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Where is the Creator?

Those kids - the price of admission

2018/2020/2022 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to majority in 2018,2020,and 2022.

Shame on the NRA for ignoring gun safety

Laura Ingraham is bullying David Hogg - one of Parkland kids

This makes me chuckle

I am doing my best not to feel personal hatred towards Trump...

For septuagenarian men only. How old are you? What conditions would your physician

A moment of silence for all the "best people"

Johan van Hulst, Dutch schoolteacher who saved hundreds of Jewish children during Holocaust, dies...

David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and all the other young folks must remember that the NRA and

So the new Sec of the VA will tell them they are all skinny !!

Cohens attorney may have just screwed up big time

When you need a diversion from the madness of politics...try this 20 second fun experiment

People might ask me after all the revelations about Facebook why I still use it. The answer is easy:

Trump Voters Are Like Welfare Clients I Used To Work With. Let Me Explain.

How can 18 Million people be so stupid.

Some speak their minds even when they know they will be criticized and persecuted for it. That is

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Good Reads!

The Americans Season 6 starts back on FX tonight March 28th at 10pm ET

Boeing moves 747 Dreamlifter base out of Everett

Peruvian slaps lawmaker on live TV as politicians draw public ire

Paul Ryan's super PAC moves in to fight for Washingtons 8th Congressional District

Fentanyl, Mandatory Minimums and the Death Penalty: Trump's War on Drugs

Trump ousts Shulkin at VA, taps White House physician

Chef carved raw deer leg in front of vegans

Life for Residents Near Hog Farms Just Got Much, Much Worse

Sam Kinison is now my "spirit animal".....

Jeb Bush hits Trump: I go home to children 'who actually love me'

Projected onto Trump International Hotel right now

Trump administration picks new fight with California

ICE Wont Deport the Last Nazi War Criminal in America

Don't forget Samantha Bee special on Puerto Rico starts at 10:00 PM tonight

Justice Dept watchdog to probe Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuses

Russian spy was poisoned by nerve agent on the door of his home in England: police

LMAO...How will Russia spread its bullshit...?

Meltdown! Cohens' zeal to keep Trump off hook for a hush money payment essentially just voided NDA

Ireland to hold referendum on legalising abortion May 25

I think my friend's dog is going to love this Toy

Colombia to formalize land rights of 2.5 million peasants

Yahoo Sign In Attempt Prevented

NEW Report: exposing the full cost of Trumps anti-immigration agenda to Miami-Dade taxpayers.

WH official: Jackson vouching for Trump's health on TV helped him get VA job

You can wait here

Why it doesnt pay to be just nice you also need to be intelligent

Gov. Scott Walker abandons court fight to hold off special elections

Washington State lawmakers taken aback by claim of Russian spying

Much More Than a Struggle Over a Brand of Rum

Snowflake Dennis Prager demands Youtube give him money for his videos.

Its Time the United States Accounts for Its History of Torture

Its Time the United States Accounts for Its History of Torture

This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked: VICE on HBO, Full Episode

Desperate mom seeks refuge in Manhattan church to avoid deportation

Paul Krugman exposed the con in the Republican conservative

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 30, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Diana Dors

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 31, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Religious Epics

In the heart of trump country....

Cerrado: U.S. investment spurs land theft, deforestation in Brazil, say experts

Arizona teachers demand 20 percent raise at Capitol protest

Liberal group runs tax-law ads defending Democratic senators

DMX faces the music: serenaded by judge, gets year in prison

TODAY is a big election for Wisconsin State Supreme Court

BMW Sued by U.S. Diesel Drivers Over Emissions-Test Cheating

Network of fortified towns indicates Amazon was once heavily populated

Man had girlfriend rape 11-year-old autistic son because he thought the boy was gay

Network of fortified towns indicates Amazon was once heavily populated

Pope will not apologize for abuse in Canada's indigenous schools

Girl Scouts Cookie Sales 'Promote Promiscuous Sex and Abortion' Says Kim Davis' Lawyer

EPA staffers get talking points playing down human role in climate change

This guys home life has got to be interesting....

Mike Pence's Hometown Throwing Gay Pride Festival So Everyone Knows They Don't Share His Views

Laura Ingraham's despicable attack on David Hogg. I sense a boycott coming on...

GOP Blocks Confirmation of Gay Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Candidate

Has anyone seen this? She claims to be Alex Jones' ex-wife on Twitter.


Mr. Fish rocks!

239 pounds...LMAO

Anti-Trump activist group seeks ethics probe over Steve King posts critical of Parkland survivor


Joe Biden backs Dallet for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Indicted Maryland lawmaker submits resignation

Footprints put people on Canadas west coast 13,000 years ago

So, what is the Republican agenda going forward?

Bulldog goes on a diet and is not happy about it.

Florida Democrats look to expand number of state Senate seats in play

The Daily Show: An Alabama Sheriff Legally Siphons Cash From Inmates

The Senate Staffer Behind The Attack On The Trump-Russia Investigation

Carabobo fire: 68 dead in Venezuela police station cells

So is there an information link between Walgreens and Twitter?

I had something on my forehead.

Sixty eight killed in Venezuelan police station riot and fire

Walker calls for special election June 12 after denied request to delay election

Bought a tongue scraper off Amazon. I have to return it. It doesn't work.

Thousands of #RedForEd Arizona teachers rally for more education funding

Arizona teachers demand 20 percent raises, more money for students

Esquire: Brexit may have been determined using fraud (Wylie to parliament)

Building The Worlds Largest Solar Project

Teachers' rebellion spreads on four continents

Brazils da Silva calls demonstrations the work of fascists

Does it make me look bigger?

'Lost' film predicting rise of Nazism returns to screen

Trump Looks To Undo Fuel Efficiency Standards

A mining firm executive griped to Zinke about federal pollution rules. The secretary apologized.

I'm starting to believe

Family famed for protest photo die when SUV goes off cliff

Russia: Protests against officials erupt in wake of Kemerovo fire

Malala Yousafzai returns to Pakistan for first time since shooting

Ethics complaint filed against Steve King (R-Racist Asshole)

Janz has out raised Nunes by $1 million for first quarter

Hawaiian Airlines may offer non stop flights to London!

Deep state book advertised on

will ANA japan start flying Airbus A 380's to Honolulu from Tokyo soon?

Quebec nurses rebel against forced overtime, budget cuts

David Hogg calls for Boycott of Laura Ingraham advertisers

Dear Mister Mueller...

2 Mozart Rondos: "Piano, D Major" & "Piano & Orchestra, A Major"/Mozart: "Clarinet Quintet in A -2.

It's understandable...

Gay Trump Supporter Who Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Seeks Oklahoma House Seat

Texas District Suspended Lesbian Teacher for Telling Students About Wife

Neighbors express concern about home situation of children who died in California crash

City Extends Offer To Absent San Antonio Fire Union

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces $10 Million Settlement Of Civil Fraud Lawsuit Against Centerlight

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/28/18

Courts: Police Can Shoot and Kill People As Long They Are Across the Border

Scandal-plagued Missouri governor goes on offense with new radio ad

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dana Carvey Hired A Young, Desperate Stephen Colbert

CEO And President Of Premium Ticket Resale Business Pleads Guilty To Running Multimillion-Dollar Pon

*** Winter Photography Contest Winners ***

Winter contest winners posted to GD!

Twitter Is Roasting Donald Trump Jr. For His Disney Princess Opinions

Greek Orthodox Chant of Psalm 135/The Jesus Prayer Chanted/

As central Pa. dairy farmers face darkest times, concern for their mental health rises

Will Mexico Elect its First Leftist President Since 1934?

Without State Aid, Advocates Worry Port Arthur Will Bleed Residents Long After Harvey

Spot the difference

In Rare Legal Move, the City of Amarillo Takes Landowner to Court Over Homeless Camp

Trump announces new lead lawyer

Tom Steyers Impeachment Crusade Is Building Him a Political Death Star

Bill Clinton is Coming to San Antonio

McCaskill asked black leaders to push back on criticism of her campaign. No one would.

Actor Jason Isaacs Talks Ban on The Death of Stalin, Trump's Insane Behavior

No, it can't and it won't...

While I won't waste my time watching that asshole Roseanne's revival, if it garners enough viewers,

Looks like something big is up with Robert Mueller and Julian Assange


Rachel Maddow Delivers Chilling Warning: A Legal Hurricane Is About To Hit Trump

Hutchins Accused Killer's Fiancee Indicted in Murder of Postal Employee

The Military Can't Build Trump's Border Wall. Here's Why He Keeps Insisting It Can

Morning Joe: trump made a call to Roseanne last night

Unable to Get a Permit for the Capitol, Chronic Pain Patients Plan to Rally in Dallas

Life in America since January 2017

Today's my birthday

Dallas Confederate Memorial Could Be on the Way Out Unless Mayor Gets His Way

Dowds Dangle Could Be Trumps Undoing

Primary Source: Bernie Sanders on What It Will Take for Democrats to Win in November

Who contributes to the NRA PAC?

Congressmen Nunes is always trying to take the heat off of Trump & the whole Russia investigation!

Boffins laugh in the face of Twitter's API limits. Now they can slurp info to their hearts' content

Uber settles with family of woman killed by self-driving car

Another lawyer has joined Trump's legal team:

***BREAKING*** Trump called celebrity supporter Roseanne Barr after successful series premiere

These Magic Kids

The Time cover featuring Sessions is kind of creepy:

Now hiring...please apply, it's urgent !

Ann Coulter?

The Twit tweets: Amazon is using our Postal System as their Delivery Boy

The worlds biggest tropical greenhouse under one roof will be built in France

We need a when does it end Mueller contest.

Two Koreas Set April 27 for Kim Jong Un's Historic Walk South

Tennessee paying cost of kicking people off Medicaid with funds for needy families

2020 US Presidential Election- Democrats guide to 270.

Analyzing the most recent polls showing an uptick for Trump and Republicans

Florida school massacre survivor David Hogg seeks boycott of sponsors of Fox's Laura Ingraham

Silence is golden...

The hypocrisy and two-facedness of Wikileaks clearly knows no bounds:

John Dingell: "Ill take Colluders for $1000, Alex."

"It should not be this hard to serve your country."

Democracy wins! (WI)

Coming to a confirmation hearing near you:

He tried to do the right thing

My summary of news reports on the GOP/WH scandals so far

Oh Noooooooo: Jeff Sessions is on the cover of TIME.

NOAA Study: We Can Expect High-Tide Flooding Every Other Day By 2100 Along E. Coast, Gulf Of Mexico

Did I tell you HDTV passed me by?

Old trick of gerrymandering?

10 Years After Hurricane Ike, Millions In Affordable Housing Funding For Houston Still Unspent

Stormy Census...

As the stars align to pull down Trump's house of cards, is it time to focus on Pence?

153 Federal Water Pollution Violations In 21 Months From Just 5 PA Companies; Xylene, Cadmium, More

Need to laugh? I recommend this video of the dwarf mongoose and the hornbill

How strong is Party affiliation?

I don't know about this new cat bed ...

The Jompson Brothers-Inside your head

Flood Threat Is Back, from Texas to the Ohio Valley

FBI looked into Trump plans to build hotel in Latvia with Putin supporter

BUSTED: Trump caught tweeting old photos in post hailing 'the start' of his border wall

Hey Grandma!

Parkland survivor calls on Melania to intervene after Foxs Ingraham cyberbullies her brother

"We Are Entering An Age Of Metastasizing Risk" - As Facebook & CA Lobotomize Our Ability To Respond

Trump Calls Roseanne Barr to Fawn Over Her 'Huge' TV Ratings

Minneapolis FBI agent charged with leaking classified information to reporter

Retired SCOTUS Justice: Repeal 2nd Amendment

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Concocts Census Lie Out of Thin Air

Anybody looking for a manual typewriter?

Mueller's Big Reveal...

What if tRump doesn't NEED a legal team

Less Than a Year After Charlottesville, the Alt-Right Is Self-Destructing

What will Manafort do if Trump doesn't pardon him?

our time is pervaded by an invisible vermin of hate,

Report: Russians Are Hacking Critical Infrastructure

Avenatti trolls Cohen over that little matter of not telling "David Dennison" about the NDA...

Still No Privacy Announcement On Facebook Feeds

Hmmm....could this tweet be a diversion ?

How the Bernie Wing Won the Democratic Primaries

Fucking trump can't be bothered to call the families of our military killed in action, but....

Sick of arguing with trolls? Here's how to defeat their arguments...

**** Pennsylvania poll**** Casey and Wolf comfortably beat all challengers

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Cheat-o

It's spring!

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook contract both denied:

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Children will lead

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

"Girl's Spring Break" in Florida

Report: Russians Are Hacking Critical Infrastructure

Called in sick today...

Rusty Staub passed away at age 73.

People Should Be Concerned - PROTECT THE VETERANS AND VA Hospitals from Republican Madness

Cajun-style french toast "Pain Perdu."

Ten Years Ago

Gay pride festival is planned for Pence's hometown

Now on to destroying the Veteran's Administration

90 in 90

Let's all have a good laugh at the new Roseanne show

Born on this day in 1945, Speedy Keen, of "Thunderclap Newman." Hitting the big 7-0, Bud Cort.

Pussy Riot talks about parallels between Trump and Putin

VA Problems Caused By Decades Of GOP SABOTAGE. 10,000 Jobs Unfilled At VA.

Brazilian Pork Prank

Why Do Veterans Continue To Support GOP Law Makers Who Want To End Their Health Care?

W. Virginia governor OKs bill requiring work for food stamps

Fed mistakes could spark 'unusually fast' bear market, 'lost decade' for stocks

LePage Calls Judge An Imbecile For Allowing Case Against Trump To Proceed

Apparently one TV show has the ability to destroy the nation

It's Opening Day! I'm taking a day off from the madness

Trump Vilifies Amazon, Claims It Uses Postal Service As Its 'Delivery Boy'

Videos show flooding on Texas A&M campus

Contingency Lawyer/Medieval Historian is Trump's New Lead Counsel - By Josh Marshall

Despair seeking...

French vegan faces terror charge over dead butcher comment

Jefferson Beauregard Cornpone - Swamp Monster on Facebook

An explanation of what Republicans are doing to veterans

Roseanne Barr says call with Trump was 'exciting' and 'sweet' after show's ratings-busting return

Heard this hymn last week and can't get it out of my head

What's gnu?

Where Is Jon Stewart When You Need Him?

Too Bad The Koch's Don't Drop Dead Forth With. They Are Destroying The Country.

BREAKING: Bombings were domestic terrorism, Austin police chief says

Listening to Dr. Ronny Jackson's explanation that Trump has good genes, which is why


UW-Stevens Point may reconsider proposed humanities cuts after student protests

"Congratulations on your election victory"

A Scottish 3 year old's take on Easter

Facebook: Sen. Sanders honors our #VietnamVeterans at our Vietnam War Veterans Day reception 3/29

Huskie bored with the whole thing

Probably a good time for a repost: Conan O'Brien finds Dr. Ronny Jackson's tv ad

As Much As I Hope For The Best I Am Starting To Doubt We Are Smart Enough To Save Ourselves.

Russian spy: Yulia Skripal 'improving rapidly'

Shulkin blasts 'toxic, chaotic, disrespectful' Washington in farewell op-ed

I just want everyone to know that I have no opinion whatsoever on the new Roseanne revival show.

Trump vs. Amazon: Let's set the record straight

Trump did not call the family of Stephon Clark to offer his condolences, but made sure he called

John Bolton interviewed on Colbert's show

Are you more or less likely to patronize Amazon now that Trump has attacked it ?

Back to the garden center!

Trump suggests new bird to replace the American eagle

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act designates March 29 as National Vietnam War Veteran's Day

Few modern presidents surrounded themselves with as many current and former military officers

*****Birthday Thread For cilla4progess*****

The Exodus Begins. First Advertiser Announces They're Dropping Laura Ingraham Show

Newest Head of State, Ex-President of France, Sarkozy, to be indicted for corruption.

Conservatives can't stop themselves from bashing Parkland students: But why?

"Love and Justice, Women's Anthem"

"Love and Justice, Women's Anthem"

How my restaurant successfully dealt with harassment from customers

Au Revoir, "Le Grande Orange!" Montreal Expos/ New York Met Rusty Staub dead at 73.

Pic Of The Moment: Who Says Trump Can't Find A Lawyer?!

Joan Baez & Mercedes Sosa "Gracias A La Vida"

David J. Shulkin: Privatizing the V.A. Will Hurt Veterans.

Happy Opening Day!!!

EXCLUSIVE: More Cabinet trouble for Trump? EPA chief lived in condo tied to lobbyist 'power couple'

The Con steps out of the Oval Office with Hope Hicks by his side

Hopefully we can follow in Slovakia's footsteps...

Bell Visuals deserves the Medal of Freedom

I think one of these sick people will be the next mass shooter

FBI looked into Trump plans to build hotel in Latvia with Putin supporter

Today is not my birthday!

Damned straight.

Why is driving through Cheetah country with open windows & doors a thing?

Grassley & Feinstein ask for more Trump campaign documents related Mashburn & Dearborn, Russia probe

The identity of the lone woman scientist in this 1971 photo was a mystery. Then Twitter cracked the

'Lost' film predicting rise of Nazism returns to screen

The boycott of Laura Ingraham's hatefest appears to be working.

The identity of the lone woman scientist in this 1971 photo was a mystery. Then Twitter cracked the

The identity of the lone woman scientist in this 1971 photo was a mystery. Then Twitter cracked the

The identity of the lone woman scientist in this 1971 photo was a mystery. Then Twitter cracked the

Now that gas is 2.90 per gallon by me

It's almost like it wasn't about the anthem

Parkland student targets Ingraham's advertisers after tweet about college rejections

Amazon must have something Trumpco wants (for Pootey)

Can Obama Rescue the Democrats?

The fatty on the train: Kim Jong Un nicknames proliferate in China despite censors

CRTV Has Been Booking Its Hosts On Infowars And Pivoting Toward The Fringe

First advertiser boycotts Laura Ingraham after her ugly attack on David Hogg

Skeptical About a Blue Wave in November (Charlie Pierce)

Democrats Smell Wrongdoing In Jared Kushner Probe

Trump hasn't dismissed idea of WH without a Chief of Staff- Communications Director

Gay lawmakers persistence led to conversion therapy ban

Does anybody remember Morton Downey Jr.?

Dare I?

Truckers pay surges as shipping demand increases

Linda Brown, Symbol of Landmark Desegregation Case (Brown v Board), Dies at 75

Never can say goodbye...

Tariffs on newsprint a threat to newspapers

Linda Brown, Symbol of Landmark Desegregation Case (Brown v Board), Dies at 75

God Has Given Frank Amedia Permission To Reveal That Trump Will Win Re-Election In 2020

Linda Brown, Symbol of Landmark Desegregation Case, Dies at 75

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia will close the US consulate in St. Petersburg & expelling diplomats

Judge tosses Seattle law requiring landlords to rent to first qualified tenant

I thought spanky was a germophobe

Man freed after wrongful conviction, only to be taken into custody by immigration authorities

So the "Roseanne" Show is attempting to rationalize Trump and his way of doing things?

Advertisers pull ads from Fox's Ingraham after her jab at Parkland student

thought experiment: Jeff Bezos versus the Idiot in the White House

To protect birds and endangered bats, feds reject pipeline bid to continue cutting trees

It's MLB Opening Day - Is the orange anus going to toss the first pitch somewhere? Anywhere?

Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme!

Laura Ingraham apologizes "for any upset" to David Hogg after advertisers start to flee

Dems took back the House of Rep in 2006!!! Not ancient history

When we were talking about Ed Shultz........I miss Al Sharpton....

President Trump and Roseanne

Screw Roseanne. Bring back THE WEST WING!

Catastrophic Projectile Removal/Resuscitation (per froth boy santorum)

Otherwise, they subpoena: White House lawyer Ty Cobb on why Trump is cooperating with Mueller

UPDATE: Russia to Expel 60 U.S. Diplomats; Tensions Are Worst in Decades

Our 'president' is a Liar. I pay state taxes every time I purchase on Amazon.

This is going to interesting......Dems and Repubs in Supreme Court re gerrymandering

I live on the second floor! 😢

Ok, today's topic "Best guitarists still alive that are criminally overlooked"- I'll go 1st

Avenatti: "These passages in the Court's order do not bode well for the defendants..."

A Gym Built on Fear...CNN: (USA Olympic Coach-Abuse)

Slow Mo 4K Kittens

New, improved PROGRESSIVE!!!

Rumor: Are Mega-Billionaires Skinner and EarlG Manipulating DU Users With Russian Propaganda?

Cows! Dancing! Waht moooore could you want?

"Our greatest fear": Highly drug-resistant gonorrhea confirmed by health officials

@therealroseanne burned cookies that looked like people in an oven while dressed as Adolph Hitler.

The Nation: How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation

Great 1st post on DU ...... please welcome this person

Howard 3L Allegedly Earns $430,000 In Last Year ... Though The Legal Term Would Be "Embezzled"

Live Stream For Funeral Of Stephon Clark In Sacramento

Already as many as three advertisers dropping Ingraham's show in less than 24hrs

No, thanks...I'm a Trump supporter !

Wayfair pulling ads from Laura Ingraham's show

Trump already lying in Ohio

Thanks Democrats. The recent Omnibus Bill signed into law keeps the WaterSense program intact

"No, this is not remotely normal." Re: Micheal Cohen's lawyer.

Now that Ingraham is licking her wounds and offering apologies,

Remember then?

Obamacare jacked up taxes on the 1 percent, gave $16 billion annually to poor

U.S. women dockworkers accuse shippers, union of pregnancy discrimination

The real reason why Trump vilifies Amazon :-)))

Seeking committee gavel, Joe Wilson looks to move on from 'You lie'

Colorado state senator brilliantly explains white privilege

"Writing a shell script is like riding a bike."

Rut roh - dont tell Spanky45, but SESSIONS is on the new cover of Time!! Shhhhhh

Not even faux is carrying the entirety of trump's Ohio speech.

Josh Bernstein Suspects That David Hogg Had Something To Do With The Stoneman Shooting

Little tidbit in the middle of the Madman's stream of consciousness speechifying:

ICE: Trump's Immigration Policy Means We'll Jail More Pregnant Women

Judge Denies Stormy Daniels Motion To Depose Trump And Cohen

So, I've Negotiated Some Agreements for a Few of My Favorite DUers...

Kurt Eichenwald tweeting pictures of Roseanne posing as domestic Hitler burning human-shaped cookies

Investigators quietly probe allegations of Syrian war crimes

What old TV Shows would you like to see rebooted instead of Roseanne?

The problem with Laura Ingraham is she is ugly inside and out.

Laura Ingraham - making her mark on Right Wing politics for decades

Twitter Video: President Carter thinks money in politics is to blame ...

Micheal Cohen gave Stormy Daniels $130,000.00 to...

Attributing to God What Is Done by Humans Is Illogical

Fun fact Stormy Daniels got more viewers then Roseanne

Remember then?

Let's party! Pope insists there is no hell!

"HIT A REPUBLICAN IN "THE POCKETBOOK" and they will "Eat Their Own Young to save their money.

BBC: Is the gun control movement too white?

DCCC polling: Dem candidates should be open to working with Trump

Laura Ingraham apologizes to David Hogg after companies pull ads

The DAILY NEWS holds a caption contest.....

Sanders to visit Mississippi for anniversary of MLK assassination

Panda Break!

Tonight! Kathy Griffin to Play Kellyanne Conway on The President Show

That just sounded like an elf's asshole slamming shut...

I think some of us are "watching through our coat sleeves".

"In honor of Holy Week" is a pathetic response.

Presidential pardon question

New Support for the Wall - and Ze Con will pay for it

Trump May 'Hold Up' Korea-US Trade Pact 'Until After Deal Is Made' With NK

Why Devin Nunes and His Local Paper Suddenly Cant Stand Each Other

Watch as osprey nest along the glistening shoreline of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park.

Trip Adviser (Expedia) and Nestle drop Laura Ingraham

Hogg: I'll accept Ingraham's apology if she condemns Fox News coverage

Three top cable news networks cut away from Trump speech

Lawsuit Against Trump's DACA Policy Can Proceed, Judge Says

The best available evidence suggests NRA-backed gun policies are making crime worse

Mueller probing Russia contacts at Republican convention: sources

TWSJ.: How Tillerson's Exxon Designed an Oil Deal to Skirt Anticorruption Scrutiny

Mueller probing Russia contacts at Republican convention: sources

Former FBI deputy McCabe launches legal defense fund in wake of firing

Hi computer group. Q: if google docs still works for us, and the aps we use to get to them do too,

The Shadowy Operative at the Center of the Russia Scandal

Azar taps former CVS executive to help lower drug prices

The fantastic dealmaker

Bill O'Reilly is back again like a bad penny

Parkland students have moved onto the real work of changing laws!

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving loud-mouthed fucking ass stain...

Young David Hogg is light years ahead of these RW morons

Get Ready Everyone! A Meme War Is Coming!

Snopes says David Hogg did NOT Lie about being on campus during mass shooting...

Congress, Not Trump, Has the Authority Over War - Bernie Sanders

Congress, Not Trump, Has the Authority Over War - Bernie Sanders

This ought to be good. David Hogg's sister has tweeted for Melania to get involved

Carter Page to appear on Chris Hayes show again tonight.

Who goes to heaven?

Money says apologize, Laura apoligizes insincerely....

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 29, 2018

On MSNBC today with Nicolle

EPA accused of urging staff to downplay climate change after memo leaks

Sessions rejects GOP calls for 2nd special counsel to investigate FISA abuse and FBI actions

Sessions rejects GOP calls for second special counsel to investigate allegations of FISA abuse I FBI

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone

the Guardian: FBI looked into Trump plans to build hotel in Latvia with Putin supporter

Sessions names prosecutor investigating claims of FBI misconduct

pics of one of Volkswagon's 37 car boneyards - Victorville CA

3/29/2010 Obama interview after return from Afghanistan. 2018 Trump loves Roseann speech.

Black Marjory Stoneman Douglas students want the movement to include their voices too

Reap what you sow....

Roseanne Barr is under fire for appearing to promote a conspiracy theory about a Parkland student ac

For the 18th time: E-cigs might not help people quit smoking.

Ari Melber....

Was there even a "movement" of any kind of people contacting Ingaham's sponsors?

Exclusive: Russian ambassador pleads for help in securing Washington meetings

(Jewish Group) If you cant see antisemitism, its time to open your eyes

(Jewish Group) Thousands march against anti-Semitism in Paris after murder of Jewish grandmother

So is Sessions about to be fired? Does he actually want to be fired?

UK publishes, USA??

Sessions names prosecutor investigating claims of FBI misconduct but declines to appoint special ...

Nestles says, see ya, Ingraham

Austin police chief calls bomber 'domestic terrorist'

I bit Beyonce...

Mueller interested in RNC convention and JD Gordon...

Sessions, for now, rebuffs GOP calls for second special counsel to probe FBI actions

Beaufort Sea lease sale solicitation draws objections

Wayfair drops Ingraham sponsorship (response I got from them is awesome)

Be proud, America...

Tricare prescription question

Remember that show Survivor?

Russia Says It Will Expel 60 U.S. Diplomats in Retaliation for Trumps Move

Okay. This is a great thing. However...

Joe Biden denounces "prostitution of the Second Amendment"

PART THREE: Assessing Russian propogandist Konstantin Rykov's pro-Trump "confession"

Walker Reluctantly Calls Two Special Elections

CORRUPT! Why I blew the whistle on the Rick Perry meeting - okay, FUCKING CORRUPT!!

July 1964: Musician Rod Argent pens a song that eerily predicts the "Hope"-less WH of March 2018

Not happy about the new dog?

Britain Signals Harder Look at Wealthy Russians and Russian Wealth

Rachel Maddow....

Source: Mueller pushed for Gates' help on collusion

CNN: Mueller pushed for Gates' help on collusion

Kushner has called Bolton for advice over past year: report

Top Facebook Executive Wrote That Site Could Get People Killed But Didn't Care

Lawmakers OK bill to steer more pregnant inmates into rehab

McCabe ---Trying to raise $150k -- hit over $100k within three hours.

US judge opens door for thousands to apply for asylum

Vote Vets....

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient

Vatican rebukes journalist who quoted pope as denying hell

Hawaii lawmakers vote to legalize medically assisted suicide

So, Trump's poll numbers are rising?

Judge rules California coffee shops must display cancer warnings

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 30 March 2018

I know I'm being repetitive, but I love John Fugelsang SOOOO much

Tammy Duckworth Rebukes Red State Blog For Saying She Doesnt Have A Leg To Stand On

Roger Stone associates on The Beat...

#45's hair.

Russian ex-spy says he was on Kremlin 'hit list' along with poisoned Skripal

A new poll found that a majority of Americans support a radical change to the US healthcare system

I'm glad to hear Schultin's side of the story.

Richard Wolff Explains Why The Flattening Yield Curve Should Scare you

Brazil ports bribery probe ensnares president's friends

Armstrong Williams

British woman goes missing from Brazil meditation retreat

Sessions will be gone in 30 days....

Hows u know u r in deep Dookey!!!!!!

Very True....

Trump Signs Bill That Bars Federal Govt From Paying For Oil Paintings

Ari nailed it today....


Breaking -Jeff Sessions Is Not Appointing A Second Special Counsel, But Reviews Will Continue

*David Shulkin interviewed on PBS Newshour tonite, NOW EDT.

Anyone Notice An Increase in Disabled Veteran Federal Employees Being Harassed?

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

WOW.....beige today, green tomorrow...

Senators seek new Trump campaign emails in bipartisan Russia oversight

I've got to hand it to the Orange Piece of Shit

Damn, that's one scary picture of jeffrey beauregard sessions III on Time magazine ***Warning***

Do you remember the 1st Full Length Movie you saw in a Movie Theater??

Advertising on the Laura Ingraham show - ugh

One of the most dangerous men in the world....

So, new season of The Americans began last night. Did it seem strange to you.?

This shit is getting weird....

How Trump got elected, episode 429

Laura Ingraham, Facing Boycott, Apologizes for Taunting Parkland Survivor David Hogg

Name and actor or entertainer that when they come up on the screen you change channels.