Blessed years (so much missed)

Wind Energy Rescuing Rural Economies

Kick out the jams...MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer to tour with Soundgarden's Kim Thayil as "MC50"

CNN: Jailed Russian 'sex coaches' offer to trade election info for asylum

COOK POLITICAL: An unexpected Senate seat may be in play...

Pssssssssssssssst! Kellyann Conway violated the Hatch Act- Office of Special Counsel

Is it me, or does 45 sound sedated or something?

Deval Patrick says a 2020 presidential run is on my radar screen

I am so excited.

Trump Org. removes copies of presidential seals from golf course after reports they may be illegal

Former Clinton adviser imprisoned for refusing to testify warns Nunberg of the costs

Editorial cartoons from Europe

Ben Carson accused of 'witch-hunt' by senior member of his department

'Impeach Trump' billboard to go up near Mar-a-Lago

We all got it..Doofus45..but just don't agree with you...

Trump is piece of work!

What happened to your face?

Teacher In Cash-Strapped Ohio School District Forced To Make Do With Centuries-Old Firearms

Any voting results from Burlington VT Mayoral race?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 6, 2018

Trump, Swedish leader clash on tariffs at joint press conference

The latest of bizarre and shady pro-Trump social media figures on parade: An0maly

Trump lieing again at a press conference about Russian involvement


Ill have a double malted with vanilla ice cream please!

Trump: Russia did not affect votes in 2016

Neko Case - "Hell-On"

The school has come on board with the March 14th walkout

Amazon in talks with JPMorgan Chase to offer checking accounts

Trump On His White House: 'I Like Conflict'

Another poisoned Russian

Tired of winning yet ?

What is Conor Lamb's official website?

Weinstein Company Sale Falls Through

Senate GOPers Are Sweating, But Likely Won't Act, As Trump Threatens Trade War

Kelleyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act

Frida Kahlo And Other Historic Women Are Being Made Into Barbies

Fucking gun nuts.

Trump: "I like conflict. I like watching it, I like seeing it."

Joy Reid: 'This is all you need today'

ShitGibbon's tariffs could ricochet on coal country

Next time someone here posts a link from "Natural News," remember this.

tRumps Collusion - What I Wrote on My FB Page Last May 10

Phone call Trump said he had with North Korean regime was actually with South Korea's president

LOVE this idea: "Kimmel and Shitler switch jobs for a day. Or permanently"

Trump is systematically backing off consumer protections, to the delight of corporations

Deripaskas private jet: Newark-Moscow-Molde for secret yacht meeting

Biden campaigns in close Pennsylvania congressional race

"DANGER Will Robinson!!"

And Stone throws Nunberg under the bus. FWOOMP! Your play, Nunberg!

Trial opens in US for Bolivian ex-president in 2003 killings

Trial opens in US for Bolivian ex-president in 2003 killings

Why Not Even Libertarians Can Name a Single Successful Libertarian State

Trump vows to counteract any Russian interference in 2018 elections

Has anyone heard from Donkees? He hasn't posted since Saturday

New NASA Study Finds Dramatic Acceleration in Sea Level Rise

Mad River

The Lie of the Decade Is Over; Federal Court Brings Powerful End to the Hillary Clinton Benghazi BS

Karma - Flynn is being forced to sell his Virginia home to pay legal bills

Who is that Congressman on CNN right now? He is on fire.

NRA TV Is No Joke

Mueller reportedly investigating Trump's personal lawyer

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Falls more than 200 spots on Forbes Billionaires List

Kellyanne Conway broke law

Gary Cohn to Resign as Trumps Top Economic Adviser

Here is Photo on How Angry Villagers Disgraced Politician In Broad Daylight For Not Serving Them Wel

Bizarre Twists And Turns Of The Dossier

Here is Photo on How Angry Villagers Disgraced Politician In Broad Daylight For Not Serving Them Wel

The Problem Isn't Just Trump. It's Our Ignorant Electorate. - by Ron Reagan

Gary Cohen will resign. Trump's top economic advisor didn't leave

Gary Cohn did just resign (Chief Economic Adv.).

Intel chief grilled over Trump's response to Russian election attacks

Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Trump for Oscars Ratings Tweet

Nepotism and corruption

Obviously, having "Trump Administration" on your resume is about as helpful as...

American aluminum giants urge Trump to change tariff plans

*Cannon Shot*

Blitzer on CNN just said John Bolton visited the WH and they think he might be in

New marker notes Confederate general's role in slave trade

Trump caught nominating himself...

Three-year DACA, border security deal blocked in Senate

Doesn't Have a Best-and-Brightest Problem

Gibson, facing half-a-billion in debt, lays off custom shop workers

One of the jaw-dropping lies Trump told in his presser today was that "everybody wants to work

Gary Cohn ...OUT! GONE! Will resign.

Sanders Statement on Banking Bill

Authorities: Cop raped woman during National Guard training

Gary Cohn resigns as Trump's top economic advisor

Trump polled Mar-a-Lago guests about Kushners scandals

Bernie Sanders is heading back to Texas - and then to Phoenix

So how bad does the Dow respond to the apparent tariffs and departure of Cohn?

He is stalling for time.

No chaos at the WH just energy...

Gun control support surges in polls

The Hidden Dogs of Dog Cloning

🐦 March 11 at 12PM - Phoenix Rally with Sen. Sanders, Congressmen Ruben Gallego and Raul Grijalva

Democrats See a Chance at Beating Ted Cruz

Patrick Eyes Possible White House Bid

Odd political alliances form in N.H. reaction to Trump tariff threats

Here is why I am opposing the bill being voted on to deregulate some of the largest banks ...

What the HELL? It's only Tuesday I haven't even had dinner yet. No chaos at all

Gandhi letter about Jesus sold

Attorneys seek release of Mexican journalist held in US

Gandhi letter about Jesus sold

Attorneys seek release of Mexican journalist held in US

Why being a loner may be good for your health

***** BREAKING***** Cohn Leaving White House

Sinclair forces pro-Trump propaganda

Dow futures already down 300 points

Prosecutor: After boy, 8, shot sister, mom went back to work

Economic Adviser Cohn quits White House

France wants a stop to sexist stereotypes in advertising

Instead Of Thoughts And Prayers, Oregon Passes New Gun Safety Law

This would be the exact right moment for our deep state

Outgoing president proposes new constitution for Chile

Text from White House official "Why not just text a swastika?"

WaPo reports Mueller looking into two Michael Cohen deals with Felix Sater.

Deadly Connection: Neo-Nazi Group Linked To 3 Accused Killers

Now hiring: Daycare center manager. Please send resume to 1600

trump is a goddamn genius

Senator asks whether NRA used Russian funds to free other money for politics

Do protectionist policies improve the quality of life for the nations that practice it ?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to ban the AR-15 ? Very simple...

We Need To Hijack The Thoughts & Prayers Meme

Pinboy3niner would be so proud of Pacifist Patriot

The rats are the first to realise that the ship is taking on water

So when Trump said he will drain the swamp...

Adviser to Emirates With Ties to Trump Aides Is Cooperating With Special Counsel