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Archives: March 27, 2018

Former Congressman John Hall reunites with ORLEANS

A Question to any participants in the March For Our Lives marches...

Must be one of Trump's sons...

Gun Nut Nonsense

We've speculated that McConnell/Ryan are being blackmailed by Russia, but what if

Anyone ever encounter this bullshit?

New report details just how rigged the midterms are in favor of Republicans


'Not in a punch-back mode': Why Trump has been largely silent on Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels's friend says adult-film actress kept dress from night with Trump

The physical universe is real.

Always remember: "Pregnant armadillos NEVER cross wet cement!". Sha-boom! nt

Stormy Daniels made front page of the World Journal Chinese Language newspaper here in Bay Area...

The one thing Stormy Daniels didn't tell us last night:

Could they have gotten their AR-15 had the 1994 assault weapons ban still been in effect?

New Meaning for MAGA

Meanwhile, back in DC, Mueller is working hard!

The WH Pollyanna tweets on trade talks: "In the end, all will be happy!"

Russian Bots following Trumpy's twitter (30 replies in four seconds????)

Good news! Trump finally found a lawyer that won't turn him down!!!

Asshole Steve King mocks Emma Gonzalez's Cuban heritage

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Good Reads!

The E.P.A. Says It Wants Research Transparency. Scientists See an Attack on Science.

Underground neutrino experiment sets the stage for deep discovery about matter

Purely Anecdotal

Woman drove car through closed medical pot shop in Billings to 'teach a lesson,' charges state

Avenatti says they've received a handful of leads, some very promising, on who threatened Stormy

Astronomers think they saw a star exploding out of a giant gas bubble

Europe's Most Active Volcano Is Sliding Into The Sea, And It Will Cause Devastation

Trump's representation

Atlanta still grappling with widespread computer hack: officials

Don't let the NRA fool you with their "facts"

First Flower of Spring

Lawmaker Says Rumor Swirling That Ryan Will Resign

Poor Ivanka. Daddy or hubby? nt

Rob Reiner tweet

Why Do Whales Get So Big? Science May Have an Answer.

Suspicious packages found at U.S. installations in D.C.

Judge denies motion to drop case against widow of Orlando gunman

Poll: Americans believe women over Trump on affair allegations

GOP leans on party switchers to keep the Senate

This New Santorum Says Advice Column is Gonna Be LIT

Rachel was *hilarious* about Mr&Ms DiGenova/Toensing being DE-hired!1

Actress Julianne Moore Calls Out New York Senators For Blocking Child Victims Act

This is a ...what ever happened to... question. What ever happened to Ed Schultz. I miss his style.

Ex-university boss of convicted USA Gymnastics doctor arrested

WH sources saying morale has dropped, protocols are ignored, Trump is more erratic w/o Porter

$6.25M Settlement Due For Estate Of Westchester Couple Killed By Tree

Schumer secures $730 million for Rockaways coastline

Ana Navarro: Trump is a bigger threat to traditional marriage than any gay or lesbian I ever met!

ICE uses Facebook data

Did you see the RWNJs on CNN saying

Did Stormy successfully push March For Our Lives out of Mondays leads everywhere?

The 8th President of the United States Spoke English as a Second Language

Vanity Fair: Mueller viewing Trump as "a target, not a witness"?

Imagine the SNL skits they wont air this Saturday

LMFAO: I NEVER thought I'd post a tweet by Ann The-Ghoul Coulter, but...

EXCLUSIVE: Stormy Daniels' Friend Alana Evans: I'm Also Going to Sue Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels Attorney Michael Avenatti : 'We're Only Getting Started' Morning Joe MSNBC

Officially Certified!

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere charged with sex trafficking

Governor Ducey suspends Uber from autonomous vehicle testing

Chinese Space Station's Crash to Earth: Everything You Need to Know

Trump's Publisher Pal Puts Saudi Propaganda Magazine in U.S. Supermarkets

Judge rules against Pulse nightclub shooter's widow

Weirdly Dimmable 'Alien Megastar' Darkens Again

Air-Breathing Thruster Paves Way for Never-Ending Space Missions at Earth and Mars

I'd call the cops

The Notebook

Clifford (aka Daniels) v. Trump et al. - CrowdJustice

Indiana governor signs bill mandating abortion info during medical and psychological treatment

Sheriff: Michigan State official arrested amid Nassar probe

2020 Census to include citizenship question

Tennessee religious leader quits after he allegedly masturbated in front of a black female employee

"Our trainers give you the sort of personal attention you deserve!"

so, a student told me today his father is being deployed tomorrow to a potentially danger

Candidate Cynthia Nixon blasts Cuomo on ethics, funding and more

As state budget deadline nears, some items may fall off the table

Corruption trial bruises powerful law firm

In current events class, we watched many of the student's speeches today

Venezuelan stores now accepting dollars and Euros as payment. Bolivar worthless

Buffalo man who shot 12-year-old boy in face won't face criminal charges

Jimmy Carter says Bolton pick is "worst mistake" Trump has made

Trump "has griped to several people that Daniels isn't the type of woman he finds attractive"

Heineken accused of racism over 'lighter is better' beer ad

Obama official: We could have stopped Russian trolls

Love, Simon Twitter hashtags are filled with heartwarming stories

After rejecting Trumps offer, Ted Olson admonishes him

Lots of high minded talk about why Trump can't find a lawyer.

Perhaps the single most obvious joke in Weird Al Yankovic's career

Please Follow Trump.. To Make America Great Again!!!

A New Cold War With Russia? No, Its Worse Than That

INDIANA: New Law - Must disclose past abortions or Go to Jail

Culinary Secret revealed: Why Gourmet Brownies are so frickin expensive

Avenatti tells Cohen's attorney "Hes a thug! Your friend is a thug."

More than a million people participated in March for Our Lives protests

How Did Neanderthals Hunt Enormous Cave Bears?

Anthropology holds the key to how Cambridge Analytica played with our minds

Can I vent for just a few minutes?

NBA's Popovich to Trump: 'A real leader would have been in Washington, D.C. this weekend'

LACMA Explores the Ancient City of Teotihuacan

WH lawyers looking into Kushner loans

My understanding of leadership has finally been vindicated!

Upstate New York population continues to drop

The state of Arizona is finished with Ubers self-driving car test program for now

The earth was once mostly covered with water?

Germany was covered by glaciers 450,000 years ago

Brazil's Lula Loses Procedural Appeals, Faces Prison

Guardian: Six victories for the gun control movement since the Parkland massacre

Ashamed and scared----and pissed!

The Daily Show: Matt Damon & Gary White - Transforming Lives with and WaterEquity

Memorial fund for MSD victim needs help

Former New York Giants LB Corey Widmer declines Montana Football Hall of Fame nomination

Recipe for Persian Charoset

(Jewish Group) Recipe for Persian Charoset

Mexico: Senate Approves Medical Conscientious Objection Bill

The Daily Show: Mayor Mitch Landrieu- Confronting Confederate Myths with "In the Shadow of Statues"

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism an Ill Wind, From Right or Left

Parrots, nesting in peace, attract New York cemetery visitors

Parrots, nesting in peace, attract New York cemetery visitors

The Daily Show - So Much News, So Little Time: Trump Edition

Brazil senate considers lifting ban on sugarcane production in Amazon

Brazil senate considers lifting ban on sugarcane production in Amazon

Man with no security clearance scores half a billion in suspicious loans.

Remember the debates?

I am reading Corn and Isikoff's book "Russian Roulette"

Massachusetts state troopers suspended after pay scandal probe

At least this country knows what to do with dirty politicians....before they get elected

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Singh details perks at Mangano's corruption trial

And thank you Universe, to the real Patriots of the USA....

DMX wants judge to hear his rhymes before being sentenced for tax fraud

I know, Its really hard not to call him a ass kissing hemorroid, But....

Obama/Holder group to join legal challenge to 2020 Census citizenship question

Sean Penn just lit up a smoke on Colbert.

Love these Young Adults....

This song is dedicated to all of the Parkland students with James Taylor & Charlie Puth

I just heard this quote and thought it was worth sharing.

The fit is starting to hit the shan...

Here's a crazy-ass prediction: Trumpy's gone in six weeks for six reasons.

Just a smile

Republicans new war on elections...

Just when I thought I got rid of my bad habit....

If there is a Trump sex tape

I want to know why PeterPan flies or levitates??

Brooklyn State Sen. Martin Golden under fire after aide compares Dems, Parkland survivor to Nazis

RedState Issues Insane Correction to Article Implying David Hogg Wasn't At School During Shooting

Rachel Maddow: Jared Kushner Under Investigation... By The White House?

Another 2 bite the dust......

Job insecurity.....

For Cuomo and Nixon, a Rush to Secure Black Votes Early

Democracy Now: One Life Is Worth All the Guns in America

Texas schools suspended tens of thousands of students in second grade or younger, report says

The Texas Legislature took away $118 million in pre-K funding. Now districts are scrambling.

Judge Kocurek's son takes stand as attempted murder trial begins

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/26/18

Schlitterbahn co-owner Jeff Henry arrested in Texas on Verruckt-related charges

Schlitterbahn co-owner Jeff Henry arrested in Texas on Verruckt-related charges

SMU's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity suspended after hazing investigation

Why is Mike Pompeos wife using agency resources at the CIA when she isnt an employee? We sent a FO

Dallas County DA candidate says voter fraud cost her Democratic primary, sues winner and election

Can the Most Hated Man in West Virginia Win?

Former oil exec, major donor named next president of University of Oklahoma

The Lessons of a School Shootingin 1853 How a now-forgotten classroom murder inflamed the nation


I'm sure this means something, but don't ask me what :-)

Anti-Semitic murder of woman in Paris: suspects charged

I like how people who want more God in govt voted for a hybrid of Judas, the Golden Calf & Caligula.

Blue Bell announces a new flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

In-N-Out Burger seeks restraining order against prankster

Editorial cartoons from Europe (back to the habits)

Michael Avenatti (Stormy's lawyer) is the lawyer that Trump wants.

Former CEO and VP of Finance for a Virginia-Based Software Company Plead Guilty-Employment Tax Fraud

Thomas Piketty says Bernie Sanders' electoral strategy is the way to beat back the right

Anyone need a good chuckle - check out the comments on this bill o'reilly tweet

This is our stable genius...

Scarborough: "Today's 'Sesame Street' number is TWO!"

Dog picks up his treats at pet store

Ugh. Upper GI x-rays in a couple hours or so.

For your family & friends who "don't talk politics"...

I would have never guessed who this is. Can you?

The NRA spent millions pushing the largest prison construction boom everand harsh sentencing

Delores Taylor, co-star of 'Billy Jack' films, dies at 85

Linda Brown passed away yesterday.

Greenpeace leaves sustainable wood certification group

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Spank That Man!

New Jersey Assembly Approves Sweeping Gun Control Legislation

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: War mongering Neo Con

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Marching to fix the Issue

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

With Christie Gone, Democrats Advance Their Agenda

The White House is doing an internal investigation to root out a "mole" / spy named Jared Kushner.

Alleged threats against Stormy Daniels are a startling reminder of Trump's mob ties (ThinkProgress)

You know what really weirds me out about Donald Trump and Ivanka?

Does Wayne LaPierre shoot or hunt? I searched and couldn't find any video or pics

Ireland to expel Russian diplomat over UK nerve agent attack

Former judge who fixed 4,000 tickets won't have to do any jail time

The trolls are hungry. Stop giving them food. Please!

The Terror!

Stormy Daniels Spanked Donald Trump With TRUMP Magazine- and a Picture of His Own Face (Daily Beast)

Push to mandate paid sick days gains steam again in N.J. now that Murphy is governor

How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico

Murphy trashes Christie, and these public workers cheer him

New Jersey could soon get the strongest equal pay law in America

McConnell looks to complete hemps comeback as crop

He's not "perching" since the Daniels interview. Last night, he simply re-tweeted himself.

I'd like to apologize and ask you to be kind :-)

Republicans Fear Trump Will Sink Them

Intercept 'Partially' Retracts ICE/Facebook Story

Trump Says Stormy Daniels Is Not His Type

Lol. Just received this from my son.

OJ Simpson was able to find excellent defense lawyers

My Trump-loving sister's response to this $29.95 work of "art" was...

George Conway, Kellyanne's husband, is going rogue on Twitter with Trump criticism

It's rare that I have words of reassurance for Republican members of the House

Hey, Tabasco sauce lovers!

Suspicious Packages Found At Military Installations Around D.C.

Daily Beast: Stormy Daniels might not be the only porn star suing President Trumps attorney

So tRump is struggling with getting a lawyer. How about the judge assign him a public defender?

If Stromy is lying and Trump is telling the truth, it's worse for Trump & Co.

Rapes during the Battle of Berlin, and my Reichstag guide


Former Supreme Court justice: 'Repeal the Second Amendment'

Trumps legal team is in shambles. The timing is terrible.

McCain book promises 'no-holds-barred' take on Trump

NBA's Popovich to Trump: 'A real leader would have been in Washington, D.C. this weekend'

Sorry #fakepresident but I will not represent you

Has Robert Mueller interviewed Michael Cohen ?

"Like I said, She reminds me of my daughter."

A very timely lesson...

Trump Signs Massive Spending Bill, Vows "Never Again," Base Revolts

Gun Fetishists PANIC as Remington Files for Bankruptcy

John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Is Donald Trump a risk to our national security?

Stephon Clark

Did anybody see the Trump cultists on CNN last night ?

Scarborough says it only takes 2 GOP senators to tell Trump "it's over"

What could possibly go wrong ?

Read the letter Kraft left on plane for Parkland students

Jail time for men who remove tarps from Lee, Jackson statues

Trump supporter: We knew who this man was when we elected him. We know he likes the ladies.

Happy 68th 🎂 Tony!

Austrian full-face veil ban condemned as a failure by police


Judge: Trump Admin. Must Consider Climate Change in Major Drilling and Mining Lease Plan

Happy 76th Birthday, Michael York!

Whistleblower says Canadian company worked on software to find Republican voters

Lula da Silva caravan pelted with eggs

LOL-He's back

Maryland School Gunman Confronted by Officer Shot Himself, Authorities Say.

California sues Trump administration over addition of citizenship question to census

Zuckerberg Snubs U.K. Lawmakers' Invite to Explain Data Scandal

How long could RUMP drag this on with the excuse

Trump is hiring people who've been auditioning on television - whether they know it or not

Infrastructure collapse Venezuela: PdVSA to close 3 of its 4 refineries soon?

More white evangelicals believe Stormy Daniels, and that could have some long-term implications

Puppy dog does math better than Betsy DeVos :-)))

6 of the craziest religious right conspiracy theories

🍦Christians raise hell about Sweet Jesus ice cream over controversial cross branding🍦

It's still early, but so far, Senate polling is looking promising...

The spiritual message hidden in 'Star Wars'

Christopher Steele's Other Report: A Murder In Washington

Donald Trump Is Afraid of School Children

I threw out soooo much food this morning

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer: We Do Not Have a 'Monica Lewinsky Type Dress'


Divorce Ban in Philippines Could Easily Be Us And Was

Fox & Friends disappointed when legal analyst explains why census question is unconstitutional

R.I.P. Delores Taylor

Good morning.

Remember when the right said the left was drinking the Clinton Kool -Aid during impeachment

Wayne LaPierre: A lobbyist, not a gun nut. A fraud cynically using extreme rhetoric.

Commentary: Follow the Children

This has got to change!

Wall Street Journal trashes Trump for thinking he can threaten and lie his way out of Stormy Daniels

What artificial things do you like?

"Roseanne" TV show returns tonight

Trump needs $300 BILLION this week for the Treasury......

"Roseanne" TV show returns tonight

Bolton and Pompeo might unleash Trump on 'radical Islam'

Can Republicans escape the incompetence of their President?

Well, the nut doesn't fall far from the shell!

GOP scrambles to avert another election dumpster fire

Speaker's Office Denies Rumor He's Resigning

Republicans Fear Trump Will Sink Them

WSJ: "His recent selections of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo for his security team are first rate"

the daily show

republicans defending republicans and the republican party is not "news"

Breaking: LA AG Jeff Landry declines to charge officers in Alton Sterling case, family says

Breaking news: Odebrecht and Maduro corruption. Venezuela Supreme Court (TSJ) SILENCE

Prince had an 'exceedingly high' concentration of fentanyl in his body when he died

London to New York in 3.5 hours: Mini-Concorde Baby Boom plane that will travel at 1,687mph

The courts say the Parkland kids agenda is largely compatible with the Second Amendment

The US needs to borrow almost $300 billion this week

Does anyone have info on what Mark Halperin is doing these days?

There was a thread in the Lounge about BeanieWeanies - which are nasty

Right-Wing Activists Respond To March For Our Lives By Attacking Students And Blaming Soros

Enquirer Gave Trump's Alleged Mistress A Trump Family Associate To Run Her PR

The Guardian: Zuckerberg's refusal to testify absolutely astonishing.

Good news: Urged by their youth, faith groups flocked to the March for Our Lives

UK nerve agent attack must have been used by the world's most incompetent spy

FEC ruling on Stormy Daniels payment could take a year or longer

Excellent article on differing respone to Hurricane Harvey and Maria

NPR Poll: After Parkland, Number of Americans Who Want Gun Restrictions Grows

Keep An Eye On This - By Josh Marshall

2018 Toner Award goes to reporters at The Washington Post for coverage of the Alabama Senate race

I quit. You guys wanna work for Trump ?

Alton Sterling

Voters Like High School Gun Protesters; Don't Like NRA

Kayleigh McEnany doesn't believe Trump slept with Daniels, and if he did, it doesn't matter

If you own numerous guns to protect yourself from government tyranny,

In response to California sanctuary law, Orange County Sheriff makes public inmates release dates

Employees must no listen to corporations. Create unions now! (VIDEO)

Honestly, I think it would be more fruitful to just ask Nikolas Cruz what he thinks about

In response to California sanctuary law, Orange County Sheriff makes public inmates release dates

Alabama sheriff pocketed more than he spent on jail food

A well regulated militia, the gunner's myth exploded in two parts.

How Facebook Helps Shady Advertisers Pollute the Internet

The Hamilton Collection has a really stupid (IMO) line of figurines...

Anybody Notice How QUIET It Is...

Anyone planning to watch the live "Jesus Christ Superstar" on Sunday?

Every so often I have to see/hear/see this!😏

NYT conservative rips evangelicals: 'Stormy isn't a shock to that culture - it's a representation...

NRA Says It Receives Foreign Funds, But None Goes To Election Work

Watch what hedge fund Alden Global Capital has done to Pulitzer-Prize winning Denver Post newsroom

What ever happened to Saul Alinsky? He was da bomb in 2008 and 09

Pennsylvania School Board votes down NRA grant for rifle team: 'This is dirty money'

There is much more to us than is apparent on the surface of ordinary consciousness.

Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging Google censorship of conservative YouTube videos

Vintage photos

The Criminalization of Private Debt

Howard Stern to Trump: 'Get the f--- out of there, man'

Spain to IPU: "Venezuela a failed state"

City of Atlanta officials provide little detail about cyberattack

NRA admits moving money from accounts with foreign donations to US campaign accounts

Please ALL Florida residents SEE THIS

Eagles Of Death Metal Singer Jesse Hughes Slams Pathetic Teen Shooting Survivors

After threat of protest...Betsy DeVos mysteriously cancels secret surprise school visit

VZ National Guard kidnaps men, request ransom to be paid in diapers

How Trump is Preparing for War

How far into the cesspool can Alex Jones go?

Could we please DU the heck out of the Fox News poll on the census on Twitter? Please.

Dorothy-Black Tar & Nicotine

How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity

CT Senate Debate Begins; Vote Expected Tuesday on Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice

Trump privately ranting about spending bill HE signed...

Mitt Romney says he's tougher on immigration than Trump

At Q&A in Provo, Mitt Romney says he's more conservative than Trump on immigration

Why is Trump's approval going up?

Seth Rich's brother sues right-wing activists, Washington Times over conspiracy theories

Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall

Lawrence O'Donnell Last Word 3/26/2018

Justice Stevens says the 2nd Amendment should be repealed:

Gun ownership is not the key to freedom according to Pew.

Emma Gonzalez Is Quickly Becoming the Face of the Future

Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg has decided to testify before Congress

So bored with the "Voters in 2016 *knew* Trump was a filanderer" response to end moral arguments.

Proposed: The right of the people to keep and bear a Bible shall not be infringed.

Two kinds of Milo's Kitchen dog treats recalled after illness reports

Right wing website desperate to attack Parkland students tried to claim David Hogg wasn't on campus

British Pathe Archives Picks - 27 March to 9 April 2018

No condoms at NKY needle exchanges, says Catholic health system St. Elizabeth

Ugly creature with tiny penis named after Donald Trump

Rick Santorum's Hot Take On The March For Our Lives (and Colbert does sinatra)

BREAKING NEWS: George Soros to declare bankruptcy.

Can you pass the US Citizen Civics test?

Larry Nassar's former boss accused of sexually assaulting female students

Yeehaaaa, Sloane Stephens and Venus Williams trearing up Miami

Eagles of Death Metal shooting survivor: Parkland campaigners 'vile'

Skripal case has sparked new Cold War: Russian media

I miss him. We were warned.

Despite MarkyZ's statements, nothing has changed

How much confidence has the world in the president of the USA ?

Trump Trails Stephanie Clifford by 1 Point in PPP 2020 Presidential Match-Up

...Not that there is anything wrong with that

Why Central Asian states want peace with the Taliban

Germany approves Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Potential Democratic Presidential Candidates Crushing Trump in New Poll!

Rumpus Maximus. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The Allegedly Murderous Oligarch, the Duped CIA Chief, and the Trumpkin

New York state will sue to block Census citizenship question

Trump Proposes Revolutionary Border Wall Idea

omg, someone put up a Craigslist ad in DC titled 'SEEKING LEAD ATTORNEY FOR DIFFICULT CLIENT'

Pakistan High Court judge calls for termination of Ahmaddiyas

Zinke's Plan to Fund the Park Service Is Pure Fantasy

Neo-Confederate League of the South Banned From Protesting in Charlottesville

Public Policy Polling - Generic Ballot Democrats 50% Trumplicans 39%/Trump Approval-39%

The story so far

Lets think about some forgotten victims of the shootings

Louisiana will not charge police in Alton Sterling shooting

Your daily Greenwald, "The Passion of Lee Fang" Edition:

Christopher Steele's Other Report: A Murder In Washington

Eugene Robinson: Trumps supporters may soon get wise to him

Peter Thiel, FB board member, gave $1 mil to DT super pac that paid Cambridge Analytica.

We learn something everyday

Man arrested for wave of package bombs around Washington

Ex-US attorney: Trump's bumbling people have stepped in 'every trap Stormy Daniels' attorney has set

Rep. McMorris Rodgers, challenged Republican, lays on four town meetings

If 39% of Americans approve of Trump,

8th District: Dem tops $1M, Rossi stages $1K 'All Star Huddle'

UK minister - 'miserable little worm' Assange should turn himself in

Mark Anthony Conditt terrorized Texans, but he's not called a terrorist because of his skin color

Caption this image

Fight fire with fire: opponents borrow from Trump's playbook

Is today Pilgrim Day at the White House ?

What happened to Sara Huckabee's eyes?

FBI arrests suspect in DC area suspicious packages case in Washington state

Dana Loesch Rethinking Loyalties After Seeing How Much Airtime Teen Activists Getting

Daniel Sheehan: Winning Justice At Standing Rock

HELP WANTED: Experienced lawyer for high profile client....

Sheeeee's backkkkk!

Trump Royal Proclamation...Batman slapping Trump meme

Trump still throwing a tantrum over spending bill after believing bogus facts he saw on Fox: report

My response to a Republican on shootings

NYT conservative rips evangelicals: Stormy Daniels isnt a shock to that culture

Alexandr Misko....Incredible!

Angela Davis to speak in C'ville tonight

Arpaio: I'll Talk About Obama's Birth Certificate Again If I'm Elected Senator

...About "Project Scorpio"

White security guard chokes and body-slams black teen girl at Ohio supermarket


Why The President Has No Personal Attorney, Pt. #2 - By Josh Marshall

ROFL - What the fugging fugg?

what did Hillary say that was so unfortunate...the talking heads today were saying she shouldn't

Mexico or?

Eric Holder....

Imagine if President Obama had committed adultery with porn stars

Trump Cant Find A Lawyer And Tweeters Think Its Hilarious

Oh Really, ya think...

Stormy, Trump and the Mob...

Medicare Is Cracking Down on Opioids. Doctors Fear Pain Patients Will Suffer.

Yes, You Can Indict the President. by Walter Dellinger

Sarah Sanders dodges on why Trump attorney paid Stormy Daniels

Imagine where wed be today if JFK and RFK had lived. No Nixon, Reagan or Trump

Wilbur Ross Overruled Career Officials at Census Bureau to Add Citizenship Question

The question of the day, directed to pilgrim Sarah

WH Insists Trump Has 'Highly Qualified' Legal Team As Lawyers Say No To Prez

Wayne Allyn Root: Chicago & Baltimore Are Third-World Hellholes Because They Dont Practice Capit

Auntie was thinking more of a Lorena Bobbitt approach.

Trump's Approval Rate in Perspective

Brutal Toon: Spank Me

BTW, several states have joined to file suit over census citizenship question

David Bowie statue vandalized less than 48 hours after it was unveiled

I looked at literally hundreds of photos of Saturday's marches.

Trump is notorious for stiffing people he owes money

So Dolt45 wants the Pentagon to pay for the wall now? WTH?

Texas sinkholes: oil and gas drilling increases threat, scientists warn

"Al Qaeda Captive" hit pieces on Mueller and Comey

Manafort Files Motion To Dismiss Mueller Indictment In Virginia

I've posted this in the contest pages, but wanted to share here:

"I think a lot about the housing market in the Bay Area. Here are some stats I've pulled..."

Here's how Trump is going to have his wall paid for?

"Excuse me @realDonaldTrump but my friend says this will be your most embarrassing online moment..."

After 23 years in prison for rape/murder, wrongfully convicted man gets his job back

Remember then?

Political etiquette is dead, you say? Some still uphold standards: John Bercow, hero of the day!

Epic LEGO train ride!

So my dad says no matter what you do, dont eat it! So what happens the first chance they get?

Drawing of Emma Gonzalez posted by David Bowie's widow, Iman

What, Trump not tweeting about the stock market today?

GOP congressman retires in a way that almost certainly hands seat to Dems

Now trying to destroy reputation of Census dept.

Guess who wrote the new Census citizen question?

Maduro warns VZ church officials to not "politicize" during holy week. Churches "militarized"

Light pollution is altering plant and animal behaviour

Adjectives I never hear watching American sports:

How a forbidden religion swept the world

"I Was Kind to Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends."

MEANWHILE, in Florida...

Chavista website throws Maduro, Chavismo under the bus. Again

Speaking of Getting Straight

Connecticut Republicans unite to block gay judge for head of State Supreme Court

501c3 charities and candidates

Bipartisan Senate duo calls on Trump to back off Mueller

Calvert County (MD) Commissioner compares David Hogg to Hitler, posts conspiracy theories.

"People often ask why I love elephants so much. Zongoloni's story is a big reason why."

The White House Is Building an Opioid Memorial to Memorialize Fallen Whiteness

Police: Mother gives son tattoo money, son purchases AR-15 with intent to conduct school shooting

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 27, 2018

Famous French economist, Thomas Piketty, says "go left" and Democrats will win more voters

Funny Sheepdog tweet


BREAKING: Wisconsin Court rejects Gov Walkers latest effort to delay and halt special elections.

The Census citizenship question

Arpaio says he will resume attacking Obama's birth certificate if elected

ICE is using Facebook to target its victims

The art of the counter punch..

Good news: Faith Versus Trump: Religious leaders are in the forefront of the Opposition

So, will Trump take credit for the huge drop in the Dow Jones?

R.I.P. Mike Harrison from Spooky Tooth

Nazareth - Holiday

Clifford (aka Daniels) v. Trump et al.

GOP Food Stamp Plan Would Shift Some Funds From Benefits To Training

A Video+Music I made for the Albuquerque March For Our Lives. Video is about ten minutes.

Somedays we have the Blues...

Krokus - Eat The Rich

Marylanders, please take a look, re: defamation of David Hogg by a Calvert commissioner.

Rescue duck:

What's The Apprentice?

Attorney wanted - craigslist ad!

Luckovich: Trump invites Easter Bunny to WH

Nothing says hes going to fire Mueller like GOP Senators begging him not to.

What do YOU remember about Bobby Brooks?

As someone who once worked in the industry this is just tragic...

Penalty calls are bound to be way UP in the NFL next season

I LOVE My Handyman!!.......

Do You Have the Slurp Patrol in Your Neighborhood?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 March 2018

"It is necessary for a tyrant always to be stirring up war." Plato

Today's lone Trump tweet, and it's a re-tweet from the White House.

I've had it! I'm outta here...

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: In class vs. no class (Steve King)

Uh oh. If Trump's approval rating continues on the same trajectory...

Just demand money from Trump--he'll pay:

Joan Baez singing the song named "The President Sang 'Amazing Grace' ":

"It seems clear the president is trying to figure out how to stick all of us with the (wall) tab"

WISCONSIN.... where the poor's blood fills the hottubs of the rich.

CNN Header. Trump does not punch back on every single issue.

Texas alcohol agency reverses judge, preserving state booze industry

Poll: Trump's job performance rating drops

I have to give the GOP and all Trump enablers credit for one thing,,,,,

Move on, Nothing to see here....

Disney Channel actress joins White House press team

Trump's been served.

Trump Ends Temporary Immigration Status for Thousands of Liberians, 1 year to leave US

I know why he was afraid of Stormy

Avenatti's latest Twitter spanking of "tough guys" Cohen and "David Dennison."

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