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Antonn Dvork Symphony #3

Appeals Court Overturns Google's Fair Use Victory For Java APIs (Techdirt)

Mueller might have nabbed the DNC hacker, or someone with info about him -- Nikulin,

Martin Luther King Jr., by the book

Sunday is Easter. Here's an Easter poll:

Richard Engel on Assignment - MSNBC 9 p.m. EDT

I hope Chappaquiddick loses a TON of money...

Yet another serious objection to the Judeo-Christian god.

Just read via Seth Abramson

So very comforting...

(Jewish Group) How The Right And The Left Share A Double Standard About Anti-Semitism

Trump Orders State Dept. to Suspend Funds for Syria Recovery

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Good Friday!

President Spanky Campaign Button

Rhea Butcher's tweet on Groper Don's Proclamation for Sexual Assault Awareness Month...

This thought has been going through my little brain for a few days now. Does it seem as though the

Trump distracts America from the task of facing three existential threats

Joint chiefs not briefed before Trump went public with trans military ban

Trump caught pulling one on MSM and the American people again

Nixon was bad. Reagan was disgusting. W was a neo-con puppet. But, they were

Roku and I have been corresponding regarding NRA TV.

Your hair would look weird, too, if you spent most of each day with your head up your ass. nt

Could be a good performance

A thought for the upcoming Easter.

Roseanne just tweeted something crazy about Trump freeing children from bondage:

A thought for the upcoming Easter (x-posted from religion)

If "solidarity" meant anything Roseanne would have it for Hillary and all other #

10 Public Radio stations will team up to report on gun violence and train other reporters to do so

Mining exec: 'bad actor' label is bid to delay Montana mines

I need some cheering up.

Aren't you glad ABC has given Roseanne Barr a megahone

An 11th Commandment is clearly needed.

Friday Talking Points (478) -- Seeking Lead Lawyer For Difficult Client

No one knows what it's like

Latest Ingraham ex advertisers

Colorado Supreme Court suspends appellate judge following sexual harassment complaint

Republicans' effort to create Colorado Medicaid work requirement fails at first hurdle after drawing

So I listened to some of 1A (NPR show) today doing errands and once again it struck me...

Colorado House approves state budget on bipartisan vote

Haggis lovers! You spoke, and Mackie's listened.

SpaceX launches 10 Iridium satellites from California

The time Tony Benn made John Bolton squirm in his seat.

Why People Kneel

"It's his wh, he can do what he wants." REALLY??? nt

The Indiana GOP Senate primary is bordering on openly racist

Kentucky Teachers Shut Down Schools After Public Pension Overhaul

There is no limit to the gross, sexually explicit questions Big crowd marches through SLC

BREAKING: Trump nominates Stacey Dash as his new personal physician based on her "highly credible ..

Nicolle Wallace....on Steve Schmidt, ......Priceless

I fought the law....

Does Jerome Corsi Know That Mueller Is Asking About Him?

Katherine Brewster: British woman found safe and well after going missing for five days in Brazil

Mauritania jails slave owners for up to 20 years

Oil and gas drilling blamed for sinkholes threatening to swallow parts of Texas

Trump wants out of Syria, Pentagon has no idea what hes talking about...Lord Help Us

Extreme fossil fuel investments soar to $115bn under Donald Trump presidency, report reveals

More family members of woman killed in Uber self-driving car crash hire lawyer

Roseanne Keeps Promoting QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory That Makes Pizzagate Look Tame

The percentages are truly troubling....

Eric Holder says he'll decide on a 2020 run by early next year

Little Painted Desert, AZ drone pics

Laura Ingraham Says She'll Take Vacation Amidst Controversy

I think the daughter had something to do with poison attack in England

Hey, I hear that Roseanne Barr has a new TV show.

Russias first shipment of Arctic natural gas reaches India

Go to link, the GOPers are hitting liftoff:

Wolfmother - Gypsy Caravan!!!

Re Roseanne: a reminder that the Dixie Chicks lives were threatened for voicing opinions. Laura Ing

Kentucky legislature takes paid sick leave away from teachers.

Gov. Herbert comes out against medical marijuana initiative, warning it would open the door to ...

Why Laura Ingraham's Advertiser Exodus Over David Hogg Tweet Could Be Fatal

How DARE They Exploit Those Children Like That!!!

NCAA Womens Basketball Final Mississippi State v. Notre Dame

Faculty members of this Univ. of Utah dep't. dont speak to one another and students graduate late

oman selling her Sacramento home refuses to let a Trump supporter move in

White House frustrated with EPA's Pruitt for apartment controversy

Tracyanne & Danny - Alabama

Old lady Bailee update:

State asks court to toss ex-A.G. John Swallow's claim for $1.5M in attorney fees

Cecile Richards said it best...

Can't prove it BUT i think RUMP and PUTIN are planning everything

Lost 1969 Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier soundtrack released for the first time

Lost 1969 Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier soundtrack released for the first time

Legislature ends session with education cuts, again

Dennis Rodman posts picture of Kim Jong Un with MAGA Hat On

Mead 'deliberate' with vetoes to check legislative overreach

Anyone who still finds Roseanne Barr entertaining?

Are the "Shakes Ups" a WH Fund Raising Ploy? And By Fund Raising, I Mean Kick Backs.

EPA head Scott Pruitt visits major Wyoming coal mine, preaches end of 'war on fossil fuels'

Appeal set to begin for former Wyoming sheriff convicted of three felonies

US plant that destroys chemical weapons beset by troubles

Watching President Carter on Colbert.

In 2016 before the election I was already convinced Trump was working with Russians to get elected

Sweet Emotion

Alabama Student Group Invites White Nationalist To Give Speech On Diversity

Easter's NBC live show Jesus Christ Superstar. Will Evangelicals freak that this Jesus is black?

Woman of the World

Today in Rock: Echo & the Bunnymen Hit Peak New-Wave With "The Killing Moon" in 1984

One of my favorite songs to sing....

AMP (Allocation for Music Producers) Act...

Well, I'll keep ridin on that bus till I Cadillac

This man spent more years behind bars than any other wrongfully imprisoned person in America

A New Pact to Defend Latin Americas Environmental Activists

I made myself tuna salad. Made sure cats were sound asleep in the bedroom.

Get What's Coming

A New Pact to Defend Latin Americas Environmental Activists

Fat Man In The Bathtub

My Mood Swings

The Big Lebowski opening sequence...

Bone Conduction Music Show

How the fuck is a song written in 69 still relevant?

Damnit! Glamrock's drinking and posting Humble Pie vids again...

German authorities order BMW to recall 11,000 cars over diesel emissions

Repost.... Say No More

Trump's fire alarm presidency

Alabama Shakes!

Alabama Shakes live on SNL! Sick!

Oklahoma (49th in pay) educators donate plasma, use food pantries, work 2nd jobs to survive

Cold Hard Bitch

Montana Democrats Accuse Company of Illegal Signature Gathering

I Need Never Get Old

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/30/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump

Why Im quitting GMO research

Why Im quitting GMO research

U.S. government sues tiny town's water district over arsenic, radium

Amazing Voice!

Governor asks 'Daily Show' host to see real Montana

For Docreed2003


Baylor paid Briles $15.1 million, Ken Starr $4.5 million after removal amid sexual assault scandal

Watch a man get his dying wish to kiss his dog goodbye

So You Want To Be A, Rock & Roll Star

Is there ever enough Little Feat?


Limestone County Judge resigns in deal with judicial conduct commission

Judge orders DA's office to stop distributing explicit images of biker and wife

Stevie Wonder!

Jackie Wilson - Higher & Higher. Absolutely Sick Performance!

Thank you, Notre Dame Womens Hoops!

Wilson Pickett just KILLING it!

David Cameron laments 'painfully slow' fracking progress in UK

VA-02 Dem Candidate Shaun Brown Hits DCCC, Says She Will Run for Congress as Independent

Gaza deaths: UN secretary general calls for 'transparent' investigation


Where Is Tom Perriello These Days and Whats He Up To? An Update.

In Occupied Territory of Arlington Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Tosses Red Meat, Vows Vicious

85 Years Ago Today; The Civilian Conservation Corps is established

Is Trump still president?

The folly of racism and immigration policies

Adolf Twittler : greatest Christian ever...

The Biggest Chick-fil-A Ever Opens in FiDi (Manhattan Financial District)

Low-caste Indian Dalit killed for owning horse

Japan whalers return from Antarctic hunt after killing 333 whales

Resign !!

Tesla says Autopilot was engaged during fatal Model X crash

Iowa man wins legal battle to say hometown stinks

Stephen Hawking quotes

Andrew McCabe GoFundMe update

As list of Trump's priorities as president

Scientific method / Trump method

The Roseanne tweet about freeing children is a Pizzagate level conspiracy theory

Loyola of Chicago 1963 Championship Was More Than Just About Basketball. It Was About Racial Justice

Waiting on the road together

Confederates convicted: Statue unshrouders say they'll appeal

I scored some Jambon de Serrano.

Isn't it fortunate that whenever a Fox "personality" has a controversy.

Suuuuuuure, Laura. Suuuuuuure.

Tree-hugging protesters take back control in Sheffield

Ahead of Governor Scott signing gun reform bill, group plans AR-15 magazine giveaway at Statehouse


WH political appointee official sees 4 of her own family members appointed to government positions.

A good observation regarding Trump.

Guess he couldn't get a tee time today, he's on his tweet machine-Amazon & Jerry Brown

Putin spokesman: Harvey Weinstein accusers are prostitutes

"Did I forget to kiss my cobra before I left the house?" . . . Please come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

The Love Affair Between The NRA and Wells Fargo.

🎸Johnny B. Goode🎸 Realeased March 31, 1958!

How hard is it

Infowars Jerome Corsi (heart attack waiting to happen) wants to fight Mueller. Good grief!

Trump slams CA governor over immigration: 'Is this really what the great people of California want?'

How Does The Post Office Lose $1.50 On Average ......

Graph shows who got NRA money

Graph shows who got NRA money

Trump: Amazon 'scam' costing Postal Service 'billions'

Who's afraid of the Easter bunny?

Top 10 coolest Michelle Obama moments

Brothers ran 1,000 miles from Florida to DC for March for Our Lives

The Republicans Are Clinging Frantically to Power - Joy-Ann Reid

Trump losing his touch....Everyone is still talking about Stormy....

Fox Host Laura Ingraham Announces 'Vacation' Amid Growing Backlash

Need help finding picture of a specific, human-sized, evil Easter rabbit

Trump supporters are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Ted Nugent: Parkland's Student-Activists Are 'Soulless' Liars

Leading Purveyors Of Bogus Voter Fraud Claims Lose Big Case In FL

"Sorry I stole your panties" says Judge Robert Cicale

"Sorry I stole your panties" says Judge Robert Cicale

UK-Russia standoff deepens as Moscow cuts UK diplomats

Who do you like for our next Wisconsin Governor?

Steve Bannon owned Cambridge Analytica and used it to spy on the United States

Former Houston City Councilman Larry Green died of a drug overdose

Hey, Laura! "Bye, Felicia!"

I'm kinda surprised he didn't fit "NO COLLUSION!" into this morning's tweet rant about Amazon.

Easter was the holiday I had to come clean w/ my son

Internet Sends 'Thoughts and prayers' to Laura Ingraham after announcement she's taking vacation

News: Retroactive Racketeering Romney Killed Toys R Us

Sinclair Hired Reporter From Russian Propaganda Outlet RT Who Produced Must-Run Deep State Segme

Trump was off Twitter for a few days?

Saw Ted Nugent trending

Fed judge blocks Trump administration officials from stopping immigrant teens from getting abortions

Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

John Bolton just appeared on my TV screen...

Peg Lautenschlager has passed away.

That's two calls now I've got like this! *&%$#!!!

The first Decorah eagle is hatching!

Why do they make Jackie out to be a cartoon version of a liberal on Roseanne ?

Anyone here use "QLink" for a cell phone?

C-SPAN interviewed Jeff Shaara - Historical fiction

Bulldog who's scared of everything loves helicopter rides.

One of the pastors at my childhood Presbyterian church

Bulldog who's scared of everything LOVES helicopter rides

The Parkland shooter should not face the death penalty - WaPo Editorial Board

Video: A chorus of local news reporters reading, word-for-word, from the same Sinclair script...

Poll: Majority of young people believe Trump is racist, dishonest, "mentally unfit" to be president

What do you make for Easter dinner?

Proof the earth isn't flat

North Korea will take part in next two Olympics: IOC chief Bach

Cambridge Analytica's daddy biz had 'routine access' to UK secrets

Donald Trump jumps on anti-tech bandwagon, gets everything wrong

Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

The Anti-Trump

Cosi fan tutte set in the 1960s

Cat gives dog Medusa look - turns it to stone

$0.75 about how much Cambridge Analytica paid per voter in bid to micro-target their minds

Has anyone signed up for that 'Informed Delivery' service from the USPS?

update on the selling of our Door County property...

Trump cabinet official buys $3.2 million home in Great Barrington (Mass)

This may be why Trump is melting down this morning:

Bet John Haggee freaking out over juxtoposition of Blue Moon and Passover and Easter!

Did Shulkin get fired or resign? This is why it matters

White House asserts Shulkin 'resigned' from VA post

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Upgrading Low Quality Iron Ores With Biomass Gasification/Coal Tars.

The 75-Year-Old Book That Drives Our Politics

Frum, Schmidt, Kristol et al.

Happy Fertility Symbol Day!

"Why I left Fox News."


"Silver Foxes" (a gay version of 'The Golden Girls' TV show)

Conservatives when in power vs Conservatives when out of power.

Republicans Are Becoming Less Educated

"Silver Foxes" (a gay version of 'The Golden Girls' TV show)

Is Trump the worst president in American History?

"Silver Foxes" (a gay version of 'The Golden Girls' TV show)

How Trump is preparing for War

Seth Abramson:

When Bail Feels Less Like Freedom, More Like Extortion

The Best Classical Moments of the Week on YouTube

Wisconsin GOP operative details CA meeting on yacht

16 companies sanctioned for corruption in Panama are linked to Cilia Flores (Maduro's wife)

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism matters: Jews are the canary in the coalmine

LGBTQ Americans Won't Be Counted in 2020 U.S. Census After All

Twittler is obsessed by Bezos and WaPo !

Today is Christopher Walken's 75th Birthday, and I just noticed something

Trial begins for woman who drove with body in her car

Trial begins for woman who drove with body in her car

Albuquerque crime....

Another autonomous driving death

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - This is not a President

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Greta Van Fleet - Flower Power

W. Post, Former Fox host: 'There is indeed a witch hunt and it's led by Fox against Robert Mueller

This is NOT Funny....

So listening to Joy Reid this AM about the 2020 census and citizenship question.

The Divine Feminine Aspect

"Fear not! We've got a great lineup of guest hosts to fill in for me!"

Trump, Sessions relationship takes new turn with special counsel decision

Michigan Gov. activates Emergency Operations Center for miniscule chance falling space station

Trump Advisers Urge Tougher Russia Policy After Expulsions

Ted Nugent: Parkland students protesting gun violence are 'soulless'

anybody else wanna spend a day hiking a Roger Dean landscape?

Census Bureau adviser on citizenship question: 'What the hell?'

Chavista logic! Elias Jaua: If the people did not eat, the shelves would be full!

Orange County Was Set to House the Homeless, and There Was a Popular Revolt

White patient beats teen Muslim while shes checking into the emergency room

If people leave twitter and facebook, does this make it v hard to organize,react quickly nationally?

Tennessee pastor accused of molesting several children

Drug overdoses rising as opioid crisis gets worse

Jimmy Carter Knocks Trump in Lively 'Late Show' Appearance

Yesterday was Vincent Van Gogh's birthday

Japan whalers return from Antarctic hunt after killing 333 whales

Tax cut: The richest get $33,000, the poorest will get $40

UK considers Russian request to see ex-spy's daughter

Republicans rigged our democracy. Here's how Democrats can fight back

The kids are all right and know the Constitution

Brazil police make arrests in graft probe linked to Temer

Trump Administration Can't Block Undocumented Immigrants From Seeking Abortions

Trump Administration Can't Block Undocumented Immigrants From Seeking Abortions March 31, 2018 2:19

Incredible! Now Scott Walker Wants to Abolish a Statewide Elected Office

Incredible! Now Scott Walker Wants to Abolish a Statewide Elected Office

Virginia Flaggers erect Confederate battle flag on I-64 outside of Charlottesville

The Nazi History Behind Asperger

1969 we had no cars, no computers, no phones, no money, no TVs...we had radios and our mouths and we

(Jewish Group) Chag Pesach Sameach

I had been planning to buy a lottery ticket, this week, but I figured

Artists convert Trump hotel suite into anti-Trump exhibit

This guy prayed in his yard, "Show me a sign from Heaven, Lord!"

Republicans Are Becoming Less Educated

Dear GOP Chairwoman - I fixed it for you...

From Mueller to Stormy to 'emoluments,' Trump's business is under siege

Asian American are changing the South

Sinclair is "...very concerned about the troubling trend of one-sided stories plaguing our country."

New details emerge about EPA chief's rental of condo linked to lobbyist

GOP Chairwoman "Democrats hate our President more than they love our country."

We raised $125 for DU's own Pacifist Patriot (FL-D52) this week, quarterly deadline is midnight

Anti-Trump artists transform Trump hotel room into epic installation with live rats

The magnificent Al Green is quoting Voltaire on MSNBC

Former Virginia delegate Joe Morrissey loses law license after ethics complaints

When asked to comment,...

When Faith Is Taken for Knowledge,

Trump has created more job openings in CA. We now have want ads for "Harvesters."

If That Isn't Love - Elvis Presley (VIDEO)

I think we've hit puberty

GOP Idiot Evan Siegfried ‏ lied about David Hogg and guns

President Donald Trump used taxpayer money to track media reports just one day after Stormy Daniels

Ron Perlman pulling no punches while supporting Jimmy Carter

Suggestion: The quote of the month / Gift of gab of the month / Hall of Fame Statement

Documented liar Juanita Broaddrick attacks Parkland victim as "loser," calls Rachel Maddow "his dad"

activists rent room in nyc trump hotel and(temporarily) release rats and dismantle room

Does anyone know how I can get help with Unclaimed Assets?

Malcolm Nance: Russia OWNS Trump (new video)

Rex Murphy: Cheers for the meat-eating hero who took on 'privileged' vegan bullies

All The Hats

Wisconsin GOP operative Mark Block details Cambridge Analytica meeting on yacht

Bolton Appointment a Step on Path Toward Dictatorship?

Republicans facing pressure from left and right in Virginia's Medicaid debate

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 31, 2018

So . . . the Stephon Clark execution

So Trump is worried about Gov. Brown pardoning people without merit?

WaPo:. "A Pearl Harbor In Politics."

I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned Paula Stone Williams TEDxMileHigh

Florida school shooting survivors march on unfazed by personal attacks

Hundreds of Florida bikers rode in honor of slain MSD student Meadow Pollack this morning:

Roseanne Barr faces backlash over Trump conspiracy theory tweet

Teens started March for Our Lives, but all ages participated

Don King talks to Trump about Stormy Daniels: 'It's utterly ridiculous'

Voting Rights Advocates Just Won a Big Victory in Court

RESIST/Indivisible has a planned agenda

Miracle-Ear joins growing list of companies pulling ads from Ingraham's show

The Unfulfilled Promise of Fair Housing

Chavistas! Defend Bolivarian Socialism! Inform on your neighbor! Map out the non-Chavista!

The Price for Their Pound of Flesh, black bodies matter

Chavistas illegally move gold reserves OUT of Venezuela! Maduro says "Plane? What plane? What gold?"

Picking "winners and losers"

These states are responding to the Parkland shooting by trying to do something about gun control

Why do we eat ham at Easter?

Sinclair gave Pa. anchors script about 'one-sided news'

Total arrogance of Laura Ingraham.

Great News For Democrats As Trump Is Killing Republican Optimism

A typical day in the life of a deplorable: Harass and stalk David Hogg on Twitter

Amazon Caused Donald Trump to Lose $400 Million Last Year

Did David list Dartmouth students Laura should apologize to? RWNJs v scared kids examing their pasts

Doctors in uber-violent Venezuela marked for death if their patients die. 22,000 MD's flee

Alamosa (CO) Republicans clarify that they do not hate poor people

Wouldn't it be odd for someone to cite a "Donald Trump for President" article in this forum?

Wishing you all a lovely #TransDayOfVisibility .😘🌈😊

When one company owns multiple local stations across multiple networks

Russia co-conspirator Alex van der Zwaan is in deep shit

Internet flays brother of Sylvester Stallone for calling David Hogg a p*ssy then deletes tweet!


Doggie Donkey:

Happy Easter!

Items for your shopping list

Vampire Drone Made of Fungus Consumes Itself Within Days: DARPAs Secret Weapon

GOP chairwomans hypocrisy: some good stuff here

Oh, my!

Pentagon identifies U.S. soldier killed in Syria during operation against ISIS

Venezuelan gangs fighting with machetes over... "quality garbage"?

State of New York to confiscate all guns.

I thought I would just go in the vault and pull out the memories

He's 13 and he's running to be the next governor of Vermont

With memories of better times (not so long ago)

Trump: Goodbye my darling, parting is such sweet sorrow!

Venezuela arrests five police officials over deadly jail disaster

Mark Hamill wins Twitter today versus GOP Chairwoman

In gun-friendly Vermont, lawmakers pass firearms control bill

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

How disgusting is Ted Nugent

In all Honesty did you think the right would go this low????

It's an honor to earn the @MomsDemand Candidate Distinction! Vote @CathyMyersWI to replace

Vermont Town Seeks a Heart, and Soul (Also Milk and Eggs)

Jimmy Carter: 'Apparently' America wants a jerk for president

Gun Nut Arrested in Texas

Mark Zuckerberg became a billionnaire selling...

Donald Trump quits Twitter because he's 'too busy putting America first'

Trump Picks His Former Caddy to Replace Hope Hicks as White House Communications Director

An excellent answer to Trump's tweet :-)

David Hogg doubles down on criticism of Ingraham: 'A bully is a bully'

Bayer says adios, Ingraham: