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Archives: March 3, 2018

Ex-Trump adviser Carl Icahn sold $31m in shares days before president announced steel tariffs

I dont even know where to begin

SEC dropped probe of firm a month after the firm lent $180 M to a Kushner company

I hope Michael Beschloss "Today in History" tweet is a portent of things to come.

Donald J. Trump: Champion of the Proletariat

Chris Matthews hair is green

God help us, the maggot was "angry & unglued", so he started a trade war

GOP primary winner faces 2nd federal election law complaint (Arizona)

Have you ever witnessed a high-speed police chase?

Tariffs would aid steelworkers at expense of far more others

Please let me know when Bernie Sanders is no longer considered a democrat

Tonight on the Mike Malloy show Bob Kincaid will be substituting for Mike!

was he able to go to margomoneyville?

Putin's new missile has been CRASHING in testing.

Schiff Points out President's Insider Trading

Listen to NYC - Northern NJ Marine - "MAN ADRIFT!"

Remember when Obama got shit for not being stronger on Syria?

Labor's duty to confront the far right

Labor's duty to confront the far right (Cross posted from GD)

Texas sets early voting record in nonpresidential year

That fellow's been the raspberry seed in my wisdom tooth just long enough. n/t

Maryland Senate moves on bill to require release of tax returns by presidential candidates

2020 Presidential election:

Tweety sounds tired, old, foggy, slow, maybe sick?

Trump swaps his beloved Big Macs for salads and soups

Trump picks Dow Chemical lawyer for key role at EPA

LOL, this always makes me laugh................enjoy

Laurence Tribe: 18 USC sec 1505

Turn on Chris Hayes right fugging now

Robinson: The utter chaos and blatant corruption of Trump presidency is unprecedented

Anderson Cooper explaining the word 'gaslighting' again. Love it that

LBJ and impeachment

Central Michigan University Shooting: Parents gunned down by their son on college campus

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Dismisses Evolution as an Unproven Theory - 2005

The BBC Shipping Forecast

George Carlin...Trying to find...A place for your stuff..enjoy!! (stuff,stuff, much is enough?)

Presidents Can Be Impeached Because Benjamin Franklin Thought It Was Better Than Assassination

Deer semen donations among campaign contributions to South Texas candidate

Rachel Maddow Surges To Become The #1 Show On Cable TV

Canine war heroes mistreated by U.S. Army: Pentagon report

Anybody know how to thin out a 6 person race so we can beat Rohrabacher?

Twitler bit off more than he could chew when he attacked Alec Baldwin. Again.

It's the sugar damn it!!!! salt too.

Joke: A Knock at The Door

Trump has been inadvertently proving the worth of some level of democratic

The Moron is on a new diet...another reason for his temper tantrums.

New Hampshire Republican accuses Parkland students of "astroturfing".

Texas colleges are bleeding cash on athletics programs and you're paying for it

These Videos of Boston Basically Drowning in the Noreaster Are Insane

AFL-CIO lauds Trump's tariffs The Hill

Oil Was Central in Decision to Shrink Bears Ears Monument, Emails Show

WV-03: 'He's JFK With Tattoos and a Bench Press'

Isn't it Amusing to Watch Republicans

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Losing Hope! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Days before the election, Stormy Daniels threatened to cancel deal to keep alleged affair with Trump

Hey, GOP - Wanna Talk About Hillary's Emails Now?

yes Tucker Carlson, you're absolutely right. IMAGINE if Obama said that!

Scaramucci Banned from White House

A song for my gorgeous bride...

Anti-Gay Texas Official Caught Vandalizing Campaign Sign

Oregon Passes Its Own Net Neutrality Bill

Trump pushes Republicans to oppose crucial New York-New Jersey tunnel project

You know, I would just like to see some progress

How does Bernie feel about political dynasties now?

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: Trump tariffs will have a 'broad' but 'trivial' impact on prices

Born This Gay: Randy Rainbow Does Texas

REI to Halt Orders from Vista Outdoor

Ex-Trump adviser sold $31m in shares days before president announced steel tariffs

Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin Extremely Paranoid Ahead of Damning New Investigation

Jared, 666 Fifth Ave, and shaping American foreign policy as punishment

How do I change my email and password?

UIW football player arrested in connection to Alamo Heights bar fight that broke man's jaw

West Virginia Senate refuses to vote on teacher raises

With severe narcissistic personality disorder, can Trump's body survive all the negative press?

Friday Talking Points (474) -- "Trade Wars Are Good!" (As Hope Leaves The Building)

"He might betray his trust to foreign powers."

Simply - he is NOT my president, he is NOT a president. Here's mine:

Police: Man spits on black child, calls him racial slur

Favorite 80s Music Video.......

We got some rain today, and I got inspired!


S.E. Massachusetts Amatuer Radio, Marine and Air

Texas 130 builders concealed road's flaws, new owners say in lawsuit

When a woman or person of color becomes CEO, white men have a strange reaction

We Need A Tantrum Tape From White House Of Unglued President.

Former head of CIA spooks

Dallas judge throws out anti-marriage equality lawsuit

Will drumpf ever serve a day in prison?

Proof that Trump can be indicted, courtesy of the State of Missouri

Awesome tweet concerning the 2018 elections and beyond.

Poetry Corner

Trump Alphabet in his own words

Payne campaign getting stronger in final days before primary

Jeanine Pirro asks her guest a pointed question about Sessions which goes unanswered...

FRump will choose his own survival over Ivanka

George Benson: Give Me the Night

Acoustic tractor beam creates an ultrasound tornado for large-scale levitation

Not only do I remember "Duck&Cover" but I remember the Cuban MIssile Crisis...

Remember the UCLA players arrested in China, well no surprise Trump lied again

A suggestion made in 2015 : still a good idea...


Mangrove deforestation releases more CO2 than Poland, study finds

Bill Maher had two 17 year olds from MDS and they were awesome. They give me hope

Birding in Phillys Forgotten Habitats

Stairway to Nowhere

The Oscar For Best Snack Goes To Popcorn, The 6,000-Year-Old Aztec Gold

The Oscar For Best Snack Goes To Popcorn, The 6,000-Year-Old Aztec Gold

ExxonMobil 10-K Leaves Shareholders in the Dark About Climate Risks, Says Science Group

Pollution from Ships Creates Massive Clouds Visible from Space

A Hidden Metropolis of 1.5 Million Penguins Has Been Discovered Thriving Out of Humanity's Reach

Stephen Hawking Says He Knows What Happened Before the Big Bang

This is how far gone they are

Seth Meyers - The White House Calligrapher, Seth's Workout Playlist - Monologue - 3/1/18

Seth Meyers: Guest Don Lemon on the Challenges of Hosting CNN Tonight in the Trump Era

A Giant Specimen of World's Most Toxic Spider Was Caught in Australia And We're Not OK

How to watch the asteroid thats about to get closer to Earth than the moon

An Alzheimer's Drug Has Been Shown to Help Teeth Repair Cavities Naturally

The unwelcome revival of race science

Ticks That Cause 'Intense Infestations' Have Been Found in The US For The First Time

Blacktip sharks in sharp decline off Florida coast and Trump's not helping

North East DU'ers!

Europe's largest home appliance maker puts $250 million US investment on hold over Trump's tariff


Martinez signs legislation for holiday tax break

Russian call girl in Thai Prison - Much more to it than you think!

Roy Moore pleads for money, saying resources depleted

Albuquerque mayor fears taxes will have to increase

2 Guns, Bible Stolen From GOP Rep. Tom Graves SUV in Atlanta

Astronauts are growing lettuce on the ISS to eat in space

Rep. Steve Lebsock became a Republican minutes before being expelled from the legislature, meaning

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Has $395M in assets

The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Doyle Lee Hamm

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

Trump's schedule since he became "president"

Trump as seen in Europe (and almost everywhere) : the hideous face of the US

Devin Nunes responds to his daughters Tucker Carlson comment..........

An old meme from DU. It didn't aged at all : still a spot on

Electrolux halts $250 million project in Springfield after Trump's tariff announcement

Dorothy Ain't Our Time to Die

I believe it likely that Mueller will indict Trump.

5 Insanely Important Jobs (We're Running Out Of People For)

Trump just disrespected his wife Melania in front of dozens of reporters - AGAIN.

Short Sf story I wrote a bit ago.

In 2 years, renewables will be cheaper than fossil fuels

Parkland students David Hogg/Cameron Kasky on Bill Maher tonight

Texas sets early voting record in nonpresidential year

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/2/18

National Geographic Sent Crystal Healing Water Bottles To Science Writers

Unexpected, and quite welcome effect due to "Black Panther" movie...

I learned my lesson this week!

I read an article at the BBC web site today that called homeless people, rough sleepers.

** Comment thread for the Winter Photo Contest

Feds to review proposed waste site for nuclear fuel rods

** Submission thread for the Winter Photo Contest

Governor rejects increased pet food fees for spay, neuter programs

This is how we go from a ripple to a blue wave to a tsunami in 2018

Evangelicals dance with the devil

** Photography Group's Winter Photo Contest!

** Photography Group's Winter Photo Contest!

CMU shooting: Shooting suspect in custody after 15-hour manhunt, university says

Feeling sick when your toddler has "active shooter" drills at school? Hiding, hoping to stay safe

Why we need rise-up economics, not trickle-down

New Mexico State University faculty concerned with recommendation to transfer $1.1M to athletics

CNN - The great unraveling: Trump's allies are really worried about him


Favorable New Mexico Health Connections ruling has national implications

New Mexico Increases Scrutiny of Social Spending by Governor

Hobbs homeless shelter facing temporary closure

Metamaterials have been designed to bend light & sound

Sam Donaldson to Moderate New Mexico Congressional Forum

Puerto Rico And Its Teachers' Unions Clash Over Proposed Charter Schools

Legal Limbo

For the Democrats running for governor in Colorado, gun bans take center stage

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/2/18

Bosses at world's most ambitious clean coal plant kept problems secret for years

Denver Mayor's 'inappropriate' texts to female cop: 'You look sexy', ever taken 'pole dancing' class

Inside Colorado's quest to tackle dangerously unhealthy forests

Arvo Part: "Da Pacem, Domine", Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Jared Kushner entanglements increasingly concern President Trump:ABC news

Valaam Brotherhood Monastery: "Bohorodice Divo, Radusja", "Milost Mira" ("A Mercy of Peace"),

Six Individuals And Four Corporate Defendants Indicted In $50 Million International Securities Fraud

Navy channeling Willy Wonka offering golden tickets to return after getting out

Ever gotten on the wrong train/subway/bus?

Angry and unglued, starts trade war,

A Massive Complex in Lakewood Could House 1,000 Homeless

Know-Nothing Science Budget

Carl Icahn Perfectly Timed $30 Million Stock Dump

Rally Next Week Will Call for Mayor Hancock's Resignation

Questions surround border wall contract

Homeless Class Action Lawsuit Could Be Heading Toward "Monster Trial"

'Trade Wars Are Good.' Business Is Scared

Corporate America hates aluminum-tariff proposal

Can't fire who he wants, can't keep who he likes

Sours flagging NAFTA talks with trade war threats

Europe could hit Harleys, bourbon and Levi's

Scaramucci Banned from White House

Woodward and Bernstein compare Trump, Nixon

Former CIA Director John Brennan...

Pick For Sentencing Commission Has History Of Racially Charged Remarks

NY STATE now looking into Kuschner's suspect loans.

The best available evidence suggests NRA-backed gun policies are making crime worse

National Weather Service Forecast: Cloudy, With A Chance Of Budget Cuts

I think Trump knows that he is toast.

I saw a brand new word today...."bombogenesis" ..this word is in the following sentence:

Ice skaters take to Amsterdam's canals during Europe's big freeze

It's a GREAT morning. No hugh hewitt on MSNBC

"Guns, Schools, & the NRA" Preet Bharara's podcast.

Blue jeans? The EU imports blue jeans from the US?

Months of frump corruption headlines, and no denials. Silence is guilt.

"DT cares about steel workers." CNN. Right. All abusers care about their victims

If the boog the chocolate lab was human

If you dont have steel you dont have a country.

A 100% tariff on a Harley? True.

Just read in my local (red state, small town) rag that AR15 sales are brisk at the local gunpeddlers

Exclusive: As Trump trashes NAFTA, Mexico turns to Brazilian corn

The Central Michigan University shooter was captured at around 1am

Kelly has changed the story again

At Least Five Killed as Nor'easter Downs Trees on East Coast

Membership in Gun Groups Is Spiking After the Florida Shooting

Demoralized West Wing stokes fears over Trump's capacity to handle a crisis

Putin claims he can't respond to Mueller's charges if those involved didn't violate Russian law

posted on the Misspent Wurd

NRA is hiding the "Membership Discount List" on their website

Canada, top exporter of steel and aluminum to U.S., 'flabbergasted' by Trumps tariff proposals

Anti-NRA billboard riling up the gunsters in Pensacola

'Off the rails': House Russia probe hits new low

Trump's past history with American steel. It ain't pretty.

Lawmaker Changes Party Before Being Expelled

Dingell: Even their lies are white

AP FACT CHECK: Trump misrepresents Orlando attack, GDP stats

Trump to launch major donor initiative after disastrous week

OK, this is weird: Donald Trump "gently touches Mike Pence's thigh"

I am going to take the weekend off!

He's coming for your guns!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas early voting numbers a 'wake-up call' for GOP as Democrats double their 2014 turnout

I tried to no end. Are gun's steel imported?

My daily contact with my members of Congress,

Florida lawmakers punish NRA's corporate foes

Trump called black preacher to scold him for apologizing after posting "Hillary blackface" tweet

Reduction in Firearm Injuries during NRA Annual Conventions NEJM

Could a Russian Call Girl Be the Straw That Breaks This Joe Camel-Colored Presidents Back?

"We've been locked in a classroom-We have seen our friends text parents goodbye-We are the experts."

Bob Mueller Appreciation Thread

Holder to Trump: 'I had a president I did not have to protect'

Trump Didnt even try to wait for his wife...

Russia's Gazprom says has started terminating gas contracts with Ukraine

Ethics issues pile up for Trump Cabinet officials

Our 2020 Campaign Ad

Have a friend with a two-year-old son....

Remove the problem.

If you had to pick a theme song for Robert Mueller what would you choose?

Mitch, Paul, Mother, Mike, Melania and Don

In Italy, convicted tax scammers can't hold public office

Trump visits Fla. golf club ahead of remarks at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser

Update on the grandchild

Shes in Immense Personal Jeopardy: Even for Hope Hicks, the West Wing Got Too Hot

"All We Did Was Work."

Nursing home chain HCR ManorCare to sell itself in bankruptcy

Is the Star-Spangled Banner your national anthem?

Trailed by legal woes, Netanyahu to meet 'true friend' Trump

German state minister says diesel bans unlikely before 2020

The Beatles nailed trump in 1966

Trump on National Anthem Day: 'We all proudly stand for the national anthem'

Dem CO lawmaker switches parties minutes before being expelled leaving GOP to fill seat....

Sex to boost film career is 'not rape': Harvey Weinstein lawyer

Florida shooting survivor: 'Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children'

Putin promises 'victories' for Russia at star-studded rally

Top asset manager BlackRock pressures US gun industry

Canada urged to walk away from NAFTA talks over US steel tariffs

Something the MSM forgot about Hillary

This ad aired on Fox and Friends yesterday morning before Trump started tweeting (vid. tweet)

A presidential milestone: Trump has spent 100 days in office at one of his golf clubs

Stephen Hawking Has an Idea Regarding What Came Before the Big Bang

The First Step...

Commercials you still laugh at after viewing countless times (yes, they aren't all annoying)

A massive storm just struck the east coast, killing people. Why is the president leaving work?

WH: "Please don't worry about listening to what the president of the United States actually said"

One morning soon the sun will shine a little brighter, the birds will seem quicker of song, water

Trump's Personal Life Matters More Than Clinton's: Poll

Holder to Trump: 'I had a president I did not have to protect'

Dean: Haldeman hid his diary from Watergate special prosecutor, 'would have been game-changer'

Phrases you don't want to hear:

Teen candidate for Kansas governor says he's campaigning against 'Old Man Principles'

Rachel Maddow Surges To Become The #1 Show On Cable TV

The Right Can't Fight the Future - by Joy-Ann Reid

The Utah House of Rep. made a rap video about how a bill becomes law...

Attorney Who Petitioned to Declare Trump Mentally Incompetent, Now Takes Case to Supreme Court

Koreas patriotic prostitutes for US soldiers get justice at last

Shortly before Trump announced tariffs, his former adviser dumped millions in steel-related stocks

When the Parkland shooting happened

Rep. Quigley demands Congress subpoena 'stonewalling' Hope Hicks to face contempt proceedings

666, Middle East, Almost War, Jared Kushner, Saudi Arabia, Chaos, What???????

Cat watches horror movie

Joy Reid ridicules Trump for telling Kelly to boot Ivanka and Jared out of the WH

how would a Clinton presidency look right now?

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Fake President

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - Their New God

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Lyrics on the Internet

Harvey Schmidt, Co-Creator of The Fantasticks, Is Dead at 88

Further evidence that repubs are hip

CREW wants to investigate whether Trump had undisclosed interest in Co. used to pay Stormy Daniels

How to volunteer with Postcards to Voters

Eric Holder says Mueller probably has obstruction case against Trump

Trump continues to pursue a life of luxury and pleasure while children are murdered. SAD!

When they issue Kushner his prison uniform it should come with the number 666.

Sarah Kendzior - Good questions about Gates & Manafort being out and about

David Hogg is trolling Trump so brilliant...Trump must be dying to respond...

A funny line from the Bill Maher show.

Roy Moore is having a hard time making ends meet. So........

What happened to the Obama Wall Street Stock trend?

It seems pretty obvious which "DJT" Melania prefers:

Prince Jared: Ribbit, ribbit

March 14th school walkout - it comes home as the county is putting on the pressure.

Bankrupt the b*tch; take the profit; move on. Now there's a plan. Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

How Would A Clinton Presidency Look Right Now?

Think we don't need paper ballots?? Read this.

Just contacted Amazon re NRA

Shabbat Dinner at Wendy's?

Does someone have a reliable, free phone look-up?

Artificial intelligence has recently made it much easier and cheaper to digitize hate radio.

& The Right Wing Snowflake of the Day Goes To:

BREAKING: White House on LOCKDOWN as 'shots fired'

Classic films you liked

MSNBCs Big Names Completely Ignore West Virginia Teachers Strike

Wilbur Ross, Now thats a face you can trust and he uses math.

The Death of the American Dream

Slate: Revelations about Kushner adding credence to key claim of Steele dossier

Lyft: Dear Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS Students: "Thanks For Inspiring Us To Act."

3/3/18- Chris Hayes- Kushner using Qatar blockade as personal retribution for denial of loans

Why we need rise-up economics, not trickle-down

NZ School gives departed teacher a Haka send-off - Respect and Admiration

"The fool, the tariff war and the depression..."

Very cool!!!!

DEVELOPING: NBC News staff at White House ordered to shelter in place as security incident unfolds

I find this just staggering - Chinese Exam for Art School Entrance

Colorado Youth Pastor Sexual Misconduct Case Gets International Notice

Egyptian singer is sentenced to two years in prison

The Democrats in congress must start saying this about the Republican party.

Secret Service confirms man shot himself outside White House

Millions of Venezuelans flee or starve. Maduro claims, "It's all about me!"

Punishing an entire nation over a personal business loan...

Gov. Colyer open to arming teachers; Kansas earns F grade on gun safety

Trump's worst or dumbest or most embarrassing moment as POTUS? There have been so many.

A Fire broke out !! - Use the fire escape

The History of Trumps Favorite Racist Code Word

Exclusive: Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast

My head is exploding - Here's WHY Republicans won't go after Russia

History warns us, right now history is screaming a warning to all of us.

Obama AG: Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice

Is someone or a group of someones telling DT exactly what to do?

Manassas Park City School Board adds LGBTQ non-discrimination protections

California Fruit Will Die on the Vine After ICE Raids, Labor Warns

Parkland dad who lost daughter busts Rubio for attacking him on Twitter but refuses to speak w/him

No response from Supreme court yet about PA gerrymandering map

Oh, brother - American mercenaries are torturing' Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince

This wrong on so many levels.

Ex-CIA Chief: Trump unstable, inept, inexperienced and unethical

Trump says the U.S. "will simply apply a TAX" on cars made in Europe if the European Union retaliate

Have some fun with the Dumpster - another 'Listening to America' poll

Best projection ever

I update all the Trump voters I meet or know.

Trump Twitter-rages at EU with threat of a trade war after push-back over his steel tariffs

What really is the power behind the NRA?

This American Life tells the story of ongoing sexual harassment at Alternet by Don Hazen

Just felt an earthquake here in Kingston

Understanding the Relationship Between Chemical Feedstocks and Dangerous Fossil Fuels.

Question about Trump's "base"

From This American Life, Alternet & #MeToo.

Soaring healthcare costs drove West Virginia teachers to go on their (possibly illegal) strike

The Mueller stories worth ignoring

Why are Commonwealth flags at half staff?

Switched from Dem to Repuke before being expelled -

Florida Senate briefly approves AR-15 ban, then rejects it

The Thailand - Russia Connection (Japan Times, 2015)

Meme of the day -- Oompa Loompas

Jared Kushners Conflicts of Interest Reach a Crisis Point

US now living in a spy movie (several different ones), a gangster movie (several different ones), an

The chaos self inflicted by the chief traitor

Man shoots himself outside White House, Secret Service says

Anybody here have financial stats on NRA? How much do they have incoming from members?

What is he, the nanny?: Joy Reid ridicules Trump for telling Kelly to boot Ivanka&Jared out of WH

Amazon is officially the new Walmart only worse

100 days at his golf properties so far

Kansas man defends hurling racial slurs and saliva at preschooler: 'It's OK, I'm a fireman!'

Dear Orange-faced Moron:

It's All Going to Pot

I am trying to figure out what "unglued" means??

Florida Republicans reject 2 year moratorium on sale of AR -15 assault rifles. 3/2/18

Advertisers flee InfoWars founder Alex Jones' YouTube channel

June tornado caused $20M in damage to Nebraska air base

Seth Abramson: The significance of Nastya Rybka


Nation Not Sure How Many Ex-Trump Staffers It Can Safely Reabsorb

Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute

Robert Reich...

It will piss off some people, but I contributed to Roy Moore's cause.....


Ted Lieu trolls Roy Moore

The Ultimate Hypocrisy....

Little Dragon - Sunshine

The four corruption scandals surrounding Netanyahu...

"Don't you get paid to fix it?"

Brad Parscale, former digital director of Trump's 2016 campaign, named 2020 manager....!

Alec Baldwin calls into brothers radio show as Trump

John Dean....

Fearing defeat in 2020, Trump sends paranoid propaganda to Iowa voters

I am running against old man principles...

You know those couples who are getting divorced but have to appear in public together?

Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute

I just tried to go onto Craigslist

Monkey's Uncle

With the death of Billy Graham, my message to Christian Conservatives:

Pence could be faced with a difficult decision late next year

SNL returns tonight, Charles Barkley hosts

Bowling for Columbine......

Stating the obvious--a billboard in Pensacola calls the NRA a Terrorist Organization,

What's your favorite movie directed by Harold Ramis?

That Gridiron Dinner is tonight right??

I've given her all I've got, Captain...Happy Birthday to the late James Doohan

And Then There Were None

Trump thinks Media has gone "CRAZY," re-tweets Don Jr tweeting Mark Levin article as PROOF!

Trump: "Other countries laugh at what fools our leaders have been."

Democrats end early voting in Texas with 52.5% of the primary vote in the 15 largest counties.

$275K going to family of each person slain in Vegas shooting

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake says the Republican Party is in a 'bad place'

These two COWARDS are the ones who OWN the current devolution of rational presidential action.

Full Monty python: Florida snake swallows deer heavier than itself

Oscar ads spotlight #MeToo themes of female empowerment and treating women with respect

surreal that we have a President that criticizes our allies

Snowflake Devin Nunes on the DANGERS of the LEFT and Stephen Colbert MOCKING his ass.

"The Right Can't Fight the Future" By Joy-Ann Reid

In a Pennsylvania Steel Town, Donald Trumps Tariff Is a Winner

Pure madness: Dark days inside the White House as Trump shocks and rages

Did anyone else listen to Da Mucch on NPR this morning?

Democratic Early Turnout Has Doubled In Texas

Lawmaker Changes Party Before Being Expelled

Farming with fire! Asparagus in Guinea - Gloucester County Va.

Thus the People is only a theatrical fiction.

States Consider Laws Allowing Courts to Take Guns From Dangerous People

"Meet the..."

Active-Shooter Drills, Psychological Effects on Kids, The Atlantic

"And he controls our nuclear codes. God help us all."

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 3, 2018

Gunmakers Are Losing Retailers That Dont Even Buy Guns

A Heroe's Welcome: Editorial Cartoon Re Aaron Feis, An Assistant Football Coach and Security Guard

Wizard of OZ humor

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Looks like you are afraid of the @NRA.

What movie had the most sequels?

guess where the AK-47 are made. go ahead, guess.

The GOPs worst ideas for responding to mass shootings

Trump threatens to tax European auto imports

'This is off the charts': Intelligence veterans sound the alarm over the House Intelligence

Putin says he wishes the Soviet Union had not collapsed. Many Russians agree.

Did they eat asparagus first? Colbert last nite RE: Russian hotel and Trump

Tweet again

Commercial war

NRA TV Bears A Striking Resemblance To Russia's 2016 Social Media Posts

Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast

Florida legislature to Parkland students: Fuck you

Watch ex-AG Holder explain to Parkland survivor David Hogg the steps he needs to take to beat the NR

Smerconish deeply troubled by threat of Trump's Honorary Lehigh Degree getting rescinded!

Democrats end early voting in Texas with 52.5% of the primary vote in the 15 largest counties.

What's your favorite movie directed by Rob Reiner?

Trump pleased with coverage of his role in gun debate

Thought I'd throw this out there for anyone interested in History

The Markswoman Misses

Coyote Killed In Westchester Tests Positive For Rabies

Whats your favorite joke that ends with "I'm trying, but the duck won't let me!"

Oklahoma teachers planning statewide strike